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11:11 and New Moon in Scorpio on 11/11/2015

Two Workshops – One Day

Are you ready to face where you are  right now and to do something about it?  Do you keep repeating the same things or do the same ‘tiring’ things keep happening to you in different ways?  Are you ready to rise up and feed your Soul, your Spirit, your Mind, your Body and your Emotions with power to face your reality and see results within 11 days?  Are you tired of where you are? Are you thinking that it is time to stop this ‘happening’, this ‘thing’?  Are you feeling dis-empowered in your life: your business, your relationship, your home? 

11:11 Alchemical You and New Moon in Scorpio

Calling Great Spirit

Time for an 11:11 BOOST

11 November is a very Full Intense yet Gentle Happy Playful day to bring in Laughter, Sunshine and your Holy Divinity. You will Dress Up and Shine the Light in your Life with Colour, Vibrancy and Movement. Naturally you will Give and Receive with every Breath of Love, Light and Joy. Even if you do not feel it now you will experience the power of the 11:11 portal of peace and harmony.  An 11:11 Boost is a Remembrance of who you Truly Are.  It is a Bridge to Oneness, to Vitality, the Positive Unknown and Beyond. It is an Activation of Your Self to be Consciously Aware and Discerning. It is teaching you Discernment in your Life and a Wake Up Call to who you Truly are right Now. And much more.




What will I get from this event?

  1. 1111 AlchemyThe workshop on this Enlightened Transformational Day will be for Inspiring Your Love, Your Relationships, Your Business, Your Career, Your Life and The World.
  2. You take a day off to know YOU, who you have Become and who you are Becoming in your Destiny of Change. This event will Shift your Energy Field in a most Explosive Way on this most Auspicious of Days.  ALLOW YOURSELF THE GIFT OF SELF.
  3. Discover your True Path to Wholeness in a Practical Supportive Safe Loving Environment.
  4. Look Younger and Sexier and Healthier. Be more Energetic. Feel Beautiful. Feel Handsome. Choose Your Greatness to Self-Mastery and Power. Free Yourself with Passion.
  5. This Powerful Event has the Ability to Improve your Self-Image and Self-Worth on a Massive Level as it has the ability to transform your Inner Feelings about Yourself from Inside Out.
  6. You are about to discover your own True Power to Optimise your Life on all Levels and Experience Practical Ways to Transform your Life on all Levels
  7. You will change your Energy Matrix and your DNA using Light, the Power of Intention and Energy Vortexes.  You will learn how to listen to your Energy Matrix and how to look after it. 
  8. You will get Luminaries Insights about Yourself as you Give Yourself the Gift of Good Health, Good Intention, Good Focus, Sound Mind.
  9. You will be sharing and experiencing a GLOBAL EVENT.  YOU CAN INPUT INTO THE DAY: Do you want to share something Positive and Creative? Do you want to ask a question? Let me know. Share Share Share your Knowledge, your Wisdom, your Offering.
  10. We all know about Positive Thinking, the Law of Attraction, the Power of Now, the Power of Intention and the Secret. We will be Calling all of these and more into the Energy of the Day to help.
  11. Answers to Questions: How can I Improve my Money Making Situation? How can I bring More Love into my Life? Why do I keep meeting the same type of people in my life? How do I work with people like these people? How can I be sure about my sexuality? What is my Real Intention? How can I stop harbouring regret? How do I Let Go of this anger? How can I forgive? Why do I have this illness? Why am I always stuck? Why are they always ‘stealing’ my time?
  12. You will Activate your Emotional Intelligence, your Spiritual Intelligence of your life just as Quantum Science says you can, Empowering you to Greatness.
  13. You will feel your Lightness of Being, your Inner Stillness of Silent Peace, your Timelessness, your Essence and leave Feeling Free of your troubles.
  14. Learn Self Mastery such as how to Master your Emotions and Intuit into the Power of their Messages.
  15. Be Inspired to Succeed in your Powerful Vision of your Possibilities.
  16. Understand the differences in your life and others e.g your strengths, weakness, doubts, patterns.
  17. Learn Practical Tools for cultivating a Calm Mind, no matter what, despite the chaos around you, as you journey your Life Path.


What will we cover?

The workshop will Cover Many Topics and Questions on your Mind. It will Enhance your Thinking, your Feelings, your Knowing and your Actions in a Positive Supportive Wholesome Way. It will Activate, Attune, and Anchor your Alchemical you. What does that mean?  Come experience it for yourself on 11 November.

We will be linking in with and calling in Power from the following Power Sources:

  • 11:11 Masters of Infinite Energy
  • 11:11 Portal Gateway
  • 11:11 Alchemy
  • 11 God and Goddesses (HATHOR TEMPLE in DENDARA, Egypt)
  • 11 Archangels ACTIVATION
  • 11 Animal Totems
  • 11 Spirit Guides
  • 11 Immortals
  • 11 Planets
  • 11 Cosmic Beings
  • 11 Portals of Light
  • 11 Divine Messengers
  • The 11:11 Invocation
  • and more 

You will be taking away with you

  • 11 Steps of Power
  • 11 Insights
  • 11 Ways of Being
  • 11:11 Ceremony & Rituals
  • 11 Benefits for you (read the list below)
  • 11:11 updated experience
  • and more


What will I experience?

  1. Working with the Elements [earth, fire, air, water] and the Four Directions [north, south, east, west] you will call in your Sacred Power to Reverberate your True Internal Key Note. SHAMANIC.
  2. You will Listen in Silence to Yourself and Hear the Stillness in the Silence. You will Experience Moments of Stillness and Claim your Inner / Outer Sacred Silence of Power and Potential.  MATRIX INSIGHT.
  3. You will Discover your Resonance of Money, Love, Sex or Work in your Relationships and be able to do something about it. ALCHEMICAL CHANGE.
  4. You will Learn how to Shine your Light from Inside out in a Glorious Way. YOUR PERSONAL TRANSFORMATION.
  5. You will Align Yourself to your Light Codes and Connect with the 11:11 Masters of Infinite Energy through the Portal Gateway of 11:11DOWNLOADS AND CODES OF LIGHT.
  6. You will Walk the Sacred 11:11 Ceremony to Transform and Renew your Life helping you to Boldly Step into the Unknown.  CEREMONIAL HEALING.
  7. You will be in a Global Galactic Portal of Peaceful Love Light Linking the World and Cosmic Zone. COSMIC HEALING.
  8. You will practice how to Balance and Protect your Energy Field and Be who you are Meant to Be. ALIGNMENT.
  9. Learn an advanced Psychic Protection skill you can take anywhere with you. PSYCHIC PROTECTION.
  10. Learn how to circulate your internal energy and release stagnant energy. RELEASE NEGATIVE ENERGY
  11. You will Connect to Sacred Egypt, to the Gods and Goddesses of Egypt mainly: Hathor, Isis, Horus, and Osiris to Discover the Shining You, waiting to come out under all the pain, suffering, bondage, shame, guilt, fears, lies and betrayals. DEEP INSIGHT. CONNECTION
  12. Create your Beauty and Express it Openly through Movement, Colour, Goddess/God Energy costumes, Bringing out your Great Potential and Shining light to the World of 11:11 and Beyond. You will Bring Yourself out Expressing Joy, Laughter, Depth and Wisdom. SELF LOVE, SELF WORTH, COURAGE.
  13. You will be Inspired by each other to Shine and Feel Loved and Wholesome. COMMUNITY OF SHARING.
  14. You will take away a Feeling of Inner Glowing Joy, Freshness, Personal Insight and Wisdom. A CELEBRATION OF YOU.

We are living through truly strange times. In my years of work as a TV producer, as well as, running my own company, every day I meet more and more people being pulled in competing directions; being pulled down; being pulled apart – by the huge cosmic forces at play. And without exception no-one has time any more to heal themselves or make themselves strong enough to heal others. Yet that is what those of us already waking up are being called upon to do in the portal of 11:11. It is a unique opportunity to realign yourselves with your own spiritual purpose whilst downloading new technologies to deal with the speeding up of time we all feel.  This is a time to honour yourself – your spiritual pathway – and to align yourself to the energies of cosmic love and healing.  Gary Reich of Brown Eyed Boy


Venue, Timing & Costing & What to Bring

Wednesday 11 November

TWO WORKSHOPS: 11:11 Alchemical Resurrection of Your True Self and New Moon in Scorpio

11UPWARDnew moon in scorpio

Yes we are having a New Happy Intensive Healing Passionate 11:11 on Wednesday 11:11:15. We will Celebrate 11:11 and the NEW MOON IN SCORPIO WITH SUN IN SCORPIO (which happens on the same day) ONE whole day: A LIFE TRANSFORMING EXPERIENCE: 11:11.

10am – 5pm  11:11 Alchemical You  Cost Blessing:  £120 for one person.  Come with a friend and pay £197 for the two of you.  CLICK on this link Book HERE

7pm-10pm  New Moon & Sun in Scorpio  Cost Blessing: £44 Click on this ling Book HERE

Venue:  Violet Hill Studios, 6 Violet Hill, St Johns Wood, London NW8 9EB     Nearest Tube – Maida Vale

BRING WITH YOU:  Please scroll above to read.

Any questions: Call Yanni on 07961044895

Workshop with Toks Hands of Light with Legions of Light


  1. A Picture of Your Spirit Guide (if you have it).

  2. Your Power Totem or Sacred Object or Power Crystal or Power Stone you feel drawn to that resonates with 11:11 for your life

  3. Choose 11 things you really want to achieve before the end of this year. Make sure they are practical and measureable.  Write them down before you come to the workshop.

  4. Soft slippers or socks to wear in the workshop.  We will not be wearing shoes in the room.

  5. 11 gifts to give away.  Read details below on 11:11 Gifting.

  6. WATER AND FOOD.  Bring your own food and drink please. NO pork, ham, bacon or Pig,  No wine. No smoking during the course. There are shops you can walk to towards Maida Vale and St Johns Wood that you can go to for lunch.  Lunch will be for an hour.  You can bring refreshments to share if you want.  We will have free tea, milk, and sugar.

  7. Pen, paper, crayons to write your notes. 

  8. A lovely comfortable costume to wear to express your greatness, goddess/god energy, your vibrancy e.g. belly dance outfit, mermaid, lovely hat, etc.  OUTFIT

    i c uRemember this is a Very Auspicious Special day and you want to be doing something a little bit different and you want to look a little bit different from office clothes or track suit. You can change when you get there.  Be early. 

    The suggestion is that everyone wear white.  White is such a powerful colour to wear on a day like this.  It contains all the colours and anchors a lot of protection and power for you. 

    You can dress up as a Goddess / God.  Where do I get my Goddess/God outfit? You can make one up, wear a traditional outfit, buy one, come with a scarf for your head or hips, just dress yourself up.  Try the Accessories shops or Taurus Fashions, 50 Mortimer Street, London W1W 7RP.

    What if I do not want to get dressed up?  Wear all white please. Wear smart casual white please.

11:11 GIFTING to Yourself and Others

For me, the 11:11 is about the Greatness in All – even in the ugliness – for from the ugliness comes the Greatness and Beauty. A Lotus Flower blooms in dirty water. What is also wonderful is that it falls on a New Moon in Scorpio which activate new passion in you; it falls on the Diwali Festival of Light with Lakshmi blessings.

  1. CELEBRATING 11Have 11 gifts to give away to 11 different people. They may be people you know or do not know. But give with the 11:11 energy. These are blessing gifts. They travel round you 11 times!!! They are not expensive gifts – today we can get gifts for £1. However you may be able to afford expensive gifts and want to give to someone you revere and appreciate so that is OK too. But remember this is 11:11 gifting to others and thereby gifting to yourself. You can give all 11 gifts on the 11:11 or any time 11 days before or after 11:11.
  2. Think of 11 Wonderful things about yourself and write them down.
  3. Buy 11 Nurturing things for yourself e.g. perfume, soap, fluffy slippers, candles, accessories, reading cards, etc..

11:11 DOUBLE DIGIT represents the endless connection and gateway to the unknown and known mysteries of the SELF MASTRYuniverse and beyond. Come find out what 11:11 means.  It is a Master number, Power number, Masonic number, Magic number, Miracle number, Mysterious number, Intuitive number, Awakening number, Ascension number, Holy number, Divine number, Activation number.

11:11 PRACTICE   Every 11 day of the month I meditate on the number 11.  Also every day when it is 11, 11:11, 11:11:11 I think a good thought for the world and for myself.  Why not try it yourself and see how it makes you feel thinking a good thought for the world every day.


11:11 REALITY  Within the vortex of 11:11 is the good and bad.  Welcome to the UGLINESS and BEAUTY of YOU with the 11, 111, 11:11 and the 11:11 Portal Shifts and Consciousness Shifts in you and collectively.


We reflect on our Thoughts, Words, Deeds and Actions.

  • Some ugly thoughts such as “I feel I will never……” “I feel I will never achieve this…..” “so much deception all around me….” “so much deception in me….”
  • Some ugly words: I will kill you. You are nothing. I disown you. You are not important. You are trash. You are nothing to me. I hate you.
  • Some ugly deeds and actions: killing, hating, deceiving, lying, betraying, slandering, cheating, stealing

How have you allowed yourself to be deceived and enjoyed the deception!!! Yes you enjoyed the deception because you did not know it was deception at the time of the deception and you rode the wave of deception because you thought you were working with the energy of HOPE. We are who we have been looking for. Yet, as we seek harmony in our lives we want people to give us HOPE. But is THEIR HOPE the same as YOUR HOPE? Whose Hope or Dream did you believe in? Were you both really on the same page with the same Intention or with different Intentions? Did this Hope work? Do not blame them that it did not work. After all you were part of the equation in the set up. Take responsibility. So do you still blame?


Reflections are very important as New Codes come in and New Points of View about your Life and Society are revealed.  11:11 Portal Gateway asks us to look at things and words in a new way so let us be positive.

  • F.A.I.L.   means   First Attempt in Learning.
  • E.N.D.     means   Effort Never Dies.
  • N.O.        means   Next Opportunity.


With the 11:11 Portal you do not blame – you get wise – you get your lesson – you take a different action – you dance to a different tune – your own tune of truth based on the Divine Truth. NOW whose Tune are you Listening To? Are you Tuned into the Divine? Or what you think is the Divine? How would you know the difference? We remind ourselves of our Potential and Greatness. We Activate the Light in our Life and get Momentum as we Nourish our Mind Body Spirit.  Welcome to 11:11 Portal Meditation Workshop. Claim back your 11:11 Vibration Power. This is the BEAUTY OF YOU. Time for turning the poison in your Life into Medicine. Welcome to all the 11, 111, 1111 this year. 

Reflections are very important as New Codes come in and New Points of View about your Life and Society are revealed.  The Beauty is you take this up and attend the 11:11 Workshop and the New Moon Workshop.

clip_image0116  clip_image0116 clip_image0116


There are many, many benefits to attending the 11/11 Alchemical Resurrection of Your True Self. All areas of your life will be affected, in a positive way. Below is a list of some of the areas, along with their respective benefits:

Emotional Benefits

  1. Be able to manage your emotions, your energy – in your day-to-day life.
  2. Feel happier with yourself and your life.
  3. Release and let go of any negative emotions.
  4. Foster the growth of more positive emotions, more regularly.
  5. Feel more calm in your life.
  6. Become more fulfilled inside of your self, and your life.
  7. Reconnect with your emotional body – become present to the Now of how it feels and what it needs to be happy and healthy.

Spiritual Benefits

  1. Feel the connection with your inner energy, your chi.
  2. Open up and connect to the Cosmic Energies to help move your life forward.
  3. Feel the flow of your energy through your body, whilst being grounded in your body.
  4. Cultivate your intuition, your inner knowing.
  5. Be in charge of your energetic and spiritual development.
  6. Allow more time to reflect on and in your self.
  7. Learn the secrets of inner alchemy so that you can live a long and happy life.

Physical Benefits

  1. Learn where each negative emotion is stored and how to heal it – cleansing and detoxifying your body.
  2. Improving your energy will help you to correct and uphold a healthy posture.
  3. A new sense of confidence will arise, for your physical body and your life.
  4. Reconnect with your physical body – become present to the Now of how it feels and what it needs right Now.
  5. Increase your physical energy to use for exercise etc.
  6. Stimulate your body to life through intense breathing.
  7. Simply circulating your energy will afford you greater physical strength.

Mental Benefits

  1. Increased clarity and sharpness – as the energy clears, so will your mind.
  2. Foster a positive and empowering mind set for you and your life.
  3. Build a solid foundation within you as you move forward in your life.
  4. Transform Stress into Vitality, Pain into Medicine and Suffering into Joy.
  5. Structure your life so as to get the most out of it. Be proactive and productive.
  6. Improve Mental wellbeing by relaxing your Body-Mind.
  7. Gain an understanding of the theory and application of alchemy within yourself and your life.

Family and Social Benefits

  1. Heal your familial relationships through the mastery of your emotions.
  2. Feel empowered to become more social, to go out more and be with people.
  3. Make friends more easily and be a better friend too.
  4. Allow people their dramas without being offended or caught up in them.
  5. Be harmonious and equanimous with yourself and your environment.
  6. Foster an inner confidence that becomes less and less perturbed.
  7. Be able to healthily resolve arguments in the home and with friends.

Practical Living Benefits

  1. Be accountable with everyday things like time keeping and follow through.
  2. Be able to have a baby when the medical profession said otherwise.
  3. Expand your mind so that you can connect with cosmic energy. This will help to release the build up of day to day, negative emotions.
  4. Clarity of energy and clarity of mind breeds clarity of action.
  5. Increase your material energy to handle money matters more easily.
  6. Go to interviews and dates with confidence and belief in your self.
  7. Become more grounded in your physical body so as to be more practically orientated with your life.

Conscious, Unconscious and Subconscious Benefits

We will work with the Conscious, Unconscious and Subconscious Mind. The exercises will help to bring your awareness to aspects of your life that need to be dealt with, aspects that you may already be aware of in some way.

The Power of the Energy of the Now of this Workshop will, by and of itself, shift your energy. As you engage and interact with this energy, via your own energy and with the exercises and meditations learnt, a powerful healing takes place on a multi-dimensional level – whether or not you feel it. That is the Power of doing Energy Work in a High Vortex Sacred Space.

These are the first steps on the path to taking control of your own mental, physical, emotional and spiritual well-being and development.

Achieving More


Shahana Yasmin: The healing energy that Toks offers in her workshops (and in her presence) are so very powerful and nurturing.  The intentions set in the energetic space always draws back some very fruitful results.  Thank you Toks for your unconditional love and light.  My alchemical resurrection was finding my truth again. The exercise that moved me the most was the vision board exercise.

Juliet Humphrey: The exercise that moved me the most was the Blessing Invocation exercise we did.  My alchemical resurrection was putting intention into the year ahead.  I loved the flow between open flow and compassion to strict teacher!

Gary Reich: I just came back from a healing retreat in Brazil and it was so amazing to experience here in London a very powerful closure to the exercises I did there. The energy in the room was super charged. The Invocation Blessing exercise (pairing and greeting into each other’s eyes) moved me the most: it was super powerful and self-empowering. I liked the sacred space created by the snake energy and the group energy was open and balanced.

John Sergent: Toks creates the perfect loving and creative space for you to go very deep and express your truth, let go of all the unwanted blocks, as well as identify and clarify your life.  This workshop cleared all my doubts and worries and allowed me to look forward to the coming New Year with a delicious excitement and dynamism.  The space was great, warm and cosy.  My alchemical resurrection was my own empowering.

Mary London: Wearing white was a new thing for me in this inspiring space.  I enjoyed most the exercise on writing my goals within a positive group energy. Toks’ energy is greatly inspirational.  She is a wonderful teacher.

Project Manager: A brilliant workshop at the right time of the year (the beginning) to let go of the past and to set new goals and a vision for the year ahead. Today I looked inwardly, enabling me to focus on my mind. I have never been to anything like this before and I found it easy to participate and get energy and motivation. Everything was done within a nurturing intimate environment with Toks’s love, depth and wisdom.

Genevieve: Simply amazing! The group was dynamic, the space was healing, knowing my true self was insightful.  Thank you.  Completely grateful.  I love you Toks.  xxxx

Grace: Healing is easy with Toks. She opens the way and you just have to walk through. Very nice energy. I felt the good energy between us. I am so happy I did my photomontage. I enjoyed the Greek God meditation – it was so effortless for me. Thank you.

Joy: Very much enjoyed being with this group. Felt the energy, cleaning session, was very much to the core. I believe everyone benefited fully from the heart. The messages from the cards were effective, full filling. Thanks and Love

John:  I’ve really enjoyed the whole thing. It was a joyful fun experience. I’m glad I got to know you! Thanks. Take Care.

Abimbola: It is always magical working with you. Thank you for being so clear, understanding, powerful, fun and intensive. I love you very much! It was a spiritual motivating and cleaning workshop.

Fiona:  I found the whole day very relaxing. It was nice to be a student and not a teacher. I feel lighter. I really enjoyed Being in another dimension. I love the energy around the room.  Thank you very much.

Venue, Timing & Costing & What to Bring

Wednesday 11 November

TWO WORKSHOPS: 11:11 Alchemical Resurrection of Your True Self and New Moon in Scorpio

11UPWARDnew moon in scorpio

Yes we are having a New Happy Intensive Healing Passionate 11:11 on Wednesday 11:11:15. We will Celebrate 11:11 and the NEW MOON IN SCORPIO WITH SUN IN SCORPIO (which happens on the same day) ONE whole day: A LIFE TRANSFORMING EXPERIENCE: 11:11.

10am – 5pm  11:11 Alchemical You  Cost Blessing:  £120 for one person.  Come with a friend and pay £197 for the two of you.  CLICK on this link Book HERE

7pm-10pm  New Moon & Sun in Scorpio  Cost Blessing: £44 Click on this ling Book HERE

Venue:  Violet Hill Studios, 6 Violet Hill, St Johns Wood, London NW8 9EB     Nearest Tube – Maida Vale

BRING WITH YOU:  Please scroll above to read.

Any questions: Call Yanni on 07961044895

Are you ready to stand up for yourself and your truth?

See you on the 11 November. Love Toks xxxx


Full Moon in Capricorn Sun in Cancer 12 July 2014

         Greetings from Carpe Djem BarcelonaGreetings from Barcelona Carpe Djem

Saturday 12 July 2014

RainbowHAPPY Full Moon in Capricorn with Sun in Cancer  

Full Moon at 1224 BST LondonThere is a very playful energy that needs to come out with this Full Moon but you may find it being restricted by the earthy energy of Capricorn.  The need to flow and laugh with your happy emotions is necessary as this Energy of Now can be depleting and overwhelming.  Make effort to do something that makes you feel light and happy, and allows you to be true to your self in an earthy way.  We will be processing the powerful volcanic emotional vortex of healing light to celebrate your gloriousness and your ability to Stand-Up for Yourself.  We will be working with the Elements Earth/Water. For more details and to book, click here: www.fullmooncapricorn2014.eventbrite.co.uk

On the Menu we have: 

  1. Join my mailing list & receive your FREE GIFT. Click on the link 7 Days 7 Chakras
  2. Invocation Blessing: Saturday 12 July 2014 RainbowFull Moon in Capricorn with Sun in Cancer (Buck Moon)   12:25 BST London    Element Earth/Water 
  3. Moon Circle Gathering (7pm-10pm Arrive early for 8pm start.) Saturday 12 July 2014 RainbowFull Moon in Capricorn with Sun in Cancer (Buck Moon)   12:25 BST London    Element Earth/Water  For more details and to book, click here: www.fullmooncapricorn2014.eventbrite.co.ukpaella
  4. ENERGY OF NOW:   Saturday 12 July 2014 RainbowFull Moon in Capricorn with Sun in Cancer (Buck Moon)   12:25 BST London    Element Earth/Water 
    1. Draining Your Energy
    2. Energising Your Energy
    3. Contradictions
    4. Ritual of Sexuality
    5. Determination of the Flamenco Dancer 
    6. Agile Working
    7. Day Time
    8. Numerology
    9. Lumeria
  5. Full Moon Action:  Women Gathering Project (Gina Lazenby, What you get, Food, Sacred Altar, Lola the dog, Care Taker, Network of Women)
  6. Furl Moon Book:
  7. Homework
  8. Join my mailing list & receive your FREE GIFT 7 Days 7 Chakras

Invocation Blessing: Full Moon in Capricorn & Sun in Cancer

Saturday 12 July 2014     12:25 BST London    Element Earth/Water 

womens meeting July 2014

We Greet You

With the Gathering Energy of this Full Moon

Bringing Together Souls of Love

Agile Working with Personal Sovereignty

We Greet You

Hampstead School of Arts

We Greet You

With the Vesna Stanojevic & the Central School of Speech & Drama

Celebrating Your Hard Practical Work and Achievements

Your Challenges and Strong Emotional Determination

We Greet You

Patric and Zoran

We Greet You

With the Gift of Friendship

Sharing Laughter and Ideas on Soul Mastery

Relaxing in Each Others Presence

We Greet You


We Greet You

With the Flowers of Success

Accepting Your Glorious Achievements

Victorious Triumphs in Your Life

We Greet You

yes crystals

We Greet You

With the Sacred Stones of Life

Activating Your Responsible Volcanic Passion

Richly Hidden Deep within You

We Greet You

yes hands of light

We Greet You

With Meaningful Engaging Gestures

Grounding Your Sizzling Energy

Emerging Your Magnetic Playfulness

We Greet You

3 Fabulous Librans

We Greet You

With Three Fabulous Librans (Merve, Vesna, Yani)

Celebrating this Productive Full Moon in Capricorn

With the Charismatic Cancerian Sun (Toks)

We Greet You

Toks celebrating Claudia's Hen Night in Barcelonaclaudia hen night of fun

We Greet You

With the Holy Sacred Grail of Happiness

Celebrating Your Hen Nights (5 July Claudia)

Celebrating Your Birthdays (7 July Toks)

We Greet You

Blooming Flowers

We Greet You

With the Blooming Flowers of Life

Decorating Your Home with Integrity

Infusing You with Spontaneous Radiance

We Greet You

bajari flamenca barcelona

We Greet You

With the Dance of Partnership

Working Together in Rhythmic Appreciation

Structurally Grounding Your Fullness on Earth

We Greet You

bajari flamenca barcelona passionNecmi looking sexy

We Greet You

With the Gift of Vivaciousness

Qualifying You to Step Forward

In the Living Expressing of Your Life

We Greet You

Worriedpure bliss

We Greet You

With the Illumined Full Moon

Shining Away Your Fears & Worries

Lifting Your Mind, Body and Spirit

We Greet You

Kitty Waters and Lola

We Greet You

With the Loving Kindness of Quan Yin

Healing the World with Your Smile

Nurturing & Protecting Solar Lunar Lola

We Greet You

Clare Russell

We Greet You

With the Flower of Kindness

Magnanimously Expressing Gentleness

Cultivating Love in All You Do

We Greet You

Gary Robin Yani Toks Patric

We Greet You

With the Holy Grail Protagonist

The Goddess Lumeria & Isis

The Earthly Crystal Rising from the Water

We Greet You

Merve's lovely hands healing us

We Greet You

With the Light of Resonance

Declaring Your Essence

In the Heart of Your Hands

We Greet You

Barcelona celebrating my birthday

We Greet You

We Greet You

We Greet You

channelled by Toks Beverley Coker   © Toks Coker 2014

Full Moon in Capricorn MandelaEnergy of NowFull Moon

3 Super Moons in a  Row    July 12, August 10, September 9

16% bigger    30% brighter    Super Bloom in the Night  

2014 Moon Dates and Times London  Click on it.

Draining Your Energy

Do you suddenly feel a wave of depression swim over you for no obvious reason? Do you suddenly feel depressed and want to  hibernate?  That is the emotional energy of the Sun in Cancer depressing the Moon in Capricorn mind.

WorriedWho has dumped their problem on you and you feel drained; like your energy has been sucked dry?  What is draining your energy?  Who is draining your energy?  How are they draining your energy?  Who are you allowing to drain your energy? 

Why are you depleted?  Who is lashing out at you? What are you worried about?  What is making you bury your head in the sand?  What troubles your soul?  Whose problem are you solving now? 

What fears lurk around you and you suddenly feel a grip your throat or a tug in your heart?  On Wednesday I was walking on the streets at night coming home from my belly dance class; and was gripped with fear when a woman walking up to me spoke to me; and at the same time a young man was crossing the road asking to speak to me!  I simply and emphatically said “Please do not speak to me.” to the woman who was closer to me; and walked away holding tightly my pink IPhone and big Louis Viton bag. I was amazed at the feeling of shock and fear and quick action in a second.  I just trusted my instincts and acted without question.  I have not finished my mission yet, I thought, and I must be very alert with this Full Moon in Capricorn and Sun in Cancer. 

What is your greatest fear?  Is it being devoured by an energy vampire?  Stolen from?  Demolished?  Abused?  Be extra vigilant in your vulnerabilities around  this powerful full moon. It really is super charged with emotions.  Remember the energy of Jekyll & Hyde Personality I talked about in the New Moon in Cancer blog?  This is a more dangerous vibration.  Be careful.  Be mindful.  Can you put a stop to this?  Yes you can.

Energising Your Energy

Do you know what energises your energy immediately?  Rainbow Barcelonia CathedralNo?  Then try asking yourself these questions and recording your answers in your journal:

  1. What do I need to see to energise my energy?  A baby?  A rainbow?
  2. What do I need to hear to energise my energy?  Classical music?  Sound of water?
  3. What do I need to say to energise my energy? A prayer? Affirmations?
  4. What do I need to feel to energise my energy?  Peace? Happy?
  5. What do I need to think to energise My energy?  Think of beautiful landscape? Think of your loved one?
  6. What do I need do to energise my energy? Smile? Watch a comedy. 

Contradictions With this energy of Capricorn Full Moon it really is a good time to meet your deadlines and achieve them even if you do not feel you want to or you can.  Just acknowledge the energy of not wanting to and the energy of defeat; THEN do what you need to do to complete the task you set yourself to do.  I have found the resistance to complete and achieve my tasks for the week very challenging but have nevertheless gone through the barrier to complete tasks I thought were too daunting. What tasks  have you completed even though you felt resistance with this full on Full Moon in Capricorn Energy of Now?

Ritual of Sexuality  We all know that what we fear most persists. This energy brings up the feelings of your sexual agenda, your sexual orientation and your sexual image privately and publically.  In Barcelona I came across a Barcelona  www.lovestop.catsex shop all lit up like a fashion shop.  It was not seedy nor weird.  It was closing when we went in and the owner allowed us to take pictures for my blog!  www.lovestop.cat 

It was interesting to find golden winged angel wings on a male mannequin.  I had never seen this before and was fascinated by the golden wings on a figure with no head or hands.  It made me think of the gloriousness of sacred sex,Barcelona Gold Angel Wings and the Kundalini energy.  It also made me think of the masks we wear in public and how we may appear to have no head and no hands – where we hide ourselves and were we do not show our hands for what we want.  We diddle-daddle. We dither.  We have secret desires and we hope and pray that the person we love will have the same cravings we have.

Welcome to this super FULL MOON IN CAPRICORN (practical action or inaction) with the SUN IN CANCER (emotional action or dreaming).  Allow yourself the liberation of freeing yourself to be who you truly are; within, of course, the laws of your land; and the parties involved are consenting to the ritual of sexuality. 

Where are you? Are you closed, opening or open?” asks the lady with the golden wings and red shoes.


Some people know they are heterosexual, some find out they are bisexual.  Others want to change their gender as they do not feel ‘normal’ in the body they have been born in.  Some prefer to be lesbians or homosexuals. Whatever your Ritual of Sexuality remember to be true to yourself and liberate yourself in the expression of your living life. 

bajari flamenca barcelona firebajari flamenca barcelona focusbajari flamenca barcelona determinationbajari flamenca barcelona flow

Determination of the Flamenco Dancer  What personal change are you willing to dance yourself through?  Full Moon in Capricorn takes practical powerful determined action with strong passionate emotions (Sun in Cancer).  What emotional action will charge your life and move yourself forward causing a change in at least one area of your life.  Capricorn is slow, determined and methodical plodding on to achieve its goals in a quiet way, not wanting to draw too much attention to self.  However with the energy of this emotional Sun in Cancer we have the steering of passion, feelings, drama; and the drive that will activate action that is dynamic, sudden, fast and dramatic!  Are you ready for this?  Are you ready for the sudden passionate dramatic energy in your life that will steer you? What personal change have you activated with this energy? What did you refuse to let go of and continue to plod through to successful completion like the determined Flamenco dancer?  Close your eyes and call in the drive and determination of a Flamenco dancer and apply that in your lovely full life this full moon.

Rainbow LightAgile Working  means you are working in a way that create value for the whole.  You are working to create values of trust, innovating, accountability, courage and honesty in an environment that practices the principles of collaboration, flexibility, teamwork, business values, simplicity and speed. Agile Working improves efficiency, productivity, performance, quality and delivery.   You can read more about the Secret to Agile Working according to the Guardian Agile Working

Regents Park

Day Time We look at the pictures and see a beautiful rainbow in one picture and green grass with people relaxing in the other. Both pictures invoke a feeling response and reflect an aspect of living on earth.  We live on earth and water surrounds us in the distance.  We are not aware of the power of water until our emotions are stirred.  We ground ourselves on earth lying in the sun and resting our mind, body and spirit.  We are rejuvenating ourselves and celebrating our rejuvenation on earth.  Such is the power of life on earth.

12 21 12Numerology Do you like working with numbers and time?  Do you notice numbers and the time the numbers strike around you?  I love noticing numbers and noting what I am doing around the time of double digit numbers. My favourite are triple digit numbers as you can see by the examples I have here.

What did you do on the 9, 10 and 11 of July?  3 days before this full moon on 12 July. what are you doing today 12 July?  Did you tune into the energy of the time and date of the day?  I did.  I also noticed what I was doing at each time and made a little prayer.  

9 9 910 10 10

11 11 11

12 12 12

Lemuria  Check out the lovely random information I found on the energy of Lemuria

Full Moon in Capricorn Action


womens meeting July 2014

On the 10th July 2014 there was a gathering of women and a dog.  This gathering was called forth by Gina Lazenby, CEO Women Gathering Project, a most dynamic and embracing woman using her feminine power to run her business and teach other women how to do so by living it.  Gina always looks feminine and glorious.  I do not know how she does it so effortlessly.  You can read up about Gina Lazenby, CEO Women Gathering Project on her blogs     feminine leadership blog   AND   woman-at-large blog

Gina explains what women get from joining in these circles:  Birthday Flowers

  1. The realisation that no matter what we are facing, someone has a similar story or a challenge they have overcome and their insights support us in moving forward.
  2. Practically, we women need to create and reinforce our own networks of support. There’s always someone who has either “been there/done that” or who can introduce us to new insights or contacts.
  3. Many of us have spent more time than we care to remember in very masculine business structures that really did not support us and where we might have picked up some habits that no longer serve us. Being with a group of thoughtful and enterprising women recalibrates us and reminds us how powerful we are when we are in our feminine energy.
  4. Plenty of openhearted support and recognition is available together with generosity, honesty and a safe and joyous space.
  5. Sometimes we have to remind ourselves that having our own business or autonomy gives us the opportunity to thrive ….. and we don’t always have to strive !

Now is a great time to be a woman … especially in business and on a mission.

                Nourishment FoodDelicioius potatoesStrawberry Desert

THE FOOD is always nourishing, filling, fresh and scrumptious. Women gather early to connect in the kitchen cooking and preparing the energy of the food for the women to eat before the meeting starts.  There is a homely and welcoming feeling when you come into Gina’s home.  The community in the kitchen is busy helping to prepare the food with laugher and joy.  They then lay the food, plates, cutlery and napkins on the table. You know you are eating soul food food made with love. Thank you women.

Sacred Alter THE SACRED ALTAR   I had the great good fortune of creating a sacred space and initiating a sacred calling before starting the business meeting.  We started first working with the energy of sound, (ether), by each taking turns to rattle our energy with a shamanic rattle.  Then working with the energy of flowing liquid and scent (Aphrodite Aurora Alchemy oil) we each anointed our hands to perfume our body and the air around us.  The Gods know we are here.  It really was nice collecting all the vortex of energy and seeing the volcano of energy erupt with light and fabulous stars of victory and success for everyone present.

cardsI was guided to ask each person to chose from 3 different decks (Angel cards, Life Purpose cards and Goddess cards).  The 3 angel cards represent what we need right now in our business and our lives; and what angelic energy is supporting us. The Life Purpose card broKitty Waters and Lolaught in your strength and purpose in your business.  The Goddess Energy card represented the vibration of your achievement.  Together they told a story to each woman about their life and business. I was also instructed to gift each woman present a crystal tumble stone to help anchor and carry with them the positive energy for this sacred altar.

LOLA, the Do & Kitty Waters  g At this wonderful gathering were business women and a lovely puppy called Lola, a future business dog!  Lola, the female dog, chose her angel card and ate it up – CONTENTMENT.  It really was amazing  to see her choose the card and then eat it up. She summed up the energy we came for CONTENTMENT.  THANK YOU LOLA.  THANK YOU KITTY WATERS for sharing the energy of your lovely friend. She was so well behaved and quiet.

CARE TAKER  I came with ALL the business cards I had been given since the beginning of the Women’s Womens Sacred Altar July 2014Gathering – over 5 years ago.  I have been taking care of the cards, making sure that each card has a crystal on it. I laid out the sacred envelopes with red and pink ribbons.  I asked the women present to give their business card if they want to to be included in the sacred business alter.  I would then put a crystal to each card and  call them to tell them which crystal choose their business.  I would have them ready for the Full Moon tomorrow 12 July ready to send healing prosperity to their business.  A lovely responsibility being the care taker of the women’s business.  Thank you for trusting me with this sacred task. 

THE NETWORK OF WOMEN  Let me start at the beginning.  We arrived early to prepare the food and lay out the table with dinner, desert, fruit punch and drinks.  We started eating at 7.30pm and started our Women’s Meeting at 8pm and finished by 10:10pm on the 10 July.  Great numbers as Gina would say. 

10 10 10Gina opened the meeting by sharing the beginnings and the great progress the network has made. What we have in common is that we are all women, mothers, sisters, grandmothers, who care about making a difference, reaching our potential, as well as, making good financial returns from our invested money, time and energy.  Using a very successful format we create circles of trust which are very nourishing to all who attend the gathering, irrespective of whether they are professionals seeking advancement in their organisations, entrepreneurs growing or scaling a business or women with newly created business endeavours. When we sit together with a group of women in a sharing circle we really get that we are not alone and that our power comes from seeking community and working together. It can feel very lonely sometimes being a woman on purpose trying to make a difference in the world ….. and create financial success!

Clare RussellI had the great honour and privilege; of preparing a sacred alter and space; for the business meeting.  So I continued the process of bringing in  the sacred space (read above).

Nyali MuirGina then asked each woman to introduce themself and talk about their business; and if they want share the message from the cards. Every woman shared something precious and everyone listened attentively.  It really was a lovely moment sharing the energy of the angel cards, purpose cards and goddess cards;  and the meaning it brought out for their lives and business. 

We closed the circle holding hands and each woman saying a prayer for the group.  It really was a wonderful gathering that shifted a lot of stuff and created great business contacts for everyone.  Thank you everyone for making this a wonderful meeting and all your wonderful contribution.

Full Moon in Capricorn BOOK

Stand-Up for YourSelf

and become the hero or shero you were born to be 

Stand-Up for YourSelf - Shelley Bridgman

In the sacred alter we had a symbol of actual success. The one and only Shelley Bridgman had just published  her book and; she gifted me a wonderful signed copy. A true celebration and completion with the Energy of Now – Full Moon in Capricorn and Sun in Cancer.  CONGRATULATIONS SHELLEY BRIDGMAN.

I have read her book and I recommend it as a study of triumph over one’s personal challenges.  It really was amazing when I read it and realised it is so apt with Ritual of Sexuality I talked about above.

Shelley Bridgman & Gina LazenbyIf you are finding it difficult to come to terms with your sexuality read the wonderful true life story of my friend, Shelley Bridgman, in her book Stand-Up for YourSelf.  She writes on page 148: “‘I’ is a very difficult concept to explain to anyone who doesn’t have a conflict between their mind and body. People have asked me why I chose to do what I did.  I can only answer that I didn’t choose itIt chose me.  I didn’t choose it any more than I chose my height or the natural colour of my hair.”  

I have many clients and friends who practice various Rituals of Sexuality and I do not define them by their sexuality.  I define them by their character and behaviour.  I proudly stand beside them declaring them as my friends and/or my clients.  Some are my ‘children’ and I am their ‘Spirit Mother’.  I say to them: “I love you my children. Love Mummy xxxxx”

Stand-Up for Yourself by Shelley Bridgman (Kindle)

Stand-Up for Yourself by Shelley Bridgman (paperback)


  1. three swansFeeding ducksFor a moment think of yourself as an animal totem.  As you think on each animal suggested in this exercise; (You can look at the pictures to help you know what they look like.); really  ask them what value they serve in the world at large and in your personal world.  What message spiderdo they carry for you personally?snail What learning do they vibrate for you? Really carry this exercise out quietly in a sacred space, if you can, and really hear, listen, feel, touch, smell and see the experience.
    1. A Duck. 
    2. A Swam. 
    3. A Snail. 
    4. A Spider
  2. What book is waiting to come out of you? 
  3. What book/s have you liberated and published?
  4. What does truth mean to you?    

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© Toks Coker 12 July 2014

Full Moon in Sagittarius & Sun in Gemini 13/6/2014

Happy Full Moon in Sagittarius and Sun in Gemini 13 June 2014 

Friday 13 is the First FULL HONEY MOON in almost 100 years.  It will not happen until June 2098!  Enjoy. 

full moon girls

So many portals of achievement we have gone through.  So many portals of life we have lived.  With this wonderful Full Moon let us live live live.  Do something different and amazing to lift your spiritual, emotional, physical, and mental energy in one go.  Attend the Moon Gathering with us. 

Blooming TreeRoomViolet Hill StudiosRainbowFull Moon in Sagittarius with Sun in Gemini (Strawberry Moon) on Friday 13 June 2014

The actual time of the Full Moon in London 05:12 BST   Element Fire/Air

    The fabulous Moon Gathering will be at Violet Hill Studio, 6 Violet Hill, St Johns Wood, London NW8 9EB from 7pm-10pm.  Our evening meditation will also be a preparation for the Ceremony at PRIMROSE HILL to connect with Mother Earth and Sister Moon.  Brings your drums, instruments for the ceremony on the hill.

    For more details and to book, click here: www.fullmoonsaggitarius2014.eventbrite.co.uk 

On the Menu we have: 

  1. Invocation Blessing: Full Moon in Sagittarius with Sun in Gemini (Strawberry Moon) on Friday 13 June 2014   The actual time of the Full Moon in London 05:12 BST   Element Fire/Air    
  2. ENERGY OF NOW: Full Moon in Sagittarius with Sun in Gemini (Strawberry Moon) on Friday 13 June 2014   The actual time of the Full Moon in London 05:12 BST   Element Fire/Air     strawberries
    1. Sense of Freedomdesert
    2. Bold Moves
    3. Colour
    4. Playing Dead
    5. Miscommunication / Retrograde Energy 
    6. Awakening
    7. Power
    8. Energy of 13
    9. Energy of 11
  3. Testimonial: New Moon in Gemini 28 May 2014
  4. Homework

Translated into Turkish

Invocation Blessing for

Full Moon in Sagittarius with Sun in Gemini (Strawberry Moon)

on Friday 13 June 2014   London 05:12 BST   Element Fire/Air 

Kutsal Çağırma Duası Yay’daki Dolunay Güneşteki İkizlerle (Çilek Ay)

Yvonne TaylorYvonne Taylor (2)

We Greet You

With the Fountain of Youth

Smiling Beautifully

Adorned by the Radiance of Life

We Greet You

Seni Kutluyoruz

Gençlik Çeşmesi İle

Güzelce Gülümseyen

Hayatın Işımasıyla Süslenmiş

Seni Kutluyoruz

Blooming Roseyellow rose

We Greet You

With God, Buddha, Allah, Adonia

Great Spirit, Mother Earth, Father Sky

Trinity of Father Son & Holy Ghost

We Greet You

Seni Kutluyoruz

Allah, Buddha, God, Gökyüzü Baba

Oğul Baba & Kutsal Ruh Üçlüsünün

Seni Kutluyoruz

flowers of love

We Greet You

With 13 Ascendant Masters:

Afra, Kuthumi, Melchizedek, Serapis Bey, St Germaine, El Morya, Maitreya,  Hilarion, Ganesha, Quan Yin, Lady Nada, Sanat Kumara, Metatron

We Greet You

Seni Kutluyoruz

13 Yükselen Üstadlarla;

Afra, Kuthumi, Melchizedek, Serapis Bey, St Germaine, El Morya, Maitreya, Hilarion, Ganesha, Quan Yin, Lady Nada, Sanat Kumara, Metatron,

Seni Kutluyoruz


We Greet You

Supporting Your Energy Matrix

Illuminating Your Alignment

Increasing Your Velocity of Light

We Greet You

Seni Kutluyoruz

Altın Parıltısında Sitrin Kristaliyle

Hayatını Hoş Kokutarak ve Çiçek Açtırarak

Anın Şanslı Güzelliğinde

Seni Kutluyoruz


We Greet You

With the Golden Glow of Citrine

Flowering & Perfuming Your Life

Lucky Beauty of the Moment

We Greet You

Seni Kutluyoruz

Senin Şamanlık Üstadlığı Kodun İle

Etheric Alanında & Bedeninde Kuantum Yükseliş

Evrensel Varoluşun Çiçeklenmesiyle

Seni Kutluyoruz

crystal alter

We Greet You

With Your Shamanic Master Code

Quantum Shift in Your Etheric Plane &  Body

Universal Presence Blossoming

We Greet You

Seni Kutluyoruz

Senin Zarafetinle

Mücehverlerle Donatılmış Tanrıça

Arkadaşlığın İlham Veren Modeli

Seni Kutluyoruz

                                             GraceGrace (2)

We Greet You

With the Graciousness of YOU

Bejewelled Goddess

Inspiring Model of Friendliness

We Greet You

Seni Kutluyoruz

Gerçek Otoritenin Töreniyle

Büyük Şeylerin Olmasını Sağlayarak

Aktive Edilmiş Eşzamanlılıkla

Seni Kutluyoruz

                                                 toks smilingsmiling tokssmiling

We Greet You

With the Ritual of Authentic Authority

Making Big Things Happen

With Active Synchronicity

We Greet You

Seni Kutluyoruz

Senin Kendine Özgünlüğünle

Seni Kutluyoruz

YanniKatie Young

We Greet You

With Your Individuality

Your Unique Essence

Incarnate in this World

We Greet You

Seni Kutluyoruz

Senin Eşsiz Özünle

Bu Dünyada Vücut Bulmuş

Seni Kutluyoruz

Karen Boorsma and Emma

We Greet You

With Your Chakras: I am Understanding, I am Seeing,

I am Speaking, I am Loving, I am Doing, I Can

I am Feeling, I am Having, I am Being, I AM

We Greet You

Seni Kutluyoruz

Çakralarınla: Anlayışlıyım, Görüyorum,

Konuşuyorum, Seviyorum, Yapıyorum,

Yapabilirim, Hissediyorum, Sahibim, Varım, Ben

Seni Kutluyoruz

I Love You

We Greet You

With the Gift of Love

Each Second Each Minute Each Hour

Each Day Each Moment

We Greet You

Seni Kutluyoruz

Sevginin Hediyesiyle

Her Saniye  Her Dakika Her Saat

Her Gün Her An

Seni Kutluyoruz

Solar Eclipse Japan 21.5.2012

We Greet You

With the Vibrational Vortex of Now

Full Moon Celebrating

Promises Expectations and Results

We Greet You

Seni Kutluyoruz

Şimdinin Titreşimsel Karmaşasıyla

Dolunay Kutlaması

Verilmiş Sözler Beklentiler ve Sonuçlar

Seni Kutluyoruz

healing crystals

We Greet You

With Multifaceted Crystals

Source Code of Masters

Empowering Multidimensional Consciousness

We Greet You

Seni Kutluyoruz

Çok Yönlü Kristallerle

Üstadların Kök Kodu

Çokboyutlu Bilinçe Yetki Vererek, Güçlendirerek

Seni Kutluyoruz

rose quartz skullcrystal skull

We Greet You

With 13 Sacred Crystal Skulls

Record Keepers Encoded with Wisdom

Anchoring Ascension Remembrance

We Greet You

Seni Kutluyoruz

13 Kutsal Kristal Kafatasıyla

Bilgelikle Kodlanmış Kayıt Tutanlar

Yükselişin Hatırlanmasını Sabitleyerek

Seni Kutluyoruz

Toks looking lovely XLW blessing

We Greet You

We Greet You

We Greet You

Seni Kutluyoruz    Seni Kutluyoruz     Seni Kutluyoruz

Channelled by Toks Beverley Coker for the Full Moon 13/6/2014  © Toks Coker 2014


fullmoon over castleWindsor Castle

The Energy of Now – Full Moon

RelaxingOne of  the wonderful happy moments with this energy is the sense of freedom and happiness you can feel  in your solitary moments; such as sitting up in a tree reading a book or lying on the grass and enjoying the sense of comfort and joy of the soft warm breeze on your face.

Bold moves (such as declaring what you are wanting to your loved ones, or presenting a business plan to your boss) can be testing on your mind, confidence and emotions.  They can make you question your ability and through the questioning of you ability, you go forth through the challenge and do it.  Your adventurous energy comes to play in all areas of your life: social, business and personal.  We all know how bold moves can be frightening.  You go through fright!, resistance, anxiety, humiliation, shame and worry as you challenge yourself to something ‘bold’ in your life.  “Just do it.” as the Nike ad says. So did you feel a need to do something different and then have a resistance to doing it?  And then still did it? and felt relief after doing it? These bold moves are the defining experiences we have to go through to help us develop our character and behaviour; to be more centred in our own mindfulness and personal individual lives. Doing something different is freeing. 

Colour Wearing colourful shoes and clothes is a wonderful way of celebrating your greatness and your wonderful graciousness.  This simple exercise could be the answer you have been looking for. 

Playing Dead  Sometimes the best strategy is to play dead.  Playing dead means  you let your enemy think you are dead and they leave you rainbows of lovealone.  You let them think they have won.  Then when they go away you get up and continue your true life.  With this action you avoid unnecessary confrontation.  You do not have to defend your right to be.  You do  not have to make excuses for yourself.  If something is not right for you – it is not right for you. Fact.  Politely say what you will allow into your life and what you will not.  If you make a special offer in your business such as “Take your special offer within two weeks” stick to the terms and conditions of the offer; and do not keep changing the goal posts to suit others.  You need to be aware of what you will allow and accept in your life. If it makes you uncomfortable it is not good for you.  You do not have to justify the way you feel, or how you choose to feel or experience a situation.  Just accept yourself.  Do not raise to the bait.  Play dead.   Use your mind power to get you out of situations you do not like.  This is the principle of diversion. Victory is achieved through strategy of diversion. 

fire of transformationMiscommunication / Retrograde Energy With the energy of the retrograde are you experiencing communication problems and failures?  Are you feeling depleted?  Tired?  Angry?  Irritated? Are you sending emails to the wrong person? Are you mixing up appointments?  Are you thinking you have an appointment and you do not?  Have you forgotten to write in your dairy an action you need to do?  Have you decided to double check everything with your communication or perhaps slow down or perhaps not send anything out via email until you are sure and ready?  Slow down a bit as this energy is fast and furious.  On June 7, Mercury, the Communication God, went retrograde and will be retrograde till July 1.  Be mindful of your communication with yourself – review your thoughts with all these alignments, energies and shifts Smudginghappening energetically and affecting your life. Life is yours to design.  You are designing your life.  You are the architect of your life.  Live it.  Even if you have to slow down because of the energies overwhelming you, just know that you will be back at your usual pace.  Just go with the flow and do something else or say – Tomorrow is another day – like Scarlet O’Hara in Gone with the Wind.  This is not a good time to go against the messages you receive e.g. when you feel you should not drive your car, do not drive your car.  Sit back and review the situation with new eyes in a more detached way.  Await a better time to act.  Do something else.  Relax and enjoy a different action. 

Kate YoungAwakening  It is a good time to look at things from a different perspective.  It may involve you standing still for a moment before you move – and in the standing still is your communication with yourself to be yourself.  This is an awakening time with this Full Moon.  It is as if the light of the Full Moon awakens you to truths around you; as well as, to taking actions you did not know you were able to take and achieve great results.  An awakening is when you look at things from a different perspective and this is what this Full Moon is about – illuminating and awakening you to a new way of being.  Celebrate this new way forward. 

Power The need to define your sense of power is crucial with the number 13 and the energy of this Strawberry Moon, Full Moon in Sagittarius and Sun in Gemini.  We have the duality of power with Gemini and animality of power with Sagittarius.  Trying to balance the power is the challenge with this fullness of emotion of power.  Calling in your power is a mixed process.  Can you call it in?   When you call it in can you handle your power and your potential of power.  We will be looking at the role power plays in your life at the workshop tomorrow. Are you ready for the alchemical resurrection of your true self with this Full Moon?  This is an opportunity to grow and bloom yourself and recognise your blooming true self and the potential within you glowing outward. 


Toks Praying13 13Number 13 is the number of liberation and the gathering of forces to come together to make a decision.  Are you ready for your liberation?  This is the time to really “go for it” in a sacred space that honours where you are right now.  The number 13 is the number of great transformation that forces you to experience enormous changes right now; which will bring great blessings to you.  Be open to the 13 number of opening, awakening, transformation, gathering, decisiveness with elder and ancestor gatherings.  Focus on your opportunities in your life right now and take time to apply a strategy that delivers you results and makes you happy. List 13 things you want and 13 things you have achieved.  13 is bold clip_image002and unafraid.  It is radiant and powerful, adding to the number 4 which is solid structure and stability with strong roots and great foundation. Celebration with this Full Moon is about taking the next bold step in your life with an attitude of knowing, fired from within your heart.  This allows your inner light illuminated by the glow of this fabulous blooming Full Moon to blossom an extraordinary luxurious shiny life for you.  Take hold and fly.  You need to be seen and to shine.  You Shine and are Seen.  Every 13th day of the month you can mediate on the number 13.  We will call forth 13 ascendant masters today.


1111Number 11 is a master number. Every 11 day of the month I meditate on the number 11.  Every day when it is 11, 11:11, 11:11:11 I think a good thought for the world and for myself.  Why not try it yourself and see how it makes you feel thinking a good thought for the world every day.  11 amathyst clusters  11 rose quartz hearts

We meditated on the 11 June from quarter to 11 to quarter past 11, enjoying the sensation of the energy of 11 and 11:11:11.  It was an amazing feeling to sit on 22 blue lace agate tumbles which raised the energy up my spine.  It was nice to sit surrounded by 11 amethyst clusters, 11 rose quartz hearts, 55 blue lace agate crystals and one big heart quartz moonstone crystal.  It really was a wonderful feeling experiencing and receiving the healing and energy of the magic number 11. It was simply amazing for me.  And  linking in to the tribe of people who joined me in the link in was wonderful and powerful.  I felt so very happy, safe and protected.  I stayed in to enjoy the energy and let it settle in my body. 

11 June at 11 past 11For those interested this is what I posted on Facebook:  Today I will be linking in to the number 11 as it is the 11 June. I will be meditating from 10:45am-11:15am which will include the following times: 11 to 11am, 11am, 11:11:11, 11 past 11am. This is a wonderful way to prepare for the Full Moon this Friday when we will be working with the mystical magical number of 13. Can you join me and link in with me? Let me know. It would be great to create a vortex of healing light today and heal your life and create more happiness for yourself thereby healing others and creating more happiness for them too. A wonderful circle of healing light.11 11 11

You can always do this meditation on any day around the energy of 11am or 11pm.  You can also do this meditation on the eleventh (11th) of each month around the time of 11am or 11pm.  Try it and  let me know how you get on.  Post on my fan page

TESTIMONIALS: New Moon in Gemini 28 May 2014

                          Workshop MeditationNote TakingWorkshop insights

NEW MOON MAY 2014I loved the last workshop. I have Gemini rising and felt I needed some things to shift and change in my life right now.  It was powerful, energetic and affirming.  There was a wonderful vibrant celestial energy circling me during the mediation. I received the blessings and feel in a unique special zone. I loved this workshop too. I have been working on accepting my many emotions and feelings; and I have been working on bringing my energy and personal essence in line with my physical world.  Ph.D. Musician

I came here for healing and clearing and I got this and more.  It was powerful and empowering. Katie Young

A client send me this Apache Blessing:

“May the sun bring you new energy by day,

May the moon softly restore you by night

May the rain wash away your worries

May the breeze blow new strength into your being,

May you walk gently through the world and

Know it’s beauty all the days of your life.” 

 Homework13 13 100 percent

  1. Read the above blessing – which words resonate with you the most?
  2. List 13 things you have achieved in the past 13 days.  Celebrate them.
  3. List 13 things you will do in the next 13 days. Do them.
  4. What type of power have you called in today? I am the truth I crave.
  5. What bold move are you going to make in your life after this Full Moon?
  6. Post a message, your answers and healing request  on http://www.facebook.com/handsoflighthealing
  7. Write your 2014 GOALS keeping a vision of fullness for yourself

    Personal Goals

    Educational Goals

    Health Goals

    Social Goals

    Humanity Goals

    Spiritual Goals

    Family Goals

    Relationship Goals

    Work Goals

    Business Goals

    Professional Goals

    Friendship Goals

    Time Goals

    Travel Goals

    Financial Goals 

    Other Goals

Next meditation   Friday 27 June 2014     New Moon & Sun in Cancer     09:09 BST London      Element Water 
For more details and to book, click here: www.newmooncancer2014.eventbrite.co.uk

Workshop Flyer 21Oct13 v2

        Toks Coker Hands of Light Ankh Snake Heart SparkleToks Coker 2013Toks Coker Hands of Light Ankh Snake Heart Sparkle

Hi, I hope you enjoyed this post. Drop me a line and let me know how you found it. You can also post a message, your answers and healing request  on http://www.facebook.com/handsoflighthealing

Cup CakeEnjoy a cupcake for doing your homework.!  Love Toks xxx

With Rainbow Blessings and Kisses

Love Toks xxxxxx                                                              © Toks Coker 2014

Full Moon in Taurus & Sun in Scorpio 17/11/2013

ankhPretty Feet and Pretty Shoescleansing water

The practical steps you made; have taken you here; where your now; leaving you with intense emotional feelings, which could rip you apart as you celebrate your personal process with this energy of Full Moon in Taurus and Sun in Scorpio, Sunday 17 November.  So important to seek clarity and direction.  So many contradictory emotional and practical feelings trying to find balance in your life right now.  Does your inner guidance work any more for you?   Read more..

On the Menu we have:

  1. Invocation Blessing for Full Moon in Taurus & Sun in Scorpio 17/11/2013Avocado Roll
  2. ENERGY OF NOW: Happy Full Moon in Taurus & Sun in Scorpio (Element: Earth/Water) 15:17BST London
    1. Be Awakeyam
    2. Spiritual Dimensions
    3. Truth
    4. Practical Energy: When Inner Guidance does not work
    5. Numerology 4, 8, 11, 44
    6. Giving More of Yourself
    7. No More
    8. Comet Ison / Isis 28/11/2013
    9. Previous Full Moon in Taurus & Sun in Scorpio http://tokscoker.wordpress.com/?s=full+moon+in+taurus
  3. QUOTEs: Happy Full Moon in Taurus & Sun in Scorpio
  4. ACTION: Happy Full Moon in Taurus & Sun in Scorpio
  5. What will be covered in this Meditation Workshop
  6. Homework
  7. 2013 Diary, Contact Details & Spiritual Investment
    1. To book this workshop,  for more details and to book, click here: http://fullmoontaurus171113.eventbrite.co.uk/


Invocation Blessing for Full Moon in Taurus & Sun in Scorpio 17/11/2013

Swirling Spiralling Golden MeanWe Greet You

With Your Call to Greatness

Affirming Your Greatest Call

To Your Greatness

We Greet You

merkaba Star of DavidWe Greet You

With the Stars Above You

Loving You

Through All Seasons

We Greet You

Water Air EarthWe Greet You

With the Sound of the Ocean

Crashing through Your Chaos

In the Alchemical Resurrection of Your True Self

We Greet You

rose in your handsWe Greet You

With Your Life of Now

Revealing Your True Condition

Facing Your True Self in Your Hand

We Greet You

Suns RaysWe Greet You

With the Rays of the Sun

Illuminating Your Pathway

To Your Completions

We Greet You

eyes of powerWe Greet You

With the Joy of Your Eyes

Reflecting Blessings Back to You

In the Reflections of Your Eyes in the Mirror

We Greet You

ImhotepWe Greet You

With Father of Medicine, Imhotep

Giving Life to You

Healing Your Brain

We Greet You

KA Spirit SoulWe Greet You

With the Energy of KA, Your Soul Spirit

Creating & Sustaining Your Power of Life

Your Spirit Double Embracing & Protecting You

We Greet You

my ankhWe Greet You

With the Sacred Ankh

Symbol of Eternal Life

Your Sacred Breath of Life

We Greet You

scarabWe Greet You

With Khepri, Egyptian Sun God (Scarab Headed)

Spontaneously Creating: Evolution & Rebirth

The Sun Rising in Your Life

We Greet You

eyesWe Greet You

With Unconditional Love

Through all the Season

Giving Love Bound to You

We Greet You

legion of light logo with stars and wordings useWe Greet You

With Your Journey to Oneness

Happening Within You

Hidden in Your Heart

We Greet You

sunWe Greet You

With Your Portal of Awakening

Knowing You ARE Awake

To Your Fullness & Potential

We Greet You

healing handsWe Greet You

With Healing Hands

Crystal Matrix Hands

Gathering Love to You

We Greet You

handsoflightWe Greet You

With the Comet Ison / Isis (28/11/2013)

Bringing Messages from Fixed Stars

Creating Diamonds with Earth’s Atmosphere

We Greet You

Hands of Light LogoWe Greet You

We Greet You

We Greet You

Channelled by Toks Beverley Coker for Full Moon in Taurus

feet of mother earth

ENERGY OF NOW: Happy Full Moon in Taurus & Sun in Scorpio (Element: Earth/Water) 15:17BST London


Be awake to who you are and what you are wanting. Be awake to who you are becoming. Be awake to the celebrationturkish toks of your life. Be awake to your life. Be awake to your realisations as they process down to your mind and your feelings. Be awake to being bound to yourself in the light of the sun and moon. Be awake to wanting yourself to be happy. Be awake to loving yourself fully exactly as you. Be awake to loving the good you have created so far. Be awake to the greatness you have created. Be awake to the stars within you shining through your skin. Be awake to the twinkling of your life and your destiny. Be awake to you. This is what this full moon in Taurus is celebrating: Being awake to needing yourself to be awake to your life. Remove the veil. 


There are so many spiritual dimensions to happiness. You try and decide what works for you e.g. yoga, meditation, angels, spirit guides, aliens, religion (Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, Moslem).

This blog, by Toks Beverley Coker, is one of the many spiritual dimensions to happiness. In this blog you find an ALCHEMICAL Spiritual dimension that honours all sacred teaching that choose happiness and peace. May this blog continue to bring love and healing into your heart. Amen.


This is a time to celebrate what you consider ‘truth’ to mean in your life. Follow the plan to truth; as the sound of clashing waves guide you through the chaos in your life; follow the plan to the pewinter and summeraceful sound of a still lake or river. When you are going through these waves, you are dancing in clashing waves and thundering sound. You are being thrown around like in a washing machine. The suddenly or gradually it stops and you find you have been dropped! You look around you and see that you have been dropped in a land of isolation – as you process where you are and your new way of being. This is what you are celebrating this Full Moon. Celebrate something different this full moon. What truth are you celebrating and giving to yourself with this Full Moon? Congratulations.

PRACTIAL ENERGY: When Inner Guidance Does Not Work

When you trust your inner guidance and take practical actions that reward you, you know you have listened to your inner guidsacredgatheringsance and message. You feel gifted in your inner message and in your life.

However, sometimes, the inner guidance does not yield what it said it would yield. Why? Because you need to learn the messages of your inner guidance. You need to ask –Was this inner guidance from my ego or from the divine? Did I truly listen to the inner guidance or did my mind ego-self take over what I wanted it to say to me? Do I truly listen? Do I have authority issues? Do I hate being told what to do by this ‘authority’ inner guidance? Do I believe in my inner guidance? Do I really care about all this mambo-jumbo?

When something does not work, try something different. Maybe that way did not work for you. Find a different way. Learn more so you know how to access your inner guidance. You can do this when you attend the meditations with me, Toks, as I teach you gradually and the more you come to the meditations the more your inner guidance gets stronger and you begin to know how to work with your inner messages and guidance.

NUMEROLOGY: 4, 8, 11, 44


There is time to finish your goals before 2013 runs out. You have 44 days left. The magic of 44. The magic of 4. The magic of 8 (4+4=8). Full Moon in Taurus with Sun in Scorpio is in November 17. The number 17 = 1+7=8. The magic of 8. November is the 11th month. The magic of 11.

We will be working with the power of these numbers in the meditation to enable us to finish 2013 with a bang and enter 2014 with our eyes open.


When you give more of yourself you feel free and empowered it the energy of giving. You feel complete and whole and happy. You feel your potential to give and the power of giving. What will you give this Full Moon? How do you give? Who have you given to the past week? Who will you be giving to in the next week? Why not make this a week of giving?


When you give and give and give; there comes a time when you need to rest; you need to stop and hibernate and nurture your energy. Knowing when to is very important.

Enough is Enough Power StandA few days ago I broke down crying because I could not give anymore. I needed my space and I needed to be left alone. I give and give and give. I had not rested since the exhibition and I was tired. I had not taken time to rest and nurture myself. I had a melting crisis and I was burnt-out. I had forgotten the first law of a healer – Healer heal thyself first. I had not taken time out to rest my body, mind, spirit, soul and essence.

Knowing when to say NO MORE, NO, and ENOUGH IS ENOUGH is a very powerful portal to be in. Grace yourself for your anointment when in this portal. It can only mean you have come to an inner realisation and an inner knowing. It is not an easy space to be in but it is a good space to ‘plonk’ yourself in! Congratulations.

This Full Moon is so potent; as it tells you to know when to activate POSITIVE CHI in your life. Activating Your Positive Chi in your life is taking time to rest, to meditate, to do yoga, Tai Chi, walk, job, exercise, or just sleep. I found that when I slept and work up early to jog in Primrose Hill and watch the sunrise I felt happy and at ease. I reminded myself of the importance of honouring me.

COMET ISON / ISIS (28/11/2013)

The Comet Ison reminds me of Isis in her golden cloak, appearing and then disappearing; after spraying dust particles of blessings and enlightenment; with her golden wings. For me this Comet ISON represents blessings showered on us to help us through our pain, our frozen experiences, our tears and crys, our isolation, our noisy mind, our clutter and our chaos. It melts away anything frozen bound to us that does nIsis Golden Wing Toksot serve us or keeps us on hold. It melts away and allows us to move with ease and breathe deeply into our heart and our minds. It brings in the light of the sun to empower and let you know that you are the child of God, of Light. It is confirmation of the ‘I’ in you and the ‘I’ of the Sun. You are the Son (Child) of the Sun. For me it represents the Eternal ~Infinite Light that I was born with; that we were all born with. What gifts or blessing will you be given? What ability will come through for you? What skill will manifest suddenly or will improve dramatically? What will you receive as you live through this experience? Open your hands out to receive. Open your arms up in the symbol of KA to receive your abundance. Feel the energy between your hands. ALIENS: Could the Comet Ison be aliens? What alien powder frequency will you receive with this comet on the 28th November? What new message will you receive through this movement? How will your soul be touched by this motion in the sky? Will you communicate with an extra-terrestrial or will one communicate with you? What do you need to see in your life?

Why not tune into the energy with this meditation and prepare to receive more on the 28 November, when ISON will meet and greet the sun. A message will be sent out; to us all on earth. Will you receive it? Earth will pass through the comet next year 2014, around January 12-14; and the dust particles will hit earth from two directions. How auspicious. From NASA http://youtu.be/_eSYxvUWwVk

QUOTEs: Happy Full Moon in Taurus & Sun in Scorpio

When I loved myself enough, I came to know my own goodness. Kim McMillen

He who deliberates fully before taking a step will spend his entire life on one leg. Chinese proverb

May something you do or say make all the difference in someone’s life. Pam Brown

ACTION: Happy Full Moon in Taurus & Sun in Scorpio

clip_image001You could attend workshops to help glorify and empower your potential. 

On Wednesday Toks is running Alchemical New Moon Chakra Workshops on Wednesdays.  https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/event/5493818158

December 16 and 17 Toks is hold a certified course in EmoTrance. http://www.eventbrite.co.uk/event/8984698475

What will be covered in this Meditation Workshop

We will cover all the points mentioned above and more. Come and experience for yourself the magic of this evening.


  1. What does it mean to find your True Self?
  2. How do you know you have found your True Self?
  3. When do you know you have found your True Self?

2013 Diary, Contact Details & Spiritual Investment

  1. To book this workshop,  for more details and to book, click here: http://fullmoontaurus171113.eventbrite.co.uk/

toks-coker-0851-lresThe groups are small intimate groups. Let me know you are coming by calling, texting or emailing me.  Also, if you can, please bring something to share e.g. salad, vegetarian, fruits. No pork please. See you. Thank you.

Info on Meditation: http://www.tokscoker.com/index.php/services/meditations

List of Meditation Dates: http://www.eventbrite.com/org/350851891?s=12540716

Social Media

  1. Follow Toks on Twitter   https://twitter.com/ToksCoker

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1:1 Private & Confidential Sessions

Book your private and confidential 1:1 package sessions. Read morewww.handsoflight.co.uk

With Warm Regards And With Buckets Full of Love Light Laughter Prosperity Success Happiness Disciple Oneness Freedom to YOU  Love Toks xxxxxx

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Spiritual Alchemy 16 & 17 November 2013

The Legions of Light Academy presents

a CPD Course: Alchemical Resurrection of Your True Selfclip_image002



First Alchemical Workshop:   Importance of 13/1/13

We did our first Alchemical one-day workshop this year on 13:01:13. We worked with the powerful number of 13, the Mayan energy announcing the end of a cycle and a beginning of a new cycle – not the end of the world. We were in the portal of the New Moon in Capricorn Friday 11 January 2013 (11:01:13) and two days later, we were in the energy of 13: 13:01:13. New Moon in Capricorn is about setting new goals and visions and going the extra mile with practical actions and making sure, you have taken at least one risk before the end of the year.


Second Alchemical Workshop – CPD:     16 & 17 November 2013

This two day Alchemical Workshop (16 & 17 November 2013) is a complete build-up and culmination of the energy we started in January. We will end it with a reflection of our achievements and our projection to the end of the year 2013 working with the energy of 13 and the Chinese year of the Black Water Snake (which started with the New Moon in Aquarius Sunday 10 February 2013; leaving behind the year of the Dragon 2012!).

Our last day Sunday 17 November 2013 will be a Full Moon in Taurus; (at 3:17pm, during the workshops) which is about noting the practical actions and risks you have taken from the heart; throughout the year. How very auspicious. We will complete the energy portal with fullness of potential and celebration. Do not miss this golden opportunity. I have decided to combine these two powerful portals of energetic light; infusing more light shifts; thus amplifying the energies! We will have a vibrationally alchemical healing workshop in a beautiful environment. What will be revealed to you about yourself?

You do not want to miss this wonderful opportunity to grow to resurrect your bloom.


CPD: Spiritual Alchemy, Crystal Healing, Healing, Spiritual Coaching, Personal Development, Life Coaching, Spiritual Psychology

Tutor: Toks Coker

Date: 16 Saturday & 17 Sunday November 2013

Time: 10am-5pm

Venue: Violet Hill Studios. 6 Violet Hill, St Johns Wood, London NW8 ODY

Tube: St Johns Wood & Maida Vale

1. AIM

The course is a PRACTICAL experiential CPD course, registered by the Complimentary Medical Association, introducing you to the concept of Spiritual Alchemy in your life. This is a deep, inner and personal journey: journeying you deep into your psyche, working with powerful alchemical esoteric tools to help you with your relationships, career, finding your direction, purpose and your soul.

2. CONTENT: What will I cover during this course?

  1. You will look at the Magical Dimensions Within You; by Clearly Re-Defining and Identifying your True Goals, Vision and Mission for the end of 2013 and into 2014.
  2. You will find a new reflection that is clear and precise, carrying you smoothly through 2013 into 2014. 
  3. You will identify ways of achieving your Goals based on your Truth and not someone else’s limiting truth of you.
  4. You will anchor in Spiritual Power to manifest your Goals, Vision and Mission.
  5. You will create a 2014 Dream/Vision Board for yourself based on an energetic transmission.
  6. You will Co-Create your Future in a Healing Space by Empowering your Resonance and Essence; so that You can Tap Into your Future Where ever You Are in the World.
  7. You will look at All your Options and Opportunities: You will look at the YOU that You Are Now and that you are Becoming. Then you can answer the question: Who Am I? I am ……
  8. You will learn transferable skills that support you to work in a professional manner broaden your professional abilities and move you towards achieving your full potential.
  9. You will sense, feel and know yourself as Self-Actualised.
  10. You will Energetically and Practically Clear stuck limiting beliefs, fears, emotions and patterns that are holding you back or you are ‘entertaining’ out of habit.
  11. You will Explore Preserving Relationships that Honour you in 2013 and 2014: work, career, family, mother, father, daughter, son, sister, brother, in-laws, stepchildren, stepparents, lover, partner, wife, husband, colleague, etc.
  12. You will look to Understanding an Emotional Pattern from the past and Seek to Transform that Poison to Medicine. You will look at your Spiritual Psychology of Your Emotional Patterns: Transforming the dilemma in your Life Right Now.
  13. You will Burn a Bridge that no longer serves you; so you do not go back to that pattern of blame, confusion, irritation, annoyance, bitterness or victim.
  14. You will do a Simple Practical Exercise to Clear Time Lines and Create Power Lines to Journey through Past, Present and Future.
  15. You will Call in the Energy of the 4 elements to practical action (Earth, Air, Fire & Water), Mother Earth, Gaia, Father Sky, YOU will call in a Practical Action to take in 4 areas of your life to Manifest your Dreams and Hopes.
  16. You will privately write Your Full Moon wishes for the remaining of 2013 and for 2014: experiencing Soul Making at Work in your Life.
  17. You will Plant an Alchemical Seed in your Energetic Body and In Your Physical Body to Grow to Love Who you are Becoming.
  18. You will Practice the Law of Attraction with Magnetic Healing.
  19. You will learn a Psychic Protection exercise to Carry you Forth with the Multi-Dimension of the Full Moon on Sunday.
  20. You will learn how to Communicate your Truth in Your Alchemical Resurrection Process. You will be able to More Freely Express Yourself in a Simple and more Holistic Way. You will be able to say: I am who I am meant to be.
  21. You will be empowered in the Importance of Your own Alchemical Resurrection as you Rise Rise Rise

3. OBJECTIVES: What will I learn on this course?

By the end of the course you should be able to:

  1. Explain the term ‘Alchemical Resurrection’
    1. list 2 areas in your life for alchemical resurrection
    2. list 2 benefits of your alchemical resurrection
  2. create and show a clear A3 vision board (demonstrating your goals, wishes, wantings’)
  3. perform a simple healing exercise for yourself
  4. Identify a personal crystal for manifestation
  5. perform a psychic protection exercise on yourself
  6. perform a ritual of communication for yourself (law of attraction)

4. What will I be doing in class?

You will experience a lot of interaction with other students, which will deepen your own personal understanding and development. There will be lots of insight in the group feedback, 1:1 feedback and peer observation. Your will feel empowered by your own personal insights which will expand your reflection and develop your personal assessment of your progress.

5. What kind of feedback will I get?

You will receive regular feedback from your tutor throughout the course, as and when appropriate. Assessment is continuous throughout the course with tutor observation, with questions and answers, as well as, checking for learning.

6. Are there any entry requirements?

Anyone with an interest in his or her own personal development can do this course.. Students must come with an open mind and a desire to look within their own psyche. There are no academic entry requirements to do this course. This is a great course for qualified healers, therapists, and psychologists (who need to take time out of their busy schedule) for their own personal journey and development. This course can definitely add an additional tool set to help your work with clients.

7. Does the course have features I should be aware of (workload, level of fitness, stamina etc)?

Student must be prepared to have other students practice on them. All techniques and instructions must be carried out in accordance with the tutor’s instructions for health and safety reasons. All conversations shared within the healing space are sacred, private and confidential; and should not be repeated outside the course.

8. What do I need to bring with me to class?

  1. A positive attitude to learn something new.
  2. Something white to wear: a simple lovely all white outfit to wear to express your purity and vibrancy. We have a few extra white outfits to wear if you find you do not have a white top or a white skirt. Please let us know if you need to use one of the extra whites we have. Also if you have extra whites to share please bring them with you. Thank you.
  3. Soft slippers or socks to wear in the workshop. We will be taking off our shoes in the workshop.
  4. Bring paper and pen to take notes with
  5. Your own food and drink if you are on a special diet. NO pork, pig or bacon please.
  6. Pictures of yourself (you may bring a few and make up your mind at the workshop).
  7. A collection of words and pictures you like (that represent you) from magazines, books, etc.
  8. Please bring with you cash if you want to buy crystals. We will have crystals to help you with your work, career, relationship, love, money, sexuality, etc.
  9. Please bring with you your printed ticket to hand in at the event, once you have paid on line. If you decide to pay cash please bring exact amount with you. Thank you.

9. What next, after the course ends?

You will have learnt transferable skills that support you to work in a professional manner broaden your professional abilities and move you towards achieving your full potential. You can practice what you learnt on yourself and others. You will receive a CPD Certificate, which demonstrates your voluntary self-regulation required for listing on Professional Practitioner Registers. Congratulations in your life long process of learning. You have added a tool set to help you with your work with yourself and your work with clients.

10. Does it matter if I miss a class?

You need to make sure you attend all the hours of the class to qualify for your CPD Certificate and demonstrate you have knowledge and ability. Please speak with Toks on 07973210107

11. How do I find out if I can get some support for my learning?

If you have a disability or learning difficulty please let Toks Coker know BEFORE the course starts, so she can prepare and adjust the teaching to suit your needs.  Please speak with Toks on 07973210107

12. Can I give my views on the course?

You will be asked to fill in a Course Evaluation at the end of your course.

13. Where will my course take place?

The courses will take place in London.

Address: Violet Hill Studios, 6 Violet Hill, St Johns Wood, London NW8 9EB

Directions to Venue:

Tube: When you exit St. Johns Wood Tube Station (on the Jubilee line), cross the road and start to walk down Grove End Road. Take the second right on to Loudoun road and then the first left on to Langford Place. At the end of Langford Place, you will find yourself on Abbey Road. Take a right as you enter that road and then take an immediate left on to Abbey Gardens. Follow that round as it turns into Violet Hill and you will quickly find the studio.

Bus: 139 and 189 – Request the stop for Abbey Road Studios. When you get off the bus, walk in the direction that the bus is going and take the second left on to Abercorn Place. Then take the first right on to Violet Hill

Refreshments: We will have refreshments of teas, biscuits and chocolates to share throughout the day. Bring something to share if you can. Please bring your own lunch; especially if you are on a special diet. Please do not bring pork or ham. Thank you.

14. How do I enrol?

Enrol in person on line https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/alchemical-resurrection-workshop-tickets-8984188951  or pay directly into bank account – call for details by phone 07973210107.



New Moon in Libra 15.10.2012




On the Menu we have:

  1. Invocation Blessing Legion of Light Chef
  2. Energy of Now: New Moon in Libra
    1. Thinking Thinking Thinking
    2. Libran Indecision
    3. Libran Airfruitful abundance
    4. Relationships
    5. Scales of Libra
    6. How the Scales affect Relationship
  3. Jewish Tradition to Use Sound with the Moon
  4. New Moon in Libra Quote
  5. New Moon in Libra Action
  6. What will be covered in the Meditation Workshop
  7. Working with Number 11:  Healing
  8. Working with the Number 11: Learning & Promotion
  9. Feedback from previous Meditation Workshop: Full Moon in Aries and Sun in Libra 20.9.2012
  10. Homework
  11. Contact Details & Diary

Invocation Blessing with NewMoon in Libra 15.10.2012

Channelled by Toks Beverley Coker

sunflower of life

We Greet You

With the Creativity Balance Master

Dynamic Energy of Life

Allowing Resourcefulness in You

We Greet You

toks by mum

We Greet You

With the Divine Self-Worth

Wearing Beauty in Your Heart

Graceful Living with a Great Start

We Greet You

lovley pink liliy

We Greet You

With the Balance of Authenticity

Walking the Grace of Truth

Anchoring Genuine Creative Spirit

We Greet You

blooming mother earth

We Greet You

With Father Sky and Mother Earth

Embodying Courage

Taking Your Leap Forward

We Greet You

honey of life

We Greet You

With the Honey of Life

Holding the Sun and Moon

Calling in Your Illumined Branding

We Greet You


We Greet You

With the Joy of Passion

Blooming from Your Heart

Seeding Deep Roots Within

We Greet You

angels of light

We Greet You

With Healing Angels

Helping You with Global Connections

Expanding Your Presence

We Greet You

white lilly

We Greet You

With the Higher Legions

Contemplating the Future

Presenting In the Moment of Now

We Greet You

shamans light

We Greet You

With the Shaman of Light

Grace Vessels of Wisdom

Empowering Your Knowledge

We Greet You

thoth the scriber

We Greet You

With Thoth, the Scribe

Seeding Value Creating Ferocious Ambition

In the Sacredness of Your Written Work

We Greet You

wet pink rose

We Greet You

In the Silence of the Mind

Still Waiting Attentive

Listening in the Silence of the Void

We Greet You

Legions of Light Greet U

We Greet You

With the Voice of God

Knowing Everything about You

On this Most Luscious New Moon in Libra

We Greet You

Whispers from God

We Greet You

With the Anointment of Newness

The Blessing of Blossoming

The Invocation of Answered Prayer

We Greet You

blessing of prayer

We Greet You

With Venus Goddess of Love

Bringing You Love

Awakening Your Heart with Joy

We Greet You

blossoming joy in your heart

We Greet You

We Greet You

We Greet You

healing u

Channelled by Toks Beverley Coker for the NewMoon in Libra 15.10.2012

Legion of Light Anne Marie


Libra is a Masculine Cardinal Air Sign.  Libra is ruled by Venus.  Symbol for Libra is the Scales.


THE LIBRA MIND: The element of air involves thinking. Librans live in their minds and thouthinking mindghts.  They love all forms of mental energy that involves thinking, mental games, puzzles, contemplating, reflecting, listening, talking, communicating, deciphering clarity in thoughts and words and deeds.  Librans can be meticulous, seeking precise perception, harmony in thinking, balance in thinking and friendship in speaking. The mind of the Libran is always full of something. It is always thinking, pondering, wondering, imagining and yes dreaming! 


Julie in Madeira 2010Sometimes in their constant Re-Evaluating and Reflecting they may not even make a decision and may take a long time to make one; if ever they make one! This balancing of opposite sides may make them see both sides of a situation. This does not always work in their favour as it can make it very difficult for them to make a decision or act on a guidance. If you find yourself suffering from inertia take action immediately.  Libra can spiral down into inertia very quickly.  Sometimes making a decision and acting on it is better than pondering which is the correct way or which is the correct thing to say or do. In the doing of the action is the answer. When you DO you DO. By DOing you Know whether or not you are on the right or wrong track.

The Libran AIR

AIR signs can be dreamy, poetic, romantic, and intellectual.  Libra finds us working with the eleAIR dervish dancersment of Air and looking at what is in the Air. Air is all around you, yet still, as we walk through air.  Air can be wind blowing violently or a gentle breeze. How are you breathing?  What are you breathing?  Is the air around you safe?  Is the air around you clear?  Can you see clearly? What is the air around you like?  Is it ‘pregnant’ with ‘stuff’? 

SUPPORT:  Air supports us: we breathe in oxygen from the air and breathe out carbon dioxide.  Without air we will die in a matter of minutes.  Breathe in Love and Breathe out love.  Love is in the air with the energy of Libra.  We move, we dance, we sing using air.


togetherVENUS is the Goddess of Love and rules Partnerships / Relationships / Collaboration – these are the themes running thought out the energy of Libra. So if you find yourself ‘thinking’ ‘reflecting’ ‘re-affirming’ your partnerships, your relationships, your collaborations – then you know the energy of Libra is in the air! Libra seeks Beauty with Venus. YET it may go the opposite way! Libra chooses to balance is extreme emotions and feelings and thinking by working with the energy of reconciliation of opposites to create a harmonious whole within. This I think is the challenge of Libra.

STUBBORN: Libra is constantly seeking a balance between male and female and bridging the gap between opposites. For Librans this is their constant internal battle which they tend to bring out in their ‘fighting’ energy where they like to argue their point across and like to win – sometimes they will wait years to win.  This is when you realise that Librans can be STUBBORN and hard.

GIVING: Librans are very kind and love Giving to others but they are not so good at Receiving from others. They love buying books for themselves and for others too.  They need to learn to receive.male female

AWAKENING LOVE:  With the NewMoon in Libra we come to the energy of Peaceful LOVE and Loving Peacefully.  This is the awakening of love through the feminine energy of Venus, ruling planet of Libra, anchoring a fresh feeling in your heart for deeper passionate love felt in the peaceful energy of your being.

SACRED MARRIAGE: Librans seek a constant balance of the yin and yang in their lives.  If you find yourself seeking the concept of the Sacred Marriage / the Sacred Union of Marriage within you that manifests inner harmony and balance and union you know you are being influenced by the energy of the day…. Creating a peaceful haven within your heart that brings in peace into your body, your heart, your sacred self will bring a new energy into your life today.  Congratulations.  Plant this new energy in the ground and let the seed of this new energy geminate to fullness with the energy of the next FullMoon. 


THE SCALES is the symbol for Libra. An Egyptian Goddess holds the scales in her hands. She is MAAT, balanceEgyptian Goddess of Justice, Fairness, Balance and Harmony.  In Egypt the symbol for Libra is the Sun over the Earth and the space in between is the Air that separates them. The sun is a round circle or disc. The earth is a bowl like form underneath the disc. The space in-between is the Air.

To the Jews the Scales represent DIVINE JUDGEMENT -  a time when you are being judged by the Divine  and one act of kindness can eradicate all mis-deeds. This is a good time to pray for forgiveness for all your mis-deeds.  Transmutation of Karma was very important in Lemuria and Atlantis through the energy of the Goddess  of Redemption, who transmuted karma. 

How the Scales Affect Relationships

Librans are constantly weighing thinks up. They over-think situations. They may swing from onfeminine beautye point of view to another as they try to seek a Balance and DIPLOMACY in their proceedings.

How are you in your relationships? How are you attracting love? What are you doing? What are you not doing? Do you return phone calls?

Are you trying to please everyone? Have you lost your identity by giving yourself totally to a project or organisation or relationship or group?

Have you lost your individuality? Have you blended in so you are no longer YOU but what THEY want from you and you think that what THEY want is YOU. But the YOU that you are with THEM is not the real YOU. It is the false You because you have weighed yourself down by your thinking you are not enough.

Librans can have a tendency to extremes and excesses just like the scales. We never know which way it will swing till we put all our weight on it.


THE SHOFAhealing soundR (trumpet) is made from the horn of a kosher ram, gazelle or antelope; and can be straight, curved or twisted horns.  I love the idea of the Jews blowing the Shofar (trumpet) on the NewMoon and FullMoon.  Psalm 81:3-7    The Shofar is also blown on Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur.   We all know that the Hebrew months begin at the NewMoon.  We all know the significance of the FullMoon to the Jews.   On both occasions in the Jewish calendar the Shofar is blown. The Shofar is blown to break down any hindrances to God’s will and any evil curses.  This blowing sound is the sound and voice of God. It is also the sound of the people crying out to God for help, for the spiritual union with God, to quench their thirst and their hunger.  

The power of moving AIR is so significant as can be seen by these rituals performed by man. Man is aware of the Tree of Life and the Tree of Knowledge of good and evil. Genesis 2:9 I wonder if my fascination with the energy of the FullMoon and NewMoon echoes my past lives?

We also know that the NEWMOON is a time to seed and plant ideas; to conceive and impregnate. Let us plant new seeds new ideas new actions into our lives with the energy of this NewMoon in Libra. The FULLMOON is the time to bloom the idea that was seeded at the NewMoon: to give birth, to bring forth fruit, to bloom, to flourish, to complete.

passages to knowledge

New Moon in Libra Quotes

Which of these quotes resonate with you today?  Choose 3 in order of importance to you today.

  1. It is not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.  Mother Teresa

  2. Imagination if the beginning of creation.  You imagine what you desire, you will what you imagine and at last you create what you will.  Grieg Bernard Shaw

  3. You must be the change that you want to see in the world.  Mahatma Gandhi

  4. I have a dream that some day this nation will live up to this creed that all men are created equal.  Dr King Jr.

  5. In the End, it is not going to matter how many breathes you took, but how many moments took your breath away.  Shing Xiong

  6. Remember, you may choose your sin, but you cannot chose the consequences.  Jenny Sanford

  7. Forgiveness is the fragrance the flower leaves on the heel of the one who crushed it.   David Jeremiah

mr and mrs ubl

New Moon in Libra Action

Be in the moment with the energy of Libra.  Live in the moment.  Only speak nice things and do nice things.  Buy flowers and decorate your home or office and feel the healing energy of the flowers in your environment. Start something that will empower you later – like a new job, a new course, a new business project, or/and a new friendship.  Do something beautiful that is full of charm, elegance and refinement.  Go on a date with your partner and tell them how much they mean to you.  Communicate your thoughts truthfully with reverence.  Take action in your life to understand and carry out the following Graces: reverence, wisdom, fortitude, knowledge, counsel, piety and understanding.  Anchor your invincible invisible power that you and you alone can give and in the giving is your abundance.  Call in your desires into being by imagining and seeing them and thinking them into being with constructive action.  Do something today by planting a seed to manifest a visible concrete action by the FullMoon.  Do something today that you wanted to do but did not do it that brings out the grace of you to another person. 

moving forward

WORKING WITH the Number 11: Healing

Moving towards the energy of the NewMoon in Libra I decided to observe the number 11 on 11.10.2012. It brought me great benefit on all levels. I wanted to see what newness it would bring into my life to prepare me for the glorious newness of the NewMoon in Libra. I did an 11:11:11 distant healing meditation with some Legions of Light from 11am-11:11:11 and from 11pm-11:11:11. The healing I received was phenomenal and the other members agreed too.

WORKIGN WITH the Number 11:  Learning & Promotion

On 11.102012 I experienced 3 new people in 3 different ways: 1-2-1, webinar and Skype.

    1. Franklin Boateng came over to teach me about tweeter and he made it easy! http://bennboateng.com/ Thank you Franklin.
    2. Ellie Drake on her webinar spoke about the feminine power from her experience as a doctor. She talked about not completing things as a self-sabotage and a fear of completion. She admitted she had a fear of completing things which stemmed from her growing up in a home that was never finished as it was always a construction site. She said she had a visoral fear around the completion of things and about soul fear.
    3. Arthur Magouliani did a coaching session over Skype with me and helped me time manage the next two weeks. http://www.arthurmagoulianiti.com/ Thank you Arthur.

What will be covered in the Meditation Workshop

We will cover all the above and more….

3 new areas you are working onWhat 3 areas are you going to work on today?  What 3 areas do you want healing in?  Choose 3 areas you feel and know and upon reflection think you need healing and help in.  We will learn to see ‘God’ in everyone.  We will be looking at your core beliefs in all your relationships.  We will be calling in balance and harmony.  We will be working with your fears around you at the moment.  We will be working with the Angels and Ascendant Masters of Wisdom.  We will be doing healing exercises to release the stresses around you and take you back to yourself.  We will help you to listen to your wisdom within you and know when it is there. 

INNER EAR EXERCISE: We remember that the inner ear is about balance and equilibrium. If I close my eyes I can see the scales in my head and my ears represent where the weights will be. Do you feel what I am feeling with this visualisation? Librans love inner beauty, balanced order and tidiness.

Feedback from last Full Moon in Aries and Sun in Libra 20.9.2012

                 Legions of Lightnice one

Dear Toks; Thank you Thank you Thank you! Amazing experience;and some very valuable realisations to take home. Jelena

Thank you. It is such an honour to finally be here in your circle – I felt welcomed from the very moment I walked through the door. It’s been an amazing, uplifting, nurturing loving experience. Thank you from my heart to yours. Much Love Sharon

It has been an amazing event to celebrate this full moon with Toks and no coincidences the moon in Aries. If before the event I was not so sure what the completion in my life was after the even I was sure and it was so nice to celebrate it with nice people. I am happy I BeckyJelenacame!!!! Sharon Legion of LightCarmeloCarmelo Legion of Light

Thank you Blessed Toks for the sacred space that you create to allow people to expand into the fullness of themselves. Legion of Light Becky

Thank you for my first experience of being a Legion of Light Anne Marie and celebrating the energy of the Full Moon. I feel energetically re-charged and interested in learning more about the power of the moon. Anne Marie

Thank you Toks for bringing me back down to earth: our beautiful planet. Legion of Light Emily x

Yet another powerful and multi-dimensional journey; to the moon and beyond. The grounding, clearing and realisation and reclamation of our power is always such a wondrous humbling epxerinc.e we ar honoured to know you and more importantly, honoured to be taught and guided by you and Hands of Light. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Yanni with Pythagoras of Sarros & Thoth of Atlantis



Emily Legion of Light

Sharon Gordon drawing



Jelena Legion of LightHOMEWORK

  1. What is difference between the soul and the spirit?
  2. What is your soul fear?  
  3. Why not observe the number 11 on 11.11.2012?
  4. Why not observe the number 12 on 12.12.2012?
  5. How many of the NewMoon in Libra actions, mentioned above, can you do?
  6. Do the homework on the hand-outs given at the mediation workshop.

Meditative Toks


Today’s Meditation:  Monday 15 October 2012 New Moon in Libra 12:03GMT Element: Air http://tokscokernewmoon1012.eventbrite.com/?ebtv=C Holding the Light

Next Meditation  Monday 29 October 2012   Full Moon in Taurus & Sun in Scorpio   Element – Earth   http://tokscokerfullmoon1012.eventbrite.com/?ebtv=C  

2012 dates: https://tokscoker.wordpress.com/moon-calendar-2012-uk

Spiritual Payment: http://www.tokscoker.com/calendar.html

Info on Meditation: http://www.tokscoker.com/moon_meditation.html

Info on New Moon Meditation: http://www.tokscoker.com/new_moon_meditation.html

Info on Full Moon Meditation: http://www.tokscoker.com/full_moon_meditation.html

See you at the meditations, workshops and 1:1 sessions
Love Toks xxxxxx

11:11:11 Blessing

happy you Blessing

moon light and star

I Greet You

With the Full Moon Erupting

Splendid Portal of Light

On this Most Auspicious of Timing

I Greet You crystal ball

I Greet You

Resplendid in Your Gown of Radiance

Regal Magnetic Centred

Walking the Tree of Life

I Greet You

happy you

I Greet You

In a Crystal Pillar of Light

With a 1000 Crystal Pillars of Light

Radiating Shining Light

I Greet You


I Greet You

In Your Egyptian Twinkling

Haunting Moments of Stillness

In Your Inner Knowing of Time

I Greet You

111111 walk

I Greet You

In the Labyrinth of Time

Walking the 11:11:11 Portal

Into Your Third Eye

I Greet You

dancingI Greet You

Dancing Your Life

Moving into the Unknown

Free Alive Alert

I Greet You

man and woman

I Greet You

In Your Power Knowing

On this Fascinating Day

As you Collect Yours

I Greet You

mix I Greet You

In the Mountains of Shasta

Breathing in Freshness

Natives Gathering

I Greet You


I Greet You

With 13 Golden Crystal Skulls

With 13 Quartz Crystal Skulls

Indefinite Mysterious Portals

I Greet You

buddha hand I Greet You

With the Mayan Elders

The African Hermits

The Aztec Shamans

I Greet You

happy you

I Greet You

With Mother of Nature

Nurturing Your Finger Tips

Connecting to Sacred Grids

I Greet You Buddha Consciousness

I Greet You

In Your Ascension Moment

Your Portal of Truth

Your Mystic Power of Light

I Greet You

rainbows rainbows meet

I Greet You

From the Eternal Circle of Light

Spiralling with the Rainbow of Love

In the Intermingling Circles

I Greet You green calcite

I Greet You

In Your Opening and Closing

The Truths Revealing Deception

In Your Moment of Power

I Greet You

happy you

I Greet You

In All that You Do

At this Moment of Time

In the Illusions of Your Mind

I Greet You Christ Consciousness

I Greet You

Diamond Kabbalah

Gold White Alchemy

Intuiting Wisdom

I Greet You

happy you

I Greet You

In your Moments of Joy

Jumping for Joy

Laughing with Joy

I Greet You11 handsss

I Greet You

At the 11:11:11 Gateway

Arms Raised Above Me

Making the No.11

I Greet You

happy you

I Greet You

With KA Announcing Our Presence

In the Temple of Light

Being the No. 11

I Greet You

black tourmaline I Greet You

Opening the Correct Door

Portal of Evolution

Portal of Divinity

I Greet You

holy water

I Greet You

With the Light Codes of Ascension

The Light Codes of Happiness

The Light Code of Money

I Greet You

Earth Water Air

I Greet You

Mother Earth Loving Father Sky

Sacred Moments of Union

Creating the Delight of You

I Greet You

happy you

I Greet You

In the Vortex of Light

Luminous Merkaba

Spinning Spiralling Transforming

I Greet You

111111 lighting I Greet You

With a Sacred Geometric Symbol

Known Only to You

Encoding Your Essence

I Greet You

happy you

I Greet You

In the Ancient Chamber of Isis

Profound Awareness Unlocked

For Your Greater Sensuality

I Greet You snake energy

I Greet You

In the Portal of Love

Loving Your Divinity

Understanding Your Energy

I Greet You

happy you

I Greet You

Illumined Master of Wisdom

Lunar and Solar Energy

In the Vortex of Waves

I Greet You

relaxing cat I Greet You

Channelling Devotion to the World

An Anchor of Powerful Light

Deeply Rooted in Mother Earth

I Greet You

happy you

I Greet You

Entering Into the Unknown

Completions Enable New Beginnings

In this Most Sacred of Time

I Greet You

buddhas I Greet You

Bones Dying & Disintegrating

Changing Into a Butterfly

In the Flicker of a Light

I Greet You

doorway out

I Greet You

Anchoring Healing Light Portals

Gateways Doorways Passageways

Tunnels of Light

I Greet You

moon light and star

I Greet You

In Your Moment of Doubt

You Being Put Down and Attacked

1000 Lotus Petals Cleansing You

I Greet You

happy you

I Greet You

Ascension into Oneness

With the 11:11:11 Masters

Legions of Lights

I Greet You

earth water air fire I Greet You

11:11:11 Portal of Change

11:11:11 Magical Doorway

11:11:11 Gateway of Alchemy

I Greet You

happy you

I Greet You

Reconnecting to Who You Truly Are

Peaceful Within and Without

Silent Still Stable

I Greet You

Water Air Earth

I Greet You

In Your Moments of Stillness

Your Silences in Your Mind

In the Sentences Spoken

I Greet You

happy you

I Greet You

In Your Giving and Receiving

In Your Nobleness of Character

In Your Mastery of the Self

I Greet You

Diamond Amathyst

I Greet You

With the Miraculous Nature of You

The Intuitive Chamber Within

The Awakening of Your Self

I Greet You

happy you

I Greet You

In with the Holy Number

11:11:11 on 11:11:11am

11:11:11 on 11:11:11 pm

I Greet You Anna and MerveI Greet You

Activating Your Highest Potential

Manifesting Your Greatest Light

In this Moment of Time

I Greet You


I Greet You

In the Glory of Your Heart

In the Smile of Your Face

With the Beating of Your Heart

I Greet You

sailing peacefully I Greet You

With the Full Moon in Taurus

Gloriously Shining Its Light

On the 11:11:11 Labyrinth

I Greet You

happy you

I Greet You

Helpful Supportive Caring Nurturing

Empowering Looking Ahead with Courage

Transforming Your Underworld

I Greet Youwhite elephant

I Greet You

With the Sacred Scarab

The White Elephant

Renewing Regeneration

I Greet You


I Greet You

Pulsating With 11:11:11

With the Legions of Light

Vital Being of Love

I Greet You

radiant elephant 

I Greet You

Merging with Change

Noticing Opportunities

Taking Action

I Greet You

happy you

I Greet You

In the Portal of 11:11:11 Time

Sinking My Toes into Green Grass

Linking Higher Cosmic Galactic

I Greet You


I Greet You

With Message of Insight

Illuminaries Transmitting Through

Vision of Hope and Purpose

I Greet You

april festac

I Greet You

Protecting the World

Honour Man and All Creatures

Living in Unity Cosmic Pyramid

I Greet YouTWIN CANDLESI Greet You

With the Core of True Love

Shakti Shiva Relationship

Overflowing Grail of Love

I Greet You

happy you

I Greet You

Greeting from 11 Directions

Increasing Your Vibration

Beyond Measure

I Greet You111111I Greet You

Empowered True Soul Purpose

Balancing Harmonising

Your New Way of BEing

I Greet You

111111 amathyst

I Greet You

Invisible Made Visible

Hidden Revealed Choices

Crystalline Matrix of Life

I Greet Yousacred altear candelI Greet You

With Your 111111 Lotus Flower Gifts

Entering Your One Lotus Heart of Love

From the Lotus World of 111111

I Greet You

happy you

I Greet You

Emerging Energy Gateway

Emerging Spiritual Messages

Emerging I AM Matrix of YOU

I Greet You goddessI Greet You

Remembering Freedom

Remembering Nakedness

Remembering Inner Peace

I Greet You

lady with sword

I Greet You

At the Right Time

At the Right Place

At the Right Moment

I Greet Yougolden goddessI Greet You

With the Golden Key of Life

The Golden Ankh of Live

The Flower of Life

I Greet You

happy you

I Greet You

With Good Fortune

Luck Prosperity Happiness

Transcending Time and Space

I Greet You

ananuki I Greet YOU

With the Pleiades, the Anunaki

Galactic Confederation of Light

In the 11:11:11 Portal

I Greet You


I Greet You

In Your Right Choices

Lakshmi Adorning You

Willing Creating

I Greet You

Sound of fountainI Greet You

In Your Brilliance of Now

Your Secrets of Time

Your Positive Move to Peace

I Greet You

happy you

I Greet You

Showering Love on You

Showering Grace on You

Showering Passion on You

I Greet You

holding handsI Greet You

With the Ascension Codes of Life

On this Most Auspicious of Days

Gladly Holding Your Hands

I Greet You

purple flower

I Greet You

In the Blossoming of Your Life

The Blessings of Your Life

The Universal Truth of Your Life

I Greet You

in the 111111 portalI Greet You

In Your Anointment to Fame

Your Regal Presence a Reality

In this Sacred Ceremony of Life

I Greet You

happy you

I Greet You

With the Blessing of Today

Universal Sacredness of Quality Time

In This Time Continuum

I Greet You

walk the portal I Greet You

With the Star People

The Star Born

Glittering Beings of Light

I Greet You

Harvest Moon FROM PETER LI

I Greet You

With Sirius the Dog Star

Ascendant Masters Initiation Builders

As You Become More than You Ever Where

I Greet You sitting writingI Greet You

On the Cosmic Chair

Sitting on the Earth

Connected to the Whole Solar System

I Greet You

happy you

I Greet You

I Greet You

I Greet You

Channelled by Toks Beverley Coker

For 11:11:11


What 11 things have you done:

  1. in the past 11 hours
  2. today
  3. in the past 11 days

Hands of Light