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New Moon & Sun in Sagittarius 22 Nov 2014

Toks Coker

Do you recognise yourself in these words?  What higher learning or vibration are you actively seeking?  This New Moon is a time to seed your desires with discernment.  It is a time to take responsibility for your actions, your thoughts and your deeds.  AND your emotions. You have a choice.  Make the choice.  Take full responsibility for your choice.  Be discerning and accountable for your choices.  Take responsibility for you and HAVE FUN doing so.  What fun are you going to have this New Moon?   New Moon in Sagittarius is happy, welcoming, inviting  you to a newness in you, a freshness in your Spirit to be inspired by YOU. 

crystal matrix

Moon Gathering

On 22 November I will be holding the Healing Meditation Workshop from 7pm-10pm in St Johns Wood.  We gather to celebrate the New Moon and Sun in Sagittarius.  12:33GMT.  For costing’s and venue click this link  www.newmoonsagittarius2014.eventbrite.co.uk   

Moon Healing Request Distant Healing

I will be sending DISTANT HEALING from 8pm-9pm. What would you like healing on?  Please place your request on my Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/toks.coker#!/handsoflighthealing   Remember to please like and follow my page.  Share with friends so more people can benefit from this wonderful free opportunity.  Love Toks xxxx

Moon Gifting

IMG_2320I gift you powerful distant healing on the New Moon on Saturday 22 November between 8pm-8pm; with a wonderful visualisation below:

Gently keep a good focus on what you are wanting. Then write them down on a piece of paper. As you write them down imagine you are writing them in the sky and the words are sparkling stars. 

Now breathe that energy vortex in to your life; and to your New Moon wishes, desires and goals. 

Feel them manifesting as you close your eyes and sense the star words entering your lovely body; and seeding your wishes deep within you.  You are creating sacred space for great action in your life. 

Now feel the stars illuminate your life from inside out burning a great Spirit Fire within you.  Feel yourself light and free to move.  Let your heart sing with joy. 

Amen.  Nam Myoho Renge Kyo.   Insha Allah.  Ho and so It is.  Namaste.   Love Toks xxxx

Symbols for Sagittarius New Moon

There are many symbols for this New Moon.  We have the Archer, aiming high. 

half man half animalNew Moon in Sagittarius invites you to educate yourself and learn more. I am thinking of  Chiron, the Centaur.  Chiron is a great healer, astrology, and respected Oracle.  A highly revered teacher and tutor; he taught Achilles, Perseus, and Heracles.

He is also known as the wounded healer, half man, half horse.  He is a manifestation of all wounds that cannot be healed; and for me those that can be healed.  Chiron holds a bow and arrow aiming at his target and when he fires the arrow he hits his target. 

We have in one creation part human being and part animal.  Both animal and human beings have good and bad in them.  So there is the good and bad that humanity do to each other; and there is the good and bad that animals do to each other. We can all imagine loving pets like dogs and cats.  We can all imagine aggressive wild animals like lions and tigers.  We can all imagine loving humans and destructive humans.  We may even know some!  This duality in nature is what this energy is reflecting to us.  How we live today and how we see ourselves.  The shadow side of our personality is important to help make us whole.  Finding a balance and a control mechanism within the psyche is what balances our instincts and desires.  New Moon in Sagittarius recognises we all want to be loved and to aspire to be more than we are.  

Archangel Michael with his flaming  sword of truth and justice helps us to recover after difficulties and helps us to be victorious over obstacles of any kind.  He builds up our strength to fight another day in our lives and show proof in our lives.  Amen.  There is more on St Michael below.

TFlaming FireFire of Lifehe Element is Fire.  Sagittarius is a Fire sign, so is Leo and Aries.  Fire is action, it is leadership, it is pioneering a new way forward.  It is active and alert and visionary.  It urges us to seek something more, something higher than the Self.  Seek a more Divine You.

Fire moves upwards. It is alive dancing its dance of power and insight.  Allow it to glow and glow inside your heart and let is radiate through you and heal you and the world.  Happy Fire New Moon. 

Let the Fire of Life and the Fire of Light energise you, inspire  you to be more than you thought possible, to ignite a sparkle in you and a sparkle in your steps.  Let the New Moon Fire open up new ideas, skills, and interests that serve humanity. 

Allow your SEEKING SPIRIT and your WARRIOR SPIRIT to come out and shine.  Feed your mind, body and spirit with this wonderful New Moon.  Set off on your new journey happy and ready for life.  Set off on a new purpose in your life.  Let us start our new spiritual journey together with this New Moon. How auspicious.  I love it.

How are you going to fire up your life?  How are you going to fire up another person’s life?  Taking your bow and arrow, aim at what you want, then Fire the rainbow of your desires with focus, determination, and ferocity.  This is constructive actions that yield healing empowering results. See the seed you plant this new moon grow.  Let the Archer in you stand up.

Saha World

Fire MaskWe live in the Saha World – a world of conflict, greed, anger, stupidity, hell and animality.  We fight wars between ourselves, between countries, between groups, between cultures, and between societies.  We exterminate and ostracise.  We destroy land and people.  We have no reverence for differences.  We go against the natural rhythm of the Law of Life.  We go against the natural rhythm of Mother Earth.  We all wear various masks.  What masks do you wear?

A SHIFT is required to make changes to this attitude of passive aggressive; or ignorance the world has come to live by.  There is a deep forgetfulness on the laws of nature and the preservation of life.  There is a deep lack of respect for life and the value of life.  masks of pretence

We all know what to do; and if we do not; we can ask how we can create value in our own personal space e.g. home, outside home, community, society.  If we come together UNITED in this endeavour; we will create a world of value; living on the basis of peace, respect, reverence and true happiness.  Peace is the basis of a unified people.

The 10 Worlds in Buddhism teach us how to activate our Buddhahood to help mankind.  Within this world we really need to rise up to activate our higher self – our Buddhahood.  This happens in movies – the hero fights for his beliefs. Let us  make it happen now.   Just like the Lotus Flower that seeds and blooms at once we simultaneously change our lives with our inner thoughts.  We fire ourselves up to be more.  This is the concept of ‘Renge’, which means ‘Cause and Effect’.  I love this very much. 

Affirmation:  Starting from now with this New Moon I renew myself and my ideas and my direction.  I hold my bow and arrow and aim to hit my target; and I do. 

Sacred Spaces & Life Styles

There are various types of Sacred Spaces.  Jewish sacred space. Moslem sacred space.  Healers sacred space.  Christian sacred space.  Buddhist sacred space.  Hindus sacred space. Within each type of sacred space is a further division of types of sacred space.  Each sacred space comes with a life style.

Today I am looking with reverence at one type of Christian sacred space:  the Catholic sacred space and life style.  The picture of the man with the sword and scales is Archangel Saint Michael.  He is a protector of the people, holder of justice and preserver of Truth. 

I also looked at Fabulous Christian images, prayers.   The images alone carry great power and healing.

I found this site fascinating information-all-Catholics-should-know.  It has many list on the life style and beliefs.  It was so nicely presented.

I found one list so real for todays world of ‘slavery’ and sexual obsession and abuse:


They are: By counsel, By command, By consent, By provocation, By praise or flattery, By concealment, By partaking, By silence and By defence of the ill done.  It made me think about the various ways we passively observe the wrong that people do; and then do and say nothing!  We are silent.  We pretend we do not see it. We ignore it.  It is not being done to us.  We may think it is not nice but we do nothing to ‘correct’ it.  We do not do A RANDOM ACT OF KINDNESS (ARK).  So the question I ask you is:  “Are you as guilty as the perpetuator of the cruel act by your silence?” 

There was another list of Capital Sins (Pride, Greed, Lust, Anger, Gluttony, Envy Sloth) and Contrary Virtue (Humility, Liberality, Chastity, Meekness, Temperance, Brotherly Love and Diligence). It made me think about the 10 Worlds in Buddhism and their Mutual Possession.  The 10 Worlds are Hell, Hunger, Animality, Anger, Humanity or Tranquillity, Rapture or Heaven, Learning, Realisation, Bodhisattva, and Buddhahood.  The Buddhist sacred space is different from the Christian sacred space.  All sacred spaces have one thing in common:  They want to create value and impart happiness for self and others.

A Life Style  WCrystal Matrixe had a homeless young gentleman outside our flats sleeping in the bin!  It was horrible to observe and the smell of wee-wee in the bin area and the front of the flats was enough to fire my energy with rage.  I was just so upset about the ugliness of the environment rather than worrying about his plight.  I felt guilty, helpless and vulnerable.  I did not know what to do.  I wanted to help but I cannot invite a strange man into my flat.  As a lady I was advised not to engage with him as we do not know his history. Then I was told he was a drug addict – my imagination went all over the place.  I was in electric shock at his life condition! This was not my expertise. Then I realised that everything about him was clean and new; even though he was sleeping in the bin area.  Every time the neighbours threw his bedding away he would appear later with white clean duvet bedding.  The neighbours’ complained to the council and the police.  We had handed it over to the proper authorities to deal with this disturbance and trespass. The area was jet washed and the homeless man vanished with his plastic bags, fresh clean clothes and bedding.  I felt a sense of relief.  I made a prayer for all the homeless people.  I asked for forgiveness for my thoughts and actions; as well as, my feeling of vulnerability in my inability to help him personally.  So I am reminded of events in our lives that happen to us; that we can effect; and those we cannot effect.  We cannot save everyone if their choice is to do what they want to do.  We can pray for them and wish them happiness. We MUST remember to give gratitude for our own lives; that we are not in this state or life condition.  Amen. Namaste.  To have a Sacred Space in your home and outside your home is a matter of choice.  How you go about achieving this is also a matter of choice.  May all your choices bring you peace.  Amen.

crystal matrixcrystal matrixcrystal matrix

Great World Incantation & Invocation Blessing

New Moon and Sun in Sagittarius

22 November 2014 by Toks Beverley Coker  © Toks Coker 2014

Newness Incantation

I Greet You

With the Gift of Newness

Singing Great Incantations

Blessing to Your Ears

I Greet You. 

passages to knowledge

I Greet You

With the Gift of Study

Walking the Walls of Knowledge

Noble Champion of Life

I Greet You

new beginnings

I Greet You

With the Gift of Enchantment

Planting New Seeds

Making Life Happen

I Greet You

I Greet You

With the Angel of Sparkling Stars

Glowing Happily Around You

Seeding Great Seeds of Newness

I Greet You

I Greet You

With Your Magical Weapons

Firmly Held in Your Hands

Protecting You from Evil

I Greet You

crystal matrixcrystal matrixcrystal matrix

I Greet You

With the Gift of Sacred Geometry

Allowing Your Sacred Self

To Journey and Heal

I Greet You

Looking at SelfLooking at Self Reflection

I Greet You

With the Gift of Love Reflection

Looking into the Mirror of Your Eyes

Opening Your Heart to the Newness of You: the Sacred Love You Seek

I Greet You

We Greet You

I Greet You

With the Fire Dance

Illuminating Your Essence

In the Magnificence of You

I Greet You

Loving the Child in YouPhenominal You

I Greet You

With the Gift of Healing

Protectively Holding & Nurturing You

Allowing Chiron to Heal your Pain

I Greet You

Singing Your Song

I Greet You

With the Anointment of Your Being

Strengthening Your Portal of Life

In the Sacredness of Kindness

I Greet You

Katie Young

I Greet You

With the Archangel Michael

Protecting You Lovingly

Giving You Strength in All You Do

I Greet You

Golden Eagle

I Greet You

With the Golden Eagle

Firing Movement of Life

In the Evolution of Your Soul

I Greet You

3 powerful wands

I Greet You

With the Wands of Truth

Making Your Life Safe

Giving Energy and Wisdom

I Greet You

I Greet You

I Greet You

I Greet You 

I Greet You

Channelled by Toks Beverley Coker for the New Moon and Sun in Sagittarius 22/11/2014

crystal matrix

Benefits of Sacred Circle Moon Gathering

Many come to energise their lives and empower their own vortex.  Some take away insights and messages they can carry out later in their ‘real’ life.  There is a feeling of lightness of spirit, confidence and hope and safety; with a feeling of being protected and loved in a sacred space.  This pours out into their daily life and helps them to live more happy fulfilled lives. 

Jo Mannel says:  I came because I was curious.  During the processes I became aware of my body moving.  I was moved by the energy and the power of the crystals, both physically and spiritually.  I arrived exhausted and sad; and I am leaving with light.  I feel happier and lighter. 

Maria Fotia says:  I am taking away all the conscious messages and unconscious downloads.  I love the energy and felt the energy in my heart palpitations physically.  I loved the beautiful downloads.  I loved the crystal vortex and I loved creating it together; and then walked around it to connect with it.  It was beautiful.  My power is to see through the illusion and I do that with ease and I am free.

Yvonne wrote:  I found it light and energetic.  I feel alert.  I always read the blessing and love to read them before bedtime.   I am doing a lot of meditation at present.  I am trying to stay in the now.  I am seeing more and listening more carefully. 

Victoria Walker wrote:  I love the blog.Red heartThe workshop we did was extensive work and eye opening.  i meditate 3-4 times a week.

Claire says:  I loved the face that we set up the Sacred Crystal Portal together. We shared the energy.  I love your room.  So many things to look at and so many sacred things to engage with.  There are many things we can relate to. Thank you very much.  It was nice to give something back to my nan.  My nan was very strong and liked going out to functions and going out to buy hats to go out.  My power is working with the energy of youth to activate a higher dimension for them to know what is right and what is wrong; and not follow stars and singers blindly.  It is to lead and help purify the world. 

Paola says:  I loved the fact we worked with sacred symbol of the spirals.  I came for the cat and ended up thinking about my great mother during this ancestors moon. I need to thank you for doing this.  Nice to have a moon ceremony in London.  I do not need to go to Ireland. I enjoyed the breathing and saying the words in our heart rather than our minds.  My power is living the impossible because I am possible.

Quote for New Moon in Sagittarius

They tried to bury us.  They didn’t know we were seeds.  Mexican Proverb

New Present to Yourselfclip_image001

 My friend Carole Railton sells 3D Fiber Lashes Mascara that are easy to use and make your lashes look longer and  very natural.  You can order directly from here:  www.youniqueproducts.com/carolerailton

Send me a picture when you have used them.  You will be amazed at how wonderful and easy they are to use. 

They are simply extraordinary for Christmas and New Year.  Carole says you can even organise a party and make some cash yourself!  Enjoy your New Present to yourself with this New Moon. 

crystal matrix


  1. Light 10 candles and bring in your realisations. 
  2. Light a candle for your father.  Greet the male energy with reverence. 
  3. Call in the energy of St Michael and ask for his assistance in your life.
  4. Look at each crystal picture of the Crystal Matrix and receive the healing from each picture and write the message each picture brings / sends to you.  Gift yourself a newness and a fullness.

December Celebration with Toks xxx  

  1. Saturday 6 December 2014 is RainbowFull Moon in Gemini with Sun in Sagittarius (Cold Moon).  It will occur at 12:27 GMT London.  Element Air/Fire  We will gather together at 7pm to celebrate the Full Moon. For more details and to book, click here:www.fullmoongemini2014.eventbrite.co.uk
  2. Sunday 21 December is WINTER SOLSTICE We will be in France celebrating this. 
  3. Monday 22 December 2014 is StarNew Moon & Sun in Capricorn.  It will be at 01:37 GMT London.   Element: Earth  We will be in France during this time so link in to the meditation.  For more details and to book, click here:www.newmooncapricorn2014.eventbrite.co.uk
  4. Wednesday 31 December is NEW YEARS EVE.  I will be holding a NEW YEAR ENTRY PORTAL on the 31 December from 10pm – 1am in my flat.  It will be a powerful portal and a wonderful gathering.  I will ask for a donation which will go to the Royal Institute of the Blind.   Please bring something to share (food with no pork please, drinks).  Please bring with you a NEW YEAR PRESENT to gift one person. We will then close our eyes and start the New Year with a present from Spirit. 

Some December Celebrations

1    St Andrew’s Day (Scotland)

5    Buddha’s Day    / Last day of Hanukkah

8    Feast of the Immaculate Conception

17  First Day of Hanukkah


24  Christmas Eve     / Last day of Hanukkah

25  Christmas Day BANK HOLIDAY

26  BOXING DAY    / St Stephen’s Day

27  USA Thanks Giving


Services Toks Coker

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Toks Coker Hands of Light Ankh Snake Heart SparkleToks Coker 2013Toks Coker Hands of Light Ankh Snake Heart Sparkle

With Celestial Blessings and Love Toks xxxxxxx

© Toks Coker 2014

Full Moon in Leo 27.1.2013

HAPPY FULL MOON IN LEO with Sun in Aquarius 27/1/13

flaming lion

On the Menu we have:Legion of Light Chef

  1. Invocation Blessing
  2. ENERGY OF NOW: Full Moon in Leo Sunday 27 January 2013  Elfruitsement: Fire
  3. QUOTEs: Full Moon in Leo Quotes
  4. ACTION: Full Moon in Leo Action
  5. What will be covered in the Meditation Workshop
  6. Feedback from Last Workshop 13/1/13 with New Moon in Capricorn (11/1/13)
  7. Homework
  8. 2013 Diary, Contact Details & Spiritual Investment 

Invocation Blessing

Full Moon in Leo & Sun in Aquarius 27/1/13

We see you. We hear you.

We Greet You

With the Energy of the Lioness & Lion

Celebrating the Energy of the First FullMoon in 2013

In the Peaceful Comfort of Home

We Greet You

2013 happy new year

We Greet You

With the Sound of Flutes

Announcing 2013 Playing in Your Soul

Soothing Your Mind Body Soul & Spirit

We Greet You

full moon

We Greet You

With the Full Moon in Leo

Circle of Healing Light

Shining Light on Your Triumphs

We Greet You

flaming horse

We Greet You

With Galloping Moon Horses

Drawing the Moon Maiden

Confidently Across the Correct Pathway

We Greet You

Gary Reich smiles

We Greet You

With Your List of Achievements

Celebrating Your Special Strengths

Allowing Yourself Love

We Greet You

two birds - onya pics

We Greet You

With the Right Time

To Believe in Love

In Your Life

We Greet You

holding crystal wand and ball

We Greet You

With the Crystal Ball of Victory

Held High in Your Hands

Glowing Possibilities

We Greet You


We Greet You

With the Inner Drum of Happiness

Drumming a Rhythmic Rhythm

Caressing You Sensually

We Greet You

Hands of Light

We Greet You

With the Light of the Monad

Shining Brilliantly on You

Amplifying Your Confidence

We Greet You

greens rice

We Greet You

With the Energy of Good Food

Celebrating Your Nourishment

Living Your Life

We Greet You

blooming tree of life

We Greet You

With the Blooming Tree

Celebrating Your Strength

 Tree of Life Power in Your Hands

We Greet You

Tea Tamminen

We Greet You

With the Full Moon

Celebrating the Richness & Fullness of You

Grown & Ripened Beautifully

We Greet You


We Greet You

With the Energy of Completion

Creative Energy Advancing

Igniting Dancing with Abundance

We Greet You

kiss of love

We Greet You

With a Supportive Partner

Lovingly Growing with You

Respectfully Communicating with You

We Greet You

Princess of Heaven

We Greet You

With the Power of True Love

Breaking all Barriers

Freeing Your Love

We Greet You

Angels of Light

We Greet You

With Your Family

Safe Secure Sheltered

Positive Protected Passionate

We Greet You

Dancing Angel of Light

We Greet You

With the Magic of the FullMoon

Radiating Spiritual Advancement

Strengthening Financial Rooting

We Greet You

element fire

We Greet You

With the Angel of Cosmic Fire

Uniting with You: Blazing Protective Glory of Light

Burning Deep: Symbol of Your Holy Spirit

We Greet You

candle as 4 elements

We Greet You

With the 4 Elements of Fire

Earth is Candle; Fire when Lit

Water when Melted; Air when Flickering

We Greet You

Flaming Energy

We Greet You

With the Alchemical Fire

Melting Away Your Hardened Sections

Softening for Remodelling Transformation

We Greet You

King Vijay

We Greet You

With the Fire of Truth & Wisdom

Rising Expanding Flowing Upwards

Reviving Masculine Power of Ascension

We Greet You

colour healing heart

We Greet You

With the Keepers of the Star Gate

Opening Grid Gates to the Light

Helping those who have Crossed Over

We Greet You

Angel of Light

We Greet You

With Your Genetic Akashic Record

Sacred Keys of Symbolic Light

Awakening Opening Living

We Greet You


We Greet You

With Onyx Flame Energy in the

Physical Body, Etheric Body, Emotional Body,

Mental Body, Spiritual Body

We Greet You 

Charging 2013

We Greet You

With the Galloping Horsemen

Charging Victoriously Through Barriers

Arms Raised Ready to Move Forward

We Greet You


Samjhana Moon and Toks Coker

We Greet You

We Greet You

We Greet You

Channelled by Toks Beverley Coker for the Full Moon in Leo 27/1/2013

ENERGY OF NOW: Full Moon in Leo & Sun in Aquarius Sunday 27 January 2013 Element: Fire

We see you. We hear you.

So what are we celebrating with this FIRST FULL MOON of 2013? A completion? A beginning? We celebrated the FIRST NEW MOON Friday 11/1/13 with the numerology of 13 on Sunday 13/1/13. How truly auspicious was that for us all. The response was truly wonderful. See Feedback from Last Workshop on 13/1/13 below.

Polar Opposition: FullMoon is all about extreme emotions and opposition as the two opposite sides try to balance their emotional turmoil created by coming together on the FullMoon.  With the FullMoon in Leo and Sun in Aquarius we have two elements and two totems.temple lion

  • The main element for this FullMoon in Leo is Fire and the Animal Totem is the Lion.  The Orientals have temple lions protecting them ferociously. Leo is the sign of passion, courage, family pride, expressive communication and regal appearance.  The Cat Family is known for its stately regal lazy movement and fast sudden quick movement. They love to laze in the grass and relax and enjoy the world.
  • The other element for this FullMoon with Sun in Aquarius is Air and the Totem is the Water Bearer.  Aquarius is the sign of the collective gathering of people.  They are thinkers, thinking globally, about mass consciousness,  believing in equality and diversity, believing in unity of the collective.  This can make them appear detached, living in their minds; so can be aloof without meaning to be.  Aquarius pours the water of peace nurturing mother earth: is group awareness and world service.

Leo is a fire sign and Aquarius is an air sign. One flames up and the other floats in the air. Aquarius is expansive air. Leo is creative fire. Leo is about me me me – the individual energy. Aquarius is about us us us – the collective energy, world service, group awareness. This is Me vs Them. Leo is singular. Aquarius is plural. Aquarius is impersonal and likes people around them enjoying themselves. Leo is personal and likes people around them admiring them!

Flaming EnergyEmotional Strings:  During the FullMoon we have two different emotional responses all at once. Leo is passionate, showy, expressive, dramatic, and  worldly working from the dramatic heart.  Aquarius is detached, living in the mind space and working from the mind.  Trying to decide which way you swing in your behaviour can be tiring asTogether Shining you may find yourself becoming short tempered, vulnerable, unsure and then suddenly happy, relaxed and sure!!!!  You may feel you are doing so much and not getting any recognition for all the good you do.  You may suddenly feel like a raging fire and then like a calm waterfall.  Suddenly you cry and shout, then you become rational and want a cuddle!  You enjoy the intimacy of sharing: but with Leo energy, Leo must choose who they share with.  They do not want just anyone.  They want someone they can show off with!

regal cat

Challenge: FullMoon is all about emotions – so be aware of any feelings that arisbrother and sistere making you feel not loved, not appreciated, not wanted, not included and not valued. You really need to address all this and push yourself through all this dis-ease, towards where you really want to go, and stop limiting behaviour patterns that absorb and consume you. Use the Aquarius mind to think rationally and use the Leo creativity to create a vision for what you want in your life right now. So go out of your comfort zone and do something with others that highlight a good quality in your life.

Positive: Feel the essence of royalty in you, your self assertion, your self awareness, your self consciousness & your self emergence.

Your wishes you wrote with the energy of the NewMoon in Capricorn on 11/1/13 should get greater nourishment with the energy of this FullMoon in Leo and Sun in Aquarius.  Receive the oracles, signs, omens and messages with this FullMoon message to you about your life right now.  Love Toks xxx

QUOTE:  Full Moon in Leo Quote

“Dream no small dreams for they have no power to move the hearts of men.”  Goethe  

“Nothing is more wondrous than a human being when he begins to discover himself.” Chinese proverb

“Yesterday’s hurt is today’s understanding woven into tomorrow’s love.”  Walter Rinder

ACTION:  Full Moon in Leo Action

Dreaming: Every great idea/vision/goal/mission begins with a dream.

Facing our Fears: We have to hold our hands with our fears and take the leap into the future like a bird learning to fly for the first time.  When we take the leap we celebrate our triumph over our fear/s.  This full moon in Leo is the time to remove from our vision ‘what if’ and ‘I should have done that ages ago’.face or vase

peacock feathers with leo toksObserving: When you look at both pictures on either side what do you see?  What we decide to see is what we decide to see. What we decide to do is what we decide to do. When we decide to do something we have to carry out the action of doing it. Using our senses sensibly enables us to drive our life forward.

Preparation: Two weeks ago, with the energy of the first new moon in 11/1/13, many us us gathered on 13/1/13, to create our Vision Board knowing that by the first full moon 27/1/13; we would have fulfilled some of them or would be on out way to fulfilling our great mission for 2012.  Aine and Toks

Action: What action did you decide to do; and then carried it out, to fruition or almost fruition; with this lovely energy of the Full Moon in Leo energy element of fire? This FullMoon in Leo is the time to celebrate your life in a soulful and spiritual way.

My FullMoon Action:  Watched the film ‘Django’ Friday evening.  Channelled my blog on Saturday.  On Sunday I am going to support my friend Aine Belton in her Mystical Manifesting workshop on the FullMoon and then will come home to do my FullMoon meditation workshop at 7pm.  See you then. Love Toks xxxx  http://full-moon-in-leo-27-01-13.eventbrite.co.uk/#

What will be covered in the Meditation Workshop

  1. We will be covering all the above points and more. 
  2. We will be working with the quote: “Yesterday’s hurt is today’s understanding woven into tomorrow’s love.” Walter Rinder
  3. We will be working on anchoring your self esteem and pride in a wholesome manner.
  4. We will be looking at your needs. How your soul is crying out for more excitement and fulfilment. Why you long for something and/or feel something is missing in your life.
  5. We will be looking at how you are thinking. Are you thinking only of your self and being consumed by your self?  Or are you thinking of others on a grand scale?
  6. We will be celebrating your achievements as it is TIME to show off your achievements after your NewMoon desires have come through.

Kodoish Kodoish Kodoish Adonai Sabayoth!  Holy Holy Holy is the Lord of Hosts!

Toks crystal wands and ball

Feedback from Last Workshop on 13/1/13

Celebrating the New Moon in Capricorn 11/1/13 & 13/1/13

Sharing a 2013 vision board



Shahana Yasmin: The healing energy that Toks offers in her workshops (and in her presence) are so very powerful and nurturing.  The intensions set in the energetic space always draws back some very fruitful results.  Thank you Toks for your unconditional love and light.  My alchemical resurrection was finding my truth again. The exercise that moved me the most was the vision board exercise.

Juliet Humphrey: The exercise that moved me the most was the Blessing Invocation exercise we did.  My alchemical resurrection was putting intention into the year ahead.  I loved the flow between open flow and compassion to strict teacher!alchemical visioning

Gary Reich: I just came back from a healing retreat in Brazil and it was so amazing to experience here in London a very powerful closure to the exercises I did there. The energy in the room was super charged. The Invocation Blessing exercise (pairing and greeting into each other’s eyes) moved me the most: it was super powerful and self-empowering. I liked the sacred space created by the snake energy and the group energy was open and balanced.

John Sergent: Toks creates the perfect loving and creative space for you to go very deep and express your 13-1-13 Group Energytruth, let go of all the unwanted blocks, as well as identify and clarify your life.  This workshop cleared all my doubts and worries and allowed me to look forward to the coming New Year with a delicious excitement and dynamism.  The space was great, warm and cosy.  My alchemical resurrection was my own empowering.

Mary London: Wearing white was a new thing for me in this inspiring space.  I enjoyed most the exercise on writing my goals within a positive group energy. Toks energy is greatly inspirational.  She is a wonderful teacher.

Project Manager: A brilliant workshop at the right time of the year (the beginning) to let go of the past and to set new goals and a vision for the year ahead. Today I looked inwardly, enabling me to focus on my mind. I have never been to anything like this before and I found it easy to participate and get enelunch timergy and motivation. Everything was done within a nurturing intimate environment with Toks’s loveorganic chicken, depth and wisdom.

Genevieve Carpovilla:  Simply amazing! The group was dynamic, the space was healing, knowing my true self was insightful.  Thank you.  Completely grateful.  I love you Toks.  xxxx

You can read about the workshop details  on https://tokscoker.wordpress.com/2013/01/08/13-1-13/

You can read the Invocation Blessing for NewMoon in Capricorn on https://tokscoker.wordpress.com/2013/01/26/new-moon-in-capricorn-11113/


Charging 2013

  1. Decide to charge forward into your life (like the galloping horses in the above picture) and accelerate 3 things in your life to make progress.
  2. Go out and celebrate your life today e.g. go to the movies, have a hot chocolate, go dancing, etc.
  3. Help someone without expecting anything back.  3 new areas you are working on
  4. Dress up and show off with the regal royal energy of Leo the Lion.
  5. Be kind to yourself.
  6. Stop complaining for one day and see the difference it makes in your mind, body and spirit.
  7. Call someone you have not spoken to for a while and say hello.  Tell them how much you care for them.
  8. Collaborate with someone.

 Holding the Light2013 Diary, Contact Details & Spiritual Investment

  • See you at the meditations, workshops and 1:1 sessions
    Love Toks xxxxxx


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