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New Moon & Sun in Aquarius 18.2.2015


Happy Super New Moon in Aquarius.  Happy Birthday Aquarians.  This is the second New Moon in Aquarius in 2015. You can read more about the first on New Moon in Aquarius 20 January 2015.  This energy is close to Pisces energy.

Wednesday 18 February 2015clip_image002[330] New Moon & Sun in Aquarius (2nd Aquarius)clip_image002[331] SUPER NEW MOON   23:49 GMT Londonclip_image002[332] Element – Air clip_image002[333] Book HERE: http://2newmoonaquarius2015.eventbrite.co.uk

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What will we do in this Workshop

  1. We will be meditating on planting a Soul Seed to manifest a Soul Mate.
  2. What expansiveness means to you.
  3. We will be Saying Goodbye.
  4. We will be creating a Crystal Matrix Vortex for the World.
  5. We will be sending healing to those who have asked for healing.

Commitment to your happiness

Energy of Now

Wobbly  The past few days have been wobbly and uncertain as many of us have been tossed around with our emotions in our galactic ship.  We have been unsure, our minds have been clouded; and our words have not been able to come out properly, or even at all!  It really has been an emotional tornado in trying to arrive at a decision; to settle the mind in a clear way.  It’s like we have been walking in the fog, unsure of what to do. As we enter the portal of this magical New Moon, we begin to see clearer.  We begin to grasp stronger thought patterns.  We know we are at the precipice of change and the illusion reveals the reality of our lives.  How magical.

Hands of LightSpeaking Your Truth  Are you speaking your truth from a point of resentment, to make a point, to hurt and pretend you did not intend to hurt?  Are you sending an email to hit the person in the heart to score a point and win an argument or issue you  have in your head that you think is an issue, and it feels better to send it via email or text rather than converse with the person?  Are you assuming someone wants to help you when in reality they do not.  Are you realising that they are undermining your work, your life, or your way; just by being in your presence?  Double whammy New Moon in Aquarius is speaking your truth and hurting the other as you do so.  The lack of empathy, tactfulness and compassion hits you with this energy.  Rather than seek a ‘fight’, allow the element AIR to move through you – all the energy to move through you.  Really work on flowing the energy.  Sometimes what we think is our energy is the other person’s energy.  And at least you now know how they feel, and you can either work through it together, or part separate ways.  Sometimes we need to say Goodbye to certain situations and people.

Tightness Vs. Freedom   When we recognise ourselves in each other; we allow ourselves to be free.  With this knowledge; when ‘they’ express both the good and bad to us; we understand it better; and perhaps it helps us not to be too upset with ‘them’!  There are many ways of getting close in interacting with each other.  This may be one of the difficult ways to do this. The challenge is allowing ourselves to recognise that we have chosen this path together; and healing is needed for both parties to grow; otherwise, patterns of behaviour will be repeated in other interactions.  New Moon in Aquarius teaches us to BREATHE IN AIR into our skulls, pores of our skin, and, the in-between area of the skin and the skull. A good time to release any tightness in your physical body through breathing in the element of Aquarius – AIR.

ReceivingNothing changes until you do.  If your partner is upsetting you, look to yourself.  If any person is upsetting you, look to yourself.  Nothing changes until you do.  Be compassionate to yourself.  Really live realistically to change your attitude and behaviour.  We all know there are many tools to do this – Tantra, yoga, spiritual coaching, personal development, etc.  The most important thing that has to change is your BELIEF. Your beliefs will change your reality.  If you think poor, you will be poor.  If you think you will get the house, you will get the house.  If you are too busy to do the work that needs to be done to heal yourself, then I know that you must be comfortable with the dis-ease and the un-rest and the un-happiness you experience. If you are not willing to seek help, then you cannot be helped.  To change, you must know you need to change.  It does not matter if people tell you.  If YOU do not hear it, and know it, and decide to change, then there will be no change.  There is no need to preach to a closed door!

Chakra Balance7 Year Old Energy  There is a belief system that says a lot of our problems stem from our formative years – between the ages of one and seven.  Work to heal the Parent, Adult and Child enable people to open their hearts to more love; and to allow love to enter in; and in the opening, allow the receiving of more love in their daily and practical life.  This leads to having healthy and wholesome relationships.  You are the Master of Your Life.  If a 7 year old runs it, then there will be disaster in handling your decisions; especially if the 7 year old expresses itself in a relationship or business in the 45 year old woman/man.  Healing is required when you realise that the 7 year old you is running your life and your relationships.  Would you let a 7 year old child run your life?

Expressing Your Joy  New Moon in Aquarius is about expressing your joy and gratitude through your tears, being vulnerable as you express authentically your truth.  Not an easy thing to do.  It is not a sign of weakness.  It indicates a need to get closer to the people around you – to show you are vulnerable.  Revealing your fears and vulnerability in a relationship is a good sign, especially when the others realise that compassion is what is needed here.  To be vulnerable and then to be attacked by the person the vulnerability is expressed; shows the other person’s lack of integrity, understanding, compassion and may reveal a shadow side in them that you may have felt before, even if you did not want to acknowledge it. 

xxxholding hands Signs, Omens and Symbols  Watch out for signs, omens and symbols.  What are they telling you?  If you closed your eyes now and imagined yourself flying like a dragonfly or butterfly, where would you be.  Would you see a dragonfly or butterfly clearly?  Or would you see something different; like the distinct image of a red crab in the red background?  Clarity is coming, slowly but surely.  Go with the flow. We will be working with this energy in this New Moon Gathering Workshop, as we look for Signs, Omens and Symbols though I am not asking you to over-analyse things.  Stop over-analysing people, things and situations.  Stop being cruel and tactless with your words and behaviour.  Be gentle with yourself and others.  Watch more for empowering Signs, Omens and Symbols; rather than negative limiting blocking ones that make you feel intolerant of yourself and others.

Relationships  So many talks about relationships.  So many points of view.  So much to read about.  How about finding your own true inner relationship with yourself first before finding a relationship with another.  You have your own relationship issues to sort our first before going to make someone a ‘victim’ of your own issues.  How about starting with yourself first.  Healing your issues and working through them, recognising the role you may have played in creating your own pain; instead of blaming, pointing the finger, complaining, judging or denying. 

One I Love is MeValentines  We had Valentines on 14 February, which brought out a lot of talk about relationships – all types of relationships – not just emotionally personal intimate sexual relationships.  What did you do on Valentine’s Day?  Did you participate and celebrate it?  Is this the only time you do this in the year?  Or perhaps you do not celebrate Valentine’s Day because everyday is Valentines Day with your partner? 

Self LoveDid you buy yourself a Valentines Day card?  I did.  I felt so happy when I opened it on Valentines Day.  I felt loved by me, by the aspect of me I do not honour – the other side of me – the male side of me, as I am female.  I have taken a picture here so you can see that I practice what I preach. My partner thought it was funny that I got one for myself; when he got me two wonderful cards.  I smiled beaming:

“If I do not love myself and I exist because of the love you have for me, then I am basing my happiness on having you in my life.  Happiness is not based on having a partner.  Happiness is loving yourself and valuing yourself; enabling you to value and respect another. Happiness for me exists because, through revering my essence; I revere yours wholeheartedly.”    

It is very important to untangle yourself from requiring your partner to fill your needs.  It is important to be clear about yourself; and have the love you have always wanted; and believe you will get the love you want.  In private moments with yourself, you will discover your inner true self. In private moments with your partner, you will both discover your inner true united self.  Being more loving starts with yourself.  A healthy relationship is very important. 

Love of My Life

Tree of Life  What is your Tree of Life?  Is it just you and your immediate family?  Is it just you and your loved ones against the world?  The Tree of Life is how you choose to live your life.  You may blossom fruits and life force or you may not.  You may live in a home of joy and happy abundance or you many not.  You may be united or you may not. 

Double whammy New Moon in Aquarius comes to sit with us and asks us to look at our own individual Tree of Life and see how it relates to serving the world and serving humanity. For me the Tree of Life is a sanctuary of human love based on mutual respect, listening with ease and sharing with joy. It is the collective living together of the universal forces of life.  That is why I love celebrating the New Moons and the Full Moons.  Happy New Moon in Aquarius. 

GoodbyeSaying Goodbye is sometimes the best thing to do.  Saying Goodbye is sometimes the only thing to do.  We are saying goodbye to the year of the Horse and we welcome, on the 19th of February, the Chinese New Year of the Sheep / Goat.  This is their LUNAR NEW YEAR.  Happy New Year.  We are saying Goodbye to the old, and Welcome to the New Unknown.

Saying Goodbye is the best thing to do when we need to go home to sleep, when we need to catch our train/taxi and when we have partied enough. Saying Goodbye is the best thing to do when we know we will see the person another day, when we feel safe about our future and when we are ready to step into the unknown. 

Saying Goodbye is the best thing to do when YOU decide to set Yourself free of the pain and torment YOU feel in Your life.  You say Goodbye to Your pain and torment. You have had enough. You recognise what you want to change and get help.  You begin to let go of the need to hold on to a limiting belief or situation.  You forgive yourself and the other/s involved.  You can forgive yourself for allowing yourself to have the pain.  Recognise what You want to change and You are ready for change. Acknowledge you are ready for Change.  Take action and get help from someone who walks with you through Your pain; holding your hands. You do not need to do it alone.  Choose the person who feels safe to you, to help you access your unconscious mind and rewire it.   Saying Goodbye is the best thing to do at these times. 

When is Saying Goodbye the best thing for You to do? What are You Saying Goodbye to as You enter this Chinese New Year of the Green Wooden Goat/Sheep?

Happy Chinese New Year: Green Wooden Goat/Sheep  19/2/2015

  Fabulous symbol of auspiciousness, good luck, peace.  Goats and Sheep give meat, milk and wool to Mankind.  

Happy New Year.  It is the Year of the Wooden Sheep / Goat, which appears every 60 years. Here are some nice Chinese traditions I love and found interesting:

  1. Red is the key colour for the New Year as Red is the colour of prosperity and wealth.  It wards off bad luck and misfortune.  goat
  2. Wear red underwear to bring in good fortune.
  3. Give gifts of money in red envelopes to children and elders.
  4. Eat fish for good luck and surplus money.  This is because the Chinese word for ‘fish’ sounds like the word for ‘surplus’.
  5. Eat Chinese dumplings to bring more money and wealth into your life. The shape of the Chinese dumplings is the shape of old Chinese money – the ‘silver ingot’. 
  6. Meet up with family and friends. Have a Reunion Dinner with all the Australain_cashmere_goat-wikipediagenerations of your family. 
  7. Enjoy watching firecrackers, lion dances, and dragon dances. 
  8. Decorate your home in red e.g. buy red lanterns, red couplets. 
  9. Three Goats bring harmony.
  10. Offer a sacrifice (whole goat, chicken, duck, or live carp) to the God of Fortune – the Five Roads God and pray for good fortune for the coming year.  The Five Roads are the South Road, North Road, Central Road, West Road and East Road.
  11. Send the God of the Poor off to heaven on the 6th day of the Festival. Legend has it that even when you gave him clothes, he would tear them up and then wear them. People send him to heaven rather than see him poor on earth.
  12. The numbers 8 and 6 are lucky numbers.
  13. On the day of the New Year there are some things you should not do, such as:  Do not ask for a loan.  Do not let your children cry. Do not clean your home. Do not wash your hair. 

howlite crystalThe Year of the Goat is the year of great success through practical action.  It is not the year to sit and relax and do nothing. Yes you can relax and enjoy relaxing. Then get up and take action.  The Year of the Goat is an action year in a relaxed manner. You gather and collect your energies and build on them.  You support humanity and nurture yourself while doing so.  You enjoy the fresh air and natural resources for your good health. Keep your sleep and waking time consistent.  Really nurture yourself during this time – I mentioned this earlier in the year – 2015 is the year to nurture yourself.  Goat is practical and loves climbing high up the mountain.  We can see this as developing the Higher Self and our own personal initiation into our Higher Dimensions.  It has a wonderful energy of building things and creating wonderful building blocks in your life.  We anchor with strength. 

lovely  handsIf you feel you are not creative or you want more creativity, the Year of the Goat is a good year to call in more creative energy.  Great qualities to develop with this energy are gentleness, calm, ease of living, kindness and peacefulness.  Naughty qualities to watch out for are: laziness, feeling like a victim, dishonesty, complaining, blaming, not taking action, being controlled, and selfishness. When things go wrong, Goats blame everything and everybody, and every situation, and every circumstance. It is never their fault.  Goat energy needs to learn to take responsibility and step into its own power for it’s own spiritual evolution. We may want to ‘sacrifice’ ourselves or others – so there is a lot of shadow self to work with this year. 

You can read up more on the Goat Energy by clicking this SPIRITUAL GOAT ENERGY.

steps to goal

Quote for New Moon in Aquarius

If you Light a Lantern for Another, it will also Brighten Your Way. Gosho Zenshu 1598

Be the person with Soul with a strong inner masculine and feminine core. Toks Coker

We recognise ourselves in each other.

brother and sister

Invocation Blessing for the Super New Moon in Aquarius

handsoflight evokes bundles of laughter, joy and happiness for you in 2015

I Greet You

With the Crystal Queen

Shining Her Radiance on You

Serene Peaceful Knowing

Invoking the Silence of Power

I Greet You

Sparks of light

I Greet You

With the Powerful Third Eye

Inner Journey

Inner Sanctuary

Inner Alchemy

I Greet You

I Greet You

I Greet You

With the Goddess of Speaking Future

Dedicating Time

To Learning the Ways

In the Ritual of the Mind

I Greet You


I Greet You

With Hilarion

Healing Your Health & Space

Healing Deep Within You

The Depth No One Reaches or Knows About

I Greet You

crystal tower of light

I Greet You

With the Vishnu Crystal

Offering You the Power of Awareness

Purifying Your Motivation

Your Ability to Love with Service

I Greet You

red and pink roses

I Greet You

With Balanced Protection

Allowing in Energetic Flow

Flowing with Ease

In the World of Science

I Greet You


I Greet You

With the Forgiveness of Quan Yin

Forgiving Yourself As You

Stop Forcing & Pushing Things to Happen

Allowing the Situation go to Spirit

I Greet You

open hands

I Greet You

With Open Palms

Letting Go Old Out-dated Methods and Patterns

Feeling Free

Walking into the Unknown of the New

I Greet You

Toks & Hands of Light

I Greet You

With the Magic Pencil of Light

Opening Up New Beginnings

Creating New Boundaries of Expansiveness

In the Fertile Attractiveness of Your Soul

I Greet You

Merve's lovely hands healing us

I Greet You

With the Angel Gabriel

Bringing Great News to You

On this Most Auspicious of Days

New Moon in Aquarius

I Greet You

orbs of power

I Greet You

With the Leaps You Need to Make

Flying High to Be More

Selecting Ideas that Work for You

In the Alchemy of Your Soul Evolution

I Greet You

hand to hold you and support you

I Greet You

I Greet You

I Greet You

Channelled by Toks Beverly Coker, Evolution Soul Coach, for New Moon in Aquarius

© Toks Coker 2015

Services Toks Coker


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a channel for divine healing power

New Moon in Aquarius / Year of Snake / Valentine 2013

Happy New Moon in Aquarius   10/2/13

   Solaris Ade, Sheba the albino Burmese Python Snake, Toks

Happy Chinese New Year: Year of the Snake  Gong Xi Fa Chai


Happy Valentine’s Day   14/2/13

On the Menu we have:Legion of Light Chef

  1. Invocation Blessing
    1. New Moon in Aquarius   (Element: Air)
    2. Year of the Water Snake
    3. Valentines Day with Invocation Blessing for 14 February 2013
  3. QUOTEs: New  Moon in Aquarius Quote & Poem
  4. ACTION: New Moon in Aquarius Action african salad
  5. What will be covered in the Meditation Workshop
  6. Feedback from previous meditation: Full Moon in Leo
  7. Homework  
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Invocation Blessingwhite lilly

We Greet You

With the Ka of Melchizedek

From Multidimensional Portal of Opportunity

Stating “You Have a Soul &

A New Story Must Begin in 2013”

We Greet You

law of one

We Greet You

With the Law of One

From the Cosmic Heart of the Hidden Cities

Igniting Your Unspoken Misery

In the Silence of Your Mind

We Greet You

Toks crystal wands and ball

We Greet You

With Sharp Conscious Reality

From the Serpent of Light

Shedding Your Hidden Shame

In the Pathway of Your Mind

We Greet You

We Greet You

We Greet You

With the Atlantians and Anunnaki

From the Flower of Life Merkaba

Living a Life Full of Happiness

Never Before Known in Your Mind

We Greet You

nice buddha snake

We Greet You

With the Serpent of Light

From Around Your Force Field of Life

Healing Pain that Goes On and On

Healing Grief Pulsating on Earth

We Greet You

Mr & Mrs Kaour Kenyoshi

We Greet You

With the Star Tetrahedron

From Balancing Male & Female Frequency

Portals of Inner Personal Change & Happiness

A World Reborn in You

We Greet You

Mother of Compassionshadows of your life

We Greet You

With the Energy of Alchemical Soul Money

From the Grace of Love

Healing Shadows & Hidden Dark Energies:

Military, Corporate, Political, Human, Secret Governments,

Money, Oil, Pharmaceutical Companies & Extra-Terrestrials

We Greet You

Maria 13 1 13

We Greet You

With the Cycles of Time

From a Whisper in Your Ear

Enlightening Your Cosmic DNA

Unfolding Galactic Truths

We Greet You

Mysteries of Light

We Greet You

With the Mysteries of Light

From the Devotion of the House of Gold

Speaking through the Prophets

Alchemical Resurrection of Your Soul

We Greet You

yellow tulips

We Greet You

With the Rotation of the Earth

From the Magnetic Memory of Mother Earth

Blossoming Hope in Your Delusions

Taking You Home Safely

We Greet You

fresh bread

We Greet You


Kodoish, Kodoish, Kodoish, Adonai ‘Tsebayoth

We Greet You

healing light

We Greet You

We Greet You

We Greet You

rice fish greens

We Greet You

We Greet You

We Greet You

Channelling with Hands of Light

Channelled with Love by Toks Beverley Coker, Teacher of the Light, Teacher of the Snake Dragon Light for the New Moon in Aquarius and Year of the Snake 10/2/2013

ENERGY OF NOW: New Moon in Aquarius Element: Air

Symbols of Aquarius focus on humanitarian goals and loving to share knowledge with humanity.Element Air SymbolAquarius is an Air sign. Aquarians like their independence and freedom and love communicating. They like to stand back and think about things, a very air quality. They are a very mental sign always thinking and living in their mind.   Fixed symbol Aquarius is a fixed masculine sign.  Two planets that rule Aquarius are unpredictable Uranus Uranus symboland cold Saturn.   Two symbols of Aquarius are the Water Bearer or Water Carrier and two aqueous blue undulating lines of waves Aquarius symbol.  Aquarius like to flow from one situation after another with easy.  They do not like being controlled or being told what to do.   They make friends easily and like social gatherings.They tend not to form deep relationships so can be seen as cold and aloof as they are not emotional or affectionate by nature. As thinkers they do not understand emotions and tend to stand back and think.  They like to think and can be thoughtful.  They make lovely homblooming mother earthes and love eating around the TV or in a crowd talking and laughing with ease.  They can be discerning as they are thinkers and live in the mind. They love to share their knowledge and constantly like learning new things and stimulating their mind. In mythology Prometheus became a rebel because he gave the gift of fire to humanity and upset the gods. Aquarians are givers.  New Moon in Aquarius is a good time to think about your life and humanity. Aquarians are great humanitarians who want to make a difference in society and in the world; and want to make the world a better place.

Famous Aquarians: Oprah Winfrey, Boris Yeltsin, Rosa Parks, Peter Gabriel, Jerry Springer, Christian Dion, Farrah Fawcett, Franklin D Roosevelt, Gene Hackman, James Dean, Shakira, Paul Newman, Bob Marley, Yoko Ono, Galileo, Clark Gable,  Mia Farrow, Charles Darwin, Charles Dickens, Alicia Keys, Justin Timberlake, Chris Rock, Jennifer Aniston, Abraham Lincoln, Ellen DeGeneres, Dr Dre, Ice-T, Thomas Edison, Paris Hilton, Natalie Cole, Neil Diamond,  Bobby Brown, and John Travolta

Chinese New Year of the Snake: The Black Water Snake

Solaris Ade, Sheba the albino Burmese Python Snake, Toks

Shedding & Regeneration: We leave the year of the Dragon and move into the year of the Snake.This is a year of miracles with the transformative healing energy of the symbol of the snake.  A Year of Miracles with the Snake shedding naturally -  helping us to shed our ‘layers of skin’ that no longer serve us. The snake skin is regenerated naturally in alignment with the law of nature. Call on snake, to be one with it; to help you manifest shedding in your life experience. This is a time for great karmic healing. The NEW YOU will be a continuous process. Keep up with the process with these New Moon Meditations.

Snake Within You is powerful, insightful, motivated, determined, intellectual, and hard working.   The snake within you is known as Kundalini in Yoga, a powerful force of nature.  Let your attractive snake rise up from the basket you have kept it in.   Snakes are unlimited beings with unlimited desires. Tap in the energy of snake this year.

Work Ethics: Snake people can be aloof – not showing emotions; appearing cold and unfeeling. This quality makes them good managers and business people.   They love to be recognised and rewarded for their achievements and will work hard to be recognised and be rewarded. 

Changes: The Snake year brings surprises, change and sudden unexpected events that shift you to greater understanding of yourself or the situation you are int.  Allow yourself to drive through the dark; trusting as you move forward through the dark unknown; to manifest your future, one step at a time.

Blessings: Snake is intuitive, sexy, charming, sensuous, showy, stylish, refined and soHappy New Year 2013phisticated.  An animal totem of good fortune and good omen it brings what you wish. 

Family: Snake people  love family and showing off their belongings and family.  They love mixing with people and celebrating life. The Snake people I know love their homes and being a family. There beautiful homes indicate their lovely life styles and their ambition and hard work. The most gracious thing to look at is the home of a snake woman; who tells you “There is more than enough for everyone.”

Discernment: Take great care with decisions you make this year.  I would suggest you take in the energy of discernment in your decisions for your career, work, relationship, etc. Do not do anything out of stress.  Be careful with money.  Do not rush into anything this year.  Think a few things through first.

File:Snake.svgWisdom: Snake are intelligent, sacred and trust slowly.  They are noticeable, strong, commanding attention and respect wherever they are. Snakes break themselves free from any restriction to what they want.  They can be possessive and sensitive all at once. This is truly a sign of wisdom, shrewdness, cleverness and acumen. 

This snake picture is from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Snake_(zodiac)

Caution: They like to rest and mind their own business. However they can be competitive and manipulative, always wanting to win. This can make them selfish and proud. This can make them strike suddenly without warning. The snake will swallow its enemies and spit them out and will treasure its loved ones ferociously.

Am I a Snake?  If you were born in 1917, 1929, 1941, 1953, 1965, 1977, 1989, 2001, 2013, you were born under the sign of the Snake. The Western Counterpart of Snake is Taurus!  The Tarot equivalent is the Hermit   Water? Bathrooms in the home. 

Famous Snakes: Mao Zedong (founder People’s republic of China), Oprah Wsnake in Emily Dawson's handinfrey, Benazir Bhutto (Former PM of Pakistan and first female PM of a Muslim nation), Audrey Hepburn, Pierce Brosnan (animal rights, environmental, and anti-war activist), Elizabeth Hurley, Xi Jinping (Vice President of China); J F Kennedy, Grace Kelly, Courtney Love, Robert B Zoellick (11th president of the Wold Bank), Edgar Allan Poe, Jacqueline Kennedy, Abraham Lincoln, Pablo Picasso, Jean-Bertrand Aristide (Priest, Former President of Haiti), Martin Luther King jr.; Kim Basinger (animal rights activist), Queen Elizabeth 1, Sarah Jessica Parker, Linda McCartney, Tony Blair, Elaine L Chao (first Chinese American appointed to a presidents cabinet in American history), Patricia Dunn (former chairwoman of the board of Hewlett-Packard co.), Tim Allen, Chaka Khan, Cyndi Lauper, Cornel West (civil rights activist).

Aquarian and a Snake People!  Oprah Winfrey, Abraham Lincoln

Valentines Day:  Love Day: 14/2/13

house of gold devotionSome of you will be alone on this day.  Some of you will be with a loved one on this day.  Some of you will not even think about this day!  Some of you will cry and some will not.  Some of you will feel lonely and some will not. 

Feeling of Love: Whatever your situation energetically put yourself in a feeling space of love and breathe in love into your life now.  Close your eyes and imagine yourself surrounded by gold light and feel yourself secure, safe and loved in this gold circle of healing loving light.  Do this every time you are feeling vulnerable. 

Call in Love:  Set a positive image for yourself and call in the energy of love into your life. Call in Love that lasts all year and all your life. Love that is not dependent on another loving you to feel loved. Call in Love so that Everything is curable from within you. Express what the power of love is  to you; and how you want to experience it.  Breathe in the magic of life and teach yourself to have a habit of magic.  Results may not be showing now but do not give up hope now.  Know results are manifesting underneath; like a bamboo tree that takes a while to grow; because it first plants deep roots into the ground before it sprouts up! 

Partners: For those with partners do something loving for your partner.  Sometimes a cup of tea goes a long way to caring for a partner.  Perhaps singing off tune!  Think of something you have not done for a while with your partner that they liked and do it. Silently pray for togetherness and more blessings while you are making love. Thank your partner for the qualities they bring into your life. Do something together even if just sitting cuddling watching TV. This is about quality time.  Be proactive and initiate a new action in your relationship.  You will be surprised how rewarding this can be. 

Valentine Blessing

red roselove unconditional

We Greet You

With a Pumping Healthy Heart

Radiating Life Force & Energetic Passion

Flowering a Radiant Red Rose

Illuminating Light of Love

We Greet You 

nice twin roses in blue bottle

We Greet You

With the Crown of 12 Star Flowers

Inherent Divine Power of the Sword of Love

Butterfly Co-Creating Together

Bringing & Letting Love into Your Life

We Greet You

loving hearts

QUOTEs: New Moon in Aquarius Quote & P0em

“Happiness does not exist as an isolated quality, nor does it conform to a single fixed pattern.  Happiness is something that breathes and lives in the relationships between one person and another.”  Daisaku Ikeda

In Beauty May I Walk

walking in beautyIn beauty may I walk
All day long may I walk happy new year
Through the returning seasons may I walk
Beautifully will I possess again
Beautifully birds,
Beautifully joyful birds
On the trail marked with pollen may I walk
With grasshoppers about my feet may I walk
With dew about my feet may I walk
With beauty may I walk

in beauty may I walkWith beauty before me may I walk
With beauty behind me may I walk
With beauty above me may I walk
With beauty all around me may I walk
In old age, wandering on a trail of beauty, lively, may I walk
In old age, wandering on a trail of beauty, living again, may I walk
It is finished in beauty.
It is finished in beauty.                                From the Navajo

ACTION: New Moon in Aquarius Action

Bounce back when you have been bounced. Learn resilience.  If anyone says something negating you just bounce back by believing in yourself and going back to your goals that nurture you.  If your goals do not nurture you; you may not be in flow with your inner true self.  Call in the energy of Aquarius into your actions and boldly step forward determined to learn from your mistakes or any knocks.

What will be covered in the Meditation Workshop

  1. We will cover all the above and more such as sacred geometry and ancient thoughts. 
  2. We will work with snake energy to bring in intuition, inner reflection, inner intuitlovely photo of a pictureion, ‘outer’ intuition, finding the answers within, gathering knowledge, studying, personal karma, and making bold decisions.
  3. To bring in flow, tie up loose ends and help shed layers that no longer serve us and create a new slate; we will be meditating on Dakini – Goddess of Wisdom, Durga – Goddess of Strength and Protection, Kali – Goddess of Creation & Power, Lakshmi – Goddess of Wealth and Prosperity, Radha – Goddess of Devotion and Love and Tara – Goddess of Universal Compassion. 
  4. To anchor greatness and wisdom we will be working with the Anunnaki, (the extra-terrestrials from Sirius who follow the order of Melchizedek); and the Atlantians who were taught by the Anunnaki and served the Law of One, building the Great Pyramids around the world. The Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt is geographically located on the centre of the earth.

Feedback from Full Moon in Leo with Sun in Aquarius 27/1/13

  Full Moon in Leo 27 January 2013hand written testimonials from Full Moon in Leo January 2013hand written testimonials from Full Moon in Leo January 2013Full Moon in Leo 27 January 2013


  1. Spend time with your mind and feed it positive thoughts aboutSolaris Ade, Sheba the albino Burmese Python Snake, Toks yourself and your lifeSolaris Ade, Sheba, Onya

  2. Do something you have never done before e.g. like touch a snake or wear a snake round your neck; like Solaris Ade and Onya Aine Belton.  The lovely snake, belonging to Solaris Ade, is called Sheba, a Burmese albino python snake.  Sheba is one of 4 snakes Solaris Ade has in her home.  You can contact Solaris Ade and learn more about her work on www.bellydanceuk.com Say I sent you xxx

  3. Come to the next full moon meditation on Monday 15 February, FullMoon in Virgo with Sun in Pisces, and wear your own goddess outfit and dance celebrating your life with the elements of earth and water. Just see yourself honouring the goddess energy of you, the divine aspect of you, the alchemical resurrection of you. 

  4. What selfless service are you doing at the moment? What humanitarian action/s are you taking?

  5. Clean your home and let out the negative energy and let in fresh light energy

  6. Colours:  Invite in bright colours into your life e.g. put fresh flowers in your home, office.  With the energy of the Snake New Year wear orange for good fortune, prosperity and good luck. Give money in red envelopes.onya and snake

  7. Forgive one person this New Moon in Aquarius.  Feel the sense of freedom as you do this.  When you hold on to resentment or anger there is a chain attached to that energy and to that person.  They may not feel the depth of your rage, resentment or anger being oblivious to it!  So you may be carrying this fury in you around you for years, months, and even centuries!  Drop the load and let it go.  Aquarians have an uncanny ability to be detached and move on. So do Snakes.   “I Choose to forgive ……..

On that very positive note I leave you with a prayer in my heart for your continual growth, happiness and refinement…..Love Toks xxx

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See you tonight at the meditation.  See you later at other meditations, workshops and 1:1 sessions.
Love Toks xxxxxx

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