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In Honour of Our Land

Invocation Blessing & Prayer for PEACE In Honour Our Land

Mother Earth

We Greet You

With the Prayer of Peace

Prayer for Peace

Prayer in Peace

Prayer with Peace

We Greet You


We Greet You

With Your Knowing & Feelings

Your Experiences of Confusion

Your States of Violence & War

In Your Land & Society

We Greet You


We Greet You

With the Call of Peace

Calling in Liberty

Harmony Freedom

Free Will and Democracy

We Greet You

Growing Food on the Land

We Greet You

With Your Human Revolution

Your Revolution of Character

Your Behaviour Making Choices

For the Happiness of Man

We Greet You


We Greet You

With Courage

Standing Up for Your Rights

Human Integrity Behold

A Coming Together in Oneness

We Greet You


We Greet You

With Supportive People

Organisations of Human Revolution

Democratic not Authoritarian

Full of Fun & Great Synergy

We Greet You

Peaceful Ship on Water

We Greet You

With People Coming Together

Consciously Uniting

Consciously Awake

Moving with a Common Mind

We Greet You 


We Greet You

Beautiful Land

Tree by Water & Bridges

Wood Paths & Cross Roads

Children Playing

We Greet You 


We Greet You

Praying For the End

End of War, End of Violence,

End of Rape, End of Pain Body

Heralding the Beginnings of Smiles

We Greet You

palm trees

We Greet You

Calling in Peaceful Happiness

Loving Kindness

Joyful Understanding

Helpfulness Support

We Greet You


We Greet You

Praying for Clarity of Mind

Clarity of Vision

Vision that is Inclusive

Action that is Embracing

We Greet You 


We Greet You

With Compassionate Action

With Courage to Take Action

With Care in All Your Actions

With Conviction of Your Actions

We Greet You

nice sun tree

We Greet You

With Morals & Ethics

Merging Understanding

Supporting All Beliefs

Holding in the Light of Divinity

We Greet You 


We Greet You

With Respect

Respecting Yourself

Respecting Others

Treating Everyone with Respect

We Greet You 


We Greet You

With Compassionate Courage

With Courageous Compassion

Holding Politics Up

Into the Light of Sacred Holy Unity

We Greet You 

tree of life

We Greet You

With High Morals

Holding Yourself to High Standards

Based on Love Respect and Inclusiveness

Anchoring Strength in Diversity

We Greet You


We Greet You

Shining the Light of Divinity

On Your Land & All Over the World

Knowing that ALL Land is Holy & Sacred

A Loving Gift from Mother Earth

We Greet You


We Greet You

Entrusting You With Protection

Protecting Your Loving Land

Protecting Women Men and Children

Trusting In the Truth of Peace

We Greet You

winter tree

We Greet You

With Will Power

With Actions for Peace

A Speech of Hope

A Dream of Happiness

We Greet You 


We Greet You

With the Power to Listen with Love

With the Insight to Know when to Be Quiet

With the Insight to Know when to Speak Wisely

With the Knowledge of  Loving Humanity

We Greet You 


We Greet You

With A Prayer

A Prayer of Respect for Elders

A Prayer for Respect of Adults: Women & Men

A Prayer of Respect of Teenagers, Children & Babies

We Greet You 

Tree with Life

We Greet You 

With Loving Kindness

For All Leaders of the World

To Listen with Wisdom and Intelligence

Building in the Now of Now

We Greet You


We Greet You

With Great Learning

Learning Consciously & Unconsciously

Turning All Poisons & Blunders to Medicine & Healing

Alchemical Resurrection of Your True Greater Self

We Greet You


We Greet You

With Loving Compassion

With a Straight Head for Reason

With Focus and Dedication

Believing in Peace and Happiness For All

We Greet You 

amathyst tree

We Greet You

With a Global Wholesome Mind

Energetic Empowering Globally 

Positively Enlightening the World

Feeling Safe and Secure in the Universe

We Greet You


We Greet You

With the Cosmic Galactic Federation of Light

Discovering New Wholesome Ways

Living  to Bring Peace to the Land

Anointing a Wholesome Mind in You All

We Greet You


We Greet You

Walking the Path of Peace

Relaxed Calm Secure

Feeling Taken Care of

Feeling Loved

We Greet You

Pathway of Peace

We Greet You

We Greet You

We Greet You

Channelled by Toks Beverley Coker for Peace in the Land 21/6/2013


Please add your own prayer for the world on this post on my blog.  Thank you

2013 Diary, Contact Details & Spiritual Investment

Venue & Spiritual Investment for SUNDAY 23 JUNE SUPER MOON Meditation: http://fullmooncapricorn230613-eorgf.eventbrite.com/#       Please bring something to share if you can e.g. salad, vegetarian, fruits. No pork please. Thank you.

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ALL 2013 Dates: https://tokscoker.wordpress.com/2013-dates-celebration-moon-workshops/Toks Coker 2013

Info on Meditation: http://www.tokscoker.com/moon_meditation.html

Info on New Moon Meditation: http://www.tokscoker.com/new_moon_meditation.html

Info on Full Moon Meditation: http://www.tokscoker.com/full_moon_meditation.html

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New Moon in Gemini [Blue Moon] 19.6.2012


twins ying yang

We Greet You Legions of Light from Turkey xxx




Enjoy the invocation blessing below and testimonials.  See you at the meditation tonight in Turkey.  Love Toks xxxx

turkish toks



How auspicious the planets have been non-stop it seems.  We see the Element Air playing great importance: Gemini is an Air sign.  Gemini is the Twins, doing things in pairs, causing powerful multi-dimensional changes through the galactic doorways and portals.   The planet for Gemini is MERCURY, which is the planet of COMMUNIChermes invented fireATION. Mercury makes us think and move fast and is the messenger of the Gods. His parents are Zeus and Maia.  Mercury is the Roman name and Hermes the Greek name.  Hermes is God of Motion, Sleep, Dreams, Commerce and for Travellers.  Hermes has 3 symbols:  wand, winged sandals and winged helmet. He was Zeus’s messenger and invented fire, written music, boxing the the lyre. Apollo gave him a magic god wand or caduceus to guide him on his journey and he gave Apollo a lyre. 

ENERGY NOWbeautiful pairing

This coming Tuesday 19 June 2012 is the New Moon in Gemini; which means sun and moon are in the same astrological sign: Gemini.  This is the second NewMoon this month making it a Blue Moon.  A BLUE MOON is when we have two moons in the same astrological sign and in this case it is Gemini. 

This second New Moon in Gemini is also Midsummer Eve: making the following day the SUMMER SOLSTICE on 20.6.2012, the longest day. Lets bring in summer moments of magic and laughter. Let us wear our swim suits and play and swim and laugh and share happiness together talking to each other with joy and freedom.

ENERGY PAST:  Still affecting us all

We had the first New Moon in Gemini on 21.5.2012 with an Annular Solar Eclipse [This is where the sun looks like a ring: a narrow ring of the Sun is visible around the dark moon because the moon is between the Sun and Earmale femaleth. Ring of Fire Solar Eclipse with the Pleiadean alignment]  

We had the World Invocation Day, Queens Diamond Jubilee, and Full Moon in Sagittarius on 4.6.2012 with a Partial Lunar Eclipse and sun in Gemini with the Venus Transit occurring day after the eclipse.

We had also the Mutable Cross and a T-square triangle involving the Sun, Moon, Venus and Mars.  (Sun & Moon in Gemini, Moon in Sagittarius, Mars in Virgo).   Gemini, Sagittarius, Virgo and Pisces are Mutable Signs.  Mutable signs are changeable, constantly moving with quick minds.

The Venus Transit occur in pairs, 8 years apart – the first one was in June 2004!  Reminder:  a transit is when a planet passes between the sun and earth and the planets silhouette is seen on the sun.  Venus moved in front of the sun and walked on the sun!   How auspicious for us all on earth whether or not we realise it.


So much happening in the sign of Gemini – the twins, neither male nor female, yet male and female, husband/wife, ying and yang, yet neither ying or yang BUT balanced!  Divine Feminine, Venus, balances two extremes e.g war/peace.  So we see the PAIRING:  Venus Transits occur in pairs so do Eclipses on the FullMoon and the NewMoon.  Ancient traditions worked with pairings – the number 2 – two sides of a coin, two but not two, two faces on the moon, sun and moon.  The Eagle is the sun and moon.  The maiden and the old crow is echoed in the young moon maiden who blooms and flowers and the the old moon maiden who represents ancient wisdom. How fast moving the times.  Click, Scroll down and read: Gemini, the Twins

two gentle menFREE TO FEEL GOODtwo gentle men


Many of you would have had an initiation, a completion and an assimilation in the past month.  The contemplating mindimmense potential for sudden change and radical change is time consuming and frustrating all at once.  Even a small shift in YOUR consciousness can put you in a thunderstorm of your own mind causing far reaching effects like watching a pebble being thrown into the water and seeing how far the ripples go.  This really has been another time for your own confusion and clarity and above all  your own transmission of deep personal change.  What you were not sure of you may be quite sure of now.  What you did not want to do before you may find yourself doing it now.  These little changes do involve a change on a deep level like a dance in rhythm.  This New Moon invites us to plant new seeds – you have grown now – you are not like you were last month – YOU have changed whether or not you agree or can see it.  Like a babToks smiling in Turkeyy flying a helicopter you are ready to grow to captain the plane!!  The Awakening and Ascension is already upon you.  All the solar and lunar rays of the eclipses have created a move foreword whether we want to or not!  What are you clearing out?  What have you hidden from yourself? What have you hidden under the carpet that is sticking out of it?  Time to smooth out the ‘bumps’ in  your environment and your life. SUMMER SOLSTICE is the rebirth of light, the sunshine of life, it is the light of summer, of joy and the celebration of all that blooms and smiles at life.  It is St Johns Day in Christian tradition.  Read more about this on blog post 12.6.2012 Garden, spend time by the sea, dance, walk in forests/woods, laugh and let your energy run high. The word solstice derives from two Latin words: “Sol” means “SUN” and “Sistere” means “which stands still”.  This really is a time of magic, love, oracles and divination. New friendships. New activities.  New relationships.  New underwear.  New places to visit.  New experiences to try out. Time to Live your Life with a smile.  Where do you need to live your life with a smile?

NewMoon in Gemini Book & Tour Guide

The trip to Troy was organised by TJ Ilhami Gezici, owner of TJ TOURS www.anzacgallipolTJ Ilhami Gezici in Athenaitours.com They are Gallipoli specialists. TJ is a really wonderful guide, kind, patient and very knowledgeable. Nothing was too much for us to ask him to do. He bent over backwards to please us for 3 days. He introduced us to two wonderful inspiring Turkish men: Mustapha Askin, a writer and Baba, a musician.  Thank you TJ.

Mustafa Askin's TROYTroyWhen I read the book “A Revised Edition of Troy” by Mustafa Askin I found the style to be very Gemini.  Mustafa is a very fit man, with a quick mind and a quick wit. His books are easy to read and very informative and you can tell how passionate he is about his favourite subject: Tory.  He says he is ‘The Last Trojan’.  Now do I hear a thunderstorm?  He brought Troy alive as he guided us and made a statement that made my eyes light up:  Could Troy be the lost Atlantian?  New excavations in Tory reveal remains dating back to 3500BC and Homer mentions Troy in his work.  The results of all these excavations will be very impressive.  Thank you Mustafa.TJ Toks Baba Patric

TJ introduced us to Baba Gungor Palanci [whose uncle is Holisi Ketmen] at Eceabat, province of Canakkale, Turkey. Baba played 3 his lovely music and Toks danced while Patric filmed this happy moment. I was going to post it on the blog but I do not know how to so I will do it another time.  Thank you Baba.

white peacock in Olympos

Adventure with Gemini

What adventures have you had in your life – past and present?   Gina met the Queen long time ago and the Queen spoke to her.   Patric went ‘rock climbing’ on Olympus Mountain! We climbed the Trojan horse in Troy! How Gemini is that! hahaha  Why not share your adventure?

                           Gina and the Queenrock climbing Olympos Mountainin the Trojan horse

Invocation Blessing for the Blue New Moon in Gemini 19.6.2012

channelled by Toks Beverley Coker xxx

sacred scarf

We Greet You

With the Venus Transit following the Lunar Eclipse

Walking Across the Sun Clearing Karmic Patterns

DNA Sacred Ancient Ageless Wisdom 

Divine Grace Regenerating Ying Yang Balance

We Greet You

praying in istanbul

We Greet You

With the Solar Eclipse Ring of Fire

Pleiadean Alignment of Strong Spirit

Sacred Seal Generating Genetic Power

Revealing Layers of Truth & Messages of Light

We Greet You

[Pleiadean is pronounced Play-a-dian]

golden shapesspiral golden mean

We Greet You

With the Mystical Golden Ratio

Spiral Alignments of Perfection

Sunflowers, Leaves, Temples, Shells

Symbols of Patterned Presence Divine Proportion

We Greet You

Atlantian Goddesses Ayesegul Puspa Ari Sehriboin Dinah Merve

We Greet You

With Venus/Aphrodite & the Atlantean Goddesses

Goddesses of Love & Beauty on Mount Olympus

Bringing Joyful Relationships to You

Opening Doors to Your New Beginning

We Greet You

dancing in the garden

We Greet You

Dancing in the Garden With the Numbers 5 and 8 

5 for Family of Man, Groundedness, Movement

8 for Eternity Balance Infinity Spiral

Spiralling Numbers Within Body

We Greet You

BABA playing lovely music

We Greet You

With the Music of Baba Gungor Palanci

Sailing Happily Through Your Mind

Releasing Old Warn Out Patterns

In the Soulfulness of Evolutionary Enlightenment

We Greet You


We Greet You

With the Memory of Sacred Friendship

Conversing Holy Sound of Musical Words

Echoes of Reverence Present in the Now

Visual Proof of Respectful Anointment

We Greet You

Ural Bayraktar & parents at Hunnaphan Hotel, Ida Mountain

We Greet You

With the Eagle Sun of a New Day

From Mount Ida, Mountain of the Goddess

Sacred to Zeus, Greek Olympian God

Igniting Your Soul Identity Pouring Light into Your Heart

We Greet You

Ural's parrotlovely healing green and yellow

We Greet You

With the Rainbow Parrot of Love

Colouring Your Auric Field

Brightening Your Chakra Systems

Unifying Your Differences

We Greet You


We Greet You

With Turkish Names & Meanings

Coskun: Enthusiastic

Umut: Hope    Mumtaz: Light

Divine Justice: Ilahi Adalet

We Greet You


We Greet You

With the Wings of Working Essence

Harvesting Crops in the Rhythm of Time

Sound of the Coastline Nearby

Giving You Wings to Fly

We Greet You

shades of bluemermaids dancing in the waterdancing diamond fairies

We Greet You

With the Moving Waters

Water Fire Fairies & Water Mermaids

Dancing the Sparkling Diamond Dance

In the Liberation of Spirit

We Greet You

at peace

We Greet You

With the Seagull of Ambition

Peacefully Flying High to the Sun

Soaring in Your Treasured Goals

Victoriously Achieving Greatness

We Greet You

The Topkapi Diamond

We Greet You

With the Kasikci Diamond from Turkey

Radiating 86 Carat with 49 Diamonds

Fourth Largest Diamond in the World

Mesmerising Your Auric Field

We Greet You 

Japanese GreetingsNigerian Greeting

We Greet You

We  Greet You

We Greet You


We Greet You

We  Greet You

We Greet You

mud mud mudGreetiings from Pamukkale

channelled by Toks Beverley Coker xxx

Vision of an Arrow

delicious foodBenefits of Prayer & Meditation

Meditation has been known to create peace and calm in the mind and improve breathing. I have found it to help me to relax and be happy as it calms my mind and relaxes my body, soul and spirit. I have a clearer mind and I am energised and very alert.  It has been said to create a happy mind and more smiles; reducing stress levels. What are your benefits of prayer and meditation? For me prayer is like nourishing food to your soul. It is sacred entry into the unknown.

summer lightEntry into Unknown


Ioanis Konstantinopulos says “I did my homework. I also re-read last years blessing and did all the homework!”  yani


Delegation with the Energy of NewMoon in Gemini: At this moment I do not seem to have any answers with regards to delegation. Everything that I have to do, must be done by myself though there has been procrastination around these tasks. Having said that, I am very determined and very much want to get them done and do them well!   Yanni's Thoth

Sound with the Energy of NewMoon in Gemini: My tone is Magisterial, Authentic and Prophetic. I hear now, more so than ever, whispers of my Greatness, whispers of my Destiny and whispers of my Abilities and Potential as a Torch Bearer of Light. My Inner Voice works on two levels; it is a Voice of Words where I am guided/directed to do or perhaps not do something. For instance, I have an Egyptian Scroll depicting Horus which is on my wardrobe door. As I closed the door the other day, I paused and lightly touched the scroll with the intention of receiving some form of guidance. As soon as I touched it, I was told that I must go and complete this homework ;-)  On another level, My Inner Voice is a Voice of Signs and Symbols whereby my environment reflects back to me confirming ideas, thought patterns and dreams. For instance, I was thinking of a dear friend whom I had not spoken to in months due to a minor falling-out. I wanted to re establish contact with her though was pensive of her response or lack thereof. As I was thinking this thought-pattern I was in the garden and suddenly a gust of wind swept by and opened the door to the garage. I knew that was the Universe giving meIoanis Konstantinopulos Sacred Altar the thumbs up (door opening…..) so I got in contact with her and she responded after the second or third attempt! 

New thing to do: I will paint my mother’s fence (almost done)


no. 4. to release chatter in your head – Worked like a Charm :-) 

no. 5. Healing from Kos, The Plane Tree of Hippocrates – I call on the healing of my skin and the stilling of my mind to remember my peacefully healed and activated physical body. Hippocrates, guide me to this end and Beyond. Cos, the land of my Ancestors, heal me. Hellas* and Hippocrates’ Plane Tree: Activate the Tree of Life within me, let it flourish! Ps Hellas is the name for Greece in Greek. It means Children of the Sun. 

You can read all about last years homework on https://tokscoker.wordpress.com/category/new-moon-in-gemini-partial-solar-eclipse/                              Thank you Yanni xxxxxxx

WEB PIC my stand at exhibition


  1. Where do you need to live your life with a smile?
  2. What are you clearing out?
  3. What have you hidden from yourself?
  4. What have you hidden under the carpet that is sticking out of it?
  5. What are your benefits of meditating with Hands of Light?  with Praying? with Meditation?
  6. Read homework on blog post 21.5.2012    https://tokscoker.wordpress.com/2012/05/21/new-moon-in-gemini-annular-solar-eclipse/Did you do it?
  7. Which Greek God resonates with you?  We have 12 Greek Gods and Goddess who rule from the top of Mount Olympus:  Zeus chief god, Hera wife of Zeus queen of gods, Poseidon god of sea, Hades god of lower world, Aphrodite goddess of love, beauty, Apollo god of light and truth, healing, archery, music, Ares god of war, Artemis goddess of the hunt, the moon, children, Athena goddess of wisdom, war, arts and crafts, of the city, Hephaestus, Hestia goddess of the heath, Hermes god of the motion, sleep, dreams, commerce, travellers; sometimes Demeter and Dionysus.  Which Greek God resonates with you?  Family Tree of Greek Gods  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Family_tree_of_the_Greek_gods
  8. Call on Mercury to help  you to communicate a truth to yourself and then to others. 
  9. Work with the element AIR and breathe in/out pranic breathe into your BEing creating a cycle of Life Force in your body.  Feel it twirl with the figure 8 around you:  vertically and horizontally.

two bags of good fortune

Testimonial from Cem Tufekci

Cem Tufekci

“The work of Leonardo Da-Vinci,

The work of Albert Einstein,

The work of Toks Coker,

All Divine, all manifestation of the Primordial.

Being inspired by them is one thing; today I had the chance to work with you.

Thank you for going through all, in sake of holding this power together, for the people, for us.” 

Cem Tüfekçi,18.6.2012    http://tr.linkedin.com/pub/cem-tufekci/21/3aa/829

Testimonial from Gulden Tufekci

Mr & Mrs Tufekci“It is shocking to listen to somebody telling you things you feel but cannot say out loud even to yourself; but it is good.  It moves you on.  You are gentle and nice.  Thank you Toks.  I am very glad to know you!” Gulden Tufekci, 18.6.2012

two but not two


team toks

Please help me to raise money for the RNIB [blind and partially sighted] as I do the 10K on July 8 2012 in London.  We have all been training very hard to keep ourselves fit for this occasion.  Donating is simple, fast and totally secure and your details are safe with JustGiving. Once you donate, they’ll send your money directly to the charity and make sure Gift Aid is reclaimed on every eligible donation by a UK taxpayer. So it’s the most efficient way to donate.  You can also donate by texting HOLY77 £x to 70070. Any amount £1, £2, £5 helps, so please dig deep and donate now. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts and the soles of our feet for your generous support. Thank you. Thank you. http://www.justgiving.com/Toks-Coker

happy toks


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