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Super Full Moon Lunar Eclipse 28 September 2015

A Rare Occurrence: Happy Super Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse.

total lunar eclipse

We will be holding a powerful expansive DNA healing meditation on Monday 28 September from 7pm to 10pm. This is a time to really look at yourself deeply and celebrate your journey. Call forth your light, allow your light, release your past and eclipse it forever. Transcend your Soul and make Soul to Soul Connections.  Radiate your light from deep within you.  Allow your magnificence to shine through.  Allow your own expansion and be conscious of it as you walk through your portal gateway of yet another great ascension.  You will feel this energy and download actively and passively.  Relax and allow the potent energy to wash over you and through you.  Then rest and allow it to filter into your physical body, keeping yourself fully grounded, earthed, centred, strong and secure.

relaxing with Toks

Total Lunar EclipseSee you onclip_image001[499]Monday 28 September 2015 clip_image001[500]Full Moon in Aries & Sun in Libraclip_image001[501]Harvest Moon 03:52 BST Londonclip_image001[502]Element – Fire/Air

clip_image001[503]*SUPER FULL MOON clip_image001[504] TOTAL LUNAR ECLIPSE East Pacific, Americas, Europe, Africa, West Asia   The Eclipse will last 1 hour 11 minutes.  It will be 14% larger and brighter.  It is the last of a Tetrad of Blood Moons.

clip_image001[505] Book HERE  http://fullmoonaries2015.eventbrite.co.uk


LUNAR ECLIPSE  A Lunar Eclipse occurs when the Moon passes behind the Earth and the Earth blocks the Sun’s rays from striking the Moon. This can occur only when the Sun, Earth, and Moon are aligned exactly, or very closely, with the Earth in the middle. Hence, there is always a Full Moon the night of a Lunar Eclipse.  This Total Lunar Eclipse will be BRIGHTER and LARGER. It will be glorious and wonderful.  14% brighter than normal. I am looking out of my window now and enjoy the rainbow colours around the Moon.  How gloriously happy I am just looking at the beauty of Father Sky. On Monday it will be bigger and brighter.

LENGTH OF ECLIPSE  According to what part of the world you are in this Total Lunar Eclipse will start at 1.11am and last for 1 hour and 11 minutes.  We see the energy of 1, 11 and 111.  Do you remember the power of the numerology of 1, 11, 111 and 1111?  You can see the amazing movement of this Last Tetrad by clicking this link Total Lunar Eclipse

TETRAD  We have a ‘completion’ with this Super Full Moon.  It is the fourth Tetrad (15 April 2014, 8 October 2014, 4 April 2015 and 28 September 2015).  The next Tetrad Cycle is in 2032.  Did you know that there were no Tetrads between 1852 and 1908?  Yet in the next three centuries we will have 17 Tetrads.

SUPER MOON LUNAR ECLISPE happened in 1910, 1928, 1946, 1964, and 1982.  It will happen on Monday in 2015 and then MANY YEARS LATER in 2033.  Read more on these 3 links: Mail OnLine Super Moon      Lunar Eclipse NASA Moon       Total Eclipse

7779991, 11, 1111121212


I was watching the TV programme, Murdock Mysteries,  and observed how the main characters (Murdock and the Doctor Julia Ogden) where hiding their true feelings in the answers they gave to each other and to others.  The Game of Love is meant to be a happy boost but it is not.  I watched a man and woman who love each other watch each other –  not declaring their feelings – allowing each other to go out with other people while yearning for the other.

It made me think of all the lies we tell ourselves to justify our actions; and in the telling, we are hiding our true feelings and lying in the telling statements we make.  Why do we, as human beings, find it difficult to express how we feel when we love or like a person?  What is the hesitation?  What is the fear? What is the belief pattern we are holding onto that keeps us locked in this vortex of lies, deception and half truths? 

Later we see in the series that Doctor Julia Ogden has accepted another man to be her husband, whilst still loving her previous partner, Murdock; who is not saying anything to her.  She marries the man and is unhappy in her marriage.  She has a passionless marriage that is based on respect and love. She constantly longs for her passion with Murdock, her previous partner. 

There are many hidden things in a marriage – especially in a dishonest one.  Have you settled for a passion-less marriage or relationship?  Do you have a relationship based on love and mutual respect instead of passion? How many of you are living unhappy unfulfilled lives?  How many of you are lying to yourself? 

THE PAST   The past is only the past if it is dead and gone. Is your past dead and gone?  Is it really or are you pining for your past?  We do things we think are right.  And it costs us.  We regret it.  If we had to repeat our lives would we do the same things again and get the same results?  If I had to repeat my life again with the knowledge I have now I would do some things differently. What will the eclipse do for you?

MISTAKES Vs. TRUTH  Your mistakes do not define you.  What you do to correct the mistakes defines you.  What are you doing to correct your mistakes? How are you going to live your truth?  Or perhaps it is easier not to seek change.  We all know the story of Bruce Jenner now Caitlyn Jenner.  How willing are you ready to go to live your True Self?  Life can be a game of complications, contradictions, conspiracy, pretending, winning and loosing.  Life is a game of Truths and Lies.  What do  you choose?  I love the stories in Murdock Mysteries set in 19th century Toronto.   I love the characters, even the bad ones.  They all play their part very well.  I love the part Murdock says: “It is one mistake I can set right.” and “You will never know how much it cost me.”

shining moon


HISTORY AND BAD OMEN   Some people believe that eclipses portend a bad omen.  In 1935 there were 5 eclipses and we had WWII.  The number of minutes an eclipse last over a country means the length of times the nation would suffer.  We see the refugee disaster, famine, fire, wars, climate change, bad government, overpopulation, unhappy relationships, pain, suffering and deaths.  What is happening at the moment that is affecting humanity?  What is social media doing to your life and your relationships?  September has been a month of changes and surprises.  We have the refugees crisis on one level of pain and suffering; and we have the Pope on another level of hope and compassion.  Some say an Eclipse marks the beginning or ending of something bad.  What do you think?

MEANING of the word Eclipse (NEGATIVE)  In the Oxford Dictionary: any dimming or obstruction of light; a loss of importance; a loss of power; a loss of fame; to overshadow; to be overshadowed; overshadowing by another; to cast a shadow upon; shading; obscuration; to obscure; to blot out; to cloud; to darken; darkening; to dim; dimming; extinguish; shroud; veil; to surpass; exceed; excel; outdo; outshine; transcend; extinction; occultation; decline; diminution; failure; fall; loss; a forsaking; and to abandon.  It is to conceal, to be hidden, to obscure, to cover and to hide.

MEANING of the word Eclipse (POSITIVE)  The Eclipse illuminates, shines, reveals, outshines, and light ups. It uplifts, it shows, it distinguishes and it brightens. It opens up. It lightens.  It enlightens, shifts, and transforms. The Eclipse illuminates, shines, reveals, outshines, and light ups. It uplifts, it shows, it distinguishes and it brightens. It opens up. It lightens.  It enlightens, shifts, and transforms. It irradiates, it illumes, it clarifies, it elucidates, and it explains. It informs, it illustrates, it clears up, it puts into the picture, it shed lights and it makes clear. It shines, polishes, glosses, gleams, sparkles, twinkles and lustres. It excels, it stands out, it buffs, it glimmers, it glitters, it flickers, it flashes, it flows and it glows. It lifts, it elevates and it raises. It inspires, it enriches, it improves, it heartens, it stirs, it boosts, it lifts, it strengthens, and it lifts. It is stunning and is an all-inclusive private experience. It changes, it swings, it modifies, it transforms, it alters, it loosens, it cleans, it erases, it gets rid of negative things, it explains and it changes. It informs, instructs, tells and educates.

LIGHT Vs. DARK   What part of your life needs to shut down so you can allow more light in?  What needs to be removed from your life so you can feel free? What do you need to do to move your life forward?   How have you battered your Soul away with the decisions you have made?  What ‘blood money’ have you taken?  This is a BLOOD FULL MOON.  What unconscious energy are you projecting to others ‘consciously’ or ‘unconsciously’?  What lies are you denying?  Where are you projecting and setting off psychic attacks around you?  Where are you being defensive? 

ceremonial magic


TIME BETWEEN ECLIPSES   We have Eclipses.   We have the time between Eclipses.  We have the pairing of Eclipses – we have one on a New Moon (Solar Eclipse) and another on a Full Moon (Lunar Eclipse). We have beginnings and endings with Eclipses.  We have rhythm, movement and cycles of energy. The Time Between Eclipse is a time of great change, transformation and shifts.

Ryan PinnickWhat is life changing that has happened to you in the Time Between Eclipses?

In one of my Moon Wishes I asked for new friends and I made new friends during the Time Between Eclipses.  We made a time to meet up for lunch and another time to meet up for a discussion on the Genius of Life.  I met them at Ryan Pinnick’s Unleash Your Genius event, which was a team gift.  Ryan is a wonderful man full of energy and passion.  He has a lovely elegant lady who is beautiful inside and out. I spent four days with him and his absolutely wonderful team. Thank you Ryan Pinnick and team.

It was like I was constantly being gifted and gifted and gifted in the time between eclipses.  The Time between Eclipses is a great time to look at the nourishment in your life, the abundance and the closeness you have around you. What have you been doing during the Time between Eclipses?

downloadsECLIPSE TIME  There are lots of MAGNETIC DOWNLOADS during an Eclipse to receive and remember. We have been receiving a lot of MAGICAL DOWNLOADS this year 2015, an 8 year.  Monday is no exception.  We have signed up for a wonderful generation and a wonderful giving of gifting to ourselves and others.  The RIPPLE EFFECT OF THE TOTAL LUNAR ECLIPSE affects our karma – family karma, social karma, cultural karma, country karma, house karma.  It creates a TIME PORTAL of movement and flow through it MAGNIFICANT DOORWAYS and GATEWAYS.  This is a great time of CEREMONIAL MAGIC where SOUL MEETS SOUL.  The Eclipse is the time to start talking.  What ends during an Eclipse ends.  What begins during an Eclipse begins.  Make your Eclipses Times Well Spent.  Make your Gate a GATE OF MANIFESTATION with this Total Lunar Eclipse.  The Full Moon is a time of completeness, or fruition. RITUALS performed at this time can bring matters previously hidden out into the light.  Illumination, of the mind or the Soul, is encouraged by the Full Moon.  This is also a powerful time for Love.

light downloadTIME STOPS   When  you are in love TIME STOPS when you are with the person you love. Every time you see them (Murdock and the Doctor Julia Ogden) together you feel TIME HAS STOPPED. The atmosphere is pregnant with tense emotions and feelings as they both try to hide their true feelings. When have you felt that Time has Stopped in your life?  I have felt this at crucial times in my life when I was both happy and when I was shocked and sad.  Can you be yourself to yourself and with yourself?  That is what this Moon is asking.  Let Time Stop and be True to yourself.  There is only one way to find out what is True to Yourself. You take the actions that express your Truth and your Time Stopping process.  The I LOVE ME process.  

crystal grid matrix radiates from mother earth

NATURE DANCING IN ABSOLUTECHANCE ENCOUNTERS  What are the chance encounters you are experiencing? Are they good or bad experiences?  Are they scary and frightening?  Do they matter to you? Are you comfortable where you are?  Are you happy with where you are?  Do you love where you are in your life? Are your encounters helping you in being comfortable with your life?  How is the encounter with yourself and your life?

FULL MOON  What is full in your life?  Celebrate it.

SUPER FULL MOON  What is super in your life?  Celebrate it. Do you have a super-dooper relationship that is solid and balanced?  If your relationship is solid nothing will break it.  Something will happen to test it.  If you survive it you know your relationship is solid and safe and secure. Be ready for the test.  It could be with your family, friend and your private intimate relationship.  What will be revealed to you with this energy in September?

ECLIPSE What is hidden in your life?  What is revealed in your life?  Celebrate it. What is falling apart?  What is coming together?  Celebrate it. It is time to celebrate closure, openings and fullness of your life.   A time of great change, transformation and intense feelings.

FULL MOON IN ARIES  What makes you a leader?  What is your leadership quality? Celebrate it.  How are you directing your fire energy around you?  How are your unresolved ‘issues’ ‘disturbing’ you at the moment and ‘interfering’ with your life?  Are you living through your aspects and identity or your potential and genius?  Are you growing aggressive, defensive and driving people away that you want in your life?  Do you make people feel safe, defence, uneasy around you? 

SUN IN LIBRA  How are you balancing your life?  Celebrate it.  Is giving and receiving balanced or out of balance in your life? Are you in the way of your life?  Is there a constant seesaw emotion and action in your life?  Do you say one thing and do something different?  Is there a meeting in your mind?    Do we see things through or do we stop and not bother to complete tasks and give ourselves an excuse of why you did not complete the task?  A truly intellectual time.

      full moon coming your wayFull Moonwarrior energy


clip_image001[500]Invocation Blessing for clip_image001[503]SUPER FULL MOON in Aries & Sun in Libra  clip_image001[501]Harvest Moon clip_image001[504] TOTAL LUNAR ECLIPSERainbow

clip_image001[502]Element – Fire/Air clip_image001[499]Monday 28 September 2015Rainbow

brown shoes

We Greet You

With the Workers of Light

Downloading Magnetic Waves of Healing

Into Mother Earth Vortex Grid Centre

We Greet You

genius beaming

We Greet You

With Intense Activation of Love

Anointing Your Third Eye

Your Deep & Expansive Mastermind

We Greet You


We Greet You

With the  Awakening Spark of the Light Downloads

Alighting and Realigning You

In the True Matrix of Your Being

We Greet You


We Greet You

With Your Conscious Awakening

Celebrating Your Expansion

Your Deep Opening Greatness and Genius

We Greet You


We Greet You

With the Super Moon Total Lunar Eclipse

 Spiralling Karmic Clearing on All Levels

Unveiling & Revealing the Truth and the Way

We Greet You


We Greet You

With the Invincibility of Energy

Treasuring Your Physical Body

Grounding You Here on Earth

We Greet You

golden light of timeCelebrating your magnificent

We Greet You

With Your Golden Light of Time

Dancing the Happiness Tune

Celebrating Your Magnificent You

We Greet You

mark chapman and toks coker

We Greet You

With the Gift of Great Encounters

Enchanting Moments in Life

Filling Your Soul with Joy 

We Greet You


We Greet You

With Healing Passionate Intensity

Filling Your Life with Love

Giving You an Extraordinarily Happy Life

We Greet You

sacred rays

We Greet You

With the Powerful Waves of Energy

Downloading Sacred Rays of Light

Healing You and the World with Permission & Choice

We Greet You

Receiving LightReceiving LightReceiving Light

We Greet You

With the Anchoring Light of the Eclipse

Pouring Forth Light into Your Crown

Filling Your Spinal Column and Body with Light

We Greet You

radiating inner essence

We Greet You

With the Beaming Light of the Shining Super Full Moon

Joyfully Radiating Your Inner Essence

Your Professional Vortex of Success

We Greet You


We Greet You

With the Distinction of You

Radiating Your Inner Pure Heart

Your Powerful Spiritual Respectability

We Greet You


We Greet You

With the Cosmic Rays of Light

Increasing Your Daily Dose of Love

Filling Your Life with Goodness

We Greet You


We Greet You

With the Sacred Bow of Life

Honouring the Sacredness of Mother Earth

Revering Your Spiritual Greatness

We Greet You


We Greet You

With the Light Codes of Life

Inviting in Life, Hope, Compassion and Honesty

Discovering Sacred Beauty in Your Divine Heart

We Greet You


We Greet You

With the Energy of Sacred Friendship

Amplifying and Sharing Great Divine Qualities

Healing, Wisdom, Kindness, Insights

We Greet You


We Greet You

With the Activation of Soul to Soul Connection

Magnetically Drawing Great Connections

With Magical Magnificent Manifestations

We Greet You

genius couple

We Greet You

With the Energy of Inspirational Love

Calling Forth Your Brilliance

Your Intelligence Your  Greatness

We Greet


We Greet You

With Sacred Moments of Love

Capturing the Essence of Your Relationship

Adorning Your Soul Heart with Peace

We Greet You


We Greet You

With the Tracks You Have Made

Translating Your Lessons

In the Greatness of Your Life

We Greet You

Genius HarjeetGenius GraceGenius Roshina EmpathGenius Toks

We Greet You

We Greet You

We Greet You

Channelled by Toks Beverley Coker for the Super Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse Monday 28 September

Alina Gaboran’s painting.

Here are some of Alina’s painting I am sharing with the energy of this Super Full Moon.  You can reach her on  alina.gaboran@yahoo.com  Thank you Alina.

Transcendind Maya10411255_1081870495172189_7067742165888650423_nAwakening of Kundalini GoddessNaked LightSerpent MetamorphosisNATURE DANCING IN ABSOLUTEQUETZALCOATL AWAKENSExpanded CounsciousnessLucid dream



  1. Reading this generous page, what stands out for you the most?
  2. What should be your main concern in your life?
  3. What is hidden / revealed in your life right now?
  4. What are you going to do?

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Full Moon in Libra Total Lunar Eclipse 4 April 2015

Happy Pink Full Moon and  Happy Total Lunar Eclipse.

Total Lunar Eclipse4 APRIL FULL MOON

clip_image001[435] Saturday 4 April 2015 clip_image001[436] Full Moon in Libra – Sun in Ariesclip_image001[437] Pink Moon – 13:07 BST London

clip_image001[438] Element – Air/Fire clip_image001[439] TOTAL LUNAR ECLIPSE TOTAL in Asia,   Australia, Pacific, and Americas

clip_image001[440] See you 4 April.  I will be doing a link in meditation from 12.30pm-1.30pm and from 8pm-9pm.  I will be sending distant healing from 8pm-9pm.  I will be  holding a meditation from 7pm-10pm.  Book HERE for the Meditation or pay correct cash amount at the door.   http://fullmoonlibra2015.eventbrite.co.uk

eye of spirit

Energy of Now: We exist in what unites us.

Pink Full Moon with Total Lunar Eclipse


Timeless HealingIn the timelessness of time the sky plays for us the Alchemical Marriage of Union, Unity and Oneness; when the earth, moon and sun line up.  We have a ‘marriage’, a ‘union’, and a ‘oneness’ all at once.  We; the spectators gather to witness this natural phenomena. The celestial sky moves at its own time and lets us know in the timeless energy of time.  In the vortex of time and no time we have a marriage of natural flow.  How auspicious for us.  Where is your auspicious marriage in your life?

We say the Alchemical Marriage of the Moon, Earth and Sun on the 20 March; when we had a spectacular Solar Eclipse with the New Moon in Pisces.  We will see and  witness another Alchemical Marriage on 4 April; when we will have the wonderful Lunar Eclipse with the Full Moon in Libra.  AND we all know Libra is about relationships and falling in love with love.  This will be a very romantic celebration.


The time in between the eclipses is a powerful vortex of time where a lot is stirred up in the cauldron. This magical cauldron, which is your life, will stir up a lot of things that need to be addressed.  They will niggle at you and make you feel uncomfortable, unsettled and maybe even displaced. 

timetimeA time between eclipse is a time to bring out your warrior spirit.

In terms of relationships:  If there is a break up looming something will happen to reveal it.  In terms of business: If there is more of you to show the world; something will trigger you to put yourself out there.  In terms of action: If there is something you have to do; you will be moved to do it.  In terms of health: If there is a health issue you need to address; the warning signs will be there for you to action. 

The time between eclipse is like being in a delicious sandwich. You cannot wait to taste your life.  Or rather you have no choice in the taste of your sandwich.  It is as if you have no control of your life!  The sandwich may be to your liking or it may not be.  You will know it is not to your liking when you find you have experienced any sudden emotional outbursts; you have dropped the phone on a person annoying  you; you have withdrawn from a so-called loved one; you have removed yourself from doing something you know you should do and still you do not do it!  The time in between eclipses is a time of change, sudden emotional outbursts; as well as, a change for the better.   You question your life and your decisions and you feel confused, undecided and helpless.  This really is a wonderful way to not feel happy!!!!  A challenging time for everyone.  However, like I have said many times, through the chaos we get the clarity.


Time is now Daniel Pietrzak What patterns are being revealed in your life during this time between eclipses.  What patterns do you not like?  Is it a pattern of overeating; are you putting on weight or have you noticed your bad sleeping patterns.  Perhaps you are in a relationship that is not making you happy.  Perhaps you keep longing for the same type of person who is not able to commit to you.

Feeling gutted at these patterns help you to see where you need to shine your torch light of change.  The hot spot of your life is highlighted; when you really notice your uncomfortable experience; and observe yourself in the play of your life.  Is this a pattern you have been repeating for a while and you now realise it does not serve you?  The time for change is here.  The time is NOW.


Candle for ProtectionAbove all be aware of what you want to achieved as you journey through the mud of your emotions, which are important; as they tell you how you feel personally; and what is real for you.  Through knowing what you do  not like you know what you do like and what you do want. 

Fears  Your FEARS are False Evidence Appearing Real.  Do not allow them to consume you and create a state of inertia in your life.  Allow the power of this Full Moon to illuminate your fears and feel them and then say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.  Put your hand out and make a power stand and say with your body and your hands ENOUGTH IS ENOUGH.  This is a cleaning eclipse on many levels.

Are you now able to create and manifest what you do want?  Yes you are.

FIRE AND AIR ELEMENThealing crystal candle

We will be working with both the fire and air elements in the Workshop.  We will kindle the flame from within.  We will communicate with it.  We will ignite it to full blossoming. We will be healing the pain and sorrow within with the energy of Fire and setting ourselves free with the energy of Air; feeling liberated in the expression of our blooming. The guided meditation will help with all of this. 


Last New Moon in Pisces I spoke about saying PLEASE, THANK YOU and SORRY.  This Full Moon at the Workshop I will be speaking about an exercise to do to help you release any resistance to saying any of these powerful words – PLEASE, THANK YOU, and SORRY.  The picture of the Healing Crystal Candle can start to help you with this exercise now. 

This Full Moon Eclipse is a powerful movement of energy that forces us to look at our relationships – we have Libra with Aries – Libra is about relationships and Aires is about leadership.  What needs to change in the dynamics of your relationship.  One of the most important things is learning to say PLEASE, THANK YOU AND SORRY.  Not from a weak point or a subservient point.  But from a wholesome healing point of view. If you find this difficult to do I can help you.  Book a session with me.  If this is an aspect you have to change in your interactions with your relationships – even if you do not want to change it – the Universe will set it up so you change it or you will continue to suffer the pain of anguish you feel.  The choice, after all, is yours. What internal and external changes do you need to make to be happier in your interactions?



Stack of Matzoth from kosherstock.jpgOn Friday 3 April 2015, we celebrate the LIBERATION of the Jewish people from slavery in Egypt.  We celebrate Moses fearlessly challenging the Egyptian Pharaoh, symbol of power and authority.  He stands strong in his faith and in his belief.  He knows that he will win and save his people.  He won with the help of Adonai – this is winning with the power of Divine Intervention and Prayer.  Moses had a strong fighting spirit and activated it with believe in God, Adonai.

Celebrating Passover the Jews will only eat Matzah bread; which is unleavened bread. It is the Food of Faith.  They will eat the Bread of Affliction for seven days because they came out of the land of Egypt in haste and to remind them of the day they left Egypt for as long as they live.  The Jewish Passover Seder is a meal full of symbols of salvation.  Jesus on crossJesus with the Holy Women


On Friday 3 April 2015, we celebrate Good Friday with the Christians. It is the day Jesus Christ was crucified and died for our sins. 

We celebrated his birth on Christmas Day and celebrate his death on Good Friday.  It is good because he died for our sins.


On Saturday 4 April, the day of the Eclipse and Full Moon, the Christians celebrate BLACK SATRUDAY, the day Jesus Christ body is laid in the tomb.  Mary is silent and suffering from grief at the death of her son. 


On Sunday 5 April, we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. It is known as RESURRECTION SUNDAY.

On this day the PASSION OF CHRIST is remembered.  For the Christians this period begins with his triumphant entry into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday.  Palm leaves where laid down for him as he entered Jerusalem.  This was a happy triumphant occasion. The story continues with the famous Last Supper where he ate unleavened bread – the matzah – with his 12 disciples.   The story continues with his Agony in the Garden.  Then his betrayal with a kiss from Judas. “Judas, why do you betray me with a kiss?”  As he is arrested; he goes to trial; and is found guilty; and then executed by crucifixion.   Easter Sunday is the ending and is called PASSION SUNDAY. You can read more about this on wikipedia THE PASSIONJesusChrist Consciousness


Did you know that Jesus Christ ate Matzah bread at the Last Supper?  During the Jewish Passover, the Jews eat Matzah bread for seven days.  I love this similarity in religions.  I like is the fact that the Eclipse is between the two Easter Days on Holy Saturday.  It makes sense that first we see his body and then we do not because he is risen.  He has resurrected.  He has had an alchemical resurrection of his True Self as the Son of God.  I really believe the natural rhythm of life affects us all.  The Full Moon, the New Moon, the events that happened many moons ago. Life really is linked on many levels. At the beginning of this inspiring blog I wrote:  Energy of Now: We exist in what unites us.


The time has come for us to know we have bloomed and blossomed many times.    A day to go to your heart and find out how it is!!!  When last did you ask your heart how it is?  This really is a time TO MERGE WITH YOUR INFINITE HEART. What would it be like if you could have co-creation, blooming, co-operation of partnerships and working in harmony collectively in groups?  Allow your own blossoming and shine the light on your gloriousness and possibilities of an INFINITE HEART. Are you ready for the shift or do you find change difficult?

rainbow heart

Full Moon
moon lunar eclipse 15 May 2014 Stephanie Harrison3total lunar eclipse 2014 full moon in aries HUNTERS MOONmoon total lunar eclipse

A Lunar Eclipse occurs when the MOON passes BEHIND the EARTH and the EARTH blocks the SUN’s ray from striking the MOON.  It only happens when the Sun Earth and Moon are aligned close to earth, with earth in the middle.  There is always a Full Moon on the night of the Lunar Eclipse.  We may see the setting eclipsed full moon and rising sun at the same time in the sky. The Total Lunar Eclipse is the LINE UP of Sun Earth Moon -  moon goes through earth’s shadow -  earth hides sun. 

This magnificent Lunar Eclipse is known by a few names such as the BLOOD MOON, and the PINK MOON. This Total Lunar Eclipse is under 5 minutes.  You will see a wonderful RING OF FIRE around the Earth. This means we will see EVERY SUNRISE and EVERY SUNSET AROUND THE WORLD: ALL AT ONCE.  I love that.

It is rare scientifically because it is part of a series of four rare total lunar eclipses in a row, known as a TETRAD, which I mentioned in previous blog postings. The first one was in April 15 2014, then October 8 2014. The next one is on April 4 2015 and and the final one on September 28 2015.

We will soon be completing this TETRAD. As we are in the Tetrad we are in the INBETWEEN TIME to the completion.  This time marks a wonderful process of change personally and globally.  What can you see has changed over the year?  What were you doing during the last total eclipses of the magnificent TETRAD? What was the Energy of Now like then?  To find out you can read my blog posts on  1st Tetrad 15 April 2014 and 2nd Tetrad 8 October 2014


A video from Science NASA for the Total Lunar Eclipse on 4 April.  NASA Total Lunar Eclipse 4 April 2015

Two videos on what an Total Lunar Eclipse looks like   What a Total Lunar Eclipse looks like and  4 minutes 43 seconds Total Lunar Eclipse 4/4/2015

The video from NASA on the sky in the month of April.  Click NASA April 2015 Sky

  1. Total Solar Eclipse 20 March 2015   NASA Total Solar Eclipse 20 March 2015
  2. Total Lunar Eclipse 4 April 2015    NASA Total Lunar Eclipse 4 April 2015
  3. Partial Solar Eclipse 13 September 2015   NASA Partial Solar Eclipse 13 September 2015
  4. Total Lunar Eclipse 28 September 2015    NASA Total Lunar Eclipse 28 September 2015


Energy of Now: Hindu Goddess Durga

We will be calling in the energy of the Goddess Durga with this Total Lunar Eclipse!  She is a powerful force.  And during this time we need a powerful force to protect us, energise us, rejuvenate us, fight for us, and empower us: to prepare us to go forward with confidence and courage into the unknown.  Durga is the Mother of the Universe and is the Infinite Power of the Universe.  She is both the dynamic male and the dynamic female.

Chants of Durga   I am sharing chants that I was guided to share with you all with this Total Lunar Eclipse. Click on the links below to listen.  You can listen in stillness for a few minutes or while you busy yourself with other things.  Just allow the chant to seep through your auric field and feeling the healing energy of sound and the power of the vortex of Ether, the fifth element.  The Power of the Voice is the Power of Movement in Air.

  1. The chant is Om Dum Durgayei Namaha.  Om Dum Durgayei Namaha
  2. The chant is 1000 Names of Durga  1000 Names of Durga
  3. Enjoy the 9 Forms of Durga  9 Forms of Durga

Creation of Durga   Durga is a lady of many names and many forms. Durga was created to slay the buffalo demon by all the gods (the three greater gods: Brahma – creator, Vishnu – preserver, and Shiva – destroyer; and the lesser gods). They gave her all their divine weapons, power, radiance, and magic.  She is the manifestation of many gods.  Each of the gods form part of her body.  So we see that Durga was created by joining all the magical forces together; with both powerful female and male energies.  She activates great power from deep within her – her divine inner power is the true source of power.

Goddess Durga  Image - 1Meaning  Her names DURGA means – the inaccessible.  She really is. Durga was created to destroy evil forces and negative energies around you.  She is the destroyer of evil, sins, injustice, cruelty, laziness, disease, poverty, suffering, famine, evil habits, and more. She eliminates suffering and miseries of the world.   The power of unity is what Durga represents.  When we come together to fight evil and imbalance by the evil negative forces we create order as we unite in one course – to create peace and order.  We become one mighty force – Durga.  We become Shakti Durga.  SHAKTI is the force that destroys evil – it the power of the almighty to destroy anything negative that causes imbalance in the world or the universe. Shakti is the power, the creative energy of life, the source of all power, the one, the one universal power. Every god has a Shakti and without a Shakti the god has no power!  Shakti is an aspect of the Divine – invincible, formless, nameless!

Many Forms of Durga  Durga is the Mother of the Universe. She has many forms and many incarnations. She is everywhere all at once.  Durga is Shakti, wife of Shiva. Durga is Uma or Parvati  (The metabolic energy called Kundalini is symbolized as Parvati.).  Durga is Lakshmi, wife of Vishnu.  Durga is Saraswati goddess of music and wisdom.  Durga is Kali.  Durga is Chandi.  Durga is Padmanabha-Sahodari and Naryani, the sisters of Lord Vishnu.  Durga is everywhere.

TGoddess Durga  Image - 5here is a NAVARATI FESTIVAL later this year (13-21 October 2015) when Druga is celebrated over 9 Days. Each day an aspect of her is celebrated.  The first 3 days destroy all impurities, vices, and defects.  The next 3 days invoke her as Lakshmi, giver of spiritual and material wealth and prosperity.  The last 3 days invoke her as Saraswati, goddess of wisdom, for all round success in ones life. 

Animal Totems  Her animal totems are the tiger or the lion.

Magical Divine Weapons  She has many magical Divine weapons.  My favourite is her bow and arrow – when she shoots one arrow it flies off as a thousand arrows and attacks the one thousand enemies.  I also like the idea of the flaming sword that flies at the enemy destroying it.

Her Magical Divine Weapons are the trident (from Shiva), the discus, the chakra (from Vishnu), the scimitar, the lasso, the conch shell, the mace, the bow and arrow, the spear, the sword, the shield, the bell, the pink lotus flower, the battle-axe, the thunderbolt, the elephant goad, the snake, the rod, the spade, the vajra, the goblet, the hammer, the iron weapon, the weapon made out of thorns, the javelin, the dagger. 

Durga enables change which is necessary with this Eclipse as it brings dramatic, sudden; as well as; gentle change.  What type of change has this energy brought you. 

I got the sparkly images from the blog printed on the pictures.  You can get them from there too. They are simply lovely images. 

Fire Goddess

Invocation Blessing for the Total Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in Libra with Sun in Aries

4/4/2015  (a 7 day) © Toks Coker 2015

xFull Moon Rainbow Money

I Greet You

With the Full Moon Rainbow Money from Lakshmi

Adorning You with Joyful Healing Money

Safely on Your Earthly Plane of Life

I Greet You


I Greet You

With the Divine Mystical Snake

Respectfully Revealing Your Pain, Errors, Regrets and Suffering

Shedding Your Layers of Pain, Errors, Regrets and Suffering

I Greet You

AIR peace freedom space

I Greet You

With the Liberation of Your Soul

Flying High Flying High Feeling Free

In the Resurrection of Your True Self

I Greet You

Atlanta Clients

I Greet You

With Happy Memories

Full Moon Illuminating in the Vortex of Your Mind

Future Happy Memories Already Happening

I Greet You

Christ Consciousness

I Greet You

With Christ Consciousness

Celebrating His Sacred Heart

His Eternal Love for Mankind

I Greet You

Golden Bowl of Lotus Light

I Greet You

With the Golden Bowl of Lotus Light

Spiralling in the Vortex of Your Heart

Cleansing Your Core

I Greet You

protecting your light

I Greet You

With the Angels of Change

Surrounding You in Your Darkness

Protecting Your Light & Allowing Your Change

I Greet Yu

eye of spirit

I Greet You

With the Sacred Eye of the Divine

Cleansing Your ‘Rubbish’ Baggage

Anchoring Your Spirit Back Home to You

I Greet You

Pillar of Light

I Greet You

With the Light of the Crystal Pillar

Radiating its Global Essence

To the World

I Greet You

Divine Connection

I Greet You

With the Sacred Marriage Within You

Revealing the Truth of Healing Love

In the Ascension of Your Union with Yourself

I Greet You

Global Pyramid

I Greet You

In Your Global Lapis Lazuli Pyramid

Forming a Merkaba Around You

A Thousand Fold Increasing Your Balanced Secure Vortex

I Greet You

sorrow candle

I Greet You

With the Total Lunar Eclipse Energy Candle

Illuminating, Revealing, then Burning Away

Your Feelings of Loss, Separation, Divorce, Death, Abandonment

I Greet You

4 Crystals

I Greet You

With the Energy of 4 Crystals

Red Jasper, Citrine, Clear Quartz and Carnelian

Settling Your Confusion and Overwhelm

I Greet You

relationship cancle

I Greet You

With the Fire Element of the Total Lunar Eclipse

Activating Your Infinite Heart

In the Healing of Your Physical Heart

I Greet You

You are a Pure Heart

I Greet You

With a Pure Heart

Because You Have a Pure Heart

You Are A Pure Heart

I Greet You


I Greet You

With the Power of Engagement

Understanding Your Relationships With Ease

In the Healing Changing Portal of Time

I Greet You

Toks Coker, the HostessToks as IsisToks Coker the Golden Goddess

Joyfully I Greet You

Graciously I Greet You

I Greet You

I Greet You

I Greet You

Channelled by Toks Beverley Coker for the Total Solar Eclipse Full Moon on 4 April 2015

     Invocation BlessingI-am-Hands-of-Light5hands of light blog pic

Invocation Blessing Audio

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April Celebrations

Every day is a special day. I have shared a few dates here for you to celebrate if you want.  Put them in your diary and use them as an opportunity for you to light a candle for the world and global  healing on a phenomenal level.  handsoflight evokes bundles of laughter, joy and happiness for you in 2015

  1. 2    Maundy Thursday
  2. 3    First Day of Passover / Good Friday – BANK HOLIDAY
  3. 4    Holy Saturday / FULL MOON / TOTAL LUNAR ECLIPSE
  4. 5    Easter Sunday
  5. 6    Easter Monday
  6. 10   Orthodox Good Friday
  7. 11   Final Day of Passover
  8. 12   Orthodox Easter Sunday
  9. 15-16   Yom HaShoah
  10. 22   EARTH DAY
  11. 22-23  Yom HaAtzmaut
  12. 23   St. George’s Day / Shakespeare Day
  13. 28   Invocation of Nam Myoho Renge Kyo

Commitment to your happiness


I have been working with Toks using Time Line Therapy which has been hugely effective. Every session has left me feeling completely different. The value is something huge has shifted in me and I feel like I have more clarity and am more in my power. I have had major shifts in my consciousness and personal power; and I notice the impact that this has on those around me, especially my daughter. I am enjoying working with Toks. Thank you. Blessing love light and a huge thank you.    Xx Jo Manual     www.specialyoga.org.uk

moon meditationTotal Lunare Eclipse



  1. List the outbursts, upheaval, turmoil and tears you have had to go through in the past 7 days leading   up to this Total Lunar Eclipse Red/Pink Full Moon.
  2. List what has been revealed to you through the upheavals in the past 7 days.
  3. What insight, knowing, feelings, thoughts, and beliefs have your realised serve you; and what do not serve you?

DAY OF FULL MOON 04/04/2015

  1. What was hidden has been revealed with the eclipse energy portal of 4/4/2015. 4 APRIL FULL MOON What was hidden that has been revealed to you?
  2. What realisations and insights have you had on 04/04/2015? 
  3. What was the message you got from the Workshop?
  4. What did you bloom on this day.
  5. What had you bloomed before this day.
  6. How empowered do you feel in the portal of who you are after the workshop?  Where is your auspicious marriage in your life?
  7. Exercises:  What was it like doing the exercises?  Which was your favourite?  How did you feel with the healing you gave and the healing you received?  What messages came to you as you created the Sacred Crystal Grid?  How did you like the Invocation Blessing meditation? What type of change has this energy brought you. What did you get from the relationship exercise?  What needs to change or be rearranged in your relationships?


  1. Be aware and notice if you have any more outbursts in the next 7 days after the eclipse full moon.  List the next set of outbursts, upheaval you go through in the next 7 days following this Full Moon.  Notice how they are different or similar.  Notice if they are milder or stronger?
  2. List what has been revealed to you in the next 7 days, following this Full Moon.
  3. What insight, knowing, feelings, thoughts, and beliefs have your realised serve you; and what do not serve you?
  4. What intuitive empowering feelings and knowing’s have you felt; that have freed you and empowered you from your ‘inertia’.
  5. How are you loving yourself more? How are you loving others more?
  6. How are you respecting yourself more? How are you respecting others more?
  7. What actions have you taken that you did not take before?
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a channel for divine healing power

Full Mon in Aries Lunar Eclipse 8 October 2014

helloYou are beautiful, Love Genevieve


888 total lunarDid you know that you are the best people to be wealthy and wise?  Did you know that your dream is inside of you waiting to be birthed and blossomed?  Did you know that Winners never quit and Quitters never win?  Did you know that today is a good day to celebrate you, wherever you are right now, where you have been a winner and where you have never quitted?  This Full Moon in Aries, which is ruled by Mars, God of War; it is known as the Hunters Moon.  The Total Lunar Eclipse comes before the Full Moon which is at 11:51 BST.  I did the meditation from 10:30am till 12:30pm with breaks in between to take account of the beginning, middle and end of the Total Lunar Eclipse.  It was absolutely amazing.  The downloads were amazing.  You can click on the links below to find out more about it.  It is so nice watching the sun start to hit the moon after the Total Lunar Eclipse.  Below is a very in-depth Energy of Now portal for you to enjoy over the next few days.  See you tonight at 7pm.

Wednesday 8 October 2014 is the RainbowFull Moon in Aries with Sun in Libra (Hunter’s Moon). It is also a wonderful TOTAL LUNAR ECLIPSE (which will be seen in West Asia, West in Australia, Parts of North America, East in South America).  The Time of Full Moon 11.51 BST London. The Element is Fire/Air.

For more details and to book, click here:www.fullmoonaries2014.eventbrite.co.uk

October is a month of many different celebrations: 4 4 4 4new day new beginning

4   Feast of St Francis of Assisi   / Yom Kippur

5   Eid-al-Adha / World Teachers Day UNESCO 

9   First day of Sukkot    / Birthday of Guru Ram Das

15  Last day of Sukkot   / Al-Hijira

16  Shmini Atzeret    /Simchat Torah

20  Birth of the Bab (Bahai)

23    Diwali / Deepavali Festival / New Moon & Sun in Scorpio PARTIAL SOLAR ECLIPSE  Time of Eclipse 22:57 BST London For m6 6 6ore details and to book, click 11 things to do exquisitelyhere:www.newmoonscorpio2014.eventbrite.co.uk

24    United Nations Day

25    Muharram / Islamic New Year


31    Halloween

Did you celebrate Word Teachers Day on 5 October?  Did you say THANK YOU to a teacher who has taught you?  Did you say THANK YOU to a teacher you know is doing a good job?  Have you say THANK YOU to a teacher? Then do so now.  http://www.worldteachersday.org/map/index.php/page/index/1

What is RARE about Total Lunar Eclipse SCIENTIFICALLY?

    Full Moonmoon lunar eclipse 15 May 2014 Stephanie Harrison3total lunar eclipse 2014 full moon in aries HUNTERS MOONmoon total lunar eclipse

A Lunar Eclipse occurs when the MOON passes BEHIND the EARTH and the EARTH blocks the SUN’s ray from striking the MOON.  It only happens when the Sun Earth and Moon are aligned close to earth, with earth in the middle.  There is always a Full Moon on the night of the Lunar Eclipse.

For me it is a RARE ECLIPSE because I saw it live on the computer in my flat and I meditated from 10.30am to 1.30pm linking in to 3 different meditation and linking in with the time of the actual eclipse via live stream. 

It is rare scientifically because it is part of a series of four rare total lunar eclipses in a row, known as a TETRAD, which I mentioned in previous blog postings. The first one was in April 15 2014, then this one October 8 2014. The next two will be in 2015 on April 4 and September 28.  

It is also rare because it might be a rare SELENELION – a celestial event in which the setting eclipsed full moon and rising sun can be seen in the same sky. 

It will also be a BLOOD MOON or really a COPPER ORANGE MOON at its peak today when the moon will be high in the sky.  You may see  colours around the moon:  red, blue, turquoise.   Click RARE eclipse to see video by NASA.  It is the HUNTER’S MOON.  The Total Lunar Eclipse is the LINE UP of Sun Earth Moon -  moon goes through earth’s shadow -  earth hides sun.   We have a Round Ring of Fire

The planet Uranus is close to the Moon around this time. There are a cluster of stars near the moon today during this eclipse.  They are the stars of Pisces.

shadow light

The Energy of Now: Aries Full Moon & Libra Sun with Total Lunar Eclipse 8 October 2014

Leaders   In my last blog post I talk about cardinal signs (Aries, Libra, Cancer, Capricorn), being signs of natural leadership and go-getters.  Both Aries and Libra are similar and are opposites.   In this blog I will write about their opposites energy and the contradictions we live in our lives.  

Crystal MoonContradictions   Aries is a sign of masculine active aggressive action while Libra is the feminine Venus loving energy. We have god of War on one side and Goddess of Love on the other side. The vortex energy of this Lunar Eclipse brings with it CONTRADICTIONS from both Aries and Libra.  Libra is indecisive; hesitating before making a decision.  Aries is DECISIVE and impatient with indecision.  Aries is impulsive, wanting immediate action and reaction.  Aries is aggressive, independent, assertive, head strong and quick; while Libra is passive, slower, seeking balance and harmony in everything; and wanting to share everything.  If you find this extreme energy affecting you by creating a lot of inner turmoil within your thinking and your doing; you know you are being influenced by the energy dynamics of two very powerful opposing forces.. Do you concentrate on your relationship or your career?  Do you take only for yourself or do you share?  Really this is a great time to be aware of this contradictions in  your life.  What contradictions are you living???. 

Information Overload  Did I tell you there will be a lot of information overload around this time?  No, well there is.  Can you not feel it in your life around you now?  There is so much to know and so much to do and so much to share so people know you know!!!!

crying for helpSudden Strong Emotions  will suddenly arise from no where!  You will loose your cool and feel yourself boiling up and looking at the person talking to you thinking: “Why is this person in front of me saying what they are saying? What right do they have to say that about my life?” 

Lingering Anger  This feeling may prevail for a few days after the incident.  This lingering of anger and annoyance is yet to create an eruption. It started years or months or weeks or days ago.  You are experiencing this lingering anger due to the fact that you have kept silent and not spoken your mind.  You have been nice or polite in the past.  But you are having a feeling not to be nice anymore!

AllowingPracticing Anger is crucial at this time because we need to recognise what is making us angry.  Perhaps you have been pleasing people who do not see you as a priority.  Perhaps you have been pleasing others to be liked and you are tired of this.  Perhaps you have been bullied and controlled for so long and it is time to stop this happening to you.  Perhaps you need to stop being a victim and start living your life. This is such a wonderful and challenging time for you; and the decisions you make today, will affect you for the next few weeks, months and years. 

Choose  Choose to start living your dream.  Choose to start living your life.  Choose because you choose to.  Choose to stop living out your mother’s /father’s /etc. idea of what type of life you should have.  Choose to be authentic to who you are becoming now.  Do not live in your past.  Do not let your past dictate your life. 

ExpansivenessFire rises and Air encourages it.  We have two energies working together and working against each other all at once.  This is the challenge as some of you will experience in your personal relationships. FIRE up your life with the spark of motivation and action to be more than you thought possible.  This powerful vortex of healing FIRE ENERGY is really a time of great purification and resurrection.  Fire is expansive and adventurous.   Fire is liberating and exciting.  Dance in the flame of fire.  Merge with the flame energy.  Be at one with the flame energy.  There are many ways to work with the energy of fire and we will be working with some of them during the workshop. 

blessings from the light of the full moon lunar eclipseJudgment from Others on Your Life This TOTAL LUNAR ECLIPSE reveals secrets buried deep within you that you want no one to know about.  You do not want them to be known by others and you definitely do not like others talking about your life, from their own perspective. Your Truth is Your Truth, not these to discuss as they want.  Not to be shared to them on any level.

Denial   You do not want to reveal the past; even to yourself.  You want to keep it hidden; as if keeping it hidden; will enable you to live a happy life; and you can pretend IT never happened and it was all a bad dream.  This is the fear of your truth coming out, truth that is known only to you and not to others.  This is the part of yourself you want to keep private and confidential; and find that it is not!  Others have their own opinion about your live and you cannot stop their opinion; as it is forged by their own private lives and experiences.  You know that you cannot know everything about their private lives; but they have no right to discuss your life!!!  Can you feel the vortex of rage building up? Our rage at their judgement of our lives can be intoxicating!  Watch out for this. So is the best thing not to have any opinions?  Do you have opinions about other people and do you share it sometimes or always?  Then why get angry when others do the same with your life?

Creative Kindness of LoveThroat Chakra  We mentioned the energy of the THROAT CHAKRA being a strong powerful vortex of utterances in our last blog posting.  The need to cough and clear your throat is important with this Full Moon.  You may have a cold or cough that slows you down and tells you to go inward – like to the womb – away from others.  You need to roar like a lion or a tiger or howl like a dog or a wolf. This is the time to sound and express your pain.  Speak you must.  Be heard you must.  Your desire to express boldly is important to your clarity in your own personal life.  Be clear.  You may ramble as you try to get clarity.  Ramble till you get to the place of clarity.  Well Done. 

Boundaries  This is the time to be clear about your boundaries and to declare your boundaries.  This is the time to celebrate how you have done that and how you are going to continue doing that.

Wisdom Life ReadingsCelebration   What you have done to date; that makes you proud of yourself?  Did you celebrate your birthday, a new job; a real realisation of personal power; or greatness of your potential.  Could you be celebrating a new you birthing this Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse?

Alignments  More alignments will be happening at this Moon Gathering tonight with me, Toks Coker; activating more Soul Healing.  The Cosmic movements all gather to create a magnificent energy vortex of fast spiralling energy; activating a FIRE SPIRAL OF LOVE and FORGIVENESS.  Bringing in the energy personally for you all will be a wonderful honour and privilege for me, Toks Coker.  Prepare to be moved. Prepare to feel it.  Prepare for the overload and the intensity of the loving portal of unconditional love.  You will feel the healing codes and light stars entering you body with a jolt.  Then you will know that you are on your path of more ascension – if you are ready and wanting.  The whole of this year has seen a lot of energies coming into Mother Earth through the vortex of AIR and FIRE.  This particular download will be full of FIRE CODES and SPIRALING AIR CODES.  You will see the symbols and shapes specially sent down for you.  BE ready to receive them.  I, Toks Coker, will be holding the vortex in the Moon Gathering tonight.  Come one, Come all.  You have to be here to receive.  If you cannot be here you can link in and pay on line £44.

crystal buddhasTrust You will find yourself questioning your abilities and your sense of duty with your work, your family, your partnership, as well as,  with yourself.  The questioning triggers the need for TRUTH and TRUST.  This is the time to Trust your process and the way you are developing; though you may not notice you are developing; and that you have developed a lot this year, especially in the last 3 months.  Take a minute to really feel the last sentence and note how you have changed, and developed over the past 3 months.  Celebrate that.  Trust yourself more.  This vortex will be bringing in the energy of the vortex tonight. 

hands to pray and protectProblems   Practical application to your specific problems or issues will be dealt with in this powerful vortex of healing light Full  Moon Circle gathering.  Your Soul Plan will be downloaded to you during this vortex as the heavens open up to you.  All you have to do is allow yourself to receive the impressive, magnetic messages of empowerment for your personal life. Are you ready to receive this?  Are you here tonight? 

Support Others  This is a time to support others in their transition; as it is not only  you going through a healing transition.  This transition will invite in a fullness of spirit light and help you release and challenge your fears.  Anything that involves releasing fears may be turbulent so be gentle with yourself and others during this time vortex.

What is this Total Lunar Eclipse about ENERGETICALLY?

TFull Moonhe Eclipse reveals and hides at the same time.

Revelations   What is it revealing to you? This Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse will reveal a  hidden truth and will reveal something you have kept under the carpet.    It will reveal a truth you need to address in your life, your relationship, and your business; before you can really move on in the fullness of your own private life.  Old situations and feelings come up and you thought those where resolved or gone!  And they are not.  They suddenly arise within you unannounced and you are unprepared for the feelings that rise up like FIRE rising up.  The element of Fire rising in Air can be combustible destroying what was and burning everything to ashes; allowing you only one way – the way to RISE RISE RISE up from the ashes like a golden or red phoenix.  Which one will you be? 

Hidden What are you hiding?  What is the Lunar Eclipse hiding from you?   What is hidden, deep within your unconscious mind; in the deep recess of your mind; and your soul?  What is burying itself deep down in your heart where no one can see it?  What is hidden is revealed by the light of the Full Moon. 

steps to goalWorking with the Shadow   This is a time of celebrating your great potential and great authenticity only if you allow what is hidden to surface and come out in the open; liberating and freeing your soul essence, your physical being and your powerful emotional essence. From the depth of pain comes healing and growth.  From the depth of darkness arises great truths and soul searching experiences. We will be working with the energy of darkness during this powerful mediation workshop TODAY from 7pm London time.  Come join us.  For those who want more in-depth personal and private work please book a session with me, Toks xxxx

you are a giftForce of the Eclipse The Eclipse also reveals what needs to be looked at; whether or not you want to look at it.  It shines its light on what needs to be addressed.  It does not necessarily say you should address them; but it does force an event in your life; that brings you to focus on it; and create a fusion in your life to help heal the situation!  Not funny.  Not easy.  My guidance is to really work to heal the situation and not ignore it.  It will only be buried again to come up another time and it could  be worse than it is now.  The eclipse is a time of cleansing, a time of healing deep issues and a time of releasing what no longer serves you CONSCIOUSLY.   The healing during the FULL MOON workshop will be purging and cleansing and detoxing.  Remember, for those of you Legions of Light, who want more in-depth personal and private work please book a session with me, Toks xxx

handsoflightBELIEVE you will create magic in your life; as well as, in another persons life.  Believe in yourself.  Listen to your inner whispers telling you to believe in yourself.  Believe in yourself.  It is a fundamental component of success.  Your belief or lack of belief is what causes your problems. This is a time to apply yourself for your sake.   JUST APPLY YOURSELF to your dreams.  Say YES to your MAGIC LIFE.  Do you believe you can have a MAGIC LIFE?  Energy says you can. 

Sacred Contracts will change with this portal and over the next 6 months enabling a freeing of your energy vortex and the true alignment of who you are here on earth.  You may be given a dream, a new vision, a new direction. The old sacred contract may be modified or changed completely as it has lived up to its fullness and we celebrate the completion of our sacred contracts and let that go.  A fuller dream will burst forth with a sacred contract only you can fulfil.  No one else can live this dream for you.  Only you can live your dream.  Live it. 

Our Stories  Listening to other people’s stories can liberate us as it steers our hearts; anTranscendental Transfigurationd opens up possibilities and insights. When you birth a dream you blossom and bloom as the Full Moon blossoms and blooms shining its glorious light over all of us. This Full Moon determine to do something fulfilling for your life and do something different so you will have a story to tell about your life when you are old. Make the story of your life bloom.  Tell a story about your life that shows you blooming now.  It takes 9 months to birth a child and complete the fullness of your journey of carrying your child. When you birth your new beginning you start a new journey till you reach fulfilment.  This is the cycle of life.  The baby in you is your dream you birth forth.  It is your seed that blooms, which you planted in the New Moon?  What have you bloomed this Full Moon in Aries?  What warrior energy has birthed forth in celebration of your life?  Congratulations.  Remember the journey is the process and the growth path to fulfilment and blooming. What story will you be telling in 5 years time? What story will you be telling next week? 

Call for Help

With all the energy vortex it is a good time to remember to call for Divine help. Call on Upper Management for help.  Call on the angels and your guides to help you. I can see Kali, the Hindu Goddess, coming forth ready to help you when you call on her energy to help you.  YOU can call on the Sun Gods, Horus and Apollo, and the Solar Birds, Hawk or Falcon; to help you with the energies.   

eye of horusDid you know that Horus is also known as God of War and Hunting?  This Full Moon in Aries, which is ruled by Mars, God of War; is known as the Hunters Moon.

Apollo helps with renewal, rebirth, protection, clarity, intelligence, healing and growth.  Apollo is God of Archery, so with his bow and arrow, he kept his goal in mind; aiming for his target and achieved it. Call on Apollo to help you ground your energy and aim to achieve your goals.  Celebrate with Apollo your successes.  Also known as God of Medicine he healed and protected.  He was an Oracle too and loved music and poetry.  Again we see the Throat Chakra singing and reciting…..  

FREEDOMAIR Animal Totem  The Hawk with Horus is associated with the Soul and death and rebirth in the afterlife.  Both Falcon and Hawk are associated with visionary power, wisdom, protection, success, victory and rising above a situation.  They are messengers of the Gods.  We call upon the help of the Animal Totems for determination, concentration, attention,  focus, and purpose. The Hawk is protector of Souls and their journey after life.  They are powerful animal totems that are Shape Shifters.  Spirit-Hawks send messages from the ancestors in Native American tradition.  They are like angels.  They encourage perception, intuition, and have an overview of life as they fly high seeing the bigger picture.  They see into the future. Hawk totem help you to be honest, and direct, as well as, loyal.  They help with problem solving, enabling us to see clearly the whole situation.  They are leadership animal totems like Aries and Libra and have a potent energy that creates an intense vortex of healing power.  Keep your eyes on your target – on your goal – and fly towards it.  Hawk totem celebrates our victories with us.  Hawk expects to win and wins.  Simple.  Remember the quote at the beginning of this blog: Winners never quit and Quitters never win?  FLY FLY FLY me to the Moon……  FLY FLY FLY like a Hawk or Falcon.

What will we cover during this healing meditation moon circle?

We will cover all the above.  We will make a Crystal Matrix Altar Grid.  We will work with the downloads.  We will work with the number 8 and Eternity.  We will work with what issues you come with.  We will gather our energies and gather ourselves up for the next jump in our lives. We will call in the protection and personal healing  you need.  So much to gather forth in this great fabulous MOON GATHERING.  Please pay at door with correct amount.  Thank you.   Address details here: www.fullmoonaries2014.eventbrite.co.uk

Services Toks Coker

Invocation Blessing for the


Wednesday 8 October 2014      © Toks Coker 2014

8 Infinity

I Greet You

With the Symbol of Eternity & the No. 8

Spiralling Waves of Eternity

Horizontally & Vertically

I Greet You

888 total lunar

I Greet You

With the Full Moon in Aries

Shining Your Magnificent Power

Your Strength & Courage

I Greet You

total lunar eclipse 2014 full moon in aries HUNTERS MOON

I Greet You

With the Total Lunar Eclipse

Hiding and Revealing

Magical Revelations

I Greet You

You are beautiful, Love Genevieve

I Greet You

With a Magical Life

Gifting Simple Secrets

You are Beautiful

I Greet You


I Greet You

With the Gift of Expertise

Practicing Practicing Practicing

Magician of Your Life

I Greet You

Open to Receive

I Greet You

With the Gift of Living

Opening Your Soul Your Spirit Your Body

Receiving Your Sacred Downloads Only for You

I Greet You

Thank you Thank you Thank you

I Greet You

With the Gift of Gratitude

Electrify your life

Motivate your life

I Greet You

Your beauty

I Greet You

With Your Beautiful Spirit

Expanding Your Willpower

In the Vortex of Time

I Greet You


I Greet You

With the Gift of Fullness

Blooming Greatness

Allowing Your Potential

I Greet You


I Greet You

With the Gift of Fire

Illuminating and Igniting You

Purifying You to Greatness

I Greet You

Full Moon

I Greet You

With Your Aspirations

Fully Blooming this Full Moon

Celebrating Your I AM Presence

I Greet You

steps to goal

I Greet You

With Your Achieved Goals

Passionate about Your Goals

Taking Action to Achieve Your Goals

I Greet You

handsoflightI Greet You

With the Gift of Magic

See and Believe in Magic in Your Life

Knowing You Can Do This

I Greet You

Toks Coker

I Greet You

I Greet You

I Greet You

Love Always

Toks Beverley Coker with Hands of Light

Channelled by Toks Beverley Coker for the Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse 8 October 2014

© Toks Coker 2014


11 things to do exquisitely

Wisdom Life Readings

  1. What things have you achieved in the past 3 months?
  2. Do 11 things exquisitely on 11 October.
  3. Do 11 things exquisitely to celebrate this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse.
  4. Book a Wisdom Life Reading with Toks and come shuffle your cards.
  5. Read the blog and answer all the questions asked in each section.
  6. Read the Invocation Blessing SILENTLY / ALOUD  and feel the energy of the words.  
  7. Write and record in your journal

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Toks Coker Hands of Light Ankh Snake Heart SparkleToks Coker 2013Toks Coker Hands of Light Ankh Snake Heart Sparkle

With Celestial Blessings and Love Toks xxxxxxx

© Toks Coker 2014

Full Moon in Libra & Total Lunar Eclipse 15/4/2014


RadianceToksLevel1GroupHappy Dancers

Tuesday 15 April 2014    RainbowFull Moon in Libra with Sun in Aries         (Pink Moon)  TOTAL LUNAR ECLIPSE – West Asia, East in North America, Parts of South America             Time of Eclipse 08.43 BST London       Element Air/Fire

Have you been having sleepless/restless nights or/and disturbing dreams?  Sensing an inner change?  A need to do something and not knowing what and then not doing or suddenly doing!  Have you been feeling doubt, uncertain, insecure and vulnerable? Have you been feeling funny, uncomfortable, suspicious in the past few days?  Have you been fighting with your internal silent self with self confidence issues questioning your ability and your possibilities.  Over emotional?  Inconsolable? Revelations?  Truths? False? You are in the vortex of this amazing matrix of energy known as the Total Lunar Eclipse and Full Moon. During the day, call in the energy of the Sun. During the night, call in the energy of the Moon.

As always we will be holding a Moon Circle Meditation to celebrate Balance and Happiness at 7pm on 15/4/2014. For more details and to book, click here: www.fullmoonlibra2014.eventbrite.co.uk

There is so much in this blog as the energy vortex is quite strong.  There are many alignments bringing a lot of magical happenings in our lives.  There is a quantum shift bringing a super charged vortex of waves of celestial portals of light and healing over the next two weeks in the month of April.  Like the London marathon just gone on Sunday, we are being pushed to be more than we are.

On the Menu we have:

  1. Invocation Blessing:  (I have put this throughout the blog) Tuesday 15 April 2014    RainbowFull Moon in Libra with Sun in Aries         (Pink Moon)  TOTAL LUNAR ECLIPSE – West Asia, East in North America, Parts of South America             Time of Eclipse 08.43 BST London       Element Air/Firetoks loves hand rolls
  2. ENERGY OF NOW: RainbowFull Moon in Libra with Sun in Aries (Pink Moon)  TOTAL LUNAR ECLIPSE
    1. MONTH OF APRIL: RELIGIONS ROUND THE WORLD –scroll down to April  2014 Dates of Power
    2. Purification: Journey; Surrender; Questions; Choices; Boat Journey; Celebration; Christ Consciousness
    3. Scientific Fact from Nasa
    4. Energetic Fact – Cardinal Grand Cross
  3. HEALING WORDS & QUOTES: Full Moon in Libra with Sun in Aries   (Pink Moon)  TOTAL LUNAR ECLIPSEtoks loves sashimi
  4. ENERGY OF PAST:  REFLECTION OF PAST: previous Lunar Eclipses and previous Full Moon in Libra with Sun in Aries
  5. Full Moon ENERGISTS:
    1. What is an Energist?
    2. What is an Energist Trainer?
  6. Full Moon VICTORIES:  Belly Dance 
    1. What is your Victory?
    2. Belly Dance School – Claudia
  7. Homework

Invocation Blessing:  Tuesday 15 April 2014 

  RainbowFull Moon in Libra with Sun in Aries  (Pink Moon)  TOTAL LUNAR ECLIPSE

Channelled by Toks Beverley Coker xxx

Full Moon

We Greet You

With the Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse & The Cardinal Cross

Your Soul Metamorphosis

In the Portal of Darkness and Light

We Greet You

Fire of Aries

We Greet You

With the Sea of Fire Chi

Nurturing the Seeds of Your Day

Giving Answers When You Awake

We Greet You

Water Air Earth

We Greet You

With the River of Light

Aligning Your Greatness

In the Ripple of Your Life

We Greet You

Dancing Singing Energists

We Greet You

With the Ship of Destiny

On Your Journey of Consciousness

Living Your Life Destined For You

We Greet You

Sally Canning Energy Dancer

We Greet You

With the Light Beings of Peace

Supporting You Cascading Your Eternity

With Miracles & Magic

We Greet You

Irene Lambert

We Greet You

Integrating your Light Force

Activating Your Inner Heart

Looking at Yourself

We Greet You

Beautiful Energist

We Greet You

In the Vortex of Your Opportunities

Bringing in more Sacredness

Into Your Aligned Life

We Greet You

Rosette Poletti and Gisele Bourgoin



We Greet You

With the Spiritual Pioneer

Power House Vortex of Life

Globally Awakening Yourself & Others

We Greet You

Fair Beauty

We Greet You

In the Cardinal Grand Cross

Vortex of Energetic Light

Allowing Passages of Communication

We Greet You

Lovely Smile

We Greet You

With the Codes of Opening

Integrating Connection

Soul Synergy Transmitting You to Portals of Greatness

We Greet You

A designer, A healer, A lawyer

We Greet You

With the Sound of Laughter

Invigorating Your Vortex of Light

Anchoring Your Note of Resonance

We Greet You

Live Long and Prosper says Sylvia Vulcan Greeting

We Greet You

From the Celestial Temple of Light

Bringing Blessings at Each Season

Embracing You in Your Home

We Greet You

Agnes Lau and Toks Coker

We Greet You

Through Time and Space

Reverberating Through Your Vortex

Expanding Your Energy In the Eclipse of Your Mind

We Greet You

Gold Heart

We Greet You

With the Orb of Ascension in the Temple of Greatness

Spiralling into Your Heart

Anchoring You to Mother Earth

We Greet You

Healing Hands

We Greet You

Celebrating Announcing Your Prayers & Intention

Rippling through the Universe

Opening Your Being of Light Hands to Love

We Greet You


We Greet You

We Greet You

We Greet You

Channelled by Toks Beverley Coker for the Full Moon 15/4/2014


These shoes are made for walking...ENERGY OF NOW: RainbowFull Moon in Libra with Sun in Aries (Pink Moon)  TOTAL LUNAR ECLIPSE


JOURNEY You will journey the Total Lunar Eclipse and call forth your shadows and illuminated selves whether or not you want to and whether or not you believe in this type of stuff!  This really is the time to look from inside out and purify yourself.  Purify yourself.  Find your truth, not someone else’s.  The journey is to draw us inwards with the darkness caused by the eclipse and the journey us through the darkness to the point where we feel authentic and real in a new way!!  It is a time of great reflection and the need to live life fully and perhaps?? or definitely?? do things in our own way.

Humming BirdSURRENDER Allow all wounds, disappointments, unsettling feelings, negative aspects of yourself and fears to come out and be healed.   SURRENDER to the intense feelings of negativity, emotions and uncomfortable feelings that you are feeling. Your cause and effect thoughts and actions; of your conscious mind; will affect your unconscious mind – calling forth purification, through change, upheaval and chaos.  Do not fight this process to your own true self purification.  Allow the Humming Bird to sing to your soul as you surrender.

QUESTIONS You will question everything around you e.g. your relationships, your family, your career, your life, your soul journey. You will ask “Why am I here?”  “What is the purpose of my life here?”  “Show me.  I need to know.”  “Can I trust him/her?”  “Is this for me?”  “Why am I so full of fear and suspicion and questions?”  You may suddenly feel “bossy” and need to exert your power and dominance in a situation that you feel vulnerable in.  You may even walk out because it is time for you to walk out as the situation does not serve who you are becoming. You may be feeling insecure, feel like you are being pushed around and do not like it any more.   Congratulate yourself whatever you are feeling.

CHOICES  You will consider deeply your choices and you will come to realise that you need to make sure these choices are ones that make you happy and ones that represent your truth to who you are right now. Calling forth your purification during this time is a most auspicious way to move forward in your life.  You may come to realise that you need to push through all your limiting mind set and set yourself free. You are being asked to make a choice – between feeling good or bad, between feeling negative or positive.

Rose in HandBOAT JOURNEY  Imagine yourself on your boat, journeying deep into your unconscious mind – to the dark fortress you fear to go.  Really go within and transcend your world and move your life to a new beginning.  Go really deep into the shadow deep dark side of you; and allow the journey into the underworld on your boat; to take you though the darkness of nothingness; and pass through the Portal of Not Knowing. Passing through the Vortex of Not Knowing, you reach the Vortex of Knowing.  This purification journey is the journey of the Total Lunar Eclipse.  At the end of the boat ride you reveal your full potential: shining like an illumined shinny glorious moon in the dark indigo sky, you are revealing a brilliance that is outstanding and pleasing to behold.  Congratulations.  You have become the flower in your own hand.

CELEBRATION  The Angel of Purification works closely with the Angel of Celebration.  This really is a time to celebrate your radiance, your lion/ness energy, your greatness, your light, your gloriousness, your brilliance, your excellence, your greatness; and your essence of light, love and joy. THE PERFECTION OF YOU as light radiates out from inside you.

CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS  We celebrate this April Good Friday (18), Easter (20) and Easter Monday (21). We call forth Christ Consciousness on a big scale and work with the energy and the Ascendant Master, Jesus.  We call forth the power of your Christ Consciousness as you merge with the Glory of the One.

Scientific Fact from NASA – LUNAR ECLIPSE

blessings from the light of the full moon lunar eclipseOn 15 April we have a Full Moon with a Total Lunar Eclipse (not seen in London).  A LUNAR ECLIPSE occurs when the Moon passes behind the Earth and the Earth blocks the Sun’s rays from striking the Moon.  The Full Moon is red during the Total Lunar Eclipse. There will be 4 Lunar Eclipses in the next 18 months making it a Tetrad. In 2014, April 15 and October 8; in 2015, April 4 and September 28.  There are 9 eclipse Tetrads in the 21st century – however none happened between 1600-1900.  Interesting times we live in.  Here is a video from NASA on the Tetrad of Lunar Eclipses.

On 29 April we will have an Annular Solar Eclipse with the New Moon in Taurus.  This Ring of Fire Eclipse is where the Moon covers the Sun leaving a glowing ring around the Moon, that looks like a hoop.  This reminds me of the Mayan energy where they played a game you had to put a ball through a ring high up on the wall.  I wonder what challenges we will be encountering then.

Energetic Fact

Cardinal Grand Cross  20-21 April 2014

Rainbow ColoursOn 20 April we will have a Cosmic Gathering of the planets making a CARDINAL GRAND CROSS.  Imagine a cross in the sky shining down at you.  This Cardinal Cross is made up of 4 astrological signs known as the Cardinal Signs: Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. 

CRYSTAL HEALING  On your body you could have 4 MAIN CRYSTALS –  right arm Capricorn, left arm Libra, left leg  Cancer and right leg Aries.  You could put a crystal on each vortex.  Also put one on your tummy to represent your grounded energy, earth; and another the moon and another the sun. This healing will help you with your oppositions, your stuck energy, your frustrations, your rage, your opportunity for change, your intense conflicts, your feeling of being trapped, your confusion.  It will help demand growth within you, consciously and unconsciously. 

The Cardinal Cross initiates change and reminds me of Kali, the Hindu Goddess. She destroys and then re-creates. She crucifies and then resurrects. The Cardinal Cross destroys and re-creates. It cGolden Spiralrucifies and resurrects. It is like the cross of Jesus. It creates an opportunity from the suffering which is usually very, very deep. There is a need for a change. This change will arise through chaos within you causing you to reflect on your life and what you need to do for your own happiness.  This is a make or break time.  This time is highly charged and can erupt in great communication or very bad communication causing upsets or bringing people together. It can also help you to highlight your potential e.g. I need to get that job within the next two weeks.  I need to get the photo taken by Wednesday.  I need to make sure I complete my book by September.  This is a time of creative power and creative life force.  Do not be left behind.  If you are avoiding doing something this is the time to do it.  Take the opportunity and make your life work.  Remember to do one thing at a time.  Amen.

Cardinal Cross is forceful, pushy, sure, and ready. It hits hard at you directly, forcing change and initiating change whether or not you want it or understand it or like it. It forces you to initiate, to create, to lead and to do. It wants to be the first. It wants to do – get the team going and the job done. It says Go Now not later, not tomorrow, not next year, NOW. It, suddenly without notice, initiates changes in your relationships, work, etc. What has suddenly happened to you this summer since June 2010? What caused you to take action with a great reality check on your life?

Spring is hereThe Cardinal Signs have a Cardinal Force. They start new things like a new season: Spring Equinox (Aries); Fall Equinox (Libra); Summer Solstice (Cancer); and Winter Solstice (Capricorn). All this new beginning with the new seasons brings lots of gifts if you seize the opportunity….

This Cardinal Force is the Force of the Masters. This Cardinal Cross is the cross of the Masters. It is an initiation into greatness.

1. Cardinal Fire Masculine (Aries) (Uranus) is a catalyst, a firebrand that inspires others by being totally committed to his/her own vision. POWER OF THOUGHT. 1ST GATE.

2. Cardinal Water Feminine (Cancer) (Jupiter) leads by the heart, and casts a palpable emotional force that pushes into new territory, but does it sideways like the crab. SPIRITUAL REALITY. 4TH GATE.

3. Cardinal Air Masculine (Libra) (Mars) initiates through new ideas, and by being a balancing force among people. DYNAMIC EQUILIBURM. 7TH GATE.

4. Cardinal Earth Feminine (Capricorn) (Pluto) has a formidable, grounded presence, and a natural authority from being masters of the physical plane. SELFLESS SERVICE. 10TH GATE.

MORE INFORMATION:  There are 3 TYPES of Crosses: Cardinal, Fixed and Mutable.

There are 12 astrological signs; which are grouped into 3 groups of 4. These 3 are the 3 Crosses which are grouped by qualities. They are: Cardinal Cross, Mutable Cross and Fixed Cross. Each group has 4 astrological signs. Healing Hands

  1. The Mutable Cross (Gemini, Sagittarius, Virgo, Pisces) is the cross of the initiate – just woken up. Adapt. Manipulate. Share love, joy, peace. Release. PHYSICAL LEVEL. End things.
  2. The Fixed Cross (Taurus, Scorpio, Leo, Aquarius) is the cross of the disciple – steady, focused, determined. SOUL LEVEL – individual. Maintains. Builds. Experiences love, joy, peace. Embody and live love, joy, peace. Good time to listen to your heart. Sustain things.
  3. The Cardinal Cross (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn) is the cross of crucifixion and resurrection. SPIRITUAL LEVEL – collective. Emerges. Fresh. New. Activate. Let there be love joy peace. Begins things. New Beginning.

HEALING WORDS & QUOTEs: Full Moon in Libra with Sun in Aries   (Pink Moon)  TOTAL LUNAR ECLIPSE

My quotes are coming from Silvia Hartmann.  Thank you xxxxSilvia Hartmann

You are the Gift that only you would have to give.

Be filled with amazement and admiration for what you are, right here, right now. 

The better connected you are, the easier and the more amazing life becomes. 

Your touch is unique, a unique contribution to those you meet.

Love is the power, it is the light; it is the sleeping giant deep inside and waits for us to find our courage, find our heart to make a start, to stand now firm and turn to future’s realms – Invite it in.  Say YES to love.


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  6. FULL MOON IN CAPRICORN BLESSING 7.7.09 LUNAR ECLIPSE    https://tokscoker.wordpress.com/page/6/?s=LUNAR+ECLIPSE


  1. Full Moon in Libra Sun in Aries 27/3/2013   https://tokscoker.wordpress.com/?s=FULL+MOON+IN+LIBRA 
  2. Full Moon in Libra Holy Week 6.4.2012    https://tokscoker.wordpress.com/page/2/?s=FULL+MOON+IN+LIBRA
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  4. Full Moon in Libra 2010   https://tokscoker.wordpress.com/page/3/?s=FULL+MOON+IN+LIBRA   
  5. Full Moon in Libra with Sun in Aries 09.04.2009 – Numerology   https://tokscoker.wordpress.com/page/4/?s=FULL+MOON+IN+LIBRA

£23 money

We Greet You

Calling in the Energy of Money

Perfect Exchange for

Perfect Products & Services

We Greet You



     Energist Trainers 2014Energist Trainers

Hello, My name is Toks Coker and I am an Energist.  I am an Energist Trainer and train real people to become Energy in Motion Master Practitioners.  I also offer 1:1 and Group Energist Sessions.

Toks Merve Silvia Hande smiling at you

What is an Energist?  An Energist is someone who can feel energy in their body through the modality of their 6th sense.  An Energist is someone who has had direct and personal experience of the power of energy in motion; and who knows through personal experience that ENERGY IS REAL.  It is not subtle and is extremely powerful. It is real only if you can feel it is real.  All your emotions are energy in motion, energy in action and energy movements.  IT IS ONLY ENERGY.  Energists help you to soften and flow your energy system so you can be the best person you can be. 

           Irene LambertDancing Singing EnergistsSally Canning Energy Dancer

Alex and MerveEnergists open their hearts with love ready to let the energy soften and flow through them.  Energists are dancers of life. They love doing the Energy Dance.  Dancing their happiness to live, laugh and love every day. They know that energy must flow and flow forwards, never backwards; like the universal flow of life.  They know that there is no good or bad energy THERE IS ONLY ENERGY OR AN ABSENCE OF ENERGY. They know that energy is everywhere and is natural and normal like dancing and opening your arms out to give and receive love. 

  Live Long and Prosper says Sylvia Vulcan GreetingHandeMerve and Hande Master PractitionersToks Energist Trainer with Silvia Hartmann

Energists make great friends and constantly study to evolve to create value wherever they go.  Energists love working with Group Bubbles and Couple Bubbles.  By tracing the channel in the energy body you can soften and flow the energy to even flow.  Energists work quickly to help you move stagnant energy out through you.  They know that the energy is REAL for you: it is an existing energetic reality AND it is not a figment of your imagination.  Energists are creative people.  Silvia Hartmann is a fabulous painter and artist.  You can see her amazing work on this blog.  Thank you Silvia Hartmann for sharing your gifts with us.  Love Toks xxxxx

           Rosette Poletti and Gisele BourgoinSylvia & Nikola DjambazerAgnes Lau and Toks Coker

EnergistsEnergists inspire, motivate, heal and listen without judgement; allowing you to learn to listen to your body and move the stuck painful energy through your body; with softness and ease; helping you create great even flow in your life and your body.  You are the Gift that only  you would have to give.  You are the best you can give.  Energists say YES to love. Energists work with your own Aspects, Entities, and Energy and show you how to be happier with yourself and your relationships.

Silvia Hartmann Training Master PractitionersWhat is an Energy Trainer?  Energy Trainers are Energists who train people to be Energists.  An Energy Trainer changes the energy system.  Silvia Hartmann says “Your training is a ball of light and you’re inside of it!”  The Energist Trainer is not separate from the Group Energy and is part of the Group Energy, learning and creating with the Group.  The trainer evolves with the group.  Now that is revolutionary I say.  The more energy you have the more information you get and the more magic and love you experience in your life. You are a better Energy Trainer by being yourself and living your energy yourself and being high on the SUE Scale.  EmoTrance was developed by Silvia Hartmann  http://silviahartmann.com

                               Silvia and MartinSilvia and Martin welcome  you to their world of love

We Greet You

With Loving Relationships

Illuminating Your Life with Joy

Activating Your Portal of Unconditional Love

We Greet You

Full Moon VICTORIES: Belly Dance

              Belly DancersA designer, A healer, A lawyerGoddess EnergyManfredi


What did you achieve before this Full Moon with the Total Lunar Eclipse?  What did you do that you had never done before AND you set yourself a target to do?  AND you did it?  What are you celebrating this Full Moon? What is your victory?

I had made a determination this year to do some study courses and join a Belly Dance class. I danced in front of 200 people with my Level 1 classmates after 12 weeks of training.  It was the Belly Dance Body Mind end of term celebration. For me, it was a challenge to learn the choreography with other students; as I tend to dance free style on my own with the energy of the Now.  I was victorious and happy. 

I also had the great pleasure of watching two very powerful international professional dancers:  Manfredi Gelmettiand dancing Spanish flamenco, and Claudia performing an ancient traditional Egyptian belly dance style.  My guests found the show spectacular and relaxing!!!          

        Manfredi GelmettiM GelmettiManfredi Gelmetti lightsManfredi

We Greet You

With the King of Leadership

Powerfully Activating Action Portals

Full of Strength Stamina Courage & Determination

We Greet You

                                 The Queen arrivesclaudia vailedclaudia entersClaudia

We Greet You

With the Veiled Goddess Queen

Floating In Majestic Presence

Veiled then Unveiled

We Greet You

Claudiaclaudia dancingClaudia

We Greet You

With the Dancing Goddess Queen

Oozing Love and Passion

Every Graceful Step a Power Statement

We Greet You

Claudia and Miai

We Greet You

With the Gift of Friendship

Believing & Revering Each Other

Holy Sacrament of Respect

We Greet You

Toks and Patric

We Greet You

With a Gift of a Loving Relationship

Honouring Each Other

Allowing Your Unique Greatness

We Greet You

fullness of life

We Greet You

With Illumined Full Moon Women Dancing

Receiving Spiraling Flowing Prosperity

Blooming Greatness: Shining &Reflecting the Great Light

We Greet You

toks saying hellolevel 1 students

“And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.”

Email: claudia@bellydancebodymind.com

Telephone: Claudia 07958169244 

Website: http://www.bellydancebodymind.co.uk


Thank You ClaudiaToksCoker

  1. Create an intention for yourself and create a sacred ritual with this full moon. 
  2. Create a sacred space with symbols for intelligence, gather images, totems, objects and words that mean something to you to call forth your intention within a week.
  3. Celebrate with friends – gather and share laughter together.
  4. Take action in something that takes you towards your aspirations. 
  5. Celebrate yourself.  Do something you have never done before that brings out the beauty / handsomeness in you.
  6. In the lovely plate are lovely words of inspiration. Write out the words you like and say them aloud.


malachite slabToks Coker 2013apophollite cluster of action

Feel free to leave a comment below. Thank you. 30/3/2014

With Rainbow Blessings

Love Toks xxxxxx   

The content and images on this blog are protected by copyright. All rights reserved. © Toks Coker 2014

Full Moon in Gemini Total Lunar Eclipse 10.12.11


twinsI Greet You All Dancing Elders of Light

HAPPY TODAY 10.12.11





            sacred crystralsacred crystralsacred crystralsacred crystral


VISIBILITY It will be visible from all of Asia and Australia, seen as rising over eastern Europe, and setting over northwest North America. In the Philippines & Malaysia, the lunar eclipse is visible just after sunset. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/December_2011_lunar_eclipse

clip_image001"A lunar eclipse occurs when the moon passes behind the earth and the earth blocks the sun’s rays from striking the moon. This can occur only when the Sun, Earth, and Moon are aligned exactly, or very closely, with the Earth in the middle. Hence, there is always a full moon the night of a lunar eclipse… A partial lunar eclipse occurs when only a portion of the Moon passes through Earth’s umbral shadow."

In 2011 we had 4 solar eclipse and 2 lunar eclipse. 2011 Solar Eclipse occurred: January 4, June 1, July 1 and November 25. 2011 Lunar Eclipse occurred: June 15 and December 10

In 2012 we will have 2 solar eclipse and 2 lunar eclipse. 2012 Solar Eclipse will occur: May 20 and November 13. Lunar Eclipse will occur June 4 and November 28.


1000 HANDS Looking at the picture: EXCERCISE: hands outstretched on either side of your body; shake fingers and arms. Breath in full moon with total lunar eclipse. Lift arms up above your head, move them back down to your sides, then down to your knees and back up again opening your heart chakra. Feel the sense of freedom and liberation in this simple exercise. Gemini is an air sign and Sagittarius is a fire sign. FullMoon is reflecting the light of the Fire Sun. You are the Moon reflecting the Light of the Sun. Feel it. Breathe it in three times. Any outburst in the week of this lunar eclipse? Any suppression? Well better to havezebra of your life an outburst and let it all hang out as the eclipse reveals what is hidden and what is the truth. Eclipse FullMoon is time to clear away baggage and attend to emotional upheavals with face to face resolution, with dialogue to bring back balance: make sure their is a ‘witness’ with you at this moment; as a ‘third’ party or ‘middle man’ can help to soothe the uncomfortable experience of sorting through the upheaval, the up roar and the yelling: what I call the “zebra of your life”. The zebra has many stripes on its body but is still whole and complete in its movement of hits life. Lunar eclipses are more emotional than Solar Eclipses. These emotions are sudden affecting us deeply, subliminally and subconsciously. The deep transformational changes are necessary in our growth and understanding of our selves; and how we see and place ourselves in our family, organisations, religious set ups and friendships. This is a real shake up to be more than we realise we can be: but we have to go through the turmoil. Mine taught me not to play small so others can shine!!!!  Mine taught me to be in my power ALWAYS.

starlight cloakAbove all be aware of what you want to achieved as you journey through the mud of your emotions, which are important as they tell you how you feel personally and what is real for you. Through dialogue (Gemini, Air Sign) we can sort out misunderstandings (Sagittarius, Fire Sign). Communication and sharing is important to both signs so good to celebrate, express yourself, and go out of your comfort zone to expand your life with the meditation celebration tonight. Sometimes through sharing we bring up old painful memories hidden deep within we thought were not there or we thought we had dealt with. We painfully realise we have not dealt with these issues or the lesson happy friendshipshas not been fully learnt. What are you ending and what are you beginning? Where are you in your completion and ending. Sometimes the people we depend on have let us down and we have to accept that and move on without revenge and anger. Once we pass this we know with our hearts that the FullMoon in Gemini and Sun in Sagittarius is a time for Consolidation for Delight for Communication for Reinforcing for Recreation for Celebration for Dancing for Expression and for Opening Up. Are you doing this?  We become more aware, more ‘enlightened’ as what was hidden is revealed to us and we now know the reality.  Our shake up has stirred us to more peace.

I Greet You All Dancing Galactic Elders of Light




Picture saved with settings applied.


BLESSING INVOCATION for 10.12.11 FullMoon in Gemini Total Lunar Eclipse [with Sun in Sagittarius] 


I Greet You

With the Sound of Musical Birds

Flying in the Sky

Announcing Your Commencement

Into the Total Lunar Eclipse

I Greet You

standing strong

I Greet You

With the Fragrance of the Rose

Perfuming Your Energy Frequency

Cleansing Your Auric Field

In the Protection of Space and Time

I Greet YOU

gemini twins

I Greet You

With a Thousand Fire Dragons

Flying Spiralling Circles Around You

Hands of Light Flames Around You

Giving Protection Supreme

I Greet You

notes of  your life

I Greet You

With the Notes of Healing

In YOUR Dark Journey to the Underworld

Deep into Your Subconscious Matrix of Subliminal Change

Surrendering into Your Challenge

I Greet You


I Greet You

With Healing Quacking Ducks

In Your Angry Rage & Vengeful Vindication

Your Torment, Pain, Deception and Betrayal

Rolling Off Like Water on a Ducks Back

I  Greet You

dancing by albert

I Greet You

Dancing with the Total Lunar Eclipse

Marvelling at the Movements of Life

Marvellous Moments of Time

Breathtaking Celebrations of Life

I Greet You


I Greet You

In the Journey You Make

To and From Work

Liaising through Your Schedules

In Your Appointments with Time

I Greet You

dancing partners of life

I Greet You

With Maeve, Goddess of Cycles and Rhythms

Honouring Your Dancing Partners of Life

In Your Excellent Work and Play Progression

Navigating Remarkable Skills

I Greet You

L for Laughtermy heart loves you

I Greet You

With L for Laughter

The Shape of Xmas Stockings

Bringing Joyful Bundles of Surprises

Revealing Hidden Treasures

I Greet You

                   golden wandeclipse angelgolden raindeer

I Greet You

With a Thousand Angels of Love

Holding a Healing Thought for You

Penetrating the Cosmic Galactic Stars

Radiating Back to You

I Greet You


I Greet You

In Your Insightful Realisation

Awakening Your Sleeping Self

Empowering Your Freedom

Allowing Yourself to BE Free

I Greet You

holding a good thought

I Greet You

With Goddess Diana

Opening Opportunities and Blessings

Your Remarkable Purposeful Focused Mind

Continuing No Matter What

I Greet You

star in heart

I Greet You

With the Full Moon

Rich in Fullness and Wholeness

In the Journey that You are Completing

In the Journey that You have Completed

I Greet You

Picture saved with settings applied.

I Greet You

With Spectacular Star Showers

7 Splendid Stars of the Brilliant Pleiades

Magnificent Milky Way Igniting Change

Floating Impressively Well

I Greet You


I Greet You

With a Kiss on Your Hands

Honouring Your Great Gifts

Anchoring Your Wonderful Power

Working for Greater Good

I Greet You

restiing peacefully

I Greet You

Reconnecting to Your Purpose

Anchoring Your Vision on Ascension Earth

Powerfully Stating Your Intention

Pathway of Healing Supportive Growth

I Greet You

opening to lifepink on gold

I Greet You

From the Akashic Records

Restoring Balance and Order

Transformative Animal Totem Coyote

Creatively Bringing Good Fortune

I Greet You

thinkingamathyst light

I Greet You

With the Cosmic Divine Universe

In Your Reflective Thinking Moments

Delivering Loving Romantic Stirrings

Supportive Stable Business Relationships

I Greet You


I Greet You

I Greet You

I Greet You


Channelled by Toks Beverley Coker for the FullMoon in Gemini 10.12.11

Chyna de la Mer, Toks Coker, Nick Ashron

    pearl dropsHOMEWORKlove me

  1. List the outbursts, upheaval, turmoil and tears you have had to go through in the past 7 days leading up to this FullMoon

  2. List what has been revealed to you through the upheavals in the past 7 days:  what insight, knowing, feelings, thoughts, beliefs have your realised serve you and do not serve you. What was hidden has been revealed with the eclipse energy portal of 10.12.11.

  3. List the next set of outbursts, upheaval you go through in the next 7 days following this FullMoon

  4. List what has been revealed to you in the next 7 days, following this FullMoon:  intuitive empowering feelings, knowing’s that have freed you and empowered you from your ‘inertia’.  What was hidden has been revealed with the eclipse energy portal of 10.12.11.

  5. How are you loving yourself more?  How are you loving others more? 

  6. How are you respecting yourself more?  How are  you respecting others more?

    yellow peaceful flowerTimeivory on wood 

    DIARY DATES 2011

    Saturday 10th December 2011 – 10.12.11 – Full Moon in Gemini and Sun in Sagittarius – Total Lunar Eclipse & PARTY

    7pm-10pm    £45.75/ link in £11.93        http://fullmoonmeditationinsagittariusgemini.eventbrite.co.uk/


    Sunday 11th December 2011 – 11.12.11 meditation at 11am, 1pm and 11pm LINK IN MEDITATION

    10.30am-11.30am    £11.93          http://11december11at1030am.eventbrite.co.uk/

    12.30pm-1.30pm    £11.93          http://11december11at1230pm.eventbrite.co.uk/

    10.30pm-11.30pm    £11.93        http://11december11at1030pm.eventbrite.co.uk/

    Monday 12th December 2011 – 12.12.11 meditation at 12pm LINK IN MEDITATION

    11.30am-12.30pm    £11.93         http://121211at1130am.eventbrite.co.uk/

    11.30pm-12.30am    £11.93         http://121211at1130pm.eventbrite.co.uk/

    Thursday 22nd December 2011 – 22.12.11 – Winter Solstice LINK IN MEDITATION

    7pm-8pm    £11.93                      http://wintersolsticemeditation.eventbrite.co.uk/

    Saturday 24th December 2011 – 24.12.11 NewMoon in Capricorn & Xmas Eve LINK IN MEDITATION

    7pm-8pm    £11.93                      http://newmoonmeditationincapricorn.eventbrite.co.uk/

    Toks at Sky 200