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New Moon in Pisces / Solar Eclipse / Spring Equinox 20/3/15

Healing Crystal Grid

Happy Birthday Pisces  Pisces is the energy of change, death, and rebirth. Having said that, it is not surprising we have had a build up of energy; leading to

3 DAYS OF POWER in March 20. 21. 22.

DAY 1 

20 March 2015red darling


Day of Power 20 March

3 Celestial Occurrences in One Day

clip_image002[339] Friday 20 March 2015clip_image002[340] New Moon & Sun in Piscesclip_image002[341] SUPER NEW MOON 09:36 GMT London            clip_image002[343] Element – Water clip_image002[344] TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE StarVERNAL SPRING EQUINOX

clip_image002[345] Book Sacred Meditation HERE    http://newmoonpisces2015.eventbrite.co.uk

So much happening in One Day

  1. A Super Moon or Perigee Moon, happens when the Full Moon or New Moon is near to Earth, making it look bigger than it normally does.  There are 6 Super Moons in the year of 2015.  You can see all the dates by clicking:2015 MOON DATES
  2. Spring Equinox is when day and night are of equal duration.  The two years; the Spring Equinox will happen with a Solar Eclipse; are 2053 and 2072.  So you can see how rare this is.  Enjoy the experience in your lifetime.
  3. Solar Eclipse is when the Sun, Moon and Earth line up.  In this case the Moon obscures the Sun so we loose Sunlight on Earth.

Scroll down to read a more about the 3 Sacred Celestial Energies happening on 20 March 2015.



Healing Candle for YouDay of Silence

ENERGY OF NOW Day of Power 21 March

Day of SilenceBALI Day of Silence / Saka New Year / Nyepi Day

The day after the New Moon in Pisces, the Solar Eclipse and the Vernal Spring Equinox we have THE DAY OF SILENCE IN BALI.  How auspicious. 

LINKING IN:  We will be linking in with the rituals and ceremony from London to take part in the silence and will SIT IN SILENCE for ONE HOUR on the 21 March. If you can and you want to; SIT IN SILENCE FOR AN HOUR on the 21 March 2015.  Let me know how you do sitting in silence. Choose a time that is convenient and easy for you.   You can read more detail on BALI  DAY OF SILENCE 21 March 2015


Thank You WaterWorld Water DayPraying

ENERGY OF NOW Day of Power 22 March

World Water Day – LOVE WATER

22 March is World Water Day and a group of very nice people are doing water rituals, blessings, ceremonies, etc. to honour, clean, heal and to bless water.  I will be linking in to this wonderful meditation on World Water Day to purify and respect the Emoto and ToksWater Energy; and Water Element of Mother Earth; and Cosmology.  To send healing love to the water of the world; and to the water people drink around the world.  I will be  keeping a very strong thought and focus for the water to be cleansed; and purified; and; to heal everyone who drinks water.  The esoteric world of water is truly amazing. http://unify.org/        https://youtu.be/k8XYXhc9jUs  

I will be thinking of the great work of RIP Dr MASARU EMOTO and blessing his energy and thanking him for the great work he did before he passed over.  Contemplate how you can carry on the great work of valuing water. https://youtu.be/tAvzsjcBtx8    https://youtu.be/PDW9Lqj8hmc

You can read the Invocation Blessing and more on my blog World Water Day  World Water Day Invocation Blessing read by Toks xxx

DAY 1 

Celestial Day of Power

ENERGY OF NOW: 20 March 2015

Total Solar Eclipse,   Vernal / Spring Equinox Super,

New Moon & Sun in Pisces

20 March 2015


TOTAL in North Atlantic, Faroe Islands, Svalbard. VISIBLE in Iceland, Europe, North Africa, Northern Asia.

Total Solar Eclipse 2015LONDON:  The Eclipse will begin around 8.30am on Friday 20 March 2015 in London and last for two hours as the Moon moves IN FRONT of the Sun. The Moon is in a direct line with the Earth and the Sun.  It is the first Solar Eclipse in 50 years.  It is a rare event. It is predicted that in London 84% of the Sun will be covered while in Edinburgh it will be 93%.   There are organised events in Regents Park and the Royal Observatory in Greenwich. Some areas may be out of electricity….?!

The longest time the Sun will be completely covered by the Moon is 2 minutes and 46 seconds.

DIY pinhole projectorWARNING:  Please do not look up directly at the Eclipse as it could damage your eyes. It can cause blindness! Please do not use sunglasses, a telescope or binoculars. If you want to see the Eclipse please WEAR SPECIAL ECLIPSE VIEWING GLASSES or construct a simple pinhole camera. To make a pinhole camera click here: How to make a pinhole camera

WATCH THE ECLIPSE LIVE: A Slooh expedition team will be documenting the whole thing from the Faroe Islands, starting at 4:30 am EDT, or 8:30 am GMT. You can see the free live broadcast BY CLICKING here.

may the seasons greet you wellSCIENCE:  Although our sun is around 400 times larger than the moon, we are lucky enough to be able to experience total solar eclipses because of the fact that the sun is, coincidentally, 400 times farther away. Alongside experiencing an eerie darkness, those in Britain will also experience a dip in temperature by around 3oC during the event.  This is why they appear the same size in the sky.

Family GatheringThe last great SOLAR ECLIPSE was in August 1999 and it lasted 6 minutes and 29 seconds. The next Solar Eclipse of similar magnitude to Friday’s event which will be seen from Britain is on August 12, 2026. On that date up to 95 per cent of the Sun will be obscured.  Britain will not see a Total Solar Eclipse until September 23, 2090. I will be dead by then.

ASTROLOGY:  For those who want an Astrological perspective click here:  Cosmic Queen and  Cosmic Queen New Moon

NASA ECLIPSES of 2015  I have attached the NASA links for the Eclipses of 2015

  1. Total Solar Eclipse 20 March 2015   NASA Total Solar Eclipse 20 March 2015
  2. Total Lunar Eclipse 4 April 2015    NASA Total Lunar Eclipse 4 April 2015
  3. Partial Solar Eclipse 13 September 2015   NASA Partial Solar Eclipse 13 September 2015
  4. Total Lunar Eclipse 28 September 2015    NASA Total Lunar Eclipse 28 September 2015

20 March 2015


Glowing Equinox LightWhat is the Spiritual significance of the Spring Equinox? This is a time of renewal & new beginnings.

There are two Equinoxes a year: Spring Equinox and Autumn Equinox.   Day length for each Equinox is exactly the same (12 hours) as the Night length.  The word – Equinox – is derived from the Latin aequus (equal) and nox (night).

The Spring Equinox is the first day of Spring.  It is when day and night are of equal duration.  It occurs when the Sun passes the Equator moving from the Southern to the Northern hemisphere. The North Pole begins to lean toward the sun again.  Looking at all the dates of the Vernal Spring Equinox over the years they have occurred on 20 March in 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015. And will occur on the same date every year till 2020.

The Autumn Equinox is the first day of Autumn.  It occurs when the Sun passes the equator moving from the Northern to the Southern hemisphere.  The North Pole begins to tilt away from the Sun.

GratitudeMORE LIGHT floods to Mother Earth with the Spring Equinox.  New Light. New Life. New Insights. New Light.  The Light of the Rainbow has just been celebrated with St Patrick’s Day on 17 March. We light candles to signify great healing and cleansing.  We create a ring of fire around us energetically to help purify and cleanse our energy.  We anchor more light in our auric body.  No darkness only light.  All is clear with the Spring Equinox.  WE MAKE SURE WE ARE WELL GROUNDED.

CLEANING AND CLEANSING  We clean our energy with the Spring Equinox. We shake off the old dust, the old pattern.  We awaken to adapt to a comfortable cleansing process with the Spring Equinox.   We know we have to clean the cobwebs of our minds and our homes.  We know what we have gone through.  We know what has been said and not said. We spring clean our home, our car, our office, and our selves with the Spring Equinox. 

SpringNEW BEGINNING  It is a time of new beginning.  What are you beginning in your life with this energy?  What changes have you decided to make so you can have new beginnings.

RENEWAL It is a time of renewal.  What are you renewing?  It is a time of a renewal of your Soul.  With renewal comes refreshment.  With renewal comes fresh air and a new way of doing things.  A renewal brings a new perspective. A freshness like fresh crisp air.  A renewal is like the movement of the waves on the sand – constantly changing and creating flow in the renewal of your own life.  Allow the water to flow the changes and remove any resistance or restrictions to your flowing life.    

REBIRTH It is a time of rebirth: a time to rebirth something in your life.  A time to rebirth your Soul, your Spirit, your Life. What are you rebirthing?   A rebirth is like a new family, a new baby, a life-giving idea. My friend said a new shoe!  Well that is new.  She is rebirthing a new pair of shoes as her old ones have died.  Lovely growth for her shop I said to her! 

3 rare celestial portals of powerSPRINGING FORTH It is a time of springing forth – the seed has been planted and the bud is appearing in the fertile land.  It is Spring and new life begins.  It is a time to see the beginnings of what you planted a few months ago. Celebrate your Springing Forth in your life.  Do something spontaneously and easily; that you have not been able to do before; and you find yourself doing it with ease.  This is the Springing Forth energy of this wonderful Vernal Spring Equinox. Feel what you should do if you cannot think it.  This is a very emotional wobbling time as the Waters of Pisces carry you around.  This unsteadiness is not a bad sign.  It is the springing forth energy vortex that you know is preparing you for the newness and the spring in your feet. 

ResurrectionUNDERWORLD This time is the journey to the underworld of your life; which  represents your struggles, pain, suffering and issues.  It is also the journey through the underworld of your life – how you deal with your pain and issues.  It is the journey that takes you out of the underworld of your life – your  lessons, your initiation, your realisations and your new way forward. 

You make your own history; as you journey into your own inner darkness; and overcome it.  The Egyptians believe that when you die you journey to the Underworld to have your heart weighed.  In the Dance of Isis, Osiris and Horus that I do; I dance the story and pain of Isis at the death of her husband, Osiris, by her brother, Seth. She fights for her survival; and has to awaken through her deep pain; and liberate herself through a strong determined decision to find the parts of her husband scattered around the world.  She finds them and puts them together through her magic.  Isis, the Moon Goddess, mates with him; using her great magical hidden powers; which come to light when she needs them.  She becomes pregnant and births forth their son, Horus, the Sun God.  Later Horus avenges the death of his father, Osiris, by killing Seth.  The Circle of Life has been completed.  The fight over good and evil finds good winning in the end. 

This journey through the darkness leads to our enlightenment and our realisations. The darkness plays an important role in finding the light.  Through self-sacrifice we take on the suffering of the world – our family karma – our human revolution.  We set ourselves free and liberate ourselves from any restrictions or any old patterns that no longer serve us – but we can only do this when we go deep down into our pain and journey through the Corridor of Pain and come out at the other end; breathing freshness and fresh air. 

freshnessPERSONAL INITIATION & SELF REALISATION The Spring Equinox comes once a year to allow you your passage into your own Personal Initiation and Self Realisation after the Underworld Journey.  You WILL have gone through pain, struggles, sufferings, misunderstanding, lies, deception, recklessness, and mis-communication in the adventure of your life.  You have journeyed through the Underworld of your life and come out like a bud coming out of the rich fertile soil. 

What realisation have you had over the past three to four weeks?  This is so important with this energy.  Perhaps the realisation came with tears and pain.  The friend you thought you had; you do not. The thought you thought was true; is not.  The support you expected fell apart; and you were left to stand alone; on your own two feet.  What you thought you could not do alone; you did.  What you were afraid to do; you did.  This personal self realisation is your Trophy, your Temple Trophy, showing you your purpose, your reason, your initiation into the new truth of the situation and your life.  It is the enlightenment of your mind; that leads to the enlightenment of your body and spirit.  Welcome to your inner movements of Buddhahood and Human Revolution. In our workshop we will be doing a meditation to the Underworld to release any left over pain and bring us out completely free and liberated; ready for your own True Self Realisation and your next Initiation into Ascension.  Well Done. 

You are OKCELEBRATION comes after the successful completion of the struggle.  Many celebrate with rituals at sacred sites e.g. the Druids, Romans, Egyptians, Mayans and Essenes. The triumph of good over evil.  The triumph of light over dark.  The 3 Celestial Days of Power start the celebration with downloads on the 20, silence on the 21 and blessing water on the 22. A truly magnanimous portal to go through and survive. 

RESURRECTION The Spring Equinox, like the New Moon, is a time for the Resurrection of your True Self, your Spiritual Resurrection.  It has a very mystical living energy.  The energy of Resurrection always occurs after triumphing over the challenges life has set us.  We rise like the phoenix from the ashes.  You know deep down YOU ARE OK.  And you say I AM OK.  And I say YES YOU ARE.

FOR more insight you can click the link: the-spiritual-meaning-of-the-spring-equinox which talks more about the Energy of Now.  I got this part from the link.  The symbol of Resurrection is found in various cultures:

  1. To the Christians it is the time of the passion, crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ.  new moon
  2. To the Ancient Egyptians it is a time of the resurrection of Osiris.  Isis puts his body together and resurrects Osiris.
  3. To the World the Egyptian Great Sphinx of Giza is a symbol of resurrection – it gazes at the rising of the Spring Equinox Sun. 
  4. To the Mayans it is the resurrection of the Mayan Maize God Hun Hunahpu.
  5. In Cambodia, the temple of Angkor Wat, aligns to the spring equinox, and depicts the scene of the “churning of the milky ocean”—the struggle between the forces of light and darkness.
  6. In Mexico at Chichen Itza, at the temple of the the feathered serpent Quetzalcoatl; Quetzalcoatl ascends the nine terraces of the pyramid on the Spring Equinox.

20 March 2015


opposite directions

PISCES the fish swim in opposite directions.  The duality of the time is reflected in this movement.  We see life and death, agreement and disagreement, understanding and mis-understanding.  We see competition, jealousy, envy and lack of respect for self and others.  We see wanting to tell the truth and not doing so; for one reason or another.  We see throat chakra issues appear as sore throats and coughs.  We have feelings of being strangled and not breathing.  We have fear that suddenly consume us and then vanishes; to be replaced by confidence and bravado.  This is the energy of the times.  What is real and what is false?  Where in your life are you false?  Where in your life are you real? 

Welcome the New Moon in Pisces, a most auspicious time to have feelings that are unresolved come up and force you to face them; and heal the pain they bury deep in your life.  The past two to three weeks would have seen these issues arising to the forefront.  For those of you who have gone through any issues of vulnerability, being embarrassed in public or undermined; welcome to the dark journey to your underworld; which Pisces embodies.  Congratulate yourself that you survived the journey and you are now entering the Rebirth stage, the Vernal Spring Equinox. 

We have been swimming in a turbulent wave of emotions, in a tube-torus, in a whirlwind.  We have been thrown around by our emotions and feelings.  We have been hurt and thrown out of the washing machine.  We either landed crying, lying flat on the floor or on our feet.  Whichever way you landed is OK; because you still have no choice; but to continue with your life; and determine to find your internal happiness; and not be defeated by the experience.  Congratulations.   Stand up and stop being wobbly! If you are finding this difficult book a session with me and I will help you come back home to your true self and your own DNA blood.


DualityDUALITY  It is a time of looking at opposites in your life: ying and yang, good and evil, positive and negative, darkness and light, death and life, death and resurrection.  Create a mandala that balances duality. Create a collection of flowers with 2 different contrasting colours.  Engage with the duality of life and enjoy it. Appreciate it. 

BALANCING  With the Duality we want to Balance the extremes in your life. We give and take.  We take and give.  We rebalance ying and yang.  We balance the male and female within.  In the balance we receive our perspective to show and shine our light to the world boldly with ease.  Shine your inner light.  Shine your outer light.  Transfer your energy to BALANCE and GRATITUDE.  Do some random act of kindness to someone you do not know; and to someone you do know.  Forgive someone you would not really forgive.  Truly forgive them with this new budding energy of balance and serenity. 

RITUAL OF GRATITUDE  Make an offering.  Do a ritual.  Call forth balance in your life with this New Moon and Solar Eclipse and Spring Equinox.  The balance to allow yourself to grow into a new life into the Unknown;with ease and light.  Allow the liberation of your allowing to free you in the depth of your being.  Be the light you seek in others and yourself! 

Swimming in Crystal WaterSPIRITUALITY  In the NHS of Britain the mind is psychology, the body is biology and the spirit is religion. How can you merge all three and live life as a whole? The environment and culture play a great part; as do issues of poverty and war in the world.  Spirituality – What does it mean?  My wonderful friend, Mita Shah, a yoga teacher and wise woman; puts this so succinctly in her lovely newsletter:

The moment I say “spirituality”, people say, “Yes, I want to be peaceful.” You do not have to walk the spiritual path for peace. A glass of wine could do it or take a long walk and then lie down in the shade of a tree; you will sleep peacefully. Spirituality is not for someone who is seeking peacefulness. Spirituality is for someone who is seeking ultimate liberation, who is willing to shed everything that is false and arrive at the true nature of one’s existence.

You can click on her blog and read more on Spirituality – A Homecoming

Open Loving Inner Peace_thumb[7]_thumb[3]PLEASE /  THANK YOU  /  SORRY    One of the greatest ways of liberating oneself is knowing when to say Please, Thank You and SorryWhen do you say Please, Thank You and Sorry? I had a horrible experience with a wonderful woman who did not have the courage to say ‘sorry’ for an error in her behaviour.  Some people do not know how to apologise and say sorry.  Some people need to make you wrong so they can be right.  I was brought up to say Please, Thank You and Sorry from a place of power and confidence and a space of Win/Win.  Please if you can say these words to yourself and to others and liberate yourself from any pain stopping you for saying these healing powerful embracing soul fulfilling words Please, Thank You and Sorry. Thank you. Tx 

Going back to Mita’s newsletter:

When you allow life to happen in its ultimate glory, that is spiritual process. Spirituality is not about moving away from life but about becoming life. It is not about going somewhere, it is a home-coming.

SPIRITUAL QUESTS / SPIRITUAL PROCESS  I went of Bali for two weeks to see what truths would unveil themselves.  I met 4 new friends and 5 new characters.  Each in their own unique way supported me when I was crying – Three gathered around me while two moved away; saying nothing to me and not acknowledging my pain…..  The three would not leave me till I stopped crying; and agreed to come with them.  They were not going to leave me alone; by myself in my pain.  They stayed.  They supported me in my pain.  They held the space for me to cry and be vulnerable.  I felt empowered by my pain and empowered by their love for me.  Three strangers I had just met became my protectors. 

Iya & Toks - 7.7.03MOTHER’S DAY  When I got back to London I was surprised when my mother said she was waiting to see me and spend the day with me on Mother’s Day.  She was so happy to see me and talked non stop laughing and saying so many loving words.  I had my enlightenment in her flat. My pilgrimage was a success. Standing my ground in Bali, though it was painful for me on a very deep level, had created a ripple effect in my life.  Thank you Legions of Light.  Thank you Universe.  Thank you Angels of Light.  Thank you Ladies.   As Practitioners and Healers and Spiritual Coaches; the more healing we do in our lives; the better and happier we are in our own personal lives.  The journey through ones underworld is a very personal process.  Allow yourself your pain.  Do not be ashamed of it.  Embrace it.  Love it.  It is the poison that will turn to medicine and purify your life, your heart and your mind, body and spirit.  I  know this because I have gone through very very very deep pain – and some of you know this.  My triumph is the joy and laughter I hear in my heart when I laugh and when I smile.  I fly.  I fly. I fly.  Like the mermaid phoenix I fly and swim and glide.

PILGRIMAGE  Mita shares:

What we refer to as the spiritual process is that which delivers you to a dimension that is beyond your current perception of life. It is not a picnic, nor is it a journey. It is a pilgrimage. What is the difference between a travel, a journey and a pilgrimage? People move from one place to another for a variety of reasons. There are explorers who are always looking for virgin land that they want to put their footprint on, they want to prove something. There are travellers who are curious to see everything, so they travel. There are tourists who just go to relax. There are other kinds of tourists who just go to escape from their work or family. But a pilgrim is not going for any of these purposes. A pilgrimage is a way of getting yourself out of the way; if you do not budge, it is a way of wearing yourself out. A process of destroying all that is limited and compulsive and arriving to a boundless state of consciousness.

Shape Shifting CandelEVOLUTION  We evolve through our relationships.  We learn through our own personal human evolution and human revolution. Working through our EGO and other people’s EGO is a challenge; especially if it is the lower EGO as opposed to the higher EGO. 

MENTAL PROBLEMS In todays society dealing with mental problems the NHS gives medication; which is not always a cure – there are side effects with medication today.  Meditation is one way of allowing yourself to heal.  Remember that your life will tell you what your values are.  Allow meditation to help you and bring you back home to yourself.  Amen.  Namaste.


Thank you Susan for the wonderful gift from Egypt.  Please could you let me have your full name as I have so many Susan’s on my database and I am not sure who you are. That is why I am posting your lovely present here.  I would like to thank you personally but you did not leave your telephone number or your full name.  Please contact me and let me know. Thank you so much – I got it when I got back from Bali and saw it only on the 18th.  Thank you very much.  Love Always Toks xxx

22/3/2015 – I now know the lovely lady who sent me this gift.  Thank you very much Susan Metwaliwww.susanmetwaliyoga.com  It was great to get the email from you. How lucky I am. Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you.  Love you very much xxxxxx

Love from Sarah

Love from Sarah

Other March Celebrations

  1. 15 Mother’s Day (UK)
  2. 17 Shrove Tuesday / St Patrick’s Day
  3. 18 Ash Wednesday
  4. 21 Jamshedi Noruz (Zoroastrian) / Hindi New Year  Bali Day of Silence / New Year / Nyepi Day  
  5. 26 Khordad Sal (Zoroastrian)
  6. 28 Rama Navami
  7. 29 Palm Sunday / British Summer Time Begins

Invocation Blessing

Invocation Blessing will be Channelled at the Time of the Eclipse and New Moon.  Once I have it I will share it.  Love Toks xxx

Shavana and Yvonne


Between what is said and not meant, and what is meant and not said, most love is lost.  Khalil Gibran

Do you refuse to speak to me? Pilate said.  Don’t you realise I have the power to free you or crucify you?  Jesus answered. You would have no power over me if it were not given to you from above.  The Bible.

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New Moon in Libra 24 September 2014

To You, my Friends xxx

Hindu Gods

Cluster of Power

Autumn EquinoxLooking at the last few days we had the International Day of Peace on the 21 September, followed by the  AUTUMN EQUINOX on the 23 September; which was also the celebration of Saint Pio of Pietrelcina http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pio_of_Pietrelcina

Wednesday 24 September 2014 is the New Moon & Sun in Libra at 07:14 BST London    Element Air    We will be holding the New Moon Circle Gathering from 7pm.  You can pay at the door or pay on line. For more details and address, click here:www.newmoonlibra2014.eventbrite.co.uk    

When an Equinox comes before a New Moon; we know that this New Moon in Libra on 24 September; is no ordinary New Moon.  This New Moon energy comes with a vortex of the Equinox to add to the energy of this vibration in your daily life.

Happy BirthdayHappy Happy Happy Happy Birthday Librans Birthday cake  Happy New Moon in Libra Star Happy New Year Red heart   Happy Navaratri  Red heart  Happy Relationships  Sun   RainbowHappy Protection with the Autumn EquinoxSmile

AIR IMG_3643We light the New Moon Candle and the flame of the New Moon Candle dances in the air.  We are in the element of Air with the New Moon in Libra.  Breathe in DEEPLY and feel the energy of the air create a river of flow within your body vortex.  Breathe out slowly and feel the river of flow within  your body vortex as you breathe out. 

VOICE: Throat Chakra  I am finding that the chakra being worked on with this energy is the Throat Chakra.  The past few days have had big energetic impact on many people’s Throat Chakra.  The vortex of the throat is a very deep vortex of sound and this is created with the vortex of air moving within the Throat Chakra. Have you felt like you are being strangled, belittled, and dis-empowered and then told it is your fault?  Have you found it difficult to speak your truth and found that you needed to and you had to and you did!   Even though the situation is not solved you have started in the right way – a new way of being – you have done the ‘impossible’ and spoken your truth.  Well done. 

apple and honey

Happy New Year

After this New Moon we have on 25 September, the Jewish NEW YEAR, Rosh Hashana, the day of the Sounding of the Shofar; the day God reviews and judges one’s deeds in the past year and frees them of their sins; and a time to look ahead with hope and a time to reflect on ones life (so very New Moon). They celebrate by eating challah bread to represent continuity of life, apples dipped in honey to represent sweetness and good health throughout the year; and pomegranates to represent abundance of goodness and happiness.  While you eat the honey and apple ask yourself:  What is sweetness in your life?  swimming, your sister smiling at you, living with my children? We will be meditating on this at our Moon gathering too. 

Happy Navaratri

Happy Navaratri

Also on the 25 September is the Hindu celebration of Navaratri (Shakti: Durga, Lakshmi, Saraswati).  Navaratri is a festival of dance and worship over 9 days.  We will be working with all 3 Goddesses’. Below I have shared some facts with you and some websites for you to read more if you want.

  1. The first 3 days we dance and worship Durga who destroys all our vices, impurities and defects. She protects us from evils of the world, eliminating suffering.  Durga has 3 eyes – the left eye represents desire which is the moon, the right eye represent action which is the sun and the central eye represent knowledge which is fire. Durga has 8-10 hands; each holding significant weapons. Light bulb(i)The conch shell makes the sound with the air OM and connects her to God, (ii)the bow and (iii) arrow represent energy, (iv)the thunderbolt is firmness of spirit and determination; (v)the lotus represents continual blooming and growing in our spiritual lives, (vi) the discus which spins around her index finger destroys evil, (vii) the sword is the sword of knowledge, sharpness and truth, (viii) the trident is a symbol of 3 – activity, inactivity, non-activity – that removes all physical, mental and spiritual miseries.   The picture with the lion click here Durga with her sacred weapons and other meanings given to them.  https://www.indiacurrents.com/articles/2012/10/18/what-does-goddess-durga-symbolize.
  2. The next 3 days we dance and worship Lakshmi embodiment of beauty, charm, and grace.  She is the goddess of prosperity, material wealth, purity, generosity, giver of material and spiritual success and wealth. Lakshmi has 4 hands which represent dharma, karma, wealth and liberation.
  3. The last 3 days we dance and worship Saraswati, Goddess of wisdom; with 4 hands that represent  mind, intellect, alertness and ego. She holds Light bulb(i)a sacred scripture in one hand and (ii)a lotus, symbol of true knowledge in another. In her other hands she holds(iii) a musical instrument she plays music of love and life on a string instrument called a veena. She wears white, symbol of purity and rides on a white swan, another symbol of purity. You can see her picture here SaraswatiYou can read more on http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Navratri 

I just love all this positive energy around the world. To be alive.  To have direction.  To be loved.  To be love.  To make activity after seeding and reflection.  Wisdom – Your sacred scripture for your life.  A symbol  of true knowledge.  Music is air.  Protection from evil.  Elimination of suffering.  Elimination of enemies.  Three days of Protection.  Three days of Wealth.  Three days of Music. 

New Moon in Libra

Energy of Now: New Moon in Libra

Tavocardohe Energy of Now is knowing the VALUE OF DIFFICULTIES.  Your difficulties help you to be as strong as a diamond.  They help you seek solutions and resolutions making you commit to a life of happiness.  Living in the energy vortex of now – not the past and not the future – enables you to really work on your life in a realistic way. 

YOUR PAIN When nobody wants to listen to your pain I send you healing.  When you are constantly angry I send you inner peace.  When you are lost I send you hope. When you are feeling drained and lifeless I wish you a sacred chant Nam Myoho Renge Kyo.  Whatever tragedy you are going through right now IT WILL PASS.  This is the vortex with this energy of this New Moon.

YOUR HUMAN REVOLUTION  Sometimes becoming a person people can trust can make you dig deep into your own human revolution; and MAKE YOU take a good look at yourself and the way you interact with others.  It is so important to win the war in your heart first before you win the war in other peoples hearts and lives.

Energetic AirLIBRA seeks balance, clarity, recognition, approval, grace, communication and love in everything.  They have an innocence in their thinking and being.  They love to be noticed, surrounded by nice things and wearing nice clothes.  Libras are the true ‘show-off’ when they want to be. And it does suit them when they show off! They are so graceful and charming and elegant and gorgeous when they smile their winning smile.  It is as if their smile radiates through  their element air and beams alight around them.  What is this New Moon in Libra about?  This Libran New Moon is about developing a life overflowing with benefit; so write and declare your seedings’ and your wantings’.  Write them down. 

Atiti SosimiKarma for Happiness  We are all creating the karma for happiness. When we write down our New Moon wishes we are creating our new improved karma.  When we meditation on them we are visualising them and calling them into being.  When we concentrate our intention and actions in our lives we manifest them into being.  These are the great steps we take to actualise our goals and our visions every two week.  We come back home to ourselves – our inner self – to remind out selves of our commitment to our happiness. What is your  happy karma?  How do you keep your happy karma going?  “We are all Treasure Towers for World Peace.”  If you keep working towards world peace and towards peace where ever you are; you are creating happy karma for yourself and others.  Continue the great work. 

sad flowersKarma for Unhappiness  We all can make happy karma as well as unhappy karma.  When we give up on life we create unhappy karma. Our energy droops like the flowers in this picture.  They  have given up on life and they are no longer shining and looking upwards.  Their heads are downcast and the flowers do not look us in the face!  When we lie we create unhappy karma.  When we wish evil on another we create unhappy karma for ourselves.  There is cause and effect in life.   What is your unhappy karma?  How do you stop your unhappy karma moving forward in your life?  One of the best way to stop this unhappy karma is to maintain a disciplined practice of prayer, chanting and meditating.  You could also exercise, eat healthy and mix with people who lift your spirit.

ExpansivenessSeeding Bold Advance   This is a time of BOLD ADVANCE. To keep a bicycle moving we have to keep pedalling.  So to keep our life force high we have to keep looking after ourselves and recharging ourselves – which we do with the meditations of Bold Advance with this New Moon in Libra  We are creating a river that flows into the future.   We are deeply reflecting on our lives; and the reflection points the way forward. 

Libra, Aquarius and Gemini are AIR signs.  They love communicating, mixing with people, talking, thinking, planning, wondering and living in the mind.  They are generous and kind and like sharing what they  have with everyone.  They are outgoing and love socialising and being the centre of attention.  They love explaining things and moving around and learning new things and meeting new people. 

Detachment   However, because the element is AIR, they may appear detached, cold, aloof, distant and unfriendly; even though they socialise a lot.  Where are you feeling a need to pull away in your life at the moment?  Where are you feeling overwhelmed by a person or a situation?  New Moon in Libra is not easy as you may find yourself swaying from one emotion to another about a person or a situation. 

Talking  They; (Air Signs: Libra, Aquarius, Gemini); talk through their emotions and understand through words, rather than feelings or actions.  They can talk about a situation that bothers them for hours and hours and hours!  I have a Libran client who likes to talk and talk and talk.  I have a Libran friend who likes to talk about her experiences; and then we go into a session where she gets guidance with insights; and ends up paying for a session; or giving me a gift; whichever one suits her pocket.  I make sure I do not do this anymore.  A session is a session.  I am much better now at knowing the difference between my work and just general chatter.  The energy of now is balance and seeking fairness and justice.

Aries, Libra, Cancer and Capricorn are Cardinal signs meaning they are leaders and good at pushing forward and initiating things.  They are go getters and like to lead by example.  They are happiest being in charge and running the show.  They do not like to be led and do not take kindly to being told what to do.  They like mastering their gifts and moving forward to success.  They are achievers and determine to succeed. The Libran energy seeks balance in all they do.

two flowers living togetherThe symbol for Libra is the Scale for balance.  The ruler is Venus, Goddess of Love.  Librans are in love with love. They tend to live in the AIR and have to learn to live in the real world with their relationships and not in their imagination!  They can have discussions in their heads and think they are having it with the partner who is no where around.  When they see the partner they tend to think they know what they are talking about as they have been talking to them in their head!  Librans need to be realistic and honest with themselves in their relationships. 

Dream Time  Librans live in the air and dream in the air and from time to time I have to remind them to come back down to earth where people live.  No one lives in the air – only your thoughts and thinking – only your mental body is there.  With the Energy of Now, if you find yourself ‘living in the clouds’ you know you are in the energy of Libra, you are thinking too much or perhaps you are thinking when normally you do not!  Which would be good.  Librans are good at Dream Time. 

Librans are high intellect people who love great debates and discussions and intellectual challenges. 

Giving They love to do something for others less fortunate than them; and you will see them giving something to charity; or someone they know needs something.  I have a Libran male friend who likes to give presents a lot.  In fact all the Librans I know are generous, loving, and giving. 

Beware the Temper  They can attack you with words all of a sudden if they feel wounded and without warning! 

Tidy and House Proud  Librans are house proud and are very tidy.  My sister is a Libran and she loves furniture and furnishes her home beautifully.  She is also always cleaning it with bleach through which drives my nostrils wild!  I do not understand why she does not stop this habit, but she tells me it is clean and healthy.  When Librans make up their minds about something they do not easily change their minds.  They may even argue with you if you suggest a new way of doing something to them, sometimes…..

Janet holding the talking stick crystalBeware destructive habits that undermine your happiness and well being.  Are you thinking obsessively about a person or situation?  Do you have an addictive personality that is not honouring who you are becoming?  This New Moon in Libra is a time of great reflection and great insight.  Use the energy well.  It really is a powerful vortex of healing invisible light.  Where is your addiction?  Where is your addictive behaviour?  Where is your addictive habit.  Be aware. 


Invocation Blessing for New Moon in Libra

24 September 2014

Wisdom Life Readings with Toks

I Greet You

With the Gift of Insight

The Gift of Healing

The Gift of Reading Souls

I Greet You


I Greet You

With the Gift of Knowledge

The Gift of Love

The Gift of Healing Love

I Greet You

Hindu Gods

I Greet You

With the Gift of the Hindu Gods

Durga (Direction), Lakshmi (Beauty) and Saraswati (Life)

Blessing You with Love in All Areas of Your Life

I Greet You

Glowing Equinox Light

I Greet You

With the Glowing Autumn Equinox Portal Gates

Welcoming You Going Inwards & Ascending

Reaching Higher Levels of Consciousness

I Greet You

Shavana and Yvonne

I Greet You

With Your Magnetic Protection

Being Buried Alive & Being Pulled Down

Enfolding You in Your Initiation Magnificence

I Greet You

Happy New Moon

I Greet You

With the Seeding of Newness

Sealing Your Seeding Deep into Mother Earth

Courageously Confident in Your Planting

I Greet You


I Greet You

With Your Soul Mate

Lost in Each Other’s Arms

Starting a New Life Together in Love

I Greet You

spiritual friendships

I Greet You

With New Moon in Libra Loving Energy

Bringing Hematite Healing Relationships

Holding You in the Vortex of Love

I Greet You

red jasper

I Greet You

With the Energy of Red Jasper

Creating Newness and Boldness

Commanding Respect in Boundaries

I Greet You

Flowers of Happiness

I  Greet You

With the Flowers of Happiness

Blooming from Seeds of Suffering and Hope

Transformational Victory for Self and Others

I Greet You


I Greet You

With the Divine Hope of You

Encircling You in Your Rainbow Cloak

Seeding the Glorious Dance of Sacred You

I Greet You

Gary Robin Yani Toks Patric

I Greet You

With the Creative Air of Life

Breathing Energy into Your Body

Glorious River of Air Flowing into Your Future

I Greet You

                                     Yani cutting his cakeYani lights the world

I Greet You

With Balance in Your Life

Sharing Precious Moments

A Shining Pioneer of Peace

I Greet You

Commitment to your happiness

I Greet You

With the Wonderful Gift

Commitment to Your Happiness

Wonderful You Wonderful Life

I Greet You


I Greet You

I Greet  You

I Greet You

Channelled by Toks Beverley Coker for the New Moon in Libra 24 September 

© Toks Coker 2014

New Moon in Libra


Due to the intense energy vortex of this New Moon all Homework will be given privately to those who turn up for the Moon in Libra Circle Workshop. 

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© Toks Coker 2014

New Moon in Sagittarius 3/12/2013

crystal necklacesHorusToksRenaissance Flame

We have all gone through so much this year: shocks, disappointments, betrayal, hurt, pain, death, as well as, starting again, re-birthing the self, building our lives up and celebrating our successes.  The energy of the New Moon in Sagittarius is about starting again, even if we feel tired and exhausted.  For me it is a turning point, a new fresh way of looking at our tired selves and our tired souls.  Renew your self with the energy of the fire of the New Moon in Sagittarius; and raise like a phoenix from your ashes, dancing your new way forward.  Be a flaming spirit of love full of passion for yourself and your life.  Renew your tired energy and re-energise yourself as you make your new way on your path forward.   Tuesday 3 December 2013  is the New Moon in Sagittarius, which happened at 00:23 GMT London.  The Element is Fire.   For more details and to book the workshop, click here: http://newmoon031213.eventbrite.com/#

On the Menu we have:

  1. Invocation Blessing for New Moon in Sagittarius  3/12/2013
  2. ENERGY OF NOW: New Moon in Sagittarius  3/12/2013 (Element: Fire) 00:23 Londonfresh fruits
    1. Starting Again
    2. Seeding
      1. What a Seed Says
      2. Seeding the Heart
      3. Seeding Your Purpose
    3. Chasing Money
    4. After the Passion of Scorpio
      1. Ripping Apartfruit salad
      2. Reflective Energy
    5. Lessons
    6. Way Forward
    7. Restless Peacedesert
    8. The Seeker
    9. Jupiter Joy
    10. Waiting
    11. Change
    12. Centaur
    13. DrivingVietnamese Altar
  3. ENERGY OF THE PASTPrevious New Moon in Sagittarius 
    1. List of all the dates for 2013, leading to January 1st 2014
  5. QUOTEs: Happy New Moon in Sagittarius  3/12/2013
  6. ACTION: Happy New Moon in Sagittarius  3/12/2013
  7. What will be covered in this Meditation Workshop
  8. Homework
  9. 2013 Diary, Contact Details & Spiritual Investment
    1. WEBINAR on EmoTrance on Sunday 8 December at 7pm-8pm 
    2. EmoTrance Practitioner Certification on Saturday 14 & Sunday 15 December (10am-5pm) Book on http://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/emotrance-practitioner-certification-tickets-8984698475?aff=eorg

Walking the new path

Invocation Blessing for New Moon in Sagittarius  3/12/2013

crystal necklaces

We Greet You

With the Crystals of Light

Planting a New Seed

Geminating in Your Third Eye

We Greet You

Renaissance Flame

We Greet You

With the Flame of Yahweh

Burning Away Your Debris

Purifying Your Internal Life Force

We Greet You

rainbow in instabul

We Greet You

With the Graciousness of the Rainbow

Splendidly Covering the Cosmic Sky

Blessing Your 7 Chakras

We Greet You

We Greet You

We Greet You

With the Archer Horses

Whispering Incantations of

New Beginnings New Blessings

We Greet You

Toksjupiter taken 9.9.09 by NasaToks

We Greet You

With the Good Fortune of Jupiter

Bringing Miraculous Miracles to You

Joyfully and Freely Implementing Good Energy

We Greet You


We Greet You

With Global Awakenings

Whispering Answering Questions

Firing Your Infinite Passion

We Greet You


We Greet You

With the Power of Invincibility

Aiming High like the Phoenix

Winning in Your Life

We Greet You

gift of wisdom

We Greet You

With the Gift of Wisdom

Activated by the Flame

Paradigm Shifts of Knowing

We Greet You

Emma Lintern smiling

We Greet You

With Your Uniqueness

Transcending Portals of Pain

In the Alchemical Resurrection of Your True Self

We Greet You

Donata Vedeckyte

We Greet You

With Your Authenticity

Embracing Your Rebirth

In the Seeding of Your Newness

We Greet You

jeremy kola toks

We Greet You

With Your Gateway of Opportunity

Anchoring Your Sacred Path of Life

Embracing Your Infinite Freedom

We Greet You


We Greet You

With Imhoteb, Legion of Light

Illuminating Protective Pathways

Embracing Duality Gateways

We Greet You

Danial Paul Glen Marcus

We Greet You

With the Initiative Energy of Ease

Living Your Gifts

In the Harmony of Your Life

We Greet You

EmoTrance Practitioners March 2013

We Greet You

With Your Flaming Healing Power

Helping Others During Challenging Moments

Practicing Gratitude Expanding Your Joy

We Greet You


We Greet You

With Bold Steps into Your Creativity

Magnifying Your Light of Peace

Gathering Momentum: Flowing Flame of Peace

We Greet You

We Greet You

We Greet You

With a Thousand Hands of Light

Anchoring Flaming Vibrations

Hearing Healing Whispers

We Greet You

tarot toks

We Greet You

We Greet You

We Greet You

Channelled by Toks Beverley Coker for the New Moon in Sagittarius 2013


ENERGY OF NOW: New Moon in Sagittarius  3/12/2013

(Element: Fire) 00:23 London

Starting AgainFire

And so we start again with the wonderful new energy of the New Moon in Sagittarius. We know that what we are experiencing right now in our lives is the result of all that we have created by our actions, thoughts, dreams and visions from the past.  Sometimes what we have created is wonderful and sometimes it is not what we are wanting.  This is why working energetically with the natural rhythm of the moon  and the flow and ebb of mother earth we sync ourselves to the natural rhythms of life and nature to bring forth what we are wanting. 


Every two weeks we ‘re-new’ our energy and go back to planting a seed or many seeds, deep down in Mother Earth.  We know the seeds will have to geminate and break open underground; then burst forth as little buds through the soil.  This is what we do energetically every new moon.  We plant seeds of what we are wanting aSeed & Flowernd watch them grow and happen in our lives through our experiences and our actions.  

What a Seed Says:  A seed does not say ‘I want to remain the same seed. I want to stay the same.’  A seed says ‘I want to change, transform, geminate, grow and bloom.’    The new moon is a very powerful time to really anchor our wishes and really focus on seeding and seeing them grow in our lives. 

Seeding the Heart: The purpose of this time is to make yourself come alive and plant new seeds within your heart.  This seed grows to a wonderful tree – to be the tree in your heart, your wishing tree.  I want you to know that this Wishing Tree in your heart is very powerful; just like the Tree of Life and the Flower of Life.

Seeding your Purpose: This seeding could be a ‘casualty’ of your experience – a good ‘casualty’!  Your seeding is crucial at this time as a seed needs to go into the dark soil to geminate and bud through glitter orange rosesthe soil to raise is first bud which will grow into a stem, a leaf, a flower. This is where you are at, with this energy of now.  You are a seeding in the soil, yet to geminate, and as you wait to geminate you make your new moon wishes.  This workshop helps you to identify your wishes.  The mysterious energy of this new moon is powerful and ignites your suspended animation into existence.  You are fired up (with the fire element of Sagittarius) which ignites the energy in your heart.  This fire grows slowly in your heart helping your seed to grow -  you let it grow slowly as it grows with life in your heart.  This rhythm of life is a very deep process of change and germination.  This is what you are doing with this energy of now.  How auspicious.  

Chasing Money

It is so important to ke£20 noteeping a spiritual focus on your journey and your life.  Remember chasing money and worshiping money does not bring spiritual insights or guidance.  It tends to create a selfishness and a me me me energy. Developing your spiritual side balances your energy and helps you to be wholesome in your approach to life.  I do not need to tell you the effect of chasing money as you can see it all around you e.g. banking system breaking down, war, pharmaceutical industries ganging up to destroy alternative ways of healing and alternative medicine. 

After the Passion of ScorpioWalking the new path

After the passion of Scorpio (Full Moon in Taurus & Sun in Scorpio and the New Moon in Scorpio and Total Solar Eclipse) we leave the emotional watery sign and move to the fiery energy of Sagittarius to transform and transcend.  This transmission means you will develop superior ability, have a great rebirth and align with new truths, helping you in setting your directions and goals; as you decide to move forward out of 2013 to 2014. 

Ripping Apart: The Scorpion energy’s influence has been hard: The past few weeks have revealed truths, pains, betrayal, deception, and insights that tear at your soul. This ripping apart unfolds a new perspective and a new direction that has to be taken, whether or not you like it! 

This ripping apart made you question your life, your relationships, your friendships, etc.Dance of Isis Please be aware that in the exercise below some questions may apply to you and some may not.  It is the REFLECTIVE ENERGY that is important and powerful for your personal spiritual development.  In the ripping apart process certain things happened:

Exercise A: ripping apart  Who let you down?  Who lied to you?  Who did not follow through with what they said they would do?  Who alienated you?  Who walked out on you?  Who was not really there for you?  Who pretended to support you?  Who did not align with you?  Who disagreed with you?  Who fought with you?  Who was jealous of you? Who make you cry?  Who made you feel alone and isolated?  Who did not care? Who ripped you apart?

Exercise B: question self:  Did I let someone down?  Did I tell a lie?  Did I not follow through when I said I would follow through?  Did I alienate someone?  Did I walk out on someone?  Was I not really there for someone.  Did I pretend to support someone?  Did I not align with someone when they thought I would?  Did I disagree with someone?  Did I fight with someone?  Was I jealous of someone?  Did I make someone cry?  Did I make someone feel alone and isolated?  Who did I not care for? Who trees by mervedid I rip apart?

Reflective Energy: It is this reflective energy that is so powerful.  Go over the questions above again and really reflect on the past few moons.  Who did you become when you did what you did?  Who did you become when ‘they’ did what ‘they’ did?   What did you discover about yourself?  What did you discover about the person?  Is it not exciting to discover you had emotions you did not know you had; or had forgotten you had? Life really is a journey of unexpected expectations.

Lessons: Congratulations you have looked at how you handled the ‘situation’ and you have learnt your lessons so they do not need to be repeated.    Remember if you do not learn the lesson it will be repeated later on in the year or next year – like repeating a class in school – and I know no one likes repeating a class!  Learn the lesson and move on.

Way Forward

seeding eggsWhat new things did you learn about yourself? What new way forward has been revealed to you through this experience?  Who have you become?  Who are you becoming?  Who would you like to become?  It is so important that during this time with this new moon you look at your life and the lessons that have been revealed to you as you open your heart to yourself. 

Restless Peacerestless peace

We have left the ‘heavy’ energy of the past few months to take on a ‘lighter’ energy. After the turmoil on the sea we come to the calm on the lake.  We feel at peace, but know that deep down this is a restless type of peace.  It is not the true peace we seek, but it is a peace we know and are familiar with.  We know we have survived the ‘test’; but we also know that we have not yet settled to the choices we have made AND we have not yet made all the choices!!!! So much unfinished business……This is a time to really make new wishes after what you have been through. 

As written above in the first wordings of this blog:

We have all gFire Maskone through so much this year: shocks, disappointments, betrayal, hurt, pain, death, as well as, starting again, re-birthing the self, building our lives up and celebrating our successes.  The energy of the New Moon in Sagittarius is about starting again, even if we feel tired and exhausted.  For me it is a turning point, a new fresh way of looking at our tired selves and our tired souls.  Renew your self with the energy of the fire of the New Moon in Sagittarius; and raise like a phoenix from your ashes, dancing your new way forward.  Be a flaming spirit of love full of passion for yourself and your life.  Renew your tired energy and re-energise yourself as you make your new way on your path forward. 

The Seeker

New Moon in Sagittarius is the Seeker seeking truth and enlightenment, aiming with his bow and arrow, and striking the target with strong focus and determination. What is the new meaning of your life right now?  The arrow takes us out of the Scorpio energy into the transforming energy of fire? What does your bow and arrow look like?  Where are you aiming your arrow? After aiming do you hit your target?  Make sure you do.  The Seeker seeks and journeys the journey with the Bow and Arrow on the shoulder.

Jupiter Joy

Jupiter is the ruler of Sagittarius.  It calls in the healing energy to expand your life and heal your pain with joy and laughter.  Really determine to do different things with this energy.  Call on tangel blessingshejupiter taken 9.9.09 by Nasa Jupiter energy of hope and freedom. Really make an effort to DO and plan your decisions as you ascend to your new path.  Call in the energy of clarity with Jupiter. What crop will grow from the seed you plant today?  Plant a happy joyful seed and water a happy joyful seed. No need to water a sad unhappy seed and no need to plant a sad unhappy seed!  Call in the energy of Jupiter to break stifling bonds and open you up to truth and protection. 


Do not jump into the fire that does not belong to you.  Do not say ‘yes’ straight away.  Weigh your mind before you make a decision.  Check all the options and opportunities before you take action.  Sagittarius is inspirational and may tend to jump without looking.  Look before you jump  or start anything. This is a time to seed, not a time to take action.  A time to plan actions to take.  


Sacred FaceWe really have no choice but to change with this new energy.  The only thing that is troubling us, is that we do not know what the change will be; and how it will affect us.  We just know that this energy brings change. TFreedomhe fear of the unknown can overwhelms us.  Also with this energy we have the ISON comet coming close to earth and the energy this is wheeling through the vortex of the galaxy over the cosmic waves of life. Welcome this new change as you cannot avoid it – it will come whether or not you want it.  It is coming slowly and then it will suddenly flare up with the energy of fire.  Watch out for the changes you notice around you and in you.   It is not an easy process but it s a process we all have to go through. All your experiences are your doing – you have caused them and activated them to be. Change enables newness.

Centaurhalf man half animalpassion for life

When you think of a half human half horse creature you think of the Centaur, another Sagittarius symbol. It represents a synthesis of choice.  Do you choose to go the ‘animal’ or ‘humane’ way.  In the quest for meaning in life we live with our dualities and our decisions which may be influenced by our ‘animal’ or ‘humane’ side.  The fire element makes you ‘flame up’ with desire and the need to control or balance the emotions that well up is crucial. However you may find it difficult to control that ‘flame up’.  How will you balance your physical and your spiritual choices?  


New MoonWho is controlling your life?  Who is driving your life?  Close your eyes and sense and feel yourself sitting in a car.  Note the colour of the car, the model of the car, the smell of the car, and answer this question: What car are you sitting in?  What car are you driving?  Are you the driver or the passage? Are you sitting in the driving seat or siting beside the driver or in the back seat?  New Moon in Sagittarius has a unique way of moving your life and letting you know that you really need to know who is driving your life.  

Leave a comment below.  Cheers xxx

ENERGY OF THE PAST: Previous New Moon in Sagittarius 

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I thought it would be great to list a few special dates in December leading to January 1st 2013.  You can find them on my blog https://tokscoker.wordpress.com/2013-dates-celebration-moon-workshops/


    • 1st Dec.   First Sunday of Advent Eye of Horus Necklace
    • 2nd Dec. St Andrew’s Day (Scotland)
    • 3rd Dec.   New Moon in Sagittarius (details below)     
    • 5th Dec.   Last day of Hanukkah
    • 8th Dec.   Feast of the immaculate Conception
    • 17th Dec. Full Moon in Gemini and Sun in Sagittarius  (details below) 
    • 21st Dec. WINTER SOLSTICE Saturday
    • 24th Dec.  Christmas Eve
    • 25th Dec.  Christmas Day BANK HOLIDAY
    • 26th Dec.  BOXING DAY
    • 31st Dec.  NEW YEARS EVE
    • 1st JANUARY  NEW YEARS DAY / BANK HOLIDAY / New Moon in Capricorn (details below) 

Certification & Crystal Meditation Workshops:

  1. WEBINAR on EmoTrance on Sunday 8 December at 7pm-8pm
  2. EmoTrance Practitioner Certification on Saturday 14 & Sunday 15 December (10am-5pm) Book on http://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/emotrance-practitioner-certification-tickets-8984698475?aff=eorg
  3. Happy New MoonTuesday 17 December 2013   Full Moon in Gemini & Sun in Sagittarius  09:29 GMT London    Element Air/Fire      For more details and to book, click here: http://fullmoongemini171213.eventbrite.co.uk/   This is also the day to celebrate Sema, The Wedding Day, the night Mevlana (RUMI) died (his reunion with his Beloved, the Divine) http://mevlana.net/wedding_day.html
  4. Wednesday 1 January 2014    New Moon in Capricorn     11:15 GMT London      Element Earth               For more details and to book, click here: http://newmooncapricorn010114.eventbrite.com/#   HAPPY NEW YEAR DAY / BANK HOLIDAY 

QUOTEs: Happy New Moon in Sagittarius  3/12/2013

Come, come again, whoever you are, come!  …. Ours is the portal of hope, come as you are.  Mevlana Celalleddin Rumi

All the nations of the world should break the cups of their egos and be unified in love of God, the Creator of all of us; in love of mankind, without discrimination of races, beliefs and nations; living all together, in a world of Love, with happiness and peace.  Dr Celalleddin Celebi

DahACTION: Happy New Moon in Sagittarius  3/12/2013

Salute like the Mevlevi: place your right hand on your heart and incline your head slightly. This implies ‘You are in my heart’.

Shake hands like the Mevlevi:  Seize and kiss the back of each others hands, indicating mutual respect and equality.  This is greeting from ‘soul to soul’ and denotes equality.

Clear the clutter in your home.  Clear your mind.  Clear your emotional body. Clear your digestive track. Clear your language.  Clear your spirit.  Clear your space and auric field.  Clear your intentions to yourself.  Clear your focus and make it like an arrow focused on a goal or intention. 

What will be covered in this Meditation Workshop

We will cover all the above and more. 

We will also perform some fire exercises. The purpose of the fire exercises if for you to know that there is always a light within you.   There is always the ability and possibility to feel this fire flame as your life force that can never be blown out.  It is always burning whether or not you realise that it is.  It may be a flicker, it may be burning bright and dancing away with joy.  It will always be there ready for you to ignite it whenever you feel you need to or whenever you feel lost.  This is the flicker of hope in your life.  This is the light that illuminates the darkness in your soul or your life or your spirit (whichever word you prefer).

FIRE EXERCISE 1:fire dance

  1. Visualise yourself holding a match and striking the match, igniting it.
  2. Take the lit match and light the wick in your heart.
    1. You will see and sense the match ignite the fire flame in your heart.  You have ignited the fire flame in your heart. 
  3. Now look down to your heart and see the fire flame burning in your heart.  You are not hurt.  You feel safe and clean and fresh.  
  4. Dance with the flame in your heart.


  1. See a burning flame in front of you. 
  2. Breathe in deeply and slowly seven times; fusing each of your chakras with the flame.
  3. Very slowly and respectfully walk and step into the flame. 
  4. Allow the flame to dance around you and feel it dancing around you.
  5. Dance with the flame around you. Then stop.
  6. Allow the flame to  move close towards you and merge with your physical body. 
  7. Close your eyes and feel the energy of the flame merging with your physical body.
  8. Feel a dancing flame in each
    1. eye, ear, hand, foot
  9. Feel a dancing flame in each of the 7 Chakras: firehorse
    1. Crown, Third Eye, Throat, Heart, Solar Plexus, Sacral, Root
  10. Sense and feel your auric field and chakras being
    1. cleansed by the flame;
    2. burning away debris, old patterns and feelings of loss
    3. transforming the lessons learnt; 
    4. purified by the flame of Yahweh. 
  11. Feel all the dancing flames merge into one flame.
  12. Then feel the dancing flame settle gently in your heart.
  13. Slow down the energy around you.
  14. Breathe in slowly and deeply seven times.
  15. Push your deeply feet to the ground slowly (seven times)
  16. Open your eyes.  Welcome back.

Leave a comment below.  Cheers xxx


Homework is given so you can refine yourself in the comfort of your own space or home.  Please let me know how  you did with your homework and leave a message below on this blog.  Cheers. Toks xxx

  1. Respect: Eye of Horus
    1. How are you feeling about yourself?  Are you respect yourself? 
      1. If the answer is ‘No’ – Why are you not respecting yourself?
      2. If the answer is ‘Yes’ – How are you respecting yourself?
      3. What did you learn about yourself?  What does this tell you about you?
    2. How are you feeling about your father?  Are you respecting him?
      1. If the answer is ‘No’ – Why are you not respecting him?Dad with a heart of gold
      2. If the answer is ‘Yes’ – How are you respecting him?
      3. What did you learn about yourself?  What does it tell you about you?
    3. How are you feeling about your mother?  Are you respecting her?
      1. If the answer is ‘No’ – Why are you not respecting her?
      2. If the answer is ‘Yes’ – How are you respecting her?
      3. What did you learn about yourself? What does this tell you about you?  
  2. Heart of Gold:
    1. Do you have a heart of gold? 
    2. What does it mean to have a heart of gold? 
    3. Do 7 random acts of kindness in the next 7 days. 
  3. Wishes
    1. Gift yourself with the Jupiter energy and write all your new moon wishes.  The energy is exciting and new and innovative!  This is a time of real possibilities that you can choose to rise up to. 

Leave a comment below.  Cheers xxx

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New Moon in Virgo 16.9.2012



New Healing Energy

On the Menu we have: clip_image002[5] petals healing karma

  1. Invocation Blessing
  2. Energy of Now: New Moon in Virgo
  3. Bitter and Angry
  4. Enough is Enough
  5. Connect
  6. Tree Magic Moments
  7. Invoking Sacred Names
  8. What will be covered in the Meditation Workshop
  9. Feedback from previous Meditation Workshop:  Blue Full Moon in Pisces
  10. Homework
  11. Contact Details & Diary

Invocation Blessing: New Moon in Virgo 16.9.2012

Channelled by Toks Beverley Coker

I in Crystal Tube

We Greet You

With the Akashic Record of Virgo

Sitting in the Crystal Tube Torus

Centred Protected Healing Vortex of Light

We Greet You

crystal eggs

We Greet You

With the Crystal Oval Eggs of Life

Planting New Seed in a Malachite Bowl

Mother Earth Accepting the Seeding

We Greet You

Mr & Mrs Gordon D'Silva

We Greet You

With Magical Unconditional Love

Healing Deaths & Losses

Giving Loving Commitment & Reason to Live

We Greet You

Paul Dunn & Yanni

We Greet You

With Forever Young Cosmic Connections

Bonding Laughing Friendships

Embracing Peaceful Trust

We Greet You

thank you mother earth

We Greet You

With Graceful Gratitude

Thanking Mother Earth

Achievements Past Present Future

We Greet You

What do you see

We Greet You

With the Face of Life

Waiting Looking Listening to You

Declaring Your NewMoon Wishes

We Greet You

working womanworking man

We Greet You

With Ascension Work

Anchoring Work for You on Earth

Seeding Planting Nurturing Growing

We Greet You

Veola and her step daughter

We Greet You

With Akashic Transformations

Rising Acceptance of Everyone

Relationships Empowered with Healing

We Greet You

sharing connecting empowring

We Greet You

With Galactic Connections

Lighting Your Triangle Heart Light

Appointing Your Vision on Earth

We Greet You

We Greet You

We Greet You

With Sacred Arms Open

Screaming with Joy At Your Radiance

Welcoming & Hugging You

We Greet You

We Greet You Mother Earth

We Greet You Mother Earth

We Greet You

We Greet You

We Greet You

tube torus

We Greet You Spiralling Light

We Greet You

We Greet You

We Greet You

Toks Coker

We Greet You

We Greet You

We Greet Yo

Channelled by Toks Beverley Coker for the NewMoon in Virgo 16.9.2012

Living a Triumphant Life

Energy of Now: NewMoon in Virgo

CHAOS   Virgo creates order out of chaos.  What is the chaos you have been going through lately?  I know it has not been a ‘funny’ or ‘easy’ time with all this chaos.  What energy do you need to use now?  Virgo helps us to meticulously take control of the chaos and with an analytic mind help us to give earthly precision and clarity to the problem.  HELLO CHAOS

HEALTH  Virgo rules the sixth house of health.  If you do not exercise your muscles will become flabby.  If you do not brush your teeth your teeth will deteriorate.  If you eat the wrong food you may develop cholesterol or become overweight.  Virgo hates ‘malfunctions’. Virgo loves wholesome goodness.

PERFECTION   Virgo is the sacred Virgin, pure, innocent, feminine and beautiful.  The Virgin Virgo seeks perfection in everything s/he does.  Virgo is sensitive, sensible, cheerful, patient, calm and neat.

DETAIL   Virgo is an earth sign making it practical.  Virgo can be forthright, precise, executing and flawless. It is time to make details – write out what needs to be done and do it immediately.  What details need to be carried out before anything can be achieved.  Virgo loves details and attention to detail in all areas of live – food, health, mind, body, spirit, etc. 

ORGANISE Virgo likes to organise things.  If you find yourself filing or tiding your room that is Virgo.  Virgo loves order and calm.  A tidy room is a tidy mind. Virgo likes regular small systematic logical organised meticulous processes to achieve its goals. 

WORK Virgo likes working and getting things done and achieving.  This energy anchors in work for you. 

You can read my previous blog on the NewMoon in Virgo https://tokscoker.wordpress.com/category/new-moon/new-moon-in-virgo-29-8-11/


So why are you so ‘bitter’ and why are you so ‘angry’?  You tell me  it is Do What You Lovebecause of this and that; because of this person and that person; because of this situation and that situation.  I hear all your reasons.  I hear all your answers why you are not doing what you love.

But I ask you one question:  Just stop for a moment pyramid growing out of squareand consider this question: Are these reasons ‘excuses’ causing you to be in a cycle of ‘blame’? 

NewMoon in Virgo asks us to look at things in a practical way and not in an emotional way.  It forces us to look at where we need to take action to stop us being ‘cry babies’.  It does not say YOU should not cry and you should not complain.  It says after you have done all that SHOUTING and CRYING and BLAMING what are you going to do about it NOW?  Are you going to become the pyramid growing OUT of a square?  Virgo says become the pyramid growing out of the square box or the entrapment.


Enough is Enough Power Stand

So at what point do you say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH?  Do you say it immediately, or after a few hours, days, weeks, months, years, life times? 

BOUNDARIES Virgo asks us to define our boundaries with this energy and look at where we are ALLOWING all this energy in and how it is making us feel, think, become, talk and walk. 

EATING  How are you being ‘eaten up’ by not saying ENOUGH IS ENOUGH?  Who is ‘swallowing’ your energy?  You are swallowing your energy.  You are allowing someone to swallow your energy.  YOU need to nourish your self with good healthy ‘food’  i.e. thoughts, words, deeds, actions that empower you.

TOXIC  Virgo highlights the toxicity in your life and your relationships. Where are you being trivial and fault-finding?  Where are you being over-critical and disapproving?  Where are you being judgemental and close minded?  Where are you being intolerant and unwilling to consider other people’s feelings/opinions/perspectives/concerns? 

PLANTING SEED   Is it not time you planted a new seed to grow a new positive way.  Remove the weeds in your life.  Let the toxic weeds DIE.  What needs to die so you can clear the space TO PLANT NEW SEEDS?  Just throw them away like you would your dirty bin from your kitchen.


PATMOS greece

We go deep within – deep into the cave of humanity – deep within – deep into mother earth – deep into the void. We communicate with Divinity in silence.  We listen.  We write.  We ponder.  We reflect.  We realise.  We come to a decision.  We know.  We know.  We know.  Enlightenment is that simple.  Finding the answers to our problems is that simple.  Welcome to the impossible made possible of the NewMoon energy of Virgo.Jerry Coker

making a wishSo who will you connect with?

I connected with my brother Jeremy and took him out to lunch to celebrate his Virgo birthday.  As you can see we both had a great time and we both shared sister and brother energy together for an hour before he had to dash off back to work.  He is a workaholic Virgo man!  Before leaving he made a Virgo wish on his lovely birthday cake after I with two beautiful young ladies sang him Happy Birthday.  He said the cake was very sweet and yummy. 

Now how lucky was I to have his energy with me for an hour.  Thank you universe. 


tree magic

Sherine Toks CharmaineWhat Tree Magic did you experience a week before this NewMoon which was after the powerful energy of the Blue Full Moon in Pisces? 

Here I am with Sherine and Charmaine.  I went to Morley College Tutors’ Conference on 8 September and connected with over 10 lovely complementary teachers changing lives with a passionate joy in teaching and imparting knowledge.  Thank you universe.  I went for a job interview which I did not get and my lovely friend Sherine got the job. I was so happy to hear she got the job.  How auspicious the ladies interviewing gave her the job and not me.  Thank you ladies.  Thank you universe.  That is a Magic Tree moment.  

Why not share your Magic Tree moments with me?  Mary Molloy

Mary Molloy shCharmain's sonares her Magic Tree Moment with me:

“Dearest Toks! getting ready to climb Nephn mountain in Co. Mayo, Ireland, inspired by Usain Bolt and the Olympics and Paralympics with love, Mary xxx”

Charmaine’s son shares his Magic Tree Moment with us.

Taplow CourtOM


Working with the energy of VIRGO PURITY we come to the sacred invocation of names and sounds.  We all  invoke sacred sounds and names when we pray, meditate and dialogue.  We listen to them in church, the mosque, Buddhist centres, Hindu temples, on the radio, TV, internet, etc.  We recite them too.  What sacred name or sound do you recite aloud or silently? 

  1. Great Spirit
  2. Mother Earth, Father SkyChrist Consciousness
  3. Cosmos Divinity
  4. Allah
  5. Buddha
  6. YHVH – composed from the 4 Hebrew letters Yod, Hey, Vav and Hey
  7. Jehovah – God
  8. Yahweh – God
  9. Elohim – God    Adonai Elohim The Lord God   Adonai Elohai The Lord My God  
  10. Yah – God   Urijah  Yah is my Light
  11. Adonia – The Lord     Adonia Elohai Kedoshi The Lord my Holy God   Adonai Nissi The Lord my Miracle
  12. Hakkadosh – The Holy One
  13. Saviour
  14. Redeemer
  15. Messiah

Contemplation with Love

What will be covered in the Meditation Workshop

  1. We will be covering all of the above plus these sacred spiritual exercises:
  2. We will be invoking the dragons to help us create order out of the chaos in our lives.
  3. We will be working with Durga energy and mantra.  Find out who Durga is and what she can do for you. 
  4. We will be writing our New Moon wishes and meditating on them. 
  5. We will plant the seeds to ready our accomplishments in the future.
  6. We will be healing our chaos in the stillness within this wonderful meditation.
  7. We will be contemplating with love.

let us play a new tune

Feedback from Previous Meditation Workshop: Blue Full Moon in Pisces

full moon in Pisces 21.8.2012

I came with an open mind about this evening and really enjoyed it.  You made me feel very welcome in your home and I felt connected to you by what I learnt about being from Lemuria.  I enjoyed sharing the meal and hope to be part of more workshops in the future.  Thank you. Fiona Muzee

I came for the Blue Full Moon and found the workshop very enlightening.  I definitely connected with my higher self and was able to feel a great shift in my vibrations.  Thank you Toks.  Simon Dodd

As always your meditational workshops are fabulous.  This time I really have claimed my power:  it is back in my body and at my command and mine only.  I used to dim my power so as not to scare people on one level and on another level to go down to their level so as to help them due to my kindness. I now realise I have one task and one alone to SHINE my light to become the truth of my I AM presence.  Ho and so it is. Yanni


cherry tree

  1. Look at the picture above and breathe in and breath out the picture.  Breathe in the blue sky. Breathe out the blue sky.  Breath in the white blossoms.  Breath out the white blossoms. Close your eyes.
  2. Do one thing that makes you feel free today
  3. Do a Symbolic Act that starts you on the path of collaboration with others and with the universe
  4. Create a sacred space in your life for ‘honin myo’ which means ‘starting again’ so you allow yourself to start again!
  5. Check out the most beautiful names of Allah. Which ones do you like? http://sufism.org/foundations/ninety-nine-names/the-most-beautiful-names-of-allah-2

happy buddha


Today’s Meditation: Sunday 16 September 2012 New Moon in Virgo Element – Earth http://tokscokernewmoon0912.eventbrite.com/?ebtv=C  Holding the Light

Next Meditation: Sunday 30 September 2012  Full Moon in Aries http://tokscokerfullmoon0912.eventbrite.com/?ebtv=C

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See you at the meditations, workshops and 1:1 sessions
Love Toks xxxxxx