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Full Moon in Scorpio 22 April 2016

Happy Full Moon

Healing for YouAn Alchemical Gathering on Friday 22 April celebrating:

    1. Full Moon in Scorpio – Sun in Taurus

    2. International Earth Day

    3. Hanuman Jayanti / Monkey God Birthday (Hindu)

    Red heartFull Moon in Scorpio – Sun in Taurus   Red heartWorm Moon   Red heartTime: 7pm   Red heartDate: Friday 22 April

    Red heartElements: Water/Earth   Red heartClick: Details: Moon Alchemy

    Energy of Now

    orange orchidUnpacking:  This Full Moon finds us unpacking our experiences from our suitcases and sorting them out. This sort out with this Full Moon is a reaction to the change we are going through and cannot stop.

    Awareness: This Full Moon says it is time to really be aware of your successes and accomplishment, no matter how small or overwhelmed you are feeling at the moment.

    Building Process:  There is a building process with this Full Moon. What more can you achieve? What more do you really want? What more do you need to improve to be more in your life? Perhaps learn a new skill or do a new action you have never done before.

    Birthing:  The Energy of the New Moon in Aries, 7 April, called forth a birthing of Newness in you – a different diary, a different action you are doing to make your life more rounded and happier. What birthing action are you carrying through to this Full Moon? Is it going to the gym?  Is it changing your diary and rearranging things differently?  What ‘new’ thing have you carried forth into this Full Moon.

    Homework Reflection:  Earlier on 10 January, New Moon in Capricorn, we held a wonderful Vision Quest at the Moon Gathering and did a photo montage for 2016. Take a look at what you did at that Moon Gathering and check that you are on target. Perhaps you can make a new photo montage with reference to ONE area of your life e.g. your business, your work, your relationship, your home, etc. This helps you to anchor your own thoughts and actions in the month of April.  It also helps you to assess yourself and your progress.

    What we will cover at the Alchemical Moon Gathering

    on Friday 22 April

    ConnectingImprove:  We will look at what you need to do to ‘improve’ one area of your life e.g. work ethics, relationship attitude, etc.  Perhaps you have to buy a 2016 diary and write down what you need to do on what day so you do not forget and find that your memory is not as reliable as you think it is.  Having a diary is not a handicap.  Forgetting you have to do something all the time is a handicap to you and your business and your reputation.  People stop trusting you and do not believe in your words or actions.  Get a diary and start putting your information in it.  Or use your computer or phone.  All successful people use a diary they do not always rely on their brain!

    Intension:  We will look at your intention for yourself and for others.  How often do you throw a bad thought and criticise the person shouting at you?  How often do you throw a bad thought out to the person correcting you?  Why do you think that your negative thoughts will not be felt by the other person? what is the core energy of your intension? 

    Undermining:  Look at how your past is undermining your present and your future. How are you holding yourself back?  How are you sabotaging yourself?  How are you toning your mind, body and spirit?  How are you undermining yourself?  Why are you undermining yourself and others?  Are you undermining yourself for the same reason you are undermining another?  What are your attachments to undermining your self?  Why? How versatile are you at undermining yourself?

    • Happy:  Every time I am with you I feel wanted.
    • Take Away:  You cannot take away more people from me.
    • Competition:  Your friends are not your friends when they are in competition.
    • Angry:  I think my skin is on fire.

    Shifts:  Create Shifts in a sacred gathering.  We will look at creating shifts in your life, in a deep way, that lasts. We will look at how these shifts create actions that give you good results that are supportive, creative and push you forward in your life.  We will look at how the shifts can take you out of a situation that no longer serves you. 

    Separation:  We will look at the issue of separation.

    1. Separation:  Are you feeling separated?  Separated from yourself?  Separated from the people you love?  How can you stop this feeling of separation?  What needs to be merged so you can stop feel separated?  Does this feeling of separation make you feel empty and isolated? Do you feel that people leave you alone, even when you want them to stay?  Is the issue of separation ‘killing’ you in more ways than one. 
    2. Pretend:  At the Moon Gathering we will heal any feeling workingof separation or pretending. We tend to push away the very thing we want. We pretend we do not want something or someone. We pretend our family karma is not important; and then; constantly drink and take drugs. These actions of pretending add to feelings of separation, segregation and lying. Pretending stops you from knowing the true you and from knowing the truth. It may encourage you to live a lie.  Do you really want to live a lie by pretending? 
    3. World:  Separation in our actions, our minds, our hearts and our thoughts is a very prevalent process in the world. How are you separating yourself from others? Is it really necessary? 
    4. Boundaries:  Sometimes separation helps us to create boundaries about what we want and what we do not want. We may have boundaries or we may have no boundaries. We may have weak boundaries.  When we finally decide we have had enough we will create strong boundaries. 
    5. Unrequited:  We connect with people who do not want us. We make ourselves believe they want us and we are disappointed when we finally realise there will always be a separation and unrequited love. We try to connect with people, places, events and situations that do not want the best for us, do not want us around and are not the best for our hearts. We ‘section’ ourselves in our mind, body and spirit. We separate ourselves. We interfere with our own happiness and sabotage our happiness. Separation is a big issue with this Full Moon.

    This Full Moon is a time to look at these issues; and receive insights and constructive practical actions; to take with courage and confidence.  Time is like a river.  You cannot touch the same water twice because the flow that has passed will never pass again.  Enjoy every moment of your life.

    bridgeBridging:  We will connect the broken bridge or create a new bridge, whichever feels right for you. We look at what we value; and want we want to keep and maintain in our lives; because it serves, empowers and supports us. What timeless feelings do you need to bridge; and allow to flow; and rock your life? Living is important in bridging your life. What kind of bridge helps your finances and your accounts? What does your bridge look like?

    Cleansing:  We will do a lot of cleansing. What needs to be released and dropped like a heavy lead weight or a very hot object?  We need to say goodbye to the past.  We cannot live in the past or the future.  We live in the Here and Now.  Saying Goodbye, is cleansing.  When you say Goodbye to the past, you say Yes to your life Now, and to living alive, and awake, in the Now.  Cleansing is saying Goodbye to your past.  Learn from the drama of your life.  Do not carry it with you.  Leave the story behind.  Learn the lesson.  With the experience of learning you cleanse the past; and the learning is cleansing; and your live in the Now and move forward.  Life cannot begin unless we say goodbye to the past and move on.  The Alchemical Moon Gathering is a place to activate all the possibilities awaiting you in your life. It a sacred cleansing space enabling your growth in all areas of your life.  

    Celebrate:  The Full Moon asks you to celebrate your EFFORTLESS achievements, victories, skills and talents. It also asks you to look at areas in your life for improvement and perfection. This Full Moon is about being there for yourself and being there for each other e.g. your team.  We will be celebrating the Full Moon, Earth Day and Hanuman Jayanti.  We will be honouring Mother Earth.  We will be linking in with Immortal Hanuman Jayanti and calling in health, wealth, success, and love; and asking him to remove our sufferings and pain. He is the 11th incarnation of Lord Shiva and served Lord Rama.  We will connect to the Divine.

    helloAchievements:  We will celebrate you and your achievements and power. And if you feel you have none we will show you how you can access them.  What impresses you? Who impresses you? What new vision do you need to forge for yourself to improve? Celebrate your loyalty.  Celebrate your joys.

    Gratitude:  The need to celebrate and give thanks to your life and to the positive situations around you is crucial in your growth.  We all have drama and history and stories to tell.  We all have violence and peace in us.  We all have joy and happiness too.  The Full Moon in Scorpio understands the various emotions we go through and understands the need to celebrate life and celebrate one’s’ life. Saying THANK YOU and feeling GRATITUDE is important if you want to advance in any area of your life.

    Connection We will reconnect you to the celebration of You and wholeness of you. We will connect to the Divine to access the greatest potential of you.

    Supportive Community The Alchemical Gatherings are a community of happy goddessessupportive individual who come together to empower themselves and grow.  Having gone through the confusion during the last New Moon and come out more focused and dynamic; how are you feeling now with this Full Moon?  The supportive community of the Alchemical Moon Gatherings is here to help you. Do you feel you still have to restore order in your mind? In your work?  In your home?  What are you tripping over because you have not cleaned up or cleared up?  What is your environment saying to you?  How friendly is your environment to you? Your Home? Your Office? Your Business area?  Practice makes perfect. Where do you need to perfect in your life?  It is very important – unleash your real winning self.   A supportive community helps you to perfect your life. 

    Forgiveness & Pain We all have pain that we think we have gotten over. Then something happens with this Energy of the Full Moon; and suddenly; the old painful memory erupts. The need to forgive yourself and others; tracks your pain; which may be hidden deep within, that you may not even realise that you still have that pain within you; because you have buried it so deeply within you. Forgiving others is a gift to yourself. Forgiving yourself is a gift to yourself.  Who do you need to forgive? Who needs to forgive you?  Who are you finding difficult to forgive.  Who is finding it difficult to forgive you?  Who can you not forgive?  Who cannot forgive you?  Let us go back to the statement: Forgiving others is a gift to yourself.  Choose to forgive with this Full Moon.

    Toks CokerDeeply Buried Pain:  Scorpio is emotional and passionate and holds deeply buried pain. The pain may be from childhood or well before birth. Scorpio is a water sign; so the need to cry; or to have someone cry your pain out; heals your pain; and activates forgiveness; in the incidence or the situation or the people who hurt you; as well as; in yourself. This deep healing comes only through the cleansing tears and water of Scorpio.

    Clear Action:  After the tearful cleansing you get the clear action to take. This is the Taurus practical determined action. You decide to heal the rift and make an effort to connect to the person who caused you the pain. You heal the rift. You mend the bridge. You melt the frozen hardness in your heart you thought was not there.

    Free and Liberated:  Once the action has been taken; you suddenly feel free and liberated to a fullness of joy in your life. You feel a deep sense of sensitive happiness; that fills you up with a great dance for life. This is a great alchemical healing of the past pain; to release you and create flow in your life; helping to nurture your unconscious and conscious feelings. This Full Moon calls in deep love, deep forgiveness, deep patience and deep will power. Are you ready?

    Prejudice:  I watched Murdock Mysteries, Series 9 Episode 13, on TV.  It was about prejudice and ill-will.  In this scene, the lady, Miss James, asks Murdock what he does when experiencing prejudice and ill-will as a Catholic.

    Murdock:  One difference, I suppose, is that people cannot tell I am Catholic just by looking at me.

    Miss James:  What do you do when you encounter such treatment, Detective?

    Murdock:   I know the truth about myself.  And I know that no matter what someone might say or think about me ….I must be the strongest and the best version of myself that I can possibly be.

    Miss James:  So go along to get along? 

    Murdock:  No. No. Simply be better than anyone who might hate you.

    Are we able to be better than anyone who might hate you.  That is the blessing and challenge of this Moon. We will be looking at the aspect of your Self Mastery.  We will be looking at your transformation and your relationships too. We will look at power struggles and what is working and what is not working. Are you the phoenix rising from the ashes?  Are you the dreamer or the dreamed?  This is such a powerful energy that encompasses many aspects of your live.


    Full Moon in Scorpio Experience

    Toks Experience:   A client of mine, my daughter, lost her lovely father and text me the funeral details early morning, 20 April.  I felt drawn to share it with my son, her business partner.  So I text another a business companion of hers, my son, to ask if he was coming.

    I went to sleep and when I woke up I heard his painful response on my answer machine on my phone.  I realised he was in deep pain; and I started to cry as I listened to his message he had left on my phone. He wanted to come but was not sure if she would want him there.  I kept feeling his pain, her pain and the whole painful situation; which was really out of their control and was something neither of them could have stopped or prevented.

    dreamcastleinairThen, all of a sudden, I saw and heard her father shout at me saying: “He has to be at the funeral. He is in my life and in my daughter’s life.”

    I quickly phoned and left a tearful message for her telling her what her father had said. I then called her business companion and told him her father said he had to be there. She called me back and heard me tearfully relay the experience of what her father said and I spoke with the tone and voice of her father. She said “I will call him immediately and I will invite him.”

    Later I got a text from her business companion and he told me she had left a wonderful message which made his heart sing. He said I had done my “magic power of healing” and I had brought them back together and healed the pain. He was so grateful. He was waiting for her call after 7pm after she finishes working.

    The pain I felt and the tears I cried was very real and deep. It was like I was crying for them and helping to heal the pain they both had buried deep within them from years ago.

    This Full Moon is a wonderful way to release deep pain you may be experience now or you have experienced before and you may have forgotten is still in you. Dialogue has the power to create miracles.  In this issue I was a helping hand; talking to her father; who is on the other side; and passing on a message to her and her business partner. Sometimes the power of the mystic forces interfere to help heal a situation. Some issues do not need a helping hand. Time definitely had passed for the healing to take place in this situation. Some situations can be healed immediately and some take time. Knowing the difference is important. The messages from the Dead, those who have passed over is very Scorpio: the delivery and communication. The action taken after the deliver is very Taurus. 


    We are bone alone, we live alone, we die alone.  only through our love and friendship can we create the illusion for a moment that we are not alone.  Orson Welles

    Experience is not what happens to a man, it is what a man does with what happens to him. Aldous Huxley, English Novelist

    Today is a beautiful day, but I cannot see it.  Note by a blind man 

    job self portrait

    Invocation Blessing for Full Moon in Scorpio and Sun in Taurus

    on Friday 22 April 2016


    I Greet You

    With the Full Moon

    Shining Reflecting Your Brilliance

    Opening Up Your Exquisite Paradise

    I Greet You


    I Greet You

    With the International Earth Day

    Celebrating and Growing Trees on Earth

    Actions Supporting Earth

    We Greet You

    happy together

    I Greet You

    With Your Beautiful Awakening

    Celebrating Your Friendships and Sharing

    Your Magnificence and Magic

    I Greet You


    I Greet You

    With Your Empowerment

    Allowing Your Preciousness

    Your Brilliance in Living

    I Greet You

    I love you

    I Greet You

    With Your Experiences

    The Story You Tell Yourself

    Growing Your Learning

    I Greet You


    I Greet You

    With Your Living Magic

    Creating Focus on Your Life

    Capturing Your Mission Your Vision

    I Greet You

    lovely family

    I Greet You

    With Your Purpose

    Celebrating Your Greatness

    In the Adoration of Life

    I Greet You

    pink shoes

    I Greet You

    With Your Empowerment

    Helping You through Your Struggle

    Your Pain, Limitations, Fear, Suffering

    I Greet You

    full moon

    I Greet You

    With the Shiny Full Moon

    Illuminating Your Inner Greatness

    With the Outer Greatness of You:  Oneness

    I Greet You


    I Greet You

    With Your Ability to Shift

    Creating Light Shifts

    In the Adoration of You

    I Greet You

    pretty feet

    I Greet You

    With Your Possibilities

    Shining the Light on Them

    Your Hopes and Aspirations

    I Greet You


    I Greet You

    With Your Achievements

    Your Successes and Victories

    Your Triumphs and Winnings

    I Greet You


    I Greet You

    With Your Passions

    Your Nobleness of Sprit

    Your Effortless Death and Life Experiences

    I Greet You

    full moon

    I Greet You

    With Your Magical Focus

    Celebrating the Magic in You

    Celebrating the Magic of You

    I Greet You

    nice sun tree

    I Greet You

    With the Tree of Life

    Anchoring Your Blossoming

    Your Radiance this Full Moon

    I Greet You


    I Greet You

    With A Great Collaboration

    Enabling the Choosing of Confident Actions

    Supporting Your Vision, Abundance and Good Health

    I Greet You

    crystal clusters

    We Greet You

    With the Passionate Waters of Life (Scorpio)

    Igniting the Practical Actions You Take (Taurus)

    Vibrating Your Infinite Supply of Natural Vital Energy

    We Greet You

    husband and wife

    We Greet You

    With the Fullness of Your Life

    Celebrating YOU: in All Your Glory

    Joyful Precious Diamond Life Force

    We Greet You


    We Greet You

    With Your Inner and Outer Awakened Call

    Your Greatest Empowered Version of You

    Your Untapped Potential

    We Greet You


    We Greet You

    With Your Manifestations

    Your Glorious Showings

    Your Magnificence of Being

    We Greet You

    little one

    We Greet You

    With the Greatest Possibility of You

    Celebrating the You of You

    In the Magnificence of Your Mind, Body, Spirit

    We Greet You

    Shelly Bridgeman, Kay Westmoreland, Angela Buck, Dhriiti Mehra,Phylliis Sant Maria and Toks Coker in red

    We Greet You

    Welcoming You to Your Journey

    Welcoming You to Your ‘Becoming’ Process

    Opening the Ultimate You in Gorgeousness

    We Greet You

    Inti and Toks 2007

    We Greet You

    With Your Greatest Potential Right Now

    Unfolding Your Greatest Capabilities

    In the Moment of Now Transformation

    We Greet You


    We Greet You

    With Your Own Preciousness’

    Revealing a Higher Calling

    An Operating Factor for More

    We Greet You

    holding hands

    We Greet You

    With the Appreciation of Your Life

    Feeling Gratitude for Yourself

    Feeling Thankful for Your Being

    We Greet You


    We Greet You

    With the Thankful Potential of Others

    Allowing their Light to Shine

    In the Gloriousness of Your Support Structure

    We Greet You

    smiling beauty

    We Greet You

    With Your Determination and Focus

    Activating a Newness of Fullness

    In the Recognition of the Changes Made for Your Happiness

    We Greet You

    I Greet YOU

    We Greet You

    With Your Defined Changes of Life

    Allowing Your Blossoming

    To Activate Your Life Force

    We Greet You

    Michael Beckwith

    We Greet You

    We Greet You

    We Greet You

    Channelled by Toks Beverley Coker for the Full Moon Blossoming of your Life

                           steps to happinessa woman of spirit

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    Full Moon in Gemini & Sun in Sag 25 Nov 2015


    gathering of love

    clip_image001[561] Wednesday 25 Novemberclip_image001[562] Full Moon in Gemini – Sun in Sagittariusclip_image001[563] Beaver Moon – 22:44 GMT Londonclip_image001[564] Element – Air/Fire clip_image001[565] Book HERE   http://fullmoongemini2015.eventbrite.co.uk

    Are you a Soul Seed, Star Seed or Earth Seed?  What are you?  This Full Moon makes us question things and look at the way we communicate to each other.  When we communicate with each other are we communicating from a space of full of light or darkness?

    Rainbow Candle Light BlessingGemini asks us – What information do we want to gather and share?  What do we want to communicate? Gemini is ruled by Mercury which is quick and alert.  Mercury separates only to come back together and merge as ONE.  It is versatile and alive. Gemini asks how can we be ONE with all the chaos around us?

    Sagittarius asks us – What truth and meaning our we searching for?  What do we want to communicate?  Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter which calls forth happiness and good fortune in our questing and restlessness. How can we be happier as ONE?

    Both Gemini and Sagittarius want to communicate same things differently and different things the same way!  We have opposition and conflict.  We have extreme feelings of ‘uncontrollable’ emotions.  We have Air(Gemini) and Fire (Sagittarius).  We all know that Air makes the Fire burn more. 

    This is a powerful Full Moon. It highlights the ‘nobleness’ of the Human Spirit. I dedicate this Full Moon posting to the memory of Maya Angelou, an elder, a woman worthy of great respect. 

    God bless you all for reading my spiritual blog posts. Thank you. Amen. Nam Myoho Renge Kyo. Namaste. Love Toks xxxxx

    Pain and Suffering

    hathorWhat is the deep pain you have covered up that you did not know you were covering up?  What makes you suffer but you deny it does? What are you hiding? What are you camouflaging?

    Do you visit someone and spend the time gossiping and say bad things about others and even to the person you visit?  Are you there to cheer them up or upset them?  Is it that important to you to make your life better than there’s?  Are you so small in your thinking and your doing that your behaviour and words disempower and you enjoy the results of the dis-empower-ment you see in front of you? 

    Really ask yourself – What are you hiding?  What are you camouflaging? You cannot go round your problem. You have to go deep into the middle of your problem and face it. Not an easy thing to do with this energy.  As you may be prone to attack the person and have a fight.  Better to be calm and not react.

    How are we feeding our Soul?

    Life really is a sad case of hysteria, if, even after the Paris bombs, and all the warfare in the world, we in our own small worlds, feel the need to undermine, belittle and crush another.  What is the difference between foodyou and the people hurting others by killing them or throwing bombs if you are doing the same thing – hurting people or destroying dreams. 

    How many people are destroying others through the words they type on social media?  Why does it give you so much pleasure to hurt another?  Why do we need to get into arguments on social media?  Would it not be nice to be nice to each other? 

    But people are jealous, envious, angry, sad, greedy and critical.  People need to be heard and recognised and find it difficult to do acts of kindness; as they believe the wickedness will bring fear and fear will bring respect.  Is that not a sad state of the world today?  At what stage do we say enough is enough?

    I ask the question again: What are you feeling your Soul?  What are we feeding our Souls?

    Reflections of Your Soul:  Longing Vs. Discontentment

    Reflection of Your SoulIn the Reflections of Your Soul you come to a point where you look at your Longings vs. your Discontentment.

    What are you discontented about?  Perhaps you are tired you are in the same flat for year or you have not made any progress in your finances to enable you to buy or get a bigger space.  Perhaps you are tired you look so uninteresting and old.  Perhaps you are unhappy about your lot in life. Perhaps you are discontent about where you are right now and you are feelings stuck, imprisoned and trapped.  Perhaps you are feeling overwhelmed by your lack and your depression?  Perhaps you are feeling discontent with your family, your friends and your social life?  Perhaps you are disappointed in your relationship and achievement.  Perhaps you do not feel worthy enough.  What are you discontent about? 

    What are you longing for?  What would you love?  By knowing what you do not like you know what you life.  By knowing what you miss you know what you want and what you love. 

    1. What is your Mind longing for?  A good book to read, an intellectual conversation, a simple conversation, rest, peace? 
    2. What is your Body longing for?  Exercise, walk in the grass, good healthy food, a shower, a good nights sleep, dancing? 
    3. What is your Spirit / Soul longing for?  Hibernation, solitude, contemplative time, nourishment, relaxing music, beautiful scenery, meditation?

    Difficulties of Life  Life can be damaging, hurtful, sad and lonely.  As you walk the PATH OF LIFE you come across your obstacles, challenges and difficulties. How do you approach them?  How do you face the?  How do your journey around them or with them?  Where and How do you put your feet?

    difficultiesYou may feel sad you have no children, no dog, no home, no new clothes or shoes.  You may feel lonely you have not partner or someone special in your life.  You may feel damaged because you feel no one loves you or includes you in things.  You may feel isolated and not loved in the group dynamics around you.  You may feel isolated yet surrounded by everyone.  You may need money to pay for basics like food, shelter and clothing.  You may feel you have no one to support you.

    Yours These overwhelming feelings of isolation, abandonment, not being loved or cared for are real.  They are your feelings.  They are real to you.  Own them.  Live them. Accept them.  It is no use denying them or pretending they do not exist.  This Full Moon brings up these overwhelming feelings of hopelessness and helplessness.  People are tired of war on all levels – war around the world, war in families and war in the mind.  Many Shamans say it is the time of great change and the light of the Full Moon always brings in powerful light to shine on what needs to be cleaned up. 

    Crying As you own them, accept them and live them you may find yourself crying silently or aloud.  You can cry alone.  You can cry with someone.  You can discuss your feelings and cry as you do so. This is not about telling everyone your problem on social media.  It is about finding your internal truth, wisdom and insight to the situation.  I find crying a healing process. It is a release process.  A flowing process.  Crying is working with the Angel of Tears and the Angel of Water and the Angel of Flow.

    This energy makes you aware of the conflicts within you brought about by another persons words and actions.  It highlights your duality, anxiety, uncertainty and stress level.  The choice to see the truth and change is yours.  Do you want a healthy mind set or not?

    Celebrating the Small WINS

    buddhaAfter crying you then Celebrate the Small WINS in your life. Perhaps someone will reflect them back to you and say them.  Perhaps you will reflect on your life after crying your healing tears.  You then look at the Small WINS in your life.  Perhaps you do have people who truly love you – the person who is always there loving you that you sometimes forget and do not notice. Perhaps you realise you do have good health and your heart beats regularly. Perhaps you realise that you are after all not bad looking and you do look wonderful and you do have a wonderful smile.  Perhaps you do have a good job and you are earning good money.  Perhaps you do have a nice smile and lovely teeth.  Perhaps you do have children you love you.  Perhaps you do have one very good friend who truly loves and cares for you.  Perhaps …… 

    Celebrating BirthdaysWhat Small WINS can you celebrate about your life with this Full Moon in Gemini and Sun in Sagittarius?  Celebrate your victories. Celebrate your completions.  Celebrate your growth.  Celebrate how far you  have come. Celebrate healing your pain.  Celebrate talking and visiting someone who has hurt you and being their friend.  Celebrate forgiving.  Celebrate forgiveness.  Celebrate who you have become. Celebrate the purity in you. Celebrate your YOU. Celebrate You learning from your ‘mistakes’ and your insights.  Celebrate You determining to make a commitment to your happiness and to your living a life of happiness.

    Celebrate making friends with yourself. You determine to make friends with yourself first and then find at least a friend you can communicate with. Celebrate healing a rift.  Celebrate making someone happy. Celebrate going out of your way for someone.  Celebrate going the extra mile.

                   thank you for my cakemaking a wishcutting my cake                

    Life on earth is full of needs, but among all the needs, the need of a friend is the greatest. There is not greater misery than being friendless. This earth would turn into heave if one had a desired friend in life, and heaven, with all the bliss it offers, would become hell in the absence of the friend one loves.  A thoughtful soul always seeks a friendship that lasts long.  The wise prefers a friend who will go with him through the greater part of his life’s journey. The miniature of our life’s journey may be seen in our ordinary travelling. If, when we are going to Switzerland, we make friends with someone who is booked for Paris, his company will last only so far, and, after that, all the rest of the journey we shall have to go alone.  Every friendship on earth will go so far and then will stop. Hazrat Inayat Khan

    Greeting the Full Moon

    The Future: Impermanence

    Divine CallingFor me, in today’s world, we are in a kaleidoscope. Sometimes we see lovely colours and images and sometimes we see the ugliness of life. The world needs to change and we are all going through enormous change.  We all know that anything is possible and that everything is impermanent.  Let us look at the fertilisation of life. The Sperm fertilises the Egg and it grows into an Embryo.  When the embryo grows into a baby it is born as a boy or girl baby. The boy or girl baby grows into a child, becomes a teenager, and then an adult. We have the cycle of life as a mother births her child, who in turn births her/his child; so we have grandchildren and great grandchildren. Life moves on to old age; till spirit of death takes over. The impermanence of life births and kills life in a natural rhythm of life.  Do we as human beings need to add to this death cycle of life by our murderous cruelty and unspeakable crimes we commit against each other for the sake of one ideology or another, for the sake of one erroneous view point over another, and one mental problem over another?  The following relevant quotes are by Thick Nhat Hanh:

    People have a hard time letting go of their suffering. Out of a fear of the unknown, they prefer suffering that is familiar.

    Hope is important because it can make the present moment less difficult to bear. If we believe that tomorrow will be better, we can bear a hardship today.

    Walk as if you are kissing the Earth with your feet.

    Thanks to impermanence, everything is possible.  Thick Nhat Hanh

    lifeBelonging  The need to belong is important in today’s world. What is happening in the world today is a reflection of what is happening in our minds today.  The need to belong and be included as a collective is very important.  Humanity has reached a state where mankind is tired of the negative side effects of belonging, oppression, control and morality. 

    There is a human revolution taking place here on Earth. There is a universal sense of belonging as ONE. This planet will only survive if we come together to save it.  Do we want to repeat the mistakes of the far past – the Atlantian and Lumerian mistakes?  This Full Moon sheds its light on the World and on our morality with each other and our reverence for Mother Earth.  What philosophy of life will unite man to trust each other?  A philosophy based on friendship, trust and peace.

    Energy Vs. Oil  We all are aware of the game of power played behind the doors – games we cannot see or are aware of.  Yet we know.  Today a few good men are creating Energy without using Oil.  FREE Energy will shift the world – if energy is free oil will loose its power.  We know how the pharmaceutical organisation are attacking alternative practitioners and killing many.  We know how we live in oppression, control and anger.  We all know that you cannot make money out of FREE Energy – you make money out of oil.  I look forward to a world of FREE ENERGY.  I look forward to a world free of cynicism. 

    Maya Angelou 1928-2014

    Maya AngelouWomen  We, the women of today, are standing on the shoulders of the great women before us.  Women who survived concentration camps, slavery, rape, witch burning and any form of abuse. We hear many great actresses dedicate their awards to women who came before them.  The reverence and respect for elders and for those who have paved the way for us as women is very important.  Today, we see the rise of woman in all areas of life – in politics, in media, in organisation and in the home.  No longer are they allowing themselves to be suppressed or oppressed.  No longer are they remaining silent.  

    Today I choose Maya Angelou as my mentor and guide and I want to share some of her greatness with this wonderful Full Moon. She was raped at 7 years old and did not speak for years after.  Good came out of the evil that happened to her.  You can see it in her life and in her books.  I got this lovely picture of her from PoetsOrg.  She looks like my father’s mother. 

    I love Maya Angelou’s poem – Still I Rise – watch her read it on Utube: Still I Rise. You can read the words and more on MayaIn the HOMEWORK Section below I give you homework on Maya – I believe a good way to move your life in pain and with strong reflection. Let me know how you did.

    Mothers  Maya openly shares that her mother told her that she (her mother) was too mean to lie.  She shares how her mother taught her how to love and how to be liberated. You can read more about her life. RIPP Dr Maya Angelou.   Here is her official website Maya Angelou.  Two quotes from Maya:

    We need the courage to create ourselves daily. 


    Air of SunlightFree Information  We move away from Gurus, secrets laws and hidden power. We look within to find our own power.   Everything is there for everyone to use.  Nothing is secret in the Aquarian age.  Google is Aquarian – sharing information to all. Today is about finding wisdom within yourself, finding your own Higher Self.  It is about looking within for your own source of power and inspiration. 

    We no longer need to rely on outside forces to give us power – we look within. You are the force you have been looking for.  You are the answer.  Just go within and see your own individual shining light  you will be amazed how lovely it shines and how beautifully it sparkles.

    You are such a sparkling shiny light. You are a Star Child. You are a Star Seed. Say aloud to yourself:  I am a sparkling shiny light.  I am a Star Child. I am a Star Seed.  I am an a Light Being here on Earth.

    Meditation for Life  Meditation helps you to look within and find your own power and your own truth and your own inspiration.  Meditation helps you to say what you need to say.  It transforms you way of being.  It helps to transform your karma, release negative binding contracts and vows, as well as, remove entities and implants from you.  Meditation teaches us that  there is no need to feed the Guru mentality.  It teaches us to make life fun and not struggle with life.  It teaches us to live from a point of NOBILITY and SERENITY.

    29 November 2015

    100,000 people meditating for world Peace Light and Love. Can you imagine the power of the energy generated for the world and for us humans?

    Let us celebrate 29 November, an 11:11 day and the 333 day of the year with a GLOBAL HEALING MEDITATION and call in ONENESS, ONE HEART, ONE WORLD.  Join the world in unifying and praying for GLOBAL LOVE, GLOBAL  HEALING, GLOBAL PEACE, GLOBAL HAPPINESS and GLOBAL HARMONY. 

    This powerful event is being held in Mexico live.  We can all link in and do something.  It is a time for prayer and a time for forgiveness. A time to release judgments. A time to focus on great things and join hands in harmony. A great festival of light where we chant NAAM. You can sign up to join and read more about this on  http://lovepeacelighttoall.com/ 

    I will be linking in to the exact time in Mexico. I will also be tuning in with the world from 10:45am to 11:15am.  I will be taking in the 11:11 vibration and calling in the energy of the 11:11 workshop I did on 11 November. I know I will spend the whole day keeping a good thought for global love, harmony, peace and happiness. Will you join me?  Let us create miracles in our lives. 

    29 november

    Invocation Blessing: Full Moon in Gemini and Sun in Sagittarius

    25 November 2015

    channelled by Toks Beverley Coker for the Full Moon


    We Greet You

    With the Fascinating Universal Galaxy

    Illuminating its Symphony of Light

    Prioritising, Dancing its Magical Note

    We Greet You

    Calling Divine Energy

    We Greet You

    With Hands Raised to the Divine

    Connecting to Great Spirit

    Thankfully Adorning Our Lives

    We Greet You

    Touching Our Hearts

    We Greet You

    With Hands on Our Hearts

    Breathing In and Out: Honouring Our Sacredness

    Balancing Our Souls

    We Greet You

    Bowing with Reverence

    We Greet You

    With Bowing Gratitude

    Bowing with Reverence: Seeing Your Brilliance

    In the Vortex of Your Soul Eyes

    We Greet You

    Bowing in Gratitude

    We Greet You

    With Oneness, Love, Harmony and Peace

    Blessing the World: Blessing You

    Inviting More Love into Your Life

    We Greet You

    Happy Group

    We Greet You

    With the Musical Gathering of Light

    Releasing Your Suffering and Pain

    Filling You Up with Happiness & Lightness of Being

    We Greet You

    sexy shoes and lady

    We Greet You

    With Your Sexiness and Sassiness

    Celebrating Your Bold Magnificence

    In the Fullness of the Full Moon

    We Greet You


    We Greet You

    With Our Friendly Smiles

    Globally Connecting

    Evolving Great Liberation of Life

    We Greet You

    3 Successful Ladies

    We Greet You

    With the Smiles of Success

    Anointing You with ‘Congratulations You are a Genius’

    Radiating its Pure Essence to You

    We Greet You

    Global Gatherings

    We Greet You

    With Global Gatherings of Love

    Celebrating Your Grandness & Greatness

    Blooming Your Business & Personal Life

    We Greet You


    We Greet You

    With the Dance of Life

    Living Graciously Each Day

    In Soul Fullness and Spirit Fullness

    We Greet You

    5 Stars

    We Greet You

    With the 5 Stars of Light

    Engaging the Activation Portals of Hope

    In the Transformational Healing of the World

    We Greet You

    trinity power

    We Greet You

    With the Primordial Trinity of Light

    Treasuring Your Sacred Moments of Life

    Illuminating Your Essence this Full Moon

    We Greet You

    sacred women

    We Greet You

    With the Ancestral Chain of Longevity

    Giving You Health and Wealth

    In Your Immortal Strong Powerful Balanced Mind

    We Greet You

    Gary in Egypt

    We Greet You

    With the Egyptian Temple Keepers

    Flooding You with Power Light

    Trusting You in Your Sacred Ascension Chamber of Light

    We Greet You

    beautiful lady

    We Greet You

    With the Radiance of Beauty

    Touching Your Soul Beautifying Your Soul

    Touching Your Spirit Beautifying Your Spirit

    We Greet You

    chi internal energy life force

    We Greet You

    With the Internal Chi Energy

    Unfolding Within, Circulating Great Chi

    Rejuvenating Fullness of Life Force,  Power and Joy

    We Greet You

    Powerful Denise

    We Greet You

    With the Angels of Energetic Power

    Healing You With Love

    Peaking the Love: With the Power of Healing Smiles

    We Greet You


    We Greet You

    With the Steps of Discernment

    Celebrating Your Achievements

    Your Soul’s Cry of Accomplishment

    We Greet You


    We Greet You

    With the Love You Share Together

    Blessing Each Other

    Honouring Each Other

    We Greet You


    We Greet You

    With the Memories You Share

    The Laughter and the Fun

    The Moments in Time that Make Life Worth It

    We Greet You


    We Greet  You

    With the Vortex of Light

    Calling Forth and Gathering the Light

    Amassing the Formidable Power of Love on Earth

    We Greet You

    3 stars

    We Greet You

    We Greet You

    We Greet You

    Channelled by Toks Beverley Coker for the Full Moon in Gemini 25 Nov 2015

    light beingsone tree many branches


    1. One Tree – Many Branches  You are one tree with many branches.  You come together with another tree and your become two trees with individual branches.  Do your branches work together? Do some work together and some do not?  Are you able to collaborate with others?  Are you able to share with others?  You are one tree with many branches – what are you doing with your branches?  What are your branches saying about you and your character and your habits? What Fullness of your branches are you celebrating?  What fullness of another tree are you celebrating?
    2. Something Different  Do something different with this Full Moon. If you feel like staying in, go out. Go out, mix and learn with others.
    3. Nourishing Self  Feed your Soul, your Mind and your Body. Learn a skill or polish up an old one.
    4. List 5 things you are grateful for everyday.
    5. Beacons of Light  We are all beacons of light for each other.  Who are you a beacon of light for?  Who is a beacon of light for you?
    6. Stood in the Gap  Who has Stood in the Gap for you so you could cross or helped your though the Gap?  Who did you stand / or hold / or lie down in the Gap for – so they could cross the Gap?
    7. Thank You   Who will you be thanking this Full Moon for helping you to be were you are right now?  Thank them.  Send them a thank you card.  Let them know. Celebrate them as you Celebrate yourself.
    8. God Use Me.  Use this Life.  I do not know what this Life holds for me.  God please use Me.  Help Me to Create Value whatever I do. There is a Vision greater than mine help me to achieve it.  Use Me. 
    9. Living  How are you living a better life?
    10. Phenomenal How are you acting as a Phenomenal Woman?  Listen to Dr Maya Angelou recite her Poem Phenomenal Woman.  How do you relate this to yourself.
    11. Facing Evil  How are you facing evil in your life? Watch this wonderful video on Facing Evil with Maya Angelou.

    Toks Coker

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    New Moon in Libra 24 September 2014

    To You, my Friends xxx

    Hindu Gods

    Cluster of Power

    Autumn EquinoxLooking at the last few days we had the International Day of Peace on the 21 September, followed by the  AUTUMN EQUINOX on the 23 September; which was also the celebration of Saint Pio of Pietrelcina http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pio_of_Pietrelcina

    Wednesday 24 September 2014 is the New Moon & Sun in Libra at 07:14 BST London    Element Air    We will be holding the New Moon Circle Gathering from 7pm.  You can pay at the door or pay on line. For more details and address, click here:www.newmoonlibra2014.eventbrite.co.uk    

    When an Equinox comes before a New Moon; we know that this New Moon in Libra on 24 September; is no ordinary New Moon.  This New Moon energy comes with a vortex of the Equinox to add to the energy of this vibration in your daily life.

    Happy BirthdayHappy Happy Happy Happy Birthday Librans Birthday cake  Happy New Moon in Libra Star Happy New Year Red heart   Happy Navaratri  Red heart  Happy Relationships  Sun   RainbowHappy Protection with the Autumn EquinoxSmile

    AIR IMG_3643We light the New Moon Candle and the flame of the New Moon Candle dances in the air.  We are in the element of Air with the New Moon in Libra.  Breathe in DEEPLY and feel the energy of the air create a river of flow within your body vortex.  Breathe out slowly and feel the river of flow within  your body vortex as you breathe out. 

    VOICE: Throat Chakra  I am finding that the chakra being worked on with this energy is the Throat Chakra.  The past few days have had big energetic impact on many people’s Throat Chakra.  The vortex of the throat is a very deep vortex of sound and this is created with the vortex of air moving within the Throat Chakra. Have you felt like you are being strangled, belittled, and dis-empowered and then told it is your fault?  Have you found it difficult to speak your truth and found that you needed to and you had to and you did!   Even though the situation is not solved you have started in the right way – a new way of being – you have done the ‘impossible’ and spoken your truth.  Well done. 

    apple and honey

    Happy New Year

    After this New Moon we have on 25 September, the Jewish NEW YEAR, Rosh Hashana, the day of the Sounding of the Shofar; the day God reviews and judges one’s deeds in the past year and frees them of their sins; and a time to look ahead with hope and a time to reflect on ones life (so very New Moon). They celebrate by eating challah bread to represent continuity of life, apples dipped in honey to represent sweetness and good health throughout the year; and pomegranates to represent abundance of goodness and happiness.  While you eat the honey and apple ask yourself:  What is sweetness in your life?  swimming, your sister smiling at you, living with my children? We will be meditating on this at our Moon gathering too. 

    Happy Navaratri

    Happy Navaratri

    Also on the 25 September is the Hindu celebration of Navaratri (Shakti: Durga, Lakshmi, Saraswati).  Navaratri is a festival of dance and worship over 9 days.  We will be working with all 3 Goddesses’. Below I have shared some facts with you and some websites for you to read more if you want.

    1. The first 3 days we dance and worship Durga who destroys all our vices, impurities and defects. She protects us from evils of the world, eliminating suffering.  Durga has 3 eyes – the left eye represents desire which is the moon, the right eye represent action which is the sun and the central eye represent knowledge which is fire. Durga has 8-10 hands; each holding significant weapons. Light bulb(i)The conch shell makes the sound with the air OM and connects her to God, (ii)the bow and (iii) arrow represent energy, (iv)the thunderbolt is firmness of spirit and determination; (v)the lotus represents continual blooming and growing in our spiritual lives, (vi) the discus which spins around her index finger destroys evil, (vii) the sword is the sword of knowledge, sharpness and truth, (viii) the trident is a symbol of 3 – activity, inactivity, non-activity – that removes all physical, mental and spiritual miseries.   The picture with the lion click here Durga with her sacred weapons and other meanings given to them.  https://www.indiacurrents.com/articles/2012/10/18/what-does-goddess-durga-symbolize.
    2. The next 3 days we dance and worship Lakshmi embodiment of beauty, charm, and grace.  She is the goddess of prosperity, material wealth, purity, generosity, giver of material and spiritual success and wealth. Lakshmi has 4 hands which represent dharma, karma, wealth and liberation.
    3. The last 3 days we dance and worship Saraswati, Goddess of wisdom; with 4 hands that represent  mind, intellect, alertness and ego. She holds Light bulb(i)a sacred scripture in one hand and (ii)a lotus, symbol of true knowledge in another. In her other hands she holds(iii) a musical instrument she plays music of love and life on a string instrument called a veena. She wears white, symbol of purity and rides on a white swan, another symbol of purity. You can see her picture here SaraswatiYou can read more on http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Navratri 

    I just love all this positive energy around the world. To be alive.  To have direction.  To be loved.  To be love.  To make activity after seeding and reflection.  Wisdom – Your sacred scripture for your life.  A symbol  of true knowledge.  Music is air.  Protection from evil.  Elimination of suffering.  Elimination of enemies.  Three days of Protection.  Three days of Wealth.  Three days of Music. 

    New Moon in Libra

    Energy of Now: New Moon in Libra

    Tavocardohe Energy of Now is knowing the VALUE OF DIFFICULTIES.  Your difficulties help you to be as strong as a diamond.  They help you seek solutions and resolutions making you commit to a life of happiness.  Living in the energy vortex of now – not the past and not the future – enables you to really work on your life in a realistic way. 

    YOUR PAIN When nobody wants to listen to your pain I send you healing.  When you are constantly angry I send you inner peace.  When you are lost I send you hope. When you are feeling drained and lifeless I wish you a sacred chant Nam Myoho Renge Kyo.  Whatever tragedy you are going through right now IT WILL PASS.  This is the vortex with this energy of this New Moon.

    YOUR HUMAN REVOLUTION  Sometimes becoming a person people can trust can make you dig deep into your own human revolution; and MAKE YOU take a good look at yourself and the way you interact with others.  It is so important to win the war in your heart first before you win the war in other peoples hearts and lives.

    Energetic AirLIBRA seeks balance, clarity, recognition, approval, grace, communication and love in everything.  They have an innocence in their thinking and being.  They love to be noticed, surrounded by nice things and wearing nice clothes.  Libras are the true ‘show-off’ when they want to be. And it does suit them when they show off! They are so graceful and charming and elegant and gorgeous when they smile their winning smile.  It is as if their smile radiates through  their element air and beams alight around them.  What is this New Moon in Libra about?  This Libran New Moon is about developing a life overflowing with benefit; so write and declare your seedings’ and your wantings’.  Write them down. 

    Atiti SosimiKarma for Happiness  We are all creating the karma for happiness. When we write down our New Moon wishes we are creating our new improved karma.  When we meditation on them we are visualising them and calling them into being.  When we concentrate our intention and actions in our lives we manifest them into being.  These are the great steps we take to actualise our goals and our visions every two week.  We come back home to ourselves – our inner self – to remind out selves of our commitment to our happiness. What is your  happy karma?  How do you keep your happy karma going?  “We are all Treasure Towers for World Peace.”  If you keep working towards world peace and towards peace where ever you are; you are creating happy karma for yourself and others.  Continue the great work. 

    sad flowersKarma for Unhappiness  We all can make happy karma as well as unhappy karma.  When we give up on life we create unhappy karma. Our energy droops like the flowers in this picture.  They  have given up on life and they are no longer shining and looking upwards.  Their heads are downcast and the flowers do not look us in the face!  When we lie we create unhappy karma.  When we wish evil on another we create unhappy karma for ourselves.  There is cause and effect in life.   What is your unhappy karma?  How do you stop your unhappy karma moving forward in your life?  One of the best way to stop this unhappy karma is to maintain a disciplined practice of prayer, chanting and meditating.  You could also exercise, eat healthy and mix with people who lift your spirit.

    ExpansivenessSeeding Bold Advance   This is a time of BOLD ADVANCE. To keep a bicycle moving we have to keep pedalling.  So to keep our life force high we have to keep looking after ourselves and recharging ourselves – which we do with the meditations of Bold Advance with this New Moon in Libra  We are creating a river that flows into the future.   We are deeply reflecting on our lives; and the reflection points the way forward. 

    Libra, Aquarius and Gemini are AIR signs.  They love communicating, mixing with people, talking, thinking, planning, wondering and living in the mind.  They are generous and kind and like sharing what they  have with everyone.  They are outgoing and love socialising and being the centre of attention.  They love explaining things and moving around and learning new things and meeting new people. 

    Detachment   However, because the element is AIR, they may appear detached, cold, aloof, distant and unfriendly; even though they socialise a lot.  Where are you feeling a need to pull away in your life at the moment?  Where are you feeling overwhelmed by a person or a situation?  New Moon in Libra is not easy as you may find yourself swaying from one emotion to another about a person or a situation. 

    Talking  They; (Air Signs: Libra, Aquarius, Gemini); talk through their emotions and understand through words, rather than feelings or actions.  They can talk about a situation that bothers them for hours and hours and hours!  I have a Libran client who likes to talk and talk and talk.  I have a Libran friend who likes to talk about her experiences; and then we go into a session where she gets guidance with insights; and ends up paying for a session; or giving me a gift; whichever one suits her pocket.  I make sure I do not do this anymore.  A session is a session.  I am much better now at knowing the difference between my work and just general chatter.  The energy of now is balance and seeking fairness and justice.

    Aries, Libra, Cancer and Capricorn are Cardinal signs meaning they are leaders and good at pushing forward and initiating things.  They are go getters and like to lead by example.  They are happiest being in charge and running the show.  They do not like to be led and do not take kindly to being told what to do.  They like mastering their gifts and moving forward to success.  They are achievers and determine to succeed. The Libran energy seeks balance in all they do.

    two flowers living togetherThe symbol for Libra is the Scale for balance.  The ruler is Venus, Goddess of Love.  Librans are in love with love. They tend to live in the AIR and have to learn to live in the real world with their relationships and not in their imagination!  They can have discussions in their heads and think they are having it with the partner who is no where around.  When they see the partner they tend to think they know what they are talking about as they have been talking to them in their head!  Librans need to be realistic and honest with themselves in their relationships. 

    Dream Time  Librans live in the air and dream in the air and from time to time I have to remind them to come back down to earth where people live.  No one lives in the air – only your thoughts and thinking – only your mental body is there.  With the Energy of Now, if you find yourself ‘living in the clouds’ you know you are in the energy of Libra, you are thinking too much or perhaps you are thinking when normally you do not!  Which would be good.  Librans are good at Dream Time. 

    Librans are high intellect people who love great debates and discussions and intellectual challenges. 

    Giving They love to do something for others less fortunate than them; and you will see them giving something to charity; or someone they know needs something.  I have a Libran male friend who likes to give presents a lot.  In fact all the Librans I know are generous, loving, and giving. 

    Beware the Temper  They can attack you with words all of a sudden if they feel wounded and without warning! 

    Tidy and House Proud  Librans are house proud and are very tidy.  My sister is a Libran and she loves furniture and furnishes her home beautifully.  She is also always cleaning it with bleach through which drives my nostrils wild!  I do not understand why she does not stop this habit, but she tells me it is clean and healthy.  When Librans make up their minds about something they do not easily change their minds.  They may even argue with you if you suggest a new way of doing something to them, sometimes…..

    Janet holding the talking stick crystalBeware destructive habits that undermine your happiness and well being.  Are you thinking obsessively about a person or situation?  Do you have an addictive personality that is not honouring who you are becoming?  This New Moon in Libra is a time of great reflection and great insight.  Use the energy well.  It really is a powerful vortex of healing invisible light.  Where is your addiction?  Where is your addictive behaviour?  Where is your addictive habit.  Be aware. 


    Invocation Blessing for New Moon in Libra

    24 September 2014

    Wisdom Life Readings with Toks

    I Greet You

    With the Gift of Insight

    The Gift of Healing

    The Gift of Reading Souls

    I Greet You


    I Greet You

    With the Gift of Knowledge

    The Gift of Love

    The Gift of Healing Love

    I Greet You

    Hindu Gods

    I Greet You

    With the Gift of the Hindu Gods

    Durga (Direction), Lakshmi (Beauty) and Saraswati (Life)

    Blessing You with Love in All Areas of Your Life

    I Greet You

    Glowing Equinox Light

    I Greet You

    With the Glowing Autumn Equinox Portal Gates

    Welcoming You Going Inwards & Ascending

    Reaching Higher Levels of Consciousness

    I Greet You

    Shavana and Yvonne

    I Greet You

    With Your Magnetic Protection

    Being Buried Alive & Being Pulled Down

    Enfolding You in Your Initiation Magnificence

    I Greet You

    Happy New Moon

    I Greet You

    With the Seeding of Newness

    Sealing Your Seeding Deep into Mother Earth

    Courageously Confident in Your Planting

    I Greet You


    I Greet You

    With Your Soul Mate

    Lost in Each Other’s Arms

    Starting a New Life Together in Love

    I Greet You

    spiritual friendships

    I Greet You

    With New Moon in Libra Loving Energy

    Bringing Hematite Healing Relationships

    Holding You in the Vortex of Love

    I Greet You

    red jasper

    I Greet You

    With the Energy of Red Jasper

    Creating Newness and Boldness

    Commanding Respect in Boundaries

    I Greet You

    Flowers of Happiness

    I  Greet You

    With the Flowers of Happiness

    Blooming from Seeds of Suffering and Hope

    Transformational Victory for Self and Others

    I Greet You


    I Greet You

    With the Divine Hope of You

    Encircling You in Your Rainbow Cloak

    Seeding the Glorious Dance of Sacred You

    I Greet You

    Gary Robin Yani Toks Patric

    I Greet You

    With the Creative Air of Life

    Breathing Energy into Your Body

    Glorious River of Air Flowing into Your Future

    I Greet You

                                         Yani cutting his cakeYani lights the world

    I Greet You

    With Balance in Your Life

    Sharing Precious Moments

    A Shining Pioneer of Peace

    I Greet You

    Commitment to your happiness

    I Greet You

    With the Wonderful Gift

    Commitment to Your Happiness

    Wonderful You Wonderful Life

    I Greet You


    I Greet You

    I Greet  You

    I Greet You

    Channelled by Toks Beverley Coker for the New Moon in Libra 24 September 

    © Toks Coker 2014

    New Moon in Libra


    Due to the intense energy vortex of this New Moon all Homework will be given privately to those who turn up for the Moon in Libra Circle Workshop. 

    Hi, I hope you enjoyed this post. Drop me a line and let me know how you found it.

    Don’t forget to join my mailing list too & receive your FREE GIFT 7 Days 7 Chakras.

    Toks Coker Hands of Light Ankh Snake Heart SparkleToks Coker 2013Toks Coker Hands of Light Ankh Snake Heart Sparkle

    With Celestial Blessings and Love Toks xxxxxxx

    © Toks Coker 2014

    New Moon in Aries 30 March 2014


    Take the challenge to welcome newness in you. Welcome in the new with the sunshine and the brightness coming through the sky.  Time to start new things, move home, make a new decisions and move with it.  Happy New Moon and Sun in Aries 30/4/3/2014 and Happy Mothers Day too.  Spring begins with a smile. This really is a good time to begin something new and do something new.   You may experience double celebrations in your brain as you collate the new energy coming in; knowing that you are worth it; no matter what is happening for you right now in your life. 


    Sunday 30 March 2014 is   New Moon & Sun in Aries     19.45 BST London    Element Fire

    BRITISH SUMMER TIME BEGINS (March 30/3/2014 – October 26/10/2014) 

    On the Menu we have:

    1. Moon Circle Meditation Moon Circle Evening 30/3/2014      breakfastJanet Moore, Holly Cottage Woking
    2. Invocation Blessing:  Sunday 30 March 2014 is New Moon & Sun in Aries     19.45 BST London    Element Fire  BRITISH SUMMER TIME BEGINS (30 March– 26 October 2014)  HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY
    3. ENERGY OF NOW:  New Moon & Sun in Aries & MOTHER’S DAY
      1. Fire, Red, Ram
      2. Mars:  Difficulties & Tensions in Relationships
      3. Mothers:  What kind of mother do you have?  What kind of mother are you? MOTHER, MUM, MA, MUMMY, MAMA, IYA
      4. MONTH OF APRIL: RELIGIONS ROUND THE WORLD – scroll down to April  2014 Dates of Powerplumscup cakes
    4. HEALING WORDS & QUOTEs: New Moon & Sun in Aries    
    5. ENERGY OF PAST:  REFLECTION OF PAST: previous New Moon and Sun in Aries.
    6. ACTION: New Moon & Sun in Aries
      1. Genius Gathering
      2. An Artist: Mora
      3. Janet Moore: Holly Cottage B&B
    7. Homework

    Fire of AriesRed Roses of LoveFire of Aries

    Invocation Blessing by Toks Beverley Coker

    New Moon in Aries

    Sunday 30 March 2014   19.45 BST London    Element Fire


    New Beginnings

    We Greet You

    With the New Moon & Sun in Aries

    Embracing Your ‘Newness’ Letting Go Your ‘Oldness’

    Illuminating Portal Steps for New Beginnings

    We Greet You

    Tree touching ToksMora strongly rootedMora strongly rootedTree touching Toks

    We Greet You

    With the Strong Stand of Mother Earth

    Anchoring Your Root to Success

    Securing Your Fruitful Flourish

    We Greet You

    Brown Leather BootsRelaxingBrown Leather Boots

    We Greet You

    With the Steps that You Take

    Courageous Sexy Confident Strong

    Bold Dynamic Progressive Compassionate

    We Greet You

    Restingbeautiful legsLegion of Light FeetTalking to each other[12]

    We Greet You

    With the Benefit of Various Great Encounters

    Conscientiously Classic and Elegant Encounters

    Rewarding Passionate Fun Down to Earth Encounters

    We Greet You

    Purple Heart on PearlsSymbols of Light

    We Greet You

    With Powerful Symbols of Beauty

    Heart Reflections of Pearl Purity and Spiritual Love

    Victorious Life Force Adorning Graceful Necklines

    We Greet You

    Tracy Capindale smiles at youTracy Capindale smiles at youTracy Capindale smiles at youTracy Capindale smiles at you

    We Greet You

    With the Ray of Sunshine in Your Smile

    Blossoming Happy New Beginnings

    In the Vortex of Time & No-Time

    We Greet You

    Tracy, Jacqui, Mora NLP COACHESNatasha and Sam NLP COACHES

    We Greet You

    With the Gift of Friendships

    Sharing Laughter Life Learnings

    Imparting Empowering Insights

    We Greet You

    Red Blue Yello

    We Greet You

    With the Gift of Red Blue Yellow

    Red: DNA Blood Life Force; Blue: Healing Flowing Communication

    Yellow: Sunshine Spiritual Empowerment

    We Greet You    

    laughing Atiti JideLaughter with Sam Gold

    We Greet You

    With the Gift of Laughter

    Releasing Liberating Enriching

    On this Most Auspicious of Days

    We Greet You

     prayer handsSally-Ann North

    We Greet You

    With the Gift of Prayer

    Invoking Your Desires

    In Sacred Contemplation

    We Greet You

    toks and car and red boas

    We Greet You

    With the Sexy Flamboyance of Aries

    Announcing Your Presence

    In the Essence of Your Power

    We Greet You

    Morag painting 2013

    We Greet You

    With Your Creative Gift

    Painting Your Life with Joy

    On the Canvas of Your Wonderful Life

    We Greet You


    We Greet You

    With the Energy of the Powerful Horse

    Instrument of Great Spirit In the Void where Answer Lives

    Having Wisdom & Balance in True Power of Your Gifts

    We Greet You

    Sam Gold smilesMora the painterColin McKay Inner SmileSam Gold smilesMora the painterColin McKay Inner SmileSam Gold smiles

    We Greet You

    With the Gifts of the Inner Eye

    Smiling Third Eye Activation

    Receiving & Firing Deep Knowing & Passion

    We Greet You

    Colin McKay smilesColin McKay smilesColin McKay smilesColin McKay smiles

    We Greet You

    With Handsome Smiling Energy

    Loving Embracing Gentle Respectful

    Strong Steady Kind Understanding

    We Greet You

    Toks and Tree

    We Greet You

    With the Blessings of Great Spirit

    Receiving Your Great Spark of Light

    In the Openness of Your Unconscious Mind

    We Greet You

    nurturing healing energy of mother and child

    We Greet You

    With the Loving Energy of a True Mother

    (Knowing Not All of You Have One)

    Eternally Nurturing Healing Protecting You

    We Greet You

    Red Rose of PassionRed Rose of Beauty

    We Greet You

    With a Gift from the Universe

    Igniting the Flame of Love Within

    Holding You in the Light of Greatness

    We Greet You

    party party party

    We Greet You

    With the Shining Light of Collaboration

    Inspiring Greatness Far and Near

    Tree of Life Collaboration

    We Greet You

    pregnant with lifepregnant

    We Greet You

    With the Birthing of Newness

    Blissfully Creative in Your Manifestation

    Birthing a Happy Diamond of Light

    We Greet You

    Toks looking lovely XLW blessing

    We Greet You

    We Greet You

    We Greet You

    Channelled by Toks Beverley Coker for the New Moon in Aries 30/3/2014

    Fire of AriesRed Rose of Beauty

    Energy of Now: Element Fire, Colour Red

     New Moon & Sun in Aries

    Mother’s Day      Spring is here

    Sunday 30 March 2014   19.45 BST London    Element Fire

    BRITISH SUMMER TIME BEGINS (30 March– 26 October 2014)

    PassionSparkling FireThe Element for Aries is FIRE for passion, movement, moving upwards, heat, intensity, confidence, courage, exchange, show, magnificence, brilliance, illuminating, showing. 

    The colour for Aries is RED for passion, DNA, blood, life force, dynamic action, protection, healing, fire, beauty, sexuality, intensity, fire, adventure, dance and living actively.  You can have a red face from alcohol, rage or embarrassment.

    ramRam: The Animal Symbol for Aries is the Ram.  The Egyptians associated Aries with the god Amon Ra.  The horn is meant to represent NEW BEGININGS – spring is here – the flowering of the seed is the POTENTIAL of the individual.  Aries is about the individual.  Like Nelson Mandela said in the speech written for him by Mariam Williamson “Let your Light Shine.”


    Mars is the planet that rules Aries.  Mars is also the Warrior God to the Greeks and Ogun, the Orisha of war to the Nigerians.  It is quick moving like the fire energy, assertive, hot-heated, unafraid of challenges.  This is the ‘Dare me’ energy.  ‘Dare me Mars.’  BOTH THE SUN AND THE MOON ARE IN ARIES – unpredictable behaviour, sudden change, in seconds!!!

    Watch your relationships. NEWMOON IN ARIES can be difficult with tensions, fights, disagreements, worries. These may be old beliefs and vows from a former life – a previous incarnation…..a partner… a friend that stops you moving forward … that shouts at you!  It may be difficult to be calm around this time and to maintain harmonious relationships around this time.  

    A good thing would be to break your usual routine – especially if you are in a relationship – as it may be a very exhausting and temperamental time in relationships. So if you do not hold hands perhaps you could start to hold hands in your relationship.  Perhaps if you feel like shouting and being cruel or nasty you could take a few deep breathes to calm yourself down or go for a swim or to the gym. Use the energy you receive at this time well.


    What kind of mother do you have? 

    What kind of mother are you?

    Natural  Some mothers are natural mothers and some mothers are not.Gary & his mother  Not everyone who gives birth to a child likes the child.  Not everyone who is given birth to likes their parents.  Life is indeed a complicated cycle of fragmented souls searching for love, nurturing, validation and support. 

    Compare Some mothers are great to their children and some are not. Some mothers give more attention to their children’s friends than to their own children.  Some mothers compare their children to others, and undermine them. Some separate their children by the ‘whispers and lies’ they spin amongst them creating further dysfunction in the family. Some empower their children and help them to believe in themselves. 

    Nasty Words Some mothers on Mothers Day will tell their children nasty things and some will not.  Some will be very nice and loving and embracing full of smiles and joy. Some will not!  In the next 4 paragraphs we will use the example of a daughter.

    A mother tells her daughter she does not want to see her and she does not want the flowers.  This may happen at the door of the house or over the phone.  What should the child do?  The child can put the phone done graciously or have an argument with the mother.  The child can leave the front door of the house and walk back to the bus stop or into their car.  The conversation is over but the pain lingers on both sides or does it?

    xxx Iya & Toks - 7.7.03The mother has scored a goal and feels great because she has no idea how to love or how to receive love.  She cannot say anything nice to everyone and she feels she had to attack before she is attacked.  She is always on the defensive and always on the look out for any imagined pain or vilification. She blames her child/ren for her problems and their problems and refuses to see how she may have caused the problem or be part of their issues.  She was a victim and now she is making her child/ren her victim/s and she is the abuser!  She is so jaded she will not move on in her life and stay in this state of Maya for as long as she chooses to. 

    The daughter graciously accepts the situation knowing she has done everything in her life and power to honour her mother; and there is nothing she can do anymore but forgive and learn the lesson and move on in her own life.  You cannot live a person’s life and you cannot take on their karma.  The daughter knows in her heart that if anything happens to her mother she has tried and has never stopped loving her mother.   She will feel no guilt, reJANET AND ANN-MARIE = MOTHER AND DAUGHTER = MCMURTRYmorse or resentment because she chooses not to. She will forgive her self and her mother!  She will choose to live a happy life because she deserves a happy life.  She has learnt the lesson of nasty words.  Remember to be kind to each other. 

    To forgive is to set a prisoner free and discover that the prisoner was you. Lewis B Smedes

    Future Event? And the mother?  She regrets her actions and calls her daughter to apologise?  She is happy she did this to her daughter and had a great Mother’s Day!  hahha the story continues ……. What do you think? What do you feel?  What do you hear?  What do your see?

    Warrior Energy  New Moon in Aries can bring out the AGGRESSION and wicked hurtful words.  Be vigilant when this happens, like a warrior, a spiritual warrior is never off duty and is always aware noticing ready to act from the sacred space of respect and honouring oneself.  Everyone has their own pain and one cannot fathom another person’s mind.  

    Receiving Nothing As mentioned earlier some mothers will receive graciously the gifts from their children with gratitude and love and some will not.  Some will receive nothing and wish they had received something.  And my heart goes out to those mothers who are waiting for their child to call or send a card and they get nothing.  AS well as women without children who long to have a child.  Remember if you have no children you can be a mother to the children you see around you.  You can adapt.  You can sponsor a child in Africa.

    mother and sonWomen without Children  Some of the best mothers may be women without any children, i.e. who never had children or ever got pregnant or who lost children in their womb so never birthed a child.   By the magnificent order of the universe you will find that these TURE MOTHERS are good with children and have no bitterness in their hearts because they know the VALUE of a CHILD.  These mothers are the mothers gifting love to the children of the world they see around them who need support, love and understanding.  THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU.  Not all TRUE MOTHERS have given birth to a child e.g. adapted mothers, spirit mothers, guiding mothers, step in mothers, etc.  

    Mother Swop?  Someone asked me “Would it not be great to swop mothers/ fathers/ children/ brothers/ sisters??” What can I say to that question?  That is a very loaded question I would have to discuss in a private one to one session or write an article about this, as so many things come into play with this question.

    Appreciation  Some children will never appreciate what their parents have done till they have children.  How sad is that?  But we all know that you cannot really appreciate someone’s pain if you have not gone through it yourself. 

    Biological Vs Non-Biological Mother  Some people do not have biological mothers because they do not know who they are or because they died or abandoned them; or because they were adapted.  Is an adapted mother a better mother than your own biological mother?  What are the qualities of a True Mother? What makes a mother abandon her child in more ways than one?  What makes a child/children abandon their mother in more ways than one?  Where does this fundamental lack of respect / sadness come from?  Where is the fear of intimacy?  We will be working on healing the pain of birthing with your parents; particularly your mother in this meditation.

    HEALING WORDS & QUOTEs: New Moon & Sun in Aries    

    lovely lovely lovely

    To forgive is to set a prisoner free and discover that the prisoner was you. Lewis B Smedes

    In the middle of every difficulty lies opportunity.  Albert Einstein

    Be an opportunity for someone.  Toks Coker

    Do not be the prisoner in your life.  Toks Coker

    Be thankful for everything you have.

    Amethyst Trinity Pyramid shapeENERGY OF PAST New Moon & Sun in Aries 

    REFLECTION OF PAST: previous New Moon and Sun in Aries.

    New Moon in Aries 2013

    New Moon in Aries 2012

    New Moon in Aries 2011

    New Moon in Aries 2010

    ACTION: New Moon & Sun in Aries

    Genius Gathering of Fabulous NLP Coaches

    With the energy of Newness I thought I would share some contacts I have that may be able to help you too.  I know these lovely beings of light personally and I gladly share their energy on my blog. They all have different things they specialise in. Please feel free to contact any one of them and let them know you came from me.  I am not getting anything for the introduction as this is an energetic sharing and gifting from me on this most auspicious of days New Moon in Aries.  Love Toks xxxx

    Tracy CapindaleSam Gold NLP CoachNatasha Valentine smilesMoraJacqui Mann HRVicky

    Tracy                    Sam               Natasha            Mora             Jacqui            Vicky

    ToksColin, NLP Trainer - CopySally-Ann North looking great

    Toks Coker                 Colin McKay                  Sally-Ann North        

    Colin McKay and Sally-Ann North March 2014

    1. Tracy Capindale tcapindale@btinternet.com
    2. Sam Gold www.goldhr.co.uk
    3. Jacqui Mann www.entrepreneurialwomen.co.uk
    4. Mora mojomegari@aol.com
    5. Toks Coker www.handsoflight.co.uk
    6. TRAINER of NLP:  Sally-Ann North  www.sally-annnorth.co.uk
    7. TRAINER on NLP:  Colin McKay www.mindtrainingsystems.com   Colin is a fabulous Certified Trainer of NLP, Certified Trainer of Time Line Therapy™, Certified Trainer of Hypnosis, Clinical Hypnotherapist and is also an Advanced Practitioner of Huna.


    Morag painting 2013

    This is my friend, Mora, painting from her heart. 

    Feel free to contact her mojomegari@aol.com for her paintings or to commission a painting.   Prices start from £200. Her work is simply amazing.

    Thank you Mora for sharing your two paintings ‘Magic Birds’ with the world.

    Love Toks xxxx

    Holly Cottage, Woking GU220HX    JJanet Moore anet Moore, Holly Cottage B&B

    Holly Cottage B&B, Hook Heath Avenue, Woking GU22 0HX www.holly-cot.com/

    Stayed for 7 days at the Holly Cottage B&B.  It was a lovely drive from London. Janet Moore was there to greet me personally with a smile.  She took Holly Cottageaccount of my dietary requirements and I had the perfect breakfast for me.  Lovely bed, slept well.  Fabulous heating: I could regulate my own heating in my room to any temperature I wanted.  As I love my room very hot; I was in heaven at Holly Cottage.  It was nice not to be cold: it was perfect.  I loved the water in the shower it was soft and lovely to the skin. I went for morning walks and gentle jogs enjoying the fresh country air. Thank you Janet Moore for your warmth, kindness, wisdom and motherly insight.  Love Toks xxxx

      Golf WokingMagic LightingWoking Trees

    Home Work

    1. What do you need to start to do?  Do it. Be creative in using your gift in the world.  Be kind.
    2. Call in the Angels of Celebration,  Love, Forgiveness, Expansiveness, Peace, Responsibility and Purification to watch over you this week.  Ask what each will bring to your life and how each will help you in your current situation. 
    3. Call in your Warrior Energy to get things done and to dare to be more than you are.   Call in the energy to learn new things and to polish your life.   
    4. Aries represents the number ONE the sign for LEADERSHIP and power.  Take one action this week that shows your leadership quality at work.  Or activate your Aries quality and take one action a day for 8 days to strengthen your leadership quality. 
    5. Have you read the messages for this energy at this time in your life?  What messages came to you?  Write them down in your journal. 
    6. The energy of Aries is focused on the self and growing the self.  Do exercises that open up and connect you to your Atman / The Soul / Brahman / True Self / Eternal Soul / Universal Soul.

    Tomatoes7 Days Angel MeditationColin McKay loves his hats

    We Greet You

    StarWith the Music of Light Dancing Your Joy

    StarWith the Golden Circle of Light Protecting You

    StarWith the Creator of Time & No Time Allowing Your Time

    StarWith the Ladder of Peaceful Ascension to the Glory of You

    Creating a Ripple in Your Life in the Sacred Circle of Life

    You Are One – You Are ONE – You ARE One

    We Greet You – We Greet You  – We Greet You

    Happy New Moon in Aries

    malachite slabToks Coker 2013apophollite cluster of action

    Email From a Client to me for Mothers Day. Thank you dear client. Love Toks xx

    My Dear Spirit Mother Toks,

    Happy belated Mothers Day. clip_image001clip_image002

    ❤ You are a gift from heavens to my life and to this whole world.

    Thank you for being an empowering mother and helping me believe in myself.  Your kindly compassionate nature and naturalistically elegant approach have always helped me to love myself and see the greatness in me.

    Because of working with you I developed a strong character and wisely loving personality.clip_image003

    I am a happy person now who admires her spirit mother and trusts her with her full heart. I am becoming a reflection of you and I am proud of that. clip_image004

    Thank you very much for being who you are. Sacred and pure.clip_image005

    I love you very much for being who you are as you are

    You are coming from the star heavens that shine and shine and shine and shine bright bright bright and magnificent, powerful and always loving. clip_image006

    Thank you for always being there for me with your power, love, wisdom, knowledge, support, understanding and strictness no matter what.

    Your place in my heart is irreplaceable

    With Love, joy and blessingsclip_image007

    Email from a Client saying thank you for Newsletter.  Thank you dear client.  Love Toks xxx

    Thank you Mummy. Thank you and and I send you lots of love, joy and “Happy-Ness”.  xxx xxx x

    Feel free to leave a comment below. Thank you. 30/3/2014
    With Rainbow Blessings
    Love Toks xxxxxx   

    The content and images on this blog are protected by copyright. All rights reserved. © Toks Coker 2014

    Full Moon in Capricorn; Sun in Cancer 3.7.2012


    3.7.2012   actual time in London 7.52pm

    Full Moon Meditation WorkshopSacred Beings of Light

    Join us for the Full Moon Meditation tonight from 7pm-10pm.  The actual time of the Full Moon is 7.52pm tonight.  Please be punctual so we can bathe in the energy together.  Thank you.  http://tokscokerfullmoon0712.eventbrite.com/?ebtv=C

    What we Coveramathyst pyramids

    We will be calling in the energy of Quan Yin with this meditation workshop.  Below you will find the Invocation Blessing, energy of the time, homework on Quan Yin, homework on intimacy, and a triumphant experience when healing family karma.


    Invocation Blessing for FullMoon in Capricorn & Sun in Cancer 3.7.2012 by Toks Beverley Coker xxx

    beauty divine

    I Greet You

    With the Beauty of Capricorn

    Serene Peaceful Tranquil

    Restful Soothing Comforting

    Resourceful Capable Accomplished

    I Greet You

    gift of friendship Cem Tufekci & Toks Coker

    I Greet You

    With the Warm Embrace of True Friendship

    Gifting 5 Petalled Lotus of Quan Yin

    Directing the Light to You

    Unwavering in Her Strong Protection

    I Greet You

    loving home

    I Greet You

    With A Lovely Peaceful Home

    Making a Difference in Your Life

    Anchoring Divine Success & Protection

    Great Relationships Health & Happiness

    I Greet You


    I Greet You

    With Courageous Optimism

    Freely Communicating with Your Loved One

    Giving your Pains your Fears your: BEing Your Real Self

    Bringing You Closer Together

    I Greet You

    Quan Yin 1000 hands blessing

    I Greet You

    With a Thousands Hands of Quan Yin

    Healing You Protecting You

    Loving You Embracing You

    Igniting Your Soul Essence

    I Greet You

    gift of frienship Merve Tufekci & Toks Coker

    I Greet You

    With the Gentle Touch of the Cancerian Kindness

    Loving Embracing Empowering

    Compassionate Encouraging Truthful

    Mothering Homely Completing

    I Greet You


    I Greet You

    With the Burning Flames of Practical Action

    Transcending Boredom Inertia Deadness

    Uplifting You to Win Win Celebrations

    Awakening Actions to Wholeness 

    I Greet You

    I Greet You Golden Beings of Light

    I Greet You

    With Lakshmi, Goddess of Work & Good Fortune

    Flourishing in the Temple of Your Life

    Deeply Rooted with Mother Earth

    Plodding Gracefully Centred  & Strong

    I Greet You

    Chakra Healing

    I Greet You

    I Greet You

    I Greet You

    Channelled by Toks Beverley Coker for FullMoon in Capricorn 3.7.2012

    pink roses for unconditional love


    Contradictions of the Full Moon?  tuning in to crystal vibration

    Practical Hard Working Capricorn with Emotional Home Loving Cancer come together with this Full Moon to balance the extremity of both signs bringing with it creative new way of moving forward like a ripple effect or a wave. Which are you today: a ripple or a wave? You are both! Constantly transforming and changing and evolving!

    DEATH:  So all of a sudden you are crying at the memory of the loss of your brother and then contemplating your own death remembering that he suddenly collapsed because his legs could no longer support him and died 3 days later! How morbid and sad yet how practical and real. Sudden memory flashes giving insights releasing out-moded ways of thinking causing you to cry and cleanse yourself with the Angel of Water

    REFLECTIONS OF TIME: The day is over and I sit on my comfy old torn chair. And I ask myself: So what timetook your fancy today? So what did you do today? My mind is a blank as I try to remember my day. Time ticked on as I held Time by the hand.  So many things happened today and yet I feel I have done nothing today! What type of energy is this I ask myself? Wbeauty divinehat did I do today: I did some research. I sorted out an outstanding issue. I did some price comparing and realised the difference in price was just £4! And it took me a long time to get to this realisation!!!! Yet I feel pleased with myself having created a wave in my life in my little ripple movements cascading to a whirl wheel of joyful stillness within. Welcome to the Full Moon in Capricorn and Sun in Cancer.

    CELEBRATION: What are you celebrating this full moon?  What am I celebrating you ask?  My Good Health. My birthday on 7 July. I run the British 10K on 8 July. Olympics in 23 days!  I am celebrating the question: How do I make something exciting happen in my life? What should I make happen?  Are you celebrating?

    FULL MOON in Capricorn and Sun in Cancer GODDESS

    Quan YinQuan Yin – Kuan Yin – Quan’Am – Kanin – Kannon

    Goddess of Compassion. Goddess of Mercy. Goddess of Beauty & Grace.  Goddess of Healing. Goddess of Forgiveness.  Directs the Flames of Compassion and Mercy.  Triumphs over evil and negativity.  Ascendant Master. A Celestial Bodhisattva.  She Listens to Your Cry and the Cry of the World.  She hears the sound of suffering of the world and hears people crying out for help and goes to help them.  Gautama Buddha was her Master.  Helps change your Karma as she is on the Karmic Board.  Patroness of Women and Birth and unborn Children.  Divine Mother.  A male & female Goddess all at once or androgynous.

    The male equivalent of Quan Yin is Avalokitesvara in Sanskrit and Chenrezig in Tibet. He was born from a ray of light that sprang from Amitabha Buddha’s right eye. Amitabha Buddha is the Buddha of Infinite Light. ‘Amitabha’ means ‘Infinite Light. Many invoke Avalokitesvara with the chant "Om Mane Padme Hisisum".

    Many cultures and religions have Quan Yin equivalents. She is Isis in Egypt, Mother Mary in Christianity and the Green Tara in Tibetan Buddhism. In Hinduism she is 4 goddesses: Shakti, wife of Vishnu, Parvarti, wife of Shiva, Radha, wife of Krishna, and Sita, wife of Rama. She is Artemis in Greece and Ha Hai-i Wuhti of Hopi Indian lore.

    I Greet You
    With Shakti, Parvarti, Radha & Sita
    From the Ascension Chamber
    Pouring Red Radiating Flowers
    Of Love Peace & Happiness
    We Greet You

    HOMEWORK with Quan Yin

    Speaking with Quan Yin

    Call on her through your third eye chakra and link in with the 6th ray of Indigo. Or just sit and pray to her.

    Soul Recognition with Quan Yin

    In this U-Tube video, which of the images do you like the most?  Which resonates with you the moment you see it?  It will be a recognition to your soul connection with Quan Yin.  http://youtu.be/uj-Q1Z30PTA

    Imee Oei singing Quan Yin Pusa Chant

    Close your eyes and listen to the chant with your mind, body and spirit. http://youtu.be/IHu01i4BO04

    Dancing with Quan Yin

    Look at the twQuan Yin 1000 hands blessingo dancing videos below and feel yourself dancing with them and feel the healing within your mind, body and spirit.  It really is quite exhilarating.   Enjoy the precision of Capricorn and the emotion of Cancer in this Utube video of China Disabled Peoples Performing Arts Troup who are hearing impaired.  When you think you cannot do something because of visible or invisible disability you know deep inside you you can rise rise rise. 

    Quan Yin China Disabled People's Performing Art Troupe .pngTai Lihua, art director of China Disabled People’s Performing Art Troupe, leads 20 deaf dancers to perform "Thousand-hand Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva", or "Guan Yin", a Chinese goddess, in Beijing February 19, 2008. Feeling music through Quan Yin wheel of life.pngspeakers and guided by hand gestures, a troupe of deaf dancers in Beijing take steps to champion the rights of disabled people across the world. Olympic Village in Beijing July 31, 2008

    1. Can you SEE the number 3’s merging to number 1? What else do you see with this full moon? What do you learn about yourself?  http://youtu.be/GYDjsV8Xi6c  
    2. Do you SEE:  the EYE in her hand, the wheel of life, the circle of life, the spiralling golden mean? What else do you see with this full moon? What do you feel inside yourself?  http://youtu.be/bU2hKsHx-zo
    3. Quan Yin teaches love and compassionate kindness:  As long as there is love and kindness in your heart a thousand hands will come to your aid.  As long as there is love and kindness in your heart you will naturally reach out to help with a thousand hands too.  Feel yourself helping with a thousand hands. Nice feeling.Quan Yin with dragon

    Love is our Common Language
    When Your Heart is Full of Love and Kindness
    You will Give to Others
    a Helping Hand a Thousand Times Over
    and be Helped
    a Thousand Times in Return

    threeNumerology of 3

    1. ELF Earth Link and Flow
    2. Sun Moon Earth
    3. Mind Body Spirit
    4. Father Son Holy Ghost
    5. Past Present Future
    6. Life Death Re-birth

    heart within hearts

    RELATIONSHIPS at this Time

    So many of you are asking about your intimate relationships. You are expressing feeling disappointed in each Worryother and in your life.  Feeling monotonous and bored in your intimate relationships.  Feeling empty and wanting to walk away and give it all up. Feeling ‘dead’, not alive, lethargic and ‘duty’ bound.  So many things kill a relationship.  Control kills and pushes a person away. In love we control our lover to avoid pain, loss, and jealousy. We are upset when we do not get our own way – you were not able to control your lover!  stay or leaveYou may think you do not control your loved one but think when last you tried to control them by criticising them, having contempt for them, undermining them, withdrawing from them or just being defensive all the time.  We all use these behaviour from time to time in our relationships.  We try to control be being defensive with our response.  We try to control be withdrawing from our loved ones.  My ex-boyfriend withdrew a lot and I always thought it was my fault!  I was always faithful but he accused me of being unfaithful!  I was always defending myself and trying to make him love me!  How sad is that!  Some of you have had affairs in the hope to spark your life up with another person only to be disappointed in that too!  Why not have an affair with the person you are with now?  Re-sparkle what you had and more. 

    eye amathystHow lazy are you today? Are you too lazy to try?  Is this is a fear of success? How authentic are you in your living environment? Do you pretend to be happy with your partner when you really want to leave them and the kids! Are you half living your life pretending everything is OK when you do not feel it is? Are you trying so hard to ‘fit in’ that you have lost who you truly are? Do you know who you truly are without a book to remind you? Or are you changing at such a rapid stage you no longer know who you are becoming or who you are!!!

    Let us take a different approach and consider 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey and apply them to our intimate relationships!!!  I love that.  Full Moon in Capricorn celebrates achieved success in work and Sun in Cancer celebrates achieved success in intimate relationships.

    1.    Be Proactive.  I take responsibility for my life. I control my responses. We choose to be happy.
    2.    Begin with the end in mind.  Goal.  
    I keep my goal in mind: I am in a happy relationship now.
    3.    Put first things first – Prioritise.  I learn to love myself: First I love me then
    I share my love.
    4.    Think win win or no deal:
    We win together. We respect each other. We find a solution together.
    5.    Understand: Seek first to understand and then to be understood. 
    Let me listen to you first.
    6.    Synergy: the whole is greater than some of its part. We co-create our happiness together.
    7.    Self renewal and self maintenance. 
    I enhance myself. I renew myself. I feel sexy and gorgeous.

    sacred intimacyloving intimacy

    HOMEWORK on Intimacyintimacy in time

    1. Bring Love Back into your relationship.  Notice how they both call each other back into each others life.  Why not incorporate some of these feelings into your love intimate relationship and carry them out?  http://youtu.be/0dSeYecM6wA
    2. I Create Beauty Alone – How do you create beauty alone?  What things do you do that create beauty in your life and in other people’s lives?  How do you continue when all around you fail you?  Breathe in the colour and the movement into you life and feel the spiralling movements in you. Be the dancer in this video and activate your cellular note within you.  Sometimes the buck starts with you not someone else: create what you want in yourself first: you will attract what you are seeking   http://youtu.be/2h2fdZ6XpR8
    3. In the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People above What other positive relationship sentences can you make?  Please send them to me so I can share with everyone in the next blog.  Thank you Toks xxxx

    RISINGtransmuting rising transformingtransforming poison to medicine

    We Greet You
    With the Lemurian & Atlantian Flames
    Holding Flaming Swords of Truth & Freedom
    Cutting Weeds & Thorns in Garden of Joy
    Clearing Pathways for Humanities Happiness
    We Greet You


    Real Life Experience: Healing Family Karma

    A Story Finished, A Loop Closed, A Wound Healed, A Heart Reborn

    For years I was your harbinger of death.
    I wished you nothing but pain and torment, vengeance and suffering.
    I was the gate keeper to your dungeon,
    The Satan of your soul.
    Ioanis and his father

    I wanted you to know me as your pain.
    Not a thorn in your side,
    But a dagger in your heart,
    Twisted with poison….

    And yet, what I have lived in this last decade and more,
    Is my own deep suffering, In my own deep hell.

    I realised that I am the gate keeper to this suffering,
    That I hold all the keys,
    And that really,
    Ioanis and his father 7 monthsI was the one twisted with poison….

    For years I was aware though I stubbornly stumbled forward,
    Drunk on a blood-filled intent of vengeance.

    Like a chain from the murky depths,
    My ire for you was never ending.
    It was my life purpose,
    To see you suffer by my hand.

    I became a volcano of rage-filled fury,
    And like the sage old Buddhist saying goes,
    I was the one getting burned.

    And so to this day, This time, And this place. Why must I hate? Why must I suffer?
    For what and for who?
    There is no reason.
    There never was, nor will there ever be.
    ioanis and dad (14 yrs)

    Just like me, you are seeking happiness father.
    May you receive it.
    Just like me, you have known sadness, loneliness and despair father.
    May you receive pure love.
    Just like me, you are learning about life.
    May you receive the wisdom that your soul is asking for dad.

    And so, I release myself of the cold, dark bondage of suffering,
    I let go of the fury, the rage and the hatred.
    The poison is now medicine.
    The circle is complete.

    I am a Victor once more!
    Freed from the chains of suffering,
    Standing tall and strong atop a mountain of tranquillity,
    Holding aloft my sword of Truth.

    Ho and so it is.   Ho and so I AM.
    Ho and so it shall always be.

    ‘FREEDOM’ by Ioanis Konstantinopulos 2012

    Thank you Ioanis for this WONDERFUL contribution. Love Toks xxxx

    Lord Templer Greets Youmother and childI Greet You

    We Greet You

    We Greet You

    We Greet You

    amathyst cave

    We Greet You

    We Greet You

    We Greet You

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