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New Year of the Red Fire Monkey 8 Feb 2016

see hear speak do

Welcome to the wonderful inspiring 8 February, when we celebrate a New Moon and New Year.




Energy of Now:  Number 9,  Positive Monkey,  Negative Monkey, Expansion in Monkey Year

Happy New You

Playful Friendships  One of the wonderful qualities of Monkeys is their ability to gather with friends and play around and have fun.  Monkeys are playful, intelligent and curious.  I love the playful energy of Jutta and Koko in the above picture. What animals could they be?  Could they be monkeys, dragons, eagles, galactic aliens or what?  What are they saying to you with their lovely smiles? The picture is a very Monkey picture.  It seems the right picture to start this Alchemical Blog with.  I think I captured something special in this shot.  Both are martial artists.  Both are teachers.  Both have lovely Souls and Spirits.  Both are my new friends here in Tao Gardens, Thailand, where Jutta is a Senior Teacher.  I am enjoying learning and growing with my new friends.  Thank you Jutta.  Thank you Koko.

Welcome Welcome in your energetic life force with this wonderful New Moon and Monkey New Year.  Welcome in your passion, your livelihood and your Self.  Welcome to great energy, great belief, great sensations, great realisations, great breakthroughs and great moments in time.  Welcome to your intelligence, your acute sensitivity and vulnerability.  Welcome to the great passions in you and for you. Welcome to the first New Moon in 2016.

Cold Weather  Here, in Thailand, we have many red lanterns up in the streets, flower festivals, happy faces and delicious food to share and celebrate the Chinese New Year.  I have personally experienced climate change here.  This year, Thailand reported snow for the first time.  I have been wearing my winter clothes here! This has been a shock to many people studying here.   I see a lot of colds, coughs, fever and illness around me with this weather change.  There is no heating in the apartments as this is not a place for winter.  I wonder how many people died during this cold spell.  I pray for them and the loved ones they left for them. This climate change is the effect of man interfering with Mother Nature; and as we all know; there are always consequences. 

This we know; the earth does not belong to man; man belongs to the earth. This we know. All things are connected like the blood which unites one family. All things are connected. Chief Seattle. 


A Darkness There is so much darkness out there consuming our Souls and Spirit fed by lower worldly emotions; such as greed, animality, jealousy, stupidity, hatred, fear and anger.  These emotions create a ripple effect of doubt, fear and guilt.  They create behaviour that is unkind, cruel and wicked.  We see the need to strike someone down just for the fun of it.  We see the stronger killing the weaker.  We see someone taking another persons reputation and spoiling it.  We see a world ruled by pleasure in all advertising.  We see a world inflicting evil actions, words, thoughts and deeds driven by the need to win at all costs.  We see a world where all these emotions cause so much stress, anxiety, worry, frustrations and dis-empowerment.  In the newness of time let us look at the darkness around us and in us. 

love respect loveA Newness  We enter the New Moon with the energy of Aquarius which loves to take care of Man, share knowledge and expand ones Spirit and Soul through respect for Nature and Life.  We greet you with your awakening, your consciousness and your inner knowing. There is a wash over like a wave or waterfall that cleanses you leaving you vulnerable, tired and needing rest. It is like you are burning inside out and you are.  You are being cleansed inside out.  This is all good. It is all part of the newness revealing itself.  It is saying to you: “Do not worry.  All this will pass.  You will survive. You are protected.  You are safe.”  Allow your Alchemical Resurrection of Your True Self.  Allow you to be you.  Allow you to evolve.  Allow your human revolution.  Allow your challenges to help you through your challenges!  Allow both good and bad.  Allow your optimum quantum transformation this year starting with this New Moon and Year of the Fire Monkey.

Radio  In my Radio interview with Sara Troy, which aired for a week, I talk about the Energy of Now and various  emotions we go through.  Let’s make an effort to be more that we ever thought possible. You can download the stream: http://selfdiscoveryradio.com/2016/01/05/c1604b-hands-of-light-divine-energy/ 

Magnitude of Life2016


999This year, 2016, (2+0+1+6=9), is a 9 year. 

Monkey is the 9th Chinese Animal in Chinese Astrology.

9 is 3×3=9.  It is the all powerful 3×3.  It is triple 3 (333). 

1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8=36           36=3+6=9

9 represents many positive things.  It is Completions. Fulfilment.  Ambition.  Beginning.  Ending.  Celestial Number.  Angelic Number.  Compassion.  Deep Awareness.  Giving and Receiving. Exchange of Energy.  Generosity.  Celestial Power.  Angelic Power.  Allowing.  Blending.  Attainment. Supreme Spiritual Power.  Foundation.  Truth. Tolerance. Expansion.  Expanded Awareness.

9 represents many positive actions to take to achieve what you want.  It is Letting Go in order to Move Forward.  It is Reflecting on your past to make this year the most powerful and successful of your life.  It is the time to observe your life and be mindful of your thoughts, actions and speech.  It is the Number of Communication helping you to express with confidence and courage.  It is a number of expression and action.  It causes and calls for shifts in thinking and action – a time for change that serves and empowers. 9 is a calling from across the distant shore asking you to look at your tears and see your fears and know your fears will pass away. It is a calling from afar that indicates a new beginning and a new journey.  How has your journey begun in 2016?

doctorinner smileinner smile with treesexy

Examples of Numerology of Nine (9)

  1. Obama’s full name equals out to 999 (Heart – Vowels 9; Expression – Consonant 9; Personality – Heart & Expression 9).
  2. Hebrew Nine is Pure Intelligence (eight was Perfect Intelligence ). Also represents Truth, since it reproduces itself when multiplied.
  3. Kabbalistic Nine symbolizes Foundation.
  4. Hindu Nine is the number of Agni, Fire. The square of the nine forms the mandala of eighty-one squares and leads to, and encloses the Universe.
  5. Pythagorean Nine The nine is the limit of all numbers, all others existing and coming from the same. i.e.: 0 to 9 is all one needs to make up an 9infinite amount of numbers.
  6. Oya’ Nine, daughter of Yemaya, Great Sea Mother, has 9 children (Egungun and four sets of twins). Her number is 9.  Her other symbols are Fire and Water.  She holds a sword of truth or a machete and a flywhisk.  The Water Buffalo is her animal totem. Oya is an Orisha. She is a Warrior Goddess and is very fiery.  She hates lies and deceit and will strike you down if you lie to her. She is the Oracle of Change. She changes energy wherever she is.  She is a passionate bringer of change and loves ceremony and rituals.  She clears the old way to make room for the new way.  She watches over the newly dead and moves them on to the light.  She is between life and death.  Goddess of Spirit Communication.  Goddess of Clairvoyance.  Goddess of psychic abilities, intuition and rebirth.  She is Great Mother of the Elders of the Night (Witches).  She is wife to Shango, God of Thunder, who had 3 wives Oshun and Oba. A good business woman she is shrewd with money. She forgets nothing. 

Allow 9  Allow more knowledge into your life.  Let the newness of knowledge fill you with music and hope.  Let the eagerness to learn and to be more than you  fill you with inner contentment and joy.  Allow the concepts you evolve within, take shape; and in the experiencing, is your knowing.  Allow your communicating with words and actions express who you are.  Allow your relating to others to evolve.  Do something amazing. Gift a flower to someone to express your appreciation to them.  Give a hug from your pure heart.  Embrace another with a nose kiss.  Allow your own evolvement and innovation in your communicating.


happy happy friendsToks with Eva Goldhappy friends


strong monkey

MONKEYS, in Chinese mythology, are metal & water creatures.

METAL is connected to GOLD. Monkey, Chicken and Dog are Metal.

waterWATER is connected to WISDOM and DANGER. Be careful and do not rush or leap suddenly to make changes in your life.

The Chinese New Year is a time to start afresh, like the New Moon. It is a time of celebration with family and friends in China.  It is a time to gather and to forgive and to bless one another. 

Negative Monkey

Three Monkeys and a Bag   I watched three clever Monkeys quietly approach a lady resting with her bag at the Monkey Forest in Bali.  Two concentrate on her bag. One sits on her shoulder and pulls at her bag.  Another tugs at her bag.  You can see the older Monkey showing the young Monkey what to do quietly.  Monkey energy is naughty, fun and light.  It can also be annoying, controlling and hard, taking what does not belong to it. Then they sit looking innocent.  Monkeys are good at causing trouble and getting themselves out of trouble with an innocent look and easy charm.

3 monkeysbag plan

taking baglooking in bagignoring you

Negative Monkey is restless, rebellious, aggressive, intrusive, controlling, stubborn and tricky. Monkey like taking risks and jumping from one thing to another. They can cause chaos and abandon ship at will! They can be quick and change their minds easily.

Monkey can be lazy and strategic in waiting to take an opportunity away from you and make it their own. They can be suspicious, manipulative and egotistical.

Very competitive, Monkey likes to show off and be snobbish. I have felt the Monkey snobbishness personally and it is not nice.  However, because I am aware of this trait in Monkey, I let it ride over my lovely golden feathers. 

When I watch Monkeys I am always fascinated by their selfishness, arrogance, self-importance and vanity. The fascination always turns to admiration at their intelligence and vast knowledge. However it is important for Monkey not to become too egotistical, arrogant and rude and disrespectful to self and others!

MONKEYMonkeys are aggressive and confrontational and need to learn to channel their negative traits and habits to positive to stop Monkey’s downward spiral and hatred for life.

Monkeys need to learn to think before acting so quickly and abruptly. They need to learn a bit of patience. I have never seen a patient Monkey; no that is wrong; I have seen Monkeys wait patiently and grab hats and glasses off people with the speed of light and lightning. Not funny when it happens to you.

As mentioned earlier, Monkeys can be competitive, making them jealous and envious. He needs to be the leader and the top of the class. He loves to be on top of the Christmas tree.

He loves to leap from tree to tree, from place to place, taking whatever he fancies without asking. The need to be the best and the centre of an operation can be overbearing and lead to chronic illness. Be careful and mindful of this restlessness in 2016.

Monkey can be manipulative using their social friendly behaviour to get what they want from you and others. He has very poor opinion of others under his cheerful exterior.  He feels superior to others around him and sometimes does not understand why he has to be around them! He really feels superior. Watch a Monkey move and watch the arrogance, the superior air, the superior arrogance and the superior way Monkey outsmarts everyone with fast movement, sound and mind. MONKEY1Observe the disdain and vanity. Monkey is sly and can be great liars.

They seek a peace that they never get as they are constantly restless and searching for something new to do and to occupy their minds. This restless in Monkey affects the Mind, Body and Spirit. Monkeys can take risks of all kinds – that affect loyalty in business, finances, relationships, and social interactions.

They can talk a bit too much and tire people out by talking too much. Monkey will fall easily in love and get tired easily and look for another easily forgetting the one behind. Monkey is not a stable personality. Monkey likes to get the best deal. They can be insecure and depressive. They can be tricksters, erratic and mischievous.

ENOUGH of the Negative let us look at the Positive.

Positive Monkey

bali monkeyPositive Monkey is friendly, inclusive, inquisitive, creative, inventive, intelligent, agile, pro-active and action-taking.

They are wonderful at inspiring others and making them believe in their dreams and gathering followers and inspiring others to lead their own individual dreams.

They believe in everything they do and they do what they do because they believe in it. It does not always work and it surprises them as much as those around.

They lift themselves up and focus on a new project and a new venture. They are never down for long. Monkey is high spirited and social. They are cheerful, charismatic, and happy. This draws people to them and helps to get them out of any rut they may find themselves in.

They are always ready to stand up and fight for what they believe in. Monkeys are good at taking action with confidence and courage. They have a fearless streak that is contagious and inspires great change and great adventure. They are intelligent, ferocious and optimistic.

They are great motivators, quick witted and quick with their minds. All the Monkeys I know are sociable – when it suits them. They need quiet private moments.  Watch a Monkey and you will see it sit alone away from others or sit alone with others around it.  It will not interact.  It is thinking, relaxing and resting.  It is feeding itself with silence and nourishing motherChildits mind.

They have great leadership skills and love to create an EMPIRE around them.  They love to teach and show off. And they do teach beautifully as they are so full of knowledge.

They love family and want to be seen as inventive and inquisitive and loving as a child.  They love freedom and family at the same time and in the same way. They are fiercely loyal to those they love.  When Monkey loves Monkey loves.  When Monkey does not love Monkey does not love.

Monkeys are good ACTION takers. They work with the Energy of Now – Energy of Today – the Energy of THIS DAY.  Living and enjoying the present if very important to the alert loving Monkey. 

Monkey is active and loves movement and moving from one thing to another. Monkeys love social gatherings where they like to shine and be the centre of attention. They are gregarious, happy, jovial, romantic, and optimistic and can be caring. What Monkey loves Monkey loves.

Monkeys are great communicators and great orators. They make great leaders. They love to nurture and to build and support. In a position of power they will empower those who work with them and for them.

happy new year of monkeyMonkeys can be great strategists.  Monkeys love reading and improving their knowledge and being up to date on technology, innovations and everything that is going on in the world. They love to be cultured, educated and explore new ways and new things.

Monkeys are diplomatic and charming. Monkeys are lucky and always find a way back on top. They also know the ‘right’ people to help them get back on top. Their intelligence and quick mind helps them in tricky situations.

Monkey can laugh at him/herself and this ability helps pull Monkey through tight situations.

Monkey loves making money, spending money and living the high life – and it suits them. His friendly charm makes him a great strategist and a great risk taker to be with.

An inquisitive mind always keeps Monkey alert and alive and awake. Monkey loves living life passionately and fully.  They are daring, inquisitive and social.  They are good at multi-tasking and are good with their hands. 

EXPANSION  in Monkey Year

welcomeHere are some wonderful positive words to describe the Monkey Year:

Vitality.    Inventive.     Creative.     Ambitious.     Learn and Learn Well.    Eloquent.    Yang.    Handsome.   Beautiful.    Charming.    Stylish.     Intense.     Wellbeing.     Great Motivation.     Personal Well Being.    Vision Quest.      New Energies.     Focused.     New Better Routines.      Resourceful.    Goal.    Achievements.   Innovative.    Fast Speed!   Exuberance.      Laughter.     Playful.     Seeing on the Horizon.   Crossings.    Active Active Active.    MOVE: do PHYSICAL EXERCISE.

A Monkey Year is a year of expansion and invention and great survival and great blessings. Monkey like doing new things and learning new things. Where will expansion happen in your life?

What will you learn and do that is new this year? How will you expand your business? How will you open your heart? How will you express your life this year?   What do you really want in 2016?  What do you really need in 2016? What do you really want to share in 2016?  What do you really want to succeed in, in 2016?  What risks are you ready to take in 2016 to make your ideas happen?  The Year of Monkey is the year you use all you have to create something new and powerful for yourself and for others. How will you make this year different from previous years? THIS is the great question for Monkey Year.


Mantak and Toks

Today, I am in Thailand with the Legend and Great Grand Master Mantak Chia, doing his Winter Retreat, a blessing from the Immortals.  I am learning a lot here. I would recommend you coming to share this space and wisdom with him.

I know two fabulous Monkeys:  Mantak Chia and Roger Hamilton. They are both family men. They have built around them an Empire.  They have a wonderful gathering of people around them.  They are both intelligent, powerful, handsome, charming and empowering.  They give with joy and charm.  They are excellent teachers and motivators.  They love empowering others with their knowledge.  When they love they love. When they do not love they do not love.  I have also experienced them being strict and true to their mission.

I personally love and admire them.  Both men have brought something wonderful into my life and have helped me tremendously.  I have been to both their beautiful empires and met their family: Roger in Bali and Mantak in Thailand. Both received me with warmth, love and respect.

Thank you Roger Hamilton.  Thank you Mantak ChiaMore on Mantak Chia 

Mantak healingJosefine Eva Mantak Mantak as always teaching

Capturing Happy Moments of Life

Here are some happy pictures I thought I would share that capture the preciousness of the Immortals and the people gathered here in Thailand.  I hope you enjoy them and they bring you some laughter, smiles, joy and happiness.

These 4 pictures captures me and Carmen celebrating our passing our evaluation: 6 Healing Sounds and Inner Smile. 

I passedWe passedjoyfulfriendship

Here are some more happy moments that touched my life here in Thailand.  Being hugged for being me.  Experiencing my first Jade Egg in me with Jutta and Josefine.  Meeting Dr Angelo Longo.  Being kissed by two gorgeous young men!  Please enjoy my Invocation Blessing to the World.  Love Toks xxxx

hugsJutta Toks Josefine JADE EGGAngela ToksSam Toks Koko

Invocation Blessing for the New Moon in Aquarius

8 February 2016

strengthgathering of forces

We Greet You

With the Cold Winter Season

Hibernating and Growing at Once

Gathering Forces of Strength

We Greet You

Corrina Tan Toks

We Greet You

With a Cup of Tea

Welcoming You Home to Yourself

In the Gathering Around You

We Greet You

flowering newness

We Greet You

With the Flowering Greatness of You

Announcing Your Arrival at the Portal of Light

A New Opening and A New Beginning

We Greet You


We Greet You

With the Stand of the Monkey

Playfully Connecting to You

Holding You in the Light

We Greet You

Happy New You

We Greet You

With the Powerful Bounce of Laughter

Exuberating Radiating

Joyful Abundance

We Greet You

Walter Jutta Josefine Marakot

We Greet You

With the Gift of Teaching

Teaching with Wisdom and Courage

Anchoring Great Learning

We Greet You

perfection of balance male female

We Greet You

With Balance and Unity

Creating Joy Love and Compassion Together

In the Tree of Life

We Greet You


We Greet You

With the Flow of Mother Nature

Rooting You with Flow Innovation & Creation

Stable and Relaxed in Your Movements in Life

We Greet You

gracious life

We Greet You

With the Graciousness of Life

Stimulating Your Courage

Improving Your Experiment in Refinement

We Greet You

health wealth longevity

We Greet You

With the Golden Buddha

Liberating Out-Dated Dogma & Beliefs

Blessing You with Health Wealth Longevity

We Greet You

joyful expressions of life

We Greet You

With Your Joyful Expressions of Life

Announcing to Yourself and the World

Your Success with Gratitude to the Universe

We Greet You


We Greet You

With Cheek Kisses of Gorgeousness

Making Refined Connections

Freeing Great Laughter and Joy

We Greet You

nose kisses

We Greet You

With Nose Kisses of Friendship

Honouring Each Other

Revering Breathe Sacredness

We Greet You

nose kiss

We Greet You

With Nose Kisses of Gratitude

Gifting Flowers of Love, Support and Protection

Feeling Great Thankfulness

We Greet  You

we greet you

We Greet You

We Greet You

We Greet You

Channelled by Toks Beverley Coker for the New Moon & the Chinese New Year on 8 February 2016

flower of love

New Moon and Sun in Cancer 16 July 2015

Welcome to the ENCHANTING NEWMOON IN CANCER. happy birthday CanceriansGenevieve Thank you


newMooninCancer16JulyOur gathering this week  is a New Moon on

clip_image002[383] Thursday 16 July 2015clip_image002[384] New Moon & Sun in Cancerclip_image002[385] 02:26 BST Londonclip_image002[386] Element – Water clip_image002[387] We will have our gathering at 7pm. Book HERE: http://newmooncancer2015.eventbrite.co.uk

Our next gathering is a BLUE Full Moon.  Book your space for

clip_image001[477] Friday 31 July 2015clip_image001[478] Full Moon in Aquarius – Sun in Leoclip_image001[479] BLUE MOON – 11:45 BST London clip_image001[480] Element – Air/Fire clip_image001[481] Book HERE  http://fullmoonaquarius2015.eventbrite.co.uk

I Am

Energy of Now:  New Moon & Sun in Cancer 16 July 2015

There is so much energy coming down with the new energy of Pluto just relayed back down to Earth.  There are so many new things happening around the world. What is happening new in your world? The NewMoon brings with it new beginnings, new openings, positive closures  and positive communication on a deep level.  Life becomes entertaining – even to you. LIFE BECOMES ENCHANTING.  BECOME ENCHANTED WITH YOUR LIFE.   Call in magic in your life.  Call in divine intervention.  Call in power.  Call in the impossible joy or the impossible achievement.  Call in the NewMoon in Cancer. This Solar System is an enchanting place to live in.

What is New in the World of Space Exploration? 

plutoPluto   NASA spacecraft makes history as the first spacecraft to reach the distant dwarf planet, the last unexplored world in solar system – Pluto. The news is that the healthy space craft passed Pluto safely and Steve Hawkins is awaiting reports.  This is a new seeing – a new era – a new surface of Pluto – a new solar system.  Can you see the heart in the picture NASA beamed down from Pluto?  Is Pluto sending us LOVE?  I just love the Newness Gift from the Universe to us.  Don’t you?  Click Guardian links to read more about Pluto  and 15 July Pluto 

HirokoNew Moon Responsibility   Only you have the power to be responsible for your life.  You cannot hold yourself back for someone or something.  You cannot blame another if they do not adhere to your code of conduct or ethics.  You cannot waste your time blaming others because you did not achieve what you wanted.  You cannot base your success on another person controlling or not controlling you.  You have to take responsibility for your life. Only you are responsible for your life. If you are waiting for someone to help you to move your life – you are wasting your time – only you have the power to help you in your life.  Stop wasting your time waiting for someone or something to happen before you do something that empowers you.  How will you take responsibility for your life today?  What will you do differently that will empower you and your life? 

water elementWater Energy  The Element for Cancer is WATER.  Water energy is emotional. Allow the water from the sea to sweep you in the tide of feeling extreme emotions and vulnerability.   Allow your vulnerability and flow with it – feel your acute successes and failings and hurts and pain and suffering!  This is the time of tears, tears, and more tears.  You will find yourself swimming in your watery emotions. Listen to them.  This is your gift to yourself. Welcome it in.  Charles Taillard France 7New Moon in Cancer will move you to an energy pace that is great and flowing for you. 

Reflection of Water  You will reflect a lot around this time about your emotions.  Water reflects. Water energises. Water cleanses. Water heals. Water feeds.  Water quenches thirst. Water nurtures. Water destroys.  Water freezes. Water flows. Water can be still and it can be fast. Water falls and water rises.  Water adapts to whatever it is put in. Water is movement. Water is stillness. Water is reflection.  Water is a mirror enabling you to see your reflection.  Water is change. Water is changeable. Water evaporates and becomes mists; and becomes the clouds which then pour down on earth; to be rain. Water is deep and mysterious like the sea. Water is life. Water is living. Water IS.  What is Water to you?

Nkem and VincentNurturing Emotions   Well well well – lots of emotions around with the New Moon in Cancer – lots of grief, pain, sorrow, tears, laughter, joy, bright eyes – all at once; and then; sudden unexplained tiredness and aloneness!  Welcome to the emotions of the Cancerian Crab that will move your tummy into twists and painful knots; and sudden outbursts of love, laughter and joy!

New Moon in Cancer is about emotions, nurturing and family. This is an emotional time for everyone.  Do not be surprised if you find yourself feeling suddenly emotional for no reason or at the slightest thing. Sensitive??  Emotional??  Crabby?? NewMoon in Cancer pulls on you EMOTIONALLY.  You may feel changeable, moody and very sensitive.  You cannot avoid feeling your emotions. FEEL your emotions.  LIVE them.  On the positive side of emotions it has been said that the world is a better place with all the positive caring nurturing mothering CANCERIANS.

Toks I love you this much xxx

Open and Receptive You WILL feel more open and receptive.  Open your heart to yourself AND Allow yourself to receive.  MARTIN LUTHER KING said I HAVE A DREAM. LET US BE PART OF THIS DREAM OF HEALING MOTHER EARTH AND OURSELVES.  We will create a crystal matrix to heal the world in our Moon gathering. We will send and receive healing. We will open to receive. We will open and receive. We will open to more. One of the greatest way to open to more is to motivate yourself to take action daily.  The choice, as always, is yours.  Choose to open to more in your  life.

crab cancerian crabCrab  We need to be strong from the inside out – Like the CRAB – sensitive inside and hard outside.  The Crab is the animal totem for the people born in the sign of Cancer. It represents persistence, mystery, privacy, confidences, homely, trust, loyalty, secrets, gentleness and love. It teaches us about our BOUNDARIES, what we allow in and what we allow to stay out of our space. It also works with the energy of Water to help cleanse our pain, suffering with tears of healing and rebirth.  It comes out of its shell when it is ready to face the world.

Parent Adult Child  Working on the Parent, Adult and Child. The child will need a lot of nurturing with this New Moon.   So will the Parent and Adult.  The Parent must learn not to be over-nurture or over-compensate for any negative emotion.  The Adult must learn soft reflection from an emotional point of view.  Many new ways of being in your interaction with yourself and with others.  One of the greatest way to move on in your life is to forgive the past and move forward. Forgive your Parent, Adult and Child in YOU.  Forgive the parents, adults and children in your life.  Breathe in forgiveness and let go and let life. 

family of loveNew Moon Newness  This New Moon in Cancer is a great time to look at the possibilities of the newness energy in your Energy of Now.  What will you do differently?  If you keep doing the same things you will get the same type of results.  If you want better rewarding results, it is a good thing to do things differently; and look at new ways of doing things, to get the greater and better results you are wanting.  I have found that letting go of the old way of doing things works when the old way no longer gets you the results you are seeking.  What do you need to let go of to enable you to do something new in your life and bring in better results?

Uncle Toke's wife and childrenBelonging to a ‘Family’  NewMoon in Cancer is about wanting to belong, longing to belong – to feel part of something wonderful.  Being part of a community, a tribe, a family, a friendship, the moon meditation gathering.  The foundation of the home is important here.  The need to feel included rather than excluded.  The need to belong.  The need to be part of something important to oneself.  The need to feel honoured and welcomed.  The need to be looked after and nurtured.  The need to be received with tenderness and understanding without words.  This is the energy of Belonging and feeling part of the Belonging.  This is the energy of Family and belonging to a Family.  This is the foundation cornerstone of the home, the family, the place of safety.  The need to feel secure in our surroundings, to feel a warm sense of belonging and to feel close is important now.  The importance of Family in all the various levels it comes in is also very important – remember Family can be close friends, your circle of friends, the community, as well as, blood ties.  They give us our sense of closeness and belonging and safety.


mother childAccepting Support   Are you able to ask for support and accept support?  Are you able to ask for support?  Are you able to accept support?  Do you find it hard to accept kindness?  Are you shocked and overwhelmed when kindness is given to you?  Do you feel vulnerable when kindness is expressed to you? Do you reject kindness with your behaviour? Is your sense of security threatened with acts of kindness? Is your belief system threated with acts of kindness given to you. Are you always suspecting a hidden agenda when someone is kind to you?  What is your hidden agenda? Accept and receive support like flowing water.  Give and offer support like flowing water.  Enjoy the intimacy of support.  Offer support without a hidden agenda. 

cancer symbolIntimacy  Feelings of intimacy may overwhelm you.  The need for intimacy. The lack of intimacy. The love of intimacy. The hatred of intimacy. These are all emotions you can feel all at once within a matter of minutes with the energy of this New Moon in Cancer.  Watch for these feelings and put them in perspective so you are not overwhelmed by them.  Pay attention to your feelings, your instincts, your needs and your self and how you respond to others. 

JocelynDomestic Affaires The symbol for Cancer is two moons over themselves. What domestic affairs do you need to attend to?  Clean house?  Improve house? Attend to them with energy.  Plan them into your agenda and enjoy doing them.

Power of Positive and Negative Address any issues you have in your life.  Apply your energy into finding a solution and use your imagination to help you. Look at the power of the negative as well as the power of the positive in your life.  Address all problems with a solution. Do not give up on yourself or your life.  Be aware of both the positive and negative in your life and the powerful impact both have on your life.  Integrate the healing in all areas of your life, including interracial healing.  Remember, you are part of the whole, you are part of the problem and you are part of the solution. When you think like this you open to more greatness of wisdom in your life.  You practice balance and welcome balanced healing.

Compassion  It is so important to have both compassionate language and behaviour in your life, towards yourself and towards others.  This is a reflection of your INNER VISION and your INNER LIGHT.  Compassion stops you from blaming.  It teaches you to co-create and co-operate. This view point always changes your perspective and allows you to look at things from a wholesome perspective and arrive at a solution that is wise and compassionate. 

vesna and her motherLIVING YOUR TRUTH with Passion   New Moon in Cancer asks you what you are passionate about?  Do what you are passionate about?  It echoes all the new energies coming in – we see the Pluto energy radiating love, we see Bruce Jenner become a woman. We are all yearning to live our lives passionately and be true to our lives.  Are you living your truth with passion?  Are you living a lie?  Are you pleasing others?  Are you living for others?  Are you living for yourself?  Are you self sacrificing?  Are you lying to yourself? 

Fear  We have to give FEAR more credit than we do.  It helps us to know our fears.  It helps us to face our fears.  It helps us to know when to withdraw and retreat.  It is both a positive and negative aspect depending on how we use it in our lives.  Use Fear to help you live your truth passionately.  What are you committed to?  To live your truth with passion you need to be committed to something.  To live with fear you need to be committed to something?   Limiting beliefs tell you that you cannot do this or that.  Take courage in your heart to live a fulfilling life – to activate courage courageously. Failure is part of the learning – without failure you do not learn to be better. Welcome failure and learn from it.What are you committed to that will help you with your fears? New Moon in Cancer tells us to face our fears with love, courage and a step forward.

   Girls Girls GirlsFriends

Inner Potential – Inner Light – Inner Strength This New Moo in Cancer asks how far you will go to stretch yourself, to go beyond your comfort zone, to stretch beyond and to reach NEW possibilities. Are you willing to stretch beyond what you are capable of.  The Buddhists talk about developing into and becoming  a CAPABLE person.  When one chants NAM MYOHO RENGE KYO, the Nichiren Buddhist believe this will activate our INNER BUDDHA from deep within you.  You must take action for this to happen by chanting and taking constructive daily practical actions in your life to manifest what you are wanting.  You do not just chant and meditate and sit in bliss.  You must stretch yourself and do your HUMAN REVOLUTION.  You must become more than you thought possible.  This New Moon in Cancer tells us this is so important. We have done six months of the year and we have another six months to go.  What infinite possibilities will you unearth in December 2015.  Plant them now and watch them grow. Billy Lisette Zainab Toks

Mother of the Zodiac

MOTHER AND CHILDMother of the Zodiac NewMoon in Cancer invites deep connection – deep bonds – with your life.  Connecting to something new?  What could it be?  Does it involve your home, your family, your security or the cosmic divine?  A time to connect on a world consciousness – THIS IS THE ENERGY OF CANCER – the Global Family, as well as, the Individual Family. NewMoon in Cancer invites in NURTURING, HEALING LOVE into YOUR HOME and MOTHER EARTH. Cancer is the Mother of the Zodiac. What is your SPIRITUAL HOME like? Do you know it? Do you sense it? Can you feel it? Can you feel the joy of your life? This is the I AM. Make your Home a Spiritual Home.  That  is what the energy of the New Moon invites in.  I love the song that has the lyrics:  Wherever I lay my head, that’s my home.

My Birthday 7 July   As mentioned in the last blog we entered JulyBirthday Cake from Jenny with the Full Moon and we will leave July with another Full Moon making it a BLUE MOON month.  In a Moon Meditation I was told to celebrated my birthday for 7 days before my birthday and for 7 days after my birthday.  I was told not to plan anything big and go with the flow. 

7 July Toks and Patric

I did not organise anything – I wanted to see what would happen. 

There was lots of vulnerability, lots of tears, lots of misunderstanding, lots of love, lots of happy surprises and lots of July 7sharing.  There was also lots of family bonding time, friendship bonding time, client bonding time, student bonding time, Buddhist bonding time, neighbour bonding time and partner bonding time. 

I got so many presents from family, friends, neighbours, clients and students. How gloriously surprised I was. I experienced new things and new feelings.  In typical Cancerian style I cried with joy and with sadness.  I cried with gratitude and with love.  I cried feeling the love pouring to me. It really was a wonderful Solar Return. 

So many various things happened. Went to the Hampton Flower Show to enjoy the flower and the three Suprema ladies performing in red. Went to see the magnificent healing performance of the Lord of the Dance.  Went to a surprise party.  Had two picnics. Had lots of presents – to many to tell you.  And I am still getting lots of messages and presents.  Thank you.

777Happy BirthdayThank You

I Greet You

With the Energy of Gratitude

Thanking You for Your Powerful Blessings

Thanking You for Your Delightful Presents

Thanking You for Sharing Your Precious Time

Thank You Thank You Thank You

I Greet You

                  Vesna and Toks 7 JulyChantal and Genevieve 7 July

PresentsFeeling Cherishedpresents of money


7 Sunflowers 7 7 7 a magical dayJuly is the seventh 7th month of the year.

7 is the Number of the mystic law – mysticism – what is hidden and what is revealed.

7 is the Number for the sage – the warrior – the healer – the seekers of light – the seedings of light forces – primal activation of light – the power of life force – Buddha wisdom – heart compassion – inner knowing – deep inner understanding – feeling – good fortune – luck – divine inspiration and change.

Lots of energetic activities and happenings. Welcome your magic – your enchantment – your being of light in physical form on earth. Embrace your magical self. Anchor your being of light activation now. TO KNOW AND NOT TO DO IS NOT TO KNOW. When the Number 7 comes into your life it is time to know and to do.  This is about taking action individually and collectively. Welcome it in.

7 7 7 my brother and I

Invocation Blessing

for the New Moon & Sun in Cancer

invoking blessings

clip_image002[383] Thursday 16 July 2015clip_image002[384] New Moon & Sun in Cancerclip_image002[385] 02:26 BST Londonclip_image002[386] Element – Water clip_image002[387] We will have our gathering at 7pm. Book HERE: http://newmooncancer2015.eventbrite.co.uk

Real Friendship

I Greet You

With the Gift of Real Friendship

Forever Seeded and Blooming

Newness in the Passage of Time

I Greet You


I Greet You

With the Angels of Light

Coming Your Way Healing Your Tears

On this New Moon in Cancer

I Greet You

magic is in you

I Greet You

With the Magic of Newness

Believing in You

Believing in Magic

I Greet You

Take a Break

We Greet You

With the Freshness of Life

Breathing in Taking a Break from Your Emotions

Relaxing in the Newness of You

We Greet You

New Now

I Greet You

With Your New Future

The Past is No More

YOU ARE the Present of Now and the Future

I Greet You

Rainbow Cake

We Greet You

With the Rainbow Cake Rays

Colouring Your Life

Celebrating the Newness of You

We Greet You

princess princes

We Greet You

With Your Nurturing Crown

Nurturing Blessings of  Loving Emotions

Princes and Princesses of Life

We Greet You

love you

We Greet You

With a Loving Look

Embracing You with Healing Love

Holding Your Hands in the Music of Life

We Greet You

Embracing the New You

We Greet You

With a Newness in Your Living

Allowing Your Receiving and Giving

In Your Reflections and Your Learnings

We Greet You

moon ladies kiss

We Greet You

With a Healing Gesture

Sending Your Kisses of Love

From the Angels of Light

We Greet You

moon getsu

We Greet You

With the Gift of the Power of the Moon / Getsu

Radiating its Hidden Light

Seeding a Balanced Newness in You

We Greet You

moon flower lady

We Greet You

With the Flowers of Life

Graceful Confident Courageous

Present Presence, in the Energy of Now

We Greet You

moon man

We Greet You

With the Moon Man

Strong Masculine Presence

In the Anointment of Time

We Greet You

moon water

We Greet You

With the Gift of Moon Water

Drinking it – Cleansing Nurturing Healing

Empowering Your Soul

We Greet You

moon opening

We Greet You

With the Gift of Opening

Opening Your Heart and Your Life

Seeding New Opportunities, Possibilities and Blessings

We Greet You

We Greet You

We Greet You

We Greet You

We Greet You

Channelled by Toks Beverley Coker for the New Moon in Cancer 16 July 2015

Roses of Love

                       moon 3 ladiesmoon ladies kiss

Heard these lovely ladies singing at the Royal Hampton Flower Show. They sing Motown songs. You can reach them on www.SupremaBand.com

Water Fun


  1. Merve MagicDo 7 Actions e.g.  Do random acts of kindness to a minimum of 7 people. Perform 7 random acts of kindness to strangers. Perform 7 random acts of kindness to people you know. Tell 7 people how much you love them. Tell 7 people how much you like being on earth. Keep positive for the next 7 days. Share music you love with 7 people. List 7 things that make you feel joyful. Do 7 things that make you give to others. Do 7 positive things you would not normally do. Commit to 7 things in your life. Do 7 things that open your heart energy. Hug 7 people you do not know. Hug 7 people you do know. Do 7 things that show you that you are a spiritual being in physical form. Find 7 animal totems to work with you. Burn 7 candles to light up your life. Do 7 things that make you FEEL joy. Tell 7 people how much you love them spiritually. Do 7 things that express your integrity, truth and honesty. Thank 7 people for being in your life. 7 times a day thank the Universe. List 7 blessings in your life every day. The list is endless. Make up your own list…….
  2. What is Water to you?
  3. moon readingWhat God / Goddess energy are you working with this New Moon? Connect to the mysterious part of you – this is Isis, this is Horus, this is Osiris – 3 in 1. ISIS is MOON GODDESS, SHE OF MANY NAMES.  She is the STAR SIRIUS.  OSIRIS, her husband, IS THE CONSTELLATION ORION.  Artemis, Greek Goddess of the Moon, named Diane in Roman mythology.  Goddess of the hunt and the hunted. 
  4. Moon Actions e.g. Take a MOON BATH.   Wear MOON COLOURS e.g. silver, creams, ivory, sand, blue, silver-blue. Work with CRYSTALS – moon stone, hematite, howlite.   Work on strengthening your Solar Plexus, Sacral [stomach] and Heart [breasts].  Drink lots of liquid and water, MOON WATER.
  5. Cancer is the Mother of the Zodiac. What is your SPIRITUAL HOME like?  Who is your Spiritual Mother?
  6. relaxing workingrelaxing picnic

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