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New Moon in Gemini 5 June 2016

Fresh Air

Happy Birthday Gemini

Happy New Moon & Sun in Gemini 

See you 5 June at 7pm for Alchemical Gathering Workshop

The New Moon was at 04:00 BST (4am) London time and is in the Element – Air.  The Alchemical Gathering Workshop will be tonight 5 June at 7pm at Violet Hill Studios.  Details on this link:  Venue: Violet Hill 

The Moon, the Sun, the Stars, the Cosmos is free for everybody.  The Energy of the planets is free to everybody.  Everyone can make a New Moon Gathering if they want to and choose to.  The quality of each gathering is strengthened by the great quality of the people gathering and the powerful energy vortex of the facilitator. 

New Month Junelove

Energy of Now

The contradictions of Gemini can be hard to discern.

Twins:  The sign for Gemini is the Twins, which echoes the number Two and the concept of Duality. Let us look at this concept:

    • 2TwoSame: two things the same like identical Twins.  Identical houses, cars, dresses, etc.  Same united opinion. ‘Many in Body One in Mind’ where Two is united i.e. Body and Mind united to the one same purpose of peace for the world.  You journey the same road till you come to two different pathways and then you make your decision – do you go right or do you go left – do you keep the same mind or do you change your mind? Your Thinking Mind is challenged with the New Moon in Gemini.  I love that.  
    • Different: two different sides like the two different sides of a coin or note, two different colours, two different sides of a montage, to different opinions, two different ways of looking at the same thing and arriving at the same conclusion.  ‘Many in Body Many in Mind’ is were we have discord, disunity, war and disagreements because both sides are fixed on their point of view only. They are the same in the sense that they stick to their point of view – and it is this point of view that is different. And here we have politics and religions. 
    • Opposites:  day/night, truth/lie, hate/love, real/pretend, noise/silence, happy/sad, lost/found, nothing/everything, yes/no, left/right, ying/yang, rich/poor, male/female, etc.

imagehandsDoing: What are you doing with your hands?  What is your thinking making you do with  your hands?  Are you creating something wonderful or horrible?  Are you waving goodbye or come here?  Are you grounding your energy or raising your energy?  What are you doing with your hands that help you to create wellness and newness? How are you communicating with your hands, your eyes, your legs, your arms, your body?  Are you doing things with another or on your own?

Communication:  Gemini is all about Communication. Are you communicating truthfully or lying with a smile? Are you saying what you want and what you mean? 

Mindful Communication:  Be mindful of the words you use to yourself and to others. Will this text express what I am feeling or will it convey the wrong feeling to the person I am sending it to?  Perhaps better to phone and talk it through rather than text or email. Being mindful of the way you speak gives you an indication of where you may be hiding your power or weakness?  When I say: My Guide, Hands of Light says……. Is that me hiding my power? It that me speaking my truth? Is that me affirming my life? Is it me expressing my inner most truth and connection with Divinity? Is it me giving me courage to speak my truth? Is it my Ego?  Is it my intuition and inner knowing?  How do I know?  This is a very important process with the New Moon in Gemini. For me, I know when it is my guide, Hands of Light, and when it it Toks the woman.

Shadow Communication:  How does your behaviour mirror your communication?  Do your go cold in a relationship and then blow hot? Do you punish by isolation and abandoning a person? Do you do things that break up a relationship or family? Do you find that you enjoyed passing on sad or bad news to another and enjoyed giving them pain secretly? The way you communicate is crucial as it reveals your true hidden self – your shadow.  How often is your shadow side hurting you and others?  How is not communicating hurting another?  How is not communicating making you feel superior?  How is not communicating justifying your pain?  How is not communicating teaching a lesson?  How is your Shadow Communication affecting you and another?

spiritual battle

Mutable Grand Cross Energy:  I gave a talk yesterday and I did not mention the Mutable Grand Cross.  After, I thought I should have mentioned that, but then realised the Group Energy was more wanting the Healing Vibration of the Energy of Now in Gemini.  It was a very successful evening and it was received with gratitude.  The gathering itself was the manifestation of the Mutable Grand Cross, on reflection today. 

Mutable signs are adaptable, restless and changeable.  They are Gemini, Pisces, Sagittarius and Virgo.  According to Astrologists there are planets in each of the Mutable Signs, making the sign of the cross in the sky.  That is a healing sign in itself, like a Cosmic Movement of Healing on Earth.

Being reactionary Mutable Signs can cause sudden feelings to rise up and force us to look at who is doing what to us, and how it is making us feel, think and communicate. The variety of different sudden fast feelings can make us feel vulnerable, unheard, unappreciated and angry.  The duality of feelings makes you suddenly want to ‘hit’ back, but you see reason when spoken to!!  However you may not agree with what the other person says, but you will hear what they are saying, and simply express your feelings to them, and through the communication of real truth on either side, even though they are different, there is understanding – the mind kicks in to analyse and see the overall picture. Or does it?  Are you left feeling resentful, annoyed the person did not agree with you and at cross roads with yourself and with them?  I love the complications we create in our Minds and Life with all this inside thinking. Perhaps she does not like me then?  Perhaps she is competitive with me?  How about, this is just life. Deal with it and move on.  You are Beauty itself.  You are open to the expansion of the Divine in you because your Heart is Open to Divine Energy. Be adaptable.  Be changeable.  Be flexible.  Even if your Energy is restless.

7 Days 7 ChakrasAction of Asking for Help:   Are you afraid of asking for help?  Does it make you feel insecure?  Do you feel you want to carry out actions and yet feel insecure about doing so? 

New Moon in Gemini challenges us to do the very thing we are afraid to do; such as ask for help, and be heard, that you are asking for help.  Who do you need to ask for help?  Who do you need to ask to support you?  Last night I asked my partner to support me in a family matter that is hurting me.  I also asked a wonderful lady for help and support and she was very gracious about it too.  Thank you Universe. Thank you Energy of Now. 

Now the biggest help request I have every made in my life: I would like the Kindle eBook 7 Days 7 Chakras to touch a million lives.  I need your help to do this.  Please promote it and buy it and share it.  Thank you. 

You can read morehttps://tokscoker.wordpress.com/7-days-7-chakras-kindle-launch/

You can buy and give 5 Star rating on https://www.amazon.co.uk/kindle/dp/B01FX8VHMI

Day of Power

What is Happening?  What I am finding is that the Energy of Now asks us to really focus on what is not happening,and what we want to happen.  As we fly in the Air we reflect and think about our life.   What is the reality of this or that situation?  Are your nervous? Are you feeling insecure?  Are you feeling not good enough?  Are you simply just tired?  Where do you fit in with all this confusion?  Do you not think you are important in this equation?  Time to make yourself important and be seen from deep within you.  First to yourself and then oozing out to others.  New Energy time to energise yourself and your life.

Intentions:  New Moon is always a time to set New Intentions.  By setting clear intentions you begin to get clear with yourself first. Perhaps there has been some ‘crazy’ energy around you and you have felt unclear, and have some unresolved issues you thought you had ‘dealt’ with come back again.   New Moon in Gemini says Hello, how about starting from the beginning and going back to basics?  Sometimes I think it is a good thing to start again – to begin again – with a fresh mind and a fresh way.

Pace Vs. Hustle and Bustle:  Sometimes in the hustle and bustle of life we need to slow down – we need to get off the wheel – we need to take a break and give ourselves a break.  The need to PACE YOURSELF is important with the build up to this Energy of Now.  By understanding your own stamina, limitations, self-talk and doubts you are better able to navigate your life. This involves going deep within yourself to talk to yourself and come back to yourself as you dialogue with yourself and Divine.  Sometimes I ask the Divine to intervene to help me when I am not feeling too strong and when I need help to PACE myself, and priorities my life, my needs and my things to do.  What can I do that will feed and nurture my soul and my body? When do I need to rest and allow my own process for my own development?  When do I need to say NO to others so I can find time to myself?  When do I need to say NO to myself to find time for myself?  This is the crux of the matter.


Master Class Gathering: Having read the above you now know why attending Moon Gatherings help you to connect to the Divine and allow you to know yourself better. It is always a Master Class Gathering with the Divine Energies that come together for you at the Moon Gatherings with me, Toks Coker.  It is a solid spiritual practice to come to the Gatherings and see your growth.

What do I do on a New Moon?

  1. Write your New Moon wishes, desires, goals, intentions, affirmations and vision. The act of writing it down is a solid action – it is a grounding practical action.
  2. Have a salt and water bath.
  3. Smudge
    1. your charkas with Flame of Fire.
    2. your environment with incense – sage, frankincense
    3. your body with cleansing incense.
  4. Wear fresh clean clothes.
  5. Create a New Moon Altar.
  6. Reassess who you are and how you are communicating your thoughts and thinking process.
  7. Do something new e.g. start a new project, a new job, a new way of thinking and doing, a new exercise regime, a new food experience, a new way of dressing, a new book, a new idea, a new creative way.

Next Moon Gathering: 20 June 2016 at 7pm

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QUOTES for New Moon in Gemini

Which quote do you like?  Which resonates with you right now?

When one gathers with friends one is amazed at the energy and power that gathers to one and to the collective gathering. This energetic pulsing is the perfection of life in a moment in time and no time. Toks Coker

When I see you I see myself reflected in you. Your love, your shadow, my love, my shadow. Toks Coker

Life is a spiritual battle within one self, where the churning of the sea releases a calming silence of inner knowing. Toks Cokeri see u

When I look at you I see my beauty.  Toks Coker

When I see you I see myself reflected in you.  Your love, your shadow, my love, my shadow.   Toks Coker

You have said you cannot live with him/her.  It is not a nice truth, but it is the truth.  Toks Coker

The moon does not fight. It attacks no one. It does not worry. It does not try to crush others. It keeps to its course, but by its very nature, it gently influences. What other body could pull an entire ocean from shore to shore? The moon is faithful to its nature and its power is never diminished.  Ming-Dao Deng

Today’s new friend is tomorrow’s family.

Happiness is being around people who may not be your real ‪family, but who ‪Love and ‪Support you anyway.

The things you do mean something to people.

Right Now; I am trying to figure a way to process how I am feeling: that I am not being good enough. Yet deep within me I know that I am being good enough and I am OK.

I could tell you my adventures – beginning from this morning ……At least I knew who I was when I got up this morning, but I think I must have been changed several times since then.  Alice in Wonderland

Gemini says: I recognize my other self, & in the waning of that self, I grow and glow.


    Invocation Blessing

    for the New Moon & Sun in Gemini 6 June 2016

    Ulla SonaI Greet You

    With the Invocation of the New Moon

    Starting Afresh: Honouring Your New Beginnings

    Planting New Seeds in Your Start Again Time

    We Greet You


    I Greet You

    With a Fresh Look at Your life

    Honouring Your Multi-Dimensional Newness

    In the Progression of Your Life

    We Greet You

    Money is Energyfan of money

    I Greet You

    With the Healing Energy of the Fan of Money

    Fanning Money to You in the Circle of Air

    Seeding Empowering Breakthroughs of Prosperity

    We Greet You


    We Greet You

    With the Opening of Your Next Level

    Illuminating Your New Pathway

    In the Landscape of Your Life

    We Greet You


    We Greet You

    With the Energy of the Twins

    Letting Go of Hatred, Cruelty & Impatience

    Inviting in & Reclaiming Highest Vortex of Love and Joy

    We Greet You


    We Greet You

    With the Sacred Contracts You Made

    Releasing the Ones that No Longer Serve  You

    Seeding and Ground New Seeds

    We Greet YOU

    soul alignment

    We Greet You

    With the Power of Knowledge and Wisdom

    Calling Forth Your Healing Soul Alignment

    Matching Your Vibration to Pure Love & Pure Discovery

    We Greet You


    We Greet You

    With the Newness of Air

    Creating a Fresh Ground for You: Seeding a Beautiful Garden

    Empowering You to Attend to You (Archetypes, Shadows and True Self)

    We Greet You


    We Greet You

    With Healing Energy of Now

    Releasing Your Worries Your Hidden Pain

    Birthing the Opening to Truth and Telling the Truth

    We Greet You


    We Greet You

    With the Energy of Rejuvenation

    Blowing away Unresolved Issues that Corrupt Your Mind

    Blame Energy, Blocked Energy, Lies Energy

    We Greet You

    freedom to be friends

    We Greet You

    With Your Sense of Freedom

    Renewing the Liberation  of  Your Soul: New and Old

    Aligning You to Creative Source Activation

    We Greet You


    We Greet You

    With the Energy of Your Soul Mate

    Calling in the One and Anchoring Your Life Force

    Seeding a Truly Happy Relationship

    We Greet You

    woman of beauty

    We Greet You

    With Your Sacred Space of Air

    Perfumed by Frankincense and Light

    Smelling the Healing Vortex Around You

    We Greet You


    We Greet You

    With the Sacred Cave of Light

    Going Deeper into Your Self & Your Truth

    Your Real Pure Note, Your Spiritual Resonance, Your Surprise

    We Greet You

    Beautiful People

    We Greet You

    We Greet You

    We Greet You

    Channelled by Toks Beverley Coker for the New Moon in Gemini 5 June 2016

    Receiving Money7

    Message from Toks Coker

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          8:8:8 Mastering Your Destiny


          Call forth your blessings with the U-tube videos below


          8 divine inheritance888 Workshop with Toks Coker 

          This year we celebrate the 8 vibration on 8, 12, 17, and 26 August 2015.  We held a wonderful 888 Workshop on 8 August 2015 and it was captured on Toks IPhone.  It was then edited and made into a U-tube video by Patric. Patric has made this with love and light. I hope you like it. Thank you Patric xxx

          You can  listen to this wonderful Sacred Coaching 888 Workshop; and capture the 888 portal for today and any 8 day; on the following U-tube channels.  Enjoy the power of the teaching, the words and pictures. 


          Part 1 can be found at https://youtu.be/-B-Ct3ZdxFo

          Part 2 can be found at https://youtu.be/wFwoAAEbQ2M

          Part 3 can be found at https://youtu.be/-7zzwmQqBCk

          Part 4 can be found at https://youtu.be/G2gq1CTksV4

          If you can please make a donation to the RNIB charity and pay on this link:  RNIB  Thank you xxx

          Call forth your blessings

          8 life force88 master number8888 beyond beyond

          8, 88, 888, 8888

          888 pure essence pure alignment pure source pure magic8888 quardruple power

          8, 8:8, 8:8:8, 8:8:8;8

          infinity 8

          8 divine inheritance

          infinity instant manifestation

          888 Portal

          What does all this mean?

          8 August 2015

          In numerology 2015 is an 8 year (2+0+1+5=8).  On Saturday 8 August 2015 I am inviting you to connect with me to the 8:8:8 ascension codes, and light codes to help master our destiny.  This is a time to consciously align to your great potential.  Your essence. 

          I am Isis, Sacred Goddess

          Toks has an amazing sense of energy when leading a meditation. She manages to capture a unique space whereby one can enter into the core of their consciousness thus suspending doubts and inhibitions that block us in realising our full potential. I strongly recommend these sessions with Toks as she is a vibrant and caring spiritual  leader.  Janet xx

          The 888 portal was very powerful and liberating.  It was an inspiring journey and event.  I loved the explanation of the ceremony.  During the journey from 8 to 8 to 8 past 8, i felt very sick and nervous. Then I was trusted to space / universe where I travelled through a tunnel of dark orange vibrant energy.  I came back to earth in a brick mansion, surrounded by greenery and pink roses with my partner.  I am taking away strength, optimism and discover.  Toks provides a creative energy whereby we explore the many facets of our potential and life force.  I feel renewal, regenerated and read to move foreword with a dynamic and passionate attitude.  Thank you. Musician

          I loved the beautiful energy.  It was powerful. I felt centred, aligned and connected.  I was moved by the positive emotions and lots of energy.  I am taking away new download.  Thank you Toks for a beautiful powerful workshop.  The energy is  lovey, nourishing and relaxing.  Amazing to connect with everyone and to share the portal energies. Sonal

          It was a tsunami of energy, with all sorts of colourful elements though it was not overwhelming for me.  I was moved by the sense of joy, softness and calm I felt.  Lots of symbols came to me and played with me.  They also blessed me and integrated with me.  I am taking away instant manifestation and infinite manifestations.  I am taking away success beyond my expectations.  Such a wonderfully powerful, intense and colourful initiation and ascension and so much more.  So much is coming and it is welcome.  Yanni

          I loved the intense informative workshop.  I liked the fact that a lot of clearing was done and performed.  I was so moved when I put a crystal on my Third Eye and felt a lot of cleansing power.  It is always a pleasure to be around Toks and her energy.  I felt a powerful connection with everyone present and felt that a lot of good work was achieved to move forward in my next chapter of my life. Kalisha

          I was moved by the wonderful 888 invocation Toks channelled.  I felt a deep peace and movement through the portal.  I am taking away a new freedom and surety that life is different.  Toks creates a wonderful peaceful and empowering mediation for all auspicious occasions. Chrissie 

          888 infinite possibilities

          I will be holding two 8:8:8 Celestial Potential Workshops on 8 August 2015. 


          • I will do a FREE LINK IN Workshop from 7.30am to 8.30am. If you want to link in please let me know so I can include you in the portal.  If you can please make a contribution to the charity link below for RNIB.  Thank you.

          • I will hold the 8:8:8 CELESTIAL POTENTIAL PORTAL Workshop in my flat from 7pm to 9pm for a very generous £20; as it is short notice.  If you want to come, let me know by calling or texting me on  07973210107. Bring something to share, to give as an offering to the energy.

          • If you want to pay more, please make a donation to RNIB and pay on this link:  RNIB  If you can leave any extra money, I will donate it to this charity.  As you know, I charge £44 for my empowering meditations (4+4=8).  If you can, please help me to donate to them.  If you cannot, please do not worry.  Your energy and good thought is enough. Thank you very much for the gifting to the blind.

          How have you been feeling?

          · Are you still searching for your true identity or have you lost the plot?

          · Are you the master of your destiny or do you feel you are being controlled?

          · Do you feel destined to great things yet feel stuck where you are?

          · Do you feel despondent, disillusioned, and overwhelmed with feelings of failure?

          · Are you feeling drained and sad no matter what you do?  Are you ready for change?

          We all seek balance and wisdom in our lives.  We all want to align to what is sacred and good.  This is a powerful time to do so.  We will be doing it real time in London working with the 8:8:8 energy.

          888 Ascenstion

          We will download the 8:8:8 energy and the 88:88:88 energy as well as the 8:8:8:8:8:8:8:8 energy.  There will be powerful exercises to do and it will be quite intensive and healing.

          This is a life changing portal that happens every year.  I look forward to seeing you there and being a channel of Divine Healing.

           my mothercelebrating newness
          ~ ~ ~



          We Greet You

          With the 8:8 Portal of Power

          Aligning the Precious Gift: The Gift of You

          To the Celestial Resonance

          The Great Holy Cosmic Light

          Beyond the Beyond

          We Greet You

          ~ ~ ~

          We Greet You

          With the 8:8:8 Wave of Ascension

          Activating the Sacred Sparkle Within

          Connecting the Radiance of Your Essence

          Your Greatest Your Potential

          Your Sparkle Your Mastery

          We Greet You

          ~ ~ ~

          We Greet You

          With the Cosmic Sacred Downloads

          Celebrating and Activating

          Ancient Egyptian Energy, Orion, Sirius

          The Sacred Union of Male and Female Within

          The New  Moon in Leo (14 August)

          We Greet You

          ~ ~ ~

          888 Activation

          Wishing you a happy, joyous, fulfilling 8:8:8 energy


          Love Always

          Legion of Light Toksee


          Full Moon in Virgo & Sun in Pisces 16/3/2014

          lucia's dance

          RainbowHappy Full Moon in Virgo with Sun in Pisces (Worm Moon) 

          17:09 GMT London    Element Earth/Water    Sunday 16 March 2014

          HAPPY PURIM

          What happened with the New Moon in Pisces that created a change in your life?  How are you celebrating that change today?  Are you realising that change is good or change is difficult?  Have you been able to integrate the changes in your life?  Are you sure you can do what is expected?  I believe with the Energy of Now you can do that.  You have integrated the changes better than you think.  You may have only integrated a small change but change it is.  Celebrate the small changes.  Action to change always arises naturally from stillness.  Book Energy of Now Circle Virgo/Piscean Workshop

          On the Menu we have:Strawberry munchies

          1. COME TONIGHT 16/3/2014
            1. YOUR Moon Healing Requests
          2. Benefit of Moon Circle Workshops: Dealing with Self Doubt
          3. Invocation Blessing: Full Moon in Virgo with Sun in Pisces  17:09 GMT London    Element Earth/Water    Sunday 16 March 2014
          4. ENERGY OF NOW: Full Moon in Virgo with Sun in Pisces
            1. The Challenge
            2. The Extremes
            3. BalanceCheers
            4. Time Out
            5. Intuitive Knowing
            6. Worry
            7. 4 Angels
          5. ENERGY OF PAST:  REFLECTION OF PAST: previous Full Moon in Virgo with Sun in Pisces in Pisces
          6. QUOTEs: Full Moon in Virgo with Sun in Pisces
          7. ACTION: Full Moon in Virgo with Sun in Pisces
          8. Homework

          Come tonight 16/3/2014 FULL MOON CIRCLE

          1. Spiritual Gift:  For more details and to book this workshop click here:Book Energy of Now Circle Virgo/Piscean Workshop  You can pay cash at the door.  Please bring exact amount £44.  Thank you.    
          2. Spiritual Offering:  Also, if you can, please bring something to share e.g. salad, vegetarian, fruits. No pork please. See you. Thank you.
          3. Informing Toks:  The groups are small intimate groups. Let me know you are coming by calling, texting, leaving a message on this blog, or emailing me.  Thank you xxxx
          4. Dressing You: You can bring something that represents your Higher Self.  You can dress up the Goddess, Emperor, Greatness in you. 
          5. Crystals:  There will be crystals for sale and lots of magic happening.  Crystals are wonderful healing tools.  We will be working with them at this workshop. 2014 International Year of CrystallographyToks Dance of Isis Osiris Horus
          6. MOON REQUEST: If you need energy or support for an intention or your life, please drop me a private email with your  name, age, the area where you live and the subject.  We will place a candle in the circle for every person or intention.  If you are asking on behalf of a friend, relative or animal please ask their permission first.  The act of asking already activates the healing.
          7. What we will cover tonight:  We will cover all the points below and more.  We will look are were we are now and celebrate where we are now without judgement.  We will celebrate our victories too – no matter how small.  We will look at where we want to go to.  We will be doing a healing exercise to heal anything that is ‘out of order’, ‘not fitting’ and ‘not settled’ in your template Temple Matrix of Life. We will be healing and repairing matrixes within you. We will be ordering in and receiving and celebrating your Divine Blue Print.

          Benefit of Moon Circle Workshops: Dealing with Self Doubt

            1. A lot of you have expressed feelings of self doubt; doubting your Greater and Lesser Self. 
            2. A lot of you are comparing yourself to others and feeling inferior, not good enough, not acknowledged, not seen or/and not appreciated. 
            3. So many feelings of self doubt are brought about by what you are thinking about yocolour healing hearturself. Sometimes they are caused by you thinking others are better than you.  Sometimes they are also brought about by thinking others are not better than you!!! 
            4. So lots of judgement about other people and their situations.  Lots of judgements about yourself and your situations. Lots of judgements about how you relate to other people and their situations; as well as other people and your situations.
            5. If you have negative self-judgement and negative self-doubt you will spiral out of control if you do not monitor these negative feelings.  Feelings of putting yourself down, hiding behind the curtain, or under the carpet are very powerful life affirming feelings that create a life living belief pattern
            6. Feeling you are left behind and are falling behind is a horrible feeling to secretly have; as well as, pretending you do not have the feeling of being left behind or falling behind; when you know you have this feeling.  Life is indeed a contradictions on many levels. 
            7. Over the months these meditation Moon Circle workshops help you to deal with these feelings of inadequacy.  It will help  you to STOP IT. It has helped many.  It has stopped many from allowing their dreams to be trodden on by themselves or others.  It has enabled them to stop allowing others to walk all over them.  They are stronger because they have stopped putting themselves down and have begun to help themselves and their lives.  They see the benefit of the Moon Circle Gatherings. Come experience this for yourself.

          7.7.09 Greg Amy Onya & Ifull moon girls 2

          Invocation Blessing: Full Moon in Virgo with Sun in Pisces 

          17:09 GMT London    Element Earth/Water    Sunday 16 March 2014

          Two Lovely Ladies

          We Greet You

          With the Energy of 2014

          The Year of Successful Manifestation

          Dreams Coming True

          We Greet You

          jewish bread

          We Greet You

          With the Energy of Purim

          Celebrating Your Safety

          Protecting You from Harm

          We Greet You

          Full Moon Gathering

          We Greet You

          With the Brilliance of the Full Moon

          Shinning It’s Presence on You

          Illuminating Your Greatness

          We Greet You


          We Greet You

          With the the Golden Rays of the Sun

          Penetrating All Dangerous Shields

          Allowing Your Ray to Shine with Fullness

          We Greet You

          FullMoon in Virgo

          We Greet You

          With the Silver Rays of the Moon

          Anchoring Your Ascension

          In the Pillar of Success

          We Greet You

          Holy Sword Staff

          We Greet You

          With the Earthy Staff of Combat

          Removing Your Self Doubt

          Clearing Your Pathway

          We Greet You

          Legion of Light Genevieve

          We Greet You

          With the Smile of Radiance

          Sensing Your Intuitive Power

          Acknowledging Your Essence

          We Greet You

          diamond ear ring

          We Greet You

          With the Blessing of a Sparkling Diamond

          Imparting Happiness, Courage with Commitment

          In the the Perfection of Your Partnership

          We Greet YouToks and Patric

          We Greet You

          We Greet You

          We Greet You

          Channelled by Toks Beverley Coker for the Full Moon in Virgo and Sun in Pisces 16/3/2014

          garth cooks jeremy chantal toks

          ENERGY OF NOW: Full Moon in Virgo with Sun in Pisces

          17:09 GMT London    Element Earth/Water    Sunday 16 March 2014

          We Greet You Mother EarthThe Challenge  We all know that Virgo tends to be practical and logical while Pisces is sensitive and intuitive. The balancing of emotions and practical application can be quite challenging; especially at times of any FULL MOON. 

          Extremes  Being diligent, efficient, practical and effective in an emotional situation can be a challenge for a typical sensitive emotional Piscean.  Being emotional, sensitive, intuitive and tearful in a practical situation can be a challenge to for the practical logical Virgorian.! 

          JUMPING WITH JOYThe Balance The balance of both extreme belief structures and ideology can help to refine your character and attitude; as well as take you to extremes within your own life.  Be watchful.  Be diligent. Be discerning.  Be smart with all this contradiction around you.     

          Time Out  Take time out to heal yourself and have a celebration of healing.  Allow in the softness and creative energy of the water sign Pisces to soften the edges and sooth the rough patches.  Let the light of the Sun in Pisces radiate healing and activate creativity.

          Intuitive Knowing  Intuitively KNOW the reason behind something and take practically action e.g. to heal yourself, achieve the results you are wanting.  This is a time to celebrate your life on a deep level.  Celebrate the healing and protection you have received. Celebrate Intuitive Knowing. 

          Worry  If you find yourself worrying about your life and your choices and feeling inadequate about yourself and feeling you are falling apart and have no way of going forward you know you are being influenced by the Energy of Now.

          4 Angels   We are going to be making BIG STRIDES in our lives after the energy of Pisces last new moon.  We will be working with 4 Angels:  Purpose, Patience, Inspiration and Beauty.  They blend to become the angels of Purposeful Patience and Inspirational Beauty.  Call in the inspiration into your life.  Call in purpose into your life.  What is the purpose you resonate with now with this full moon? 

          MONTH OF MARCH: RELIGIONS ROUND THE WORLD  There is so much happening energetically in March

          Today, 16 March 2014, apart from the Full Moon in Virgo; the Jewish people are celebrating Purim (a Jewish celebration commemorating the time the Jewish people living in Persia were saved from extermination; by Esther, a Jewish woman.)   green mandancing green dressesgreen calcite[11]

          St Patrick’s Day 17/3/2014

          Tomorrow, 17 March, is St Patrick’s Day (Irish people celebrate the life of one of their patron saints St Patrick who banished worship of snake gods in Ireland by the Druids and Pagans.)   It is a time of celebration, penance and spiritual healing.

          lucky green vogswaganWear something Green on St Patrick’s day. Eat green food and drink green drinks.   green foodEat Irish food e.g. Irish brown bread . Drink dyed green drinks and Irish drinks e.g. Irish coffee.  Drive a green car! Work with a green crystal such as green calcite. 

          SYMBOLS seen during this time are the Shamrock, the leave of the clover plant, a symbol of the Holy Trinity – Father, Son, Holy Ghost.  Snakes, Celtic Cross, Sun, the Harp, the Leprechaun and a Pot of Gold that the leprechaun keep hidden.

          Later in March

          We will have the birthday of St Joseph, husband of the Blessed Virgin Mary on 19th,  VERNAL / SPRING EQUINOX on 20th, followed by the Baha’i New Year and the Zoroastrian New Year on the 21st, the Annunciation by Archangel Gabriel to Virgin Mary on 25th, Birthday of Zoroaster on 26th,  British Summer Time and the New Moon and Sun in Aries on the 30th and on the 31st is Mother’s Day: the time to honour and say thank you to mothers, mother figures, grandmothers, step mothers, mothers-in-law. 

          Mars Retrograde in Libra from March 1, 2014 – May 19, 2014 

          We had the Mars retrograde starting in March!  This is an extract from Carol Ann Ciocco newsletter.  She sums it up in a beautiful way. Thank you Carol xxx 

          "Your government is the by-product of the vibration of the masses. A war is the by-product of the vibration of the masses. In other words, war is not waged against your will. Every war grows vibrationally from the vibration of the masses." – Abraham/Hicks

          Mars is retrograde in the sign of Libra right now. This combination of energies creates The Peaceful Warrior. The above quote from Abraham/Hicks reveals the core truth of Mars Retrograde in Libra: Lack of inner peace (Libra) = the state of War (Mars).

          When lack of peace exists in the inner life and interpersonal life of millions of people, a mass vibration of war is created. Let Peace Begin with Me is the motto here – specifically in how I relate to myself and to others.

          With Mars retrograde in Libra, it’s a good time to review your state of inner peace with an eye toward your relationships, on all levels.

          Look to your relationship with your own self: your personality self (including your mind/thoughts), with your Creator, with your inner masculine/feminine, with your hidden dark side, and especially with your Higher Self.

          And of course, consider your relationships with others: your partner(s) in love and/or business your best friend, your children, your boss, your co-worker — any ONE-to-ONE relationship (Mars is tgreen calcitehe Power of one). Especially look at how you take ACTION in relationships, and how these actions lead to harmony or chaos.

          Mars is Retrograde from March 1 – May 19. It’s a good time to establish a new strategy in how you relate.

          If you are a business owner, establish a new strategy for how you can utilize your INTER-dependence (a key word for Mars in Libra) with others (partners and customers/clients) to facilitate your success and prosperity.

          In your business/work/career and projects – this is the perfect time to make a 2-year plan. Decide what your goals are and practical ways to make them happen. Because Mars is in the sign of Libra, it is very important to take into consideration ALL of the people involved in your work and find a way for each to contribute. Although Mars/Aries wants to do it herself (isn’t that right Aries:), Libra demands that the other person/other people be factored in to the goals and desired outcomes.

          REFLECTION OF PAST: 4 Years of Previous Full Moon in Virgo & Sun in Pisces 2010-2013Legion of Light Genevieve

          Each year of the Full Moon in Virgo we have channelled different invocation blessings and talked about the Energy of Now within that time phrase.  We note a pattern of cyclical habits in humankind and we note the need for order and methodology with the energy of Virgo.  We note the emotions and the vulnerability with the energy of Pisces and the constant need for approval and recognition in ones emotional feelings.  There is a rich collection of information gathered for you all to look at. 

          QUOTEs: Full Moon in Virgo with Sun in Pisces

          Remember the Chinese philosopher Lao-Tzu (604BC-531BC) said A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.  or A journey of a thousand miles begins beneath one’s feet. 

          Be patiently purposeful.   Be purposefully patient.  Toks Coker

          ACTION: Full Moon in Virgo with Sun in Pisces

          Be aware of the value of Mother Earth (Virgo is an Earth sign).  Did you know that 2014 has been declared by the United Nations as the International Year of Crystallography?  Watch this amazing video on what crystals do for us 2014 International Year of Crystallography

          If you are feeling stuck go out and do something to celebrate your stuckness!!! Toks at Mind Body Spirit Festivaland you will find movement in your life.  You may have to force yourself to do something, but do something you should. 

          Allow in an old friend you have not seen for a while; and celebrate friendship; by spending quality time together to get to know each other. 

          Go out for a long walk and enjoy nature – the trees, the grass, the dogs, listening to the birds ‘talking’, etc. 

          With the energy of Virgo you can do some strategic planning and time management for your life.  I am celebrating my strategic time management! Very difficult for me!  But I am celebrating it this full moon in Virgo even through I feel overwhelmed by all I have to do and achieve and complete.  If you are feeling the same way as I am then we are going through the Energy of Now in an aware and conscious way.  This is a time to celebrate mundane day-to-day activities with practical intuition and insight!


          1. Make the sign of the cross on your forehead.  You can symbolically carry this around with you into the world for a day and do acts of kindness.  You can symbolically do this to represent that you are cleansing and healing yourself at this time.  You may symbolically believe that your sins are being washed away when you put the sign of the cross on your forehead and symbolically wash it Full Moon Celebrationaway. 
          2. Do something amazing with crystals e.g. have a crystal healing session, buy a crystal or two to help you with practical decisions, heal your pain, help you feel stronger in business, in your open your heart in your love relationships.
          3. Take one practical action:  Follow through (Virgo) what you need to do intuitively (Pisces).  Do not get easily distracted (Pisces) and do not be too rigid (Virgo).  Keep focused on one thing.  Be patient and focus on the one thing till you complete it.  Be patiently purposeful. Be purposefully patient.
          4. Talk to YOUR BODY.  Working with the Angels of Inspiration and Beauty (Inspirational Beauty) ASK why you are sad.  Ask why your muscles hurt you.  Ask why your joints hurt you.  Ask how your body feels about a relationship, your work, your friends, etc.  What are your sleeping patterns telling you about the food you eat, your drinking habits and your thinking?  Really work with your physical practical body to sense the messages it is giving you and know it practically and intuitively.  Be sensitive to your physical body and the messages and feelings it is giving you.  What are the emotional signals from your body? What are the practical signals from your body? 
          5. Angel Work:  Ask your angels to guide and protect you.
          6. Read the above message for this posting and do all the other exercises not in the homework.

          malachite slabToks Coker 2013apophollite cluster of action

          Feel free to leave a comment below. Thank you. 16/3/2014

          With Rainbow Blessings

          Love Toks xxxxxx         

          The content and images on this blog are protected by copyright. All rights reserved. © Toks Coker 2014

          Full Moon in Libra Holy Week 6.4.2012

          crystal eggs

          HAPPY FULL MOON in Libra (AIR) with Sun in Aries (FIRE) AND GOOD FRIDAY on MONDAY 6.4.2012 AT 20:20BST

          There are so many significant festivals and events happening around this time and even before – Read the blog post: ‘New Moon in Aries 22.3.2012’  The cosmic consciousness is building up. The Full Moon in Libra meditation was lovely and very powerful.  The effects of this energy is being felt for many days after.  Take time to celebrate your victories.

          CHRISTIAN – HAPPY HOLY WEEK: the Passion, Death & Resurrection of Christ

          Palm Sunday: Jesus triumphant entry into Jerusalem. Maundy Thursday: The Last Supper of Jesus Christ with the Apostles. Good Friday: crucifixion and death of Jesus. Holy Saturday. Happy Easter/Resurrection Day: resurrection of Jesus Christ on the 3rd day after his crucifixion at Calvary.

                        mary joseph jesusChrist on Crosscrying for jesusjesus resurects

          “May almighty God bless us, the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.”

          “The blessing of the Lord be upon you. Amen” Psalms 129:8


          Exodus of the ancient Israelites with Moses leading them and freeing them from slavery in Egypt with 10 plagues. (the 10th was the worst – the death of the Egyptian first-born).

          “Finally we were freed from the land of slavery” Hebrew – "סוף סוף השתחררנו מארץ עבדות "

          Invocation Blessing Full Moon in Libra & Holy Week 6.4.2012  by Toks Beverley Coker


          I Greet You

          On This Most Auspicious of Weeks

          A Holy Week for Transforming Humanity

          A Triumphant Time for Passionate Celebration

          I Greet You


          I Greet You

          On this Most Freeing of Days: Good Friday & FullMoon

          Resolutely Releasing Your Bondage to Slavery

          Anchoring Your Spirit of Freedom

          I Greet You

          ascending to love

          I Greet You

          With the Angels of Resurrection & Ascension

          Lifting Your Spirit to Heaven

          Raising the Dead from Mother Earth

          I Greet You

          nice twins pink roses

          I Greet You

          With Apollo and his Twin, Artemis

          God of the Sun & Goddess of the Moon

          Radiating Healing Medicine Light For All

          I Greet You


          I Greet You

          With Isis, Osiris & Horus

          Holy Trinity of the Sacred Lotus

          Creating a Glorified Miracle of Love For All

          I Greet You


          I Greet You

          In Your Moments of Peace & Realisation

          Your Songs of Praise & Gratitude

          Your Yearning Prayers to Fulfilment

          I Greet You

          roses of love

          I Greet You

          I Greet You

          I Greet You

          Channelled by Toks Beverley Coker for the FullMoon in Libra & Holy Week 6.4.2012

          gentle fragranceyin yang rabbitsfruitful abundance

          HOMEWORK: What did you Manifest this Holy Week?

          What did you manifest with this FullMoon at this most auspicious of times with all the energies converging to bring you both pain and joy?  Make a list. What a magnificent weekend this has turned out to be.  We have the anchoring of the Christ Consciousness, the birthing of new life with the resurrection of Christ and the freedom from bondage with the death of Christ and the freedom of slaves by Moses.   We are liberated to be who we truly are meant to be.  We manifest BLESSINGS, and answers to questions and realisations.  Regeneration with this FullMoon and this Holy Week is crucial to feeling refreshed in our new etheric energies coming through.  This is a time to pass from earthly secrets to cosmic secrets.  This Full Moon is a time to get clear, to get certain, to get committed, to get smart, to get focused and to get excited about your life.  How do you become clear?  How do you become certain?  How do you become committed?  How do you get smart?  How do you get focused?  How do you get excited?  Please read below for ‘homework’ on yourself.  Happy Bountiful Holiness to you all.  xxxx 

          Blessing for Yourself

          I am a beautiful/handsome person with the full potential of manifesting what I desire in my life: in this incarnation.  I am grateful for all my blessings I have received.  I welcome more blessings into my life with open hands ready to accept the manifesting process with ease.  I am a Thankful Being of Light grateful for all I have and am receiving. I am alive! Thank you.  I have time to accomplish something.  Amen x

          FULL MOON in Libra (AIR) with Sun in Aries (FIRE)


          Mars rules Aries and Venus rules Libra. Mars wants to fight and provoke and create dynamic action. Libra wants to mediate and create harmony. Libra rules all relationships wanting togetherness and love in the family.  Aries is selfish, aggressive, fiercely independent and natural born leaders.  amathystThey are the ‘baby’ of the zodiac and like having their way.  Beauty and appearance is important to both signs but in a different way.  Libra is feminine and Aries is masculine.  Aries is about the Self. Libra is about Relating with others. Aries commands and insists. Libra persuades, negotiates, compromises, discusses. Aries is bossy. Libra is not as Libra seeks balance, equality, harmony and peace at any cost. Libra is tactful and Aries is not. Libra is the scales, seeking harmony and balance and inner peace with all. Libran is the feminine maiden.  Aries is the warrior, courageous and fiercely independent. Libra likes to think and analyse and theorise and play games with words. Aries prefers immediate action and speaking their minds without thinking about the impact of their words.  Aries love to lead and plan and create noise and take action to succeed or to chaos. Aries is quick and decisive in action and movement.  Libra is can be indecisive and fickle. Libra hesitates in action. Aries goes to war easily: battling with change and chaos in a decisive way.  Libra does not like war seeking balance, justice and harmony in all matters.  Libra is romantic living in a dream world while Aries isrose quartz more factual and impulsive.

          This FullMoon in Libra brings forth vast emotions so if you find yourself moving from one end of the scale to another know why.  Just aim for Balance and Synergy and Harmony and Inner Peace.  There is intense dialogue and friction between your internal masculine and your internal feminine.  Watch out! Mars and Venus are at each others neck!  Balance the male and female within you and within your relationships and know where you need to be aggressive and where you need to be gentle. 

          i aimFull Moon is a time to get clear, to get certain, to get committed, to get smart, to get focused and to get excited about your life.  It is the time to start a momentum to your happiness with a determination – no matter how small the determination is.   Having an aim is putting attention to your intention to manifest.  Attention Intention Manifestation.  Celebrate what you have achieved so far and the progress you are making.  Be aware of where you are and just hold that space and nurture where you are.  Breathe. 

          i am talking to youSo how do you become clear? By knowing what you do not want or like you become clear about what you do want and do like.  Knowing what you do not want to happen is getting clear and knowing what you want to happen is getting clear in your mind. “I would like …….. to happen because when it happened I felt……..”  hello worldWe need to be clear from bondage and feel free and liberated.  We need to remove the bondage around us.  Even staying at home watching TV or/and sleeping doing nothing can be enslavement of your soul, your mind, your body, your spirit.  Have you thought of that  before?  What chains hold you?  Break them and be free and clear and stand strong and breathe in fresh air. 

          How do you become certain? By knowing the things you did that happened and contributed to your life and that you want to repeat again.   Anything that was a certainty:  that you made happen in your life – consciously or unconsciously – that  made you take action, that became a magnificent obsession for you and made you emotionally charged.  That is certain because you created and took action and made it happen.  Anything you want to duplicate in your life is certain.  “I am certain that going through the experience of pain taught me……. and the incredible value it taught me was ….. and as a result I am certain that …………..”

          turtle in pondHow do you get committed? By intending with a ‘no matter what’ attitude you commit to do whatever it takes even if you do not like what  you have to do!  I committed to living my life fully and re-evaluating my achievesquirell on treements and re-committing to be more than I have ever been. Do not give up on yourself even if you tell yourself to!!!  I am alive! Thank you. I have time to accomplish something.

          How do you get smart? By following through you get smart.  By taking action: realistic practical action moving up one step at a time till you get to the top of the steps. What are the things you need to do to get the result  you want?  I needed to get smart about my health so took action by taking the natural remedy foods. It takes courage to be compassionate and compassion to be courageous.  Moving energy is inspired action which lifts ‘stuck-ness’ and ‘dull-ness’.

          How do you get focused? By concentrating on what you want most, by staying up late because you are excited to complete the project or activity.  I got focused about my personal relationship and decided to communicated my thoughts and feelings honestly. Why not go for what you truly want even if it hurts you to admit it to yourself and others?  Even as you speak and focus your mind you will encounter those who will tell you that you are wrong and you are going against the tide as they place their opinions on you.  Please be aware of the focus on your needs and wants and values for your happiness. 

          going different directionsHow do you get excited? By doing what motivates you and makes you happy.  It could be cooking a meal for your family, goigoing the same wayng to the gym, meeting up with valuable people that add value to your life, sharing ideas, creating a plan for the future, giving input, teaching, or having the time to be excited about life.  I got excited about my relationships looking at the green grass this long weekend.  Do you need to change direction like the planets at the moment? Change brings intense awareness of what your needs are and the fundamental changes we need to make for our refinement and own change in perception as we come more into our own light and thinking and BEing.

          Remember that FEAR is False Evidence Appearing Real. Even the simple idea that you may be going the same direction or you may be going different directions can cause fear. Of your pain remember: “Only the Master of Mercy can cause such pain.”


          Toks and CarolineCOURSE:  My very good friend Shola Caroline Arewa is holding a valuable accredited Energy4Life workshop course and I thought I would share this information with you all. Please check it out on http://www.shola.co.uk/energy_4_life_training_.php

          Albert EinsteinQUOTES by Albert Einstein:

          The important thing is not to stop questioning.

          The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and science.

          Try not to become a man of success but rather to become a man of value.

          Ask and you will receive. Seek and you will find; knock and it will be opened to you. Mathew 7:7

          MOVIE:  ‘Ben-Hur’ acted by Charlton Heston.  He wins gloriously with his chariot of four white horses fighting the cheating man.  He battles his demons and frees himself from ‘slavery’ physically, mentally and spiritually.

          WORTHY COURSE:  CHARITY: Raising Money

          toks and jerryMy brother, Jeremy Coker, is  "running" the Flora London marathon on Sunday 22 April in support of The Institute of Cancer Research.  Please support if you can or send to a friend/colleague or relative who might be willing to help.  Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you.  Love Toks xxxx  He writes:

          “I would really appreciate your support. The easiest way, if you wish to pay by debit or credit card, is through my fundraising page at http://www.justgiving.com/Jeremy-Coker

          You can also donate by texting REMY55 £X to 70070. Any amount £1, £2, £100 helps!

          Or you could send me a cheque made payable to “The Institute of Cancer Research” at 58-60 Berners Street, London W1T 3JS.

          My charity’s website is at http://www.icr.ac.uk/ and it is worth a visit to see the valuable work that they do. Some of this  was recently featured on BBC2’s Horizons and a link to the programme is set out here http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b01g7lhb.  Please help me in raising money for them.

          With many thanks for your support.  I thank you from the bottom of my heart and the soles of my feet for your generous support.

          Yours sincerely, Jeremy Coker”

          next meditation is

          Saturday 21 April 2012          http://tokscokernewmoon0412-eorg.eventbrite.com/

          New Moon in Taurus              Element – Earth           Lyrid meteor shower peaks


          With Love & Gratitude Toks xxxxxx