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New Moon in Taurus 21.4.2012

white Tara


happy birthday (1)


Happy New Moon in Taurus:  Moon and Sun in Taurus

The NewMoon greets us once again with its gentle rapanda peterdiance and ebbing flow reminding us that: Forgiving others is a gift to yourself. Forgiving sets you free from the prison you created when you refused to forgive. We change pain to hope.  We choose to transform our lives and change our karma to one of happiness and inner peace. How are you changing your fortune today? Today is the BIRTH OF YOURSELF:  HAPPY BIRTHDAY NEW YOU. CONGRATULATIONS

Forgiving Others is a Gift to Yourself


NewMoon in Taurus Invocation Blessing

Channelled by Toks Beverley Coker

I Greet You

I Greet You

Radiating with Metatron

Globally Healing with his 36 Wings 

Bright as the Sun Each of his 365 Eyes

I Greet You

 whispering echos of wealth

I Greet You

Whispering Echoes of Wealth, Hope & Love

In Your Vibrant Inner Ear

Resounding Matrix of Bounding Joy

I Greet You

mother earth father sky

I Greet You

Passionately with  Mother Earth & Father Sky

Together Earthy Intense & Present

Mother Earth, Father Sky & You

I Greet You

flower of life

I Greet You

Spiralling as a Tube Torus

In the Flower of Life Radiating Peace

Revelations Shining Through

I Greet You


I Greet You

Anchoring Sensual Magnetic Attraction

Opening to Success with Ease

Impressive Being of Divine Respect

I Greet You

violencewhat do you really want

I Greet You

Raped, Abused, Beaten & Killed

Forced into Prostitution & Labour

No Education No Freedom Poorest of the Poor

I Greet You


I Greet You

Changing Karma Drumming & Dancing

All At Once Kabbalah of Light

Hand to Hand Lighting Heart to Heart

I Greet You

displaced displaced by circumstances

I Greet You

Praying & Working With You

All Who are Displaced by Circumstances

Destitute Men and Women and Children

I Greet You

praying for what you want

I Greet You

Praying for What You Want

On this Most Auspicious of NewMoons

Knowing that Simply Knowing is Faith

I Greet You

mindfull stillness

I Greet You

In Mindful Stillness

Heart Felt Moments of Intuitive Steering

Still Moments of Reflective Inner Truth

I Greet You

happy new moon today

I Greet You

Smiling Understandingly at Your Challenges

Radiating Taurus Beauty Poise & Elegance

Determined Resolution to Succeed

I Greet You

money tree

I Greet You

Unleashing Your Economic Potential

With the Money Tree of Peace

Gifting You Physical Practical Money

I Greet You


I Greet You

Initiating Healing with Chiron

Guardian Angels & Spirits of Healing

Healing Global Pain & Suffering

I Greet You


I Greet You

In You’re A-ha Moments

Creating Energetic Shifts of Insight

Opening Up New Happy Experiences

I Greet You

hello stars

I Greet You

With the Pulse of the Crab Nebular of Taurus

Supermova of our Galaxy

Pulsating Energising Centring Core Values

I Greet You

taurian appreciation (2)

I Greet You

With the Taurian Appreciation of Elegance

Bonding with Friends & Relatives

Laughter Full of Kindness & Closeness

I Greet You

beauty in design

I Greet You

Doing Something You Have Never Done Before

Lovingly Respectful & Forgiving

Exquisitely Kind to Yourself & Others

I Greet You 

1000 hands

I Greet You 

I Greet You 

I Greet You

Channelled to Anchor in the Nourishing Healing Light of the NewMoon in Taurus Globally

Toks and Patric


Be aware of the energetic ‘holding’ energy that is stopping you in your delivery of your goals orstructure and order projects. If you have been feeling slow, lethargic or blocked please do not blame yourself with the hardworking energy and blocked energy.  Just realise that this ‘holding’ energy pride in workis part of the universal law of cause and effect. It is not good.  It is not bad. It just is.This NewMoon energy will start to releases this lethargic feeling you may have been feeling.  It is a testing energy: making you question what you really want to do and/or be. This energy drives you to your own ‘underworld’ where you may feel doubt about who you are.  At this time Taurus plods on, needing supportive connection with family and loved ones and a deep yearning to belong.  Keeping a ‘strong front’ your raw emotions will come out as you do not know what the new future holds.  You know the old way is not working any more yet you are afraid to change as there is no guarantee. Just stand in this energy secure that it will pass.  The new way will manifest in a spiral energetic way changing your DNA through an intense personal experience or two.  At this time the need for re-assurance is prime especially from family and loved ones.  Grumble if you must and stop pretending it is OK. It is a difficult time to see clearly and the pain may blind your eyes.  On a practical level look at the skills that work for you and use them in a different way and apply a different strategy to achieve what you want.  It really is a time to change to a structure that works for you. Sometimes standing still before charging keeps a good focus. Then you realise that this ‘holding energy’ had a deeper healing reason! 



black venus goddess of love

Taurus energy is feminine and masculine.  Taurus is ruled by the planet VENUSTaurus symbol is the horned Bull.  Taurus is practical earthy serene voluptuous feminine beauty. Taurus is graceful, practical and matter of fact e.g. the table will be laid ready for the meal to eat in a wholesome nurturing inviting manner.  Taurus has a sexy, earthy, mind blowing pleasing energy to behold: oozing with sensuous still femininity.  Looking at the lady she uses up all the fives senses with ease: hand – touch, feels; mouth – tastes, kisses, speaks; nose – smell, scents; eyes – sees, vision of beauty; ears – listens, hears sound, music, noise and voices. Looking gracefully into your eyes the lady invites you in to her nurturing home and family home making you feel cared for and safe and secure. I love her steady concentrated focused receptive feminine energy.


Taurvenus beautyus is love in all its wonderful aspect:  nurturing, caring, romantic, playful, mischievous and  naughty but nice.  So if you find yourself wanting to nurture another person or craving to be nurtured you can blame the NewMoon in Taurus for this craving.  The desire to loseductionve and be loved.  The craving to feel valued and be valuable.  The craving to want to make another feel valued and to be valued is New Moon in Taurus.  “I want to nurture you because I want to and I choose to.” is NewMoon in Taurus.  If you are in need of feeling worthy call in Venus into your energy frequency.  Wanting to belong to a family, a community, to life and the environment  is part of the Taurus energy.  The need to be with loved ones and family members is like breathing to a Taurean: whether or not they want to admit it.


Desire, lust, urges, sexual needs anmagestic bulld emotional desires are crucial at this time with this FIXED EARTHY SIGN. HAPPY EARTH DAY. Honour your desires, needs and admit them.  Stop lying to yourself.  YOU will only make yourself angry or just get angry with the wrong people and alienate yourself from the people who truly love you.  THE BULL is the ANIMAL TOTEM for Taurus bringing in good luck as he charges for what he wants with a determined connected focus.  Taurus is focused.  See the Utube below with powerful strong masculine synchronised movements and unbroken concentration to achieve greatness and success. 


duty callsA very NewMoon in Taurus crystal healing with Red Jasperperformance by two men in gold pants looking like Greek Gods . When we work at our craft we achieve perfection. We open ourselves to align to our perfection and joining forces with others we co-create with ease as we each individually take out responsible actions to co-create in the preservation and creation of life for harmony, serene peace and steadfast focused happiness. Do you have their precision, focus, determination and perseverance to continue no matter what? Use this time to bring stability into your life. http://youtu.be/JWK5mfRGkiE

TAURUS GOVERNS the throat, neck and vocal cords.  Protect yourself from colds and fevers. 

                               yellow tulipspurple tulips


taurian appreciation

crystal healing with Smokey QuartzThis is not a time to force anyone to do anything they do not want to do.  This is a time to communicate and have dialogue and let the person arrive that the idea is their own idea and not yours.

In wanting to ease in change here are some crystals that could help: TIGERS EYE – self esteem, self confidence.  SNOWFLAKE OBSIDIAN – Release inflexibility and inability to commit to life / anything.   ROSE QUARTZ – lobe, bring in love, open heart, nurture self, nurture others. FOSSILISED WOOD – connecting to mother earth, work, stability


At the NewMoon in Taurus Healing Meditation we will be working with the grounding Mother Earcrystal healing with Snowflake Quartzth energy (Horizontal, Vertical, Diagonal, Spiral and Centred energy) and running them through each chakra individually for clearing and freeing for the new to enter in.  This is time to seed and make room for seeding.  We will also be freeing ourselves by giving back what we have taken to the right person.  A powerful process of initiation into your new power in your own power without any interference from other energies.  Welcome to the precise New Moon in Taurus energy. What practical action do you want to take now you have done this exercise? 


Do a photomontage of your career your work your project on A3 paper in the next 12 days with the energy of this New Moon to anchor in practical application and action into your daily life.  Be the flame you want to calmcrystal healing with Gold Tigers Eyebe.  Be realistic and practical and focused as you create your new present and future enabling yourself to step into your future with ease and bring it to the now.  Really have joy as you do this exercise looking at old magazines, pictures, books and looking up words that describe who you are now and who you are becoming.  Dreaming in mind and thought with meditative action brings and inspires the action you need to achieve the practical reality of your dreams and visions.  Be a Visionary for yourself.  Why not email me your photomontage?

What great thing are you going to go for this NewMoon and achieve? What truth did you tell yourself this NewMoon? Remember being stubborn can be positive or negative so use this trait well. Do not let is isolate you leaving you with a longing for a deeper sense of belonging! The masculine energy of the bull is forthright, majestic and expressively clear and defined. Where are you like that in your life? Bring out your passion in a practical earthy manner. Beware excess and over indulgence in anything.

PRAYER: 99 NAMES OF ALLAHcrystal healing with Rhodochrosite

My Egyptian/German Islamic friend sent me this link when I asked her for a lovely universal prayer.  Please enjoy the blessing in this u-tube video.  Thank you Yasmin. Love Toks xxxx   http://youtu.be/Pk-Z7PRSj_E


“Never allow someone to be your priority while allowing yourself to be their option.”  Mark Twain


In 1909, Twain is quoted as saying: "I came in with Halley’s Comet in 1835. It is coming again next year, and I expecrystal healing with Rose Quartzct to go out with it. It will be the greatest disappointment of my life if I don’t go out with Halley’s Comet. The Almighty has said, no doubt: ‘Now here are these two unaccountable freaks; they came in together, they must go out together." His prediction was accurate – Twain died of a heart attack on April 21, 1910, in Redding, Connecticut, one day after the comet’s closest approach to Earth.    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mark_Twain

Practical MARATHON 22.4.2012

My brother, Jeremy, is running the marathon tomorrow, please support him if you can.  Thank you. You can also donate by texting REMY55 £X to 70070. Any amount £1, £2, £100 helps.  Thank you if you have already donated and supported him. Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you.     http://www.justgiving.com/Jeremy-Coker

I will be there:  As some have asked, the official ICR & Everyman cheering spot will be outside Nine Bar – Mile 12.146 – 148 Tanner Street, SE1 2HG Map: http://bit.ly/cheerICREM    Friends and family are welcome to join them there.

ICR and Everyman’s post race reception will be at The Farmers Club‎3 Whitehall Court, London SW1A 2EL     020 7930 3557Map: http://bit.ly/racereception




Donata & Toks

Love Toks xxxxx


New Moon in Aries 22.3.2012




Two very powerful energies next to each others: Spring Equinox 20.3.20 and NewMoon in Aries 22.3.2012.  This is about self belief and your process as you journey through your belief in yourself and your ability to lead yourself. Are you in control or is someone else controlling you?  Are you having your own way?  Is someone or a situation making you behave in a way you do not really want to behave?  Be alert & Observe. Enthusiasm and Passion will lift obstacles and inertia and ‘enslavement’.  Aries cannot be enslaved!

Invocation Blessing and Homework below.  See you tonight at 7pm   http://tokscokernewmoon0312-eorg.eventbrite.com/

Spring Equinox 20.3.2012

The Spring Equinox is the first day of spring and new beginnings and seeding. Whamarch 2012t did you do three days before the Spring Equinox? What did you do three days after the Spring Equinox? The three days before and after the Equinox are important. Three days before the Spring Equinox included St Patrick’s day on 17.3.2012 and Mother’s Day on 18.3.2012. I did something new: I taught India Head Massage using PowerPoint for the first time and I celebrated Mothers day by visiting my brother’s family and bonding with his newly born son. Both days brought something new into my life.  Three days after the Spring Equinox includes the NewMoon in Aries on 22.3.2012. What are you going to do? 

Restlessness: If there is something you have been wanting to do and have not done so now is the time to do it. Have you been feeling restless?  Not able to sleep?  This is because there is something you need to do and you have not done.  The intensity of this energy is intoxicating in its restlessness.  Take action this month do not stand still.  DO DO DO.  Activate your solar plexus and take action with I CAN DO THIS.

Song for Spring Equinox 20.3.2012

pink tulipsI have chosen ‘Sleep Song’ by Secret Garden because the lyrics are so healing and affirmative. The video is also lovely. What is your favourite picture? Mine is 2.28 – 2.38 minutes into the lovely song. Please really take time to listen to this song as the lovely words heal you. First Listen watching. Second Listen with eyes closed: without watching and just take deep relaxing breathes as you listen. Are you breathing better after the song? Do you feel more peaceful? Enjoy your experience. Love Toks xxxxxxx    http://youtu.be/TjUX3CeRUZI


If you think you are so enlightened go and spend a week with your parents. Ram Daz

Do not seek the truth, just seize to cherish opinions.  Zen

It is in changing that we find purpose.  Heraclitus

Efforts and courage are not enough without purpose and direction. John F Kennedy

NewMoon in Aries 22.3.2012aries the ram

Aries is the RAM with the HORNS. Aries is the FIRST sign of the zodiac representing birth, rebirth and renewal. Aries is a CARDINAL sign making it Creative and Inventive. Ruled by MARS it is aggressive, ambitious, fast, hot-tempered and impatient.  Key Word for Aries is ACTION. Trail blazer  Aries is a FIRE sign, it is hot headed, assertifireve and controlling; so expect a fiery expressive nature. On a positive note it is a good time for burning away the old, the stale, the worn out and the wasted time; from which the new can rise from. ramAries goes forth strongly determined to win no matter what.  This is a very good time to use the fire energy to get rid of any lingering ‘dis-ease’ [e.g. procrastination, inertia, disease, etc.] in your energy field or environment.  Be like a baby that ‘cries’ when he/she wants something and will not be pacified until he/she gets what he/she wants.  Really make your intentions clear to yourself and others.  This is not a time to cry and sit still.  It is a time of action and having no fear.  Bring out the warrior in you.  What kind of wfootball with betty booparrior are you?

Key Word for Aries is ACTION. Colour for Aries is RED for Vitality, Life Force, Extroverts, Vibrant, Energy, Pathfinders, Bold, Warrior Energy, Adventure, Blood Ties.      Body Parts: head, brain eyes

Positive Qualities: confident, dynamic, drive, forceful, leadership, pioneers, initiate things, warrior/fighting spirit, active, doers, achievers, organisers, determined, very masculine, inspire others

Negative Qualities: extremists, impatient, do not listen, arrogant, impulsive, selfish, think they are always right, hate waiting, hate listening to others, do not complete things

Song for NewMoon in Aries 22.3.2012relaxed

helloHow many times have you had a dream and had people knock you and not believe in your ability? Watch this video of mass opinion of cynical mockery change to a standing ovation for Susan Boyle. This is a very inspirational video of a woman in her late 40s who took a big chance and won in Britain’s Got Talent 2009.  Every time I watch this I cry at the frailty of the human mind. Please do not give up on your dreams.  She says in the video her dream is to sing with Elaine page and the audience laugh at her dream.  Two videos:  http://youtu.be/VSrAJsWvEIc and http://youtu.be/9o8PgJPUjfo 

INVOCATION BLESSING by Toks Beverley Cokermalefemale

I Greet You

With the Waterfall of Long Hair

Gateway to the Stars

Galactic Mermaid of the Sky

Opening Hearts Moving Passions

I Greet You


I Greet You

With Fountains of Tears

Healing Your Rage

In the Torments You Face

Bursting Forth New Healing Emotions

I Greet You

newmoon in ariesfriends

I Greet You

With Arian Burst of Energy

Contagious Enthusiasm

Rising Power Inviting Life

Bringing Forth Gr8 Options You Didn’t Know

I Greet You

I close my eyes & make a wish

I Greet You

With Goddess Spirit Amani Mountains

Closing Eyes Making A Wish (Amani means Wishes)

Using Divine Will

Empowering New Circle of Friends

I Greet You

no leaveswhite tree

I Greet You

With the Memory of Divinity

When there are No Answers

In the Creativity of Your Creation

Your Cosmic Tree of Life

I Greet You

          capturing moments in timeKay writes her blessingssmiling kay

I Greet You

With Smiling Arian Fire Spirit

Ascending Capturing Moments in Time

Receiving Blessings in the Now for the Future

Invoking Earthy Bounty to Come Blazing In

I Greet Youswan in barI Greet You

With Lady Nada Awakening Sacred Union

Searching &Waiting for Your Soul Mate

Calling Your Special Love

From the Depth of Your Being

I Greet You

                    clawhand on car

I Greet You

With the Pleiades Rainbow Crystal

In the Obstacles You Face as You Claw at/through Life

Various Authorities Controlling Your Movements

Sounding Wisdom of Thoth Called In

I Greet You

angel blessings

I Greet You

With Your Angels

Magnetically Attracting Magical Happenings

Courageously Seizing Blessings Offered

Bold Expressions of Powerful Source Energy

I Greet You

one candle reflectingmask of aries

I Greet You

With the Magic Fire Face of Achievement

Your Morning Ideas & Stella Impossibilities

Picking Yourself UP Becomes Possible

Pulsating Baby Quantum Leaps

I Greet You 

soulmate for you]

I Greet You 

With Venus & Mars

Dancing Calling In Your Soul Mate

Wholeness in Your Seeding Dot

Blooming Flower of Life

I Greet You

boy fruits

I Greet You

I Greet You 

I Greet You

Channelled by Toks Beverley Coker for the NewMoon in Aries 22.3.2012

                  susan hunter's weddingCaroline smiles at ustalking drum


  1. Make something you cannot buy or sell or love or hate. Make truth and give it away.
  2. Make something that burns in the night.  Or just burn something in the night. Watch the flames dancing. What is the message to you from Aries this month?
  3. Take what life you have left and burn it etherically and have  your own rebirth or resurrection. This is a  rebirth of yourself to the new ‘baby’ you.  Let the freshness envelope you and cocoon you as you seed to your ‘newness’.
  4. Take 3 very bold actions in the next 3 days and feel the freedom it gives you once you face your fear or inertia of doing them.
  5. If you feel bullied tell the person bullying you with this Arian energy and put a stop to it before it gets worse.
  6. Hold an amethyst cluster to aid your transformation and transmutation in your upright stance.
  7. Listen to the songs mentioned above and do the work with each song: Song for Spring Equinox and Song for NewMoon in Aries
  8. Which Quote above resonates with you at this time in your life?
  9. Hug yourself. Lie in the foetus position and go back to the womb memory and heal any memory of pain there.  Remember why you are alive and here on earth.
  10. Close your eyes and listen to this song as you lie in the foetus position or sit.  Call in your soul mate: Did I not love you? Sung by Peter Corry http://youtu.be/1GCR63hr4Mc
  11. Lighting a candle do the NewMoon in Aries Meditations below:  Please make sure you are ready and strong before reading.

Jerry and ChantalNew Moon in Aries Meditation

I am here

Please make sure you are ready and strong before reading.

From the last NewMoon in Pisces, sense yourself walking through the stages of death and afterlife reviewing your incarnation (whether or not you are going to carry karma through to the next lifetime). Walking the avenue of the Dead, the Afterlife, sensing the Divine. Continue moving on to the Pyramid of the Moon planning your incarnation back to earth. Sense your new soul contract, new ancestors, and breathe into your new body – a new born baby. Welcome to NewMoon in Aries.

From the Pyramid of Kukulcan, perform a fire ceremony at the top with the Pleiades above. You have ascended as a warrior: allowing the High Priest remove your heart with his obsidian blade. Your heart is put back into your heart cavity which is fire lit inside: offering your heart to Divine cosmology and receiving Pleiadian initiation. You receive a new heart and new alignment to the stars. Welcome to NewMoon in Aries. [The Pleiades is made up of about 250-500 stars in the cluster; 500 light years away from earth. They help us become great communicators, accomplishers and achievers. They live in a rainbow building and use light technology, hologram and laser technology.]

Clapping in the Pyramid of Kukulcan, hear the sound of the group clapping. Hear and receive the sound reflecting from the pyramid and then transmitted round the world. Sense yourself as the sound rather than just receiving it. Welcome to NewMoon in Aries in 2012. This is your new beginning. xxchildxx

Consciously Consistently, Committedly draw in sustainable energy from Source/Universe. NOT from others. When you take energy from others you are depleting them and it may be contaminated energy. Better to take energy from Source through the night of the sky or the daylight of the sky. Use this to centre yourself and draw in your POWER.  enjoying my food

toks  111111 hands


We Greet You

We Greet You

We Greet You

      Love  Light Laughter

Toks & 11:11:11 Light Workers  xxx


Full Moon in Cancer Sun in Capricorn 9.1.12

HAPPY Full Moon Healing Meditation from 7pm-10pm on Monday 9 January 2012


Enwolf moon januaryergy of Full Moon in Cancer with Sun in Capricorn

howling wolfThis FullMoon is known as the WOLF MOON.  Cancer is emotional with strong intense feelings that can be hidden. Capricorn is practical with determined competitive action to achieve and win.  Cancer is family and home.  Capricorn is work and finance.  FullMoons come with lots of contrasting emotions.  We want to be practical and logical in our mind [Capricorn] and we want to be centred and knowing in our heart [Cancer].  But this is not easy to achieve with all the energies around. Care must be exercised not to hurt with your words and not to be too sensitive. The subconscious will be very active this time.

Drooping Energy Caused by Toxic Relationships If you have not attended to issues you were meant to last year, especially with the 11:11:11 portalDROOPING ENERGYl, they will come up this New Year 2012. How have you been feeling since you entered 2012?  Many of you are having to face your ‘drooping energy’ caused by your ‘toxic relationships’ you have been holding on to or have put umoon through treesnder the carpet; because you have not been wanting or able to face them.  Now you have no choice.  Your refusal or inability to face them is now causing you great pain, tears and suffering. This really is the time to face the various negative emotional feelings [e.g. fear and denials] you have in your heart; and cultivate the ‘treasures of your heart’.  The need to be discerning at this time is crucial to your happiness.  SoFULLMOONmetimes saying “N0, I have had enough” is your liberation of your pain and toxicity.  So do  you tell a ‘friend’ you do not want them in  your car as you cannot trust them and they have betrayed you once too many times?  Do you tell a ‘partner’ you no longer want to go out with them as you are not being respected and honoured in the relationship?  How much suffering do you have to go through before you say to yourself and to them “ENOUGH is ENOUGH.”? 

Mind There is a Buddhist saying that says: “One can never fathom another man’s mind.”  Understanding and seeing subtle disrespect, polluted relationships and capricorn headthe ripple effect of negative relationships in your life can bQueen Nandi of Zulu 1778-1826AD  Mother of Shaka of the Zuluse difficult.  You may even justify your own part in the ‘toxic relationship’ by justifying your discriminations and disrespect: allocating blame and not taking responsibility for your part in the relationship.  The FullMoon Meditation workshop will help you to remember that your potential is vast like the cosmic universe; that you can liberate yourself and you will vibrate with a youthful spirit no matter your age.  Celebration The FullMoon illuminates; shining light on what needs to be celebrated.   So what are you celebrating this FullMoon?  A break up? A new relationship?  A realisation?  A better understanding of your weaknesses?  A refocus and rethinking of your life? A paradigm shift? A liberation? Celebrate creating a new story this year and watch your life unite humanity joyfully. 

New Year’dancing in the streetss Day marks the first day, the first month, the beginning of the year, and the start of spring. A person who celebrates this day will accumulate virtue and be loved by all, just as the moon becomes full gradually, moving from west to east, and as the sun shines more brightly, travelling from east to west.” Nichiren Daishonin, New Year’s Gosho

bearing giftsimageBuddha ConsciousnessThe Druids believe the New Year begins with the Spring Equinox, March 22, 2011.  The Chinese believe it starts with the NewMoon in Aquarius,  Monday 23 January 2012, known as the Year of the Dragon, time to discover the virtue in the weed in your life!

Three Wise Men = Three Ascendant Masters = Gifting


I want to call forth the Three Wise Men/Kings [Gaspar, Melchior and Balthasar] with the Ascendant Masters [El Morya, Kuthumi and Djwal Khul] to help us in our present 2012 journey. The Three Wise Men: Caspar [Djwal Khul], Melchior [El Morya] and Balthasar [Kuthumi] followed the Star of Bethleham to the Holy Infant [Jesus Christ] and protected him from King Herod. 

GIFTGIFTS FOR YOU GIVING: They each gave a gift: gold, frankincense and myrrh: faith, hope and charity. They started the gift-giving custom of Christmas to the Christ Child on EPIPHANY, the day the infant was presented. Epiphany is the end of the Christmas season, 12 days after Christmas, the Mass for Christ. Christ + Mass = Christmas. Gift giving occurs: 24 and 25 December, the next 12 holy nights: ending on 6 January.  Gold – a gift for a king, valuable, a symbol of kingship on earth, royalty, virtue and faith.golden light Melchior gave the gold, a gift for kings. The word ‘gold’ means ‘to shine’ in Sanskrit. Frankincense – a gift for a priest, a perfume, symbol of deity, divinity, prayer and hope. Caspar frankincense. Myrrh – a gift for one who is to die: a mortal, holy anointing oil, an embalming oil: a symbol of death and suffering and charity. Used as a perfume, incense, medicine, anointment and embalming. Balthazar gave myrrh. The word ‘myrrh’ means ‘bitter’ in ArabicAscendant Master Djwal KhuXmas Light & Present for Youl, the HEALING BOXTibetan.  Removes fear from your soul memory.  Resolves health problems.  Protects the healers and those doing spiritual work: works with those who heal.  Goodwill to all men. Messenger of the Masters.  Advanced disciple of Master Kuthumi, his teacher.mother and child  Worked with Master El Morya.  Ascendant Master El Morya, the Tibetan Mahatma.   Protector. Courageous. Honour. Other past lives include: AbrChrist Consciousnessaham, King Arthur, i light a candle for youThomas Becket, Thomas More, and Mogul Emperor Akbar.  Ascendant Master Kuthumi.  Restorer of Knowledge lost to mankind. Plays sacred classical music to soothe and heal and encourage learning. World Teacher. Master of Wisdom. Door Keeper of the ancient occult mysteries. Co-protector of the Holy Grail. He taught Djwal Khul and Alice Bailey

Invocation Blessing for FullMooon in Cancer

by Toks Coker for 9.1.2012

   glowing heartsglowing bag 

I Greet You

Santos Santos Santos (Latin)

Holy Holy Holy

Connecting You to Your Inner Glowing Being of Light

Anchoring Your Strength and Centering Your Power

I Greet You

angel blessings12 holy nights

I Greet You

With Angels Singing the Right Note

For Each of Your Twelve Chakras

Eternal Channels of Visible Illumination

Twelve Holy Sublime Nights Rainbow Sacred Cultures

I Greet You

mountain in africaworking happily

I Greet You

Working With the Four Elements

Strongly Earthed & Rooted in Gentle Moving Air

Floating on Calm Water with Fired Determination

Fulfilling Your Centeredness with Sacred Inner Light

I Greet You

smiling angelssmiling angels

I Greet You

Honouring Your Achievements

Your Moments of Insight & Right Relationships

Your Steady Climb Up the Mountain

In the Gloriousness of Your Life

I Greet You

white owlDiana's

I Greet You

With the White Owl of Discerning Wisdom

Longing for Your Pain to Go

Understanding the Depth of Your Pain

In the Illusion of Time or No Time

I Greet You

jewels of loveV for Victorygolden lightamathyst clear quartzupside down pyramid

I Greet You

Speaking With You When You are Alone

Holding You in the Light of Divinity

Intuitively Hearing What You Do Not Say

I Hear You  I Hear You  I Hear You

I Greet You

sacred sites visits Isreal Bethlehem Jesusnigerian & japanese outfitGreek Orthodox Church

I Greet You

Transcending & Transforming Differences

Openly Welcoming Your Outstanding Self

Kindly Knowing & Listening Patiently

Steadily Supportive of Your Process

I Greet You

winter tree1111 altar

I Greet You

In Your Loneliness & Barren Feelings

Your Visible & Invisible Scarring; & Stricken Vulnerability

Reminding You Of Where You Have Been

Empowering You to Where You ARE Going

I Greet You

  addiction to smokingwalking your path

I Greet You

In the Restlessness Monsters of Your Mind

Tiny Habits that Grow into Spiralling Addictions

Intending Happiness for Yourself

Activating Will Power to Practically Stop

I Greet You

at graveIMG_1242

I Greet You

Listening IN Your Tears of Pain

Burying Your Pain In Your Disappointments e.g. at Xmas

Holding the Energy of Disappointment

Lifting to the Star of Bethlehem

I Greet You

beautifulgronoble at xmas

I Greet You

From the Snow Covered Mountains

Knowing What You Lost is Found

What was Taken is Returned

Living Who You Truly Are

I Greet You

reflecting on my lifeI get it

I Greet You

Taking Sacred Responsibility

Intending Happiness for Yourself

Transforming Transcending Your Kindred Spirit

Keenly Keeping the Sacred Notes of Your Akashic Record

I Greet You

april 2007111111

I Greet You

In Your Deep Friendships

Test of Present Powerful Intimacy

Healing Personal Experiences

Consciously Living a Richer Daily Life

I Greet You

orbs in gronoblegolden sun on mountain

I Greet You

With the Orbs in Space

Transmitters of Light & Lightness

Discovering Virtue in Weeds

Surviving Ancestors With Grace

I Greet You

Chyna de la Mer, Toks with Nick Ashron

I Greet You

Holding the Akashic Crystal

Fulfilling Your Gifted Awakening

Becoming Connecting Being

In Your Unknown Mysterious Journey

I Greet You

clip_image001full moon candel

I Greet You

I Greet You

I Greet You

Channelled by Toks Beverley Coker for FullMoon in Cancer 9.1.12

Glasgow 20.8.11 036

Song for FullMoon:  Summertime by George Gershwin

And the livin’ is easy
Fish are jumpin’
And the cotton is high
Your daddy’s rich
And your mamma’s good lookin’

So hush little baby
Don’t you cryMerry Xmas

One of these mornings
You’re going to rise up singing
Then you’ll spread your wings
And you’ll take to the sky
But till that morning
There’s a nothing can harm you
With daddy and mamma standing by
(Sometimes I Feel like a Motherless Child     just alone long way from my home)

Mahalia Jackson – Summertime Motherless Child      http://youtu.be/uuNjtuKmHfI

Ella Fitzgerald – "Summertime" (TV Special 1968)     http://youtu.be/m31P9rPSAHQ

Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong – Summertime – with lyrics  lyric   http://youtu.be/h3kQt14_5OQ


         welcome homesteps upwards and onwardswelcome homesteps upwards and onwards


  1. “So it was written, so it must be done.”  So write your goals, visions, desires and wants.  Make a photo montage / vision board and put it up somewhere you can look at it everyday.  Using visuals and the written word create and make your dream come true.

  2. Working with Cancer energy:  I flow with ease in my life.  I invite nurturing.

  3. Working with the Capricorn energy:  I am securely rooted. I am centred and safe.

  4. Do one thing that pushes you to more truth and integrity in your life.

  5. Put a drop of water on your lip and honour water energy.

IMG_0721 IMG_0721IMG_0818IMG_0721IMG_0721

With Blossoms  of Love Laughter and Light

Toks Beverley Coker clip_image003clip_image004clip_image003clip_image002

www.handsoflight.co.uk / www.tokscoker.com


7pm-10pm on Monday 9 January 2012


Multi-Cultural Celebrations December 2011

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We are celebrating many multi-cultural winter celebrations in London and around the world.

  1. HAPPY HANUKKAH – Tuesday 20 December 2011 (Jewish festival that lasts for 8 days)
  2. HAPPY WINTER SOLSTICE – Thursday 22 December 2011 (Pagan festival that lasts for 12 days)  happy winter solstice  LINK IN MEDITATION 7pm-8pm  £11.93  http://wintersolsticemeditation.eventbrite.co.uk/ The Winter Solstice is a time to go within and reflect deeply. It is the deepest and most reflective time. It is the time of greatest darkness with the longest night and shortest day. It has the shortest light and the longest shadow! For some it is the beginning and the ending of a calendar: an astronomical New Year. We decide what we want (like looking in a book of good fortune) and place our order, then later we plant (Spring Equinox) and harvest (Autumn Equinox).
  3. How about this Two-Hour Live Virtual Event: Conscious Change Movements Uniting to Co-Create a Global Shift on the Winter Solstice, December 22, 2011 • 12pm PST / 3pm EST / 8pm GMT   http://birth2012synergy.com/
  4. HAPPY NEWMOON IN CAPRICORN and XMAS EVE – Saturday 24 December 2011
    LINK IN MEDITATION  7pm-8pm £11.93     http://newmoonmeditationincapricorn.eventbrite.co.uk/
  5. HAPPY XMAS DAY – Sunday 25 December 2011 (Christian festival that lasts for 12 holy nights)
  6. HAPPY NEW YEAR 2012 – Sunday 1 January 2012

Buddha Consciousness

trafalgar square

CHRISTMAS TREE at Trafalgar Square, London (from Thursday 1.12.11 – Wednesday 5.1.12)

http://www.viewlondon.co.uk/whatson/trafalgar-square-christmas-tree-feature-event-4291.htmlStar of David

HANUKKAH LIGHTS at Trafalgar Square, London (from Tuesday 20.12.11 – Wednesday 28.12.11


HOMEWORK: choose to do one or two of these if you can

  1. Honour the 12 Holy Nights starting on Christmas day 25.12.11.  Read ‘Twelve Holy Nights by Dr Yubraj Sharma’ posted on my blog (above).  Thank you Yubraj.

  2. Honour the 8 Days of Hanukkah by lighting the Monorah starting 22.12.11. The Menorah holds 9 candles – one for each night, plus one in the middle to light the others. One candle is added and lit from right to left, each night of the festival.

  3. Symbolically light a candle – one a day – for 8 days – to say thank you for all your blessings – before the end of 2011.

  4. Symbolically light a candle – one a day – for 12 days – to take you through to 2012.

  5. Go to Trafalgar Square to see the Christmas tree and Hanukkah lights.

  6. Do 12 nurturing acts to 12 different people.

                               Mother of Compassionnurturing healing energy of mother and childPRAYING FOR WORLD CONSCIOUSNESS

Compliments of the Season