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Full Moon in Aquarius & Sun in Leo 22/07/2013

Flowing Water at Kew Garden

Happy Full Moon in Aquarius & Sun in Leo 22/07/2013

LAMMAS [Lughnasadh] FIRST HARVEST  27 & 28 July

Grand Water Trine July 17

Twin Star of David Merkaba 29 July & 25 August

On the Menu we have:

  1. Invocation Blessing for Happy Full Moon in Aquarius 22/07/2013
  2. ENERGY OF NOW: Happy Full Moon in Aquarius 22/07/2013(Element: Air/Fire)
    1. Changing Times chefsfresh fruits at Shabat
    2. Oscillating Kaleidoscope
    3. Creating a Sacred Life
    4. Working with the Four Elements
    5. Celebrating You
    6. Past Full Moon in Aquarius & Sun in Leo
    7. Build up of the Twin Star of David Merkaba 29 July & 25 August from the Grand Water Trine 17 July
  3. QUOTEs: Happy Full Moon in Aquarius
  4. ACTION: Happy Full Moon in Aquarius
    1. Kew Garden: Soul II Soul and Leona Lewis
    2. Dr. Masaru Emoto
  5. What will be covered in this Meditation Workshop
  6. Homework
  7. 2013 Diary, Contact Details & Spiritual Investment
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Leona Lewis

Invocation Blessing for Happy Full Moon in Aquarius 22/07/2013

Fullness of Life

We Greet You

With the Full Moon Shining Brightly

Overlooking the Horizon of Your Life

Sparkling Dewdrops on Your Face

We Greet You


We Greet You

With Lammas

Celebrating the First Harvest

Yielding Springy Crops

We Greet You


We Greet You

With the Grand Water Trine of July 17

The Twin Star of David Merkaba

Happening on July 29 and on August 25

We Greet You


We Greet You

In the Journeys You Have Taken

And the Choices You Have Made

Integrating Your Left and Right Brain

We Greet You

grounded tree

We Greet You

With the Energy of Learning

Art and Science

Maths and Religion

We Greet You

Studying Life

We Greet You

With the Dynamics of Study in Your Life

Studying Sufism & Buddhism

Studying Meditation & Hinduism

We Greet You

celebrating you

We Greet You

With Your Growth Process

Reflecting and Celebrating Who You Are

Basking In the Adoration of the Full Moon

We Greet You


We Greet You

With the Angels of Light

Beings of Light Guiding You

Helping You to Follow Through

We Greet You


We Greet You

With the Native American Indians

Dancing with the Angels

Helping You to Find Your Way

We Greet You

Angels of Light

We Greet You

With a Boundary Surrounding You

Four Directions: North South East West

Four Elements: Air Fire Water Earth

We Greet You

Suzy Twigg and Doggy

We Greet You

With the Question in Your Heart

Asking Divine to Give You a Sign

With the Energy of this FullMoon

We Greet You


We Greet You

With Your Psychic Abilities

Automatic Writing, Scrying, Telepathy

Psychometry, Clairaudience, Bilocation

We Greet You


We Greet You

With What Lies Within You

Knowing Inner Gems of Greatness

Manifest Now in Your Reality

We Greet You

Full Bloom Tree

We Greet You

With Your Ability to Know

To Sense Re-Remembering Your Life

Divination, Retro-cognition, Death-Warnings

We Greet You


We Greet You

With Truth Mantras

Sounding in the Air

Purifying & Liberating You

We Greet You


We Greet You

With Black Crows Sitting in a Circle in the Temple of the Great Pyramid

Sacred Keepers of the Sacred Law & the Unknown

Guardians of Ceremonial Magic and Healing

We Greet You

Emoto and Toks

We Greet You

With the Magic of Power

The Blessings of Sacredness

The Anointment of Breathe

We Greet You

Happy Birthday Toks xxx

We Greet You

With the Celebration of You

The Wholeness of You

The Fullness of You

We Greet You

Picnic Birthday 7 July

We Greet You

We Greet You

We Greet You

Channelled by Toks Beverley Coker for Full Moon in Aquarius

ENERGY OF NOW: Energy of Full Moon in Aquarius 22/07/2013(Element: Air/Fire)

Changing Times

These really are changing times and with the energy of the Full Moon you are going to receive Instant Karma with everyone and with yourself.  Someone will say something and you will get sensitive and shout at them and cry.  Someone will speak to you in a certain manner and  you will send a text to tell them you do not like the way they have spoken to you.  This is all so full on and instant and reactive.Cheers

Everyone, including you, will become ‘paranoid’ and think this person or that person is ‘out to get you’ or ‘does not like you’ or ‘is hiding something’.  These changing times cause emotional disturbances, distrust and suspicions.  AND may I say this is ALL GOOD!!!! It shows how we are all processing the energy coming down; whether or not we are aware of them or believe in what I am talking about. 

All this misunderstanding heralds the changing times we are all going through.  So if this is collective, how do we process individually?  If this is individual, how do we process collectively?  You asking me?  I am asking you! 

Take a look at the people around you and take a look at your own ‘boiling supressed rage’ due to the ‘paranoid’ mind. Do you see what I mean? So many unexplained emotions that are not rational and yet the person with the ‘rage’ thinks that they are.  Everyone needs an outlet to vent frustrations so talk to someone and express your frustrations. You will find that after you do you will feel free and feel you can breathe better.  All the ‘misunderstandings’ need to be let out like hot steam from a pot. 

Also remember good intensions are not always ‘good’ and may create a backlash, a misunderstanding, a distrust and a distancing.  Not all good intentions serve the person or society they are meant for.  Remember slave trade ended years ago!

Thinking MindSometimes habits keep us trapped in habits that do not serve us; so I ask you: How are your habits making you unhappy? How are your habits making people around you unhappy?  These changing times require new habits that enable you to process through these changing times.  Stronger boundaries need to be created.  Are you clear on the boundaries you need to have around you; as you are processing through these changes? There really is a need to be clear about your boundaries and to put up good strong protection around you.

Being tied in knots by others or by  yourself is not a funny experience if you do not want to be tied up in knots.  Some people have a definite  aptitude for keeping others tied in knots.  Some are good at tying knots. Others excel at being tied in knots.  Both the tier and the tied may be unaware of how it is done; or even that it being done at all. Which are you?  Do you feel tied up in knots in your tummy or your head?

Oscillating Kaleidoscope

This Oscillating Mix of this Full Moon is a fabulous visual kaleidoscope of colourful emotions and beauty. Each pattern reflecting; telling its own story, according to its own truth. When the two opposing energies meet they make us ask questions creating a kaleidoscope of life.

  1. Symbol of Aquarius: Water Bearer/Carrier AquariusAquarius is an Air Sign. We have a human pouring water out of a jug. This water is the celestial water of knowledge that quenches our thirst for knowledge and insight. It reminds us of the Greek God, Prometheus, who gave human fire and got punished by the other Greek Gods. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Prometheus.  Aquarius wants to help humanity and it is about the collective as a whole not the individual. Air element is concerned with thinking, communication and the brain.
  2. Symbol of Leo: LionLeoLeo is Fire Sign. We have the lion roaring with pride declaring its presence and shining recognition with it’s golden main of authority. The energy of the Full Moon in Aquarius wants a feeling of freedom from all forms of stagnation.  The energy IS crying out to be free and to have movement in all areas.  Along comes the Lion, erupting, bursting forth, charging through to reveal the urgency of the information, presented boldly and clearly. Leo is all about the self, the individual and not the collective

Questions: What story are you reflecting and telling now? Where is the contradiction?  What can youcollective energy dancing do alone for the collective? What can the collective do for you?  Who can you forgive today?  How about yourself?  Remember if you forgive others you give room for yourself to be forgiven. Sometimes the fault we see in others may be the fault we have hidden somewhere within us that we cannot see! This really is a time to support each other. This really is the time to have somebody’s back!  Can you do that?  Or is it proving difficult?  Please be gentle with yourself, for, as with all Full Moons, this is a time of contradictions, revelations and oppositions.  The only way you are going to survive this is taking one moment at a time and living in the now with the fullness of your thinking mind. Enjoy the oscillating dance…..

Creating a Sacred Life

I really believe that creating a sacred life involves truths being revealed to you.  Know that, now, truths imagecan be revealed to you by mistake! and they can be revealed to you by an event triggering a discussion or an uproar! or by you calling forth truths for a Sacred Life.  Once you get the insight of the truth of a situation you grasp it as a lesson learnt and an insight gained.  I always say when this happens especially with this energy make sure you savour the moment and really allow it to sink into your being and enjoy the sensation and feeling and thinking it brings with it; like “I knew this already.” or “How come I am not surprised?” or “I am so glad this has happened because now I know the truth and the actions and words spoken have revealed to me the real hidden deep truths.”  This is the Full Moon in Aquarius shining its light to reveal and uphold the truth.

Creating a Sacred Life is also clearing clutter in your life.  Clearing clutter could be clearing physical clclean homeutter in your home, office, room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, dinning room, living room. Clearing clutter could be emotional clutter in your heart, as well as, mental clutter in your mind.  It could also be clearing clutter in your physical body e.g. where there is pain there is clutter of energy that needs to be released.  This clearing is sacred alchemy of clutter clearing, which involves great cleansing of stagnant energy and creating vibrant energy.  When you let go of any clutter you are creating a Sacred Life.  This is the Sun in Leo creating a regal setting around you.

Working with the Four Elements

Creating a Sacred Life can involve working with the four elements in all areas of your life. The two elements that are strong with this energy now are Air and Fire.  Aquarius is an Air sign yet has the Water Bearer as its symbol of freedom and sharing.  Leo is a Fire sign yet has the earthy lion as its symbol of showy power and royalty.

  1. You can use the Air elemeaeroplanent to activate clarity and mental capacities. You could eat salads and listen to flute music.  You could breathe in the lovely smell of fresh vegetables, spices and herbs. You could eat outside and breathe in the fresh air and feel the air on your face and around you. You can smell lovely flowers and watch bees moving in the air or aeroplanes flying above. Activate learning in life. fish
  2. You can use the Water element to sooth and balance emotions. You could drink water to cleanse your digestive system.  You could have a shower to cool you down. You could eat food that comes from water (fish, squid, seaweed) or with a lot of water in them (melon, cucumber, soups) or juice your food.  You could listen to the sound of waves and walk by a lake or river. Activate a healing feeling in life.
  3. You can Fireuse the Fire element to lift and activate creativity.  Our Chi force is fire life force within us.  You could barbecue your food and have fiery pepper. You could light a candle to purify the air. You could dance a passionate dance to activate your life force and get rid of stagnant energy.  You can light your fire in your life and bring in prosperity. Activate a rising spirit in life, like the phoenix that rose out of the fire. feet
  4. You can use the Earth element to ground and stabilise.  You could eat outside and have a picnic and stand with no shoes on the grass.  Thank the creatures you eat.  Thank the plants and vegetables that grow so you can eat them.  Thank all the money that sustains your life.  Activate stability in life.

Celebrating You

You must remember that all the energies pouring in are for your own good and humanity.  Your development with all these energies is your gift to yourself.  The more you develop your spiritual life thcelebrating youe more you are able to help the world; and gift the world your wonderful essence and presence.

Think of one person in your life who is a constant friend: someone you can always talk to, shout at, discuss things with, laugh with, play with, go out with, go for walks with, eat together, visit friends and family with, as well as, relax with.  This is someone who celebrates YOU!  Why not choose to celebrate them too?  Sometimes we forget how people around us may be celebrating us and take them for granted.  With this Full Moon in Aquarius and Sun in Leo let the light shine on you and on them too.  Do something together.Manifesting

Past Full Moon in Aquarius & Sun in Leo

Scroll down the following links to read more about the Energy of Full Moon in Aquarius and the Sun in Leo.

 https://tokscoker.wordpress.com/?s=full+moon+in+aquARIUS 2 August 2012 (What was Celebrated, Frustrations, Knots, Healing with Water and Air, Unusual People are Happy People, Homework)

https://tokscoker.wordpress.com/page/2/?s=full+moon+in+aquARIUS 13 August 2011 (Aquarius Vs Leo, Numhurrayerology of 8, Pain, Book: Attracting Genuine Love, Hidden Agendas, Homework)

Build up of the Twin Star of David Merkaba 29 July & 25 August from the Grand Water Trine 17 July

The 29 July is a very powerful time to manifest and bring forth what you are wanting as we once more come to the shifting changing energies of our time.  Try these links out and enjoy educating your mind, and reminding your mind and your soul. 

How to Activate Your LightBody / Merkaba = (By Drunvalo Melchizedek)

Carol Ann Ciocco Merkaba Stargate suggests in her Newsletter that on 29 July we Meditate on these paintings of the Merkaba Star and other sacred geometry forms and also mentions in her newsletter Mary Shea Twin Star of David 

QUOTE: Happy Full Moon in Aquarius

Crystal Healing with Spiritual Healing Massage

"What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us." Oliver Wendell Holms

“Just as flowers open up and bear fruit, just as the moon appears and invariably grows full, just as a lamp becomes brighter when oil is added, and just as plants and trees flourish with rain, so will human beings never fail to prosper when they make good causes.” The Third Day of the New Year (WND-1, 1013)

‘What you are looking for…is who you are looking for…’ St.Francis

ACTION: Happy Full Moon in Aquarius

Enjoy the pleasures of life with the energy of the Full Moon in Aquarius.  What gives you pleasure and lifts your heart?  Then do it with the energy of the Full Moon. I have shared three Utube videos I hope you like. Love Toks xxxxx

Backing SingersDancers Soul II SoulSoul II SoulCaron Wheeler

Saw original Soul II Soul creator Jazzie B, and singer Caron Wheeler and was transported to 1980s at Kew GardeViolinistns. Click to listen lovely musicI am cool on the guiterSoul II Soul – Back To Life

Also saw Leona Lewis at Kew Gardens. She was awesome as usual.  Click to listen to her winning song Leona Lewis – X Factor [Final] – A Moment Like This

Leona is LovelySexy LeonaHello from LeonaLeona LewisLeona SmilesLeona Lewis Concert at Kew July 2013Dr Masaru EmotoEmoto and Toks

Dr Emoto believes that water holds energy – positive and negative.  He believes that if we clean our water we will heal ourselves and that cleansing all waters of the earth releases all old painful memories in the waters on earth and in our bodies.  Water is extra-terrestrial and universal.  The earth is made up of water, which has memory, consciousness and is alive. Did you know we are made of 75% water?   The Grand Water Trine IS a harmonious triangle to help us work with our emotions and makes me think of all the collective emotions of the three water signs that form it: Cancer (rivers, lakes), Scorpio (frozen ice) and Pisces (vast ocean). There are 3 equal sides in a Trine.  Click to see wonderful power of water energy Water, Consciousness & Intent: Dr. Masaru Emoto

What will be covered in this Meditation Workshop Sitting in a Circle of Crystals

You will cover all the above and more. You will be defining your boundaries and putting up full protection for these changing times.  You will surround yourself with crystals and heal the sadness in the tears; and after the tears celebrate the creativity produced by the cleansing.  You will take away practical exercise that will help you during these changing times. You will celebrate right action and know the right action/s to take.


  1. Aim to communicate honestly from your heart.opening to fullness
  2. Be aware of any ‘hidden agendas’ around you.  ‘Hidden Agendas’ will be revealed with the energy of the Full Moon in Aquarius.  Remember the ‘Hidden Agendas’ could be yours or others.  Which are yours and which belong to other people.  Own them if they are yours.
  3. Notice how you feel when someone says ‘No’ to you.  Notice how you think when someone says ‘No’ to you. Notice how you breathe when someone says ‘No’ to you.  Notice how your body acts when someone says ‘No’ to you.  Practice ‘Noticing’.  Own them all. For this is YOU right now in the fullness of your life. 
  4. Create a sacred space in your kitchen.
  5. Be aware of how you cook and energise your food with the four elements: air, water, fire, earth.
  6. How are you attracting love into your life?  How are you keeping your love in your life? 
  7. What is the numerology of 8? Scroll down for the answer https://tokscoker.wordpress.com/page/2/?s=full+moon+in+aquARIUS 

Picnic Birthday 7 JulyHappy Birthday Toks xxx

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    Friday 25th October          12.30pm – 1.00pmdance of isis osiris horus

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    Saturday 26th October     12.30pm – 1.30pm

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    Saturday 26th October      3.15pm – 3.45pm

    Experience Zone:  Sexy Chakra Dance with Toks Coker    Demonstrating fun healing movements for each chakra, healing gestures, power stands, psychic protection.  Experience moving energy through your body working with the each of the 7 chakras, 7 power movements and 7 sacred sounds.  A very grounding, cleansing, energising, invigorating and healing experience for transcendence.

    Sunday 27th October      12.00pm – 12.30pmdance of isis osiris horus

    Stage of Mind Body Soul:    The Dance of Isis Osiris and Horus with Toks Coke   Sensitive healing dance of Isis Osiris and Horus to transform your life.  Hold a wish as you watch this magical dance and heal your own portal of pain and love.  A flowing celestial dance healing life death and rebirth; full of passion, colour and expression.

    Sunday 27th October     1.30pm – 2.00pm

    Experience Zone:   Sexy Chakra Dance with Toks Coker    Demonstrating fun healing movements for each chakra, healing gestures, power stands, psychic protection.  Experience moving energy through your body working with the each of the 7 chakras, 7 power movements and 7 sacred sounds.  A very grounding, cleansing, energising, invigorating and healing experience for transcendence.

    Saturday 26th October     11.00am – 11.20am dance of isis osiris horus

    Stage Area of the Yoga Show:   The Dance of Isis Osiris and Horus  with Toks Coker   Sensitive healing dance of Isis Osiris and Horus to transform your life.  Hold a wish as you watch this magical dance and heal your own portal of pain and love.  A flowing celestial dance healing life death and rebirth; full of passion, colour and expression.

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    Full Bloom Tree

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    Full Moon in Aquarius & Sun in Leo

    full moon 11.8.11a


    Dear Blossoms of Light

    Enjoy the lovely energy of this lovely FullMoon in Aquarius, in the element of Air.  Breathe in the freshness of fresh air and feel the energy of Aquarius with the glow of Leo shine through you.  Happy FullMoon.  Did you notice the build up to this day?  Watch the next 3 days after the FullMoon. 



    I Greet You

    With the Gaze of Aquarius

    Contemplative Deeply Knowing

    Understanding Thoughtful Reflective

    Relaxing Bearing Your Soul

    Piercing Through Your Pain

    I Greet You


    I Greet You

    With the Fullness of Expectation

    Anticipating Optimism & Hope

    Assuring Your Happiness

    Rainbow Bridge of Life

    Triumphant Fullness

    I Greet Youclip_image004

    I Greet You

    With Hands of Friendships

    Past & Present

    Different & Close

    Separate & Together

    Individual & Cosmic

    I Greet Youclip_image006

    I Greet You

    Roman Neptune / Greek Poseidon

    God of Water & Sea

    Rising From Golden Palace

    Happiness from Within

    Bursting Forth with Power

    I Greet You


    I Greet You

    Roman Jupiter / Greek Zeus

    God of Heaven

    Raining Prosperity from Father Sky

    Igniting a Smiling Face

    In the Vortex of Present Time

    I Greet You

    DSCF0249I Greet You

    Roman Pluto / Greek Hades

    God of the Underworld

    Bringing Fruitfulness from Mother Earth

    Invoking Blessings

    In Your Anointment with Grace

    I Greet You


    I Greet You

    With the Gateway of Live

    Your Openings & Closings

    Knowing Your Boundaries & Limitations

    To Your Gateway of Hope

    Your Gateway to Celebration

    I Greet Youclip_image010

    I Greet You

    In Your Courtship with Life

    The Tune that You Move to

    The Instruments that you Use

    Your Essence of Resonance

    Your Heart Notes of Love

    I Greet You


    I Greet You

    In the Body Language of Time

    Legs Talking the Same Language

    Understanding Oneness Your Merge

    Dialogue Understood 

    In the Commitments You Make

    I Greet You


    I Greet You

    With the Rainbow Bridge

    Antakaranha of Humanity

    Connection of Brain & Soul

    Bringing Right Relationships

    With the Diamond Light of Being

    I Greet You


    I Greet You

    In the Receiving of Blessings

    The Reverence of Age

    Silent Communication of the Eyes

    Sacred Messages

    Inner Recognition

    I Greet You


    I Greet You

    With the Message of Simplicity

    In the Simple Act of Waving

    Radiating Peaceful Waves of Hope

    Peaceful Loving Moments

    Creating Harmony Within

    I Greet You


    I Greet You

    In the Gifts that You Offer

    Gifting in Times of Crisis

    Removing Sorrow, Fear & Worry

    Joyful Chores of Life

    Freeing Yourself in Your Gifting

    I Greet You


    I Greet You

    In the Grip of Your Life

    Manoeuvring Through

    The Jungle of Your Life

    Labyrinths of Your Mind 

    Source of Living Energy

    I Greet You


    I Greet You

    In the Twist and Turns of Your Life

    The Freedom to Make Choices

    The Ability to Respond Responsibly

    The Allowing from Deep Within

    Dancing Freely on the Mountain Top

    I Greet You


    I Greet You

    In the Beauty of a Kiss

    The Seductiveness of Aquarius Waters

    The Intimating of Soul Connections

    Purifying Discovery of Selves

    Anchored in Divinity

    I Greet You


    I Greet You

    In the Burdens that You Carry

    Gracefully Walking Your Path In Life

    Determined to Make a Change

    Focused on Being the Change

    Feeling Free in Your Heart

    I Greet You

      IMG_0771 nomo isac on full moon page

    I Greet You

    In the Masks that You Wear

    In the Images You Put Forward

    In the Playful Disguises of Your Life

    Anchoring Your Contentment

    Your Soul Truth Revealed

    I Greet You


    I Greet You

    In the Gorgeousness of Your Life

    The Gorgeousness of You

    The Gorgeousness of Your Smile

    The Gorgeousness of Celebration

    Worthy Gorgeous You

    I Greet You


    I Greet You

    I Greet You

    I Greet You


    I Greet You

    I Greet You

    I Greet You

    Channelled by Toks Beverley Coker FullMoon in Aquarius 13.8.11



    What a contradiction.  Aquarius is collective energy working for the mass.  Leo is self energy working for the self.

    The two merge to let us know that one person can influence the world.  When we change for the better we cause others to change too. When we forgive another we cause others to forgive us too. If we forgive others we give room for ourselves to be forgiven.  Whenyes yes we forgive others we forgive ourselves.  Forgiveness is not always easy but starting by saying it or thinking it will eventually lead to feeling the forgiveness.  Sometimes learning to forgive ourselves may be the greatest joy we bring into our lives.  Let us celebrate forgiveness.  I always remind myself of a lovely Buddhist quote that says "If you light a lantern for another, it will also brighten your way." 

    yesLeo is about the self, personal importance, preciousness, greed and lust for power.  Leo wants to shine. It focuses on caring on the self, creativity and expressing the self.  Leo seeks to grow, to be wise and all knowing and to be enlightened. 

    Aquarius breaks down old established ways – the status quo. It sees beyond what is at the moment.  It can enable a clear vision which will cause a revolution, an insurrection or a riot. Aquarius is about the collective, BIGGER worldly yes oaffairs, something bigger than the self.  It is about caring for others not personal issues.  It is about transforming minds to be more humble and open hearted to take up action in the community.  It is self knowledge to the community. 

    This FullMoon in Aquarius is a time to try not to judge others and is a time to support each other with the quality of Aquarius, the water bearer. Are you finding it difficult to support others? Are yes yesyou finding it difficult to support yourself? Are you becoming selfish?  Can you be full of modesty and good temper now with all that is happening around the world?  Aquarius can bring in a sense of detachment that is not very warm to situations: so be aware of where you may be detached in your life and for the world or your country or environment.

    Remember we are not perfect. We all have ‘hidden agendas’ though we may think we do not. We all have ‘good intentions that backfire. We are human beings of light living in the ‘saha world’ determined to make the best of where we are right now. We all make mistakes. The Divine [Upper Management, God, Buddha, Allah, Father Sky, Mother Earth] clip_image002has not called us to see through each other, but to see each other through. Let us celebrate the great family of man with this full moon. This is collective consciousness of light and healing of the world and cosmology.


    fullmoon cloud 11.8.11

    1. What do you see in your life at the moment which needs a clear revolution of character or attitude? 
    2. How can focusing on yourself improve the collective?
    3. How are you asking for help personally and collectively?
    4. Do one act for the  community with this energy e.g. pick up rubbish, do not litter streets, help someone, stand up for elderly on bus, etc..
    5. Are you finding it difficult to support others? Are you finding it difficult to support yourself? Are you becoming selfish?
    6. Where are you detaching in your life?  in the community? 
    7. Where are you overwhelmed with emotion at the moment?
    8. What hidden agenda do you have?

    What is pain?  Asks FullMoon in Aquarius.  Well pain is a feeling you may feel in your body area; like your heart; which may and may not cause tears in your eyes.  It may cause a discomfort and you may feel it as an energy movement – like a lightening – like an arrow.  It is real to you and not to the other person.  It is your reality.  Not evDSCF0165eryone can feel some else’s pain as they feel it; but you can empathise or sympathise.  Those who have experienced a similar pain may remember the trauma or anguish they had during that time.  So seeing another person’s pain can trigger a response in you.  Pain is any emotion or feeling or thought that causes feelings of sadness, hurt, despair, loss, grief to come up.  Feeling antagonised, rebellious, resentful, frustrated and unpredictable can cause pain.  How often has fault finding, prejudice, insecurity, envy and jealousy caused separation?  How often do you watch a performance [movie, theatre, play] and cry or feel the emotion the person is going through?  Sometimes pain can be happy pain!  Like seeing a loved one and feeling great joy can cause tears of happiness and joy.  I call this the happy twinge, not the painful twinge.  So have you been feeling pain in your life recently, suddenly, deeply?  Is it causing you to loose sleep, worry, be anxious and feel inadequate? Pain is usually a strong indication that something is not right and action needs to be taken to stop the pain. 

    Ponder this thought: Sometimes the fault we see in others may be the fault we have hidden somewhere within us that we cannot see!

    FULL MOON IN AQUARIUS Portal Carol Ann Ciocco talks clip_image002[14]about the 9 Underworlds What this can mean for us personally: be aware that in your very cells you are evolving into a new form of being than you were at any previous point. Your cells are leaping upward into a new level of awareness. Your cells will think in a new ways. You will be able to communicate with your cells in new ways. The consciousness of your cells will no longer be driven only by biology (as created by the Divine) but by YOU and your thoughts. http://archive.constantcontact.com/fs057/1101472333529/archive/1106855577560.html


    Reading an interesting book I got as a present from Yanni Konstantinopulos on our unconscious commitments and our conscious commitments that we make to ourselves and in our relationships called:  Attracting Genuine Love: A Step-by-Step Program to Bring a Loving and Desirable Partner into Your Life

    Attracting Genuine Love by Dr Gay and Dr Kathlyn Hendricks ISBN 978-1-59179-705-0 http://www.bookdepository.co.uk/Attracting-Genuine-Love-Gay-Hendricks/9781591797050

    FULL MOON IN AQUARIUS QUOTE: Happiness does not exist as an isolated quality, nor does it conform to a single fixed pattern. Happiness is something that breathes and lives in the relationships between one person and another. Daisaku Ikeda


    Well went to football at Wembley to watch Manchester United beat Manchester City. First time experience gIMG_0742oing to watch football. Watching the dynamics, the group energy, the aaahhhs, the ooohhhhs, the come on move it, the cheer – It is a goal! was absolutely amazing for me. I laughed throughout my experience and found myself jumping up when Manchester United scored 3-2 and hugging my happy boyfriend and high fiving his son and other men there. Charming. Love Toks xxxxx



    8 makes the Infinity symbol when placed sideways! Known as a number of power and life force. The Merging of Creativity; Darkness; Underworld; Heaven and Earth – as above so below – So below as above. 4+4=8. The number of spirals and portals and more spirals. 8 is the number for Venus, feminine energy.

    8 sounds like ‘ate’ – what are we eating energetically, physically, emotionally, mentally, really? How much do we weight energetically, physically, emotionally, mentally, really.

    The word weight has 8 in it!

    In Chines 8 is the symbol of Prosperity. Symbol of Abundance. Abundance on all levels – health, finances, meaningful real relationships, passionate fulfilling life, happiness, coping. There is the 8-sided Bagua in Feng Shui.

    8 anchors your Potential…. Your Own Individual Power….Empowered by 8.

    I had a lovely evening with 8 very loclip_image001[8]vely ladies on 11.8.11 in the number 11 house. It was a truly magical, healing, happy,  peaceful and respectful time together bringing in business blessings. I am feeling the joy in my heart even now as I write to you.  I send you all a blossom of healing light to illuminate your journey with gentleness, love, support and warmth. I Greet You All with a smile in my heart and a smile on my lips. The energy of 8 is really powerful.  Thank you ladies. Love Toks xx  

    Proceeding this yeswas the exercise we had done for 3 days with the energy of New Moon in Leo on 1.8.11: 8 informed me they  actually lit a candle: Dhriti Mehra, Phyllis SantaMaria, Diana Kingham,  Gina Lazenby, Lesley Ann Hutton Innerjee, Caroline Newman, Lollie Garcez with me Toks Coker. Thank you ladies.


    With Love Blossoms and Laughter

    Toks Beverley Coker clip_image003clip_image004010[1]clip_image002


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