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Full Moon Blessing 09.04.09

This is the Blessing of the FullMoon in Libra, Channelled by Talented Teacher Toks Coker with love and insight.  8.4.09

Oh FullMoon in Libra with Sun in Aries

I Welcome You  

Aware of Your Oppositions


I Welcome You, Scales of Libra

Seeking Balance and Harmony

With the Charging Warrior


I, with So Many Rituals

Passover, Easter, Good Friday

I Pull You In, Energising Knowing


I, Sexual Sacred and Safe

Choose Triumph of Love & Freedom

Triumphant FullMoon


I, Through Oppositions and Opposites

Experience Celebrations of Victory

Celebrations of Balance


Aries / Libra

Mars / Venus

Warrior God / Sexual Goddess


Light Day of the Soul / Dark Night of the Soul

Life Spring / Death Winter

Self Interest Selfish / Connectedness Care


Sun / Moon

Will / Love

Chaos / Peace


I Call in FullMoon Blessings

Blessings in the Oppositions

Blessings in the Balancing


For Without the Moon

What is My Life About?

Reminding Me of My True Self


Purify Me in New Fire

Give me the Powerful Strength

Give me the Intelligent Wisdom


To be Reborn My True Self Now

Arise I to Self Renewal Now

Balanced Creative Love Now


I thank you

I thank you

I thank you


I give thanks

I give thanks

I give thanks


This is the Blessing of the FullMoon in Libra, Channelled by Triumphant Toks Coker with love and insight.  8.4.09


Full Moon in Libra – Understanding

Full Moon

IMAGE – What is the imagery you have of this FullMoon?  When you look at the FullMoon what do you feel, sense or know?  Imagine yourself dressed in a lovely outfit e.g. long flowing dress, looking at the FullMoon above you – you could be on the grass, in a room, leaning on a pillar in the veranda, or sitting with friends drinking a lemonade.

UNDERSTAND FIRST – Seek first to understand then to be understood – this is a very FullMoon in Libra energy.  Get to know someone first before you make a judgement.  Get to know a situation first – seek first to understand.  So the tendency IS not to want to do this!  We may suddenly feel a desire to be selfish and not to care. 

Aries – Practical Exercises


THANK YOU GRATITUDE  – For the next 7 days I give gratitude for everything

Thank you Mystic Law. I want More. I deserve more. I have more. Thank you Father Sky. Thank you Mother Earth. Thank you for all the attraction coming to me now. Thank you. Bank account, my life and my heart. I give thanks. I give thanks. I give thanks. I thank Great Spirit for every kindness shown me. I thank Great Divine Spirit for all the abundance in my life. I give thanks. I give thanks. I give thanks. My mind is heaven. My mind is heaven. I am heaven. I am heaven. I am heaven. Breathe these words in and feel the energy of the NewMoon in Aries. What are you grateful for in your life? What are you inviting? Come Come Come. Let us invite powerfully with this auspicious NewMoon.


I CAN – say it looking into your eyes in a mirror!

I CAN. I WILL. I DO. I CAN. I CAN. I CAN. I DO. I DO. I DO. I WILL. I WILL. I WILL. I think I can. I know I can. I can. I do. I feel free to do this. I feel free doing this. I am free. I am free. I am free. Interesting the feelings that come up? Good! Go back and repeat the words aloud and Feel the intensity. To know and not to do is not YET to know.



I take a deep breathe of peace and exhale peace throughout my body…..  ho and so it is.




CALL IN with this NewMoon: Inspiration – Efficiency – Transformation – Purification – Sisterhood/Brotherhood – Love.  Look at each of the words and close your eyes and see what each word brings for you.  Understand the best direction for your life for the next few days and weeks…How are you going to carry out the ‘new’ changes in action.  Look at doing things a different way with the NewMoon in Aries.  Be very aware.  Be very aware.  Be very aware of the thoughts you are creating.  AS you create them you make them….. 


THIS is the NewMoon in Aries.  Take up 6 ACTIONS you have to carry out this NewMoon in Aries.  What do you have to complete by the end of April 2009!  I have my 6 things do you?  Then stop and write them down now….. List the action to do to make them come to fruition….Welcome to the NewMoon in Aries.  I will be attending the Dr Demarti Breakthrough Experience.