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New Moon and Sun in Gemini 16 June 2015

Hello Initiates of Light, Legions of Light and Oracles of Light

         Beautiful AndreaSexyMaxismilingYanijoyous Gary

Happy New Moon in Gemini & Happy Birthday Gemini     happy birthday

Enjoy your Soul Breakthroughs

clip_image002[373] Tuesday 16 June 2015 clip_image002[374] New Moon & Sun in Geminiclip_image002[375] 15:07 BST Londonclip_image002[376] Element – Air

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gathering of loveA Gathering of Love 

When asking what we would be covering this New Moon I was told it would focus on Calling in the One and maintaining the relationship.  We would cover this on a very deep level in the workshop and we would anchor in the newness of the Soul Mate frequency of the Twin energy and the number Two.  This is such a big topic with so many panels and angels to it and not one that can be solved in session.  Then the message came asking me – Why not?  And I kept quiet.  How often do we sabotage our own good fortune with a doubt or a denial of what we are wanting.  We are almost too afraid to ask for what we want and then we ask for it yet do not believe it will happen.  We frustrate ourselves to a point where we cannot breathe fresh Air. We distance ourselves from our desires deep within us.  This would be an evening where great planting and seeding would take place to manifest a beautiful tree with lots of colour and fruits and flowers.  Come join us.  It will be a gathering of love

The Next Gathering of Love will be

clip_image001[467] Thursday 2 July 2015clip_image001[468] Full Moon in Capricorn – Sun in Cancerclip_image001[469] Buck Moon – 03:22 BST London

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Energy of Now

New Moon & Sun in Gemini

clip_image002[373] Tuesday 16 June 2015 clip_image002[376] Element – Air clip_image002[376]       Healing ChakrasHealing Hearts

Gemini is the TWINS.  It is the number TWO.  It is two sides of the same story. It is two ways.  It is two the same or different. It is two working together.  It is two in friendship. It is two in balance.  It is yin and yang.  It is male and female. It is duality. It is opposites. It is polarity. It is sacred contracts and vows.  It is unity in numbers. It is a merging of ideas and creation.  It is the universal life force of activation. One and One makes Two. It is the beginning of meeting of minds, of understanding and agreement. It is the beginning of growth and the integration of life. It is also the energy vortex of the SOUL MATE frequency, the vibration you use to Call in the One; which we will do in the workshop on 16 June at 7pm.

Air Vortex Movement In the following pictures I have tried to capture two people interacting with each other – each person is acknowledging the other with the hand – a slight touch.  I always like to see this interaction.   It is the touch of friendship, of respect, of care, of comfort, of safety, of love, of affection, of support and of kindness.  It is combination of something; to create something wonderful and fresh.  When we move our hands in the Air and we touch another person we are acknowledging them in the now.  We are consciously saying to them, with our touch, that we sense them, we feel them, we touch them, we know they are there in our space – in the Air. Who will you acknowledge with a respectful loving Air Vortex Movement this New Moon in Gemini.    

                Friendship holdFriendshipTouchFriendship2

Calling in the One  What type of man do you want in your life?  What type of woman do you want in your life?  Calling in the One is not about sitting and meditating for the perfect person and hoping they will just appear.  Calling in the One is an active energy of you allowing the Two Angelsprocess to unfold and happen.

Calling in the One is TWO ANGELS looking for each other.  It is two angels agreeing to make an effort to communicate with intellect and anchor rational compromising.  It is two angels agreeing to keep things simple and allow the flow of harmony around them.  It is two becoming one.  It is two ‘bumping’ into each other and recognising each other.  It is the meeting of the communicative rational mind in an adaptable space. It is the restless energy of the search till you meet what you seek.  It is the changeable vortex of the spiritual mind and the allowing of the growth. It is the movement of mind and matter into union through actions like prayer, meditation, intimacy and simply holding hands.

If you have self sabotage, unresolved issues, blame energy, or anything that blocks what you say and think you are wanting; you will not have it until you clear all the blockages to your happy relationship.  When you do get a relationship you do not just sit down and relax you have to work at it together to make it last and to make it a happy one.  Calling in the One is also about maintaining the relationship that is wholesome, inclusive and empowering to both parties involved.  Calling in the One is an exclusive relationship.  It is not an open relationship.  We will be working on this ignition at the workshop on 16 June.

Type of Man U Want

Spiritual Vs. Mundane   Air can be still or it can move.  Air is invisible – you cannot see it.  It is there around us.  We live in the space known as Air.  We breathe in to the Heart.  We let go feelings of hatred, cruelty, impatience and arrogance with this energy. Breathe out and we allow love and joy to fill our whole being.  We also take practical actions as we take Air actions.  If we are out of body we will not be grounded in our body.  Happiness is homemadeIt is important to ground our energy into serenity, openness, fairness, grounded-ness, centeredness and rootedness.  Let go your worries and allow the new air to fill your body with serenity.  It is so important to be grounded and practical in our everyday lives as we journey with the ascension of your spiritual and soul journey.  You dream of having a home and you get a job so you can pay the mortgage and complete the transaction, as you meditate and do healing exercises.  You extend the leasehold in your home, you garden, you go to the gym and you take a long walk as you activate your spiritual energy and to into your multi-dimensional vortex of expansion and expansive Air.  You allow your expansion with practical actions.  I have always said the deeper your rooted energy the more spiritual you become.  This is so with the Gemini energy vortex of the element of Air.  We can all have grand ideas and live a lofty life of ‘spiritual-ness’; and we can pay our bills and attend to mundane matters like eating, cooking and buying food from Sainsbury’s or Waitrose.  Feelings of vulnerability need to be paced with a reality check as your emotions fly out of your body and live in the Air.  Recognise this vulnerability during this lovely New Moon and embrace it.  It is telling you to look after yourself, your home and your car. Always the spiritual goes with the mundane activities of life. 

Expansion of Consciousness Exercise  Air expands, it reaches out, it wants to share and see and grown.   It does not like to stay still – it is everywhere at once. Air likes to make the right choices and the right movements / actions. With the New Moon in Gemini we will call forth the Eyes of the Moon into your Inner Eye.  Allow the Eyes of the Moon to merge with your Inner Eye. Look inwards into your Inner Eye and then look upwards to the Sky – up through your Crown Chakra.  See your head high up with the Sky and the Stars.  Feel the Stars gold tigers eyearound you.  Feel the sense of freedom and ecstatic bliss as you allow yourself to rise high up; pass the Stars, the Milky Way, the Planets and all that is visible. Extend your vision multi-dimensionally.   See the un-see-able, the invisible and more. Feel yourself expanding your consciousness.  Call in the One and sense the Air move towards you; then bring your self back into your Inner Eye.  Breathe in slowly and smile in your Inner Eye.  Feel the energy of Air settle gently in your Inner Eye.  Now look within your Inner Eye and cast your vision into your Inner Self – your internal universe, your inner visible world. See your internal organs and your inner body as the Cosmic Universe with its planets, stars and multi-dimensional Chi vibration of the sacred New Moon in Gemini. Enjoy your Inner Universe.  Feel serene.  Move your Inner Eye back up to your Inner Moon Eye,  your Third Eye.  Allow the rising and falling of your breath to balance your Third Eye and all your Chakras.  Come back home to yourself – You have just Called in the One.  The One is You. You have called yourself back home to yourself.  When you are home you make good choices and can deal with both practical and spiritual matters. By being realistic you get miracles.  THAT is what the New Moon in Gemini is about!  The orientation of power is within your matrix whether or not you realise it.

Feedback from Healing Workshop

Full Moon in Sagittarius and Sun in Gemini

Greeting Sacred Spirit

MaxiHave you read the previous blog and done the homework?  I sent the audio recording to all who attended with the pictures I took.  I hope you enjoy the feedback and the healing pictures.  Love Toks xxx

“Working with this Moon energy was incredibly powerful. I loved working with the angels. I was moved and felt that I am protected and I experienced a cosmic healing. I am taking away with me trust and inner power. I am protected. I am a Legion of Light. I only felt divine love for being protected during the mediation.”   Maximel Lichtenberg

Gary“It was very intense and very empowering. It was all about the download that came through which will reveal itself by dawn. I experienced sadness, relief and a deep inner strengthening. I was moved by how little I sometimes allow myself to love myself. I got some new perspectives for my life and will take these away with me.  Without these moments to reconnect with Mother, we are lost in our own dreams. Coming to Toks is coming home.”  Gary Reich

Andrea“I felt focussed and appreciative throughout. It was nice to acknowledge my achievements.  I loved dancing and I really enjoyed dressing up in green and embracing green.  The emotions that came out for me was being grateful, feeling gratitude and connection to the cosmos.  I felt grateful and connected to the Universe. I have brought forth my power and am taking this away with me and am learning to be all that I am.  I do not live in London.  I responded to an inner calling to come tonight – it was intuitive.  Thank you Soul Sister, for your gifts and beauty that you share so freely, and for holding a sacred space for my journey.”  Andrea

Yvonne“I found working with the energy of the moon calming. Working with the crystals was quite moving – I experienced clear vision of what my heart wants to do.  I am taking away with me a vision of clarity.  I know now that I need to take a leap of faith and do what I wish. I enjoyed the evening; and being in the company of like minded people helped me to further enjoy the evening. Dear Toks, Thank Yaniyou for a great evening. Hope to see you soon.”   Yvonne Taylor

“During this meditation, I experienced a lot of downloads. I felt peaceful and still, which was very heart-warming. I felt that I had forgiven myself and accepted myself. There was a sense of warmth and kindness emanating from inside me. I had a healthy sense of self-respect and also, felt forgiveness for my father. I am taking away this feeling of love that is not only in myself and for myself, but it is also for all my family and friends and the Universe at large.  We also did some beautiful Shamanic Tribal Dancing – to call in and ground our power and to burn away that which does not serve our Highest Good. It was Beautiful and Brilliant. Thank you. Xxx”  Yanni Konstantinopulos

Gathering of Love

Invocation Blessing

New Moon and Sun in Gemini 16 June 2015

Channelled by Toks Beverley Coker   © Toks Coker 2015

Praying for you

We Greet You

Praying for You

Inviting in New Happiness

Blessings of Love

We Greet You

What is time calling you to do

We Greet You

Gathered in Sacred Harmony

Invoking the Sacred Call

At the Appointed Time

We Greet You

Time is now Daniel Pietrzak

We Greet You

Gathered in Holy Sacrament

Anointing Your New Beginning

The Honoured Time of Now

We Greet You

calling in the one

We Greet You

With Ganesh  Remover of Obstacles

Calling In the One for You

Removing All Obstacles in Your Calling

We Greet You

Fresh Air

We Greet You

With Wide Open Hands

Breathing in Fresh Air in Your Ascension Chamber

Allowing More Freedom into Our Hearts

We Greet You

male female

We Greet You

With the Gift of Two But Not Two

One But Not One

One and One Make Two United in One

We Greet You

penetration of life

We Greet You

With the Penetration of Life

Merging in the Centeredness of Creation 

In the Continuation of the Birthing Cycle

We Greet You

Air of Sunlight

We Greet You

With Your Soul Breakthrough

Breathing Life Force

Into Undiscovered Aspects of Yourself

We Greet You


We Greet You

With the Crystals of Clearing

Healing Your Unhappy Relationship Patterns

Clearing a Pathway of Love for You

We Greet You


We Greet You

With the Breathe of Life

Allowing Yourself

The Gift of Your Life

We Greet You  

Passioncollective energy dancing

I Greet You

With the Dance of Love

Inviting Your Soul Mate

Into the New Opening in Your Heart

We Greet You


We Greet You

With the Lively Dance Steps

In Your Multidimensional Ascension

Accessing Your Transformational Matrix

W Greet You

unicorn dance

We Greet You

With Multidimensional Beings of Light

Meeting You in Your Ascension Portal

In the Beginning of Your Divine Mastery

We Greet You


We Greet You

Oh Incarnate Soul with Your Soul Mate

Anchoring New Paradigms, Upgrades and Downloads

New Visions, Insights and Multidimensional Living in the Now

We Greet You


We Greet You

With Your Inner Eye

Extending Out Beyond the Cosmos

Flying, Flowing, Filling Your Whole Being with Love

We Greet You

Looking Within

We Greet You

With Your Inner Eye

Looking Inward and Down

Deep Within Your Inner Ying and Yang Cosmos

We Greet You

Empowering Celebration

We Greet You

We Greet You

We Greet You

Channelled by Toks Beverley Coker for the New Moon in Gemini 16 June 2015

hands of joy


  1. You can read more on the New Moon in Gemini from last year on https://tokscoker.wordpress.com/?s=gemini+new+moon
  2. What was the most important thing  for you this New Moon?
  3. Remember to keep doing practical things alongside spiritual things.  Keep the balance and the twin energy.
  4. What practical multidimensional matrix have you created for yourself.
  5. If you find it difficult to ground yourself, and easy to live in the Air, you know you have to work on grounding your energy and on grounding tools.  Do something practical every day. This way you anchor balance you need for yourself.
  6. If you find it difficult to meditate and easy to ground your energy, you know you have to work on spiritual matters and activate your multi-dimensional being. Do something spiritual every day.   This way you anchor balance you need for yourself.
  7. Remember to love and soothe your heart.  Doing the triple heater sound helps to balance and recycle you.  The triple heater sound is HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.  It is the same as the word ‘He’ with the ‘e’ extended as you breathe out.   This is you playing with the energy of Air and using it to heal you and soothe you and calm you and balance you.
  8. Remember to thank your life.

    Toks Coker

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Full Moon in Aquarius & Sun in Leo 22/07/2013

Flowing Water at Kew Garden

Happy Full Moon in Aquarius & Sun in Leo 22/07/2013

LAMMAS [Lughnasadh] FIRST HARVEST  27 & 28 July

Grand Water Trine July 17

Twin Star of David Merkaba 29 July & 25 August

On the Menu we have:

  1. Invocation Blessing for Happy Full Moon in Aquarius 22/07/2013
  2. ENERGY OF NOW: Happy Full Moon in Aquarius 22/07/2013(Element: Air/Fire)
    1. Changing Times chefsfresh fruits at Shabat
    2. Oscillating Kaleidoscope
    3. Creating a Sacred Life
    4. Working with the Four Elements
    5. Celebrating You
    6. Past Full Moon in Aquarius & Sun in Leo
    7. Build up of the Twin Star of David Merkaba 29 July & 25 August from the Grand Water Trine 17 July
  3. QUOTEs: Happy Full Moon in Aquarius
  4. ACTION: Happy Full Moon in Aquarius
    1. Kew Garden: Soul II Soul and Leona Lewis
    2. Dr. Masaru Emoto
  5. What will be covered in this Meditation Workshop
  6. Homework
  7. 2013 Diary, Contact Details & Spiritual Investment
    1. Distant Healing delicious rice and onions
    2. This Workshop
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    4. Future Crystal Meditation Workshop Dates & Information
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    6. Social Media
    7. 1:1 Private & Confidential Sessions

Leona Lewis

Invocation Blessing for Happy Full Moon in Aquarius 22/07/2013

Fullness of Life

We Greet You

With the Full Moon Shining Brightly

Overlooking the Horizon of Your Life

Sparkling Dewdrops on Your Face

We Greet You


We Greet You

With Lammas

Celebrating the First Harvest

Yielding Springy Crops

We Greet You


We Greet You

With the Grand Water Trine of July 17

The Twin Star of David Merkaba

Happening on July 29 and on August 25

We Greet You


We Greet You

In the Journeys You Have Taken

And the Choices You Have Made

Integrating Your Left and Right Brain

We Greet You

grounded tree

We Greet You

With the Energy of Learning

Art and Science

Maths and Religion

We Greet You

Studying Life

We Greet You

With the Dynamics of Study in Your Life

Studying Sufism & Buddhism

Studying Meditation & Hinduism

We Greet You

celebrating you

We Greet You

With Your Growth Process

Reflecting and Celebrating Who You Are

Basking In the Adoration of the Full Moon

We Greet You


We Greet You

With the Angels of Light

Beings of Light Guiding You

Helping You to Follow Through

We Greet You


We Greet You

With the Native American Indians

Dancing with the Angels

Helping You to Find Your Way

We Greet You

Angels of Light

We Greet You

With a Boundary Surrounding You

Four Directions: North South East West

Four Elements: Air Fire Water Earth

We Greet You

Suzy Twigg and Doggy

We Greet You

With the Question in Your Heart

Asking Divine to Give You a Sign

With the Energy of this FullMoon

We Greet You


We Greet You

With Your Psychic Abilities

Automatic Writing, Scrying, Telepathy

Psychometry, Clairaudience, Bilocation

We Greet You


We Greet You

With What Lies Within You

Knowing Inner Gems of Greatness

Manifest Now in Your Reality

We Greet You

Full Bloom Tree

We Greet You

With Your Ability to Know

To Sense Re-Remembering Your Life

Divination, Retro-cognition, Death-Warnings

We Greet You


We Greet You

With Truth Mantras

Sounding in the Air

Purifying & Liberating You

We Greet You


We Greet You

With Black Crows Sitting in a Circle in the Temple of the Great Pyramid

Sacred Keepers of the Sacred Law & the Unknown

Guardians of Ceremonial Magic and Healing

We Greet You

Emoto and Toks

We Greet You

With the Magic of Power

The Blessings of Sacredness

The Anointment of Breathe

We Greet You

Happy Birthday Toks xxx

We Greet You

With the Celebration of You

The Wholeness of You

The Fullness of You

We Greet You

Picnic Birthday 7 July

We Greet You

We Greet You

We Greet You

Channelled by Toks Beverley Coker for Full Moon in Aquarius

ENERGY OF NOW: Energy of Full Moon in Aquarius 22/07/2013(Element: Air/Fire)

Changing Times

These really are changing times and with the energy of the Full Moon you are going to receive Instant Karma with everyone and with yourself.  Someone will say something and you will get sensitive and shout at them and cry.  Someone will speak to you in a certain manner and  you will send a text to tell them you do not like the way they have spoken to you.  This is all so full on and instant and reactive.Cheers

Everyone, including you, will become ‘paranoid’ and think this person or that person is ‘out to get you’ or ‘does not like you’ or ‘is hiding something’.  These changing times cause emotional disturbances, distrust and suspicions.  AND may I say this is ALL GOOD!!!! It shows how we are all processing the energy coming down; whether or not we are aware of them or believe in what I am talking about. 

All this misunderstanding heralds the changing times we are all going through.  So if this is collective, how do we process individually?  If this is individual, how do we process collectively?  You asking me?  I am asking you! 

Take a look at the people around you and take a look at your own ‘boiling supressed rage’ due to the ‘paranoid’ mind. Do you see what I mean? So many unexplained emotions that are not rational and yet the person with the ‘rage’ thinks that they are.  Everyone needs an outlet to vent frustrations so talk to someone and express your frustrations. You will find that after you do you will feel free and feel you can breathe better.  All the ‘misunderstandings’ need to be let out like hot steam from a pot. 

Also remember good intensions are not always ‘good’ and may create a backlash, a misunderstanding, a distrust and a distancing.  Not all good intentions serve the person or society they are meant for.  Remember slave trade ended years ago!

Thinking MindSometimes habits keep us trapped in habits that do not serve us; so I ask you: How are your habits making you unhappy? How are your habits making people around you unhappy?  These changing times require new habits that enable you to process through these changing times.  Stronger boundaries need to be created.  Are you clear on the boundaries you need to have around you; as you are processing through these changes? There really is a need to be clear about your boundaries and to put up good strong protection around you.

Being tied in knots by others or by  yourself is not a funny experience if you do not want to be tied up in knots.  Some people have a definite  aptitude for keeping others tied in knots.  Some are good at tying knots. Others excel at being tied in knots.  Both the tier and the tied may be unaware of how it is done; or even that it being done at all. Which are you?  Do you feel tied up in knots in your tummy or your head?

Oscillating Kaleidoscope

This Oscillating Mix of this Full Moon is a fabulous visual kaleidoscope of colourful emotions and beauty. Each pattern reflecting; telling its own story, according to its own truth. When the two opposing energies meet they make us ask questions creating a kaleidoscope of life.

  1. Symbol of Aquarius: Water Bearer/Carrier AquariusAquarius is an Air Sign. We have a human pouring water out of a jug. This water is the celestial water of knowledge that quenches our thirst for knowledge and insight. It reminds us of the Greek God, Prometheus, who gave human fire and got punished by the other Greek Gods. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Prometheus.  Aquarius wants to help humanity and it is about the collective as a whole not the individual. Air element is concerned with thinking, communication and the brain.
  2. Symbol of Leo: LionLeoLeo is Fire Sign. We have the lion roaring with pride declaring its presence and shining recognition with it’s golden main of authority. The energy of the Full Moon in Aquarius wants a feeling of freedom from all forms of stagnation.  The energy IS crying out to be free and to have movement in all areas.  Along comes the Lion, erupting, bursting forth, charging through to reveal the urgency of the information, presented boldly and clearly. Leo is all about the self, the individual and not the collective

Questions: What story are you reflecting and telling now? Where is the contradiction?  What can youcollective energy dancing do alone for the collective? What can the collective do for you?  Who can you forgive today?  How about yourself?  Remember if you forgive others you give room for yourself to be forgiven. Sometimes the fault we see in others may be the fault we have hidden somewhere within us that we cannot see! This really is a time to support each other. This really is the time to have somebody’s back!  Can you do that?  Or is it proving difficult?  Please be gentle with yourself, for, as with all Full Moons, this is a time of contradictions, revelations and oppositions.  The only way you are going to survive this is taking one moment at a time and living in the now with the fullness of your thinking mind. Enjoy the oscillating dance…..

Creating a Sacred Life

I really believe that creating a sacred life involves truths being revealed to you.  Know that, now, truths imagecan be revealed to you by mistake! and they can be revealed to you by an event triggering a discussion or an uproar! or by you calling forth truths for a Sacred Life.  Once you get the insight of the truth of a situation you grasp it as a lesson learnt and an insight gained.  I always say when this happens especially with this energy make sure you savour the moment and really allow it to sink into your being and enjoy the sensation and feeling and thinking it brings with it; like “I knew this already.” or “How come I am not surprised?” or “I am so glad this has happened because now I know the truth and the actions and words spoken have revealed to me the real hidden deep truths.”  This is the Full Moon in Aquarius shining its light to reveal and uphold the truth.

Creating a Sacred Life is also clearing clutter in your life.  Clearing clutter could be clearing physical clclean homeutter in your home, office, room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, dinning room, living room. Clearing clutter could be emotional clutter in your heart, as well as, mental clutter in your mind.  It could also be clearing clutter in your physical body e.g. where there is pain there is clutter of energy that needs to be released.  This clearing is sacred alchemy of clutter clearing, which involves great cleansing of stagnant energy and creating vibrant energy.  When you let go of any clutter you are creating a Sacred Life.  This is the Sun in Leo creating a regal setting around you.

Working with the Four Elements

Creating a Sacred Life can involve working with the four elements in all areas of your life. The two elements that are strong with this energy now are Air and Fire.  Aquarius is an Air sign yet has the Water Bearer as its symbol of freedom and sharing.  Leo is a Fire sign yet has the earthy lion as its symbol of showy power and royalty.

  1. You can use the Air elemeaeroplanent to activate clarity and mental capacities. You could eat salads and listen to flute music.  You could breathe in the lovely smell of fresh vegetables, spices and herbs. You could eat outside and breathe in the fresh air and feel the air on your face and around you. You can smell lovely flowers and watch bees moving in the air or aeroplanes flying above. Activate learning in life. fish
  2. You can use the Water element to sooth and balance emotions. You could drink water to cleanse your digestive system.  You could have a shower to cool you down. You could eat food that comes from water (fish, squid, seaweed) or with a lot of water in them (melon, cucumber, soups) or juice your food.  You could listen to the sound of waves and walk by a lake or river. Activate a healing feeling in life.
  3. You can Fireuse the Fire element to lift and activate creativity.  Our Chi force is fire life force within us.  You could barbecue your food and have fiery pepper. You could light a candle to purify the air. You could dance a passionate dance to activate your life force and get rid of stagnant energy.  You can light your fire in your life and bring in prosperity. Activate a rising spirit in life, like the phoenix that rose out of the fire. feet
  4. You can use the Earth element to ground and stabilise.  You could eat outside and have a picnic and stand with no shoes on the grass.  Thank the creatures you eat.  Thank the plants and vegetables that grow so you can eat them.  Thank all the money that sustains your life.  Activate stability in life.

Celebrating You

You must remember that all the energies pouring in are for your own good and humanity.  Your development with all these energies is your gift to yourself.  The more you develop your spiritual life thcelebrating youe more you are able to help the world; and gift the world your wonderful essence and presence.

Think of one person in your life who is a constant friend: someone you can always talk to, shout at, discuss things with, laugh with, play with, go out with, go for walks with, eat together, visit friends and family with, as well as, relax with.  This is someone who celebrates YOU!  Why not choose to celebrate them too?  Sometimes we forget how people around us may be celebrating us and take them for granted.  With this Full Moon in Aquarius and Sun in Leo let the light shine on you and on them too.  Do something together.Manifesting

Past Full Moon in Aquarius & Sun in Leo

Scroll down the following links to read more about the Energy of Full Moon in Aquarius and the Sun in Leo.

 https://tokscoker.wordpress.com/?s=full+moon+in+aquARIUS 2 August 2012 (What was Celebrated, Frustrations, Knots, Healing with Water and Air, Unusual People are Happy People, Homework)

https://tokscoker.wordpress.com/page/2/?s=full+moon+in+aquARIUS 13 August 2011 (Aquarius Vs Leo, Numhurrayerology of 8, Pain, Book: Attracting Genuine Love, Hidden Agendas, Homework)

Build up of the Twin Star of David Merkaba 29 July & 25 August from the Grand Water Trine 17 July

The 29 July is a very powerful time to manifest and bring forth what you are wanting as we once more come to the shifting changing energies of our time.  Try these links out and enjoy educating your mind, and reminding your mind and your soul. 

How to Activate Your LightBody / Merkaba = (By Drunvalo Melchizedek)

Carol Ann Ciocco Merkaba Stargate suggests in her Newsletter that on 29 July we Meditate on these paintings of the Merkaba Star and other sacred geometry forms and also mentions in her newsletter Mary Shea Twin Star of David 

QUOTE: Happy Full Moon in Aquarius

Crystal Healing with Spiritual Healing Massage

"What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us." Oliver Wendell Holms

“Just as flowers open up and bear fruit, just as the moon appears and invariably grows full, just as a lamp becomes brighter when oil is added, and just as plants and trees flourish with rain, so will human beings never fail to prosper when they make good causes.” The Third Day of the New Year (WND-1, 1013)

‘What you are looking for…is who you are looking for…’ St.Francis

ACTION: Happy Full Moon in Aquarius

Enjoy the pleasures of life with the energy of the Full Moon in Aquarius.  What gives you pleasure and lifts your heart?  Then do it with the energy of the Full Moon. I have shared three Utube videos I hope you like. Love Toks xxxxx

Backing SingersDancers Soul II SoulSoul II SoulCaron Wheeler

Saw original Soul II Soul creator Jazzie B, and singer Caron Wheeler and was transported to 1980s at Kew GardeViolinistns. Click to listen lovely musicI am cool on the guiterSoul II Soul – Back To Life

Also saw Leona Lewis at Kew Gardens. She was awesome as usual.  Click to listen to her winning song Leona Lewis – X Factor [Final] – A Moment Like This

Leona is LovelySexy LeonaHello from LeonaLeona LewisLeona SmilesLeona Lewis Concert at Kew July 2013Dr Masaru EmotoEmoto and Toks

Dr Emoto believes that water holds energy – positive and negative.  He believes that if we clean our water we will heal ourselves and that cleansing all waters of the earth releases all old painful memories in the waters on earth and in our bodies.  Water is extra-terrestrial and universal.  The earth is made up of water, which has memory, consciousness and is alive. Did you know we are made of 75% water?   The Grand Water Trine IS a harmonious triangle to help us work with our emotions and makes me think of all the collective emotions of the three water signs that form it: Cancer (rivers, lakes), Scorpio (frozen ice) and Pisces (vast ocean). There are 3 equal sides in a Trine.  Click to see wonderful power of water energy Water, Consciousness & Intent: Dr. Masaru Emoto

What will be covered in this Meditation Workshop Sitting in a Circle of Crystals

You will cover all the above and more. You will be defining your boundaries and putting up full protection for these changing times.  You will surround yourself with crystals and heal the sadness in the tears; and after the tears celebrate the creativity produced by the cleansing.  You will take away practical exercise that will help you during these changing times. You will celebrate right action and know the right action/s to take.


  1. Aim to communicate honestly from your heart.opening to fullness
  2. Be aware of any ‘hidden agendas’ around you.  ‘Hidden Agendas’ will be revealed with the energy of the Full Moon in Aquarius.  Remember the ‘Hidden Agendas’ could be yours or others.  Which are yours and which belong to other people.  Own them if they are yours.
  3. Notice how you feel when someone says ‘No’ to you.  Notice how you think when someone says ‘No’ to you. Notice how you breathe when someone says ‘No’ to you.  Notice how your body acts when someone says ‘No’ to you.  Practice ‘Noticing’.  Own them all. For this is YOU right now in the fullness of your life. 
  4. Create a sacred space in your kitchen.
  5. Be aware of how you cook and energise your food with the four elements: air, water, fire, earth.
  6. How are you attracting love into your life?  How are you keeping your love in your life? 
  7. What is the numerology of 8? Scroll down for the answer https://tokscoker.wordpress.com/page/2/?s=full+moon+in+aquARIUS 

Picnic Birthday 7 JulyHappy Birthday Toks xxx

2013 Diary, Contact Details & Spiritual Investment

  1. Distant Healing
  • This Workshop
  • Other Workshops: 8 dates
  • Future Crystal Meditation Workshop Dates & Information
  • Exhibitions: Mind Body Soul Experience & The Yoga Show
  • Social Media
  • 1:1 Private & Confidential Sessions
  • 1. Distance Healing

    Follow Toks on her Fan Face Book page and receive free Distant Healing on the day of the Full Moon and New Moon.  This is a free gift to you from Hands of Light.  The next distant healing is on 22 July to celebrate the Full Moon in Aquarius around 9pm. What would you like distant healing for? Like my fan page and get your free Distant Healing. You can paste your requests on my fan page. Thank you xxx https://www.facebook.com/handsoflighthealing 

    2. This Workshop

    See you at this meditation workshop. Happy Full Moon in Aquarius 22/07/2013   Please bring something to share if you can e.g. salad, vegetarian, fruits. No pork please. Thank you.  http://fullmoonaquarius220713-eorg.eventbrite.com/  

    3. Other Workshops

    These workshop dates will carry credits for CPDs and increase your own spiritual power. 

    • September 21/22
    • October 12/13
    • November 16/17
    • December 14/15

    4. Future Crystal Meditation Workshop Dates:


    ALL 2013 Dates: https://tokscoker.wordpress.com/2013-dates-celebration-moon-workshops/

    Info on Meditation: http://www.tokscoker.com/moon_meditation.html

    Info on New Moon Meditation: http://www.tokscoker.com/new_moon_meditation.html

    Info on Full Moon Meditation: http://www.tokscoker.com/full_moon_meditation.html

    5. Mind Body Soul Experience & Yoga ShowHannah Iron MindBodySoulMaizie MindBodySoul

    Toks is at The MIND BODY SOUL EXHIBITION AND The YOGA SHOW on 25, 26, 27 October 2013.  The fabulous team are the beautiful Hannah Iron, Natasha Calver and Maizie; and they say to you

    “Come see Toks. She is sensational.”


    Friday 25th October          12.30pm – 1.00pmdance of isis osiris horus

    Stage of Mind Body Soul:  The Dance of Isis Osiris and Horus with Toks Coker    Sensitive healing dance of Isis Osiris and Horus to transform your life.  Hold a wish as you watch this magical dance and heal your own portal of pain and love.  A flowing celestial dance of healing life death and rebirth; full of passion, colour and expression.

    Saturday 26th October     12.30pm – 1.30pm

    Workshop Room 2:  The Energy of Now Crystal with Toks Coker    If you are feeling confused, alone, frightened, stressed, ‘dead’, unsure about your life and looking for answers; this practical experiential healing workshop will give you insightful invigorating answers in any area of your life: relationships, work, family, love, money, etc. Take bold empowering steps and decisions. Understand why things are happening to you. Create a NEW YOU and a new Now. We will be working with the powerful energy of crystals, dragons, peace, harmony, balance and more.

    Saturday 26th October      3.15pm – 3.45pm

    Experience Zone:  Sexy Chakra Dance with Toks Coker    Demonstrating fun healing movements for each chakra, healing gestures, power stands, psychic protection.  Experience moving energy through your body working with the each of the 7 chakras, 7 power movements and 7 sacred sounds.  A very grounding, cleansing, energising, invigorating and healing experience for transcendence.

    Sunday 27th October      12.00pm – 12.30pmdance of isis osiris horus

    Stage of Mind Body Soul:    The Dance of Isis Osiris and Horus with Toks Coke   Sensitive healing dance of Isis Osiris and Horus to transform your life.  Hold a wish as you watch this magical dance and heal your own portal of pain and love.  A flowing celestial dance healing life death and rebirth; full of passion, colour and expression.

    Sunday 27th October     1.30pm – 2.00pm

    Experience Zone:   Sexy Chakra Dance with Toks Coker    Demonstrating fun healing movements for each chakra, healing gestures, power stands, psychic protection.  Experience moving energy through your body working with the each of the 7 chakras, 7 power movements and 7 sacred sounds.  A very grounding, cleansing, energising, invigorating and healing experience for transcendence.

    Saturday 26th October     11.00am – 11.20am dance of isis osiris horus

    Stage Area of the Yoga Show:   The Dance of Isis Osiris and Horus  with Toks Coker   Sensitive healing dance of Isis Osiris and Horus to transform your life.  Hold a wish as you watch this magical dance and heal your own portal of pain and love.  A flowing celestial dance healing life death and rebirth; full of passion, colour and expression.

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    7. 1:1 Private & Confidential Sessions

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    Full Bloom Tree

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