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ECLIPSE Full Moon in Libra 23 March 2016

Red heartFull Moon in Libra – Sun in Aries      Red heartPink Moon       Red heartActual Time: 12:02 BST (12:02pm) London 

  Red heartElement – Air/Fire    Red heartPENUMBRAL LUNAR ECLIPSE in Asia, Australia, Pacific, Western Americas 

Red heartClick here for details: ECLIPE FULL MOON GATHERING  7pm


Energy of Now: Eclipse Full Moon in Libra and Sun in Aries

gi brideBalance  One of the hardest things in life is to balance your Fire Energy (Aries) with your Air Energy (Libra).  Libra wants to balance and Aries wants to lead.  With the pushy energy of Aries it is really hard to find balance, the greatest need in Libra.  Finding it hard to balance your thinking with your practical is a challenge around this time.  Be extra cautious and patient with yourself and others.

Inner and Outer Challenges So you decide that you want to balance things and you want to lead at the same time.  And sometimes you realise that you cannot balance and lead at the same time.  You stress yourself out as you try to balance and lead your life.  Then you find that, in your interactions with others, as you try to balance and lead, there is friction.  The other does not think you can lead and wants to lead.  You think thy cannot lead and you should lead.  Sometimes the desire to lead and balance at the same time can lead to stress, lack of trust, shouting, as well as, writing texts and emails that do not convey what your heart really seeks.  The Energy of Libra seeks balance, which is peace of mind.  The Energy of Aries confronts and wants to argue and shout and rant.  What you find ensuing is dis-cord, misunderstanding, annoyance, impatience, separation, the very things you do not want and the situations you do not crave for. 

animal totem and human totemAnimal Totems  This unfolding in your life is powerful magic.  You can work with the Energy of the Horse or the Crow.  Both have great power to move things.  Both have great magic that transforms and helps you in your transition/s as you transform.  Both animal totems help with releasing and renewing. Both initiate endings and beginnings which can be quick or slow.  I believe this energy is quite fast and it happens without giving your any warning or time to prepare. 

Spring   This is the beginning of Spring.  The uprooting and chaos has led to a tiny bud coming out of the Earth.  This is Spring Time.  This is the celebration of the New with the clearing of the Old and the blooming manifestation of your successes.

Past Energy  You can read up on the previous energy by clicking on: 2015 Full Moon in Libra. 

Time Between Eclipses The Time Between Eclipses is a time of conflict and breakups.  The need to be balanced and calm is a a real challenge around this time. You hear someone say something, and, you know you should not say anything; but something ‘grips’ you, and suddenly your ego goes into play, and you say, and do something, that you thought would be helpful and supportive; only to have the very person you are trying to help (from your ego) turn on you.  What ensures is back biting, psychic attack, verbal attack, nastiness and bitterness. 

thinkingFamily Karma  The Time Between Eclipses brings with it a lot of family karma, family issues, family fights and family challenges.  It also breeds breakups and separation.  This family karma seeps into every area of your life.  You may find yourself breaking up; and repeating a pattern of a member of your family.  You may suddenly realise you have a trait you do  not like and you want to change.  You are facing challenges in your family you do not want to look at. You feel tired, drained, exhausted and exasperated. Your fall ill. You are not balanced.  You give up. You give in. You let go. 

Change  Change is the name of the game with this Eclipse – it invites in gentle change in an aggressive way!  So what am I saying?  It invites in aggression even when you are gentle!  Now that is the catch.  How do you maintain your cool and balance when someone is shouting at you?  I breath in and go within and find the still calm space within me that grows lovely flowers and has lovely green rich grass. What do you do?  Please do not tell me you grab the neck of the person! 

What is the Magic?  The magic is staying calm no matter what.  The magic is watching your behaviour as well as the others around you. The magic is recognising your patterns and there’s.  The magic is not being drawn into the drama – yours or there’s. The magic is staying grounded and focused like the horse.  The magic is removing yourself form the unhealthy situation like the Crow.  Now this does not mean you are weak.  It means you are like the Porcupine who pretends to play dead to fool it’s enemy and the runs away when the energy goes.  Now that is smart.

researchThe Blossoming  This Full Moon asks us to blossom our victories no matter how small.  My victory was creating one minute videos and sharing them on my YouTube channel.  I felt so proud.  It was one of the things I had said I wanted to do and with all the chaos around me I suddenly found this inner stillness that guided me to produce and deliver four one minute talks.  I am celebrating my little small big win. I have posted 4 short one minute videos on YouTube. They are: Time Between Eclipses, Impossible Moments, the Colour Red, Numerology Workshops.  It is the first time I have done this myself and I am very proud of myself. It is one of my lovely achievements I am celebrating this Full Moon. What will you be celebrating this Full Moon?  Come celebrate with me tonight. It would be so good to have you with me. 

Seeing  This Eclipse is a time to see what needs to be seen.  It is a time to reveal what has been hidden.  It is a time of contrasts. It is a time of endings and beginnings. It is a time of openings and closing.  It is a time of hunger and fullness.  It is a time of consciously being aware and consciously being unaware. It is a time of unconsciously being aware and unconsciously being unaware.  Did that confuse you?  It did me for a while.  This Eclipse does not suffer fools. Period.  It is like it ‘throws up’.  It is like it creates an upheaval and dis-comfort both internally and externally. 

Choices  I have found this Energy to be slow and then fast. It does not allow me to make choices or decisions easily. It seems to stall me and then after a while give me an answer.  Also the Energy seems to be blocking a way of thinking.  This is not surprising as we are in the Vortex of an Eclipse and we have been journeying between two Eclipses.  This is why all this is extremely overwhelming and powerful at the same time.

tree magic 5.9.11

Spring Equinox 2016

Spring Equinox is about balancing good and evil, light and dark, up and down.  It is a time to put a SPRING in your step and clean your house.  Tidy up your home, your environment, your accounts, your life. I cleansed my home as we had a new kitchen put in.  The dust was simply amazing. It took days to clean the flat.

Back to work – I have taken the write up on the Spring Equinox from two of my friends: Chloe and Mariam.  They both sum it up in a way that is so nice, different and apt. Both very informative and powerful. 

Thank you Chloe:

"Last night I lost the world and gained the Universe." – C. Joybell C.
This Equinox is between two eclipses which makes for flexibility and creativity as a path forwards. It is extremely important to release old patterns to leave space for a rebirthing to happen. Weeding, spring cleaning and preparation for new growth are traditional themes at this time of year. They are more important than ever emotionally and mentally as well as physically, together with  reinforcing our spiritual practice.

By letting go of old patterns, we have the opportunity to find our true path which has the potential to be more fulfilling than we can imagine. Resisting this opportunity will be more uncomfortable than ever as home truths are not going to go away, and, the feeling of being stuck, unhappy and in chaos will persist. We need to look at several key issues. Is our choice of career right and are we happy? Are we content with our lives generally? If not, what can we do differently? Are we still holding on to negative beliefs? Are we forgiving? Are we being true to our values? Am I using my "voice"?

Creativity in all its forms can lead us to clarity and our "voice" without forcing results. There is a combination of an adventurous spirit, risk taking and being assertive available to us. Because Spring can be seductive and dreamy, there is an element of have fun but stay grounded, especially as this is such an important turning point collectively and individually. A sense of humour over timing is vital as we deal with passion and spontaneity on one hand and being aware of how we effect others on the other.

Some of the above is very familiar but we are running out of time. Finding a balance between lightness of spirit and boundaries can be challenging together with that sense of watching our back. Meditation on our feet can support us, together with being part of a community. More than anything, enjoy the journey …      Chloe   http://www.tiegsolus.moonfruit.com/

Thank you Marian Rose:

….and now we’re flowing into the season of Spring (the Wood Element), I find myself in a wooden house surrounded by trees!    …. Liver, the Yin organ of the Wood Element.

The Wood Element embodies the qualities of Spring, which is all about rebirth, blossoming, rejuvenation.  We’ve moved from Winter’s deep contracting Yin energy into Spring’s expansion and newly flourishing Yang energy.  I’m loving the way the first wild flowers are rising out of the earth, the first buds of the orange blossom flowering, and the jasmine perfuming the air.

So, the Wood Element in nature is all about smoothly flowing, upward rising ,expansive, sensual, creative energy.    When we human earth walkers are in alignment, our life force energy or (Qi) flows smoothly through channels (or meridians) keeping us physically healthy but also keeping our emotions flowing smoothly….  The Liver in Chinese Medicine is the vital Yin organ whose main responsibility is to keep all the cogs oiled, aka keep the Qi flowing.  Its a bit like the clever system of water channels, called asequia’s that they use here in this area of Spain to ensure that every last tree and crop receives enough water.   But if the little drainage channels get clogged up with fallen oranges, olive twigs and general foliage, the water gets stuck and so the trees can’t be nourished and grow.    Just as in our beautiful bodies, if the Liver gets clogged up, Qi gets stuck in our channels and it can’t move the Blood to nourish the organs, nor can it help us to move through stagnant emotions.

The Liver plays a vital role for women too, in that it helps us create abundant menstrual Blood, and helps it to flow regularly and comfortably.  The Liver helps us also to flow easily through the different stages of our female life cycle.  Healthy Liver energy contributes to a vibrant, creative menopause or ‘Second Spring’, as it is so beautifully and wisely called in Chinese Medicine.  A happy Wood element promotes the flow of sexual energy, keeping it transforming, vital and sensual.  ….the Spring Equinox, a special time of equal light and darkness, so of perfectly balanced yang and yin.  Marian Rose, newsletter to me.  taotreasures@gmail.com

We offer you

Invocation Blessing for the Eclipse Full Moon in Libra

crystals of healing

We Greet You

With the Eclipse – Equinox – Eclipse Energy

Portal Openings and Closures

Passage Ways in Time and No-Time

We Greet You

crystals of life

We Greet You

With Your Magnetic Energy

Gathering Forces of Light

Perfectly Balanced Inside and Outside You

We Greet You

crystals resting

We Greet You

With the Cleansing of the Total Solar Eclipse

The Green Budding of the Spring Equinox

The Shifts of this Partial Lunar Eclipse

We Greet You

Crystals of Love

We Greet You

With the Balance of Life

Creating Softness and Hardness of Life

In the Wonderful Melting Pot of You

We Greet You


We Greet You

With Jupiter and the Lunar Eclipse Full Moon

Dancing the Dance of Light and Dark

Healing Real Relationship Rifts and Transforming Negative Patterns

We Greet You


We Greet You

With the Illumined Compassionate Mind

Victoriously  Facing Fear   Solving Problems

Confidently  Finding Issues   Showing Solutions

We Greet You

Power and Light

We Greet You

With the Energy of Pure Power

Allowing You to Stand Strong

Shinning Brightly Confident and Sure

We Greet You


We Greet You

With Your Financial Blueprint

Loving and Feeling Good about Money

Making Friends with Money: Money Your Friend

We Greet You

third eye activation

We Greet You

With Your Spiritual Blueprint

Journeying Your Spiritual Quest

Connecting and Living Your Radiating Divine Essence

We Greet You


We Greet You

With Your Relationship Blueprint

Living with Compassionate Joyful Happy Hearts

Filled with Great Communication Respect and Love

We Greet You


We Greet You

With Your Physical Blueprint

Celebrating Longevity Strength Rootedness

Doing Practical Actions with Great Results

We Greet You

crytal ankh

We Greet You

With a Sacred Site Activation (Chichin Itza)

Observing Your Ritual Sacred Altar

Celebrating Your Ceremonial Sacred Space

We Greet You


We Greet You

With the Sharing of Precious Moments

Anointing You with Great Blessings

In Your MicroCosmic Orbit

We Greet You

we greet you

We Greet You

We Greet You

We Greet You

Channelled by Toks Beverley Coker for the Eclipse Full Moon on 23 March 2016

  heal smilehappy smileshello


  1. Fall in love with people who inspire you to love yourself.
  2. Fall in love with yourself.
  3. Sometimes your heart needs more time to accept what your mind already knows.
  4. Sometimes you mind needs more time to accept what your heart already knows.
  5. "If one wishes to secure happiness and peace for all people, one cannot help but turn one’s attention to social change. Transforming this troubled saha world in which we live into the Land of Tranquil Light( a Buddha land) is the true essence of ‘establishing the correct teaching for the peace of the land" (Daisaku Ikeda: AOL, April 2016, pg. 12)
  6. Be the change that you wish to see in the world. Gandhi



The theme of today’s homework is:  If you want to change anything in your physical world you have to work on all the other areas of your life – your emotional, mental and spiritual world. Here are some exercises that will help you.

  1. How would your life change if you got what you really wanted?  Write it down.  Close your eyes and really feel it, see it, taste it, hear it, speak it, touch it, smell it.
  2. What would you have to change so you could get what you wanted in your life?
  3. What are the reasons you give yourself for being out of balance?
  4. What do I need to hear when I am feeling confused? alone? undecided? angry? not trusted? not trusting? 
  5. What makes me stand out? 
  6. TO BE HAPPY:  What do I need to know today?  What do I need to do today?  What do I need to think today?  What do I need to see today?  What do I need to say today?  What do I need to touch today?  What do I need to hear today? What do I need to feel today?
  7. How can you change your financial future? One way is visualising having more money.  Another is monitoring and being mindful how you practically spend your money. Do you need to buy lunch and coffee every day? All this adds up to thousands of pound in the year!  Do you really need to buy and pay for this item, car, house, etc.?  Would it be better to save the money for something you truly want?  What do you really want?  What is the root cause of your lack of money?
  8. How can you change your intimate relationship in the future?  One way is to have discussions and communicate with each other.  Another is to say empowering and loving works to each other on a daily basis.  What is the root cause of your lack of an intimate relationship?
  9. How can you change your spiritual future?  One way is to attend the Alchemical Moon Gatherings with Toks.  Another is to start looking at the spiritual value each action you do, brings to your life.  Get clear on your spiritual goals and what they will mean to you. What is the root cause of your lack of a spiritual life?
  10. Are you willing to do what it takes to get what you want?  To do so you need to first know what you want and why you want it.  Here is an example: So if you know you want a new house, you have to know why you want it. List 10 reasons why you want a new house:
      1. I will have more space: to move around in, to store my things in, to have extra bedrooms so people can spend the night, to have space for my office, an area to play and relax, a working space for workshops.
      2. Inside Rooms:  an office, a master bedroom with ensuite bathroom/toilet, a meditation space for groups, a healing room, a study area, a library area, a storage space, a laundry room, 
      3. Outside space:  a garden, two garages, a lawn and picnic area, a pool
      4. Other things you want to add:
  11. After we celebrate all our blooming and blossoming and what we have achieved this ECLIPSE FULL MOON, we have to prepare ourselves for more learning and we have to look at different ways of doing things.  We need to learn new things to change e.g. look at different new ways to make more profit or have a healthier relationship.  What do you need to learn? 
  12. It is very important to find yourself with this Full Moon and in your personal reflections.  You can call back your fragmented parts home to you.  You can break ties that bind in a negative way.  You can clear out the old out-dated way of being.  You clear out the baggage and make room for a new way of being, a new way of learning and a new way of doing things.  If something does not work stop doing it.  Learn another way to do it.  What do you need to let go of so you can create space for something more?
  13. I believe that change comes from the invisible and from the visible.  In our Moon Gatherings we see the visible and invisible changes in the people.  Some loose weight. Some develop more self confidence.  Some get married.  Some feel strong enough to leave their jobs and / or partner.  Some move on to create an empire. These hidden and revealed aspects help to change people.  If they believe life is difficult life is difficult.  If they believe life is easy then life is easy. BELIEVE IN WHAT YOU WANT.


    Message from Toks Coker

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      Blue Full Moon in Aquarius & Sun in Leo 31 July

      Mother Earth Water Fountain of Life and Youth

      Have two fantastic days of really good power

      Happy Blue Full Moon 31 July         

      Happy Lammas  Lughnasadh 1 August

      merve holds the full moon

      The Energy of Now:  Holding the Blue Full Moon

      clip_image001[477] Friday 31 July 2015clip_image001[478] Full Moon in Aquarius – Sun in Leoclip_image001[479] BLUE MOON – 11:45 BST London

      clip_image001[480] Element – Air/Fire clip_image001[481] Book HERE   http://fullmoonaquarius2015.eventbrite.co.uk

      Matrix of LoveRare Blue Moon  A Blue Moon is a rare occurrence.  It occurs when two Full Moons appear in one month (July 1 and July 31).  It is the only Blue Moon this year 2015.  What rare thing are you going to experience with this Blue Full Moon?

      NASA BLUE MOON  Did you know that Red Moons are more common than Blue Moons? Blue moons happen when volcano’s erupt and fires break out.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4HRKl0fa2dg 

      I have used 3 quotes from a  Mystical Poet, Hafez; who like Rumi, wrote about his mystic altered states of consciousness.  I feel these quotes are very relevant with the Energy of Now.

      The Mystic Poet, Hafez, wrote:

      An Awake Heart is like a Sky that Pours Light.

      Light This Full Moon pours light on Earth and brings a lot of information in the message of dreams, signs, symbols and omens.  It brings lots of different downloads – can you handle them?  Take in only what you can manage or you may go mad with this Full Moon.  Be cautious with what you choose to do with your life around this time.  Be mindful what you say, do, think and act.  The luminous light of this Full Moon will reveal it and any darkness in your pathway.  The Light asks you: “What are you seeking this Full Moon?” and “What do you see this Full Blue Moon?”

      turn your back onCruelty  and Cameras  We see so many beatings and deaths and bullying on social media.  Cameras are recording what happens so we can shed light on the dark side of nature.  Are we human?  What are we when we watch these horrors?  Are we accepting, allowing and/or tolerating it by watching it?  Are we part of all this cruelty? Where is this cruelty coming from?  Remember we can rationalise all we want with the energy of Aquarius, the Air sign; and speak about things objectively; because it is not happening to us.  You are not the one being attacked or beaten or killed.  Put yourself in that person’s shoes and see how you would think and feel.  Let us say a prayer for humanity to call forth more kindness and love.  There is so much upheaval, and unsettling energy around.  So many oppositions around. All Full Moons bring opposition.  Will you turn your back or will you face the truth?  When we turn our back to speaking the truth out we put ourselves in a prison. We may even go into denial and pretend and forget and move on with our lives.

      face truthHidden Truths   What is hidden that will be revealed by the powerful light and radiance of the Moon.  Any thing hidden will be revealed by the Light of this Full Moon. The rational mind will want to take over and reason everything with the energy of this Aquarius Full Moon.   What is a hidden truth?  How do we tackle the horrors on Earth?  When I see what is happening on Earth I know that Heaven and Hell are on Earth.  We really need to have a bigger vortex matrix to tackle the problems here on Earth.  We need the expansion energy of Aquarius to help us collectively come to a conscious way to stop all this atrocity. I do not know how that will happen but I will play my part with prayer and holding the light and stepping forth in the battle revealing the hidden truths.  We need to collectively band together to make this happen

      Lies  If truths are hidden it means we are living with lies. Do you know that our world values lies over truth? We see this in all our systems. Lies have authority over truth.  Lies bind us in a continual trail of more lies.  People find it difficult to answer a question truthfully.  They have to ‘spin’ the truth or the lie.  They have to truth maskadd something to make them sound and look better.  What lie are you telling yourself with this Full Moon that will be revealed.  Lies are poison for you.

      When you wear your Mask of Truth what is it saying about you?  What are you hiding?  Are you afraid to speak your truth and hold back your voice.  Are your lips tied up in barb wire?  Is one eye open and the other closed so you are never at ease because in reality you are being bullied and not listened to.  This Full Moon is really a time to bring out your warrior energy and explode with the energy of Leo and allow your light to shine through.  Allow yourself your liberation. 

      Did you know that if you lie it affects your Chakra system and physical body.  You may have a headache, a soar throat, an upset stomach or a twitch on your face?   Speaking the truth liberates us. 

      Mystic Poet, Hafez, writing about the Full Moon:

      Why not become the One

      Who Lives with a Full Moon in Each Eye

      That is Always Saying

      with that Sweet Moon Language

      What Every Other Eye in this World

      Is Dying to Hear.

      krishna Radha - the secret rendezvous

      What is the Full Moon saying to you? What would you like it to say to you?  What ‘Sweet Moon Language’ are you listening to?  What are you ‘Dying to Hear’?  Imagine a ‘Full Moon in Each Eye’.  What is each of your eyes ‘dying to hear’ – ‘What Every Other Eye in this World is Dying to Hear’.  What questions do you want answered? What would you like to hear? 

      Love  The astrologers tell us that Venus moves into Leo on the Full Moon.  We have the Full Moon in Aquarius and the Sun in Leo.  Leo asks us, this Full Moon, to shine our light boldly through the energy of Love.  Use this Full Moon to proclaim your love, your feelings, and your enthusiasm about your life and the world.  We all want love. We all want to be loved.  We all want to be told we are loved.  We all want to be included.  We all want to be part of something special.  We all want to feel loved, special, appreciated, approved of, respected and heard.  Do something amazingly loving that touches 13 people’s lives in the next month.  

      Mystic Poet, Hafez, writing about God:

      Every Child has Known God

      Not the God of Names

      Not the God of Don’t

      Not the God who ever does Anything Weird

      But the God who Knows Only 4 Words

      And Keeps Repeating them, Saying:

      Come Dance with Me, Come Dance.

      Turkish Toks

      Dance  God wants us to dance with him and dance with life.  This Full Moon is about LOVE.  It is a romantic Full Moon for lovers and single people feeding the Soul and nourishing the Spirit. What will you find this Full Moon that will lift your Spirit and drive your Soul to new heights?  How will you relate to God in you and God around you? What is God to you?  Who is God to you?  How is God to you?  Why is God to you?  Where is God to you?  Which is God to you?  For me God is the Divine in everything.  For me God sits with the Inner Me, guiding me to do good things for humanity; and refine my behaviour, skills, abilities and attitudes.  What is God to you?  How will you be dancing with God? I will be dancing with scarves. 

      Mother Earth FertilisesMaking the Wrong Choices  Sometimes we make the wrong choices.  Sometimes we argue when we do not want to.  Sometimes we hurt each other? Sometimes the pain lingers for days or weeks or months or years or a lifetime!  We say the wrong thing.  We react.  We press someone’s button.  We misunderstand words spoken and written.  We have conflict and chaos.  We pretend to be happy when we are not.  We pretend we are OK when we are not.  We step away from the pain to heal ourselves. 

      Sometimes making the wrong choice may be the right choice!  Sometimes we do need to part from someone.  Sometimes we do need a break from someone.  Sometimes we need space to grow and to be.  The friendship may not be like it used to be – it could be better or not as good as it was or it could be worse.

      Whatever life throws at you accept it graciously and if you want a better resolution ask for God’s Grace and help. Sometimes the choices we make get us killed and sometimes they land us in prison.  Sometimes they bring us to a place of reflection to improve our ways and refine our lives. Sometimes we need to do wrong to know what right is.  Sometimes we need to disagree before we can agree to agree; or agree to disagree!  Sometimes…… What are your ‘sometimes’ experiences?

      Vision Quest

      Egyptian HeritageA few days ago I had a strong feeling to connect with my shamanic side and go back to my African roots, my Egyptian roots, my Native American roots and my Mayan roots. I felt suddenly at home. I called forth some of the places I have visited around the world that took me on Vision Quests and I got Mexico, Turkey, Egypt, Bali, Nigeria, and Atlanta. 

      A Vision Quest is a journey you take with your Mind, with your Body, and with your Spirit to meet your Soul.  A Vision Quest is a quest for a vision for one’s life.  It is a quest – a journey – to heal the self and make whole.  It is the journey to the Inner Sacred You and the journey to Great Spirit and back home to the Inner Sacred You.  A Vision Quest is a journey to find your Inner You and to reconnect to Spirit. One fasts and prays in a sacred space on a mountain top for four days and nights.  One prays for a vision, for an opening to the spirit world, for a knowing, for a reconnection with the Creator and with Creation.  One cries out to Creation and bare ones soul, inner pain to the Great Spirit – to the Universe.

      1. One opens up one’s soul and truth to the Universe.  We discover our selves, our inner and outer selves.  We look and reflect on how we relate to the world at large.  You will develop an inner strength.  You open up the inner you, look at your life, joys, sorrows, addictions, skills, etc.  You go more and more into the Inner You. 
      2. One leaves the everyday life behind you and enter a state of Sacred Space and Time, where you are one with eternity and silence.
      3. Then you return to yourself.  You have changed a lot.  You see more clearly your life patterns and you are ready to change.

      I woman workingbelieve the world is on a Vision Quest and has lost its way in the journey to find itself. I do believe that through the chaos will come the vision. I am worried and concerned at the cruelty I am seeing on social media.  I do not know how it will change to something better.  I do know that the power of prayer and meditation and vision quests help.  This Blue Full Moon opens a portal for us to find our way back home to ourselves.  It anchors the need to know the Inner You. The Inner You needs nourishment and freedom and liberation from its inner and outer prison.

      Through this FULL MOON GATHERING we will do a shamanic journey to heal our inner and out self. This Full Moon is a Vision Quest Blue Full Moon asking  us to look within and without – to look at ourselves inside and outside – what is happening around you – in the world? How is it affecting you?

      It will make us think of certain questions. What are you bringing to an end? What are you ending?  What have you ended? What are you completing?  What have you completed? What are you celebrating? What are you not celebrating? What do you need to look at to move forward in your life?  Do you need to look at your money matters?  Your love life?  Your relationship?  Your education?  

      We have to make decisions with care and thought. It will make us listen.  It will make us journey deep.  It will empower us to be more than we thought possible.  We will call in your power ANIMAL TOTEM. We will call in the FOUR DIRECTIONS and the CENTRE.   We will call a MEDICINE WHEEL SACRED CRYSTAL MATRIX.  We will call in the four directions – North (turtle- grounding), South (lion – passion), East (owl – change), West (bear – healing power).  I like this link VISION QUEST 

      Below is one of my early experience with my friend, healer, shaman, medicine man, Inti Cesar Malasquez.

      Meditation Evening with Inti Cesar Malasquez Monday 13 June 1994  8pm-11.20pm

      Inti and Toks 2007 I bought flowers – freesias – for Inti and Vie. I was taking them a gift. When I walked in I recognised the drummer at Roof Gardens. He told me his name is Thunder Cloud. I laughed and said “Then I am, mmm, let me see, I am Rain Forest." He laughed and laughed and laughed. We both swapped telephone numbers. What a wonderful experience we had.

      In my meditation I saw a BEAR trying to get into me through my 7 chakra. I was afraid, and was told to relax – it went into me and sat very well happy with itself!!!!!!!!!!!! Throughout the meditation I had my hands held upwards; like I was held by my hands; and guided to go through the land. I was on a plain green grass land with light rich blue sky and a gentle breeze. I was on top of a mountain.

      When Inti said we were on the mountain, the Sahara, the rain forest  during the meditation I froze. I froze when he said “Rain Forest”. “That is me.” I said to myself. “That is me. Thunder Cloud how come you can you hear my name, can you see me?” What a wonderful experience for me.

      I cried when Inti said “Respect one who respects you, love one who loves you.” This was my answer – this was the proof. This morning at 4.00am I had woken up with a voice saying to me : “You should stop loving men who do not care for you the same way.”  I knew it was the voice of my Spirit Guide and I knew the voice was correct. I did not understand who the voice was refereeing to. However I got up and started tidying my files.

      bearWhen Inti said I should “Call for your Spirit to reveal itself.”  Mine came clad in white walking from the right and then turning to face me and walking to me. I offered flowers to my Spirit. My Spirit told me I was a flower grower – I planted flowers in a field. Beautiful, colourful, sweet smelling flowers were in my field. I saw flowers all around me with my Spirit Guide. I was so pleased. I cried. This definitely was proof to me. I am a flower!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      “Call the animal spirit.” Inti said. This I did not like – “I work with crystals and light; what do I want an animal for?” I asked. A bear appeared and was getting into my head. I was afraid – I really did not like this nor did I understand. “Was this evil, a negative force?” I was told to be calm and to trust.

      Inti said “See the white light.” This was just what I needed to hear. I knew I was OK. The Bear was very happy and got into me and sat happily in me. Like it had come home. It fitted perfectly!!!!!!!!!!!!! It looked around the land and smiled. I chanted.

      BEARWhen the meditation was over I told Inti everything. He said the BEAR was powerful and good. He said the FLOWERS were very nice – a good meditation he said. He sat beside me and we talked all night with the others who came. What a wonderful evening for me.

      I found him to be all man. Everything about him was Earth. Was man. He is Earth and I am Spirit. We balanced each other. I asked if I could hold his hands and when he said I could I held his hands. Big, firm hands. The woman beside me asked if I was taking his energy. “No, I am feeling him.” Inti said to her “I know what she is doing and what she wants.”  He smiled at me and just let me be.  Inti is a great shaman and medicine man.

      As I held his hands I felt light go from my hand to his. White light. His hands were firm and strong. I saw on his right hand a serration /\/\/\/\/\/\/\ like this. Like mountains and hills on his right hand by his thumb or mound. I am not sure what it is called.

      I could only contribute two pounds – however I prayed that this money I was contributing would be the difference. Nam Myoho Renge Kyo. “To give what you can is all that matters. It is your heart and thought that counts.” Inti told me.  He said “You will have money for your life.” That was nice.

      As I left I said “My Spirit greets your Spirit” and “My Heart greets your Heart.” and we hugged each other.  My BEAR hugged him!

      It is Friday 31 July 2015 and I remember that day very well – Monday 13 June 1994  The dates are 31 and 13, 3+1=4 for balance.  

      August Celebrations

      1st August is  LAMMAS Lughnasadh (Pagan Celtic)

                   LAMMAS Lughnasadh lammasgreen manWoodenMan

      Lammas, Lughnassadh, Lugnasad is the Celebration of the First Harvest. It is a pagan festival of Celtic origin.  August is a time of celebrating the first festival of the year. In the old days a loaf was baked with the new crop and taken to church to be blessed and used for magic.  We celebrate Earth Mother, Harvest Mother, Grain Mother and the Pregnant Mother. The Pregnant Mother has her unborn child in her, and her unborn child is carrying the seed to use to birth forth another.  So we have ovary or sperm containing all the eggs that will be released to birth forth the future generation.  The Pregnant Mother is Mother, Grand Mother and Great Grand Mother and beyond. She carries pure magic and mystery.  The Grain Mother is ripe and full, heavily pregnant she carries the seed of the Sun God, Lugh, the Green Man.  The Sun God, Lugh, is the living spirit of the corn that dies so she can give birth.  He dies so we can eat the harvest. We have both life and death with Lammas. We celebrate the offering of the Green Man to feed and nourish us.  We give thanks.  We give thanks.   http://www.goddessandgreenman.co.uk/lammas

      6-8-15 Transfiguration of Christ31-8-15 Summer Bank HolidayAugust Celebrations are:

      1st August is  LAMMAS Lughnasadh (Pagan Celtic)

      3rd   Summer Bank Holiday (Scotland)

      6th   Transfiguration of Christ

      15th  Assumption of Blessed Virgin Mary



      nigerian couple

      One Quote said by Different Religions

      Islam Sunnatt – No one will be a true believer unless he wishes for others what he wishes for himself.  

      Buddhism Udanavarga 5.18 – Do not offend others as you would not like to be offended.

      Maya Popol Vuh – You are myself. We are all one.

      Judaism Talmud Shabbat 31.A – What you do not wish for yourself, do not wish for others. 

      Taoism Tai-shang Kin-ying P’ien – Make as yours the profits of your fellowman as well as his loss.

      Brahmanism Mahabharata 5.15 – Never do unto others what would hurt you if done unto you. 

      Confucianism Analects 15.23 – What we do not wish to be done to us, let us not do it to others.

      Christianity St Matthew 7.12 – Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. 

      Bahia Faith The Bayan – If you seek justice choose for others what you would choose for yourself. 

      amathys treef

      Invocation Blessing for the

      Full Blue Moon in Aquarius & Sun in Leo

      clip_image001[477] Friday 31 July 2015clip_image001[478] Full Moon in Aquarius – Sun in Leoclip_image001[479] BLUE MOON – 11:45 BST London

      clip_image001[480] Element – Air/Fire clip_image001[481] 

      © Toks Coker 2015


      We Give Thanks

      Calling in Our Ancestors

      Welcoming their Guidance & Wisdom

      Acknowledging their Potency & Power

      Breathing in their Grace of Love and Wisdom

      We Give Thanks

      Ready to change the world

      We Give Thanks

      Welcoming the Spiritual Light

      The Communities of People Gathering

      Shifting Vortexes and Portals

      Changing the World with Love

      We Give Thanks

      Ready to Change the World

      We Give Thanks

      Calling in the Four Directions:

      1. West (look within & be with the truth),

      2. South (noon sun warmth, trust, innocence)

      3. East (rising sun, new beginnings, possibilities, visions),

      4. North (calm night, wisdom, knowledge)

      We Give Thanks

      Lapis Lazuli and Toks

      We Give Thanks

      Calling in the Spirit of the Land

      1. Mother Earth (look within, introspection, physical healing) West

      2. Water (waters, plant kingdom, trees, flowers, walk thro fear) South

      3. Fire (inspiration, humans, magical child, illumination) West

      4. Air (4 winds,  wisdom, knowledge, animal power) North

      We Give Thanks 

      We Greet You

      We Greet You, Yes You

      Calling in Our Abundances

      With this Rare Blue Moon

      Lifting Our Spirits

      Dancing Our Magnificent Changes

      We Greet You

      blessing us

      We Give Thanks

      Calling In All the Hierarchy

      All that is Above & All that is Below

      All that Is, Creator, WakanTaka, Great Spirit,

      God, Buddha,  Allah, Adonai

      Lakshmi, Kali, Durga, Krishna, Vishnu, Brahma

      We Give Thanks

      Portals of Light

      We Greet You

      With Your Noble Warrior Energy

      Acknowledging Your Positive and Negative Experiences

      Working through Your Chaos on the Edge of Greatness

      Accessing Extraordinary Opportunities for Blossoming

      We Greet You

      Mr CoolCosmic Rays of Light

      We Greet You

      With Mystical Ray of Calmness

      Inner Peace Inner Calm Inner Balance

      Teaching You More than You Know

      Cosmic Mr Cool : Mrs Cool : Miss Cool

      We Greet You

      blooming red rose

      We Give Thanks

      For the Flower of Life Connecting Us

      The Transfiguration   The Forgiveness

      The Feeding by Mother Earth, The Warmth of Fire

      The Life Giving Air; The  Nourishing Water

      We Give Thanks

      at peace

      We Greet You

      Journeying to the Future to Your Descendants

      Teaching You

      How to Use Sound and Light for Healing

      We Give Thanks for We Are All Connected

      We Greet You

      Caroline Harper

      I Greet You

      With Inner Authenticity

      Elevating Your Consciousness Immediately

      Blessing You with Inner Truth & Understanding

      Confidently Speaking Your Authentic Truth

      I Greet You

      Hands of Light

      We Give Thanks

      We Give Thanks

      We Give Thanks

      Channelled by Toks Beverley Coker © Toks Coker 2015

      for the Blue Full Moon in Aquarius & Sun in Leo 31 July 2015

      African RootsAfrican Roots


      1. COLOUR HEALING Download Scott Onstott’s book on Crop Circles and colour it. Create a space where you colour the sacred shapes – it could be in the garden, the park, the cafe, etc.  Enjoy the healing you receive from colouring the healing shapes.  What effect did each picture have on you?  What was the message from the picture?   http://www.scottonstott.com/crop-circle-coloring-book/
      2. PRAYER  How do you pray? You can pray by reading, dancing, singing, and relaxing.  You can pray as you sleep and as you wake.  You can pray in the shower or the toilet. You can read poetry, and my invocation blessing.  When you do breathe it in.  I Greet YouPause.  Look out.  Breathe it in again. Pause.  Drink it in.  Pause. Reflect on it.  Breathe it in.  Feel it running through your body.  Pause.  Swallow it.  Taste it. Pause. Smell it.  Let is play with you and soothe you.   Touch it.  Allow it to touch your heart, your soul, your mind, your body.  Pause.  Let the words do the work.  Let the words heal you, cleans you, encourage you, support you, carry you and bring you back to a life of happy success.  Let prayer do its work. Everyday will be different when you work this way.  This is prayer.  This is how you pray.  This is how you communicate with the Divine. This is how you connect with the Divine. Read the Invocation Blessing again.  Read Hafez poems again.  And do the exercise I just described for how to pray. This is how you pray.
      3. Which quote do you like the best in this posting?  Why?
      4. Read the whole above posting for this Blue Full Moon again
        1. Make sure you answer at least 5 questions.  See if you can answer 13 questions.
        2. What parts touched your heart and made sense to you? 
        3. What part resonated with you the most?
        4. Go celebrate your life. Make sure you list at least 13 things you are celebrating with this energy.

        Toks Coker

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      Happy New Moon & Winter Solstice 2014

                   Toks Happy Winter SolsticeToks Happy Day to YouToks Happy New Moon

      HAPPY WINTER SOLSTICE 21/12/2014



      Happy BirthdayHello Everyone, Happy Winter Solstice today 21 December 2014 and Happy New Moon tomorrow 22 December 2014. I am in France at the moment.  Happy Birthday to all you lovely Capricornians.  Soon we will all have a Happy Christmas and a Happy New Year.  So much to celebrate. 

      Earlier in the month, 7 December, we celebrated our Hands of Light Christmas Team Lunch at the Savoy Hotel, then went for a lovely London walk to settle our full tummies.  We had Italian hot chocolate and latte at Cafe Concerto on Regents Street. Then got a a bus to look at the Christmas decorations on Regents Street and Oxford Street.  We ended the day be watching a wonderful movie: The Grandmaster at the O2.  It was a wonderful day and evening.  We were smiling, happy and laughing all day.  It really was a glorious day to share with the team.   This year is a 7 year.  I am born seventh day of the seventh month: 7/7.

               Merry ChristmasSavoyHotelTeamLunch

      Happy BirthdayFor me the Winter Solstice and the New Moon are good times to go within and spend time with loved ones in a practical way.  Being in Grenoble, France, on the Winter Solstice is very nice way for me to spend the time with family.  Here I am sitting on my table with family around me in a happy, quiet, relaxed manner after a very full on day.  We spent quality time together sharing, laughing, and shopping in Voreppe.  Later we gathered cooking together in the kitchen; and eating on the wonderful round table.  Tomorrow is the New Moon and I am excited at the newness of the air in this part of the world; where outside my window is the Alps.  Thank you Universe, Galaxy, God, Buddha, Allah, Adonia, Great Spirit.  What are you birthing celebrating with this New Moon

      This Winter Solstice New Moon is a time to touch each others hearts with kindness, sharing and love.  It is a time to kiss the world, the stars, the galaxy.  It is a wonderful time to go within and write your New Moon wishes.  Really look at the reality of your life and go within, honestly, quietly, and reflectively.    

            Food is wonderful hereCelebration at the Savoy HotelCheers says Yanni

      For me this New Moon’s air is light and fresh. My step is light and fresh.  My mind is light and fresh.  I choose to be light and fresh.  I choose to do something that opens my heart. Do something that opens your Jeremy Cokerheart.  Share something e.g. food, kind words, kind behaviour and kind moments.  Let love soften the moment.  Instead of getting angry share a kindness.  Instead of being impatient share patience.   

      Time to concentrate your mind on Now, not your past or your future.  Keep it simple: enjoy living in the Now consciously.  When you are living in the Now you are being present in your life.  You are living in the sunlight of your life.  You are living in the centre of the galaxy.  For example if you are 50 years old, you turn you back on the past 50 years of your life and let go of what no longer serves you. You take the positives, the happiness, the great times and supportive times in your 50 years of life.  You learn the lessons, the insights, the realisations; and the blessings. You acknowledge where you are and then you move forward facing your future from your Now.  As you step confidently into your Now you know you are ready for the great experience coming; as you walk confidently into 2015.  You are home in yourself.  This really is a wonderful way to enter Christmas and the approaching New Year 2015.

      The Solstice New Moon is a time to reflect, nurture and rest.  It is a good time to consolidate our lives in a sacred way with ritual and prayer.  We all really are journeying into the unknown web of life.  We will either be caught and eaten; or we will survive triumphantly.  We need to be awakened and awake to the reality around us and stop our ‘sleep-walking’.

             phantom smokey quartz pyramidAngels of AwakeningRose Quartz WandMr P

      There may be triggers of conflict.  Make up your mind not to blame.  Make up your mind to make the best of the circumstances you find yourself in.  Make up your mind not be to be drawn into any conflict.  Make up your mind to enjoy yourself no matter the provocation.  Create a new realm for yourself.  Create a new way of being.  Create a new you.  Just decide and be.  Welcome the unexpected gracefully. 

      The ability to put creativity, resourcefulness and inspiration in a difficult situation yields great possibilities.  The Buddhists have a concept called Honin Myo meaning ‘Starting from Now’, ‘Starting Fresh’, and ‘Beginning anew’.  This is the same as your computer rebooting itself, your games restarting; and your decision to do something different then you just do it.  Sometimes I call this side-stepping, changing direction, the way you think and/or the way you do things to create a more productive positive way of living.  We journey through the darkness into the light.  We start again?!? Shall we?

      honest reflectionMake up your mind to look yourself squarely in the mirror and see what needs to be changed; and simply determine to do so.  Time to stop romanticising things. Time to stop dramatizing things.  Time to stop idealising things. Time to stop the delusion you allow yourself to sit in.  This is a time to look at the many REAL choices you have.

      Allow yourself to be grounded with the influence of the New Moon in Capricorn.  Allow yourself to merge with the energies and let them flow through you.  Remember everything is energy and you are energy.  The need to be grounded with all this energy around you is crucial to your ability to handle the new energies downloading into your physical body.  Be stable.  Allow.  Be grounded. Amen. Say: I AM ENOUGH.  I AM O.K. 

      Winter SolsticeThe Winter Solstice is a time to go deep within. It is the time of the deep journey to the underworld – and you have been there a while.  With the Winter Solstice is the emergence from the darkness into the light.  What journeys from the void darkness into the light of the world?  A baby does.   The Winter Solstice is the preparation to birth something new.  It is the process of growing a baby, building a relationship, and working on your career.  You can birth forth from the darkness into the light, even if you do not know what you will birth forth to; and is some cases what you will birth from! This Winter Solstice is about doing what touches your heart.  Allow the Divine to touch your heart.  Allow the Galaxy to touch your heart.  Allow the Cosmos to touch your heart.  Allow the Stars to touch your heart.  Allow the Sun to touch your heart.  Allow the Clouds to touch your heart.  Allow the blue sky to touch your heart.  Allow the touching of your heart.

      With the energy of the Winter Solstice we reflect on the year 2014, we reflect on the lessons learnt and bring the light into the darkness.  We acknowledge our victories, successes, winnings, and our defeats, failures, losses. We look internally and externally in our individual lives as well as our collective lives. 

      Feeling with your heartWe call in the energy of New Moon in Capricorn to make the right choices in 2015, in our lives; and not push ourselves beyond your limits.  We pace ourselves. We take our time.  We do not rush.  We know we will get there.  We determine to make practical realistic New Year plans, visions, and goals activating our determination, focus and discipline.  Capricorn is ambitious, practical, goal orientated, aiming high and very specific about what they want; and what they do not want.  This really is a good time to be specific about what you want in your life.

      One of the most wonderful things to do with this wonderful energy combination is perceiving the truth and integrity of our lives. What lies have you told yourself and others?  What do you need to rectify for 2015 to make sure you do not repeat the mistaken lies of 2014 and previous years?  How auspicious this moment.  Do not miss this powerful portal moment.

      Most of the change we think we see in life is due to truths being in and out of favour.  The Black Cottage by Robert Frost (poet)

      happy winter solsticeAs a galaxy there have been many changes.  As a nation we have seen many changes.  As a world we are many light years ahead from even just 100 years ago.  We have seen our world change with the industrial revolution, the computer explosion, the woman’s lib movement, the abolition of slave trade, etc.  What used to be ‘normal and fashionable’ is no longer.  What used to be ‘moral and OK’ is no longer.  The changes in our human values and human relationships reflect the reality we live in.  Todays children will grow up to a different world we have grown up in. This constant evolution is what we are talking about with the journey of the Winter Solstice and the birthing of the New Moon in Capricorn.  Come let us continue…

      Sacred Crystal Garden of Life

      Invocation Blessing

      Winter Solstice New Moon & Sun in Capricorn

      © Toks Coker 2014

      Roses of Love

      I Greet You

      With the Preparation of Changes

      Allowing the Shifts

      The Focus and The Drive

      I Greet You

      Blessings to YouVortex Daniel Pietrzak Blessings to You

      I Greet You

      With the Galaxy of Vortexes

      Spinning and Spiralling

      Orbiting Your Existence

      I Greet You

      mother earth heals deep wounds

      I Greet You

      With Mother Earth

      Healing Your Deepest Wounds

      In the Darkest Realm of Your Life

      I Greet You


      I Greet You

      With the Sword of Determination

      Cutting the Pathway

      Clearing a Healing Space for You

      I Greet You

      toks and janet mcmurtry

      I Greet You

      With the Gift of Solid Friendship

      Standing the Test of Time

      Eternal Forthright Real

      I Greet You

      Voreppe, France

      I Greet You

      With the Mountain Spirits

      Helping You Climbing the Steep Mountain

      Aiming High with Your Goals

      I Greet You

      blessings to mother earth

      I Greet You

      With Mother Earth

      Initiating Projects & Serious Commitments

      Firmly Rooted in Your Successes

      I Greet You

      lovely feet

      I Greet You

      With Courageous Feet

      Standing Solid with Intension

      Ready to Follow Through

      I Greet You

      feet of mother earth

      I Greet You

      With Focus and Strength

      Taking the First Step Forward

      Putting Practical Actions into Your Intensions

      I Greet You

      Active Feet

      I Greet You

      With the Stance of Victory

      Displaying Focused Determination

      Responsible Stamina in Your Walk

      I Greet You

      Colin McKay loves his hatsGemini Colin McKay fast as the windColin, NLP Trainer - Copy

      I Greet You

      In Your Self Mastery

      Your Caring Your Kindness

      Your Gentle Giving

      I Greet You

      Global Love Gathering

      I Greet You

      With Grounded Energetic Love

      In the Sacred Moments of Time

      Allowing Practical Newness, Vision and Support

      I Greet You

      Golden Eaglegolden logoGolden You

      I Greet You

      With the Golden Energy of Power

      Identifying and Illuminating

      Your Responsible Achievements

      I Greet You

      clients in atlantaclient husband and wife1026

      I Greet You

      With the Gift of a Real Relationship

      Working Through All Obstacles

      Smiling Lasting Commitment

      I Greet You


      I Greet You

      With the the Gift of Divine Simplicity

      Stars Over Your Body, Two Moons Your Eyes

      Radiating Sun in My Heart

      I Greet You

      Merry Christmas

      I Greet You

      With St Nicholas Santa Clause

      Gifting You Your Angel of Delight

      Nurturing Happiness in Your Home

      I Greet You

      green calcite

      I Greet You

      With the Energy Vortex of Green Calcite

      Radiant Strong Present Remembered

      Opening Doorways to Happiness

      I Greet You

      CAKEwinter solstice 2011 by icch eva

      I Greet You

      With the Radiance of the Sun

      Honouring Sacred Chants

      Angelic Singing Sounds of Eternal Love

      I Greet You

      awakening magnificence

      I Greet You

      With Mother Earth

      Awakening Your Magnificence

      Nurturing Your Happiness

      I Greet You

      Toks Coker BarceloniaI Love Youwarm Toks

      I Greet You

      I Greet You

      I Greet You

      Channelled by Toks Beverley Coker for NewMoon in Capricorn 22 December 2014

      13 13 13What is time calling you to do

      Testimonial:  Karen Mander

      Sent: 18 December 2014 11:11
      It was so lovely to speak to you last night and I am still amazed that you contacted after 15 years or so – especially as I had been thinking of contacting you.

      I have always been in touch with my guidance and it was that guidance that led me to you 15 years ago. At the time I was running a very successful PR consultancy ………. but my body was suffering badly. I had started to bleed heavily every month and I was also “stuck” in an unfulfilling relationship which was not satisfying my longing for a child and a deep heart connection. I was around 40 at the time. Karen Simon and son John

      It was you who first recognised the split between my higher self and my earthly connection – it was the latter that was breaking down. When we worked together you saw a very deep inner wound and you had a vision of me bleeding to death from the breasts and womb  – from a deep gash  – like a caesarean wound  -it was very profound. You asked me to tune in to any issues of abandonment and to work on my inner child.

      You were not able to follow through with me as you were back and forth to Italy at the time but truly, your channelling was very profound for me and I did take those steps forward. ……………  4 years later after not having menstruated at all and being considered to be in a menopausal profile, my twin brother died (to cancer). I had a near death experience with him and felt myself launched into a different dimension but, I also knew that it was not my job to pass over with him this time and that I had to let him go to God – however painful. I became aware that he was also my child and that he had been cruelly and violently separated from me (the wounds you saw) and that I had made a pact at that point never to abandon him again………….My son is now 10.  Without your first intervention I probably wouldn’t have had the insight I needed to fight, heal and go within.  I am immensely grateful to you, the many other healers I met along the way and of course, to the source of the light. ……… and my son is also your son.   God bless, Karen   www.breathetoabetterbirth.com   www.hypnobirthinglondonclasses.co.uk

      You can Karen’s read the full story on https://www.facebook.com/handsoflighthealing


      Smai Flow Yoga: Fatumata

      Senegal 2012 321I just started attending Fatumata’s yoga classes and I love the fact that she works with elements in her yoga practice.  A bit about her:  Fatou Lefeuvre is a Yoga Teacher and a Sophrologist, practising Yoga for 12 years and teaching since 2010.  Fatou was drawn to Smai Tawi Yoga, based on the African principles of Khemet (Ancient Egypt) for its holistic process. She also teaches Sophrology guided Meditation practised through breathing relaxation, concentration and simple movement, offering tools and strategies for everyone to deal positively with life’s events by using inner resources. Fatumata Smai Flow Yoga is a practice that cleanses the whole system through movement, rhythm and breathing awareness. Flowing through the elements of Air, Water, Fire and Earth, the rhythmic movements will open up and heal up the body, developing flexibility, fluidity and grounding. The technique will awaken energy flow throughout the body, invigorate and rejuvenate the nervous system, release emotional blockages, develop internal strength revitalising and massaging the organs. Breathing effectively will raise the level of consciousness and enable the practitioner to let go of unnecessary tensions, bring clarity to the mind enhancing concentration, focus and alignment. Fatumata Smai Flow Yoga welcomes all levels, ages and abilities.  Call her on 07877481856

      Centre of the Galaxy

      HOMEWORK: Reflections on 2014

      1. What was your happiest joyous memory/moment?
      2. What was your saddest memory/memory?
      3. What was your greatest achievement?Ella writing full moon achievements
      4. What was your greatest failure?
      5. What was the most important lesson you learnt with reference to:
        1. your personal goals? your personal life?
        2. your educational goals? your study life?
        3. your spiritual goals? your spirit life?
        4. your health goals? your health?
        5. your social goals? your social life?
        6. your humanity goals? Writing
        7. your family goals? your family relationships?
        8. Your financial goals? your finances?
        9. your state of mind? your emotions?
        10. your work gaols? your work relationship?
        11. your family goals?  your family relationship?
        12. your love gaols?  your love relationship?
        13. your relationship goals? personal relationships?
        14. your work goals?spiritual writing
        15. your business goals?
        16. your professional goals?
        17. Your friendship goals?
        18. your time goals?
        19. your travel goals?
        20. any other goals?
      6. What did you complete?
      7. What did you finish?Alchemical Writing
      8. What did you accomplish?
      9. What was your greatest triumph, victory? 
      10. What was the best decision you made last year?
      11. What was the worst decision you made last year?
      12. Choose three words to describe your year in order of importance.
      13. Choose three words to describe yourself in order of importance.
      14. What was your greatest statement/sentence you made?
      15. What was the worst statement/sentence you made?
      16. List the people who supported you this year in order of the value they created in your life.
      17. Name one person who has been key in your life this year. How? Why? When? Where? What?writing
      18. Who / What surprised you?  How?  When?
      19. Who stood up for you the most this past year? 
      20. Who believed in you when you did not believe in yourself?
      21. Who did you stand up for this past year?
      22. What was the greatest encouragement you got this year?
      23. What was the greatest discouragement you got this year?  How did you respond?  What did you learn from it?
      24. Which of your relationships improved the most in 2014?allowing
      25. Which of your relationships did not improve?
      26. Who have you become in 2014?
      27. What aspect of yourself are you leaving behind in 2014?
      28. What aspect of yourself are you taking with you into 2015?
      29. What do you need to do before 2014 finishes?  Do/Say/Live it. 
      30. What compliment did you receive this year that motivated you?  From whom?
      31. What compliment did you give that motivated another?  How did it affect their lives?
      32. What gifts did you give in 2014?  What gifts did you receive in 2014?
      33. What was your hidden gift you found within yourself?
      34. If  you had to complete 2014 with a big happy bang what would you need to do before saying goodbye to 2014?

      Services Toks Coker

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      Toks Coker Hands of Light Ankh Snake Heart SparkleToks Coker 2013Toks Coker Hands of Light Ankh Snake Heart Sparkle

      With Celestial Blessings and Love Toks xxxxxxx

      © Toks Coker 2014

      New Moon in Taurus Annular Solar Eclipse 29/4/2014

      Annular Solar Eclipse Japan 21.5.2012 Vortex Daniel Pietrzak We Are Connected Daniel Pietrzak

      StarNEW MOON IN TAURUS & ANNULAR SOLAR ECIPSEStar  Tuesday 29 April 2014   



      After all the chaos take time to relax and take a breath in a sacred space for healing.  Mindful that you may still be going through the chaos or that it is over, take a breathe for yourself and be still for a moment to take in where you are right now.  Call in Virtue, Goodness, Excellence, Continuation, Longevity, Love and Respect into your life; with this fabulous ‘peaceful’ ‘forcing you to take a rest’  Energy of Now.  Love Toks xxxx

      Time of Eclipse 07.15 BST London     Element Earth     ANNULAR SOLAR ECLIPSE – You can see the eclipse in South in Asia, Australia, Pacific, Indian Ocean, Antarctica   It is not too late for tonight.  For more details and to book the meditation tonight, click here: www.newmoontaurus2014.eventbrite.co.uk  You can pay exact cash at the door.  Bring something to share in the sacred healing circle.

      On the Menu we have:

      1. Invocation Blessing:  NEW MOON & SUN IN TAURUS & ANNULAR SOLAR ECIPSE  Tuesday 29 April 2014   Time of Eclipse 07.15 BST London     Element Earth
      2. ENERGY OF NOW   New Moon & Sun in Taurus & Annular Solar Eclipse   Eye of Horus
        1. Conviction
        2. Symbolic Representation
        3. Sexuality
        4. Touched & Nurtured
        5. Family
        6. Belonging
        7. Development
        8. Receiving
        9. Giving
        10. Lingering Break-Up Vs. Facing Truth
        11. In-Between Time, i.e. Time Between Eclipsesoriental food
          1. change and sudden unusual events
          2. good internal realisation
          3. doing many things
          4. sudden sadness / depression / pessimistic thinking
          5. choices
        12. Scientific Solar Eclipse – NASA
        13. What will be covered in the meditation circle
        14. Conflict Within – Goddess-Never-Not-Broken
      3. QUOTES  New Moon in Taurus & Solar Eclipse
      4. ACTION   New Moon in Taurus & Solar Eclipse
        1. Daniel Pietrzak – Awakening Art
        2. Thank You Clients for Testimonials: Testimonials from Clients
        3. MUSIC  Sacred Music Native American  1994
      7. Homework

      Silvia Hartmann

      live long and prosper

      Invocation Blessing:  StarHAPPY NEW MOON IN TAURUS & ANNULAR SOLAR ECIPSE  Tuesday 29 April 2014  Star  Time of Eclipse 07.15 BST London     Element Earth

      Kana and Kaoru

      We Greet You

      With the Gift of Love

      Gathering Loving Friends Around You

      Opening Your Heart to Joyful Gatherings

      We Greet You

      from Kana and Kaoru

      We Greet You

      With the Gift of Gratitude

      Thank you for Reading My Blog

      Thank you for Coming to the Meditations

      We Greet You

      Toks in Japanese

      We Greet You

      With the Blessing of My Name ‘Toks’

      Vibrating the Master 11 (eleven) Energy

      Goodness Love Longevity Good Wishes

      We Greet You

      Time is now Daniel Pietrzak

      We Greet You

      With the Blessing of Time

      Seeding the Truth

      Knowing Time is Now

      We Greet You

      Peace Daniel Pietrzak

      We Greet You

      Healing Mother Earth

      Developing Trust through Friendship

      Allowing Peace through Trust

      We Greet You

      Vortex Daniel Pietrzak

      We Greet You

      With the Spiralling Vortex of the New Moon

      Radiating the Soar Eclipse

      Dancing the Cosmic Unity

      We Greet You

      We Are Connected Daniel Pietrzak

      We Greet You

      With the Infinite Tree of Life

      Connecting Us to Grounding Mother Earth

      Uniting Us to Higher Cosmology

      We Greet You

      Daniel and Jonita!

      We Greet You

      With Divine Partnership

      Holding You Together

      Supportive Protective True

      We Greet You

      Karen Boorsma mother and father

      We Greet You

      With Understanding Parents

      Listening With Love

      Guiding with Patience

      We Greet You

      Karen Boorsma

      We Greet You

      With Divine Beauty

      Smiling More Radiance on You

      Earthy Sexy Passionate True

      We Greet You

      Karen Boorsma and daughter Emma and her mother

      We Greet You

      With the Gift of Generations of Your Living Family

      Mother, Daughter, Grand-Child, Great Grand-Child

      Sharing & Merging Past Present and Future

      We Greet You

      malachite slab

      We Greet You

      With the Energy of Malachite

      Answering Your Desires

      Healing & Being There for You

      We Greet You


      We Greet You

      With the Birthing of Your Seeding

      The New Beginning of Life Birthing Forth

      The New Righteousness of Love

      We Greet You

      hands to pray and protecthand to hold you and support youLive Long and Prosper

      We Greet You

      With Practical Earthy Hands

      Hands to Pray, to Bless and to Thank With

      Hands to Receive, to Give, to Support, to Hold Up to the Light

      We Greet You live long and prosper

      Raising Legions of Light

      We Greet You

      With Legions of Light

      Healing You, the Walking Wounded

      Your Pain Your Aspects Your Ghosts

      We Greet You

      lotus flower floating on water

      We Greet You

      With the Pure White Lotus Flower

      Activating Wisdom in You

      Purifying Your Journey in Your Seeding

      We Greet You

      holy water

      We Greet You

      With the Amrita of Life, Elixir of Life

      From the Mount of the Immortals

      Drinking the Nectar of Immortality and Youth

      We Greet You

      Regents Park

      We Greet You

      With the Rose of Prosperity

      Holding the Way of Practical Rewarding Action

      Perfectly Balancing Your Energy

      We Greet You


      We Greet You

      With the Amethyst Cave

      Anchoring Your Desires into Reality

      Enveloping You in Protection

      We Greet You

      heart grass

      We Greet You

      With the Heart of Mother Earth

      Holding You in Her Heart

      Nurturing You Unconditionally

      We Greet You 

      Elders Greet You

      We Greet You

      We Greet You

      We Greet You

      channelled by Toks Beverley Coker for the New Moon & Sun in Taurus and Annular Lunar Eclipse 29/4/2014   © Toks Coker 2014

      ENERGY OF NOW: StarHAPPY NEW MOON IN TAURUS & ANNULAR SOLAR ECIPSE  Tuesday 29 April 2014  Star  Time of Eclipse 07.15 BST London     Element Earth

      Conviction  When tuning into the energy of the eclipse I got the word CONVICTION.  Have you got conviction in the power of your prayers?  Have you got conviction to take practical down-to-earth actions?   The energy of Taurus is practical down-to-earth action.  Action that gets results requires conviction in your vision and prayers.  Do you believe that your life is telling you what to do and giving you what you need?  The eclipse tells us that past, present and future are all in the moment.  The moment of now.  Do you have conviction in the moment? Conviction works well with strong focus and unbroken concentration to achieve greatness and success.  Do not give up on your prayers. 

      bullSymbolic Representation    The Animal Totem for Taurus is the Bull, which can be stubborn and hates being disturbed. Ruled by the Goddess Venus, Goddess of Love, you may find yourself thinking romantic thoughts around this time and questioning yourself about your level of love and ability to love.  The Body Parts Taurus governs are the throat, neck and vocal cords.  So exercise those areas.  Taurus is a FIXED EARTH SIGN. It is a good time to celebrate Mother Earth and go for long walks and enjoy picnics with nature and animals. 

      Sexuality The Bull and Venus embodies sexual energy, fertility and desires.  The bull represents male sexuality and Venus represents female sexuality.  Any urges and desires you feel will be amplified. Be mindful and aware of sensuous touch, taste, smell, words, visuals which may stimulate your desires.  Act on them only if it is safe to do so and if the other party is willingly participating.  The angel card is for this time of action is WILLINGNESS.

      Touched & Nurtured The need to be touched and nurtured may be strong at this time for you.  Venus likes to nurture, to be nurtured, to love and be loved.  This really is not a time to love someone who does not love you.  This really is not a time to keep jumping over the fences for someone who will not even jump over a small puddle for you. Go be with supportive people who love you and empower you.  Stop going to people who put you down.  They are not good for your soul or your energy body.  Free yourself of the need to be love by people who do not love you.

      Family  Taurus energy loves family and the practical aspects of life like gardening, feeding the family, having a safe home to rest and a supportive family network. They love education and learning new things.   The pictures below show a loving family and capture what I am talking about.  Thank you Karen Boorsma xxxx

                Karen BoorsmaKaren Boorsma mother and fatherKaren Boorsma and daughter Emma and her mother

      Belonging The need to belong collectively to the tribe, the family, community and the group, is very strong at this time.  The need to be recognised and acknowledged.  The need to feel appreciated.  The need to be loved in close intimacy is also important.  Relationships, partnerships, marriage, involve sharing, exchange, giving and receiving.  What are you giving/ receiving?  What are you sharing?  How is your need to belong being expressed to you?  Are you letting the people you love know that you need to feel loved and that you belong together?  Know this first in your heart before you express it so you are clear when you do so. 

      Development One way of sharing and belonging is eating together with laughter, music, great conversation and dancing.  This energy calls for for development in practical matters e.g. learning to cook. TAURUS LOVE FOOD.  Mention food to a Taurian and see them smile, even if angry!  Cook together. 

      Receiving: What are you being gifted with the energy of this New Moon and Eclipse?  My Japanese friends, Kana and Kaoru Kenyoshi , gave me a wonderful gift that made me cry.  So auspicious to receive this just before the New Moon tomorrow. They are moving to a lovely two bedroom flat in Notting Hill Gate; and have lived opposite my flat for 3 years.  They wrote my name ‘Toks’ in Japanese and translated it on a thank you card which you see below.  Kaoru had a Japanese seal of my name made in Japan; when he was there last time.  I was so touched he had done that.  His wife, Kana, cried too as I cried.  I asked them why do you love me so much and Kaoru said “I don’t know.”  What a wonderful answer.  I cried more.  I am so very happy with the surprise gift before the New Moon Eclipse.  I now have‘Toks’ written in Japanese in a Japanese seal.  So if I write to any of you, you can expect my Japanese stamp in red, as seen below.  Thank you Kaoru and Kana.  He bought the seal and she wrote the card. How beautiful and sacred to have both energies in the gifting.  They also gave me two pairs of Japanese home sock: pink and yellow.  I love home fluffy socks.  Thank you Kana.  Thank you Kaoru.  Thank you Kana and Kaoru.  Love Toks xxxxx

            Toks in Japanesefrom Kana and Kaoru

          Seal for Toks in JapaneseKana and KaoruToks Japanese Signature

      Taplow Court SGI-UK CenterGIVING:  What have you given as a gift before the New Moon Eclipse? I will share mine.   I gave a ride home to 5 women (each to their front door) on Sunday; after our National Women’s Training at Taplow Court. Monday, 28 April, I helped Kana and Kaoru take their things to their new  home in my car. I have been an Angel Driver.  Over the weekend I helped my boyfriend’s son with his university homework on psychology.

      Lingering Break-Up Vs. Facing Truth Time The energy of now is about finding out whether or not you are over a person you had an experience with.  Are you over your ex?  Are you over your past experience of pain?  Do you try to go back to your ex or the situation; and find that nothing is the same as before; because the ‘sparkle’ has gone and the memory of pain is in between the two of you.  New Moon in Taurus is about facing the truth in your relationships.Time is now Daniel Pietrzak   When something is between you and another person you feel it. You cannot force it.  It is there: energy you cannot see and energy you definitely feel. These feelings may be pain or joy. The energy between you and another person is the energy between you as it stands now.  You can try to re-kindle an old relationship – nothing wrong with that.  Just be aware that you quickly realise the truth of whether it is going somewhere or no where! Sometimes facing the truth is better than living a lie!  THE TIME IS NOW.  THE TIME IS NOW.  THE TIME IS NOW. This new seeding is the new planting in the time vortex of now.  Make this new time the now time.  In this vortex of energy of feelings really determine to moved time and move your energy to being positive.  This is Truth Time.  Truth Time is Energy of Now.

      In-Between Time – Time Between Eclipses 

      Did you notice any of these things in the past few days? 

      1. The time between eclipses are times of change and sudden unusual events.  Pope Francis has declared two of his predecessors, John Paul II and John XXIII, saints of the Roman Catholic church in an unprecedented double-canonisation mass in St Peter’s Square.You can read more about this here:  Popes Canonisation    Peace Daniel Pietrzak
      2. The time between eclipses is also good for internal realisations and statements about painful or hurtful feelings or situations.  “There comes a point when you have to realise that you’ll never be good enough for some people.  The question is, is that your problem or theirs?” This was my personal realisation this week. The angel card I picked to work with this energy is ACCEPTAMCE. ACCEPT them as they are and move on. It is OK for them to be like that. It is OK for me to know that I AM GOOD ENOUGH and that is all that matters. The time between eclipses are powerful portals of learning and realisations
      3. The time of doing many things – sometimes all at once – like having your operation, moving house, changing jobs, healing the Peace Daniel Pietrzak world, finding a peaceful solution to conflict. 
      4. Sudden Sadness / Depression  / Pessimistic Thinking  The time between eclipse can make you feel pessimistic about your life, depressed or sad – especially 2-3 days before the eclipse.  You may be suddenly overwhelmed by sadness and feelings of ‘aloneness’, ‘loneliness’, ‘abandonment’, feeling excluded and feel like retreating.  But do not!  Determine to fight the need to ‘run away’ and challenge this overwhelming feeling of ‘sadness’ and lift yourself out of it and go to where you said you would go it.  When you get there you will find a benefit and see the omen, the signs, the synchronicity.  In the SGI Newsletter 4708: Dr Martin Seligman, former president of the American Psychological Association, identifies 3 characteristics of pessimistic thinking.  1. Permanence – regarding temporary, passing events as being lasting and unchanging states.  2. Pervasiveness – when one thing goes wrong, a pessimist thinks that everything is bad.  3. Personalisation – thinking that anything bad that happens is your fault and anything good must be credited to other people or to chance.  The negative aspect of pessimism is that it causes us to beat ourselves up needlessly. If you want the full article email me and I will send it to you. 
      5. Choices  Remember it is not our abilities that show us who we are, it is our choices we make.

      Scientific Solar Eclipse

      Annular Solar Eclipse Japan 21.5.2012 A Solar Eclipse happens at a NEW MOON.  The moon is between the Earth and the Sun.  It will create a Ring of Fire making it an Annular Solar Eclipse.  ~ The moon will move and form a Ring with the sun when we look at it from earth.  Remember not to look with your bare eyes and wear glasses or look through a mirror or water reflection. 



      What we will cover in the Healing Moon Circle Meditation

        Eye of HorusWe will cover all the above and more.  So do you feel things?  In the meditation we will be calling in the energy of the Solar Eclipse into your body – a very earthing experience.   We will call in the RING OF FIRE which lasted only a few minutes and call in the energies around this powerful alignment.  We will call in the Eye of Horus, the Eye of the Eclipse Meditation and see what it reveals to us tonight.  So much has happened in the last few days. Read the Energy of Now above to get a reminder of the energy.   What situation do you need to dive through or jump through? What things in your life do you want out of your Circle of Light, your Ring of Fire?  What in your surrounding do you need to let go off and burn. Will you be able for form a real mother earth fire?  Perhaps you can light a match and candle to help represent your symbolic Ring of Fire. What type of boundaries do you have? Is the ring around you clear to yourself and the people around you?   Are you being respected by the people around you?  Is the behaviour of a person or two upsetting you and causing you pain?  Do you find this overwhelming in your pain; thinking you should not be feeling this intense emotions; as you know you have worked through that emotion!  Welcome to the time between eclipses. Welcome to the time during the eclipse.  Welcome to the Ring of Fire Eclipse.  Welcome to the time after the eclipse.  What do you want to ‘marry’ yourself to with this Ring of Fire?

      Conflict Within You: Goddess-Never-Not-Broken Akhilandeshvari

      Aspects  The Hindu tradition and folklore is full of powerful stories and lessons told through the lives of their Gods and Goddesses.  I love the story of Akhilandeshvari, an aspect of the Goddess Parvati, Shiva’s consort.  We all know of Shakti-Shiva and Shiva-Shakti.   Shakti is Parvati is Akhilandeshvari.  We all have many aspects to us. 

      Gifting Healing Love  Akhilandeshvari was actually a very angry fierce Goddess who was transformed by jewellery and love; into a good sweet Goddess.  This happened when Adi Shankara (an Avatar of Shiva) visited her temple and gave her a lovely pair of Magical Sri Chakra earrings with 9 interlocking triangles; which made her kind. He also brought her son Ganesh to her.  This story is very fitting with the Energy of Now.  Like all natural mothers she was happy when she was with her children and they were close to her.  Are you close to your mother/father/sister/brother?  Do you keep in touch and keep them near you?  This goddess was angry because she did not feel loved and did not feel she belonged.  What cured her pain was love love love.  And the gifting of a magic jewellery with 9 interlocking triangles.  What will you gift with this energy?  Who will you gift with this energy? How are you going to be gifting healing love to those around you?

      healing your painNUMEROLOGY During the meditation tonight we will be working with the powerful numbers of 4, 9, 11.  I will talk about that at the meditation. 

      Personal History Reflection  So much has been happening to everyone with one challenge after another. What experiences have left you ‘broken’?   Left you devastated?  Left you feeling you have no future and cannot see the future.  This Eclipse is about revealing and not revealing.  It is about showing you yourself when you have been hiding yourself from yourself.  It is about looking at your history so you can have a better understanding of who you are, where you are, and what has caused you to be where you are right now.  How auspicious is this time of reflection; especially when you are feeling broken and that you have not future and your life is useless!

      call for helpCALL   Call on the wonderful energy of the Goddess-Never-Not-Broken; known as Akhilandeshvari. She is the Goddess who refuses to be broken or beaten.  You may not thrive in chaos very well.  But you may find that you are stronger than you think.  Humans have the capacity to survive many things.  Just think of Nelson Mandela, our hero. I need not tell his story. It is well known.  He always said he is not a saint, he is human.  We are all trying our best and sometimes our best is not enough; as we fall down and break down and go through depression, pessimistic thinking and sadness.  Sometimes our best is enough.  I am talking about when our best is not enough.  I want you to know that then You are like Akhilandeshvari because you are determined to win and you pull out your conviction and determine to win.  She thrives in the chaos of your life, sitting with you, whether or not you see her or feel her.  She sees  you.  She feels your pain.  She is sitting beside you.  You are not alone. 


      Toxic Relationships  When you are in a toxic relationship e.g. mother-daughter relationship full of drama, (arguments, insultspraying to change patterns, hurt feelings, abandonment, jealousy, hatred, fault-finding, anger, inferiority complex, and resentment), you may feel it is time for you to remove yourself from this relationship – but usually you will not get to this point until you are on the floor broken, crying, hopeless with your future blanked out and making your believe that there is no future in front of you.  In the dissolution of your life you begin to remind yourself of the value of you and that everyone has karma.  Your mother has her own karma, her own disappointments, broken dreams, jealousies, frustrations, imperfections, lies, shame, and deceptions.  She may be projecting them to you and you may end up ‘living’ them and being like her.  Buddhist’s call this family karma.  To give your dreams to someone else to live is not the solution.  To give up your dreams to please another is not the way forward.  Read Shavana’s solution to this problem on Shavana’s thoughts on Toxic Relationships  Thank you Legion of Light Shavana Love Toks xxxx

      Running Away  Goddess-Never-Not-Broken is a catalyst that comes to you in the privacy of your mind and sits with you.  She knows and lives pain with you.  She catches up with you when you are RUNNING AWAY. You cannot run away from her even if you try to run away from yourself.  In the silence of the secrecy of your mind – where no one goes – she sits with you and knows all your thoughts and feelings. She is Goddess-Never-Not-Broken.  She lives with you through your transformation; and your ‘running away’.  She is there when you emerge: with your emergence from the dark void of nothingness and no thing ness.

      lotus light She is like the Buddhist pure white Lotus Flower that blooms and flowers at the same time in muddy water; radiating her purity from the muddy surroundings.  From the ugliness blooms the purity of the Lotus Flower. For me she is Mother Earth who looks after you and nurtures you.  She has your back. 

      Hands of LightFor me Goddess-Never-Not-Broken holds the Key  in the shape of the Ankh to your life.  She unlocks doors that were unopened before allowing you new ways to live your life.  No matter the chaos around she grows stronger.  Just call on her for help. She sits patiently within you holding the key to your freedom so you can get things done the way you want them done and help you pass through to the next stage of your life.  

      She is like Fairy Liquid Soap that cleanses your dirty dishes in your kitchen.  She cleanses your mind, body, spirit and soul.   She brings sparkle into your life. You  go through changes and transitions and journeys e.g. my friend has just sold her flat and moved into a new flat; a couple have just sold their studio and looking for somewhere to stay; my client is confused over her scratching her skin non stop; my friends mother just died, my client’s cat just died, my client just started a new relationship with someone abroad, my client just found out she is pregnant after three sessions with me.  So many changes and transitions happening in everyone’s life.  What is happening in your life?

      mother earth prayer

      Like Humpty Dumpty you are broken into little pieces. You know that you have to put the pieces together or you have to throw the pieces away.  Like a toxic relationship you have to transform it or remove yourself from it.  Like a toxic relationship you go through pain and heartache, betrayal and deception, uncertainties and insecurities; vulnerabilities and doubts.  Goddess Never-Not-Broken knows you are going through all of this but you have to call on her.  Do you call and ask her for help or do you not bother?  Do you just allow yourself to go through the pain and fall like Humpty Dumpty into tiny pieces, into different personalities, into deep depression?  The choice, as always, is yours. 

      HAPPY 20134 Elements & Fear:  Your fears come up and hit you in the face.  The people you expect to help you do not!  You feel let down by your family, associates, business partners, friends, mother, father, lover, partner, boy/girlfriend.  You are swimming in the pool of water of untruths and you do not know which way to swim.  You take off your shoes hoping that no one will hear you walking on Mother Earth through air; yet you are seen and spotted.  You are being consumed by the fire of passion and rage; yet the cool flowing water does not quench your thirst and fire. Nothing seems to make sense to you anymore.  You are crumbled on the floor.  You are in the corner crying desperately no sound coming out of your mouth! Despair.  So I ask you – is it better to be comfortable in your life or to have change and seek out possibilities?

      Thinking TaureanPraying to Die  Goddess-Never-Not-Broken sits with you in your grief, loss, despair, isolation, devastation.  She sits with you feeling your pain your fears.  She knows you have a desire to feel liberated and free. She knows you feel imprisoned by your mind, your body, your soul and/or your spirit.  She knows you are feeling trapped and are desperate like a rat cornered in a cave or cage. You feel abandoned even by yourself. You are inconsolable. You are sad in your precise hopelessness.  You are empty of emotion then you are consumed by your pain body.  Devoid of life you pray to die. You are broken emotionally, physically, energetically, spiritually and soulfully.  Let the emotions of pain soften and flow through your energy body. Allow yourself the gift of healing at this time. 

      Opportunities to Divine Connection  Goddess-Never-Not-Broken reveals herself to you in the comfort of your pain!  In your grief, your loss!  You are not promised an easy transition or process in life by God, Buddha, Great Spirit, Adoniah, Allah.  You are sure to have challenges and opportunities in your life with Goddess-Never-Not-Broken.  She silently and quietly shouts at you; with her presence; in the silence of your mind; where no one visits; but you.  She is there silent in the silence of your mind forcing you to look within yourself to the DIVINE WITHIN YOU.  To ACTUALISE Bloomingthe Divine with You.  There is nothing you cannot actualise with this wonderful Goddess – but you need to go deep into your own individual pain and know her.  You can only know her in your private moments – those moments you do not talk about to others or even acknowledge to yourself.  You realise that Goddess-Never-Not-Broken has risen up within you; to take you through this personal deep journey, to live with you, in you and through you; and to transform your pain and suffering through a healing transformative process of embalming your energy to freedom, liberty and love.  It is the JOURNEY TO YOUR UNDERWORLD, YOUR SHADOW WORLD, YOUR DEEP FEARS THAT ARE REAL TO YOU. 

      We Are Connected Daniel Pietrzak Better Future  No longer are you feeling powerless over loving the wrong person, who loved someone else and flaunted it in front of you.  You know you have a better future without that person.  No longer are you feeling disempowered because your mother does not love you.  You know you are worthy of love.  No longer are you suffering the memory of past experiences such as rape or being childless or loosing your baby.  You know you have learnt the lessons of the past and are moving to a brighter future.  No longer are you unable to trust as you trust yourself now.  You activate your TRUE SELF.  You are developing a wholesome relationship with yourself and your Higher Self.  You are powerful in yourself full of courage, compassion and confidence.  You have derived your power from being broken and so you are Goddess-Never-Not-Broken.  You are blooming.  You are connected  to yourself.  You are able to connect to others now. 

      Goddess-Never-Not-Broken is the glorious phoenix rising from the ashes.  She is the black raven announcing the bad news and saving you from further ‘evil’.  It is the chalice cup filling itself up with water that is ever flowing and over flowing removing the word ‘impossible’ from you and creating ‘I’m possible.’.  She is the war horse going into battle and coming out triumphant.   It is the cat walking though the wilderness and finding food.  She is the crocodile who helps you tame and face your fears; helping you move forward.  She is the sparkle – the brilliance – the diamond – within you; that cracks you open from within.  She is forcing your alchemical resurrection of your true self.  She is your now and your happy future.  She is you. 

      QUOTES New Moon & Sun in Taurus & Solar Eclipse

      Julian & AlisterSo think as if your every thought were to be etched in fire upon the sky for all and everything to see. For so, in truth, it is.
      So speak as if the entire world were but a single ear intent on hearing what you say. And so, in truth, it is.
      So do as if your every deed were to recoil upon your heads. And so, in truth it does.
      So wish as if [Divine / God / Allah / Great Spirit / Buddha] himself had need of you. His life to live. And so, in truth, he does. Mikhail Naimy, from the Book of Mirdad

      The measure of intelligence is the ability to change. Albert Einstein

      When one does not know what to say it is time to be silent. Yul Brynner in The King and I

      I am a citizen of the world.  Socrates

      This is Truth Time.  Truth Time is Energy of Now.  Toks Coker

      ACTION New Moon & Sun in Taurus & Solar Eclipse

      When I asked for the music to play I got Sacred Music Native American  1994  Please enjoy.  Love Toks xxx

      Daniel Pietrzak – Awakening Art

      Daniel and Jonita!Daniel Pietrzak is Jonita Dzouza’s husband.   He paints on mini canvas from his intuition; and each individual unique piece is painted with love; inspired by his vision for world peace and happiness in everyone’s heart.  I have chosen 4 pieces that are very apt for the New Moon in Taurus and the fabulous Annular Solar Eclipse. This art is a pure reflection of the loving and positive energy that lies within each one of us and aims at bringing back the spirit of connectedness among people. The mini canvases are made out of non-toxic, recycled and eco-friendly material.  The mini wooden easel is also crafted from the left over woods from various factories causing no extra harm to trees and in turn reducing the wastage. Introductory Offer £10 including postage (in UK).  You can see more on:  https://www.facebook.com/upliftingartffirmations     Thank you Daniel for sharing.  Love Toks xxx

      Time is now Daniel Pietrzak Vortex Daniel Pietrzak We Are Connected Daniel Pietrzak Peace Daniel Pietrzak

      THANK YOU CLIENTS for Testimonials:

      It has been wonderful serving you all over the years.  Thank you for believing in me to help you. Toks xxxx

      “Empowering. Relieving. Emotional. Re-Affirming. Calming. Rewarding – I feel like I have the power to be in tune with myself now. I’m excited and positive that I am capable of attracting the right man now and also to start my purification plan.  Thank you! Love, xxx”  Tia James (26/2/2014)

      “Speechless…..” Manfredi Gelmetti (17/4/2014)

      “Absolutely amazing.  Truthful and enlightening. A bit overwhelmed as it was really accurate.  Thank you Toks, for being an incredible spiritual mother.”  Claudia Massera (22/1/2014)   http://www.bellydancebodymind.co.uk/

      hathor“You helped me to open my heart, find the trust in my self and trust my being and my soul. Reminded me about who I am and gave me courage to follow my mission and rethink my goal. Definitely lighted me. Thank you very much for being with me and helping me understand my truth. Love, Merve.”  Merve Tefukci

      “The session was extraordinary. I found it insightful, loving and healing – above all, it gave me direction and hope that with light, I can be the person I always wanted to be.”  Professor (27/2/14)

      “Timeline Therapy made me feel lighter. I moved my past from within me – a hard rock, to behind me and the now is now, and my future is in front of me as a soft orange and golden glow – so nice”  Teacher (1/4/14)

      “I found the session therapeutic and it was relieving to be in an environment where I felt I could speak of my fears honestly and the sense that my energy was being received and worked with/healed.  Whole new energy – loving kindness. Gentler than expected – so easy, felt so natural, in the right place at right time. A sense of peace, strength, gratitude.  I’m excited to see what the next days hold: was given simple tools to work with. I feel like I’ve had a spiritual workout and can now rest, anxieties shed.” Collin Clay Chace www.Juhamusic.com


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      HOMEWORK from Kana and Kaoru

      1. Have you read ALL the above message?  Have you taken notes to see where Gifting & Receivingthey apply to you right now?  Please do so now.
      2. Have you really looked at yourself and invited the blessing while you read the Invocation Blessing above?  Please do so now.
      3. Whom did you say THANK YOU to?  No one?  Say thank you to someone. 
      4. Whom did you gift something to? No one?  Then gift something to someone. 
      5. Choose to do 4 practical actions this week that move you to your true intension.

      malachite slabToks Coker 2013apophollite cluster of action

      Feel free to leave a comment below. Thank you. 30/3/2014

      With Rainbow Blessings

      Love Toks xxxxxx   

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