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Full Moon in Scorpio 22 April 2016

Happy Full Moon

Healing for YouAn Alchemical Gathering on Friday 22 April celebrating:

    1. Full Moon in Scorpio – Sun in Taurus

    2. International Earth Day

    3. Hanuman Jayanti / Monkey God Birthday (Hindu)

    Red heartFull Moon in Scorpio – Sun in Taurus   Red heartWorm Moon   Red heartTime: 7pm   Red heartDate: Friday 22 April

    Red heartElements: Water/Earth   Red heartClick: Details: Moon Alchemy

    Energy of Now

    orange orchidUnpacking:  This Full Moon finds us unpacking our experiences from our suitcases and sorting them out. This sort out with this Full Moon is a reaction to the change we are going through and cannot stop.

    Awareness: This Full Moon says it is time to really be aware of your successes and accomplishment, no matter how small or overwhelmed you are feeling at the moment.

    Building Process:  There is a building process with this Full Moon. What more can you achieve? What more do you really want? What more do you need to improve to be more in your life? Perhaps learn a new skill or do a new action you have never done before.

    Birthing:  The Energy of the New Moon in Aries, 7 April, called forth a birthing of Newness in you – a different diary, a different action you are doing to make your life more rounded and happier. What birthing action are you carrying through to this Full Moon? Is it going to the gym?  Is it changing your diary and rearranging things differently?  What ‘new’ thing have you carried forth into this Full Moon.

    Homework Reflection:  Earlier on 10 January, New Moon in Capricorn, we held a wonderful Vision Quest at the Moon Gathering and did a photo montage for 2016. Take a look at what you did at that Moon Gathering and check that you are on target. Perhaps you can make a new photo montage with reference to ONE area of your life e.g. your business, your work, your relationship, your home, etc. This helps you to anchor your own thoughts and actions in the month of April.  It also helps you to assess yourself and your progress.

    What we will cover at the Alchemical Moon Gathering

    on Friday 22 April

    ConnectingImprove:  We will look at what you need to do to ‘improve’ one area of your life e.g. work ethics, relationship attitude, etc.  Perhaps you have to buy a 2016 diary and write down what you need to do on what day so you do not forget and find that your memory is not as reliable as you think it is.  Having a diary is not a handicap.  Forgetting you have to do something all the time is a handicap to you and your business and your reputation.  People stop trusting you and do not believe in your words or actions.  Get a diary and start putting your information in it.  Or use your computer or phone.  All successful people use a diary they do not always rely on their brain!

    Intension:  We will look at your intention for yourself and for others.  How often do you throw a bad thought and criticise the person shouting at you?  How often do you throw a bad thought out to the person correcting you?  Why do you think that your negative thoughts will not be felt by the other person? what is the core energy of your intension? 

    Undermining:  Look at how your past is undermining your present and your future. How are you holding yourself back?  How are you sabotaging yourself?  How are you toning your mind, body and spirit?  How are you undermining yourself?  Why are you undermining yourself and others?  Are you undermining yourself for the same reason you are undermining another?  What are your attachments to undermining your self?  Why? How versatile are you at undermining yourself?

    • Happy:  Every time I am with you I feel wanted.
    • Take Away:  You cannot take away more people from me.
    • Competition:  Your friends are not your friends when they are in competition.
    • Angry:  I think my skin is on fire.

    Shifts:  Create Shifts in a sacred gathering.  We will look at creating shifts in your life, in a deep way, that lasts. We will look at how these shifts create actions that give you good results that are supportive, creative and push you forward in your life.  We will look at how the shifts can take you out of a situation that no longer serves you. 

    Separation:  We will look at the issue of separation.

    1. Separation:  Are you feeling separated?  Separated from yourself?  Separated from the people you love?  How can you stop this feeling of separation?  What needs to be merged so you can stop feel separated?  Does this feeling of separation make you feel empty and isolated? Do you feel that people leave you alone, even when you want them to stay?  Is the issue of separation ‘killing’ you in more ways than one. 
    2. Pretend:  At the Moon Gathering we will heal any feeling workingof separation or pretending. We tend to push away the very thing we want. We pretend we do not want something or someone. We pretend our family karma is not important; and then; constantly drink and take drugs. These actions of pretending add to feelings of separation, segregation and lying. Pretending stops you from knowing the true you and from knowing the truth. It may encourage you to live a lie.  Do you really want to live a lie by pretending? 
    3. World:  Separation in our actions, our minds, our hearts and our thoughts is a very prevalent process in the world. How are you separating yourself from others? Is it really necessary? 
    4. Boundaries:  Sometimes separation helps us to create boundaries about what we want and what we do not want. We may have boundaries or we may have no boundaries. We may have weak boundaries.  When we finally decide we have had enough we will create strong boundaries. 
    5. Unrequited:  We connect with people who do not want us. We make ourselves believe they want us and we are disappointed when we finally realise there will always be a separation and unrequited love. We try to connect with people, places, events and situations that do not want the best for us, do not want us around and are not the best for our hearts. We ‘section’ ourselves in our mind, body and spirit. We separate ourselves. We interfere with our own happiness and sabotage our happiness. Separation is a big issue with this Full Moon.

    This Full Moon is a time to look at these issues; and receive insights and constructive practical actions; to take with courage and confidence.  Time is like a river.  You cannot touch the same water twice because the flow that has passed will never pass again.  Enjoy every moment of your life.

    bridgeBridging:  We will connect the broken bridge or create a new bridge, whichever feels right for you. We look at what we value; and want we want to keep and maintain in our lives; because it serves, empowers and supports us. What timeless feelings do you need to bridge; and allow to flow; and rock your life? Living is important in bridging your life. What kind of bridge helps your finances and your accounts? What does your bridge look like?

    Cleansing:  We will do a lot of cleansing. What needs to be released and dropped like a heavy lead weight or a very hot object?  We need to say goodbye to the past.  We cannot live in the past or the future.  We live in the Here and Now.  Saying Goodbye, is cleansing.  When you say Goodbye to the past, you say Yes to your life Now, and to living alive, and awake, in the Now.  Cleansing is saying Goodbye to your past.  Learn from the drama of your life.  Do not carry it with you.  Leave the story behind.  Learn the lesson.  With the experience of learning you cleanse the past; and the learning is cleansing; and your live in the Now and move forward.  Life cannot begin unless we say goodbye to the past and move on.  The Alchemical Moon Gathering is a place to activate all the possibilities awaiting you in your life. It a sacred cleansing space enabling your growth in all areas of your life.  

    Celebrate:  The Full Moon asks you to celebrate your EFFORTLESS achievements, victories, skills and talents. It also asks you to look at areas in your life for improvement and perfection. This Full Moon is about being there for yourself and being there for each other e.g. your team.  We will be celebrating the Full Moon, Earth Day and Hanuman Jayanti.  We will be honouring Mother Earth.  We will be linking in with Immortal Hanuman Jayanti and calling in health, wealth, success, and love; and asking him to remove our sufferings and pain. He is the 11th incarnation of Lord Shiva and served Lord Rama.  We will connect to the Divine.

    helloAchievements:  We will celebrate you and your achievements and power. And if you feel you have none we will show you how you can access them.  What impresses you? Who impresses you? What new vision do you need to forge for yourself to improve? Celebrate your loyalty.  Celebrate your joys.

    Gratitude:  The need to celebrate and give thanks to your life and to the positive situations around you is crucial in your growth.  We all have drama and history and stories to tell.  We all have violence and peace in us.  We all have joy and happiness too.  The Full Moon in Scorpio understands the various emotions we go through and understands the need to celebrate life and celebrate one’s’ life. Saying THANK YOU and feeling GRATITUDE is important if you want to advance in any area of your life.

    Connection We will reconnect you to the celebration of You and wholeness of you. We will connect to the Divine to access the greatest potential of you.

    Supportive Community The Alchemical Gatherings are a community of happy goddessessupportive individual who come together to empower themselves and grow.  Having gone through the confusion during the last New Moon and come out more focused and dynamic; how are you feeling now with this Full Moon?  The supportive community of the Alchemical Moon Gatherings is here to help you. Do you feel you still have to restore order in your mind? In your work?  In your home?  What are you tripping over because you have not cleaned up or cleared up?  What is your environment saying to you?  How friendly is your environment to you? Your Home? Your Office? Your Business area?  Practice makes perfect. Where do you need to perfect in your life?  It is very important – unleash your real winning self.   A supportive community helps you to perfect your life. 

    Forgiveness & Pain We all have pain that we think we have gotten over. Then something happens with this Energy of the Full Moon; and suddenly; the old painful memory erupts. The need to forgive yourself and others; tracks your pain; which may be hidden deep within, that you may not even realise that you still have that pain within you; because you have buried it so deeply within you. Forgiving others is a gift to yourself. Forgiving yourself is a gift to yourself.  Who do you need to forgive? Who needs to forgive you?  Who are you finding difficult to forgive.  Who is finding it difficult to forgive you?  Who can you not forgive?  Who cannot forgive you?  Let us go back to the statement: Forgiving others is a gift to yourself.  Choose to forgive with this Full Moon.

    Toks CokerDeeply Buried Pain:  Scorpio is emotional and passionate and holds deeply buried pain. The pain may be from childhood or well before birth. Scorpio is a water sign; so the need to cry; or to have someone cry your pain out; heals your pain; and activates forgiveness; in the incidence or the situation or the people who hurt you; as well as; in yourself. This deep healing comes only through the cleansing tears and water of Scorpio.

    Clear Action:  After the tearful cleansing you get the clear action to take. This is the Taurus practical determined action. You decide to heal the rift and make an effort to connect to the person who caused you the pain. You heal the rift. You mend the bridge. You melt the frozen hardness in your heart you thought was not there.

    Free and Liberated:  Once the action has been taken; you suddenly feel free and liberated to a fullness of joy in your life. You feel a deep sense of sensitive happiness; that fills you up with a great dance for life. This is a great alchemical healing of the past pain; to release you and create flow in your life; helping to nurture your unconscious and conscious feelings. This Full Moon calls in deep love, deep forgiveness, deep patience and deep will power. Are you ready?

    Prejudice:  I watched Murdock Mysteries, Series 9 Episode 13, on TV.  It was about prejudice and ill-will.  In this scene, the lady, Miss James, asks Murdock what he does when experiencing prejudice and ill-will as a Catholic.

    Murdock:  One difference, I suppose, is that people cannot tell I am Catholic just by looking at me.

    Miss James:  What do you do when you encounter such treatment, Detective?

    Murdock:   I know the truth about myself.  And I know that no matter what someone might say or think about me ….I must be the strongest and the best version of myself that I can possibly be.

    Miss James:  So go along to get along? 

    Murdock:  No. No. Simply be better than anyone who might hate you.

    Are we able to be better than anyone who might hate you.  That is the blessing and challenge of this Moon. We will be looking at the aspect of your Self Mastery.  We will be looking at your transformation and your relationships too. We will look at power struggles and what is working and what is not working. Are you the phoenix rising from the ashes?  Are you the dreamer or the dreamed?  This is such a powerful energy that encompasses many aspects of your live.


    Full Moon in Scorpio Experience

    Toks Experience:   A client of mine, my daughter, lost her lovely father and text me the funeral details early morning, 20 April.  I felt drawn to share it with my son, her business partner.  So I text another a business companion of hers, my son, to ask if he was coming.

    I went to sleep and when I woke up I heard his painful response on my answer machine on my phone.  I realised he was in deep pain; and I started to cry as I listened to his message he had left on my phone. He wanted to come but was not sure if she would want him there.  I kept feeling his pain, her pain and the whole painful situation; which was really out of their control and was something neither of them could have stopped or prevented.

    dreamcastleinairThen, all of a sudden, I saw and heard her father shout at me saying: “He has to be at the funeral. He is in my life and in my daughter’s life.”

    I quickly phoned and left a tearful message for her telling her what her father had said. I then called her business companion and told him her father said he had to be there. She called me back and heard me tearfully relay the experience of what her father said and I spoke with the tone and voice of her father. She said “I will call him immediately and I will invite him.”

    Later I got a text from her business companion and he told me she had left a wonderful message which made his heart sing. He said I had done my “magic power of healing” and I had brought them back together and healed the pain. He was so grateful. He was waiting for her call after 7pm after she finishes working.

    The pain I felt and the tears I cried was very real and deep. It was like I was crying for them and helping to heal the pain they both had buried deep within them from years ago.

    This Full Moon is a wonderful way to release deep pain you may be experience now or you have experienced before and you may have forgotten is still in you. Dialogue has the power to create miracles.  In this issue I was a helping hand; talking to her father; who is on the other side; and passing on a message to her and her business partner. Sometimes the power of the mystic forces interfere to help heal a situation. Some issues do not need a helping hand. Time definitely had passed for the healing to take place in this situation. Some situations can be healed immediately and some take time. Knowing the difference is important. The messages from the Dead, those who have passed over is very Scorpio: the delivery and communication. The action taken after the deliver is very Taurus. 


    We are bone alone, we live alone, we die alone.  only through our love and friendship can we create the illusion for a moment that we are not alone.  Orson Welles

    Experience is not what happens to a man, it is what a man does with what happens to him. Aldous Huxley, English Novelist

    Today is a beautiful day, but I cannot see it.  Note by a blind man 

    job self portrait

    Invocation Blessing for Full Moon in Scorpio and Sun in Taurus

    on Friday 22 April 2016


    I Greet You

    With the Full Moon

    Shining Reflecting Your Brilliance

    Opening Up Your Exquisite Paradise

    I Greet You


    I Greet You

    With the International Earth Day

    Celebrating and Growing Trees on Earth

    Actions Supporting Earth

    We Greet You

    happy together

    I Greet You

    With Your Beautiful Awakening

    Celebrating Your Friendships and Sharing

    Your Magnificence and Magic

    I Greet You


    I Greet You

    With Your Empowerment

    Allowing Your Preciousness

    Your Brilliance in Living

    I Greet You

    I love you

    I Greet You

    With Your Experiences

    The Story You Tell Yourself

    Growing Your Learning

    I Greet You


    I Greet You

    With Your Living Magic

    Creating Focus on Your Life

    Capturing Your Mission Your Vision

    I Greet You

    lovely family

    I Greet You

    With Your Purpose

    Celebrating Your Greatness

    In the Adoration of Life

    I Greet You

    pink shoes

    I Greet You

    With Your Empowerment

    Helping You through Your Struggle

    Your Pain, Limitations, Fear, Suffering

    I Greet You

    full moon

    I Greet You

    With the Shiny Full Moon

    Illuminating Your Inner Greatness

    With the Outer Greatness of You:  Oneness

    I Greet You


    I Greet You

    With Your Ability to Shift

    Creating Light Shifts

    In the Adoration of You

    I Greet You

    pretty feet

    I Greet You

    With Your Possibilities

    Shining the Light on Them

    Your Hopes and Aspirations

    I Greet You


    I Greet You

    With Your Achievements

    Your Successes and Victories

    Your Triumphs and Winnings

    I Greet You


    I Greet You

    With Your Passions

    Your Nobleness of Sprit

    Your Effortless Death and Life Experiences

    I Greet You

    full moon

    I Greet You

    With Your Magical Focus

    Celebrating the Magic in You

    Celebrating the Magic of You

    I Greet You

    nice sun tree

    I Greet You

    With the Tree of Life

    Anchoring Your Blossoming

    Your Radiance this Full Moon

    I Greet You


    I Greet You

    With A Great Collaboration

    Enabling the Choosing of Confident Actions

    Supporting Your Vision, Abundance and Good Health

    I Greet You

    crystal clusters

    We Greet You

    With the Passionate Waters of Life (Scorpio)

    Igniting the Practical Actions You Take (Taurus)

    Vibrating Your Infinite Supply of Natural Vital Energy

    We Greet You

    husband and wife

    We Greet You

    With the Fullness of Your Life

    Celebrating YOU: in All Your Glory

    Joyful Precious Diamond Life Force

    We Greet You


    We Greet You

    With Your Inner and Outer Awakened Call

    Your Greatest Empowered Version of You

    Your Untapped Potential

    We Greet You


    We Greet You

    With Your Manifestations

    Your Glorious Showings

    Your Magnificence of Being

    We Greet You

    little one

    We Greet You

    With the Greatest Possibility of You

    Celebrating the You of You

    In the Magnificence of Your Mind, Body, Spirit

    We Greet You

    Shelly Bridgeman, Kay Westmoreland, Angela Buck, Dhriiti Mehra,Phylliis Sant Maria and Toks Coker in red

    We Greet You

    Welcoming You to Your Journey

    Welcoming You to Your ‘Becoming’ Process

    Opening the Ultimate You in Gorgeousness

    We Greet You

    Inti and Toks 2007

    We Greet You

    With Your Greatest Potential Right Now

    Unfolding Your Greatest Capabilities

    In the Moment of Now Transformation

    We Greet You


    We Greet You

    With Your Own Preciousness’

    Revealing a Higher Calling

    An Operating Factor for More

    We Greet You

    holding hands

    We Greet You

    With the Appreciation of Your Life

    Feeling Gratitude for Yourself

    Feeling Thankful for Your Being

    We Greet You


    We Greet You

    With the Thankful Potential of Others

    Allowing their Light to Shine

    In the Gloriousness of Your Support Structure

    We Greet You

    smiling beauty

    We Greet You

    With Your Determination and Focus

    Activating a Newness of Fullness

    In the Recognition of the Changes Made for Your Happiness

    We Greet You

    I Greet YOU

    We Greet You

    With Your Defined Changes of Life

    Allowing Your Blossoming

    To Activate Your Life Force

    We Greet You

    Michael Beckwith

    We Greet You

    We Greet You

    We Greet You

    Channelled by Toks Beverley Coker for the Full Moon Blossoming of your Life

                           steps to happinessa woman of spirit

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    New Moon in Virgo Eclipse 13 September 2015

    A truly magical day. A gathering of a Tsunami of Energy. 

    A day of many celebrations.  Welcome 13 September:

    Happy New Moon and Sun in Virgo

    Happy Partial Solar Eclipse


    Happy Rosh Hashanah  / Jewish NEW YEAR  

    Happy Navratri (Shakti: Durga, Lakshmi, Saraswati)

    happy tree pathway

    We also have the wonderful energy of Spirit vs. Matter and Heaven vs. Earth.

    StarSunday 13 September 2015clip_image002[404] New Moon & Sun in Virgoclip_image002[405] 07:42 BST Londonclip_image002[406] Element – Earth clip_image002[407] PARTIAL SOLAR ECLIPSE (Moon between the Earth and the Sun) South Africa, South India and Antarcticaclip_image002[408] Book HERE http://newmoonvirgo2015.eventbrite.co.uk

    The Energy of Now is Gathering and Ready.

    A TIME TO:

    A time to rescue your future.  A time to close your eyes and call in your future. A time to look at your real practical Now. A time to look at yourself when you are living in a bottomless pit. A time when you are feeling incomplete and no one has your back.   A time when you know you have no support and no honouring.  A time when you are feeling discounted from your Holy Self and you are connected to your wounded sad suffering self.  A time of pain, shame and confusion.  A time to deal with your stuck energy.

    A time of to call in your miracles.  A time to say ‘hi’ to your life. A time of changing moments.  A time of new beginnings again.  A time to do something that makes you remarkable.   A time to have a breath-taking tomorrow.  A time to promise yourself to be practical and take simple steps to achieve the outcome your desire.  A time to commit to complete things. A time to commit to yourself to be practically happy.   A time to order your life and all forth the life you want.  A time to look a the vision you have and to sustain it and make it happen.  A time to make things happen.  A time to carry out better new habits that support your new vision of yourself.  

    A time to put things in order.  A time to take responsibility for your life and where you want to get to and what you want to do. A time to walk your journey – not another person’s journey.  A time to have faith in yourself and your goals.  A time to tap into your conviction to seed a new conviction that empowers you.  A time to pay attention to yourself.  A time to believe that something wonderful is about to happen with the New Moon in Virgo energy.  A new time to root your new living.  A time to root yourself with strength and practical action.  A time to walk on the green grass and ground your energy.  A time to stand strong and feel yourself deeply rooted and secure and safe.  A time to love physical self.  A time to honour the Inner You.  A time to take action. Time to discover a new part of you.  

    A time to look at your business in a new way.  Time to dream big and visualise and create a vision board of your big idea.  Time to invite in and allow new major beginnings and note your wonderful completions that enable you to invite in new feeling of achievement and peace.  A time to honour the allegiance of those who have come before you.  A time to remember you are great. A time to be alive and well.  A time to be easy with yourself.  A time of rooting yourself to a profound structure of power and create a great secure bottom.  A time for insightful teaching with Toks Coker.  A time to move to your Divine Self. 

    receiving money is good


    New Moon in Virgo is a time to look at your money and your attitude to money.  It is a time to reflect on how you would like your bank account to be and plan towards it.  Is money your friend or not?  It is a time to call in what you are wanting practically, to happen in your life, with reference to money.

    Talk with Money  How do you talk to money in your life and in other people’s life?  Is your conversation negative, disempowering, positive or empowering?  Do you feel that lack of money makes you feel like a slave to those with money?  Do you feel you should be given money as a right, whether or not, you work for it?   What is your conversation with money like? 

    Money Behaviour  Do you treat people with contempt because you have more money than them?  Are you making profit or loosing money?  Are you always exhausted chasing money and getting nowhere?  Are you working real hard and feeling stuck and feeling like a slave to money?  Are you feeling overworked, overwhelmed and burnout in your thinking about money?  Are you drinking or eating too much because you are feeling anxious?  Are you indulging in things that do not serve you and that you should not because you are feeling depressed caused by your relationship with money? Are you lonely and suffering from mental disorder with your attitude with money? 

    Practical Money Actions  A time to do some practical things you have been procrastinating on.  A time to attend to details in your life – pay your bills, apply for that job and attend to your health properly. 

    Healing Money  Do you know that money has an emotional, energetic, physical, mental and spiritual energy? Do you know that this needs healing in everyone?  Your emotional, energetic, physical, mental and spiritual energetic relationship with money needs to be healed if you are feeling any of the above negative symptoms.  If you are then book an energy clearing package with me to help you clean your money blockages. You do not need to do this alone.

    relaxing peacefully letting go

    Whispers of Your Soul

    The New Moon is always a good time to listen to the Whispers of your Soul, especially, if you are too busy to do so on a daily basis.  Many of us are too busy to listen – we have one appointment after another, one job to do after this one, one meal to cook after this one, etc. etc. etc.  That is why it is a good thing to set aside time for yourself to sit and be still and to listen and connect to the inner Whispers of your Soul.

    Set aside the New Moon and the Full Moon to really listen to the Whispers of your Soul. Attending my Sacred Gatherings is a wonderful way to connect with your greatness by listening to the silent Whispers of your Soul. You will be connecting to the Whisper of Your Very Own Soul during the wonderful eclipse New Moon Meditation on Sunday 13 September at 7pm.  Details are on link and remember you can pay cash at the door.  http://newmoonvirgo2015.eventbrite.co.uk   

    Create the space for you to connect to your Holy Self.  Take a moment to be with the parts you need to feel and open to love.  This is a time to call forth your Soul Longings.  A time to connect to your Power. 

    praying for world peace

    An Uncertain Newness

    This is a time of New Beginnings that may make you feel insecure, unsure and uncomfortable.  As you process this uncertain newness and this desire for something new in your life, you may or may not know what you are wanting.  This is the time you may feel chaos in your mind – an unsettling feeling, an uncertainty that makes you feel unsteady and unable to process feelings and thinking. 

    New Moon in Virgo brings in stability, groundedness, certainty and safety.  It brings in structure, analysis and constructive practical action. It brings you to a point of knowing. 

    As you Awaken to a New Newness within you of what you are seeking and you are wanting, you may suddenly feel uncertain.  Go through the feeling of uncertainty as you decipher what you know and do not know specifically.  Go through this chaos of your mind as you are deciding.  Go through the self-doubt as you compare yourself to others and feel inadequate, unworthy and / or a failure.

    Alchemical Change  This Uncertain Newness is the Process of Change.  I call this your ALCHEMICAL RESURRECTION, the Alchemical Resurrection of Your True Self.  A time for an energetic match of mind and body.  A time for new opportunities.  A time to focus on your personal life. A time to feel awesome about yourself.

    Sometimes, you find yourself in the middle of Nowhere, and Sometimes, in the middle of Nowhere, you find Yourself.

    Surrender   In the Process of Change it is a crucial time to surrender to the Universal Law of Life and to the Unknown.  A time to line up with the Universal flow of life. A time to do something new and different and surrender to the Universal Law of Life and to the Unknown.  It is a time to surrender to the Magnificence of your Life.  It is a time to let go and let God / Great Spirit / Universal Law / Universal Flow in.

    In surrender, you no longer need ego defences and false masks. You become very simple, very real. “That’s dangerous,” says the ego. “You’ll get hurt. You’ll become vulnerable.” What the ego doesn’t know, of course, is that only through the letting go of resistance, through becoming “vulnerable,” can you discover your true and essential invulnerability.  Eckhart Tolle

    Seeding  When you have surrendered and let go of the old stagnant energy (seeded your fears), it is a good time to Seed Newness.  It is the time of a New Moon when you seed your wanting.  It is also a great time to seed your fears and watch them break down and transform into alchemical courage and confidence.  Mother Earth knows how to do this better than us. Seeding is especially potent with the Eclipse, which hides and then reveals; and; which transforms and then enlightens.

    Stretching  New Moon in Virgo is truly a great time to go within and really reflect on what you are wanting to reveal, that expresses and demonstrates in a practical way your True Self.  Your Internal Tension is the drive within you – it is not your comfort zone – it is the part that drives you forward – it is what stretches you to what you are wanting with resilience, determination, effectiveness, motivation, efficiency and growth. 

    Clarity New Moon in Virgo asks you to be clear about what you are wanting to seed and to do it, irrespective of your uncertainty, confusion, resistance, doubts or fears.  It says this is a time to write down specific things you are wanting and desiring and know deep within you that you want it. That is all that is required of you at this time.  Then get ready to take action.  Sometimes in the taking of action is the knowing of whether or not you are wanting something.

    Peaceful thought Healing thought

    Energy of Virgo 

    There is so much wonderful information on my blog when you click on the following links. Enjoy your sacred journey.  You can scroll down and read up on the MAGNIFICENT Energy of Virgo on my blog on the following posts:

    2014   https://tokscoker.wordpress.com/?s=new+moon+in+virgo+2014    UNEXPECTED JOY

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    2012  https://tokscoker.wordpress.com/page/2/?s=new+moon+in+virgo    INVOKING SACRED NAMES

    2011  https://tokscoker.wordpress.com/page/3/?s=new+moon+in+virgo    PRACTICAL ACTIONS 

    Trust through friendship peace through trust

    A Time to deal with

    A time to deal with feeling eclipsed and then illuminated.  A time to take a challenge and manger your negative self-talk.   A time to shed old habits so you are free to carry out better new habits that support your new vision of yourself.  A time to put things in order that you should have done and you have not. 

    A time to deal with your negative feelings and anything that causes you despair, and or depression.  A time to look at your over critical, over judgemental, over puritanical and over analytical mind.  A time to know that the negative mind can make you feel lazy, slow and cause procrastination, making you lethargic and lacking in constructive action.  A time to get up and do something with your life when you may feel uncertain, unwilling and unable to do anything.  A time to acknowledge feeling stuck, stagnant and isolated.  A time when you spend time scrutinising others,and keeping scores to make yourself right; is the time you know you have to change. 

    A time to know that Virgo is a practical sign that can keep itself stuck as it faces challenges.  A time when you may be unwilling to face your challenges and not know how to say ‘yes’ or ‘no’, nor be clear about your boundaries and what you want and do not want in your life.  A time when Virgo can focus on flaws and inadequacies in yourself and others.  A time when the energy of Virgo can stop you stirring your Soul and a time you know that you do not make giving up an option for yourself. A time to take action.  A time to know what wounding are you feeling today?  A time to remove the weeds from your life.  A time to have faith in yourself in the realisation of your goals.  A time to honour your physical body in a sacred and in a simple way. A time to deal with life when life is compressing you.  

    A time to look at your real practical Now. A time to look at yourself when you are living in a bottomless pit. A time when you are feeling incomplete and no one has your back.   A time when you know you have no support and no honouring.  A time when you are feeling discounted from your Holy Self and you are connected to your wounded sad suffering self.  A time of pain, shame and confusion.  A time to deal with your stuck energy.

    Lovingly Touching Mother Earth Nurturing Us

    Body – Earth – Physical – Matter – Solid

    Virgo is an Earth sign and the focus is on the physical body.  Have you ever thought of talking to your body?  If you could talk to your body what would you say?  If you could talk to your cells what would you say?  Did you know that talking to your body can help you heal your dis-ease in your body?  Have you tried it?  You can read more about this, from a scientific perspective, on this link:  Your Cells are Listening. The link mentions three key steps to gaining the cooperation of the body:

    1. Approach your body with genuine compassion, understanding that it is made up of conscious cells who experience emotions.
    2. Build trust by engaging your body in positive mental conversations about your desire for the two of you to cooperate and overcome the ailment.
    3. Allow changes in the conversation by using different thoughts and words that elicit spontaneous elevated emotions.

    During the New Moon in Virgo meditation we will converses with our body and our cells.


    September Celebrations

    There is a lot happing energetically in September.  How have you been celebrating and flowing in your life?  How did you spend the Ethiopian New Year?  How will you spend the Jewish New Year?  How will you celebrate for 9 days the Hindu God Manifestation of Durga?  Where will you be on the day of the two eclipses this month?  What will you be doing on the Day of Peace and the Friendship Day for Women?  How will you welcome in the Autumn Equinox?  Really make September a wonderful month for yourself and loved ones.   Plan wonderful things to do.  Come to a Gathering with Toks or book a session with her.

    13-9-15 Happy Navratri7 Labour Day USA

    8   Birthday of Blessed Virgin Mary

    12 Ethiopian New Year – Enkutatash

    13-15 Rosh Hashanah   

    13-21   Navratri (Shakti: Durga, Lakshmi, Saraswati)

    clip_image002[403] Sunday 13 September 2015clip_image002[404] New Moon & Sun in Virgoclip_image002[405] 07:42 BST Londonclip_image002[406] Element – Earth clip_image002[407] PARTIAL SOLAR ECLIPSE (Moon between the Earth and the Sun) South Africa, South India and Antarctica clip_image002[408] Book HERE http://newmoonvirgo2015.eventbrite.co.uk

    21-9-15 International Day of Peace17 Ganesh Chaturthi

    20 Women’s Friendship Day

    21   International Day of Peace

    22-23 Yom Kippur / Eid-al-Adha

    Total Lunar Eclipse Super Full Moon 201523 Saint Pio of Pietrelcina / AUTUMN EQUINOX

    26-28 HARVEST MOON Festival (S. Korea)

    clip_image001[499]Monday 28 September 2015 clip_image001[500]Full Moon in Aries – Sun in Libra RainbowHARVEST MOON 03:52 BST Londonclip_image001[502]Element: Fire/Air clip_image001[503]SUPER FULL MOON clip_image001[504]TOTAL LUNAR ECLIPSE East Pacific, Americas, Europe, Africa, West Asia clip_image001[505] Book HERE  http://fullmoonaries2015.eventbrite.co.uk Rainbow

    The light is too painful for someone who wants to remain in darkness.  Eckhart Tolle

    alchemy of mother earth

    7 Days 7 Chakras


    Seeding my eBook with this New Moon in Virgo and Solar Eclipse.

    Buy this wonderful interactive eBook on   http://www.tokscoker.com/

    The eBook has a lot of positive stuff in it like: over 40 affirmations for each chakra, pictures of powerful crystals you can work with – so you do not need to have a crystal in your hand to work with the exercises and interactive space for you to record your experience so you can always save it with the last date you put your input in.  You can also copy your written journal from this document into a word document and print then out if you want.  It really is an eBook for all times.  As you save your work in the eBook and date it you can always go back to see what your experiences were at a particular time and track your wonderful progress. A truly remarkable life eBook. A practical one too.

    seeding trees

    Encoded Co-Creative Invocation Blessing

    for the New Moon Eclipse in Virgo

    Being channelled by Toks Beverley Coker for the New Moon Eclipse in Virgo 11/9/2015

    Let us spring into Newness with all this wonderful energy coming through.  See yourself galloping through all the energy and supported by the wonderful energy of life.  Feel the cosmic vibrations surround you.

    Nick Ashron

    My musician friend Nick Ashron has a wonderful logo which I have copied below for you to enjoy.  Thank you Nick for a wonderfully healing image of power.  Love Toks xxxx  http://nickashron.com/thesevenwinds/

    Charging Energy

    New Moon in Virgo Poet

    We are sharing the work of Hafez, the Persian Iranian poet and mystic. Here are some poems by Hafez that capture the energy of the New Moon in Virgo.  

    Work: Find A Better Job   Now that all your worry has proved such an unlucrative business, Why not find a better job?

    Happiness   Ever since happiness heard your name, it has been running through the streets trying to find you.

    Pleasure:  There is no pleasure without a tincture of bitterness.

    Words: Why Not Be Polite   Everyone is God speaking.  Why not be polite and Listen to Him?

    Words: Glad  Stay close to any sounds that make you glad you are alive.

    House  What we speak becomes the house we live in.

    Light: Your Astonishing Light   I wish I could show you when you are lonely or in the darkness, the astonishing light of your Being.

    Love and Time  Even, after all this time, the Sun never says to the Earth, You owe me.  Look what happens with a love like that.  It lights up the whole sky.

    Love    Love sometimes want to do us a great favour:  holds us upside down and shake all the nonsense out.

    House  What we speak becomes the house we live in.

    House:  Living Better Conditions  Fear is the cheapest room in the house. I would like to see you living in better conditions.

    Life We have come into this exquisite world to experience ever and ever more deeply our divine courage, freedom and light.

    Read more about Hafez on:  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hafez   and   http://www.hafizonlove.com/bio/ 

    New Moon in Virgo Book

    A time to read the ‘Power of Now’ by Eckhart Tolle or listen to the audio.    A time to say ‘I write best sellers.’  A time to say ‘I read best sellers’.  A time to rescue your future.  A time to educate yourself.  A time to read books.  A time to set aside learning for yourself. A time to be inspired deeply.  A time to be reflective.  Enjoy the following quotes from Eckhart’s book The Power of Now.

    Inner Vs. Outer  Your outer journey may contain a million steps; your inner journey only has one: the step you are taking right now.

    Inside Vs. Outside  If you get the inside right, the outside will fall into place. Primary reality is within; secondary reality without.

    Caterpillar Vs. Butterfly  What a caterpillar calls the end of the world we call a butterfly.

    Emotions  Emotions arise in the place where your mind and body meet

    Now  Realize deeply that the present moment is all you have. Make the NOW the primary focus of your life.

    Surrender to Now  Watch any plant or animal and let it teach you acceptance of what is, surrender to the Now.

    Surrender  In surrender, you no longer need ego defences and false masks. You become very simple, very real. “That’s dangerous,” says the ego. “You’ll get hurt. You’ll become vulnerable.” What the ego doesn’t know, of course, is that only through the letting go of resistance, through becoming “vulnerable,” can you discover your true and essential invulnerability

    Challenges The best indicator of your level of consciousness is how you deal with life’s challenges when they come. Through those challenges, an already unconscious person tends to become more deeply unconscious, and a conscious person more intensely conscious. You can use a challenge to awaken you, or you can allow it to pull you into even deeper sleep. The dream of ordinary unconsciousness then turns into a nightmare.

    Action  Any action is often better than no action, especially if you have been stuck in an unhappy situation for a long time. If it is a mistake, at least you learn something, in which case it’s no longer a mistake. If you remain stuck, you learn nothing.

    Complaining See if you can catch yourself complaining, in either speech or thought, about a situation you find yourself in, what other people do or say, your surroundings, your life situation, even the weather. To complain is always non-acceptance of what is. It invariably carries an unconscious negative charge. When you complain, you make yourself into a victim. When you speak out, you are in your power. So change the situation by taking action or by speaking out if necessary or possible; leave the situation or accept it. All else is madness.

    new newnessmoney money everywhere


    1. Write what you want for yourself.  Make is positive.
    2. Visualise what you want.
    3. Create a Visualisation Board of what you want.  This is a time to create a Visualisation Board for your career, your relationship, your self.
    4. Take Practical Constructive Action. What are you going to do to make it happen? This is a time for practical action.  A time to be practical.
    5. What is your Attitude to money and working for money? Read the above notes and write your answers in your journal. What three actions are you going to take to improve your relationship with money?
    6. What Legacy do you want to leave behind you? Make it happen.
    7. Say to yourself:  Winners never Quit.  Quitters never Win.

    Toks Coker

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    New Moon & Sun in Aquarius 18.2.2015


    Happy Super New Moon in Aquarius.  Happy Birthday Aquarians.  This is the second New Moon in Aquarius in 2015. You can read more about the first on New Moon in Aquarius 20 January 2015.  This energy is close to Pisces energy.

    Wednesday 18 February 2015clip_image002[330] New Moon & Sun in Aquarius (2nd Aquarius)clip_image002[331] SUPER NEW MOON   23:49 GMT Londonclip_image002[332] Element – Air clip_image002[333] Book HERE: http://2newmoonaquarius2015.eventbrite.co.uk

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    What will we do in this Workshop

    1. We will be meditating on planting a Soul Seed to manifest a Soul Mate.
    2. What expansiveness means to you.
    3. We will be Saying Goodbye.
    4. We will be creating a Crystal Matrix Vortex for the World.
    5. We will be sending healing to those who have asked for healing.

    Commitment to your happiness

    Energy of Now

    Wobbly  The past few days have been wobbly and uncertain as many of us have been tossed around with our emotions in our galactic ship.  We have been unsure, our minds have been clouded; and our words have not been able to come out properly, or even at all!  It really has been an emotional tornado in trying to arrive at a decision; to settle the mind in a clear way.  It’s like we have been walking in the fog, unsure of what to do. As we enter the portal of this magical New Moon, we begin to see clearer.  We begin to grasp stronger thought patterns.  We know we are at the precipice of change and the illusion reveals the reality of our lives.  How magical.

    Hands of LightSpeaking Your Truth  Are you speaking your truth from a point of resentment, to make a point, to hurt and pretend you did not intend to hurt?  Are you sending an email to hit the person in the heart to score a point and win an argument or issue you  have in your head that you think is an issue, and it feels better to send it via email or text rather than converse with the person?  Are you assuming someone wants to help you when in reality they do not.  Are you realising that they are undermining your work, your life, or your way; just by being in your presence?  Double whammy New Moon in Aquarius is speaking your truth and hurting the other as you do so.  The lack of empathy, tactfulness and compassion hits you with this energy.  Rather than seek a ‘fight’, allow the element AIR to move through you – all the energy to move through you.  Really work on flowing the energy.  Sometimes what we think is our energy is the other person’s energy.  And at least you now know how they feel, and you can either work through it together, or part separate ways.  Sometimes we need to say Goodbye to certain situations and people.

    Tightness Vs. Freedom   When we recognise ourselves in each other; we allow ourselves to be free.  With this knowledge; when ‘they’ express both the good and bad to us; we understand it better; and perhaps it helps us not to be too upset with ‘them’!  There are many ways of getting close in interacting with each other.  This may be one of the difficult ways to do this. The challenge is allowing ourselves to recognise that we have chosen this path together; and healing is needed for both parties to grow; otherwise, patterns of behaviour will be repeated in other interactions.  New Moon in Aquarius teaches us to BREATHE IN AIR into our skulls, pores of our skin, and, the in-between area of the skin and the skull. A good time to release any tightness in your physical body through breathing in the element of Aquarius – AIR.

    ReceivingNothing changes until you do.  If your partner is upsetting you, look to yourself.  If any person is upsetting you, look to yourself.  Nothing changes until you do.  Be compassionate to yourself.  Really live realistically to change your attitude and behaviour.  We all know there are many tools to do this – Tantra, yoga, spiritual coaching, personal development, etc.  The most important thing that has to change is your BELIEF. Your beliefs will change your reality.  If you think poor, you will be poor.  If you think you will get the house, you will get the house.  If you are too busy to do the work that needs to be done to heal yourself, then I know that you must be comfortable with the dis-ease and the un-rest and the un-happiness you experience. If you are not willing to seek help, then you cannot be helped.  To change, you must know you need to change.  It does not matter if people tell you.  If YOU do not hear it, and know it, and decide to change, then there will be no change.  There is no need to preach to a closed door!

    Chakra Balance7 Year Old Energy  There is a belief system that says a lot of our problems stem from our formative years – between the ages of one and seven.  Work to heal the Parent, Adult and Child enable people to open their hearts to more love; and to allow love to enter in; and in the opening, allow the receiving of more love in their daily and practical life.  This leads to having healthy and wholesome relationships.  You are the Master of Your Life.  If a 7 year old runs it, then there will be disaster in handling your decisions; especially if the 7 year old expresses itself in a relationship or business in the 45 year old woman/man.  Healing is required when you realise that the 7 year old you is running your life and your relationships.  Would you let a 7 year old child run your life?

    Expressing Your Joy  New Moon in Aquarius is about expressing your joy and gratitude through your tears, being vulnerable as you express authentically your truth.  Not an easy thing to do.  It is not a sign of weakness.  It indicates a need to get closer to the people around you – to show you are vulnerable.  Revealing your fears and vulnerability in a relationship is a good sign, especially when the others realise that compassion is what is needed here.  To be vulnerable and then to be attacked by the person the vulnerability is expressed; shows the other person’s lack of integrity, understanding, compassion and may reveal a shadow side in them that you may have felt before, even if you did not want to acknowledge it. 

    xxxholding hands Signs, Omens and Symbols  Watch out for signs, omens and symbols.  What are they telling you?  If you closed your eyes now and imagined yourself flying like a dragonfly or butterfly, where would you be.  Would you see a dragonfly or butterfly clearly?  Or would you see something different; like the distinct image of a red crab in the red background?  Clarity is coming, slowly but surely.  Go with the flow. We will be working with this energy in this New Moon Gathering Workshop, as we look for Signs, Omens and Symbols though I am not asking you to over-analyse things.  Stop over-analysing people, things and situations.  Stop being cruel and tactless with your words and behaviour.  Be gentle with yourself and others.  Watch more for empowering Signs, Omens and Symbols; rather than negative limiting blocking ones that make you feel intolerant of yourself and others.

    Relationships  So many talks about relationships.  So many points of view.  So much to read about.  How about finding your own true inner relationship with yourself first before finding a relationship with another.  You have your own relationship issues to sort our first before going to make someone a ‘victim’ of your own issues.  How about starting with yourself first.  Healing your issues and working through them, recognising the role you may have played in creating your own pain; instead of blaming, pointing the finger, complaining, judging or denying. 

    One I Love is MeValentines  We had Valentines on 14 February, which brought out a lot of talk about relationships – all types of relationships – not just emotionally personal intimate sexual relationships.  What did you do on Valentine’s Day?  Did you participate and celebrate it?  Is this the only time you do this in the year?  Or perhaps you do not celebrate Valentine’s Day because everyday is Valentines Day with your partner? 

    Self LoveDid you buy yourself a Valentines Day card?  I did.  I felt so happy when I opened it on Valentines Day.  I felt loved by me, by the aspect of me I do not honour – the other side of me – the male side of me, as I am female.  I have taken a picture here so you can see that I practice what I preach. My partner thought it was funny that I got one for myself; when he got me two wonderful cards.  I smiled beaming:

    “If I do not love myself and I exist because of the love you have for me, then I am basing my happiness on having you in my life.  Happiness is not based on having a partner.  Happiness is loving yourself and valuing yourself; enabling you to value and respect another. Happiness for me exists because, through revering my essence; I revere yours wholeheartedly.”    

    It is very important to untangle yourself from requiring your partner to fill your needs.  It is important to be clear about yourself; and have the love you have always wanted; and believe you will get the love you want.  In private moments with yourself, you will discover your inner true self. In private moments with your partner, you will both discover your inner true united self.  Being more loving starts with yourself.  A healthy relationship is very important. 

    Love of My Life

    Tree of Life  What is your Tree of Life?  Is it just you and your immediate family?  Is it just you and your loved ones against the world?  The Tree of Life is how you choose to live your life.  You may blossom fruits and life force or you may not.  You may live in a home of joy and happy abundance or you many not.  You may be united or you may not. 

    Double whammy New Moon in Aquarius comes to sit with us and asks us to look at our own individual Tree of Life and see how it relates to serving the world and serving humanity. For me the Tree of Life is a sanctuary of human love based on mutual respect, listening with ease and sharing with joy. It is the collective living together of the universal forces of life.  That is why I love celebrating the New Moons and the Full Moons.  Happy New Moon in Aquarius. 

    GoodbyeSaying Goodbye is sometimes the best thing to do.  Saying Goodbye is sometimes the only thing to do.  We are saying goodbye to the year of the Horse and we welcome, on the 19th of February, the Chinese New Year of the Sheep / Goat.  This is their LUNAR NEW YEAR.  Happy New Year.  We are saying Goodbye to the old, and Welcome to the New Unknown.

    Saying Goodbye is the best thing to do when we need to go home to sleep, when we need to catch our train/taxi and when we have partied enough. Saying Goodbye is the best thing to do when we know we will see the person another day, when we feel safe about our future and when we are ready to step into the unknown. 

    Saying Goodbye is the best thing to do when YOU decide to set Yourself free of the pain and torment YOU feel in Your life.  You say Goodbye to Your pain and torment. You have had enough. You recognise what you want to change and get help.  You begin to let go of the need to hold on to a limiting belief or situation.  You forgive yourself and the other/s involved.  You can forgive yourself for allowing yourself to have the pain.  Recognise what You want to change and You are ready for change. Acknowledge you are ready for Change.  Take action and get help from someone who walks with you through Your pain; holding your hands. You do not need to do it alone.  Choose the person who feels safe to you, to help you access your unconscious mind and rewire it.   Saying Goodbye is the best thing to do at these times. 

    When is Saying Goodbye the best thing for You to do? What are You Saying Goodbye to as You enter this Chinese New Year of the Green Wooden Goat/Sheep?

    Happy Chinese New Year: Green Wooden Goat/Sheep  19/2/2015

      Fabulous symbol of auspiciousness, good luck, peace.  Goats and Sheep give meat, milk and wool to Mankind.  

    Happy New Year.  It is the Year of the Wooden Sheep / Goat, which appears every 60 years. Here are some nice Chinese traditions I love and found interesting:

    1. Red is the key colour for the New Year as Red is the colour of prosperity and wealth.  It wards off bad luck and misfortune.  goat
    2. Wear red underwear to bring in good fortune.
    3. Give gifts of money in red envelopes to children and elders.
    4. Eat fish for good luck and surplus money.  This is because the Chinese word for ‘fish’ sounds like the word for ‘surplus’.
    5. Eat Chinese dumplings to bring more money and wealth into your life. The shape of the Chinese dumplings is the shape of old Chinese money – the ‘silver ingot’. 
    6. Meet up with family and friends. Have a Reunion Dinner with all the Australain_cashmere_goat-wikipediagenerations of your family. 
    7. Enjoy watching firecrackers, lion dances, and dragon dances. 
    8. Decorate your home in red e.g. buy red lanterns, red couplets. 
    9. Three Goats bring harmony.
    10. Offer a sacrifice (whole goat, chicken, duck, or live carp) to the God of Fortune – the Five Roads God and pray for good fortune for the coming year.  The Five Roads are the South Road, North Road, Central Road, West Road and East Road.
    11. Send the God of the Poor off to heaven on the 6th day of the Festival. Legend has it that even when you gave him clothes, he would tear them up and then wear them. People send him to heaven rather than see him poor on earth.
    12. The numbers 8 and 6 are lucky numbers.
    13. On the day of the New Year there are some things you should not do, such as:  Do not ask for a loan.  Do not let your children cry. Do not clean your home. Do not wash your hair. 

    howlite crystalThe Year of the Goat is the year of great success through practical action.  It is not the year to sit and relax and do nothing. Yes you can relax and enjoy relaxing. Then get up and take action.  The Year of the Goat is an action year in a relaxed manner. You gather and collect your energies and build on them.  You support humanity and nurture yourself while doing so.  You enjoy the fresh air and natural resources for your good health. Keep your sleep and waking time consistent.  Really nurture yourself during this time – I mentioned this earlier in the year – 2015 is the year to nurture yourself.  Goat is practical and loves climbing high up the mountain.  We can see this as developing the Higher Self and our own personal initiation into our Higher Dimensions.  It has a wonderful energy of building things and creating wonderful building blocks in your life.  We anchor with strength. 

    lovely  handsIf you feel you are not creative or you want more creativity, the Year of the Goat is a good year to call in more creative energy.  Great qualities to develop with this energy are gentleness, calm, ease of living, kindness and peacefulness.  Naughty qualities to watch out for are: laziness, feeling like a victim, dishonesty, complaining, blaming, not taking action, being controlled, and selfishness. When things go wrong, Goats blame everything and everybody, and every situation, and every circumstance. It is never their fault.  Goat energy needs to learn to take responsibility and step into its own power for it’s own spiritual evolution. We may want to ‘sacrifice’ ourselves or others – so there is a lot of shadow self to work with this year. 

    You can read up more on the Goat Energy by clicking this SPIRITUAL GOAT ENERGY.

    steps to goal

    Quote for New Moon in Aquarius

    If you Light a Lantern for Another, it will also Brighten Your Way. Gosho Zenshu 1598

    Be the person with Soul with a strong inner masculine and feminine core. Toks Coker

    We recognise ourselves in each other.

    brother and sister

    Invocation Blessing for the Super New Moon in Aquarius

    handsoflight evokes bundles of laughter, joy and happiness for you in 2015

    I Greet You

    With the Crystal Queen

    Shining Her Radiance on You

    Serene Peaceful Knowing

    Invoking the Silence of Power

    I Greet You

    Sparks of light

    I Greet You

    With the Powerful Third Eye

    Inner Journey

    Inner Sanctuary

    Inner Alchemy

    I Greet You

    I Greet You

    I Greet You

    With the Goddess of Speaking Future

    Dedicating Time

    To Learning the Ways

    In the Ritual of the Mind

    I Greet You


    I Greet You

    With Hilarion

    Healing Your Health & Space

    Healing Deep Within You

    The Depth No One Reaches or Knows About

    I Greet You

    crystal tower of light

    I Greet You

    With the Vishnu Crystal

    Offering You the Power of Awareness

    Purifying Your Motivation

    Your Ability to Love with Service

    I Greet You

    red and pink roses

    I Greet You

    With Balanced Protection

    Allowing in Energetic Flow

    Flowing with Ease

    In the World of Science

    I Greet You


    I Greet You

    With the Forgiveness of Quan Yin

    Forgiving Yourself As You

    Stop Forcing & Pushing Things to Happen

    Allowing the Situation go to Spirit

    I Greet You

    open hands

    I Greet You

    With Open Palms

    Letting Go Old Out-dated Methods and Patterns

    Feeling Free

    Walking into the Unknown of the New

    I Greet You

    Toks & Hands of Light

    I Greet You

    With the Magic Pencil of Light

    Opening Up New Beginnings

    Creating New Boundaries of Expansiveness

    In the Fertile Attractiveness of Your Soul

    I Greet You

    Merve's lovely hands healing us

    I Greet You

    With the Angel Gabriel

    Bringing Great News to You

    On this Most Auspicious of Days

    New Moon in Aquarius

    I Greet You

    orbs of power

    I Greet You

    With the Leaps You Need to Make

    Flying High to Be More

    Selecting Ideas that Work for You

    In the Alchemy of Your Soul Evolution

    I Greet You

    hand to hold you and support you

    I Greet You

    I Greet You

    I Greet You

    Channelled by Toks Beverly Coker, Evolution Soul Coach, for New Moon in Aquarius

    © Toks Coker 2015

    Services Toks Coker


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    a channel for divine healing power

    Full Moon in Scorpio & Sun in Taurus 14/5/2014

          Happy Birthday Buddhahappy buddhaBlessings from the  Buddhabuddha lotus heart

      Happy Wesak Day    Happy Birthday Buddha 

    RainbowHappy Full Moon in Scorpio with Sun in Taurus (Flower Moon)

    The Gathering   I love the story of Christ gathering the Hierarchy of the Universe together to celebrate Wesak, which is Buddha’s birthday, death and enlightenment.  It is believed Buddha received his enlightenment under a Boddi tree with a Full Moon; and that all religions are united together on this day; and that we receive a cosmic spiritual download by this great spiritual gathering.  I love this very much and I choose to believe this. TODAY: Wednesday 14 May 2014  we celebrate this wonderful energy from 7pm-10pm during which we will be in the actual time of the Full Moon, which is 20:17 BST London      Element Water/Earth  For more details and to book, click here: www.fullmoonscorpio2014.eventbrite.co.uk

    On the Menu we have:

    1. Invocation Blessing:  RainbowFull Moon in Scorpio with Sun in Taurus (Flower Moon)
    2. ENERGY OF NOW: RainbowFull Moon in Scorpio with Sun in Taurus (Flower Moon)  Wednesday 14 May 2014     20:17 BST London      Element Water/Earth
      1. The Gatheringvegetarian food
      2. Feeling
      3. Transforming
      4. Self Mastery
      5. Sexual Relationships
      6. Questions on Relationships
      7. Wake Up Call
      8. Power Struggles
    3. Resurrection of Your True Self – Allowing
    4. Homework

    NEXT: Meditation Workshop is on Wednesday 28 May 2014  StarNew Moon & Sun in Gemini    19:41 BST London  Element Air For more details and to book: www.newmoongemini2014.eventbrite.co.uk

    Spiritual Enlightenment

    Invocation Blessing & Prayer:  RainbowFull Moon in Scorpio with Sun in Taurus (Flower Moon)

    Wednesday 14 May 2014     20:17 BST London      Element Water/Earth


    We Greet You

    With your Soul Regeneration

    Today Full Wesak Moon in Taurus/Scorpio

    Renaissance of Your Redevelopment

    We Greet You

    7.7.08 Jeery Gary David

    We Greet You

    With the High Octave Energy

    Blooming Deeper Levels of Evolution through Laughter

    Intensely Heightened Spiritual Energy

    We Greet You

    12 12 12 sacred space

    We Greet You

    With Sexual Enlightenment

    Deep Voluptuous Feelings of Exploration

    Journeying You Educational Insights to Divinity

    We Greet You

    sacred altar

    We Greet You

    With Rebirth Celebration

    Renewing our Energies with Wesak and Mayan

    In this Heightened Energy of Fullness

    We Greet You

    Sacred Beings of Light

    We Greet You

    With Your Wounds Opening Up

    Ready for Healing – Giving Up All Past Errors, etc..

    Releasing Your Soul – Liberating & Free as a Bird

    We Greet You

    greeting roots

    We Greet You

    With Your Grounding Energy

    Connected to the Centre of the Earth

    Earth Gateway to Your Life

    We Greet You

    healing handsSmiling Angel of Light

    We Greet You

    With Christ Gathering the Entire Spiritual Hierarchy

    Celebrating with Buddha Dharma Sangha

    Cosmic Download Buddha Fused with Christ

    We Greet You

    Receiving & Giving Blessings

    We Greet You

    With the Hierarch of the Universe, Christ, Buddha, Allah, Adonai

    24 Elders of the Throne, 144000 Ascended Masters, Council of Light

    Celebrating in Shambhala (where everyone is enlightened)

    We Greet You

    Buddhas in White

    We Greet You

    With the Great Paradigm of Oneness Consciousness

    Buddha and Christ Wearing White for Purification

    Full Moon Sacred Ritual Blessing of Light and Love

    We Greet You


    We Greet You

    With the Gift of Challenge

    Challenge of Receiving

    Challenge of Gifting

    We Greet You

    Sacred Scent of Life

    We Greet You

    With the Scent of Supreme Change

    Changing Your Ways of Thinking and Acting

    For the Fullness of Your Happy Life

    We Greet You

    Shelly Bridgeman, Kay Westmoreland, Angela Buck, Dhriiti Mehra,Phylliis Sant Maria and Toks Coker in red

    We Greet You

    With Sirius Powerful Anointment

    Cleansing Erroneous Belief Systems

    Loving You Tender

    We Greet You

    Sacred Altar

    We Greet You

    With Celestial Light

    Revealing Your Fullness of Light

    In the Anointment of Your Self

    We Greet You

    Smiling Hope

    We Greet You

    With Freedom of Other People’s Expectation

    Holding Your Light Saying “Show Me : Use Me”

    “Allow the Process of Who I Am”

    We Greet You

    holding handsholding connections

    We Greet You

    With True Connection

    Knowing You are Enough: You are Enough

    Opening Your Heart Softening Your Heart

    We Greet You

    Angel of LightStillnessPrincess of Heaven

    We Greet You

    With the Silence & Stillness of Who You Are

    Allowing Your True Essence

    Your AHA Breathe

    We Greet You

    Calling Great Spirit

    We Greet You

    With Your Wake Up Call

    Releasing Your Anger & Blaming

    Intending Love of Your Life

    We Greet You

    21 12 12 Legions of Light Workshop with Hands of Light

    We Greet You

    With Awakening of Your Moment

    Accepting Your Seeking

    Acknowledging Your Findings

    We Greet You 

    beautiful world

    We Greet You

    With Your Metamorphism of Change

    Caterpillar Becoming a Butterfly

    Flapping Your Wings to Heaven

    We Greet You 

    Luck Friendship Peace

    We Greet You

    With Luck Friendship Peace

    Acting Through Your Suffering

    Helping Your Soul & Spirit Grow

    We Greet You

    Cosmic Creativity

    We Greet You

    We Greet You

    We Greet You

    channelled by Toks Beverley Coker, the Elder, with Hands of Light © Toks Coker 2014

    I am too Sexy

    Energy of Now

    Full Moon in Scorpio with Sun in Taurus (Flower Moon)  Wednesday 14 May 2014     20:17 BST London      Element Water/Earth

    Christ Consciousnesshappy buddhaThe Gathering   I love the story of Christ gathering the Hierarchy of the Universe together to celebrate Wesak, which is Buddha’s birthday, death and enlightenment.  It is believed Buddha received his enlightenment under a Boddi tree with a Full Moon; and that all religions are united together on this day; and that we receive a cosmic spiritual download by this great spiritual gathering.  I love this very much and I choose to believe this. 

    Feelings  With the Full Moon energy we know we will feel a lot of emotions and it is important not to push them down with addictive behaviour like drinking or smoking or sex or food or TV.  We need to feel them and live them and cry them too!  We need to journey through the pain and discomfort and vulnerability with this Full Moon.  Only then do we observe what has happened; and realise our insights, learnings and our own individual enlightenment. en-light-en-ment is bringing light into your own life, your own being. 

    Transforming  Full Moon in Scorpio is about transforming something in your life.  It could be you decide to have a coach to help with your career.  It is about evolving your life e.g. you decide to attend spiritual moon workshops to help you evolve and move your life. 

    rootings we makeSelf Mastery Full Moon in Scorpio with the Sun in Taurus shines light on practical things that need to be done to satisfy the emotional feelings you are having. What do you need to do to master intense emotions in a practical way that do not overwhelm you?  It could be to find someone who can do the job for you e.g. fix the bathroom leak.  Sometimes a little thing like a dripping tap can consume your mind and drive you to a shout and be in a bad mood; when all you needed to do was take practical action to get it fixed; as all your ways of fixing it have not worked.  Sometimes we need to get out of our own way.  This is what this energy is about.  Acquiring the gift – the ability to deal with your feelings and master them – is a wonderful gift to receive with this Full Moon at the workshop. 

    Kate sexy legsSexual Relationships We know with this Full Moon in Scorpio and Sun in Taurus we are working with lots of extreme sexual energy and passionate intense feelings of love and hate!  The 7 days before and after this Full Moon are very potent days as you watch out for power struggles in your relationships.  I talk about that in my news letter on Sexual Relationships and Power.  Did you receive it?  Have you read it?  Sign up for the Newsletter on the side panel on your right. 

    Question on Relationship When your relationship is not working the question in your relationship is not “How do I make him/her happy?”  It is “Where do I need to love yourself more?  What am  I hear to learn?  What do I believe about myself that this situation is showing me?  What can I do about it? Lets get started.”

    Wake Up Call  Is this successful?  Sometimes a wake up call helps you to redefine the way you are living. What wake up call are you getting telling you to redefine your life and the way you live, think and do things.  Do you have to collapse and fall in your own pool of blood to do this?  Are you living your dream or someone else’s dream?  What is the great lesson for your life today with this wonderful Full Moon.  Bring spirit into your life.  Love Toks xxxx

    man womanPower Struggles   How do you behave in power struggles? Power struggles occur within yourself as well as outside yourself.  I am going to talks specifics now using 3 animal totems. 

    Like a Scorpion you have three options in your stinging and power struggles: (1) You can sting only yourself and beat yourself up.  (2) You can sting others and not sting yourself.  (3) You can sting both yourself and others – a very favourite Scorpion energy choice!

    Like an Eagle you can rise above the lower vibrations of the energy of the power struggle and take a more spiritual view of your life and the power struggle.

    Like a Phoenix (this is my favourite) you can rise above the ashes of your power struggles, your destructive burnt past; and fly up (because you choose to) and rise up; transforming yourself into a more beautiful self. This is transfiguration. You wake up from your dream and face your fear. You do not run away from your fears.  By doing this you face your fears and conquer your fears.  Are you ready to do this in your own life?  I am.  Lets us do it together.

    Power Struggles are very difficult things to work with. So we see that this really is a time to conquer our fears, to release any chains around our body, to free ourselves from imprisoning ourselves in our mind and in our body and in our soul and in our emotions and in our spirit.  Make May the month of great transformation to work on your power struggles within yourself and with others. 

    Resurrection of Your True Self 

    1. light shining throughAllow yourself to go through the turmoil and stay in the turmoil till it is time to come out. 
    2. Allow yourself to face the fear in the turmoil. 
    3. Allow yourself the insight that what may appear as negative and sad and miserable will evolve into something positive and happy and joyful.
    4. Allow yourself the lesson to learn. Allow yourself to set your attentions for the day.  Allow yourself to set your intentions for the day.
    5. Allow yourself to move through the process to completion so you can evolve, change, transform and resurrect rising like a phoenix.  You will then appreciate the final victory and moment of triumph.
    6. Allow yourself to stay focused in all that you do and feel and think.  Be mindful and aware of yourself.
    7. Allow yourself to be True to You. Be kind to your heart.  Be kind to yourself. 
    8. Hands of Light LogoAllow yourself the Gift of your recovery and your survival.  Nothing that happens is wasted, or is a mistake.
    9. Allow yourself the Gift of your Drama of pain, suffering, etc.  Allow the healing needed to move you to Oneness of Yourself.   Reach deep down to find your True Self through the falling, stumbling, and broken pieces and moments.  Allow Goddess-Never-Not Broken in.
    10. Allow yourself the Gift of Recovery in all that you do.  This is the opportunity to make the choice to heal, to recover and to be strong and powerful. 
    11. Allow yourself the the Gift of Confusion, Chaos, and Lost-ness.  For this will arise the new beginning, the way back home, the new perspective, the new paradigm shift. 
    12. Allow yourself the Gift of Receiving and Giving. Allow yourself the Gift of Receiving and Giving Love.
    13. Allow yourself the Gift of Your True Self.  The Gift of Loving Yourself past present and future. 


    1. yes Symbols of LightStop naming things and just look at the thing without its name and see the mystery of what you look at around you.  Walk through the world with a sense of wonder like a child with innocent eyes and enjoy the delight of looking at things with a new perspective and feeling without naming it. 
    2. Take responsibility for the statement “How did I get myself right here?”  Once you stop blaming others you have hope to change your life and move your life.  It is a very liberating feeling.  Feel liberating and feel liberated – the keys to your life are in your pocket not someone else’s pocket.  Release the energy you have inherited from others. 
    3. Follow what brings you alive.  It wakes you up.  It brings you alive.  What lights you up?  What is your oxygen?  What is the yearning.  .e.g Dancing, Yoga
    4. Do the healing exercise – Gift of Power – on the Newsletter.
    5. Ritual of Love – Tell someone you love them.  Allow yourself to be loved and to be love.  Allow yourself to give love.  Allow yourself to allow love. 
    6. What is your personal prayer?  Pray it. 

        malachite slabToks Coker 2013apophollite cluster of action

    Feel free to leave a comment below. 

    Feel free to share the contents of this blog giving credit to the blog https://tokscoker.wordpress.com/  and Toks Coker with Hands of Light. www.tokscoker.com   Thank you. 14 May 2014

    With Rainbow Blessings

    Love Toks xxxxxx   

    The content and images on this blog are protected by copyright. All rights reserved. © Toks Coker 2014

    Full Moon in Cancer & Sun in Capricorn 16 /01/14

    Full Moon by Peter Li

    Toks as Isis reaching out for Osiris

    Full Moon by Peter Li

    HAPPY FULL MOON in Cancer & Sun in Capricorn 16.1.14

    We are 16 days into the new year. How fast the days are moving.  Are you feeling this too?  If you are feeling overwrought with emotions and feel your home is a box of volatile emotions waiting to erupt you know you are being influenced by this Full Moon in Cancer and the solar flares that have been happening above us.  Even if you are in relationship you may feel uncontrollable emotions ready to erupt at the drop of a pin with feelings of aloneness, loneliness and self doubt.  You may try to rationalise your feelings with the influence of practical Capricorn but you know this is just an unsteady train at the moment …one end emotional and the other end practical…. How do you merge these two extreme feelings? 

    Let us look at the Energy of Now…. For more details and to book this crystal healing workshop, click here: https://fullmooncancer160114.eventbrite.co.uk/

    On the Menu we have: (there is a lot to cover)

    1. Invocation Blessing for Full Moon in Cancer & Sun in Capricorn    Thursday 16 January 2014   
    2. ENERGY OF NOW 2014: Full Moon in Cancer & Sun in Capricorn    Thursday 16 January 2014    04:53 GMT London     Element Water/Earth
      1. What are the problems you have child?peridot cross
      2. Dreams and Failureavocado salad
      3. Dreams and Success
      4. What are Paradigms
      5. Habitual Routine
      6. What influences our paradigms
      7. How do I change my paradigm
        1. Effort from you
        2. Awakening Activation
        3. Write your new paradigm
        4. What others think
        5. Believers who see greatness in you
        6. Healing Heart
        7. Do the work
        8. Changing Friends
        9. Changing Mind Set – Stop doing something’s, Excuses,
        10. Self Talk
        11. Prison of the mind
        12. Just change
      8. Exercise to Change your Mind Set
    3. ENERGY PAST: Full Moon in Cancer 2012  https://tokscoker.wordpress.com/?s=full+moon+in+cancerFISH
      1. Exercise to Call in Your Horse
      2. Animal TotemAvocado Roll
    5. QUOTEs: Full Moon in Cancer & Sun in Capricorn 
    7. ACTION: Full Moon in Cancer & Sun in Capricorn   
    8. What will be covered in this Meditation Workshop?
      1. Crystals for sale
      2. What will we cover this year 2014
    9. Homework
    10. Testimonials from last meditation: New Moon & Sun in Capricorn 1/1/2014

    For more details and to book this workshop click here: https://fullmooncancer160114.eventbrite.co.uk/ The groups are small intimate groups. Let me know you are coming by calling, texting or emailing me.  Also, if you can, please bring something to share e.g. salad, vegetarian, fruits. No pork please. See you. Thank you.

    peridot cross

      Invocation Blessing: Full Moon in Cancer & Sun in Capricorn   

    Thursday 16 January 2014    04:53 GMT London     Element Water/Earth

    Toks Dance of Isis Osiris Horus on stage at the Om Yoga show 2013

    We Greet You

    With the Energy of Playfulness

    Inviting You to Dance

    The Sacredness of Your Life

    We Greet You

    Toks as Isis reaching out for Osiris

    We Greet You

    With the Energy of Receiving

    Gracefully What is Yours

    Yours by Divine Right

    We Greet You


    We Greet You

    With the Energy of Sea Goddess Yemaya, Mami Wata

    Moving & Shifting Emotional Drainage

    Replacing with Creative Life Force

    We Greet You

    cosy bed

    We Greet You

    With a Loving  Relationship

    In the Comfort of Your Home

    Secure Safe Sexy Sensuous

    We Greet You


    We Greet You

    With the Your Greatness of Being

    A Pinnacle of Recognition

    Excellent In All that You Do

    We Greet You

    calling in healing

    We Greet You

    With Sacred Gatherings

    Receiving Divine Abundance

    Surrounded by Supportive People

    We Greet You


    We Greet You

    With the Angel Owl of Wisdom

    Seeing All At Once

    Alerting You to Any Danger

    We Greet You

    jesus and healing relationship crystals

    We Greet You

    With Healing Crystals

    Blessed by Christ Consciousness

    Bringing Healing & Loving Relationships

    We Greet You

    pyramids points slabs

    We Greet You

    With Splendid Direction

    Crystal Pillars of Strength & Power

    Grounded Secure in Your Heart

    We Greet You

    crystal angels

    We Greet You

    With the Angels of Light

    Anchoring Divine Intelligence

    In All Your Actions

    We Greet You

    apophollite cluster of action

    We Greet You

    With Healing Apophollite

    Swimming in the Clearing Clusters

    Creating a Lightness of Being

    We Greet You

    red jasper alian and lapiz lazuli skull

    We Greet You

    With the Skulls of Magic

    Activating Will Power

    Helping You In One Area of Your Life

    We Greet You

    crystal tower


    WE Greet You

    We Greet You

    We Greet You

    Channelled by Toks Beverly Coker for this luxurious Full Moon in Cancer 16/1/2014

    © Toks Coker 2014

    ENERGY OF NOW: Full Moon in Cancer & Sun in Capricorn   

    Thursday 16 January 2014    04:53 GMT London     Element Water/Earth

    What are the problems you have my child?  The old wise beautiful crone asked.

    That is the question we all want answered by a magic wand or by easy words of encouragement that let the problem go awAkshai and brother swimmingay.! 

    Greed, anger and stupidity are the 3 great evils that befall man say the Buddhists.  These 3 great evils affect our relationship we have with people, money, sex, work and addictions like smoking or weight problems.  

    Are you swimming with ease and joy in your life or are you drowning in your emotions with this Full Moon in Cancer?  This is quite a question to cover in a blog.  It takes a lifetime to cover and live these answers, with all the process involved in healing our pain and YemanjaBLworry.

    Dreams and Failure

    Your dream is inside you no matter how much failure you have experienced.   Please remember that. Your failure has shown you what did not work.   Congratulate yourself on the learning from your failure.  Remember failure is just saying “That did not work.”  It is not saying “You do not work.”  Being overwhelmed by your failures, doubts and indecisions can make you feel like you are drowning in a wild perilous sea. 

    Dreams and Success

    Your dream is inside you no matter how much success you have experienced in other areas of your life. Your successes show you what has worked in your life. It says “This idea / action worked.”  Can it be repeated again or shall we do something different?  It says “This works.”  Do you keep doing it for now or for always?  This energy may make you question your successes as well!  This is the time to really celebrate your success and the dreams you have made a reality.  Why not list a few now just so that you know you have had some dreams come true.  Well Done

    What are Paradigms?

    Amathyst Rose Gold FlowerThe Full Moon makes us look at the energy of paradigms and the effect it may be having on our emotions.  All year we will be working with paradigms to help move and shift us to where we really want to be.  When you look at the picture of the pendant how has that affected your state: feelings, mind, body?

    A paradigm is a mental program that controls our habitual behaviour.  We all have multiple habits which we carry out unconsciously in our daily lives.  We all live on different habitual paradigms on a daily basis e.g. different ways of getting up from bed in the  mornings, different ways of behaving in the office, on a date or in a meeting.  These paradigms are habitual routines in our subconscious mind we are living in our conscious mindBelow are examples of habitual routines.  Which ones apply to you?

    Habitual Routine

    1. What habits have you got in your morning routine? You wake up with a routine.  What is your routine every morning when you wake up?  How do you wake up in the morning? Do you jump out of bed immediately or do you take a while or a very long time to get out of bed?   What do you do? What do you do first?  What do you do next, then next, then next?  What time do you get up?  Do you shower, brush your teeth or shave first? Are your grumpy?  cosy bed
    2. What habits have you got at work?  Are you always late for work?  Are you early for work?  Do you go immediately to make a cup of tea or coffee?  Do you say the same words to your co-workers?  What do you do?
    3. What habits have you got when you get back home? Do you put on the TV immediately? Do you take off your shoes first and then wash your hands before you enter your home?  Do you throw your clothes on the floor?  Do you grab a beer?
    4. What habits have you got when you go out on a date? Do you look at everyone around you ignoring your date? Do you drink too much?  Do you have one night stands?  Are you very attentive and jealous of anyone looking at your date?  Do you fart?
    5. What habits have you got in your intimate relationships? Do you pick your nose?   Are you unfaithful?  Do you hold hands when you walk in public?  Do you buy each other little gifts?  Do you still ‘date’ each other even though you have been going out for a while? 

    What influences our Paradigms?

    We are influenced by our environment such as our family up bringing, social, economic and political environment.  We are influenced by TV, advertising boards on the streets, Obama, Michelle, Oprah (pic from Wikipedia), magazines, newspapers, movies we watch. We are influenced by our friends, neighbours, and strangers we meet. 

    Oprah_Winfrey_with_Barack_and_Michelle_ObamaWikipediaWe are programmed by our life style and the language we are brought up in. A Japanese man can speak like an American because  he lives in America.   A Nigerian man can speak with a posh English accent because he went to a private expensive school in UK. 

    Many people inherit beliefs about black people, Chinese people, Japanese people, Africans and Americans.  What beliefs have you got about ‘foreigners’ in your country? Where you once a ‘foreigner’?   

    This Full Moon is about looking and celebrating areas of work and areas of relationships we have triumphed in.  It is also about looking at the extreme side of life! What influences your thinking in you life at the moment?

    How do I Change My Paradigm?

    Effort from You Changing your paradigms takes effort from YOU. You can get the help through various positive life affirming activities such as attending a workshop, a seminar, and seeing a practitioner like Toks, a Spiritual Life Wisdom Coach.  You can use various alternative methods like mediation, mindfulness, Thai chWater & Rock Earthi, Chi Kung, massage, yoga etc.

    Awakening Activation You can activate your thinking, intuition, perception (how you see the world), will power, authenticity, your real self, your higher self,  your creative faculties, imagination, reason, your judgment, your use of time (be effective with the use of your time), your effectiveness, your productivity, your logic, and happy self with your paradigm shift.  It is easy when you work on it like water flowing over the rocks as in this picture. But you must work on yourself continually.

    Write your New Paradigm  One of the things you can do to change your paradigm is YOU need to write your new paradigm and get to know yourself. 

    What Others Think My client called me saying he was worried about what his friends would think about the changes in his life…….. He went on of a while and I let him. When he finished and he had let it all out of him I said slowly “Stop worrying about what others think.  Only worry about what you think.  That really is all that matters.”  I went on to say that  “The only person who puts a lid on your income is yourself.” I encouraged him to flow with his life and move with his heart.  After x8 two hours sessions he is on his way to really living his dream and life.  Congratulations young man.  Love Toks xxxx 

    calling in healingBelievers who see greatness in You  Surround yourself with believers who see greatness in yourself even when you do not belief in yourself.  Someone who sees greatness in you is the person who helps you change your paradigm.  Our behaviour is changed automatic when we are surrounded by supportive loving energy.

    Healing Heart Living from your healing heart is living in the future.  The heart activates belief and momentum. Remember do not live from your head because this is mainly about living  in the past.  

    Do the Work  AFTER you attend all these activities and read all the books and attended all the seminars ONLY YOU must do the work to keep the new habit in place. No one can do it for you – you are the only one who will keep this new habit active in you.  Changing your paradigm involves taking action and practicing a new  habit constantly till it becomes habitual. You change paradigms with time and effort and repetition of new ideas.  You have to be willing and able to do the necessary work.  Everyday is another opportunity to change your life. Change takes time.  Make the time to make the change you want in your life.  Make a timetable of the new actions in 2014.  This is very Capricorn practical energy making plans and timetables

    Changing Friends You may have to change friends with your  new habits e.g. you choose to no longer take7th 1111 cocaine and binge drink so you stop hanging out with your friends who take drugs and drink.  Be vigilant when you decide to live the life you want to live.  Stopping smoking, losing weight, making more money, being more aware of yourself, activating your spiritual energetic power within you will cause a great personal shift within you and around you. Be prepared to loose some people along the way who may not like to see you so successful and happy. When you change your paradigm your friends may leave you, they may resent your success, let them go. New better friends will come in.

    Changing Mind Set The programme in our mind is controlling our lives.  This is the paradigm.  Stop Doing Some things We do things we do not want to do; and yet we keep doing it!  ‘We cannot stop ourselves’ is the statement we keep telling ourselves or others keep telling us.  Excuses We find one excuse after another for not doing or for doing!  These things we do, when we do not want to do them, keep  producing results we do not want. We keep procrastinating.  We keep saying we will do something and never do it.  We keep saying we will deliver on time and we are always late. Our actions do not match our words.  We know we want to change our mind set but we have no means of doing it. 

    Self Talk YOU SAY: “Success keeps escaping ME.”  We are ALL conditioned to fail or succeed. THE CHOICE IS YOURS.  Most people on welfare benefits stay on welfare benefits and have a generation of this family habit.  Many battered wives stay with their husbands for years; and even if they leave will go back an average of seven times before they find their will power to finally leave an abusive relationship.

    yin yangPrison of the Mind   There are many types of prison.  There is the prison you put yourself in and there is actual prison.  Both prisons have keys that lock you in!  Many people who go to real prisons go back again.  I once worked with a lady who proudly told me her father and brother where in prison and had been in prison many times. She loved telling me stories which I listened to in awe! I had never met a person like that before then!  I was too afraid to tell her my father was a professor and doctor who was invited to royal functions in UK the 1950s. I was so glad she did not ask me what my brothers did; as I would have to to tell her the truth, that one is a surgeon and the other other a charted accountant; each running their own successful business.  I allowed her her Being.  I did not intrude my own private lifestyle or beliefs on her. She said I was a great friend and a great listener.

    Just Change  To change your mind set you need to change your subconscious mind to change your habits in your conscious mind! There are various ways (mentioned above) you can do this depending on the root cause of the problem.


    1. Flower Energy:  Call in the smell of a lovely rose or lavender or lilies.
    2. Skull Energy:  Look at your skull and feel the lightness of your skull.
      1. Look into your skull and feel the inside of your skull.
      2. Look into your skull’s right eye and then look into the left eyeTwo Friends.
      3. Look into the inside of your skull’s  left ear and then into inside the  right ear.
      4. Feel the freedom of lightness in your being as you move inside your skull.
    3. Body Energy:  Now move inside your body.  Your skeletal structure.  Your organs: heart, lungs, kidneys, liver, spleen, etc.  Your blood flow.  Your breathing in and out. 
    4. Shield Energy:  Be aware of any shields, blockages, discomfort around your body.  Knock them down!  Knock any thing that tells you that you cannot achieve or do or afford……All blockages melt away like ice under the sun.  Feel and sense all blockages in the cold ice melt away right now.
    5. Universal Energy:  Now feel yourself connected to everything in the universe.  The rhythm of life is around you and you are living with the rhythm of life.  Do not define it.  Remove this definition e.g. some call it God, Buddha, Allah.  Some call it Nam Myoho Renge Kyo, OM.  Just flow with the energy and choose to do anything that you want.  Sense yourself as invisible like air and ONE.
    6. Invocation Energy:   Feel yourself develop a strong urge to change your paradigm and create owla new life and a new you.  Anything you want is already here.  Get in harmony with what you are wanting.  See the Tree in your Heart – your wishing Tree – giving you what you want – connecting to it to give you want you are wanting.  In this relaxed state you can connect to what you want.  You are becoming lighter and you can see clearer and your mind is getting confident, and stronger and happier.  You are powerful and you unlock  the power in you, your DNA, your breathe of life, you power of beyond, and you need no approval to BE.  You know and you know and you know. This power is deep within you, flowing into your consciousness. Activate your infinite power from your cells, your flow of blood, your inner breathe.  (Be aware of the exercise no. 3).
    7. Physical Energy:  When you open your eyes you will feel tremendous energy move through you.  You live the way you know you can live not the way someone else wants you to live.  You feel the power  of the energy flowing through you.  Your mind is sharp.  Feel a power in you that is yours and feel a smile in your body. 

    ENERGY PAST: previous Full Moon in Cancer 2012 



    Richmond Park HorseRiders in Richmond Parksharon with horses



    The year of the Horse is the time to make very strong effort to improve yourself.  To be more than you have ever been. 


      1. Close you eyes and call in the energy of the Horse.  Note the colour of your horse: a White Horse, a Gold Horse, A Red Horse, A Green Horse, A Silver Horse, A Green Horse, A Blue Horse?flaming horse
      2. Observe the horse slowly and watch it move and dance and jump freely in the field.
      3. Call the horse to you respectfully and gently yet firmly. 
      4. Look deep into the eyes of the horse and send love into the eyes of your horse and feel your horse sending love to your eyes too.
      5. Now invite in the quality of the Horse that you will be working with this year.  Feel the horse whispering to you and talking to you.  Feel the magic message from the horse. Receive the messages.
      6. Please remember to write down the messages you received from your horse so you do not forget the messages after the exercise. Gr8 work.


      horse energyHorse is energetic, beautiful, confident, can be showy and precise.  Horse will help  you battle a ‘war’ and will lead  you to peace. A Horse can be ferocious as well as gentle.  Horse is warm, loving, intelligent, and powerful.  Use the horse energy when you need help and protection and you are going on a long joumetal horserney or an adventure or shamanic retreat or vision quest.  Horse energy is good luck energy bringing good fortune and love to ones home.  Horses like to play and mix with others.  Call on the horse energy to pray to the cosmic galactic energy of the Spirit and Soul!  Really awaken to the beauty of you with this energy. 

      HOMEWORK: What other stories or insights or Gods/Goddess do you know that work with the horse energy?  Please post below.  Thank you.

      QUOTEs: Full Moon in Cancer & Sun in Capricorn

      Full Moon in Cancer with Sun in Capricorn energy likes tradition.  I have chosen quotes from people who hold great family tradition and great work ethics.  Cancer is emotional family.  Capricorn is practical work.   All these quotes vibrate with the Energy of Now. 

      • The way you help heal the world is, you start with your own family. Mother Teresa
      • Be the Change you want to see in your life. Ghandi
      • To be able to shape your future, you have to be willing and able to change your paradigm. Joel Barker  
      • Any idea that is held in the mind, that is emphasised, that is either feared or revered, will begin at once to cloth itself in the most convenient and appropriate form available.  Andrew Carnegie

      Two Books to Treasure

      I am sharing two fabulous books that eco  the energy of this full moon.  Most of you may know them already.  Have you read them recently?  If not then read them again.  The Two Books to Treasure are Paradigms by Joel Barker and Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill.

      ACTION: Full Moon in Cancer & Sun in Capricorn

      Jenny RodriguezHow about spending an evening dancing to live musiccandle light reflecting played by Jenny Rodriguez and her amazing band?  You can contact her on 07428631653.  Listen to her music  http://youtu.be/86cs8Ex-2Tg

      Or spending the evening in a more relaxed way. A romantic evening.  A relaxing evening in a candle lit room.  A soak in the bath. A glass of wine to soothe and reward yourself.  A lovely soft duvet to sleep under. Or a meet-up with friends to have a lovely meal and catch-up?  Full Moon in Cancer wants to celebrate you.    

        3 powerful wandsjesus and healing relationship crystalscrystal tower

        What will be covered in this Meditation Workshop?

      We will cover all the above exercises and more…..

      We will have lots of lovely crystals for sale to help you with the Energy of Now – how you are feeling now in your life and what you need to help you in the future and for what you are wanting e.g. new baby, new home, healing, peace, safety, protection, etc.

      What will we cover this year 2014

      This year 2014 we will decree your future with the New Moon and Full Moon Mediation Workshops.  We will work together to change your paradigm.  You will build a happy life, a supportive happy relationship, a successful business and we will make a lot happen together. We will make a decision to do something and we will do it. You will realise that you are an ordinary person doing extraordinary things. 

      1. Every New Moon and Full Moon we will have fabulous crystals for sale to help you on your journey. If you see a crystal  you want on this blog just email me and I will let you know the price.  You will have to pay for postage.
      2. Each meditation will carry 2 CPD points.  Build up your points here.
      3. Pay in advance for 4 moon meditation workshops and receive the fifth one free.  5 for the price of 4!

      pyramids points slabs

      crystal buddhascrystal angels


      Andrew Carnegie gave Napoleon Hill homework.  He asked him to commit to saying everyday morning and evening for 30 days:  “Andrew Carnegie, I’m not only going to equal your achievements in life, but I’m going to challenge you at the post and pass you at the grandstand.”   Andrew Carnegie was training him to believe in himself – when you believe it then it will happen. Andrew was saying  IF I CAN DO IT YOU CAN DO IT.


      1. Choose a crystal (e.g. an apophollite cluster, a wand, a directional point, a pyramid, a tumble stone) to help you with this process.
      2. Work on one thing e.g. your time management – master the management of my activities. How will that affect your income, your health, your relationship?
      3. What you are doing is working on the limits you are imposing on yourself.  You are creating a breakthrough.  You are working on informing the old  habits that you are doing things you do not like to do!  You are changing your paradigm. 
      4. Choose someone you resonate with and say: “…………………., I’m not only going to equal your achievements in life, but I’m going to challenge you at the post and pass you at the grandstand.”   Affirm this for every day morning and evening for the next 30 days.
      5. Affirm every day morning and evening: I am going to change my paradigm and the change will be huge and permanent. I am going to change my time management within the next 30 days or sooner.
      6. Statements of fact: 
        1. I am so happy now that ……I no longer….
        2. I am so happy now that I am winning in the following area/s of my life………………..


        1. Read the notes above on Horse Energy. 
        2. Do the healing exercise above. EXERCISE TO CALL IN YOUR HORSE.
        3. What other stories or insights or Gods/Goddess do you know that work with the horse energy?  Please post below.  Thank you.

      shapes pointswands1red jasper alian and lapiz lazuli skull

      Testimonials: New Moon and Sun in Capricorn 1/1/2014

      This is the first time I’ve met Toks Coker and done her class.  It was really a very intYuung Yuung, Indra, Mariaeresting and energetically moving class. I feel I have a greater clarity to start my New Year 2014 and look forward to making this year a very successful joyful year for me and all the people I meet on my journey.  Thank you Toks.  Indira Raj-Guru

      Great session helping us to let of of any 2013 energies that no longer helps us.  More importantly, it was great to acknowledge and anchor lessons / blessings for 2013 and the 2014 vision.  Beautiful, loving and nurturing energy throughout the session. Toks was amazing holding the space and leading us through this journey.   Powerful mediation anchoring the new year’s energies that we ant to bring in our lives.  Thank you very much.  Maria Fotiou

      The session is enlightening and very helpful. Yummy Yummy Yap

      Feel free to leave a comment below. Thank you.

      With Rainbow Blessings

      Love Toks xxxxxx

      malachite slabToks Coker 2013apophollite cluster of action


      The content and images on this blog are protected by copyright. All rights reserved. © Toks Coker 2014

      Full Moon in Taurus; Sun in Scorpio 29.10.2012

      golden angel of lightHAPPY FULL MOON IN TAURUS AND SUN IN SCORPIO 29.10.2012. 

      The actual time of the FullMoon in London is 7.49pm. 

      We will be in the actual time and energy of the FullMoon as our workshop meditation starts at 7pm.  How auspicious and special is that for us all.  WOW see you then.  If you are linking in to the meditation please let me know so we let you in.  Cheers Toks xxxx

      On the Menu we have:Legion of Light Chef

      1. Invocation Blessing fruitful abundance
      2. Energy of Now: Full Moon in Taurus & Sun in Scorpio
        1. Doing Doing Doing
        2. Sex Intimacy More Sex
        3. Competitive Nature
        4. Plodding Practically
        5. Overwhelming Emotions
      3. Full Moon in Taurus & Sun in Scorpio Quote
      4. Full Moon in Taurus & Sun in Scorpio Action
      5. What will be covered in the Meditation Workshop
      6. Feedback from previous Meditation Workshop: NEW MOON IN LIBRA 15.10.2012
      7. Homework
      8. Contact Details & Diary

      INVOCATION BLESSING FullMoon in Taurus & Sun in Pisces 29/10/2012

      petals healing karma

      We Greet You

      With the Petals of Karma

      In the Flower of Life

      Healing Your Soul

      We Greet You

      PATMOS greece

      We Greet You

      With John of Patmos, the Apostle

      From the Cave of the Apocalypse

      Revealing Blessings for You

      We Greet You

      Angel of Light

      We Greet You

      With 7 Angels Celebrating

      Blowing 7 Trumpets (Shofar, rams horn)

      Dancing 7 Circles with You

      We Greet You

      full moon patric

      We Greet You

      With Artemis and Selene, Moon Goddess

      Rising Patmos from the Sea

      Celebrating with Apollo and Zeus

      We Greet You

      passage portal matrix

      We Greet You

      Announcing Your Presence

      Nam Myoho Renge Kyo / Om Mani Padme Hum

      Through the Portal Entrance Matrix

      We Greet You


      We Greet You

      With the Music of Triumph

      Celebrating Your Movement

      In Your Actions to Completions

      We Greet You


      We Greet You

      With the Drummers of Your Soul

      Beating Your Drum

      In the Pathway of Your Truth

      We Greet You

      susan hunter's wedding

      We Greet You

      With Infinite Abundance

      Celebrating Answers

      In Your Soul Spirit Body

      We Greet You

      workshop on healing

      We Greet You

      With the Pearl Dragon

      Speaking Your Truth

      Anchoring Your Emotional Balance

      We Greet You

      workshop on healing

      We Greet You

      With Symbols of Light

      Adorning Your Chakras

      In Your Moment of Enlightenment

      We Greet You

      workshop new moon dance at natureworks

      We Greet You

      With Artemis and her Twin Apollo

      Her Golden Bow and Arrow, her Deer and Dog

      Protecting Souls; Purifying Moon Enchantments

      We Greet You

      College of Psychic Studies 2000

      We Greet You

      With the 7 Rays of Will/Power, Love-Wisdom,

      Divine Mind, Harmony, Concrete Knowledge,

      Idealistic Devotion and Ceremonial Order

      We Greet You

      welcome smile

      We Greet You

      With Holiness Divine

      Helping in Your Transformative Identification

      Implementing Empowering Change

      We Greet You

      dance workshop at violet hill

      We Greet You

      Eternal Gathering of Legions of Light

      We Greet You

      We Greet You

      We Greet You

      Channelled by Toks Beverley Coker for FullMoon in Taurus

      Celebration Mask

      Energy of Now: Full Moon in Taurus & Sun in Scorpio

      What can I say about the duality of the FullMoon?   Dualism can refer to moral dualism, (e.g. the conflict between good and evil), mind-body or mind-matter dualism (e.g. Cartesian Dualism) or physical dualism (e.g. Chinese Yin/Yang). http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dualism

      Doing Doing Doing

      If you find yourself suddenly doing doing doing in the past 3 days that is the influence of practical Tausit silentrus getting you to ‘tidy up’ an aspect of your life.  It could be you suddenly started to tidy up your room and you found a document or cd you have been looking for; that comes in handy and useful for you right now.  So a practical simple action leads to a useful rewarding find.  Sorting out addresses for your new IPhone, sorting out solicitors to sell your house, meeting deadlines set by your boss, computer crashing, travelling to and from work, shopping for food, the children, running to catch a meeting, getting ready to socialise with your friends, etc. etc. etc.  The year has gone so quickly it is as if plant Earth has been doing doing doing too.  If only you had time to just stand or sit and do nothing.

      Sex Intimacy More Sex

      This is a trisensuous lifecky topic with the energy of this FullMoon as some people may feel overwhelmed by their own sexual urges and some will have none!  Which one are you?  How does this FullMoon affect you?  Many people hide their feelings in addictive behaviour like drinking and smoking.  Smoking ‘clouds the vision’ and drinking ‘clouds the mind’.  Then off they go to have relationships with each other.  Today a casual outing turns into a one night stand or a few weeks affair, or 3 months of illusion.  FullMoons illuminate what needs to be looked at in your relationships.  So if after all the excitement, you find yourself loosing sexual interest it may be that you just need a rest or you are run down or you just need energetic space in your sexual being.  Some find all this sexual vortex energy spinning within, empowering and wonderful as it brings them closer to their loved one.  What happens if you do not have a partner?  Well the weekend and the week brings many possibilities you can say yes or no to with the dynamics of this interplay.  Taurus is practical and methodical in love making.  Scorpio is passionate and intense.  Together with this FullMoon we have practical and methodical with passionate and intense!!!!!  I leave you to work out your own dynamics.  The choice, as always, is yours.  “We live in a world when we love it.”

      Competitive Nature

      If you find yourself feeling competitive and driven suddenly or you find yourself netree of lifeeding to be better than another person then you know you are being influenced with the energy of both Taurus and Scorpio.  They hate loosing and they hate not being noticed; but can pretend they do not care.  The need to win even in a game of darts or a simple jog up the road is very playful and competitive. You can just see the joy in their eyes as they playfully challenge you with a gesture and a nod.  Nothing like happy playful competition.  But to always want to win can become unhealthy.  Be mindful of your competitive spirit.  You may find it difficult to share but I say to you try to share something wonderful this FullMoon.  If the person you want to share it with does not want to share it with you find a whole bunch of people who do. Come to the meditation and feel embraced in the healing light of the full moon in this sacred workshop.

      Plodding Practically

      So I said to the bull focused practicalbusiness man – “You are slow and I feel you are holding me back.” – and he looked at me perplexed.  “These are things you need to consider in business before you move forward” he said.  And I said – “but sometimes you have to take a bold step into the unknown and trust because you cannot know all that the future holds before you move forward.” 

      So if you find yourself being a bit too cautious around now that is OK.   bull reflective before action So why not stop thinking too much and just celebrate what you have achieved.  Perhaps you have decided to takes things slowly. Perhaps the mortgage is going through but is not yet complete. Perhaps everything is up in the air.  Perhaps the insurance claim is underway but far from complete. Perhaps you have finished writing your book. Perhaps you have made a decision that makes you feel relieved. Just celebrate where you are right now.  That is all that matters.  CONGRATULATE YOURSELF NOW. I bet that makes you feel better.

      Overwhelming Emotions

      Emotions around the time of the FullMoon can be overwhelming in a positive or negative way.  If you are single enjoy your single life.  If you are in a relationship enjoy your relationship.  If you are between relationships then enjoy being between relationships!  OK – easier said than done when you are overwhelmed by emotions that can be consuming.

      HEALING EXERCISE 1: Take a look at the list below and identify which ones relate to you right now.

      FullMoon emotions that can overwhelm you in a negative way: are doubt, fear, anxiety, wsad flowerseakness, self pity, poverty, hate, anger, pain, annoyance, irritation, self sabotage, low self esteem, suffering, worry, crying, sadness, death, frustration, ill health, sickness, conflict, resolution conflict, depression, insecurity, irritation, internal war, external war, silence, dependency, feeling like a victim, poverty mentality, not creating income, not enough money for food, for clothes, for a montage, for education, for medication, etc.  Not finishing things, incomplete relationships, retarded relationships, retarded emotions, blaming others, refusing to take responsibility, escaping, letting go without explanation, letting yourself down, letting others down, feeling incomplete, feeling empty, feeling lost, deprived, raped, abandoned.

      FullMooon emotions that can overwhelm you in a positive way: are laughter, new clients, new assignments, truth,flowering freshness peace, love, happy conversation, support, healing, coming to a moon healing workshop, sharing, feeling free and alive, feeling alert and aware, igniting your light, your integrity, your joy, your strength, having a life vision, a moving forward life, a life of full wellbeing, a mission for love and supporting others and environment, feeling clear, courageous, calm and committed.  Recognising your presence, your glow, your expertise, your miracle.  Realising your essence and living your integrity.  Feeling accepted, passionate, appreciated, wanted, desired.  Experiencing a miracle, a truth, a realisation, a positive mind set.  Living your truth.  Being in Reality and Behaving with Courage.  Announcing a success like a book sale, a workshop, a new profile, a celebration. Having a sense of direction with purpose.  Making an impact.  Having good health and energy.  Being excited and motivated.  Feeling and taking action.  Being focused and energised.  Creating a system that works in your work.  Enjoying your reflection in your mind. 

      HEALING EXERCISE 2: Once you have done the exercise above, just sit with the emotions for a while. Then CHOOSE to celebrate your life – where you are right now.  Dance and celebrate something wonderful about you.  Do not worry about who, what, when, where, or why.  Just celebrate YOU now.

      Full Moon in Taurus & Sun in Scorpio QUOTE

      “You cannot cross the sea merely by standing and staring at the water.”Rabindranath Tagore

      “For what happens within is much bigger than what comes out in words.” R Tagore

      “We live in a world when we love it.”  Rabindranath Tagore

      “I’m lost in the middle of my birthday. I want my friends, their touch, with the earth’s last love. I will take life’s final offering, I will take the human’s last blessing. Today my sack is empty. I have given completely whatever I had to give. In return if I receive anything—some love, some forgiveness—then I will take it with me when I step on the boat that crosses to the festRabindranath Tagoreival of the wordless end.”  Rabindranath Tagore

      Rabindranath Tagore, Indian poet and writer, a Taurian man, who was knighted by George V & repudiated his knighthood in 1991.   http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rabindranath_Tagore

      “Heterosexuality is dangerous. It tempts to aim at a perfect duality of desire.” Marguerite Duras, French writer and film director

      Full Moon in Taurus & Sun in Scorpio ACTION

      PREPARATION: Any action you take is your responsibility with this energy and  you cannot share the reward or success of your action.  For example if you study and pass it is your energy that has accumulated that good fortune to pass.  You cannot give that experience to someone else as they have not worked for it nor have they gone through the process of getting there.  preparation in timeThis is the same as lighting the light in  your heart that illuminates the darkness in your soul.  Like the parable of the 10 Virgins (Gospel of Matthew 25:1-13)  the oil that is needed to illuminate the way and light up the darkness is not shareable. 10 Virgins gathered to await the groom, who is late. 5 Virgins prepared and had enough oil while they waited for the groom.  5 Virgins did not have enough oil so asked the 5 Virgins who were prepared to give them oil to light their torch.  The 5 prepared Virgins said NO we do not have enough to share with you – go buy your own oil.  Being prepared is one of the qualities of the energy of this time.  You cannot share accumulation of knowledge, faith, treasures of the heart, experience, or attitude.  Remember knowledge or a skill to do something is accumulated drop by drop / day by day / year by year – and all this requires preparation.  What have you prepared for? Has it happened? If it has then celebrate with this FullMoon. If it has not, celebrate because you will get it done! “You cannot cross the sea merely by standing and staring at the water.”

      What will be covered in the Meditation Workshopdancing with moon stars

      1. We will be covering all the above with healing exercises. 

      2. You will learn how to be prepared.  You will learn how not to be left behind.  You will learn how to take your life in your hands.

      3. We will write a step by step instructions to help you prepare something or do something and help you achieve.

      4. We will be doing 3 practical exercises to help us anchor in our beauty, grace, sensuality and rhythm.

      5. We will be CELEBRATING CELEBRATING who we are right now.

        “For what happens within is much bigger than what comes out in words.”

        FEEDBACK from previous Meditation Workshop: NEW MOON IN LIBRA 15.10.2012

        new moon in libra 15.10.12

        “Such a joyous meditation. Thank you for creating a space for precise, exact, detailed and personalised readings of light.” Legion of Light Becky York

        “Very powerful meditation. Really liked the work with the crystals.  This was about rebalancing misunderstanding for me.” Legion of Light Carmelo

        “This was my first time at a meditation of this type and i like it a lot.  The meditation itself was great and the cards i picked were very very meaningful – in fact I can’t think of anything more perfect.  I feel I was really meant to be here.” Legion of Light Paul Higgs

        “My first ever meditation session.  Very relevant. Amazing revelations. Glad I could be here.  I studied journalism and when you brought in the energy of Thoth I felt a strong yearning to want Thoth’s guidance in my writing. I then received a purpose card which said “Author” you have a book inside you that wishes to be expressed.  How amazing.  I learnt about acceptance and found the session a blessing.”  Legion of Light Kalisha McCaulsky

        “I enjoyed very much the new moon meditation.  Very deep and peaceful and I especially liked the cards – very truthful and meaningful  I liked the various crystals and how I linked each group with special healing for different parts of my life.  Thank you.” Legion of Light Jelena Rodonjic

        “Thank you for the blessing of being you, a guiding light of love and a shining beacon for one and all. Thank you.  I see You.” Legion of Light Yanni Konstantinopulos



        • What have your achieved in the past 2 weeks since the NewMoon when you planted a seed?  Celebrate what you have achieved in the past 2 weeks because you have not let your dream die inside you.  You are making an impact in your life by living your dream in your seeding in the last NewMoon.

      1. What has come your way with this energy in the 3 days leading to this FullMoon?

      2. What are you CELEBRATING in todays FullMoon in Taurus and Sun in Scorpio? What are you celebrating in the next 3 days?

      3. Do something that takes you out of your comfort zone to stretch yourself in one area of your life e.g. business, spiritual, family, relationship, work, career, feelings, emotions.

      4. Do the above exercises 1 and 2 in the section Overwhelming Emotions

      5. Meditative Toks


        Meditation:  Monday 29 October 2012   Full Moon in Taurus & Sun in Scorpio   Element – Earth http://tokscokerfullmoon1012.eventbrite.com/?ebtv=C Holding the Light

        Next Meditation: Tuesday 13 November 2012   New Moon in Scorpio  Total Solar Eclipse    Element – Water  http://tokscokernewmoon1112.eventbrite.com/?ebtv=C

        2012 dates: https://tokscoker.wordpress.com/moon-calendar-2012-uk

        Spiritual Payment: http://www.tokscoker.com/calendar.html

        Info on Meditation: http://www.tokscoker.com/moon_meditation.html

        Info on New Moon Meditation: http://www.tokscoker.com/new_moon_meditation.html

        Info on Full Moon Meditation: http://www.tokscoker.com/full_moon_meditation.html

        See you at the meditations, workshops and 1:1 sessions
        Love Toks xxxxxx

        New Moon in Cancer 19.7.2012

                                    dancing diamond fairiesWater Greeting & Prayer

        Happy New Moon in Cancer 19.7.2012 

        Sun & Moon in Cancer, Element Water          mermaid Toks

        HAPPY BIRTHDAY CANCERIANSlouise hugs toks xHappy Birthday Gorgeous You

        Please enjoy the INVOCATION BLESSING, the energy of the NewMoon in Cancer, testimonials by students on Indian Head Massage &  Healing Motivational Workshop;  and the homework; and of course the pictures.  Let the pictures move you to love healing and happiness.  Love Toks  xxx


        See you at the meditation workshop 19.7.2012 from 7pm-10pm.  http://tokscokernewmoon0712.eventbrite.com/?ebtv=C

        Invocation Blessing for NewMoon in Cancer on 19.7.2012

        cleansing water

        I Greet You

        With the Vibrancy of Water

        Cleansing Moving

        Challenging Feeling

        Refreshing Awakening

        I Greet You

        beautiful toks

        I Greet You

        With the Moon Goddess Alchemy

        Legions of Light Surrounding You

        Anchoring Your Light to Divinity

        Feeling Within Your Grace of Peace

        I Greet You

        spirallying light

        I Greet You

        With Mother Moon Goddess

        Guardians of the Home Light

        Nurturing Comforting Soothing

        Ruling Alchemy of Spirit

        I Greet You

        record keeper of time

        I Greet You

        With Moon Record Keeper of Time

        Transmuting the Sacred Elixir of Life

        Conception Ovulation Pregnancy

        Keepers of Birth Right Passages

        I Greet You

        mirror moon

        I Greet You

        With the Mirror Moon Reflecting Your Feelings

        Sun and Moon Balanced in Cancer

        Magnetically Drawing Your Feelings

        Healing Your Auric Body of Dis-Ease

        I Greet You

        pink angel

        I Greet You

        With Intuitional Transmissions

        Of Your Lunar Subconscious Memory Bank

        Awakening Your Sacred Awareness

        Safe Sacred Space of Your Record Temple

        I Greet You

                                                           Dancing with Divintyka stand

        I Greet You

        With Divinity Dancing

        Relinking Emerging

        Going Deep Within Your KA

        Kissing Your Hearts Desires

        I Greet You

                               spiritual writingdancing with the light

        I Greet You

        With Your Sitting and Your Standing

        Your Writing and Your Dancing

        Your Anointment with Time

        Gracefully Surrendering

        I Greet You

        elegance of beauty

        I Greet You

        With the Elegance of Beauty

        The Smiling Radiance of Beauty

        The Feminine Essence of Beauty

        The Graceful Movement of Beauty

        I Greet You

                                                turkish handsomehandsome

        I Greet You

        With the Nobleness of Handsome

        The Smiling Radiance of Handsome

        The Masculine Essence of Handsome

        The Easy Movement of Handsome

        I Greet You

        fishing working

        I Greet You

        With an Honest Days Work

        Pulling in Nourishment with Your Work

        Complete Satisfaction in Your Achievements

        Honouring Mother Nature

        I Greet You

        bowl of blessings

        I Greet You

        With Your Bowl of Blessings

        Flourishing Flowers of Radiance

        Home in the Family Home

        Safe Content Relaxing

        I Greet  You


        I Greet you

        With the Plaeidians

        Working with the Legions of Light

        Awakening Awakening Awakening

        Steering True Feelings into Positive Action

        I Greet You

        Goddess of Sensual Beauty

        I Greet You

        With the Sensuousness of Plaeidian Beauty

        In the Portal of Sacred Ecstatic Healing

        Lovingly Seductively Sexy

        Powerfully Magnificently Contained

        I Greet You

        palm trees

        I Greet You

        With Your Vision for the Top

        Believing & Securing Your Place

        Anchoring Supportive People & Situations

        Bringing You Victories & Triumphs

        I Greet You

        louise and toks

        I Greet You

        I Greet You

        I Greet You

        loved and channeled by Toks Beverley Coker for the NewMoon in Cancer 19.7.2012

        Atlantian Goddesses Ayesegul Puspa Ari Sehriboin Dinah Merve

        Energy of this New Moon & Sun in Cancer   19.7.2012

        ASSESCarina's mermaidSING:  The energy of the NewMoon in Cancer likes to assess things and give feedback about everything.  So if you find yourself assessing things and people and situations that is OK.  Just know you are being influenced by the moon and by water energy.  If you suddenly think you know it all and go about doing something without checking you may find you waste your time on doing something that you should not be doing.  Better to ask with this energy than assume you know.  You could end up wasting time with the energy around this time.  Be vigilant.  Plan ahead and then deliver your work with a professional yet friendly inclusive ‘family’ way. water everywhere

        WATER=EMOTIONS: Water is emotional and subjective. The energy is intuitive, knowing, being acutely aware of energies around and sensing that the ‘first feeling’ is always right. Water can look normal and safe on the surface.  It can feel calm and peaceful yet deep down may be a torment or tornado that can be triggered at any time into an emotional outburst. 

        INTIMACY: Do you feel intimately close to your partner? Do you know what intimacy is?  It is a reintimacylationship that has closeness on a physical and/or emotional level.  Today it is termed sexual relationship, romantic and/or passionate sex, attachment to a person or sexual activity.  The desire to love and to belong to somebody is important.  The need to feel supported and cared for is crucial in intimate relationships.  It is having strong emotional feelings and ties to a person.  Are you intimate with your partner?  Do you find intimacy difficult?  Do you feel happy with your relationship?  Are you repeating patterns in your family karma in your relationship?  Are you having emotional issue?  Sexual issues?  Money issues?  Trust issues?  Hatred issues?  Anger issues?  What word triggers your outrage?  Welcome to the emotional feeling NewMoon in Cancer.

        family togetherFAMILY: Family is important to the Cancerian person.  The Cancerian can be as strong as a lion if family is threatened or if they feel they are going to loose something they truly want. Did your family nurture you? Did you mother nurture you? Did she make you feel safe and secure? What family members gives you the ‘nightmares’ when you see them? Who do you consider to be your ‘family’?  Do you express it to them?  Do you tell them?  Do you let them know?  Tell them.  Let them know. Be careful not to manipulate your ‘family’?  Are you vulnerable enough to tell how you feel to your family? Be vulnerable.

        NEW HISTORY:  New Moon is time to create a new story: a new HE-story and HER-story.  This is a time of connective energy: to yourself and to others.  Collective energy embodies the need to belong: to be part of a ‘tribe’, to be accepted and loved as you are.  connecting with othersWhat are you reversing at this time in your life? What needs to be balanced since the last Full Moon in Capricorn and Sun in Cancer? Where does this new beginning in your life have to happen? Do you need to redefine your sexual life? Do you need to redefine your unhappiness? Do you need to create a new way for your happiness? This push towards change is very important with this NewMoon in Cancer.  So you go for a new job interview and you get it.  Well Done.

        MONEY:  Do you fear money?  Is money your friend? What old emotional ties to old belief system and patterns do  you still have around MONEY?   How feardo you feel about yourself NOW with regards to money issues in your life and in your career amoneynd in your relationships?  Do you feel trapped by money?  Do you feel independent or dependent in money matters?  NewMoon in Cancer needs to feel secure about money and loves the idea of money in the bank and money for a rainy day?  Do you have money tucked away for a rainy day?  Did you have; and then; something happened and you had to use it for the ‘emergency’?  Consider money matters for security reasons with Cancer. Make money your friend and not your enemy. See money as spiritual exchange and heal all the money that comes your way. 

        sea sofaSECURITY: What are your deepest feelings that control your sense of security in your relationships? What makes you feel insecure in your life right now? What makes you feel secure? Can you dialogue with someone about your insecurities or do you find it difficult to?   You do not have to share them but you do need to know them within yourself and accept them and work with refining yourself.  Follow your GUT FEELINGS when it comes to your feelings of security.  Sit and Breathe in and out slowly. 

        NURTURING: Be open to be nurtured and be loved by everyone around you.  Allow yonurturingurself to be treasured.  Allow the mirror to reflect back to you joy and happiness.  Choose to have joy.  Choose to be happy no matter what.  Choose a new way that blesses and empowers you.  Choose to make a difference in your life and other people’s life.  Welcome the things, feelings, opportunities, and moments coming through.  New babies, new beginnings, new way of tending to yourself.  Be like a baby and nurture your feelings and your needs.  This may be difficult to do but just buy a nice bottle of shampoo for yourself and wash your hair or go the the best hairdresser you know and nurture yourself.  Pamper yourself.  This is a good time to be honest with yourself and nurture yourself.  Consciously acknowledge  your new security within yourself. Confidently declare your new boundaries and expectations. Above all love everyone!

        freedomFREEDOM: This is a time to feel a Sense of Freedom and Change. A time to bring in more happiness; to make something happen and move forward in your life.  This necessary change can become an overwhelming energy that can cause stress in your life if you do not act on it.  Feelings can be stressful as we go to expand and change to something new. 

        ACTION FEELINGS: TAKE CARE OF YOUR FEELINGS.  Which feeling do you attend to firstfeelings feelings feelings? Just start with the one that keeps ‘bugging’ you.  Action your feelings.  NURTURE YOURSELF.  HEAL  YOURSELF with space, with family, with your home.  Is it time for a new home?   Own your feelings and let them out.   DANGEROUS TO SUPPRESS YOUR FEELINGS – TAKE RESPONSIBLITY FOR YOUR FEELINGS AND EXPRESS THEM RESPECTFULLY.  This is a time of FAIRNESS, COMMITMENT and GOOD MANNERS.  Though I ask how long before we shout and break those good manners?  Remember if you bottle up your feelings and do not express them you will eventually have to: like steam coming out of a kettle, it has to come out of you.  Water boils in a kettle, Steam comes out and condenses and evaporates.  Where has the emotion or feeling gone?  Welcome to NewMoon in Cancer.  Make a commitment to yourself to nurture your feelings and pay attention to what is in front of you!  THAT is what you should be dealing with!  Things will iron themselves out but you still need to go to the stillness within you and find the peace within you with all the confusion or overwhelm around you. 

        crabCRAB: The symbol for Cancer is the CRAB, that moves sideways to what it wants, not directly. It only goes directly if it feels it may be loosing what it wants to keep. Cancer can be ‘crabby’, withdraw suddenly without warning and pretend they are OK when they are not. Cancer is ruled by the MOON so highly intuitive and psychic. They can be evasive and elusive and moody and miss their ‘good old’ past making them sentimental.


        MOTHERING: Cancer is the mother and family sign loving children and family gatherings.  Cancer is nurturing, mothering, seeking to make you feel secure and safe.  Cancer is feminine and a water element working with emotions and feelings.  Cancer can cry easily and feels pain easily for self and for others.  Cancer is very empathic, sympathetic and helpful  Cancer is very loving and kind and something’s the kindness can be a weakness.  Cancer has to learn to set boundaries on what they can and cannot take into their lives.  Their sensitivity can make them vulnerable and appear weak; but do not be fooled. They are not weak.

        ancestryANCESTRY: What is your Ancestry?  Ancestral roots and home is important to Cancer. Mothers Mothers Mothers Mother.  Fathers Fathers Fathers Father.  Do you see the chain?   We will be doing a healing meditation exercise on this.  I am a 7/7 Cancerian.  I just ran the British 10K in memory of my father and raised money for the RNIB.  Very Cancerian.  Please sponsor my run for my daddy by donating £1 or more on  http://www.justgiving.com/Toks-Coker    It would be a great birthday present.  Thank you xxxx

        PEACE POWER with NewMoon in Cancer.  Lets call in Ghandi into our souls and our hearts and ask him to give us hope to frecontrollingedom.  Cancer seeks peace above all.  Peace not betrayal.  Peace and Trust.  Cancer HATES abuse of power and manipulation.  Where is your Freedom asks Cancer?  How can you be free if you do not know yourself and if you are controlled by others?  Today we find a purposeful betrayal of trust in our lives and in our government and politics.  We live in a constant battle of negative feelings:  “I do not trust you anymore.  You have failed me.  You have let me down.”   We live within a system that is both positive and negative and is falling apart quickly as the Legions of Light emerge and reveal the truth.  We will be calling in the Pleiadians and Legions of Light to protect and free us and stand up for our rights to our personal freedom in our awakening to ascension and our awakening to our true self here on earth.  

        amathyst pyramids

        Indian Head Massage Course

        feather fingersI was scheduled to do an Indian Head Massage Course on Wednesday 11 July 2012 from 10.30am-4.30pm at Morley College. With such a busy schedule over the past month I was really exhausted but determined to do an excellent job; so when the students marked me ‘EXCELLENT’ I cried with joy and gratitude. Teary emotional response is very Cancerian; so is wanting to be liked and wanting to do an excellent job and be appreciated for it and graded ‘excellent’. Here is there response: 

        How would you rate the course? What did you like about the Indian Head Massage Course?

        • Excellent: Well structured. Good demonstrations and explanations. Excellent hand-outs.
        • Excellent: It was an excellent experience for me. Very clear, amazing practice. Excellent management of the techniques. Tutor all the time gave excellent background and feedback. ADamaris Toks Kalisha Tania Sarah Chris 11.7.2012mazing presentation
        • Excellent: Power points. Well structured. Informative.
        • Excellent: Everything in the Course Outline was covered.Toks is an excellent teacher, the day was taught at the right pace and covered enough to go away and practice on friends and family withy. You felt confident in doing the moves as Toks made sure you were doing it right. I felt very welcome within the college and the class. Toks was very pleasant and profession. I would definitely go to any class she taught again whether Indian head Massage advanced level or anything else in the healing/health arena.
        • Excellent: The teachers enthusiasm and expertise. We could have seen the sequence as a whole demonstration before we broke it down to practice individual components. We did however see it after we had practised.
        • Excellent: Friendly, thorough and enjoyable. I feel that I can now give a therapeutic head massage to friends and family and have comprehensive notes to refer to provided by the tutor

        Sensing & Intuiting  What is is auspicious is that the moment I saw these lovely ladies standing outside my imageclassroom I saw the Atlantean and Lemurean Goddess energy around them all.  They felt familiar and I saw them all in long flowing dresses.  I was so happy when they all informed me they were looking to learn Indian Head Massage from a healing perspective and to give the massage in a healing manner!  Now how appropriate is that?  Coming to a healing teacher like me.  I just cried in my heart when I realised what I first saw and felt was correct. They were powerful spiritual beings of light before me.  So when they all rated me ‘Excellent’ what more could a teacher ask for.  My hard work & sleepless night! had paid off.  Thank you ladies.        

        Legions of Light

        Healing Motivational Workshops in Turkey 

                    opening ceremony8 candles awaiting

        We did two workshops in mountainous Turkey: 3 July, FullMoon in Capricorn & Sun in Cancer and 23 June, Motivational Healing.  They were both vibrant and healing and transformational. The river, the boats, the food, the sun, the venue, the people and the service was all sacred and enlightening.  Thank you Allah.  Please enjoy the sharing here.  Thank you ladies and gentlemen.

        Healing is easy with Toks. She opens the way and you just have to walk thI AMrough. Very nice energy. I felt the good energy between us. I am so happy I did my photomontage. I enjoyed the Greek God meditation – it was so effortless for me. Thank you.

        writing my wishesVery much enjoyed being with this group. Felt the energy, cleaning session, was very much to the core. I believe everyone benefited fully from the heart. The messages from the cards were effective, full filling. Thanks and Love

        I’ve really enjoyed the whole thing. It was a joyful fun experience. I’m glad I got to know you! Thanks. Take Care.

        Legion of Light Merve

        It is always magical working with you. Thank you for being so clear, understanding, powerful, fun and intensive. I love you very much! It was a spiritual motivating and cleaning workshop. I am very happy to hold the workshop in my home. Thank you authentic lady!  Legion of Light Merve

        dance of joyIn and out of sleep during meditation. Relaxing and more awake now. Great food, weather. Uplifting. Thanks a lot.

        in and out of meditation

         We stand strong

        I found the whole day very relaxing. It was nice to be a student and not a teacher. I feel lighter. I really enjoyed Being in another dimension. I love being in another dimenstionthe energy around the room.  Thank you very much.

        Can you see the orbs around him and  on his red t-shirt as he is dancing?

        closing ceremonyThank you Allah.

        purification of the chakras

        bowl of blessingsPERFECTION PERFECTION      PERFECTION        PERFECTION

        my family


        Watch fish move in water. They move one way and then suddenly move a differliving in waterent way. They change suddenly without warning. Sometimes you see the change happening and sometimes you do not. Where do you suddenly change in your life? Or has the change been gradual and you are just expressing it and people think it is sudden? This is very NewMoon in Cancer. Sudden emotional change or outburst; then a feeling of calm and freedom.  As you look at the fish in the water feel the healing of all your Chakras and the releasing of your pain and the freeing of chains on your auric body as you move fluidly like the fish in your self and your environment.  Congratulations.

        Numerology 7 Exercise:  List 7 things you want.  What you really want, not what you think you want or what others want for you.  How do I know if I really want something?  By meditating on it or by asking Divine to give you an answer when you wake up in the morning. For the next 7 days on the seventh hour am and pm – meditate on them for 7 minutes.   If you cannot allocate the time then do it another time and link in to the energy of 7.  Make sure the meditation is for 7 minutes and not less than 7 minutes.  It can be longer if you want.  Give me your feedback for next new moon or next full moon.  Thank you. 

        Research: the number 7 and send me what you find.

        Safety: Identify 7 things that make you feel safe.  Identify 7 people that make you feel safe.

        Nurturing:  Do 7 things that nurture you in the next 7 days. Share a nurturing moment with 7 different people – can be at different times and days or all 7 at once! aahhahahaha

        Money: Make money your friend and not your enemy. See money as spiritual exchange and heal all the money that comes your way. Be grateful for all your bills: the people sending them believe you have the money to pay it.  Believe in abundant healing money.  See your money being cleansed in the tube of water light.  Do this exercise regularly especially when you think of lack or you feel overwhelmed.

        Security:  I breathe in security and I breathe out security.  My body flows with the ebb of the tides in and out flowing flowing flowing.  I feel safe.  I breathe in security feeling into my body.  I am safe.


        You Are Perfection

        You Are Perfection

        You Are Perfection

        We Greet Youmermaid toks

        We Greet You

        We Greet You

        We Greet You

        Love Toks


        relaxing peacock

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        If you want me to come to parties and events please contact me.

        See you at the meditations, workshops and 1:1 sessions
        Love Toks xxxxxx

        8 candles awaiting

        happy birthday


        I am a 7/7 Cancerian. I just ran the British 10K in memory of my father on the 8/7/2012 to raise money for the RNIB .  Please sponsor my run for my daddy by donating £1 or more on http://www.justgiving.com/Toks-Coker   It would be a great birthday present. Thank you Thank you   THANK  YOU TO ALL WHO HAVE DONATED TO MY JUST GIVING PAGE.  THANK YOU.  THANK YOU XXXXX