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Full Moon in Sagittarius 21 May 2016

Happy Blue Full Moon. Happy Full Blue Moon. 

Happy Wesak.   Happy Lailat al Bara’ah.


The Energy of Now

On Saturday 21 May at our Gathering we celebrate 3 diverse and different events:

  1. Full Moon in Sagittarius – Sun in Taurus Flower Moon BLUE MOON.  Element: Fire/Earth.

  2. WESAK, Buddha Day (Buddhism)        

  3. Lailat al Bara’ah, Night of Forgiveness. God blessing all humans. (Islam) 

    Join us.  Venue Details etc. click HERE: https://fullmoonsagittarius2016.eventbrite.co.uk

    Targets:   As we journey in life we find that sometimes we set a target and find we do not achieve it on the day and time specified.  We did not look into the process of really how long it would take us to complete the project.  After doing one part of a project, there is another part to wait for and complete before we move on to the next part of the project.  Yet you thought the project would finish today only to find that there is a waiting period of three days before you get your answer or the person gets back to you.  Your dead line has not been met because you did not look at all aspects of your project.  This is life.

    Where are you right now?  This Blue Full Moon asks us to look at where we are right now:  How have we reacted to delays?  How have we reacted to finishing projects on time or long after the deadline?  How have we felt deeply in the team: as a group and individually?  Were you part of the delay or was someone else?  Did you blame or take responsibility?  Are you a contributor or a complainer?  Is the glass half empty or half full?  Personally, sometimes, I feel my glass is half empty rather than half full.  How are the lessons of your life teaching you humility, confidence and gratitude?  How are they helping you to unlock an issue in yourself or reveal a truth about a situation?  Where are you right now?


    Mars Energy:  The Mars energy is aggressive, turbulent and annoying. It seeks to annoy and destroy.  It has no time for time wasters as it is very  impatient.  Where are you feeling all this right now?  Who have you argued with or had a disagreement with?  Have you been able to contain yourself or did you lash out?  What is the price of not sleeping enough?  What is the price of not doing proper research?  What is the price of not caring about the results of your relationships?  Where are you right now in your life with your anger and frustration?  Deal with it. Stop blaming others.  Look at yourself and celebrate your victories.  If you concentrate too much on the negative it will depress you.  Pull yourself up with the Fire Energy and rise like a phoenix. 

    Boundaries:  I have been talking about this for a while.  The Energy of Now is asking you to look at your boundaries. Here is an example: So you had a project and a deadline and you attended to it. ONLY to find that the other project you should have attended to is delayed and that was the real priority!  Who do you blame?  Yourself?  The others who interrupted your deadline? Your lack of knowing and sticking to your priority?  Not enough time?  Too many things to do?  That is why you have boundaries and priority lists.  Use them. This Full Blue Moon is asking you to address your own issues of boundaries in business and your personal life.  One of the quickest ways to do this is to communicate your boundaries first to yourself and then to others. 

    Communicate Priorities:  The need to keep communication on-going is crucial when dealing with boundaries and priorities.   Is it your fault the baby’s milk was forgotten because you were doing housework; and you forgot to ask your partner to get it?  Is it your fault that you forgot the train tickets at home because you were calling the taxi?   Is it your fault you did not do what you were meaning to do because you were helping someone else?  Is it your fault you are kind?  Again, I say, be clear about your boundaries and your communication.  Is it your fault you woke up late and forgot to post the letter that would get you the project or job interview or healing session?  Again priorities and boundaries. Be clear with yourself first and then you can be clear with others. Communicate your priorities to yourself and to others. Speak your truth in a nice way. 

    Be happiness itself

    Natural Cycle:   A Blue Full Moon?  This is a natural cycle of the rhythm of movement with the Earth dancing with the Moon, as well as, with the Sun.  The spiralling energy it sets up is truly amazing, yet we do not feel its movement.  It is moving in space and it is alive. Below I mention the scientific movement of the Energy of Now. 

    Steady:  We are steady on Earth with the wonderful magnetic field of Earth.  We are secure and we are on fire at the same time.  This wonderful natural cycle is what moves us to gather and meditate: to take it slow and to relax; to reflect and to celebrate beginnings and endings.  We do this secure in the knowledge that the Earth, the Moon and the Sun will play their part in keeping us alive.

    Opposites:  We see the Full Moon.  We do not see the New Moon.  The New Moon is a good time to plant seeds and the Full Moon is a time to blossom the fullness of our seeding.  Each harvest has a meaning on Earth as we celebrate life and death.  We could not survive without day and night. We need to rest and sleep.  We need to get up and work.  This natural rhythm of life has been going on for thousands of years. We eat, digest, absorb and eliminate.  We put something in and and out of our body.  Opposites.


    Working Body & Earth:  Both Mother Earth and your Body keep on working.  Your own body goes on working inside of you – you cannot see it working – you just know it is working – till you get sick.  The dis-ease in the body is usually triggered by stress, worry, anxiety, anger, fear and hatred.  Practicing the Six Healing Sounds and the Inner Smile can help you maintain a happy body.  Also, Mother Earth goes on working till she gets sick.  How does Mother Earth tell you she is sick?  Just look at the pollution created by humans NOT animals.  Look at deforestation. Look at whales found dead on land and opened up to see plastic in them, which has be dumped by industrial business entrepreneur man! How about global warming and the arrogance of man! Our food is being genetically modified, Mother Earth is being polluted by pesticides, etc.  When is enough enough?  We are so interlinked Body of Man and Mother Earth.  If we kill our land we kill ourselves.

    Celebration:  Whenever I think of a Full Moon I always think – What am I celebrating?  In my life?  In my relationship? In my business?  In my family?  In my emotions?  In my body?  In my spiritual life?  It is a reminder for me to find something to celebrate in my life. It is a reminder to ‘show off’ and bloom and shine brightly.  It is a reminder to reveal my greatness and acknowledge how far I have come on a project.  It is also a time I look at the wonders of the world and the wonders around me and give gratitude.  How do we appreciate Mother Earth and People?  How do we celebrate a gathering of love?

    On Saturday 21 May at our Gathering we celebrate 3 diverse and different events:

    1. Full Moon in Sagittarius – Sun in Taurus Flower Moon BLUE MOON.  Element: Fire/Earth.

    2. WESAK, Buddha Day (Buddhism)        

    3. Lailat al Bara’ah, Night of Forgiveness. God blessing all humans. (Islam) 

    Join us.  Venue Details etc. click HERE: https://fullmoonsagittarius2016.eventbrite.co.uk

    Moon Overview:   In 2016 we have 25 MOONS which is made up of 12 FULL MOONS & 13 NEW MOONS. Of these 25 Moons we have: 1 BLUE MOON (21 May), 1 SUPER MOON (14 November), 2 New Moons in October, 4 ECLIPSES (2 SOLAR ECLIPSES 9 March, 1 September) and (2 LUNAR ECLIPSES 23 March, 16 September).  We are celebrating the BLUE MOON on 21 May.  How auspicious. 



    Element: Fire/Earth:  With all the Fire/Earth Element and Energy I asked for guidance and what was revealed was a surprise to me.  I was given a few symbols, signs, omens and images.   I will be working with this at the Blue Moon Gathering.  I was told: Remember Life becomes easier when you learn to accept an apology you never got.

    Sounds of Fire:   Listen to the various sounds of fire and the sounds made around keeping a fire alive e.g. putting wood in the fire, moving the wood in the fire, etc. Enjoy this wonderful experience of watching and listening to Fire.  What is the Fire speaking to you?  Click here:  Sounds of Fire.  Does it make you feel less stressed?  Does it calm your mind?  What does the Fire Element do for you?  I see images in the fire likes sailing boats, people dancing and animals.  What do you see?

    Past Lives:  I saw flashbacks of past lives. This was taking me to the time of the Mayans, Aztecs, Toltecs  and Incas.  I saw the Earth element as me in white, standing strong on the sacred ground of Mother Earth of Chichin-Itza.  I saw the Fire element as rich red blood and snakes jumping up in the burning fire.  I knew this Blue Full Moon was a powerful echo coming to us from deep within Mother Earth, carrying a great connection to life and death. 

    Two:  The Aztecs saw things in binary language – two of everything.  Bringing together two things – opposed or contradicting – same and different – polarity opposites.  Life/Death.  Life Giving / Life Extinguishing.  Male/Female.  Night/Day.  Cold/Heat.  Their supreme god was both male and female and was called Ometeotle (two god) and was the embodiment of Aztec duality responsible for creating both humans and gods.  The energy of the two elements are very significant here.

    Strong Memory:  I felt and saw myself clearly a few years ago in Mexico.  The strongest was the memory of me in Mexico visiting Chichén Itzá, a world heritage site and the New Seven Wonders of the World.

    New Seven Wonders:  It feels as if this energy of the Blue Full Moon is asking us to look at our greatness as a collective and how we have made Mother Earth beautiful.  On July 7 2007 in Lisbon, Portugal the New Seven Wonders of the World were announced: Chichén Itzá in Mexico, Great Wall of China, Petra in Jordan, Christ Redeemer in Brazil, Machu Picchu in Peru, Roman Coliseum in Italy, Taj Mahal in India.   All these places are wonderful places to visit.  Have you visited any of them?  They are sacred spaces full of love and healing carrying deep powerful energy that embraces humanity in a very empowering creative way.  I have been to Petra and Chichén Itzá

    Photo: People sitting around Maya pyramidChichén Itzá: The Temple of Kukulkan, also known as El Castillo, is my favourite place in Mexico.  The pyramid has 365 steps – one for each day of the year. This is counted as: each of the temple’s four sides has 91 steps, and the top platform makes the 365th.  I walked the steps on a hot hot day in a white dress sensing the atmosphere and feeling the energy. Do you know that twice a year on the Spring and Autumn Equinox a shadow in the shape of a serpent falls on the pyramid.  As the sun sets, this shadowy snake descends the steps to eventually join a stone serpent head at the base of the great staircase up the pyramid’s side. Amazing. The Mayans were so astronomically powerful and connected.  It is this energy we are connecting with this wonderful Blue Full Moon.  Are you ready for this?

    Planets:  I thought of the planet Mars connecting and the stars.  And then I saw the image of a Red Moon, a Blue Moon.  Then I heard the words:  Sun Moon Earth.  For each word I saw a pyramid. 

    Passion:  The passion to rise up is Fire Energy. The passion to stand strong is Earth Energy.  The passion to rise up and stand strong and reveal yourself is what this Blue Full Moon is about. 

    Pyramids: The largest pyramid in the world is the Great Pyramid of Cholula.  The second largest pyramid in the world  is the Pyramid of Giza.  The third largest pyramid in the world is the Pyramid of the Sun.  Looking at the pyramid pictures below (Pyramid of the Sun and Pyramid of the Moon) we notice the long journey of steps one must take to get to the top of the pyramid. On the top you can imagine the great ceremonies and rituals performed on a New Moon and Full Moon, linking in with the stars and planets.  We can call forth the Moon Goddess on the Moon Pyramid: the Great Goddess of Teotihuacan, the goddess of water, fertility, the earth, and even creation itself.

    click: Pyramid of the Sun

    click: Pyramid of the Moon

    There are Two Types of Blue Moon. 

    There are two types of Blue Moon.  One is when two Full Moons happen in the same month.  The other is a seasonal Blue Moon. This is when the third of four Full Moons take place between seasons. 

    This Full Moon in Sagittarius – Sun in Taurus Flower Moon BLUE MOON  is a seasonal Blue Moon.  It is the third of four Full Moons to take place in between the March 2016 Equinox and the June 2016 Solstice. You can read more on EarthSky Blue Moon and Red Mars 


    A Blue Moon and a Red Mars are pairing up this Full Moon


    Mars will also be closer to Earth than it has been in a decade and we will be able to see the red planet.  This happens once or twice every 15 years or so.  The last time Mars was this close to Earth was in 2003, it was the closest to Earth in almost 60,000 years.  Is it coming closer to Earth? The next close approach will be July 31 2018.  Read more on this link:  NASA Blue Moon and Red Mars

    The picture above is the Shri Swaminarayan Mandir Temple which is the first Hindu Temple in Europe built by hand in the old traditional way.  Hindus celebrate the New Moon (Amavasya)  and the Full Moon (Purnima) by fasting and prayers.  I love going there a day or two after a moon meditation.  Why not join me?

    Invocation Blessing for 21 May 2016

    Celebrating Blue Full Moon, Wesak, Lailat al Bara’ah

    symbols of light

    We Greet You

    With the Simplicity of Life

    Illuminating Your Pure Energy

    In the Simplicity of Cosmic Celebration

    We Greet You

    blooming rooted strong

    We Greet You

    With the Promise of Life

    The Longing of Life Itself: Longevity

    Fortune Fame Family Good Health Wealth

    We Greet You


    We Greet You

    With the Answers Within

    Crying Out for Truth to be Heard

    Announcing Your Fullness of Spirit

    We Greet You

    Photo: People sitting around Maya pyramid

    We Greet You

    With the Healing Love of the Pyramids

    Endorsing Your Existence

    Making Your World Happen

    We Greet You

    full moon

    We Greet You

    With the Sacred Blooming of the Moon

    Radiating from Deep Within Your Being

    The Pure Blossoming Genius of You

    We Greet You

    element fire

    We Greet You

    With the Sound of Fire

    Crackling Sparkling Speaking Banging

    Burning Dancing Sailing Healing Fire

    We Greet You

    We Greet You

    With the Serpent Pyramid of Light

    Warrior Energy of Strength and Power

    Forging You; Moving in the Moon Light

    We Greet You

    leaves on grass

    We Greet You

    With the Sound of Silence

    Crackling Silence Loud Silence

    Peaceful Silence Embracing Silence

    We Greet You


    We Greet You

    With the Sound of Celebration

    Dancing Cheering Laughter

    Talking Eating Clinking

    We Greet You

    holding you

    We Greet You

    With the Flame of Yahweh

    Celebrating Holding You in the Light

    Upright and Directional

    We Greet You

    fire dance

    We Greet You

    With the Rising Essence of Fire

    Grounding Essence of Earth

    Celebrating Victories and Winnings

    We Greet You


    We Greet You

    With the Signs of Happiness

    Really Blossoming Your Life

    Creeping into the Shelves of Your Souls

    We Greet You

    beauty within

    We Greet You

    With the Gift of Friendship

    Being Accountable in Your Friendship

    Forgiving Each Other in Your Friendship

    We Greet You


    We Greet You

    With the Gift of Health

    Blooming and Blossoming

    On this Blue Full Moon

    We Greet You


    We Greet You

    With the Gift of Magic

    Believing in Yourself

    Serving Your Purpose

    We Greet You

    crystals of balance

    We Greet You

    With Your Manifestations

    Your Magic Your Magnificence

    Your Moments of Power

    We Greet You


    We Greet You

    With Your Freedom (Forgiveness Done)

    Your Ease of Being

    Your Freshness of Spirit

    We Greet You

    violet light

    We Greet You

    With Your Courage

    Activating Your Confidence

    Demonstrating Your Power

    We Greet You


    We Greet You

    Celebrating You

    Your Delivery Your Character Your Intellect

    Your Triumphs Your Values Your Growth

    We Greet You 


    We Greet You

    We Greet You 

    We Greet You

    Channelled by Toks Beverley Coker for the Blue Full Moon in Sagittarius

    moon wave

    Songs for Blue Full Moon

    I felt very strongly that two songs captured the Energy of Now with this Blue Full Moon. I hope you enjoy listening and watching the videos below.

    Click to watch:  12 Tenors – You Raise Me Up    I love this song. The words are so powerful and direct. It made me think: Who raises you up? Your Spirit Guide? God? Great Spirit? What raises you up? The sunset? The sunrise? Great music. Powerful words? When do you fell you need raising up? Why? How do you feel listing to this powerful song? It brought so many thoughts into my mind: my family, my friends, my clients, my students, my life and myself. It made me look at the picture of my Spirit Guide, Hands of Light.

    "You Raise Me Up" written by Brendan Graham

    When I am down and, oh, my soul, so weary;
    When troubles come and my heart burdened be;
    Then I am still and wait here in the silence,
    Until you come and sit awhile with me.

    You raise me up, so I can stand on mountains;
    You raise me up to walk on stormy seas;
    I am strong when I am on your shoulders;
    You raise me up to more than I can be.

    You raise me up, so I can stand on mountains;
    You raise me up to walk on stormy seas;
    I am strong when I am on your shoulders;
    You raise me up to more than I can be.

    There is no life – no life without its hunger;
    Each restless heart beats so imperfectly;
    But when you come and I am filled with wonder,
    Sometimes, I think I glimpse eternity.

    You raise me up, so I can stand on mountains;
    You raise me up to walk on stormy seas;
    I am strong when I am on your shoulders;
    You raise me up to more than I can be.

    You raise me up, so I can stand on mountains;
    You raise me up to walk on stormy seas;
    I am strong when I am on your shoulders;
    You raise me up to more than I can be.

    You raise me up to more than I can be.

    Nicole & 4 Phantoms

    Click to watch:  Nicole Scherzinger singing Phantom Of The Opera with four Phantoms (Royal Variety Performance – December 2014)  I love this song and the way she sings the words of the song. I love the passion she sings with and the four different Phantoms with different male energy and voices; and I love watching the different manly power they each exude.   She is so feminine and can handle all four men.  How do you hold your femininity and masculinity?   What is inside your mind?  What consumes your mind?  What feeds your mind?  What disturbs your mind?  What has power over you?  What mask do you wear?  What do you fear?  What is here with you now? What is in you? What sings for you?  Who do you sing for? What do you sing for?  How do you sing?  Where do you sing? Why do you sing? What makes you sing? 

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    Full Moon in Scorpio & Sun in Taurus 14/5/2014

          Happy Birthday Buddhahappy buddhaBlessings from the  Buddhabuddha lotus heart

      Happy Wesak Day    Happy Birthday Buddha 

    RainbowHappy Full Moon in Scorpio with Sun in Taurus (Flower Moon)

    The Gathering   I love the story of Christ gathering the Hierarchy of the Universe together to celebrate Wesak, which is Buddha’s birthday, death and enlightenment.  It is believed Buddha received his enlightenment under a Boddi tree with a Full Moon; and that all religions are united together on this day; and that we receive a cosmic spiritual download by this great spiritual gathering.  I love this very much and I choose to believe this. TODAY: Wednesday 14 May 2014  we celebrate this wonderful energy from 7pm-10pm during which we will be in the actual time of the Full Moon, which is 20:17 BST London      Element Water/Earth  For more details and to book, click here: www.fullmoonscorpio2014.eventbrite.co.uk

    On the Menu we have:

    1. Invocation Blessing:  RainbowFull Moon in Scorpio with Sun in Taurus (Flower Moon)
    2. ENERGY OF NOW: RainbowFull Moon in Scorpio with Sun in Taurus (Flower Moon)  Wednesday 14 May 2014     20:17 BST London      Element Water/Earth
      1. The Gatheringvegetarian food
      2. Feeling
      3. Transforming
      4. Self Mastery
      5. Sexual Relationships
      6. Questions on Relationships
      7. Wake Up Call
      8. Power Struggles
    3. Resurrection of Your True Self – Allowing
    4. Homework

    NEXT: Meditation Workshop is on Wednesday 28 May 2014  StarNew Moon & Sun in Gemini    19:41 BST London  Element Air For more details and to book: www.newmoongemini2014.eventbrite.co.uk

    Spiritual Enlightenment

    Invocation Blessing & Prayer:  RainbowFull Moon in Scorpio with Sun in Taurus (Flower Moon)

    Wednesday 14 May 2014     20:17 BST London      Element Water/Earth


    We Greet You

    With your Soul Regeneration

    Today Full Wesak Moon in Taurus/Scorpio

    Renaissance of Your Redevelopment

    We Greet You

    7.7.08 Jeery Gary David

    We Greet You

    With the High Octave Energy

    Blooming Deeper Levels of Evolution through Laughter

    Intensely Heightened Spiritual Energy

    We Greet You

    12 12 12 sacred space

    We Greet You

    With Sexual Enlightenment

    Deep Voluptuous Feelings of Exploration

    Journeying You Educational Insights to Divinity

    We Greet You

    sacred altar

    We Greet You

    With Rebirth Celebration

    Renewing our Energies with Wesak and Mayan

    In this Heightened Energy of Fullness

    We Greet You

    Sacred Beings of Light

    We Greet You

    With Your Wounds Opening Up

    Ready for Healing – Giving Up All Past Errors, etc..

    Releasing Your Soul – Liberating & Free as a Bird

    We Greet You

    greeting roots

    We Greet You

    With Your Grounding Energy

    Connected to the Centre of the Earth

    Earth Gateway to Your Life

    We Greet You

    healing handsSmiling Angel of Light

    We Greet You

    With Christ Gathering the Entire Spiritual Hierarchy

    Celebrating with Buddha Dharma Sangha

    Cosmic Download Buddha Fused with Christ

    We Greet You

    Receiving & Giving Blessings

    We Greet You

    With the Hierarch of the Universe, Christ, Buddha, Allah, Adonai

    24 Elders of the Throne, 144000 Ascended Masters, Council of Light

    Celebrating in Shambhala (where everyone is enlightened)

    We Greet You

    Buddhas in White

    We Greet You

    With the Great Paradigm of Oneness Consciousness

    Buddha and Christ Wearing White for Purification

    Full Moon Sacred Ritual Blessing of Light and Love

    We Greet You


    We Greet You

    With the Gift of Challenge

    Challenge of Receiving

    Challenge of Gifting

    We Greet You

    Sacred Scent of Life

    We Greet You

    With the Scent of Supreme Change

    Changing Your Ways of Thinking and Acting

    For the Fullness of Your Happy Life

    We Greet You

    Shelly Bridgeman, Kay Westmoreland, Angela Buck, Dhriiti Mehra,Phylliis Sant Maria and Toks Coker in red

    We Greet You

    With Sirius Powerful Anointment

    Cleansing Erroneous Belief Systems

    Loving You Tender

    We Greet You

    Sacred Altar

    We Greet You

    With Celestial Light

    Revealing Your Fullness of Light

    In the Anointment of Your Self

    We Greet You

    Smiling Hope

    We Greet You

    With Freedom of Other People’s Expectation

    Holding Your Light Saying “Show Me : Use Me”

    “Allow the Process of Who I Am”

    We Greet You

    holding handsholding connections

    We Greet You

    With True Connection

    Knowing You are Enough: You are Enough

    Opening Your Heart Softening Your Heart

    We Greet You

    Angel of LightStillnessPrincess of Heaven

    We Greet You

    With the Silence & Stillness of Who You Are

    Allowing Your True Essence

    Your AHA Breathe

    We Greet You

    Calling Great Spirit

    We Greet You

    With Your Wake Up Call

    Releasing Your Anger & Blaming

    Intending Love of Your Life

    We Greet You

    21 12 12 Legions of Light Workshop with Hands of Light

    We Greet You

    With Awakening of Your Moment

    Accepting Your Seeking

    Acknowledging Your Findings

    We Greet You 

    beautiful world

    We Greet You

    With Your Metamorphism of Change

    Caterpillar Becoming a Butterfly

    Flapping Your Wings to Heaven

    We Greet You 

    Luck Friendship Peace

    We Greet You

    With Luck Friendship Peace

    Acting Through Your Suffering

    Helping Your Soul & Spirit Grow

    We Greet You

    Cosmic Creativity

    We Greet You

    We Greet You

    We Greet You

    channelled by Toks Beverley Coker, the Elder, with Hands of Light © Toks Coker 2014

    I am too Sexy

    Energy of Now

    Full Moon in Scorpio with Sun in Taurus (Flower Moon)  Wednesday 14 May 2014     20:17 BST London      Element Water/Earth

    Christ Consciousnesshappy buddhaThe Gathering   I love the story of Christ gathering the Hierarchy of the Universe together to celebrate Wesak, which is Buddha’s birthday, death and enlightenment.  It is believed Buddha received his enlightenment under a Boddi tree with a Full Moon; and that all religions are united together on this day; and that we receive a cosmic spiritual download by this great spiritual gathering.  I love this very much and I choose to believe this. 

    Feelings  With the Full Moon energy we know we will feel a lot of emotions and it is important not to push them down with addictive behaviour like drinking or smoking or sex or food or TV.  We need to feel them and live them and cry them too!  We need to journey through the pain and discomfort and vulnerability with this Full Moon.  Only then do we observe what has happened; and realise our insights, learnings and our own individual enlightenment. en-light-en-ment is bringing light into your own life, your own being. 

    Transforming  Full Moon in Scorpio is about transforming something in your life.  It could be you decide to have a coach to help with your career.  It is about evolving your life e.g. you decide to attend spiritual moon workshops to help you evolve and move your life. 

    rootings we makeSelf Mastery Full Moon in Scorpio with the Sun in Taurus shines light on practical things that need to be done to satisfy the emotional feelings you are having. What do you need to do to master intense emotions in a practical way that do not overwhelm you?  It could be to find someone who can do the job for you e.g. fix the bathroom leak.  Sometimes a little thing like a dripping tap can consume your mind and drive you to a shout and be in a bad mood; when all you needed to do was take practical action to get it fixed; as all your ways of fixing it have not worked.  Sometimes we need to get out of our own way.  This is what this energy is about.  Acquiring the gift – the ability to deal with your feelings and master them – is a wonderful gift to receive with this Full Moon at the workshop. 

    Kate sexy legsSexual Relationships We know with this Full Moon in Scorpio and Sun in Taurus we are working with lots of extreme sexual energy and passionate intense feelings of love and hate!  The 7 days before and after this Full Moon are very potent days as you watch out for power struggles in your relationships.  I talk about that in my news letter on Sexual Relationships and Power.  Did you receive it?  Have you read it?  Sign up for the Newsletter on the side panel on your right. 

    Question on Relationship When your relationship is not working the question in your relationship is not “How do I make him/her happy?”  It is “Where do I need to love yourself more?  What am  I hear to learn?  What do I believe about myself that this situation is showing me?  What can I do about it? Lets get started.”

    Wake Up Call  Is this successful?  Sometimes a wake up call helps you to redefine the way you are living. What wake up call are you getting telling you to redefine your life and the way you live, think and do things.  Do you have to collapse and fall in your own pool of blood to do this?  Are you living your dream or someone else’s dream?  What is the great lesson for your life today with this wonderful Full Moon.  Bring spirit into your life.  Love Toks xxxx

    man womanPower Struggles   How do you behave in power struggles? Power struggles occur within yourself as well as outside yourself.  I am going to talks specifics now using 3 animal totems. 

    Like a Scorpion you have three options in your stinging and power struggles: (1) You can sting only yourself and beat yourself up.  (2) You can sting others and not sting yourself.  (3) You can sting both yourself and others – a very favourite Scorpion energy choice!

    Like an Eagle you can rise above the lower vibrations of the energy of the power struggle and take a more spiritual view of your life and the power struggle.

    Like a Phoenix (this is my favourite) you can rise above the ashes of your power struggles, your destructive burnt past; and fly up (because you choose to) and rise up; transforming yourself into a more beautiful self. This is transfiguration. You wake up from your dream and face your fear. You do not run away from your fears.  By doing this you face your fears and conquer your fears.  Are you ready to do this in your own life?  I am.  Lets us do it together.

    Power Struggles are very difficult things to work with. So we see that this really is a time to conquer our fears, to release any chains around our body, to free ourselves from imprisoning ourselves in our mind and in our body and in our soul and in our emotions and in our spirit.  Make May the month of great transformation to work on your power struggles within yourself and with others. 

    Resurrection of Your True Self 

    1. light shining throughAllow yourself to go through the turmoil and stay in the turmoil till it is time to come out. 
    2. Allow yourself to face the fear in the turmoil. 
    3. Allow yourself the insight that what may appear as negative and sad and miserable will evolve into something positive and happy and joyful.
    4. Allow yourself the lesson to learn. Allow yourself to set your attentions for the day.  Allow yourself to set your intentions for the day.
    5. Allow yourself to move through the process to completion so you can evolve, change, transform and resurrect rising like a phoenix.  You will then appreciate the final victory and moment of triumph.
    6. Allow yourself to stay focused in all that you do and feel and think.  Be mindful and aware of yourself.
    7. Allow yourself to be True to You. Be kind to your heart.  Be kind to yourself. 
    8. Hands of Light LogoAllow yourself the Gift of your recovery and your survival.  Nothing that happens is wasted, or is a mistake.
    9. Allow yourself the Gift of your Drama of pain, suffering, etc.  Allow the healing needed to move you to Oneness of Yourself.   Reach deep down to find your True Self through the falling, stumbling, and broken pieces and moments.  Allow Goddess-Never-Not Broken in.
    10. Allow yourself the Gift of Recovery in all that you do.  This is the opportunity to make the choice to heal, to recover and to be strong and powerful. 
    11. Allow yourself the the Gift of Confusion, Chaos, and Lost-ness.  For this will arise the new beginning, the way back home, the new perspective, the new paradigm shift. 
    12. Allow yourself the Gift of Receiving and Giving. Allow yourself the Gift of Receiving and Giving Love.
    13. Allow yourself the Gift of Your True Self.  The Gift of Loving Yourself past present and future. 


    1. yes Symbols of LightStop naming things and just look at the thing without its name and see the mystery of what you look at around you.  Walk through the world with a sense of wonder like a child with innocent eyes and enjoy the delight of looking at things with a new perspective and feeling without naming it. 
    2. Take responsibility for the statement “How did I get myself right here?”  Once you stop blaming others you have hope to change your life and move your life.  It is a very liberating feeling.  Feel liberating and feel liberated – the keys to your life are in your pocket not someone else’s pocket.  Release the energy you have inherited from others. 
    3. Follow what brings you alive.  It wakes you up.  It brings you alive.  What lights you up?  What is your oxygen?  What is the yearning.  .e.g Dancing, Yoga
    4. Do the healing exercise – Gift of Power – on the Newsletter.
    5. Ritual of Love – Tell someone you love them.  Allow yourself to be loved and to be love.  Allow yourself to give love.  Allow yourself to allow love. 
    6. What is your personal prayer?  Pray it. 

        malachite slabToks Coker 2013apophollite cluster of action

    Feel free to leave a comment below. 

    Feel free to share the contents of this blog giving credit to the blog https://tokscoker.wordpress.com/  and Toks Coker with Hands of Light. www.tokscoker.com   Thank you. 14 May 2014

    With Rainbow Blessings

    Love Toks xxxxxx   

    The content and images on this blog are protected by copyright. All rights reserved. © Toks Coker 2014

    Happy New Year Blessings 2014

    Happy 2014Dancing forth in 2014

    Leaving 2013 and Entering 2014 with a Sacred Soul Gathering

    30/12/2013  -  01/01/2014   (10pm-1am)

    Here is the Happy New Year 2014 Blessing in Turkish too from the Legions of Light Team :)))))

     Kutsal Ruh Buluşması ile 2013’ü geride bırakıyor ve 2014’e giriyoruz

    A gathering of women (wearing white for purity) came together to enter in the 2014 NEW YEAR choosing to celebrate with sacred ritual, prayer, and invocation blessings.  We tuned in here in London with others around UK and also linked in with Paris in France; and even got a New Year phone call from France to celebrate our UK New Year.  Thank you.

    Blessing 1 – Wonderful Gathering

    What a wonderful gathering here today.  What a beautiful evening.  How privileged we arJoye to be here.  Magical Experience.  So many blessings are coming out of this. So many magical beginnings of joy and wonder.  This moment is so beautiful.  Universal Source we thank you for the blessing of this time together.  Dear Lord, Fill us with your light, your love, wisdom and understanding so we can go forth in 2014 being you add expressing you – which is what we are naturally. Divine. Magnificent.  May we always radiate compassion, love, understanding, wisdom, courage and service. May we be like little children appreciating life full of fun and inspiration with a sense of awe.  May be do the work we are meant to do here on earth and live with grace.  Amen

    Kursal Dua 1- Harika toplanma

    Ne kadar harika bir buluşma bugün buradaki. Ne kadar güzel bir akşamüzeri.  Ne kadar ayrıcalıklıyız ki beraber buradayız. Büyülü bir tecrübe. Bu buluşmadan  bir sürü nimet akıyor. Meraklanacak ve neşe verecek bir çok mucize dolu başlangıçlar var. Şuan çok güzel.  Evrensel Kaynak sana bu kutsal zamandaki birliktelik için teşekkür ediyoruz. Sevgili Efendi bizi ışığınla, sevginle, bilgelik ve anlayışla doldur, böylece 2014’te sen olarak, zaten doğal olarak olduğumuz seni ifade ederek ilerleyelim. İlahi. Olağan üstü güzel. Her zaman merhameti, aşkı, sevgiyi, anlayışı, bilgeliği, cesareti ve servisi neşeyle saçıyor olalım. Küçük çocuklar gibi hayattan keyif ve ilham alarak huşu içinde memnun olalım. Bu dünyada yapmamız niyet edilen işi yapalım ve merhamet içinde yaşayalım. Amin

    Blessing 2 – Breathe of 2014 linking hands

    As we breathe in 2014, we release the pain of 2013.  We breathe in and out slowly; taking the healing with the breath of 2014 to step up to what we are able to do in 2014.  We fully appreciate taking breathe now.  We step into the power, a place of strength, courage, stability, and knowing.  We are rising, rising, rising; New BeginningRising to be open and embracing what is moving through us – all that is being born and birthed through us now.  We allow ourselves to be a vessel of love contained in the Tree of Life in our hearts.  We allow ourselves to be, to step into the powerful space and place within.  We allow ourselves to be of service, to give, to heal.  We anchor the passion lined within and embrace all that is moving through us with ease.  We allow the energy to flow through.  We have an abundance to share with others.  We graciously share, sharing our abundance; and willing share; and willing share.  We allow others to expand, to step up and to be.  We move into 2014 and intend this year will be one of fullness and richness; allowing us to be all of who we truly are.  We open to all that we are taking breathe for.  Right now, here in this moment, we move and give thanks.  We Give Thanks. We Give Thanks. We Give Thanks. Ashe.

    Kutsal Dua 2- 2014’ü Solumak

    2014’ü soludukça, 2013’deki acıyı serbest bırakıyoruz. Yavaşça nefes alıp veriyoruz, şifayı 2014’deki nefes olarak alıyoruz, 2014’te yapabileceklerimize bir yukarı adım atıyoruz. Şimdi nefes almanın tamamen değerini biliyoruz. Güce yukarı adım atıyoruz, cesaretin, kuvvetin, sarsılmazlığın ve biliyor olmanın olduğu yere.  Yükseliyoruz, yükseliyoruz, yükseliyoruz. Açık olmak için ve şuanda  içimizde hareket edeni, içimizde doğanı ve doğuyor olanı kucaklamak için. Kendimizi kalbimizin içindeki hayat ağacında yer alan sevgi damarları olmaya bırakıyoruz. Kendimizi oluşa bırakıyoruz. Güçlü alana adım atmaya ve içimizdeki yere.. Kendimizi serviste olmaya ve şifa vermeye, iyileştirmeye bırakıyoruz. İçimizde sıralanan tutkuyu demirliyoruz ve içimizden geçen, hareket eden herşeyi kolaylıkla kucaklıyoruz. Enerjiyi içimizde akımda bırakıyoruz. Diğerleriyle paylaşacak bereketimiz, bolluğumuz var. Biz zarafetle, merhametle paylaşıyoruz, bereketimizi paylaşıyoruz ve daha da paylaşmak istiyoruz, paylaşma niyetindeyiz. Diğerlerinin genişlemelerine, büyümelerine, adım yükselmelerine ve var olmalarına izin veriyoruz. 2014’e taşınıyoruz ve niyet ediyoruz ki bu yıl bolluğun ve zenginliğin yıllarından biri; bize tamamen, gerçekten kendimiz olmamıza izin veren bir yıl. Nefes almak üzere soluduğumuz herşeye açığız. Şimdi, şuanda hareket ve teşekkür ediyoruz. Teşekkür ediyoruz. Teşekkür ediyoruz. Teşekkür ediyoruz. AminCourage

    Blessing 3 – Fearlessness

    May 2014 be prosperous, always being reminded of the greatness of divine truth and divine purpose.  May we be guided by divine truth and divine purpose.  May the abundance of love determine our life; and bring forth more happiness; and more love than we have ever known.  May we always be true to ourselves no matter what; and to be fearless in all we do.  Amen. 

    Kutsal Dua 3- Korkusuzluk

    2014 başarı dolu olsun, herzaman ilahi gerçeklik ve ilahi amacın muhteşemliğini hatırlayalım. Her zaman ilahi gerçeklik ve ilahi amacın rehberliğini alalım. Sevgi bolluğu hep hayatımızı belirlesin ve daha önceden hiç bilmediğimiz kadar çok mutluluk ve çok sevgi  getirsin. Ne olursa olsun herzaman kendi kendimize dürüst olalım ve her yaptığımız şeyde korkusuz olalım. Amin

    Blessing 4 – Blooming Blessings

    Eagle EnergyCalling Forth:  We Greet You  God, Buddha, Allah, Adonia, Great Spirit, the four directions – North South East West;  Upper Management, Spirit Guides, Animal Totems, Animal Kingdom, Ascendant Masters, Father Sky, Mother Earth, Ganesh, Lakshmi, Working Legions of Light

    Gratitude to Four Elements:  We thank you for this gathering. We thank you for the breath of fresh air and the Pranic air that we breathe.  Thank you for the fire flame illuminating our lives. We thank you for the water creating flow in your lives.  We thank you for Mother Earth grounding and seeding our seed and as it seeds our seed helping us to bloom, blooming our lives.  Happy Blooming LilliesMay our hearts open with golden eagle wings. Amen.

    Blooming Blessing  May 2014 help us to bloom.   Blooming the bloom we have never bloomed before. The bloom of abundance.  The bloom of joy.  The bloom of happiness. The bloom of extreme total and unconditional love.  The Bloom of being loved by people who love us.  The bloom of being loved by people we love.  The bloom of complete and equal loving on all sides.  The bloom of being loved and of being loved and being loved. We loving and loving and loving. May All the love we have given and shared in this incarnation comes back to us multiplied in 2014.  May the giving we have done in all this incarnation (only this incarnation) be given back to us in 2014.  May all the good we have done be visited upon us greatly in 2014.

    Mastepsy our pathways be open.  As they are open may we walk into the unknown with confidence. Being confident that we are going the right way and confident that we are lit from behind.  Confident that we are lit from behind and knowing we are gathered and surrounded by a thousand golden Buddha‘s  illuminating our way. 

    As we walk on earth connecting us to the cosmic energy of universal life purpose in the Oneness of our Being may we glow.  As we glow may we bring love to all that we see. May we bring love to all that we are.  And in so doing may we be the resonance and vibration and the presence of love as we step forward.Freedom with Nature

    As we step forward from today into every room, every centre, every career path, may we be the essence of love.  As we step forward with our students, our clients, our healing groups, our congregation, may we be the essence of unconditional love, purity, healing and divine love.  As we step forward may we be loving and loving and loving.  As we sing, teach, dance, talk, guide, heal, right  now may we be the sense of purified healing innocent unconditional love.  The moment people see you may they receive healing.  May our presence and their presence of us in 2014 bring healing and blHands of Lightessings to ourselves and to other people.

    May we receive the keys of 2014 in our hands for 2014.  We step forward with ease into 2014 knowing the doors will open and the windows will open knowing that only good comes to us and only good comes out of us.  May we flow always constantly with love and healing passion.  We Give Thanks. We Give Thanks. We Give Thanks.  Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.  Amen  xxxx

    Kutsal Dua 4- Çiçek açan nimet

    Çağırıyoruz: Sizleri selamlıyoruz. God, Buddha, Allah, Adonia, Great Spirit, dört yön; Kuzey, Güney, Doğu, Batı, Üstteki Yönetim,  Ruh Kılavuzları, Hayvan Totemleri, Hayvan Krallığı, Yüksek Masterlar, Allah Baba, Ganesh, Lakshmi, Çalışan Işık Toplulukları

    Dört Elemente Minnettarlık: Bu birliktelik için sana teşekkür ederiz. Soluduğumuz temiz, taze hava ve Pranic hava için sana teşekkür ederiz. Ateş alevinin hayatlarımızı aydınlattığı için sana teşekkür ederiz. Hayatımızda akış yaratan su için teşekkür ederiz. Sana toprak ananın tohumlarımızı toprakladığı ve ektiği için teşekkür ederiz ve tohumlar tohumlandıkça bizim çiçek açmamıza yardım ediyorlar hayatımız çiçek açıyor. Kalplerimiz altın kartal kanatları ile açılsın. Amin

    Çiçek açma duası:

    2014 bize çiçek açmamız için yardım etsin.  Daha önceden hiç açamadığımız bir şekilde çiçek açalım. Bolluğun çiçeğini açalım, neşenin çiçeğini açalım, mutluluğun çiçeğini açalım. Tüm bütünlüğün kayıtsız şartsız sevginin çiçeğini açalım. Bizi seven insanlar tarafından sevilmenin çiçeğini açalım. Sevdiğimiz insanlar tarafından sevilmenin çiçeğini açalım. Her taraftan eşit ve tam sevilmenin çiçeğini açalım. Seviliyor olmanın çiçeğini açalım, seviliyor olmanın, seviliyor olmanın ve seviliyor olmanın. Biz seviyoruz, seviyoruz ve seviyoruz. Bu reenkarnasyonda tüm verdiğimiz ve paylaştığımız sevgi çoğalarak bize 2014’e geri gelsin. Bu reenkarnasyonda tüm bağışladıklarımız, iyiliklerimiz (sadece bu reenkarnasyonda) 2014’de bize geri dönsün. Bütün yaptığımız iyilikler, 2014’te bizim üzerimizde muhteşemce var olsun.

    Bütün yollarımız açık olsun. Onlar açık oldukça biz bilinmezde cesur ve kendinden emin bir şekilde yürüyelim. Doğru yöne gidiyor olduğumuzdan ve arkamızdan ışıkla aydınlatılıyor olduğumuzdan emin olarak. Kendimizden eminiz ki arkadan ışıkla aydınlatılıyoruz ve biliyoruz ki yolumuzu aydınlatan binlerce Buddha etrafımızda çevrili ve toplanmış durumda.

    Dünyada yürüdükçe bizi evrensel yaşam amacının kozmik enerjisi olan birlikle bağlantıya geçiriliyor ve parlıyoruz. Parladıkça her gördüğümüz şeye sevgi getiriyoruz. Her gördüğümüz şeye sevgi getirelim. Ve böyle yaptıkça sevginin rezonansı, titreşimi ve varlığı olarak ilerleyelim.

    Bugünden itibaren girdiğimiz her odada, her alanda, her kariyer yolunda, sevginin niteliği olalım. Öğrencilerimizle, müşterilerimizle, şifa gruplarımızla, kutsal toplantılarımızda, koşulsuz sevginin, saflığın, şifanın ve ilahi sevginin özü olalım. İlerledikçe sevelim, sevelim ve sevelim ve sevelim. Şarkı söylerken, öğretirken, dans ederken, konuşurken, yön gösterirken, iyileştirirken, saf şifanın masum koşulsuz sevgi hissi olalım. İnsanlar sizi gördükleri anda şifa alsınlar. Bizim ve onların birlikte, 2014’deki varlığımız onlara ve bizlere şükran ve şifa getirsin.

    2014’ün anahtarını 2014 için elimize alalım. 2014’e kolaylıkla ileri adım atıyoruz, biliyoruz ki bütün kapılar açılacak, bütün pencereler açılacak ve bize sadece iyilik gelecek ve bizden sadece iyilik çıkacak. Her zaman, sürekli sevgi ile akışta olalım ve tutku ile iyileştirelim, şifa verelim. Teşekkür ediyoruz, teşekkür ediyoruz, teşekkür ediyoruz. Teşekkürler, teşekkürler, teşekkürler. Amin xxx

    Legion of Light Team

    Full Moon in Scorpio Partial Lunar Eclipse 25/4/2013

    HVietnamese AltarAPPY Full Moon & Partial Lunar Eclipse Christian Altar& Lord Hanuman’s birthday

    Thursday 25 April

    FULL MOON in Scorpio & Sun in Taurus at 20:58 BST London and

    PARTIAL LUNAR ECLIPSE at 21:09 London (Seen in Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia)

    Element Water/Earth

    Celebration of Diversity & Action of Your Life

    On the Menu we have:Ayhan

    1. Invocation Blessing for Full Moon in Scorpio & Sun in Taurus with PARTIAL LUNAR ECLIPSE
    2. ENERGY OF NOW: Full Moon in Scorpio & Sun in Taurus with PARTIAL LUNAR ECLIPSE(Element: Water/Earth)rice and greens
      1. Scientific
      2. Energetic: Old Memories, Completions & Endings, Emphasis, Blessings, Heart of the Lunar Eclipse & Questions to Consider, Change your Self Talk, Journey through the Frustration,  In-between Time Between Eclipses & Questions to Consider
      3. Celebrating the Eclipses at MIND BODY SPIRIT
    3. Lord Hanuman’s Birthday
    4. QUOTE: Full Moon in Scorpio & Sun in Taurus with PARTIAL LUNAR ECLIPSE Quote
    5. ACTION: Full Moon in Scorpio & Sun in Taurus with PARTIAL LUNAR ECLIPSE Action is Celebrating
      1. Jeremy Coker, Virgin London Marathon
      2. Sharing Two Wonderful Friends
        1. Caroline Harper Jantuar
        2. Catherine Jackson
    6. What will be covered in this Meditation Workshop
    7. Feedback from Last Workshop: New Moon in Aries
      1. Shavana
    8. Homework
    9. 2013 Diary, Contact Details & Spiritual Investment

    INVOCATION BLESSING for Full Moon in Scorpio & Sun in Taurus & PARTIAL LUNAR ECLIPSE

    Catherine and JJ

    We Greet You

    Merging With Magnetic Horse Energy

    Letting Go of Any Stresses

    Allowing Exquisite Fullness of Life

    We Greet You


    We Greet You

    Spreading Invaluable Healing Love

    Moving In Your Physical Body

    Relaxing Your Treasured Breathing

    We Greet You

    group hug

    We Greet You

    Cascading With Peaceful Energy

    Balancing Your Splendid Chakras

    Healing Your Consciousness

    We Greet You

    Genevieve, Gary & his mother

    We Greet You

    Glowing With Gem Colours

    Recharging Your Precious Essence

    Invigorating Your Unconsciousness

    We Greet You

    Radiating Love

    We Greet You

    Radiating Out & In With Opulence

    Tube Tuberous Movements

    Empowering Your Magnificence

    We Greet You

    Vietnamese Altar

    We Greet You

    Seeing Your Ancestral  Continuum

    Visibly Unlocking Eclipses of Time

    Releasing Hidden Truths

    We Greet You

    hugging tree

    We Greet You

    Connecting Your Tree of Life

    To Your Family Tree & Humanity’s Tree

    Knowing A Good Death = A Good Ancestor

    We Greet You

    Christian Altar

    We Greet You

    Filling Up Your Altar

    Offerings of Devotion & Prayer

    Communicating with Spirit Telepathically

    We Greet You

    full moon

    We Greet You

    Doing the Ritual of the Full Moon

    Expressing Gratitude for Your Completions

    Mother Earth & Father Sky Ceremony

    We Greet You

    We Greet You

    We Greet You

    Telling Your Simple Story

    Listening with Understanding

    Increasing Your Happiness

    We Greet You

    Singing Your Song

    We Greet You

    Singing Your Song

    At the Beginning of an Ocean

    Freeing Your Soul Mastering Your Life

    We Greet You

    Happy Family

    We Greet You

    Smiling at Life Intimately & Romantically

    Frustrations Gone

    Feeling You are Enough & You are Loved

    We Greet You

    Golden You

    We Greet You

    Radiating Your Glittering Golden Energy

    Elegantly Pulsating Brain Joyfulness

    Valuably Understanding Your Life

    We Greet YOU

    shadows of your life

    We Greet You

    Facing Your Shadows

    Vibrational Resonances of You

    Energetic Exuberances of You

    We Greet You

    The Face

    We Greet You

    Radiating Your Inner Glow

    Comfortable Who You Have Become

    Celebrating Your Inspiring NOW

    We Greet You


    We Greet You

    We Greet You

    We Greet You

    Channelled by Toks Beverley Coker for the Energy of Now 25/4/2013

    ENERGY OF NOW: Full Moon in Scorpio & Sun in Taurus with PARTIAL LUNAR ECLIPSE(Element: Water/Earth)

    SCIENTIFIC: A Lunar Eclipse happens when the earth is in the middle of the sun and moon – the earth blocks the sun’s rays from striking the moon. There is always a Full Moon with a Lunar Eclipse and a New Moon with a Solar Eclipse. This Lunar Eclipse is a partial lunar eclipse. ECLIPSES come in and complete each other.  They come in pairs.  This eclipse portal has 3 eclipses. This is the first of five ePaul Dunn with Toks Cokerclipses in 2013.

    1. Partial Lunar Eclipse on 25 April
    2. Annular Solar Eclipse on 10 May (Ring of Fire)
    3. Penumbral Lunar Eclipse on 25 May
    4. Penumbral Lunar Eclipse on 18 October
    5. Total Solar Eclipse on 3 November (Hybrid)                http://eclipse.gsfc.nasa.gov/OH/OH2013.html

    ENERGETIC: All Eclipses are emotional times.  Lunar Eclipses are more emotional than Solar Eclipses and they can affect us on a deep level and we may not even be aware or conscious of the changes that are occurring in our lives.

    OLD MEMORIES: They can bring up old memories and feelings making you feel confused, overwhelmed and in crisis. Previously unexamined areas of your life will light up into your awareness with a lunar eclipse; forcing you to look at your patterns and behaviour.

    COMPLETIONS & ENDINGS: Lunar Eclipses come with the Full Moon which means they come completing things or ending things with a lot of emotions.

    EMPHASIS: They emphasis things in your life and make you look at the crisis around you. Sudden unexpected emotions or events or issues may erupt causing disruption, pain, and may have long term effects. The feeling of uncertainty can be overwhelming: making you cry and feel anxious and alone. The days before, during and after an eclipse can be unnerving and unpredictable but the transition will bring in fresh air into your lungs.blessings from the light of the full moon lunar eclipse 

    BLESSINGS: Eclipses come with blessings.What blessings are you drawing down to you today and tonight?  As you call in your blessings and appreciate what you have received bless yourself and others. Feel the fullness of your life today and celebrate it joyfully with movement.  Move your body (earth) and Feel your flowing body (water).

    HEART OF THE LUNAR ECLIPSE: Connecting through the Heart of the Eclipse helps you to feel your heart and to take responsibility for your relationships – your valuable relationships. Do not assume you are happy: breathe in happiness and dance in happiness. QUESTIONS TO CONSIDER: What was hidden and is now revealed with the lunar eclipse? What are you ending? What has ended with this lunar eclipse? What old emotional pattern have you let go off? What habit have you stopped? What person/people are you letting go of?

    CHANGE YOUR SELF TALK: MAKE IT HAPPY  This is a time to be aware of your self talk, to change your story is to change your life.  Full Moon wants to celebrate accomplishments and freedom NOT imprisonment.  Do not let the story you tell yourself imprison you. PLEASE do not let your stMr Frogory imprison you.  This is a time to be free. Be aware of the ‘story’ that imprison you.  What story are you telling yourself? Do you not want to stop reciting these stories to yourself? Which story is running your life now?  How is your story ruining you now? Do you find yourself saying: “I can’t live with myself any longer!” “Are there two of me? Or one of me? How many am I?”    All this is negative self-talk.  This is the shadow side of the eclipse.  The voices and feelings in your head, body, mind may consume you to want to self-harm or do something you would not normally want or think of doing.  BEWARE negative self talk about yourself and others as this can twist you up inside and outside!  This awful dark pain in your body, mind and spirit is the impetus to move you to the light of relief and no pain – IF you have had enough of the pain and you are ready to move on and out of the pain energy and pain body.  Let the efforts you make for yourself help you to follow a great dream for yourself.  This is really a time to balance both sides of your nature.  We all have a positive and negative side: the ying and yang.  We are all seeking balance within and balance in the environment to. Make your Self-Talk Happy and you make others Happy.

    JOURNEY THROUGH THE FRUSTRATION: Full Moon in Scorpio is passionate, sexy and intense; and with the addiction to smokingSun in Taurus the energy becomes practical, earthy and safe.  This combination of energy makes you think about your money situation and your sexuality all at once.  Frustration with this energy can erupt into anger and arguments.  Sudden quick responses may or may not yield good results.  The energy can swing from one thing to another.  The one good thing is that all the frustration, pain, and hunger in you makes you a want to change and creates a tornado [water]  in your life to balance and calm [earthy].  If you let your story inspire you or teach you something; you will move forward with aspiration.

    IN BETWEEN TIME BETWEEN ECLIPSES: This Full Moon in Scorpio and Sun in Taurus comes with a Partial Lunar Eclipse and following this we will have the New Moon in Taurus with an Annular Solar Ecascadingclipse (ring of fire eclipse) on Friday 10 May. In between this time we will have many celebrations:3 May Orthodox Good Friday, 4 May Orthodox Holy Saturday, 5 May Orthodox Easter, 6 May Bank Holiday, 6 May Orthodox Easter Monday, and 9 May Ascension Day. The time between eclipses are VORTEXES OF CHANGE or TORNADOS OF CHANGE both collectively and individually. We will all go through a vortex of change once more and have to face our chaos within us and the crisis that occurs outside us! These vortexes of time and change boost personality change and spice up your life; as you go through lots of ups and downs. Get ready to hold on to something as we journey through all this. QUESTIONS TO CONSIDER: What no longer serves your way of being? What lies did you discover? What was revealed? What truths did you discover? What internal conflicts did you go through? What assumptions did you make that were wrong/right?

    MIND BODY SPIRIT FESTIVAL MAY 26: Join TOKS COKER in a FREE guided Full Moon Meditaamathyst wandstion celebrating the Full Moon & Penumbral Lunar Eclipse; on Sunday 26 May 2013 from 17:00-17:30. This healing meditation will inspire you and help you know what you need to know right now. With the Full Moon and the Lunar Eclipse, we celebrate our greatness. You will see and know and feel and touch what is hidden and what is revealed in your live. The question to be answered: What do I need to know right now in my life? Calling in the power of energetic now we create a safe space of warmth and glow.  https://tokscoker.wordpress.com/2013/04/19/mind-body-spirit-london-festival-26-may-2013/

    TODAY 25/4/2013 IS THE BIRTHDAY OF Lord Hanuman’s birthdayFile:Hanuman fetches the herb-bearing mountain, in a print from the Ravi Varma Press, 1910's.jpg (Hindu Monkey God). He is God of power, strength, valour and knowledge. He is known as the ‘param bhakt’ of lord Rama and is the incarnation of Lord Shiva.  Hanuman, the monkey God is believed to live eternally.  Today call in the energy of power, strength, valour and knowledge into your life.

    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hanuman and http://www.festivalsofindia.in/Deites/HinduGods/Hanuman.aspx

    Buddha’s Birthday  / Wesak Day  is in May 2013



    QUOTE: Full Moon in Scorpio & Sun in Taurus with PARTIAL LUNAR ECLIPSE Quote

    Jemima Ella Freedman SMILING

    The Flower Garland and the other various sutras are like stars in this dark night, while the Lotus Sutra is like the moon. For those who have faith in the Lotus Sutra, but whose faith is not deep, it is as though a half moon were lighting the darkness. But for those who have profound faith, it is as though a full moon were illuminating the night.’ (The Essence of the “Medicine King” Chapter, WND 94)

    “I would rather be here now.”

    ACTION: Full Moon in Scorpio & Sun in Taurus with PARTIAL LUNAR ECLIPSE Action

    Full Moon is always a time to celebrate and be seen.  What two actions of celebration have you done before this Full Moon and Eclipse?  What two actions of celebration will you do after this Full Moon and Eclipse? I share two actions of celebration before this Full Moon.

    Jeremy Coker London Marathon 2013My brother JEREMY COKER ran the Virgin London Marathon on Sunday so we went to support him AND celebrate  him.  http://www.cokerassociates.co.uk/ 

    We made sure we did not miss him this year as we missed him last year.  We all spread out along the route to greet him.  I was waving a pink boa and wearing bright yellow to celebrate him. We were fortunate to be at the front of the line and greeted him at Canary Wharf at 30km and Westminster after 40km.  Fiona Jeremy Toks PatricAtiti Sosimi and her children were at Victoria Embankment.  Remi, my sister, was at the finishing line to greet him.  It was a very challenging time for us spectators: shouting and cheering everyone to keep going on!!  I Did It. 5th marathon congratulations Jeremy 2013

    My highlight of Sunday was my brother hugging me when he saw me at Canary Wharf. I will always remember the look on his face – a look of pure joy and surprise and happiness.  I will carry it to my death.  I cried as he continued the marathon.  group hugWhen he saw us again at Westminster he gave us a high five. I am a proud big sister. He was so happy he saw everyone he said. It was different from last year. It made him feel supported and loved.  “I love you Jeremy, my brother.  Well Done.”

    Please support his worthy cause by donating a little something, even if it is just £1 as every penny counts and your contribution will make a difference. Thank you xxx    https://www.justgiving.com/JeremyCoker/

    We are also celebrating the blind marathon runner strapped to his runner guide, the disabled wheelchair marathon participants and the disabled marathon runner with one hand piToks Patric Jeremy Remictured below.  Thank you. xxxxblind marathon runner strapped to his guid runnerdisabled wheelchair marathon participantsmarathon disabled runner with a disabled arm

    Sharing Two Wonderful Friends

    Caroline Harper Jantuah

    We are also Celebrating two wonderful friends with this Full Moon energy: Caroline Harper and Catherine Jackson.  The contribution they make to the world is important and invaluable.  Thank you for the gifts you share with the world.  You are both champions in  your fields.  

    I am celebrating CAROLINE HARPER JANTUAH for her impact on diversity worldwide and her passion with inclusion. “You are a stable influence and a graceful presence of knowledge.  As promised I will be visiting you this weekend.” http://diversitypractice.com/  and http://www.factor8assessment.com/ and uk.linkedin.com/in/carolineharperjantuah

    I am celebrating CATHERINE JACKSON for her brilliant delivery of information in a direct Catherine Jackson and JJ her lovely horsesimple effective way to inspire one to professional action.  “You are a true gem.  It was lovely to meet up with you to discuss business packaging. I love the picture of you and your lovely horse. I hope you enjoyed your riding.”

    When I asked Catherine what she was celebrating this Full Moon she wrote:  “I celebrate having my horse, JJ, in my life; he’s everything to me. I am so grateful to have JJ in my world because there is something incredibly special and spiritual about horses.”  You can read more about Catherine Jackson on www.mindtrainingsystems.com and www.helpmeloseweight.us.com and uk.linkedin.com/in/catherinejacksonnlp

    What will be covered in this Meditation Workshop

    We will be celebrating all the above and more…. With this powerful vortex we will also

      1. be healing a complex issue in your life
      2. be looking at an old memory that no longer serves you and removing it
      3. be looking at the crisis around you and holding it in the light of the FullMoon

    Feedback from Last Workshop: Wednesday 10 April
    New Moon in Aries 10:36 BST London Element Fire

    shavana1“This workshops was extremely powerful.  I am actually finding it hard to describe it as it was an experience I’ve never had before.  I am new to the whole spirituality world.  I never used to believe it existed.  My intuition was just my mind to me.  I was a very rational person and spiritual stuff all seemed a bit ‘airy fairy’.

    This workshop totally changed my view and my life.  When you see or hear truth you cannot deny it.  This was the experience I had with Toks.  I couldn’t deny what I was experiencing. I felt the energy in my body move, so much so, I broke down into tears because the revaluation was so intense.  I left the meditation workshop feeling so empowered as a person and understand the potential i have in me to be great, powerful and a beacon of light to others. Peace, Love, Power  Shavana


    1. What are you celebrating today? What two actions of celebration have you done before this full moon and eclipse? What two actions of celebration will you do after this full moon and eclipse?
    2. How loving have you been?
    3. How have you discovered joy in yourself?
    4. Where do you feel imprisoned? Why do you feel imprisoned? How do you feel imprisoned?
    5. Create a Shrine of Gratitude with Sacred Objects and Symbols representing Earth, Fire, Air and Water.  

      We Greet You

      Kneeling at Your Shrine

      Sacred Objects & Symbols

      Earth: Crystals & Flowers

      Fire: Candles & Matches

      Air: Feathers & Incense

      Water: Shells & Water Cup

      We Greet You

    Diary, Contact Details & Spiritual Investment

    Venue & Spiritual Investment for THIS Crystal Meditation: Thursday 25 April, Full Moon in Scorpio & Sun in Taurus, 20:58 BST London; Element Water/Earth; with PARTIAL LUNAR ECLIPSE, 21:09 BST London (Seen in Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia):  http://fullmoon250413-eorg.eventbrite.com/#     Please bring something to share if you can e.g. salad, vegetarian, fruits. No pork please. Thank you.

    FUTURE Crystal Meditation Workshop Dates:  http://www.eventbrite.com/org/350851891?s=12540716  Please bring something to share if you can e.g. salad, vegetarian, fruits. No pork please. Thank you.

    2013 dates: https://tokscoker.wordpress.com/2013-dates-Toks Coker 2013celebration-moon-workshops/

    Info on Meditation: http://www.tokscoker.com/moon_meditation.html

    Info on New Moon Meditation: http://www.tokscoker.com/new_moon_meditation.html

    Info on Full Moon Meditation: http://www.tokscoker.com/full_moon_meditation.html

    See you at this meditation. Book your private and confidential 1:1 package sessions. Love Toks xxxxxx

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    Full Moon in Gemini; Lunar Eclipse 28.11.12

    These shoes are made for walking...

    Happy Full Moon in Gemini & Sun in Sagittarius

    Happy LUNAR Eclipse    Happy Lio Krathong

    On the Menu we have:Legion of Light Chef

    1. Invocation Blessing
    2. ENERGY OF NOW: Wednesday 28 November 2012  
      1. FULL MOON in Gemini & Sun in Sagittarius   14:46GMT    Elemopening ceremonyent: Air
        1. Communication
        2. Aiming Action
        3. Independence & Freedom
        4. Duality
        1. Scientific
        2. Energetic
        3. Time Between Eclipses
    3. QUOTEs: Full Moon in Gemini with Lunar Eclipse Quotes
    4. ACTION: Full Moon in Gemini with Lunar Eclipse Action
      1. Two Friends
        1. Samjhana Moon
        2. Gillian Riley
    5. What will be covered in the Meditation Workshop
    6. Homework
    7. WORKSHOP Dates with Hands of Light
    8. Contact Details & Diary

    Angel of LightMoonlight Angel


    Full Moon in Gemini & Sun in Sagittarius with LUNAR Eclipse

    toks coker kaluz logo

    We Greet You

    With the ‘Kaluz’ Sign

    Perfectly Protective Solar Sun Eye

    Naturally Noble Silent Lunar Moon Eye

    Securely Safe with the Ascension Portal of Balance

    We Greet You

    full moon eclipse

    We Greet You

    With the Lunar Eclipse

    Revealing Truths & Lies

    Igniting More Knowing in Your Mind

    Gifting Great Gloriousness in Your Essence

    We Greet You

    hibiscus pink flower

    We Greet You

    With the Lio Kraathong Festival of Lights

    Floating Away Fundamental Darkness

    Transforming & Lighting the Way to the Buddha

    Anchoring Good Fortune for All

    We Greet You

    toks coker kaluz logo

    We Greet You

    With the Eye of Horus

    Seeing What is Hidden & Seen

    Knowing Your Protection Needs

    Preparing True Intuition 12:12:12

    We Greet You

    Toks Coker LOGO

    We Greet You

    With the Eye of the Snake Buddha

    Revealing Illuminating Radiating

    Silently Watching All

    Playfully Connecting All

    We Greet You

    Cal looking nice

    We Greet You

    With the Elders of Light

    Illuminating Full Revelations,

    Sacred Marriage of Opposites

    Balancing Love & Hate

    We Greet You

    diamonds of light

    We Greet You

    With Shining Diamond Light

    Glowing Iridescent Light

    Shining with Love from the Full Moon

    Filling Your Heart with Diamond Love Light

    We Greet You


    We Greet You

    We Greet You

    We Greet You

    Channelled by Toks Beverley Coker for the Full Moon & Lunar Eclipse and Festival of Light 28/11/2012

    © Toks Coker 2012

    fullmoon 11.8.11 b

    ENERGY OF NOW: Wednesday 28 November 2012

    FULL MOON in Gemini & Sun in Sagittarius 14:46GMT Element: Air

    Communication  Communication is crucial with this energy.  Communicate your feelings, ideas, thoughts, reasoning, dialogue. MERCURY is the messenger of the Gods who moves very very fast; communicating quickly. His mind is alert, intelligent, rational, changeable and quick like quicksilver. Your mind may suddenly become fast and you may want things done quickly and your thoughts are faster than your spoken words.  Being mentally active is one of the signs of the energy of this time.  Beware being malicious in your words. Can you be truthful? 

    sharing pairing livingAiming Action  This energy may make you changeable and unpredictable as you may find yourself being distracted from what is important. I really feel the main focus should be celebrating what you have achieved in the last two weeks and buying yourself something. How many projects have you completed with the energy of this Full Moon and Eclipse? Gemini is gregarious and witty and intelligent.   Beware being restless or inconsistent. 

    Independence & Freedom No matter how much Gemini craves independence and freedom they crave versatility more as they can be easily bored. They do not like being restricted.  However they can run all over the place and achieve nothing.  Watch were you may be doing this in your life and stop!  The energy can make you changeable and fickle. 

    Duality  The symbol for Gemini is the TWINS.  Gemini love being in pairs and being with people.  They love puzzles and looking at opposites and contradictions.  If you find yourself changing your goalposts suddenly like quick silver then you know you are being influenced by the energy of now. Aim to work in partnership or do something with other people to take you out of your ‘same’ ‘normal’ space or routine.   

    LUNAR ECLIPSE:  A complex eclipse

    SCIENTIFIC: A Lunar Eclipse happens when the earth is in the middle of the sun and moon – the earth blocks the sun’s rays from striking the moon. There is always a Full Moon with a Lunar Eclipse and a New Moon with a Solar Eclipse.  This Lunar Eclipse is a partial lunar eclipse.  Eclipses come in pairs.  This year 2012 we have had 2 solar eclipse [S.E.] and 2 lunar eclipse [L.E.] which occurred in pairs: S.E. May 20 paired with L.E. June 4. S.E. November 12 paired with this L.E. November 28. We had the Total Solar Eclipse in Scorpio New Moon and we now have the Lunar Eclipse in Gemini Full Moon. This Lunar Eclipse completes the Total Solar Eclipse.  

    ENERGETIC:  Lunar Eclipses are more emotional than Solar Eclipses and they can affect us on a deep level and we may not even be aware or conscious of the changes that are occurring in our lives.   They can bring up old memories and feelings making you feel confused, overwhelmed andblessings from the light of the full moon lunar eclipse in crisis.  Previously unexamined areas of your life will light up into your awareness with a lunar eclipse; forcing you to look at your patterns and behaviour.  They come with the Full Moon which means they come completing things or ending things with a lot of emotions.  Eclipses emphasis things in your life and make you look at the crisis around you.  Sudden unexpected emotions or events or issues may erupt causing disruption, pain, and may have long term effects.  The feeling of uncertainty can be overwhelming making you cry and feel anxious and alone. The days before, during and after an eclipse can be unnerving and unpredictable but the transition will bring in fresh air into your lungs.  We are in the energy element of AIR.  What blessings are you drawing down to you today and tonight?

    TIME BETWEEN ECLIPSES: are vortexes or tornados of change. We had New Moon in Scorpio with Total Solar Eclipse and now we have Full Moon in Gemini & Sun in Sagittarius Lunar Eclipse. The time between eclipses force change on you as you cannot escape the universal change individually, collectively or globally.  The need to be speaking your truth is crucial. Finding your voice in the new paradigm as you question yourself with the Eclipses helps you to make sense of your thinking and focus.  There are many truths – just find yours.  That is what the in-between time is saying.  What happened in your life between 13 November and 28 November 2012? How has the ‘in-between’ energy of the eclipses affected you in the past two weeks? Just think about this for a moment…..what did you do? what happened? what did you say flutemoonor not say? What is your truth?  What door opened for you between these two eclipses?  What areas of your life needed your attention?  your business, your relationship, your family, your health?  All these are predestined karmic patterns that needed to come up to help you at the crossroads of your life and show where change is needed. They are the ‘ups’ and ‘downs’ you had to go through to enable a rush of positive energy in. What music are you playing on your flute?

    For me the ‘in-between’ energy brought some surprises. Both my new passport and driving license arrived and when I opened them I was suddenly filled with joy and happiness, feelings I did not expect to experience from opening mundane things. Also during this time I was very ill with no voice and a fever!!! THAT is expiating karma I thought. I needed to rest between the eclipse and not speak and go within and reveal my truth to myself. I had a discussion with some Buddhists: I asked how do you ‘marry’ yourself to yourself and feel peace within; no matter the marriage you have with the environment, career, money and your relationships. The answers helped everyone to define their present situation clearly. Everyone left feeling uplifted. I also had some painful emotions erupt suddenly that overwhelmed me and made me address feelings, I could no longer pretend, where no longer there.  I felt free after the experience.


    In Thailand, land of a thousand smiles, they celebrate Loi Krathong Festival by floating a bananGood Fortunea-leaf cup in the river with a flower, a lit candle and three incense sticks.  The candle is the light of the Buddha, to honour the Buddha, Prince Siddhartha Gautama.  The floating Krathong is float away ill fortune, it is letting go of ones hatred, anger, defilement and negative thoughts. It will ward off bad luck, and carry away the past, and the bad karma.  They also use it to thank and express apology to  the River Goddess or Goddess of Water.  They believe it will bring in new good fortune and abundant blessings to everyone. It is a time to wish for happiness and success – as they send love to Buddha. They believe it will bring in a successful start to the new year and ensure gaining good fortune in ones life.  Sense and feel a thousand candles floating down the Chao Praya River.  What good fortune are you giving gratitude for today?

    QUOTES: Full Moon in Gemini with Lunar Eclipse Quotes

    Which one resonates with you today?

    “All things share the same breath – the beast, the tree, the man, the air shares its spirit with all the life it supports.” Chief Seattle.

    “A passage from the Six Paramitas Sutra say to become the master of your mind rather than let you mind master you.”    World of Nichiren Daishonin Vol 1 p502

    “I will not let anyone walk through my mind with their dirty feet.”  Mahatma Gandi

    “If I stand still I will not be moving. You will have to come to me because if I am standing still I cannot come to you.  I could journey energetically to you!” Toks Coker

    “A rolling stone gathers no moss.”  Publilius Syrus

    ACTION: Full Moon in Gemini with Lunar Eclipse Action

    Gemini energy likes to socially gather and share information of value. You may find yourself communicating intelligently; using your mind, wanting to sound intellectual.  You may find you are sociable and allowing. The Sun in Sagittarius brings in laughter and aiming to go out to socialise in a new environment.

    Atiti Sosimi at Tea with AtitiMenhaj Huda and Lily Lapenna Huda with Toks at Tea with Atiti 26 Nov 2012I was at Tea with Atiti on Monday 26 November, listening to Atiti Sosimi’s Naked on the Couch Guest, film director Menhaj Huda, sharing his work and career rise at Richoux in St Johns Wood. 

    Menhaj Huda is the Award Winning Director – Kidulthood – Everywhere & Nowhere – Comedown –Young Dracula – TV Dramas Commercials London.  He shared his experience of helping young people and talked about the error they have that everything will come to them without working for what they want! To be a film director is hard work, it just does not happen if you sit and look out of the window. To be good at anything takes time, determination, consistent persistent focus and hard work.  We must teach youth today the value of hard work and finishing tasks.  Everyone agreed with him.  Thank you Menhaj.  I am here with his lovely radiating pregnant wife, Lily.  Check Menhaj Huda out on http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Menhaj_Huda & http://www.linkedin.com/pub/menhaj-huda/4/381/348  

    Come to Tea with Atiti in 27.1.2013  http://www.ah-tt.com/ Tell her I sent you.  Love Toks xxx

    Sharing Two Wonderful Friends

    Samjhana Moon and Toks Hands of LightHere I am with Samjhana Moon, the lovely butterfly, who flutters beautifully and surprisingly  towards me; because of the fluffs in my hair at KPI.  I want to share her work with the energy of the Full Moon in Gemini, which is a time of fully celebrating people’s work and essences.  She is a True Goddess in every way and you can see it oozing from her work. Why not schedule a Goddess Portraiture session with her and let her capture your essence.  Her work is uplifting, special and sacred. She is a gem here on earth from another galaxy.  Say Gillian Riley on Eating LessI sent  you.  http://goddessportraiture.co.uk/

    Here is Gillian Riley, holding her lovely book, Eating Less.  Why not attend one of her workshops to help you with eating less and empowering your body.  Her gentle manner and kind understanding will enable you to feel secure and understood and encourage in you a feeling of being able to eat less. She teaches people how to manage excessive eating and temptations; be less anxious, take control and feel liberated.  I like her energy.  I took the picture of her holding her book on Sunday 25 November letting her know I would be putting it on my blog.  You can see how lovely and slim she is: living proof that her book works.  Say I sent you.   http://www.eatingless.com/about-gillian.html

    What will be covered in the Meditation Workshop

    We will cover all the above points in this eclipse and full moon with practical healing exercises for dealing with crisis and chaos.  We will also be celebrating where you are right now with food, laughter, music and dance.  We will leave the energy of the space feeling uplifted, energised and more loving.

      “For what happens within is much bigger than what comes out in words.”


      1. FULL MOON:  What are you celebrating this Full Moon?  What are you completing?  What have you completed?
      2. What does your moon light angel look like?  Draw it!
      3. LUNAR ECLIPSE:  What was hidden and is now revealed with the lunar eclipse? What are you ending? What has ended with this lunar eclipse? What old emotional pattern have you let go off? What habit have you stopped? What person/people are you letting go of?
      4. IN-BETWEEN TIME: What no longer serves your way of being? What lies did you discover?  What was revealed?  What truths did you discover?  What internal conflicts did you go through?  What assumptions did you make that were wrong/right?  Do not assume you are happy breathe in happiness. Take responsibility to your valuable relationships, connecting through the heart of the eclipses.
      5. When do you find yourself talking down to others?  Do not talk down to others.
      6. When do you lift people up in prayer?  Never?!!!  Then start lifting people up in prayer including yourself!
      7. Send a pink cloud of love to anyone or situation that has upset you in the past two weeks. Then let go.

      Workshop with Hands of Light

      WORKSHOP DATES with Hands of Light

      12:12:12 Workshop
      Price: http://121212lightshifts.eventbrite.com/
      New Moon in Sagittarius, the day after 12:12:12
      08:42GMT   Element: Fire   Geminid meteor shower peaks

      21.12.12 21:12:12 Workshop
      Price: http://121212lightshifts.eventbrite.com/
      2013 Holistic Feng-Shui

      CONTACT DETAILS & DIARY Holding the Light

      2012 dates: https://tokscoker.wordpress.com/moon-calendar-2012-uk

      Spiritual Payment: http://www.tokscoker.com/calendar.html

      Info on Meditation: http://www.tokscoker.com/moon_meditation.html

      Info on New Moon Meditation: http://www.tokscoker.com/new_moon_meditation.html

      Info on Full Moon Meditation: http://www.tokscoker.com/full_moon_meditation.html

      See you at the meditations, workshops and 1:1 sessions
      Love Toks xxxxxx

      The content and images on this blog are protected by copyright.  All rights reserved.  © Toks Coker 2012

      Full Moon in Scorpio Sun in Taurus 6.5.2012


      full moon


      We just celebrated the Beltane on 1/5/2012 and we now move to the auspicious celebrations on 6/5/2012.  The Full Moon in Scorpio & Sun in Taurus occurs 04:35BST.  It is the Element – Water.  We also celebrate the WESAK Festival with the Buddha Purnima in India.  On this day also the Eta Aquarid Meteor shower peaks.  What will be peaking in your life in your relationships at this time?  A major break up or separation? We really need to look after our nervous system and our emotional energy. 

      We will be holding our regular Full Moon Meditation TODAY at 7pm.  http://tokscokerfullmoon0512-eorg.eventbrite.com/


      Significant 2012 dates can be found on: https://tokscoker.wordpress.com/moon-calendar-2012-uk/feminine

      • on 21 May Annular Solar Eclipse – visible in Tokyo – on New Moon in Gemini
      • on 4 June Partial Lunar Eclipse on Full Moon in Sagittarius & Sun in Gemini
      • on 19 June Second NewMoon in Gemini, World Invocation Day, Mid Summer Eve                             The World Invocation Day   http://youtu.be/u-7xTWgr1QM
      • on 20 June Summer Solstice

        Payment can be made on http://www.tokscoker.com/calendar.html

      SUPER MOON on 6/5/2012  PERIGEE MOON

      This Moon will appear bigger and shinier. This is known as a Super Moon. We have Super Moon Light in May which occurs one minute before this Full Moon. This Full Moon will be one minute after the Perigee Moon: Super Moon. We have had other Super Moons: 19.3.2011 and 28.3.1993. http://youtu.be/8s49-C5j_zE

      WESAK on 6/5/2012

      Wesak isbuddha lotus heart pronounced wee-sock.  Wesak is the celebration of Gautama Buddha’s BIRTH, and ENLIGHTENMENT, and when he died, his ASCENSION.  In this Celebration Christ and Buddha come together in a sacred ritual.   Christ gathers the entire Spiritual Hierarchy together in meditation to invoke the forces of Shamballa, the highest spiritual centre. This FullMoon Meditation will call in the Hierarchy of the Universe: the 24 Elders of the Throne and the 144000 Ascended Masters.  The Council of Light, Metatron, YWHH, Christ, and also  Adam Kadmon.  This is a celebration of Christ Consciousness as well as Shambhalla, known as the highest spiritual Pure Land.  This is a real FullMoon Gathering of everyone united in peace and love and reverence for respect for life. It is a time for COSMIC DOWNLOADS. Are you ready for your cosmic download? Close your eyes and see and feel Christ and Buddha together as One. This is a shared holy day blending the East and the West in mutual service to humanity.  Great Spiritual Blessings and Prayers are made all around the world appreciating diversity of humanity united in peace to invoke the Divine.  WE shift our consciousness to one of regeneration for the earth bringing in NEW LIGHT to the world through the Buddha who is the expression of the Wisdom of God, the embodiment of the Light anchoring Divine Purpose, Love, Law and Light. 


      Both Taurus and Scorpio are fixed signs with strong persevering characters capable of deep love and commitment.  Rooted in sexual experience they are intensely physical: Taurus likes to touch and be touched, Scorpio is intensely passionate and intimate.  This merger invites in conversations about MONEY, riches, wealth, resources, working, career, projects and earning a living.  Pluto, ruler of Scorpio, brings good financial fortune to Scorpio.  Venus, ruler of Taurus, brings love, beauty, charm, sensuality and comfort to Taurus.  Together they work with this FullMoon to bring in lessons to be learnt about relationships and money, as well as, what actions need to be taken to help fulfill your desires and commitment to good fortune in your life. 


      So many of you have called me asking why you cannot sleep, or why you keep waking up in the night, and feeling you are working in your sleep. There are many reasons for this as it can be a personal reason. A more angels of lightspiritual reason could be that you are channelling and receiving messages from the Spirit Divine World. You may be woken up to write a dream or a message or get an insight. You may be woken up to protect you from being possessed. You may suddenly decide to pray or read a book or just be silent for a while as you process your feelings and confusion. This is all part of you understanding your spiritual make-up. It could just be insomnia as the doctors will tell you. Make up your own mind as you journey your life. Or just look out to the moon and contemplate stillness.

      ganesh light

      Full Moon in Scorpio & Sun in Taurus 6.5.2012

      Channelled by Toks Beverley Coker

      full goddess spread

      I Greet You

      With the Super Moon

      Needing to Know

      Asking Divine

      What Do I Need to Know Right Now

      I Greet You

      full moon Kate Anne Sue Shannon

      I Greet You

      With the Hierarchy of the Universe

      Releasing Your Trap in the World Wide Web

      Energetic Consumption of Communication

      Healing Your Psychic Disorders & Complaints

      I Greet You


      I Greet You

      With the 24 Elders of the Throne

      Aligning Your Chakras

      Transforming Fear-Based Attitudes

      Welcoming Inner Spiritual Revolution

      I Greet You

      Vei and i

      I Greet You

      With the 144000 Ascended Masters

      Empowering Your Inner Being

      Stillness in the Peaceful Knowing Meeting

      Supporting Your Healing Process

      I Greet You

      beaming with hope

      I Greet You

      Breaming with Vibrant Hope

      Celebrating All Triumphant Struggles

      Hope Charity Gratitude &Admiration

      Warming Your Heart

      I Greet You

      Katrina Rapheal and I

      I Greet You

      With the Council of Light

      Radiating Light to You

      Easing Your Mind Body Spirit

      Anointing You with Love

      I Greet You

      nigerian snail shells

      I  Greet You

      With the Air of Thinking

      Activating &Channelling Inner Messages

      Hearing Clairaudience Auditory Thinking

      Guiding You in Your Thoughts Creation

      I Greet You

      jason chan and toks

      I Greet You

      With Metatron

      Welcoming You with Open Arms

      Embracing Your Bleeding Soul

      Transmuting Unprocessed Shadow Emotions

      I Greet You


      I Greet You

      With the Feelings of Water

      Cascading Down Your Emotional Being

      Activating Your Sensitivity & Gut Feelings

      Guiding You in Your Power Within

      I Greet You

      ivy northage and i

      I Greet You

      With YWHH

      Holding the Sword of Truth in His Hands

      Rebuilding Your Separateness in Unity

      Fulfilling the Hole in Your Life

      I Greet You

      sunflower of life

      I Greet You

      With the Sunflower of Life

      Blooming Making the Difference

      Metamorphosis in Your Life

      Opening You to Your 2012 Frequency

      I Greet You

      Inti and Toks 2007

      I Greet You

      With Christ

      Healing your Rambling Mind

      Knowing Your Internal Alchemy

      Inspiring Insight & Integrity

      I Greet You

      Adam Kadmon

      I Greet You

      With Adam Kadmon

      Activating the 24 DNA Strands (12 Physical & 12 Spiritual)

      Crystal Light Flooding Pineal Gland DNA Reprogramming

      Original Blueprint of Empowerment & Life Purpose

      I Greet You

      donna and toks 20.6.11

      I Greet You

      With Amam Kadmon

      Clearing Family & Genetic Karmic Patterns

      Cleansing Your Blood Circulation DNA Regeneration

      Improving & Strengthening Your Immune System

      I Greet You

      mother and child

      I Greet You

      In Your Unwavering Resolve

      Living in Mutual Encouragement

      Opening Your Vulnerable Heart

      To the True Nature of Your Life

      I Greet You

      david furlong and toks

      I Greet You

      With Christ Consciousness

      Reconnecting to the Universal Christ Consciousness Grid

      Releasing All Attachments that Hinder Progress

      Saying Yes to Living Life Fully In the Seeking of Your World

      I Greet You

      colour healing lights

      I Greet You

      With 12 Messengers of Light

      Envoys & Emissaries of Grace

      Ambassadors of Peace Maintaining an Inner Peace

      Anointing & Heralding Kindness

      I Greet You

      denise linn  and toks July 2007

      I Greet You

      With Shakyamuni Buddha from Shambhalla

      Place of Peace Tranquility & Happiness

      Pure Land Society of Enlightened Inhabitants 

      Breeding Seeds of Healing Relationships

      I Greet You

      Angels winking

      I Greet You

      With 12 Angels Surrounding You

      Protecting Shielding Caring Soothing

      Healing Restoring Curing Guiding

      Making You Feel Safe & Secure

      I Greet You

      Adam Kadmon

      I Greet You

      I Greet You

      I Greet You

      Channelled to Anchor in the Nourishing Healing Light of the Full Moon in Scorpio Globally

      mindfull stillness



      As we see, May is a very mystical month: it is a month of transformation.  We will be working with Maya, Mother of the Buddha and Mary, Mother of Christ as they both embrace us with beautiful gentle divine feminine energy.


      A wooden wheel with 8 spokes symbolising the noble eightfold path of Buddhism.  The circle represent perfection of teaching.  The hub represents discipline e.g. in meditation practice.  The Rim which holds the spokes represents mindfulness which holds everything together. • Right beliefs • Right aspirations • Right speech • Right conduct • Right livelihood • Right effort • Right mindfulness • Right meditational attainment • http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dharmacakra


      We all have scars which are hidden or revealed. We wear them well. Sometimes we ‘see’ our scars but the deepest scars are the ones we cannot see, that are hidden and buried deep down in our unconscious Carina's mermaidand subconscious. They come out suddenly and unexpectedly when we feel vulnerable even though we may think we are over ‘that’ issue or we think we have resolved ‘that’ issue. At a family meeting a cousin’s husband held me in a rough manner and I reacted suddenly and aggressively because I had been held like that by a man in my youth and it brought back the memory of being bullied and attacked. Everyone thought I was overacting and being too sensitive. They did not understand that I was re-living a trauma – and I suddenly realised that the scar was still imbedded in the memory cell of my muscles. A doctor in the room picked up what had happened and came to speak to me in the kitchen; where I had retreated. We both agreed that the complexity of emotions that we all hold can erupt suddenly and unexpectedly anywhere without warning. Welcome to the Full Moon emotions and memory patterns that may surface.


      Truth keeps people alive energetically, spiritually, physically and mentally.  Sometimes things are not to be suppressed, they may be meant to be embraced and harnessed and controlled. Pay attention to thealing lighthe emotions that surface: do not try to suppress them or push them down with an addiction like smoking, alcohol, sex or TV.  Just allow the emotions and feelings to come through and allow yourself your ‘confusion’ or ‘not understanding’ moment. If you find yourself saying “I do not understand what is happening!?”  do not try to understand.  Just accept that you do not understand right now but you will soon.  Like Scarlet O’Hara said in Gone with the Wind “Tomorrow is another day.”  Watch out for power-struggles as you search for truth in your relationships.  Be aware of the dangers of not learning from your past even if you are ‘confused’ and you do not ‘understand’ what is happening; or/and how people are reacting and responding to you. 


      “It has been said, ‘time heals all wounds.’ I do not agree. The wounds remain. In time, the mind, (protecting its sanity), covers them with scar tissue and the pain lessens. But, it is never gone.” Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy: wife of Joseph Kennedy and the mother of President John F. Kennedy as well as eight other children

      "The defects and faults of the mind are like wounds in the body. After all imaginable care has beekaluzn taken to heal them up, still there will be a scar left behind." Francois de la Roche Foucauld

      “A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones.”  Proverbs 17:22

      “Thus saith the LORD, the God of David thy father, I have heard thy prayer, I have seen thy tears: behold, I will heal thee.”  Kings 20:1-5 (King James Version)


      “For You” by Ayo Johnson

      “If I had the Powers of a God I would print your name in the Heavens with the Eternal stars.clip_image002

      If I had tAyo Johnsonhe strength of Hercules I would lift the Earth on my shoulders and hold all the world in your honour.

      If I had a ship I would sail with you to the ends of the Earth, for your love I’d even take a walk through fire.

      If I could, I would hold back the horses of the Sun and force the Moon and Stars to remain with us so that the dawn of a new day would not interrupt our union.

      At the sound of my voice, the moon will dance in rapture, the stars will sing and the Sun will refuse to sleep. These words pour forth from the golden rivers of my heart and I write them only for you”    Ayo Johnson 1996


      This is the FullMoon so this is quite an intense exercise using all your faculties. 

      When do you find yourself doing the following?  Which would you highlight as MOSLTY you in these 12 opposite characterisfull moon celebrationstics?

      1. Keeping Silent Versus Talking
      2. Receptivity Versus Resistance
      3. Obeying Versus Ruling married look
      4. Humility Versus Self Confidence
      5. Lightning Speed Versus Circumspection
      6. To Accept everything Versus to be able to dancing with lifeDifferentiate
      7. Ability to Fight Versus Peace
      8. Caution Versus Courage
      9. To possess Nothing Versus to command Everything
      10. To have No ties Versus Loyalty
      11. Contempt for Death Versus Regard for Life
      12. Indifference Versus Love

      What ‘scars’ are you carrying around that you did not realise you had or you thought you had dealt with?  How have they come to you with the energy of this Full Moon in Scorpio?  What are you re-building?  What is ‘broken’ and cannot be re-built?

      A little change can go a long way.  What little change are you going to do today? 

      • How about getting into the habit of saying only positive things about other people. 
      • How about being a contributor: a gift receiver and a gift bearer?  Why not give a gift to someone and allow yourself to receive a gift such as a compliment. 
      • How about breathing in and out for 5-15 minutes every day? 
      • How about being silent for an hour a week or a day a week?  When you do this what do you occupy your mind with?  Is it mindfulness?
      • How about quietly asking yourself:  What do I need to know right now?  And then listening to the answer?
      • Close your eyes and see and feel Christ and Buddha together as One.

                            hathorcelebrating fullness of lifeBlessings Be

      See you at the meditation

      2012 dates:   https://tokscoker.wordpress.com/moon-calendar-2012-uk

      Love Toks xxxxxx