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Full Moon in Pisces with Sun in Virgo 2010




I Greet you with the energy of the HAPPY FULLMOON today 24.8.2010.  The moon looks lovely outside my window now.  Hello Moon.

 FULLMOON MEDITATION on 24.8.10   http://fullmoonin240810.eventbrite.com/     


Channelled by Toks Beverley Coker xxxx  



I Greet You  

With the Force of the Cardinal Cross  

Facing the Tyranny of Your Soul Self Image   

Purging by Crucifying & Resurrecting You  

I Greet You  


I Greet You  

With the Fire of the Cardinal Cross  

Feeling Your Overwhelming Despair, Confusion, Uncertainty  

Surrendering into this Fire of Self Discovery & Selfless Service  

I Greet You  


I Greet You   

In Your Alchemical Journey   

Into the Tunnel of the Legions of Darkness  

In Your Deep Search of Your Sufferings Sadness & Pain!  

I Greet You  


I Greet You  

In Your Alchemical Death  

In Your Surrendering of Your Identity, Freedom, Mind  

In Your Surrendering of The Surrenderer, Ego & Self  

I Greet You   


I Greet You  

In Your Alchemical Arriving   

Out of Your Darkness of Your Soul   

Into Your Light with the Legions of Light & Wisdom  

I Greet You   


I Greet You  

With the Mastery of the Cardinal Cross  

Unannounced Initiating Catalytic Changing  

Incomplete & Complete New Beginnings & Opportunities  

I Greet You  



I Greet You  

In Your Duality of Time & No Time  

With the Fresh River of Love & Light  

Phoenix Rising Flowing Gliding into Your Life    

I Greet You  


I Greet You  

In Your Hours of FullMoon Happiness  

Fullness, Realisations & Celebrations  

Triumphant Knowing Truth  

I Greet You  


I Greet You

In Gratitude for the Learning  

With A Big Energetic Cosmic Hugging Embrace  

Original Freedom Realised  

I Greet You  


I Thank You  

I Thank You  

I Thank You  


I Greet You  

I Greet You  

I Greet You  


Ho and So It Is.  


Channelled by Toks Coker for the FullMoon in Pisces 2010   



 FullMoon in Pisces [Sun in Virgo]: What is this FullMoon in Pisces / Virgo about?   

So much happening. So much to understand.  So much to clear.  So much to organize.  So much to do or not do depending on what you decide.  But remember not doing means it will wait till you come and do it.  This is meticulous EARTH Virgo –  organized, diligent, action, do, industrious, practical, roll up your sleeves and get the job done – with intuitive WATER Pisces – very sensitive, very spiritual, very psychic, very emotional, lazy, romantic, dreamer, telling you to run with what you feel right now!  This is about rolling up our sleeves and taking action that manifests what we intuitively feel and want.  This FullMoon is about bringing your intuitive dreams into practical reality.  This explains all the heavy resistance energy you may have been feeling the past week.  PISCES is the most sensitive sign in the zodiac, making you feel very emotional and ‘unstable’ during this FullMoon.  A very emotional time is Full Moon in Pisces.  Enjoy the emotion….Pisces is the last sign of the Zodiac and represents the death of everything ….A time of transformation with this FullMoon in Pisces.  A most sensitive time…  Death of the old you has to happen so contemplate YOU, find some alone time and meditate.  Why not come today to the meditation?  VIRGO calls in a no-nonsense approach to get things done.  Take a look at the options / opportunities you have and decide on one and just do it.  In a few days time it will be the NEWMOON in Virgo 8.9.10 – when you will start a new project and implement it well.     

Any FULL MOON is about:

  • Great Shifts in consciousness in the individual mind YOU and the collective mind HUMANITY
  • Inner work to do
  • Illuminating our shadow – our shadow self comes up to the surface at this time – those aspects we have held within and are not aware of.  We tend to hold our shadow self / aspects in our subconscious.  Illuminate aspects of us we have kept hidden.  Illuminates our fears and releases them to the light. 
  • Time to deal with our dark side…..the Darth Veda in you….. the refusal to work with the light and infuse the light into your world. 
  • Brings up our pain so we see it and know it is still in us.  Time to acknowledge and then confront the pain.  Surrender to your pain.  Feel gratitude for your pain and the lesson it brings with it.  Love your pain and surrender to it and in the surrendering is the release – your release from pain.



We will be working with 7 circles of light around you, diamond doorways of light, and healing bands around you -looking at cutting rubber bands around you and issues of betrayal….. Come let us celebrate the FullMoon in Pisces.   Main theme – Not taking from others more than you can give. At the FullMoon Meditation tonight WE will be ‘dancing’ with the FullMoon and we will be celebrating where we are and seeing our FullMoon Realisations, Completions, etc.  Welcome to the FullMoon Meditation in Pisces.  This is a particular strange and gorgeous FullMoon.  Welcome to the Fullness of YOU.   Today will be a spring board of something more than what you have been….or more than what you think or feel you are….  A most opportune time…….. let us make our lives bigger in preparation for the new beginnings…. Let us look at the THEMES for Virgo and Pisces below…  how many of the themes apply to you today?  

FULLMOON MEDITATION on 24.8.10   http://fullmoonin240810.eventbrite.com/  

Bring something to share and to celebrate.   Please let me know if you are coming via text or email or calling me.  Cheers xxxx   Link in and Evening FULLMoon in PISCES/VIRGO  Meditation:  7pm-10pm   Address:  Flat 5, 1 Alexandra Place, London NW8 0DY    The actual time of the FullMoon in London is 5.05pm.  I will have two meditations:  one between   5.30pm-6.30pm during the actual time of the FULLMoon at 5.05pm and the second at the usual time from 7pm-10pm.   Please let me know which you are coming.  Cheers xxxxxx  

 Next meditation will be the NEWMOON MEDITATION on 8.9.10   http://newmooninvirgo080910.eventbrite.com/

Practical Exercises – New moon in Taurus 2009


Forgiving others is a gift to yourself.  

1.  Who do you need to forgive?  Who needs to forgive you?   Who are you finding difficult to forgive?  Who is finding it difficult to forgive you?  Who can you not forgive?  Who cannot forgive you?  Forgiving others is a gift to you.  How do you love this statement?  How do you hate this statement?  Welcome to the NewMoon in Taurus with the wonderful bull energy and the lovely Venus energy.

2.    Tell me,  did you say something you should not have said?  Did you do something you should not have done?  Then welcome to the NewMoon in Taurus.  Do you feel you should not have said that?  Do you feel you should not have done that?  Welcome to earthy Taurus.  Solid Strong Earthy Material Loyal and Sensuous.  So what do you do when you say something you should not have said?  Or do something you should not have done?  Correct it, of course.  But with the BULL energy you may feel reluctance or even a stubbornness to do this. 

3.    Do something NEW – something you have never done.  

What New Thing I did moving into the NewMoon

1.    Two days before the NewMoon, I sent out the information about my brother’s marathon on Sunday.  I made a contribution….  If everyone made a £1 contribution – it all adds up.  If you are able to please make a contribution by visiting the following link       www.justgiving.com/jeremycoker     I will be going to meet him on Sunday.  If anyone wants to join me please let me know so we can go together and make an outing of it. Cheers xxx

2.    The day before the NewMoon, [Friday 24 April 2009], I had a list of practical NewMoon in Taurus things to do which I did.

1.    I drove to Greg’s house to discuss psychology [in the green grass with the sun shining down on us] as he has a masters and a PhD! 

2.    I gave his mother a big gold pineapple from Ivory Coast. 

3.    I had lunch with him and his mother in the garden. 

4.    Basil came to show us his wonderful tattoo he channelled for his life.  When I looked at it I saw a smiley face from one angle and a labyrinth from another angle and then the letter ‘G’!  What a shape shifting vision. 

5.    All 4 of us, Greg, his mum, Kate, Basil and I talked happily and laughed and shared a lot.  A very NewMoon in Taurus event.  It was a family gathering of honesty and sharing and supporting. 

6.    Greg also gave me a gift of downloads he had on his computer.  He drove me to PC World to buy the little memory gadget to put the big downloads on it for me.  Thank you Greg. 

7.    I drove to Chantal’s to ask her to return some clothes for me.

On the actual day of the NewMoon I am on a Pregnancy Massage Course and I will hold the NewMoon in Taurus Mediation. 

Let me know what NEW thing you do this NewMoon in Taurus.  Cheers xxx 

Full moon in Libra with Sun in Aries


YOU – Have you scheduled some private time to yourself?  Have you made a phone call you are afraid of making?  Welcome to the FullMoon in Libra.  The need to balance and create harmony is strong with this FullMoon in Libra.  However with Aries, we have the need to be energetic and confident.  Yet the combination of the two frequencies may make us feel insecure, unsure, low and opposed!    Aries opposite sign is Libra. 

Together they come with this NewMoon to create balance in the diversity of the differences……..  Did that make sense to you?  I am not sure if it made sense to me, but I am using my mind and I should be using my feelings, my intuition, my knowing.  There much better, it makes sense now when I use my sensing.

OPPOSITIONS – Libra likes to think and analyse and theorise and play games of words.  Aries likes to take action, speak their minds and plan and create noise and take action to success or chaos.  Welcome to the FullMoon in Libra with sun in Aries.  What oppositions we have.   

Remember Mars rules Aries and Venus rules Libra. Mars wants to fight and provoke and create dynamic action.  Libra wants to mediate and create harmony. Libra rules all relationships.  So if you find yourself moving from one end of the scale to another know why.  Just aim for Balance and Synergy and Harmony and Inner Peace. 

Full Moon in Aries with Sun in Libra – Question Yourself

Question your mind

QUESTIONS – How are you reviewing yourself today? 

Or are you not reviewing yourself? 

What questions are you refusing to answer? 

What questions are you refusing to look at? 

What questions are you looking at? 

What questions are you answering? 

We Welcome to the FullMoon contradiction of Libra WITH firey sun in Aries. 

Full Moon in Libra – Understanding

Full Moon

IMAGE – What is the imagery you have of this FullMoon?  When you look at the FullMoon what do you feel, sense or know?  Imagine yourself dressed in a lovely outfit e.g. long flowing dress, looking at the FullMoon above you – you could be on the grass, in a room, leaning on a pillar in the veranda, or sitting with friends drinking a lemonade.

UNDERSTAND FIRST – Seek first to understand then to be understood – this is a very FullMoon in Libra energy.  Get to know someone first before you make a judgement.  Get to know a situation first – seek first to understand.  So the tendency IS not to want to do this!  We may suddenly feel a desire to be selfish and not to care. 

Full Moon Practical Exercises – 09.04.09


1.    BREATHE – Take a deep breath and breathe.  Yes just breathe 10 times and relax your muscles, mind, body and spirit.  Have you done this?   No!  Then do it now my little love.  Cheers xxxx   

2.     LISTEN – Now listen – listen to your harmony INSIDE YOU.  Listen to the pure note vibrating inside you. LISTEN to the pain or joy or suffering or happiness.  Listen to the desire to be seen, heard, appreciated, loved or wanted! 

3.     LOOK – Now look at the FulllMoon. Xxx  Or Imagine it in your mind’s eye or your third eye.

COMPLETIONS & CELEBRATIONS – What have you completed that you started at the NewMoon?  What are you celebrating?   What have you been doing since the last NewMoon?  Find something to celebrate about this FullMoon.  It is important to think of at least one thing to celebrate about in your life.   Congratulations on your completions and your attainments and your continuing.

CELEBRATION – Then we have many celebrations with this FullMoon e.g. Jewish Passovar, Easter, Good Friday.   What in your life do you need to pass over?  What in your life do you need to feel good about?  The sun rises in the east and sets in the west.  Look eastward in this FullMoon and call in your blessings.   Now go out and celebrate.  Meet up with people you do not know and celebrate.  Timing is everything.  Do it now.  Celebrate now. 

CONGRATULATIONS – Congratulations on the great idea you have completed.  Congratulations on the successful relationship you have created.  Congratulations on walking out of what did not serve you.  Congratulations on moving house or job.  Congratulations on being able to make tea for yourself.  Congratulations on having time to sit and enjoy the park.  Congratulations on giving someone a little gift this FullMoon.  Congratulations on the romantic holiday with your life.

ROMANTIC – Do something romantic with your life this FullMoon.  Take someone for a meal.  Invite people round to eat.  Celebrate with people. 

BEING FRIENDLY – Be friendly were you would normally be unfriendly.  Or the best action may simply be not to put yourself in a situation where you may have to encounter unfriendly environment / people / situation.  What is the FullMoon telling you?  Remember to make it a celebration of your life and call in the blessing above….

EMOTIONS & HESITATIONS – Be aware of your emotions.  BE AWARE when perhaps you may not be strong enough to cope with a situation.  For example in any type of relationship such as personal, business, family, work, lover, children, friend, etc.    HESITATIONS – Honour your hesitation.  Do not beat yourself up.  We are not perfect.  We are humans.  Apologise if you have to.  But do not feel guilty for the way you behaved or the way they behaved.  Just honour your hesitations and emotions in Libra. 

HOMEWORK – Read each topic and you will find homework in each.  How many can you do to activate your blessings?  Use your moon wisdom wisely.


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