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New Moon in Aquarius / Year of Snake / Valentine 2013

Happy New Moon in Aquarius   10/2/13

   Solaris Ade, Sheba the albino Burmese Python Snake, Toks

Happy Chinese New Year: Year of the Snake  Gong Xi Fa Chai


Happy Valentine’s Day   14/2/13

On the Menu we have:Legion of Light Chef

  1. Invocation Blessing
    1. New Moon in Aquarius   (Element: Air)
    2. Year of the Water Snake
    3. Valentines Day with Invocation Blessing for 14 February 2013
  3. QUOTEs: New  Moon in Aquarius Quote & Poem
  4. ACTION: New Moon in Aquarius Action african salad
  5. What will be covered in the Meditation Workshop
  6. Feedback from previous meditation: Full Moon in Leo
  7. Homework  
  8. 2013 Diary, Contact Details & Spiritual Investment http://newmoonaquariussnake.eventbrite.com/#

Invocation Blessingwhite lilly

We Greet You

With the Ka of Melchizedek

From Multidimensional Portal of Opportunity

Stating “You Have a Soul &

A New Story Must Begin in 2013”

We Greet You

law of one

We Greet You

With the Law of One

From the Cosmic Heart of the Hidden Cities

Igniting Your Unspoken Misery

In the Silence of Your Mind

We Greet You

Toks crystal wands and ball

We Greet You

With Sharp Conscious Reality

From the Serpent of Light

Shedding Your Hidden Shame

In the Pathway of Your Mind

We Greet You

We Greet You

We Greet You

With the Atlantians and Anunnaki

From the Flower of Life Merkaba

Living a Life Full of Happiness

Never Before Known in Your Mind

We Greet You

nice buddha snake

We Greet You

With the Serpent of Light

From Around Your Force Field of Life

Healing Pain that Goes On and On

Healing Grief Pulsating on Earth

We Greet You

Mr & Mrs Kaour Kenyoshi

We Greet You

With the Star Tetrahedron

From Balancing Male & Female Frequency

Portals of Inner Personal Change & Happiness

A World Reborn in You

We Greet You

Mother of Compassionshadows of your life

We Greet You

With the Energy of Alchemical Soul Money

From the Grace of Love

Healing Shadows & Hidden Dark Energies:

Military, Corporate, Political, Human, Secret Governments,

Money, Oil, Pharmaceutical Companies & Extra-Terrestrials

We Greet You

Maria 13 1 13

We Greet You

With the Cycles of Time

From a Whisper in Your Ear

Enlightening Your Cosmic DNA

Unfolding Galactic Truths

We Greet You

Mysteries of Light

We Greet You

With the Mysteries of Light

From the Devotion of the House of Gold

Speaking through the Prophets

Alchemical Resurrection of Your Soul

We Greet You

yellow tulips

We Greet You

With the Rotation of the Earth

From the Magnetic Memory of Mother Earth

Blossoming Hope in Your Delusions

Taking You Home Safely

We Greet You

fresh bread

We Greet You


Kodoish, Kodoish, Kodoish, Adonai ‘Tsebayoth

We Greet You

healing light

We Greet You

We Greet You

We Greet You

rice fish greens

We Greet You

We Greet You

We Greet You

Channelling with Hands of Light

Channelled with Love by Toks Beverley Coker, Teacher of the Light, Teacher of the Snake Dragon Light for the New Moon in Aquarius and Year of the Snake 10/2/2013

ENERGY OF NOW: New Moon in Aquarius Element: Air

Symbols of Aquarius focus on humanitarian goals and loving to share knowledge with humanity.Element Air SymbolAquarius is an Air sign. Aquarians like their independence and freedom and love communicating. They like to stand back and think about things, a very air quality. They are a very mental sign always thinking and living in their mind.   Fixed symbol Aquarius is a fixed masculine sign.  Two planets that rule Aquarius are unpredictable Uranus Uranus symboland cold Saturn.   Two symbols of Aquarius are the Water Bearer or Water Carrier and two aqueous blue undulating lines of waves Aquarius symbol.  Aquarius like to flow from one situation after another with easy.  They do not like being controlled or being told what to do.   They make friends easily and like social gatherings.They tend not to form deep relationships so can be seen as cold and aloof as they are not emotional or affectionate by nature. As thinkers they do not understand emotions and tend to stand back and think.  They like to think and can be thoughtful.  They make lovely homblooming mother earthes and love eating around the TV or in a crowd talking and laughing with ease.  They can be discerning as they are thinkers and live in the mind. They love to share their knowledge and constantly like learning new things and stimulating their mind. In mythology Prometheus became a rebel because he gave the gift of fire to humanity and upset the gods. Aquarians are givers.  New Moon in Aquarius is a good time to think about your life and humanity. Aquarians are great humanitarians who want to make a difference in society and in the world; and want to make the world a better place.

Famous Aquarians: Oprah Winfrey, Boris Yeltsin, Rosa Parks, Peter Gabriel, Jerry Springer, Christian Dion, Farrah Fawcett, Franklin D Roosevelt, Gene Hackman, James Dean, Shakira, Paul Newman, Bob Marley, Yoko Ono, Galileo, Clark Gable,  Mia Farrow, Charles Darwin, Charles Dickens, Alicia Keys, Justin Timberlake, Chris Rock, Jennifer Aniston, Abraham Lincoln, Ellen DeGeneres, Dr Dre, Ice-T, Thomas Edison, Paris Hilton, Natalie Cole, Neil Diamond,  Bobby Brown, and John Travolta

Chinese New Year of the Snake: The Black Water Snake

Solaris Ade, Sheba the albino Burmese Python Snake, Toks

Shedding & Regeneration: We leave the year of the Dragon and move into the year of the Snake.This is a year of miracles with the transformative healing energy of the symbol of the snake.  A Year of Miracles with the Snake shedding naturally -  helping us to shed our ‘layers of skin’ that no longer serve us. The snake skin is regenerated naturally in alignment with the law of nature. Call on snake, to be one with it; to help you manifest shedding in your life experience. This is a time for great karmic healing. The NEW YOU will be a continuous process. Keep up with the process with these New Moon Meditations.

Snake Within You is powerful, insightful, motivated, determined, intellectual, and hard working.   The snake within you is known as Kundalini in Yoga, a powerful force of nature.  Let your attractive snake rise up from the basket you have kept it in.   Snakes are unlimited beings with unlimited desires. Tap in the energy of snake this year.

Work Ethics: Snake people can be aloof – not showing emotions; appearing cold and unfeeling. This quality makes them good managers and business people.   They love to be recognised and rewarded for their achievements and will work hard to be recognised and be rewarded. 

Changes: The Snake year brings surprises, change and sudden unexpected events that shift you to greater understanding of yourself or the situation you are int.  Allow yourself to drive through the dark; trusting as you move forward through the dark unknown; to manifest your future, one step at a time.

Blessings: Snake is intuitive, sexy, charming, sensuous, showy, stylish, refined and soHappy New Year 2013phisticated.  An animal totem of good fortune and good omen it brings what you wish. 

Family: Snake people  love family and showing off their belongings and family.  They love mixing with people and celebrating life. The Snake people I know love their homes and being a family. There beautiful homes indicate their lovely life styles and their ambition and hard work. The most gracious thing to look at is the home of a snake woman; who tells you “There is more than enough for everyone.”

Discernment: Take great care with decisions you make this year.  I would suggest you take in the energy of discernment in your decisions for your career, work, relationship, etc. Do not do anything out of stress.  Be careful with money.  Do not rush into anything this year.  Think a few things through first.

File:Snake.svgWisdom: Snake are intelligent, sacred and trust slowly.  They are noticeable, strong, commanding attention and respect wherever they are. Snakes break themselves free from any restriction to what they want.  They can be possessive and sensitive all at once. This is truly a sign of wisdom, shrewdness, cleverness and acumen. 

This snake picture is from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Snake_(zodiac)

Caution: They like to rest and mind their own business. However they can be competitive and manipulative, always wanting to win. This can make them selfish and proud. This can make them strike suddenly without warning. The snake will swallow its enemies and spit them out and will treasure its loved ones ferociously.

Am I a Snake?  If you were born in 1917, 1929, 1941, 1953, 1965, 1977, 1989, 2001, 2013, you were born under the sign of the Snake. The Western Counterpart of Snake is Taurus!  The Tarot equivalent is the Hermit   Water? Bathrooms in the home. 

Famous Snakes: Mao Zedong (founder People’s republic of China), Oprah Wsnake in Emily Dawson's handinfrey, Benazir Bhutto (Former PM of Pakistan and first female PM of a Muslim nation), Audrey Hepburn, Pierce Brosnan (animal rights, environmental, and anti-war activist), Elizabeth Hurley, Xi Jinping (Vice President of China); J F Kennedy, Grace Kelly, Courtney Love, Robert B Zoellick (11th president of the Wold Bank), Edgar Allan Poe, Jacqueline Kennedy, Abraham Lincoln, Pablo Picasso, Jean-Bertrand Aristide (Priest, Former President of Haiti), Martin Luther King jr.; Kim Basinger (animal rights activist), Queen Elizabeth 1, Sarah Jessica Parker, Linda McCartney, Tony Blair, Elaine L Chao (first Chinese American appointed to a presidents cabinet in American history), Patricia Dunn (former chairwoman of the board of Hewlett-Packard co.), Tim Allen, Chaka Khan, Cyndi Lauper, Cornel West (civil rights activist).

Aquarian and a Snake People!  Oprah Winfrey, Abraham Lincoln

Valentines Day:  Love Day: 14/2/13

house of gold devotionSome of you will be alone on this day.  Some of you will be with a loved one on this day.  Some of you will not even think about this day!  Some of you will cry and some will not.  Some of you will feel lonely and some will not. 

Feeling of Love: Whatever your situation energetically put yourself in a feeling space of love and breathe in love into your life now.  Close your eyes and imagine yourself surrounded by gold light and feel yourself secure, safe and loved in this gold circle of healing loving light.  Do this every time you are feeling vulnerable. 

Call in Love:  Set a positive image for yourself and call in the energy of love into your life. Call in Love that lasts all year and all your life. Love that is not dependent on another loving you to feel loved. Call in Love so that Everything is curable from within you. Express what the power of love is  to you; and how you want to experience it.  Breathe in the magic of life and teach yourself to have a habit of magic.  Results may not be showing now but do not give up hope now.  Know results are manifesting underneath; like a bamboo tree that takes a while to grow; because it first plants deep roots into the ground before it sprouts up! 

Partners: For those with partners do something loving for your partner.  Sometimes a cup of tea goes a long way to caring for a partner.  Perhaps singing off tune!  Think of something you have not done for a while with your partner that they liked and do it. Silently pray for togetherness and more blessings while you are making love. Thank your partner for the qualities they bring into your life. Do something together even if just sitting cuddling watching TV. This is about quality time.  Be proactive and initiate a new action in your relationship.  You will be surprised how rewarding this can be. 

Valentine Blessing

red roselove unconditional

We Greet You

With a Pumping Healthy Heart

Radiating Life Force & Energetic Passion

Flowering a Radiant Red Rose

Illuminating Light of Love

We Greet You 

nice twin roses in blue bottle

We Greet You

With the Crown of 12 Star Flowers

Inherent Divine Power of the Sword of Love

Butterfly Co-Creating Together

Bringing & Letting Love into Your Life

We Greet You

loving hearts

QUOTEs: New Moon in Aquarius Quote & P0em

“Happiness does not exist as an isolated quality, nor does it conform to a single fixed pattern.  Happiness is something that breathes and lives in the relationships between one person and another.”  Daisaku Ikeda

In Beauty May I Walk

walking in beautyIn beauty may I walk
All day long may I walk happy new year
Through the returning seasons may I walk
Beautifully will I possess again
Beautifully birds,
Beautifully joyful birds
On the trail marked with pollen may I walk
With grasshoppers about my feet may I walk
With dew about my feet may I walk
With beauty may I walk

in beauty may I walkWith beauty before me may I walk
With beauty behind me may I walk
With beauty above me may I walk
With beauty all around me may I walk
In old age, wandering on a trail of beauty, lively, may I walk
In old age, wandering on a trail of beauty, living again, may I walk
It is finished in beauty.
It is finished in beauty.                                From the Navajo

ACTION: New Moon in Aquarius Action

Bounce back when you have been bounced. Learn resilience.  If anyone says something negating you just bounce back by believing in yourself and going back to your goals that nurture you.  If your goals do not nurture you; you may not be in flow with your inner true self.  Call in the energy of Aquarius into your actions and boldly step forward determined to learn from your mistakes or any knocks.

What will be covered in the Meditation Workshop

  1. We will cover all the above and more such as sacred geometry and ancient thoughts. 
  2. We will work with snake energy to bring in intuition, inner reflection, inner intuitlovely photo of a pictureion, ‘outer’ intuition, finding the answers within, gathering knowledge, studying, personal karma, and making bold decisions.
  3. To bring in flow, tie up loose ends and help shed layers that no longer serve us and create a new slate; we will be meditating on Dakini – Goddess of Wisdom, Durga – Goddess of Strength and Protection, Kali – Goddess of Creation & Power, Lakshmi – Goddess of Wealth and Prosperity, Radha – Goddess of Devotion and Love and Tara – Goddess of Universal Compassion. 
  4. To anchor greatness and wisdom we will be working with the Anunnaki, (the extra-terrestrials from Sirius who follow the order of Melchizedek); and the Atlantians who were taught by the Anunnaki and served the Law of One, building the Great Pyramids around the world. The Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt is geographically located on the centre of the earth.

Feedback from Full Moon in Leo with Sun in Aquarius 27/1/13

  Full Moon in Leo 27 January 2013hand written testimonials from Full Moon in Leo January 2013hand written testimonials from Full Moon in Leo January 2013Full Moon in Leo 27 January 2013


  1. Spend time with your mind and feed it positive thoughts aboutSolaris Ade, Sheba the albino Burmese Python Snake, Toks yourself and your lifeSolaris Ade, Sheba, Onya

  2. Do something you have never done before e.g. like touch a snake or wear a snake round your neck; like Solaris Ade and Onya Aine Belton.  The lovely snake, belonging to Solaris Ade, is called Sheba, a Burmese albino python snake.  Sheba is one of 4 snakes Solaris Ade has in her home.  You can contact Solaris Ade and learn more about her work on www.bellydanceuk.com Say I sent you xxx

  3. Come to the next full moon meditation on Monday 15 February, FullMoon in Virgo with Sun in Pisces, and wear your own goddess outfit and dance celebrating your life with the elements of earth and water. Just see yourself honouring the goddess energy of you, the divine aspect of you, the alchemical resurrection of you. 

  4. What selfless service are you doing at the moment? What humanitarian action/s are you taking?

  5. Clean your home and let out the negative energy and let in fresh light energy

  6. Colours:  Invite in bright colours into your life e.g. put fresh flowers in your home, office.  With the energy of the Snake New Year wear orange for good fortune, prosperity and good luck. Give money in red envelopes.onya and snake

  7. Forgive one person this New Moon in Aquarius.  Feel the sense of freedom as you do this.  When you hold on to resentment or anger there is a chain attached to that energy and to that person.  They may not feel the depth of your rage, resentment or anger being oblivious to it!  So you may be carrying this fury in you around you for years, months, and even centuries!  Drop the load and let it go.  Aquarians have an uncanny ability to be detached and move on. So do Snakes.   “I Choose to forgive ……..

On that very positive note I leave you with a prayer in my heart for your continual growth, happiness and refinement…..Love Toks xxx

Holding the Light2013 Diary, Contact Details & Spiritual Investment

See you tonight at the meditation.  See you later at other meditations, workshops and 1:1 sessions.
Love Toks xxxxxx

The content and images on this blog are protected by copyright. All rights reserved. © Toks Coker 2013

Full Moon in Aquarius Sun in Leo 2.8.2012

full moon in aquarius sun in leofull moon in aquariusmoon in sun or sun in moon                                           


HAPPY FULL MOON in Aquarius & Sun in Leo

Thursday 2 August 2012     Full Moon Time in London 04:28BST     Element – Air

is the sun in the moon or is the moon in the sun? 

aquarian flower

Invocation Blessing for the Full Moon in Aquarius

by Toks Beverley Coker xxxx

jenny orbs of light

I Greet You

With Transfiguration to Spiritual Mastery

Momentary Divine Radiance

Jesus on the Mountain of Transfiguration

Shining Bright Rays of Light

I Greet You

jenyy star light

I Greet You

Calling in Divine Intervention

Miraculous Deliverance

Dark Chains Broken: Transfiguration

Doors Open Wide Revealing Full Moon

I Greet You

isabelle ShadowMask

I Greet You

With the Shadow Mask

Masks we Wear & Shadows we Make

Hiding Pure Wisdom

In the Crises we Experience

I Greet You

isabelle MoonSunStar

I Greet You

With a Thousand Moon Sun Stars

All Time Frames & Dimensions

Healing All Cause and Effect

Healing Healing Healing

I Greet You

isabelle Spiral

I Greet You

Uniting With Legions of Light

Precious Auspicious Heart Beings

Creating Healing Love for All

Opening Solar Flare Chambers of Light

I Greet You


I Greet You

Carrying You With Joy

When You Should Have Been Carried

Holding You to the Healing Light

Embracing Your Freedom Greatness

I Greet You

opening your arms

I Greet You

Opening Your Arms

Opening Your Heart

Opening Your Throat

Receiving Healing

I Greet You

Lovers Walk

I Greet You

Taking the Lovers Walk

Inviting In Your Minds Eye Joyful Radiance

A Safe Peaceful Tunnel of Love

Holy Sensations of Happiness

I Greet You

Buddha Head

I Greet You

With the Buddha Head of Peace

Feeling Renewed Inside Yourself

Serene Stable Secure

Nirvana is Enlightenment

I Greet You

                                angel blessingspraying for help

I Greet You

Praying for Purification

Calling in Protection & Angel Blessings

Asking for Help Questing Questioning Questing

Awaiting an Answer from the Realm of Light

I Greet You

                             dresses we wearcrying

I Greet You

In Your Visual Elegance

Armed in Your Celebration Gear

Hiding Your Unconventional Tears

Gratifying in Your Knot of Wealth

I Greet You

deep amathyst

I Greet You

In the Deep Reflection of the Amethyst

Portals and Doorways: Victory Pathways to Perfection

Taking You Deep Within Yourself

Inspiring Unity Freedom & Lightness in You

I Greet You

                            dancing celebrationholding hands

I Greet You

Celebrating Your Full Moon Achievements

A Full Moon Plan & Dream Completed

Your Hopes & Visualisations Achieved

Victory of Love Perfection in Your Life

I Greet You

remi and i

I Greet You

In Your Deaths Losses & Abandonment

Reflecting on Your Life’s Pain & Knots

Memories & Dreams of those Gone

In Death Ancestors Protecting You Now

I Greet You

turkish toks

I Greet You

With Reverence Hope & Respect

Silently Speaking with Healing Love

Radiating Believing in You

Sacred Anointment of Eye Time

I Greet You 

Symbols of Light

I Greet You 

I Greet You 

I Greet You

Channelled by Toks Beverley Coker for FullMoon in Aquarius & Sun in Leo 2.8.2012

hands of light

Aquarius is an AIR sign.  We breath in air we cannot see.  It moves water. It moves the flame.  It moves the feathers of a bird and even an aeroplane!  Air cannot be seen and we live in it!  We grow in it.  We see through it.  We light a candle with the friction caused by creating a flame. What else can you do with the element AIR?

AIR feather firefeather on crystal



celebrating celebrating celebrating

3 Musketeers Eli, Joe, Martin

What are you celebrating this Full Moon?  What have you been celebrating? CongraMarc & Nicoletulations in your celebrations with life.  Your job promotion.  Your marriage.  Your winning.  Your passing your examarc and nicolem.  Your completions.  Celebrating YOU ALL.  Congratulations on all your individual celebrations.  Mark & Nicole Celebrating your twins:  Congratulations.

I Greet You in your life’s journey.  Your life’s purpose.  Your life’s mission. Your life’s challenges.  Your life’s successes. Your life’s processing.  I Greet You. Gabi Celebrating finishing your university; Congratulations.

Ria, Danielle, GabiCongratulations Gabi

Thank you

Thank you

Thank you

Thank you

Thank you


Dancing with the FullMoon x

Dancing Celebrating Life

BABA playing lovely musicshall i dance

I want to share something fun and easy and happy; and I said I would post this at the NewMoon in Gemini Blue Moon blog of 19.6.2012 https://tokscoker.wordpress.com/2012/06/19/new-moon-in-gemini-blue-moon-19-6-2012/

I hope this brings a smile to your face. Check me dancing celebrating fullness of my life with Baba   http://youtu.be/x-AbjZYW8rw

BLESSING: We Greet You With the Music of Baba Gungor Palanci Sailing Happily Through Your Mind Releasing Old Warn Out Patterns In the Soulfulness of Evolutionary Enlightenment We Greet You

jenny light flow

Spiritual Energy of Aquarius Full Moon & Sun in Leo

Full Moon is a time to celebrate with our feet on the ground and laughter in our hearts and a smile on our lips.  The Meditation Workshop will be celebrating a lot of what you have achieved to date and giving recognition to YOU for a change.

  1. We are celebrating the first harvest with the HAPPY LAMMAS Festival. 
  2. We are celebrating the HAPPY FEAST OF ST PETER IN CHAINS. Peter the Apostle is rescued from prison by an angel the night before his trial. His miraculous deliverance from prison is divine intervention which the Full Moon brings for you today. The chains around him drop off and the door opened automatically and the angle led him out of prison.
  3. We are celebrating HAPPY FULL MOON TRANSFIGURATION. We celebrate this Full Moon transfiguration to Spiritual Mastery. We remember Jesus on the Mount of Transfiguration shining and talking with Moses and Elijah and ‘hearing’ the voice of God calling him ‘son’. We call in the inspiration of healing and insight and greater love. make a new his-story

FRUSTRATIONS: If you find yourself easily bored and constantly seeking space around you yet wanting people around this is ‘normal’ with the contradiction of FullMoon in Aquarius and Sun in Leo.  Freedom loving Aquarius cannot be contained so if you feel trapped or restricted you may develop a ‘head-ache’ as your tension builds up as you try to control yourself from exploding. But it is the full moon so make sure you have an outlet or you will explode with yourself! If you find yourself with little attention span and a need to move from one situation to another yet not finishing what you started then you know you are on the frivolous side of Aquarius with this energy.  You need to change what you are doing or change where you are sitting and continue to do what you are doing in another room.

KNOTS by R.D. Laing: waterfall at regents parkAll in all, each man in all men, all men in each man, all being in each being, each being in all being,  all in each, each in all.  All distinctions are mind, in mind, by mind, of mind.  No distinctions no mind to distinguish. http://youtu.be/GYTks9yRC3I 

KNOTS by R.D. Lang:  Some people have a definite  aptitude for keeping others tied in knots.  Some are good at tying knots. Others excel at being tied in knots.  Both the tier and the tied may be unaware of how it is done; or even that it being done at all. http://youtu.be/1MU7C_xcuyw

HEALING with Water & Air: Aquarius is an AIR sign.  Breathing in air deeply helps as it refreshed your body and your mind.  Breathing and looking at water involves the eyes to see, the ears to hear and the nose to breathe.  Try listening to the sound of water healing you as water plays with air to ease the soul, mind, body and spirit.  Keep an open mind and let the sound and your breathing talk to inside of you.  How does it change your mind set? http://youtu.be/H1cuhkoXp04 I found this sound useful in changing my mind set: Healing with Water and Air

Unusual People are Happy People

Vivianne Robinson

Vivianne Robinson came to London to celebrate the Olympics 2012.  I met her at Swiss Cottage tube station smiling and talking to everyone.  She writes your name on a grain of rice.  She says your name on rice is good luck.  How wonderful is that.  I just love her energy and creation so I thought I would share her lovely Aquarian energy.  www.nameonrice.com.

Olympic 2012lighting the torch


tango ice blast

Whose light will you light this full moon? How will you be an ‘Unusual Person’?

What special action will you take to light someone’s life? Perhaps buy them a Tango Ice Blast and put a smile on their young faces?

What special action will you take to light your own life?  Perhaps breathe in deeply into your tummy; hold the breath for a count of 3 and release slowly: freeing the tense knots within?

What special action will you take to celebrate your life with this lovely full energy007 Bond and the Queen in the next 3 days?  At the Olympics 007 James Bond goes to collect the Queen and Mr Bean texts and playMr Bean plays the pianos the piano! Their actions inspired smiles round the world.  What action will you take to inspire smiles in your world?  Welcome to the energy of the Full Moon.  Love Toks xxxx       healing music  

If you want to read more about the energy of Aquarius and homework please read my previous blog post on https://tokscoker.wordpress.com/category/full-moon/full-moon-in-aquarius-13-8-11/

Of the two U-tube videos I posted with this Healing energy which did you like and which helped you and which brought a smile to your face?  http://youtu.be/H1cuhkoXp  or  http://youtu.be/x-AbjZYW8rw

colourful selectionI Greet You with Beauty

I Greet You
In the Diamond Drop of Life
Glittering Rainbow Radiance
In the Moments of Beloved Time
Arms Open in Love
I Greet You

Blessings to you all.  Love Toksee xxxx

Grounding in Air2012 dates:


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Full Moon Meditation:  http://www.tokscoker.com/full_moon_meditation.html  
If you want me to come to parties and events please contact me.
See you at the meditations, workshops and 1:1 sessions
Love Toks xxxxxx

New Moon in Aquarius / Year of Tiger / Valentines 2010

My Radiate Glowing Moon Stars

“What matters is one’s heart.”

Please scroll down for the channelled Blessing for this auspicious time.  Love Toks xxx

14.2.2010    Happy NEW MOON IN AQUARIUS




“The flower that blooms in adversity is the rarest flower of all.”


Moon & Sun in Aquarius – The NewMoon is a new day – a new beginning – a positive way forward.

Aquarius GATEWAY: In Lemuria and Atlantis, Aquarius was known as the “Gateway” because it was seen to be the opening for humanity to re-enter it’s Divine State.  What is wonderful about this NewMoon is the fact that it is the Chinese New Year of the Tiger and Valentine’s Day so the GATEWAYS open lots of opportunities with a lot of force and wonder.

Aquarius SYMBOL:  The symbol for Aquarius in those ancient days {Lemuria and Atlantis} was a woman seated on a throne, with her left hand resting between the horns of a bull, and her right hand upraised, holding a califar, or Sword of Light.  Behind her stood a man, wearing a Crown of 12 stars while he places a crown with one brilliant star suspended above it upon the head of the woman.  Here we have the Valentines energy echoed.  Aquarius harkens to the divine power inherent within an act of co-rulership in any relationship.   Today the symbol of Aquarius is the WATER CARRIER who always gives the water of knowledge to others.  NewMoon in Aquarius may find you giving the water of knowledge to others.  This is the very humanitarian quality of Aquarius. How can you add value to the world, your country, you city, your home?

“Unseen Virtue brings about Visible Reward.”

NewMoon in Aquarius EFFECT on YOU- This moon may affect you in an Aquarian way.  You may find you are hardworking, disciplined and conventional yet innovative and experimental.  You may feel nervous and may lack commitment.  Aquarians are very friendly yet stubborn.  They can also be eccentric and inefficient and can be rooted in the past.  They are not emotional people and do not understand emotions.  Their first response may be to stand back and think about it.  This is a very AIR behaviour pattern.  They are thoughtful and thinking comes easy to them as they are a MENTAL sign: Aquarians tend to work from their head rather than their heart.  They tend to think rather than feel.  They are great thinkers.  So if you find yourself thinking more than doing this may be Aquarius ‘thinking’.  This NewMoon in Aquarius can present a problem for some of you who feel more than you think; but why not take up the challenge of thinking too?



This Chinese New Year falls on 14.2.10 which is the NewMoon in Aquarius and Valentines Day so a lot of focus on happiness, relationships, wealth, marriage, intimacy and long life.

When I was reading about the Chinese New Year I was aware of how similar and different New Year celebrations are around the world.  Each culture has its traditions and inspirations and beliefs.  Yes we want presents and yes we want to come together and celebrate with our family, friends and loved ones.  The Chinese add a different dimension – they include their ancestors too. They offer sacrifices to their ancestors with reverence and respect and gratitude as they came before them paving the path of fortune and glory for the family.  How respectful I thought; this occasion is definitely a happy time for reunion on all levels.

Here are some things you could do to bring in the New Year of the Tiger: Perhaps you can go light a candle for an ancestor today or this week?   Do you know who your ancestors are?  Perhaps you can steam a whole fish (with bones, head and tail) to invite in a good beginning to the year and a good ending to the year. Perhaps you could offer a tray of goodies to friends and family to represent togetherness, unity and harmony in the family.  Now we could all do with a bit of that; do you not agree? Now I like all that, don’t you?  What Blessing can you give to someone today?  What good deed could you do for someone today?  Why not give messages of peace, blessings, good luck for the next 7 days or for the rest of the year? How about saying some CHINESE NEW YEAR MESSAGES OF PEACE, BLESSINGS and GOOD LUCK:

“May everything be as you wish.”

“May you achieve your plan.”

“May your business be prosperous.”

ARK [Acts of Random Kindness]   Why not practice the ARK?  The Buddhists say you can change your karma when you pray for another to be happy or do random acts of kindness to people you know and do not know.  These actions help to release old resentments and blocks to your own happiness, prosperity and peace.  Make this a message from your heart to other hearts.  REBEL CREATES SELFLESS ACT FOR HUMANITY – Are you the rebel like Prometheus became when he gave the gift of fire to all mortals and upset the gods?  This was a selfless act for humanity.  What selfless act do you do for humanity?  This is a very Aquarian principle of kindness and looking after mankind.

“The best portion of a good man’s life are his little, nameless, unremembered acts of kindness and of love.”   William Wordsworth

CLEANING ONE’S HOUSE: This New Year is a time to “sweep away” all unhappiness, misfortune, grief, etc in the family to make way for the “incoming” GOOD LUCK.  At the NEWMOON IN AQUARIUS MEDITATION we will be working with the energy of the Chinese New Year and we will be “sweeping away” the “dirt” to make room for “incoming good luck”.  We will be calling in the flowers {plum blossom and water narcissus} to bring in luck, courage, hope, prosperity and good fortune for the next 12 months.  We will still our thoughts as we will listen.

Have you swept your house today?  Have you cleared the clutter in your home, your life?  How big is your bin bag physically, energetically?  Are you ready to forgive and forget and make up?  Are you ready to correct past mistakes, release old resentments?  Can we look at reconciliation?  Yes?  No?  Maybe?   This is a good time to do it according to the Chinese so why not take a plunge and do something bold and beautiful and different?  Let’s welcome in the change with the NewMoon in Aquarius and the Chinese New Year of the Tiger and call in the Hindu Gods: KALI and DURGA.

During the Year of the Tiger we learn to think before we speak or act.  The Tiger is quick and strong and can be get angry easily and attack.  So watch your temper.

“It is said that Lao Tzu and Confucius though nine times before uttering a single word, or three times before uttering a single word.”

We focus on being optimistic and tenacious and not giving up so easily on what we want.  We call in the fighting spirit of Kali, creating something from chaos.

“Great events do not have small omens.  When great evil occurs great good will follow.”

Tiger likes to show off so we may experience the desire to be the centre of attention.  We may need to trust our instincts more and be better at something we have not tried before.

Be ready for the change and do not resist it.  There are lot of paradoxes with the Year of the Tiger:

“Water is fluid, soft and yielding.  But water will wear away rock, which is rigid and cannot yield.  As a rule, whatever is fluid, soft and yielding will overcome whatever is rigid and hard.  The wise leader knows that yielding overcomes resistances and gentleness melts rigid defences.  The leader does not find the force of the group’s energy, but flows and yields and absorbs and let’s go.  A leader must endure a great deal of abuse.  If the leader were not like water, the leader would break.  The ability to be soft makes the leader a leader.”      Paradox:  What is soft is strong.

CHANGE with the YEAR OF THE TIGER: My friend, Nick, the astrologer, wrote in his newsletter:  “We have buried our hearts under many layers of romantic scars, suppression, guilt trips and instructions to not bother with what you love and get a proper job! …. on 14 February we enter the year of the Tiger with a powerful quadruple conjunction of Sun/Moon/Chiron and Neptune. This implies it will be a big year for change. Resistance is futile as is looking for security or guarantees. ….we will be asked to act in bold new ways …..This could be in the sphere of a marriage, a vocation, a home, or all three but under the Tiger the action can only be unilateral. ….The only avenue left is a leap of faith guided but what the heart really loves to do. …..Redefinition may occur in different fields: you may change vocation, relationships, location, mindsets, to name but a few. New people will move into your life, current ones may leave. New ideas and projects will develop and you may feel inspired to completely reinvent yourself! The cards are re-shuffled! This is a time of an awakening, a revolution…an internal and social revolution.”

Remember I can help you through these times with a reading or a healing session or a one day breakthrough session.






Remember, I mentioned above that “Aquarius harkens to the divine power inherent within an act of co-rulership in any relationship.”    Love is not just love and physical love – it is how you deal with problems when they come up:  do you work together to solve the ‘problem’ or do you separate?  So many people walk away at the slightest provocation and regret it later.  Let us not live in isolation and let us have dialogue based on respect and truth and lay strong foundations for healing happy relationships.  This NewMoon in Aquarius is reminding us to be the Water Bearers of Knowledge in everything we do in our relationships.  Are you in a loving relationship?  Are you in an abusive relationship?  Are you alone even though you are in a relationship?  Are you lonely or alone?  Hhhhhmmmmmm

ALL GREAT RELATIONSHIPS require work.  IT IS NOT LOVE ALONE THAT MAKES A RELATIONSHIP WORK.  IT IS HOW YOU HANDLE CONFLICTS AND DISAGREEMENTS BETWEEN YOU THAT WILL PREDICT WHETHER A RELATIONSHIP WILL WORK OR NOT AND WILL STAND THE TEST OF TIME.  I wish you peace in your journeying as you fathom through this very complex exciting period in your lovely life.  I greet you.  I greet you.  I greet you.

I loved the Chinese Tradition of loving the colour RED. For me the colour red has always represented life force, vitality and blood flow.  It is wonderful to add prosperity to that rich powerful strong definite colour.  Why not wear a red outfit or wear something red today or for the next few days to celebrate your life force, your vitality, your prosperity and give thanks to your ancestors?  Not your thing?  Ok then don’t.    You could go to China Town ….   Anyone want to come with me? Let me know.  Of course VALENTINE DAY comes with the red rose and lots of red packaging……a red rose means love…..Let’s do an energetic exercise: Look into the centre of the red rose [picture below] and watch it spiral from the centre.  That spiral you experience is known as the Golden Mean.  Where you able to do this?  Yes?  No?  Let me know.   This is my actually spiralling like the red rose.

“The flower that blooms in adversity is the rarest flower of all.”

To break barriers and create flow in our life we will be working with:

1. Flowing – the RIVER OF LOVE and the RIVER OF LIFE

2. Dakini – Goddess of Wisdom

3. Durga – Goddess of Strength and Protection

4. Kali – Goddess of Creation & Power

5. Lakshmi – Goddess of Wealth and Prosperity

6. Radha – Goddess of Devotion and Love

7. Tara – Goddess of Universal Compassion

New Moon in Aquarius Blessing

Sunday 14.2.2010

Channelled by

Toks Beverley Coker

We Greet You

Holding a Flaming Sword of Truth

From the Ascension Gateway

With the Illuminating Light

White Green Gold

We Greet You

We Greet You

Sending Radiating Flowers

Of Love Peace & Happiness

Heart to Heart

Gracing the World

We Greet You

We Greet YOU

With A Transitional Red Rose of Love

Spiralling in Your Heart and Mind

Renewing Life Force Energy and Passion

Into Your Soul & Your Spirit

We Greet You

We Greet You

As You Ride the Wave of Your Life

Sudden Reality Changes

Without Warning Crisis

Intense Fearful Inertias

Resisting Tearful Confusion

We Greet You

We Greet You

In All Your Battles

Cutting Weeds & Thorns

Clearing Pathways

To Humanities Happiness

We Greet You

We Greet You

Stop Stop Stop

Call in the Tao

Unity Exists Inside You

The Tao is Always at Ease

We Greet You

We Greet You

Your Flowing River of Crisis & Change

Your Transformational River of Life & Love

Your Knowing River of Passion & Integrity

Your Seed River of Flowering & Blossoming

We Greet You

We Greet YOU

Your Pumping Blooming Hearts

Your Lively Life Force

Your Vibrant Youthful Energy

Your Flowing Renewal

We Greet You

We Greet Your Aquarian Essence

With the Crown of 12 Stars

With the Star above the Crown

Your Inherent Divine Power

Your Co-Creating Co-Rulership

We Greet You

We Greet You

Gathering With Your

Supportive Empowering Loving

Friends Family Ancestors Lineage

We Greet You

We Greet You

On this Auspicious Day

At this Auspicious Time

Calling In What You Want

Calling on What You Want

We Greet You

Happy Chinese New Year

Happy Year of the Tiger

Happy Valentines Day

Happy NewMoon in Aquarius




We Greet You

Ho and so it is.

We look forward to seeing you all sometime this year.

Please come round and share your spiritual light with us…..

Below is a link to the pledge being made to safe the tigers.


I leave you with a prayer in my heart for your continual growth, happiness and refinement…..

Exotically Erotically Passionately Energetically

Always with love, light and joy

I remain with Deep Respect

ISIS, the Moon Lady with Horus and Osiris