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Full Moon in Virgo & Sun in Pisces 5 March 2015

Fresh journey 2015-02-27in the clouds2015-02-27 011landing 2015-02-27

clip_image001[399] Thursday 5 March 2015 clip_image001[400] Full Moon in Virgo – Sun in Pisces    clip_image001[401] Worm Moon – 18:06 GMT London

clip_image001[402] MICRO FULL MOON clip_image001[403] Element – Earth/Water

Happy Magical Blessings and Manifestations for this Wonderful Full Moon.  Sending you Blessings from the Healing Portal of Bali, in the sacred land of Indonesia.  Leading up to this Full Moon we had loud powerful healing vortexes of thunderstorms with cleansing rain.  The God of Thunderstorms really visited us in Bali. It was so loud and powerful and engaging.  Thank you.  So did the hot shining Sun and the glorious magical mystical Full Moon.  On the Full Moon here in Bali we have rain and then we had no rain.  It was like the veil was opening and then closing.  A great time for revealing hidden deep down truths, fears, and emotions; you may not even realise that you have.


The Energy of Now

Contrasts The Full Moon is always a time of contrasts.  It reveals a different perspective of things.  It tells us to see ourselves as we truly are.  But can we really?  Can we really see ourselves?  By looking at your reflection in a mirror or water you can see yourself.  And would this image be the image you would like to see?  Would it be a true reflection of who you truly are? Would your thinking logical precise mind (Virgo) match your emotional feeling creative heart (Pisces)?  Do you do what is practical or what is emotional?  Are you torn between what to do?  If there is a misunderstanding do you then do nothing; and wait till you calm down; or till the situation calms down?  Do your emotions allow you to be practical and calm down; or do they allow you to be practical and react by raising your voice?  How spiritual are you?  How logical are you?  How emotional are you? How practical are you?  This is the deciding factor with this wonderful Full Moon.  Through the contrasts you know.  In the contrast is the knowing! In the contrast is the feeling! In the contrast is the doing! Or is it?

Full Moon BrightBalancing This Full Moon is about balancing our practical and emotional sides.  It is not about one winning over the other; it is about balance.  Did a friend run to your rescue and give you a helping hand?  That is the Piscean energy running to your help and taking practical constructive Virgo action to create a balance in the situation.  I was being mobbed by the street traders in Bali and my friend came to my rescue.  It was quite an aggressive experience and I was emotionally overwhelmed by the ladies touching my hair and insisting I buy something.  When I said NO, they followed me, and even threw the dress at me to buy it!  I felt I was being bullied to do something I did not want to do; and at the same time I felt guilty that I had to buy something; when I really did not want to.  Along came my friend, the lovely maiden of love; who calming and firmly maneuverer me out of the situation.  One minute I was overwhelmed.  The next minute I was removed from the situation to a place of ‘safety’.  This is what this Full Moon is about.  It seems to be testing our ability to balance extreme situations and see how we manage them.  How are we ‘rescued’? The imbalance and balance of life shows up in many ways.  The effects of this lovely moon will be very strong for the next few days.  Make good use of the magic of the moon. Namaste.

Earth and WaterDuality We have balance and imbalance. We have the two elements Earth (Virgo) and Water (Pisces).  We have rain that nourishes the land with fruits, vegetables and lovely green land. We have rain that destroys the land and wipes out lives and species.  We have land that is dry like the desert with no water, and land that yields no harvest or life.  The extremes of the pulsating vibration of live tests our karma (Pisces) and the way we respond to situations on earth (Virgo).  The need for flow is shown with the movement of Water over Earth.  We need to flow in our lives with ease.  We need Pisces to help us with our feelings and emotions and flow with ease through them.  We need Virgo to help us with the importance of grounding our energy and keeping us focused on what we are wanting and not loosing control.  Is someone pushing your buttons?  Recognise this and allow yourself to recognise how you are feeling (Pisces) and then use your mind (Virgo mind) to help you get focus.  Or it could be you are so rigid and set in your ways you do not move – you are stuck and you stagnate.  You move from one situation to another with difficulty and pain.  There is no ebb and flow.  When you look at a rock you see the water hitting it sometimes gently and sometimes aggressively.  Water softens the rock and erodes it slowly but surely.  Rock turns into little fragments of stone, then sand, and then very fine sand and then to nothing. Allow the duality of this Full Moon to embrace you with ease; and flow through you enabling, manifesting and co-creation.  This duality is a time of great manifesting from nothing or something.

Relationships  Grounding our EnergyIn the balancing of extremes we have the blending of opposites and the mixing of prayer and the healing of Mother Earth.  This Full Moon is a great time to give gratitude for what you have achieved and what you have.  It is a great time to be of service to Mother Earth.  Ask how you can be of service?  How are your relationships of service?  Are you all about me, me, me and you think you are about us, us, us? Are you doing yoga non stop to develop the self and doing nothing for the community and others?  Are you praying (Pisces) for peace on earth and taking action (Virgo) to create peace in your environment?  How are your relationships with others?  Do you hug and smile and jump and dance?  Do you resent anyone who is doing that and feel you need to bring them down a peg or two?  Do you resent another person’s happiness?  Or perhaps do not understand how a poor child can be happy playing with a bottle on a string, when your child grumbles about the Nintendo or whatever computer gadget not working?  Full Moon in Virgo and Sun in Pisces allows us to look at how we serve the land in our relationships.

Speaking to the AncestorsCleansing  This Full Moon in Virgo with the Sun in Pisces carries a very powerful healing vortex of cleansing, cleansing and more cleansing.  Memories of pain, deep hurt, betrayal, love-not-given, abandonment, rejection, being ignored, etc. will surface for you to deal with.  This is a time of great personal journey to find out what is right for you, as opposed to what is right for another person.  This is a time of great growth and blooming through thorough cleansing. This is a good opportunity to grow and expand your auric field. The element of Water is very cleansing.  It allows us to Surrender our pain, suffering, shame, guilt and issues that we manifest as a result of our karma with the parents we have inherited this incarnation.  Pisces allows in more intuition, while Virgo allows in more healing of the body;  and together they create magical cleansing, releasing, surrendering and allowing. 

SkaktiShivaChapters How aware are you about what is blooming in the chapter of your life and what has bloomed in your life?  How aware are you of what chapter has closed and what chapter is open?  I love it when a book closes and we come to ‘The End’.  The story is over.  That chapter has closed and it is the end of that chapter.  What chapter in your life has closed? There are books closing within us.  What books are closing within you in the story of your life with this practical Full Moon in Virgo. What new discoveries are you making about yourself with this Full Moon? The new discovery could be that a chapter has ended and you have full filled a long time wish and it is time to celebrate your life.  It could be that the chapter has ended and you no longer need to do whatever you were doing before?  Allow your own self discovery with this magnificent Full Moon in Virgo & Sun in Pisces. 

                           Singapore AirportChanelSingapore AirportsingaporeAirportMergingSingapore Airport Merg

Shape Shifting  Are you Shape Shifting before your eyes?  Shape Shifting is always around us; as seen in the pictures I took of a fabulous advert at Singapore Airport.  This is what I saw happen: the clock appeared in clear view radiant and magnificent; then a lady holding ropes clearly stands before you; then the clock and lady merge, then the lady fades in the background and then you see the clock again, then the lady – and the process continues.  Just like life. I am sure some of you have seen the advert already.  It made me think about the fullness of life and how we see one thing and then see another. What would this advert mean.  Some may like the advert and some may not.  Those who do not may find it offensive as it could mean that a woman is on a time, and is only good for a time, or outlives her youthfulness, etc. etc. etc. For me I found is very striking and beautiful.  It said to me it is a wonderful contract between something real and something man-made; both have one thing in common – they are beautiful works of precision (Virgo) which stir great emotion (Pisces).  Where in your life are you a beautiful work of precision that stirs great emotion? My answer?  In every area of my life I am a beautiful work of precision that stirs great healing creative emotion.  This answer applies to you to!  Thank you x

Arrived in Bali 2015-02-27 033Sometimes  Sometimes we are not sure what we want to do.  We are not sure if we are doing the right thing.  We wonder if we are wasting time taking a break.  We worry about all the work that has to be done.  We are saturated by daily living in the city we have forgotten to allow our own self space to breathe and to allow.  Sometimes we are not sure of the decisions we make; and then we do not make a decision.  Then something happens and a decision is made for you.  You have made a decision through someone else helping you to make a decision.  Life really can be a padaffle! Sometimes we take a journey; and we do not want to; but we still do it.  Sometimes we take a journey; and we want to do it.  Sometimes we just take a journey.  We take action and do something that gets us to live our lives in a different way.  We stop our thinking mind and we feel.  We come back home to ourselves.  We ponder.  We reflect.  The only true space is home within you – at peace.  So the journey of life is to your inner peace.  Your inner rebirth.  Your inner growth.  Your inner flower within you.  Your petal of self love. Sometimes life is not what is seems – what is hidden is revealed.  We may think we have all the answers and something happens to let us know we do not.  We many think we want to sit still and our body starts to move us around.  Allow your intuition to flow with the ‘Sometimes’.

Love  Let us put away labels in the name of love.  Enjoy this loving video. Click: Loving Video

           dancingdancing and laughingdancing with snake

Dancing through the Merging of Doing and Feeling  Doing something different – even if you feel fearful of doing it – is the quality of this Full Moon in Virgo.  Taking the practical stand of doing something and feeling the joy of doing it through the fear.  Merging with another family member of Mother Earth I dance with the Snake and the Snake Man who wraps the snake around my body.  He said: “Look the snake likes you at it wrapped its tail around my leg.”  It felt weird and I felt safe; even though the ladies around me were afraid.  Face the fear and do it anyway.  Face the challenge and do it anyway.  You will be pleased with yourself for doing it.  Full Moon in Virgo is celebrating taking practical action in your life. 

A Sacred Vessel  My friend, Stephanie Harrison, writes in one of her newsletters: “I would like to invite you to explore the 6th gate by simply reflecting on how you are in fact a Sacred Vessel – you are a living embodiment and holder of the light – you are the perfect representation of all that is good and true within this universe and it is simply a question of revealing your true luminescent nature to the world.  Above all, please let your true radiant nature shine out to the world.” Thank you Stephanie.  You can read up more about her work on www.lifeguidanceandinspiration.com

I Greet You

clip_image001[399]Invocation Blessing  clip_image001[400]Full Moon in Virgo – Sun in Pisces   

clip_image001[401]Thursday 5 March 2015  clip_image001[401]Worm Moon – 18:06 GMT London

clip_image001[402]MICRO FULL MOON  clip_image001[403]Element – Earth/Water

dancing with the snake

I Greet You

With the Challenges of Life

Taking Action with Courage

Dancing In the Moment of Time

I Greet You

Bathing in Water

I Greet You

With the Sacred Holy Water Fountains

Cleansing Each Chakra and Ancestral Patterns

Balancing Masculine and Feminine Energy Within

I Greet You


I Greet You

With the Sacred Earthly Statues

Manifesting Strong Intentions of Goodness

Each Anchoring a Portal of Divine Power

I Greet You

Gift of Friendship

I Greet You

With the Joy of Friendship

Blooming Sacred HEALING Contracts

Of Peace, Happiness; and Love

I Greet You

Water over head

I Greet You

With the Sacred Spring of Indra

Holy Water Fountain (in Pura Tirta Empul, Bali)

Cleansing & Oozing Third Eye Shining White Silver Light

I Greet You

We ponder 2015-02-27 048

I Greet You

With the Silence of Your Mind

Moving through Your Chaos & Confusion

Focusing Allowing the Process to Flow Freely

I Greet You

We Stop our thinking mind and we feel2015-02-27 053

I Greet You

With Ganesh,  Remover of Obstacles

Holding a Protective Hand Out to You

Always There for You

I Greet You

Ritual and Ceremony

I Greet You

With Sacred Ritual and Ceremony

Bestowing Intellect and Wisdom

Protecting Your Beginnings and Completions

I Greet YOU

spirals of love

I Greet You

With the Cyclical Circle of Life

Radiating Your Blooming Essence

In the Abundance of Life

I Greet You

fragrance of the flower

I Greet You

With the Fragrance of Mother Earth

Perfuming Your Senses

Igniting Your Soul

I Greet You

Selfie 4 March 2015

I Greet You

With the Sacred Flower of Life

Beautifying the Body

Healing Physical & Intuitive Aspects of Life

I Greet You


I Greet You

With the Sacred Power of Intuitive Prayer

Praying for Balance & Radiating from the Centre

Within, Without, Above, Below, AROUND

I Greet You

I Greet You from Bali

I Greet You

With the Happy Wave of Love & Laughter

Opening Your Heart Centre

Radiating Your Light

I Greet You


I Greet You

With the Blooming in Your Life

Radiating a Pulsation of Healing Love

In the Vibrational Vortex of You

I Greet You


I Greet You

With the Celebration of Determined Strength & Action

Sounding Loud Thunderstorms of Blessings

On this Auspicious Full Moon

I Greet You

Shakti Shiva

I Greet You

I Greet You

I Greet You

Channelled by Toks Beverly Coker, Evolution Soul Coach, for Full Moon in Virgo & Sun in Pisces

© Toks Coker 2015


  1. ActionBe aware of where / how / why / what /  you are criticising and judging in others. 
  2. Check where you do the same thing – you are criticising or judging another person about. 
  3. What emotional drama are you playing out?
  4. What do I really need, to get rid off, to create space for flow and allow in something new?  How can you create more blooming in your life? 
  5. How are you expanding your life in the now? How are you of service to humanity and to the land?
  6. How do you show up being the Master of your Life. Virgo is practical action. What practical action are you doing?  Swimming, eating, weeding the garden, stretching, cleaning, writing?
  7. How are you a Sacred Vessel?  How are you a living embodiment and holder of the light?  How is the universe living in you?  How are you revealing your true luminescent nature to the world.  How are you allowing your true radiant nature to shine out to the world.
  8. Be open to shine your light and allow others to shine theirs too.  Let the shining moon in you and others glow. Allow the loud thunderstorms to shift your energy and ignite a spark of knowing brilliance in you.
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a channel for divine healing power

Full Moon in Capricorn Sun in Cancer 12 July 2014

         Greetings from Carpe Djem BarcelonaGreetings from Barcelona Carpe Djem

Saturday 12 July 2014

RainbowHAPPY Full Moon in Capricorn with Sun in Cancer  

Full Moon at 1224 BST LondonThere is a very playful energy that needs to come out with this Full Moon but you may find it being restricted by the earthy energy of Capricorn.  The need to flow and laugh with your happy emotions is necessary as this Energy of Now can be depleting and overwhelming.  Make effort to do something that makes you feel light and happy, and allows you to be true to your self in an earthy way.  We will be processing the powerful volcanic emotional vortex of healing light to celebrate your gloriousness and your ability to Stand-Up for Yourself.  We will be working with the Elements Earth/Water. For more details and to book, click here: www.fullmooncapricorn2014.eventbrite.co.uk

On the Menu we have: 

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  2. Invocation Blessing: Saturday 12 July 2014 RainbowFull Moon in Capricorn with Sun in Cancer (Buck Moon)   12:25 BST London    Element Earth/Water 
  3. Moon Circle Gathering (7pm-10pm Arrive early for 8pm start.) Saturday 12 July 2014 RainbowFull Moon in Capricorn with Sun in Cancer (Buck Moon)   12:25 BST London    Element Earth/Water  For more details and to book, click here: www.fullmooncapricorn2014.eventbrite.co.ukpaella
  4. ENERGY OF NOW:   Saturday 12 July 2014 RainbowFull Moon in Capricorn with Sun in Cancer (Buck Moon)   12:25 BST London    Element Earth/Water 
    1. Draining Your Energy
    2. Energising Your Energy
    3. Contradictions
    4. Ritual of Sexuality
    5. Determination of the Flamenco Dancer 
    6. Agile Working
    7. Day Time
    8. Numerology
    9. Lumeria
  5. Full Moon Action:  Women Gathering Project (Gina Lazenby, What you get, Food, Sacred Altar, Lola the dog, Care Taker, Network of Women)
  6. Furl Moon Book:
  7. Homework
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Invocation Blessing: Full Moon in Capricorn & Sun in Cancer

Saturday 12 July 2014     12:25 BST London    Element Earth/Water 

womens meeting July 2014

We Greet You

With the Gathering Energy of this Full Moon

Bringing Together Souls of Love

Agile Working with Personal Sovereignty

We Greet You

Hampstead School of Arts

We Greet You

With the Vesna Stanojevic & the Central School of Speech & Drama

Celebrating Your Hard Practical Work and Achievements

Your Challenges and Strong Emotional Determination

We Greet You

Patric and Zoran

We Greet You

With the Gift of Friendship

Sharing Laughter and Ideas on Soul Mastery

Relaxing in Each Others Presence

We Greet You


We Greet You

With the Flowers of Success

Accepting Your Glorious Achievements

Victorious Triumphs in Your Life

We Greet You

yes crystals

We Greet You

With the Sacred Stones of Life

Activating Your Responsible Volcanic Passion

Richly Hidden Deep within You

We Greet You

yes hands of light

We Greet You

With Meaningful Engaging Gestures

Grounding Your Sizzling Energy

Emerging Your Magnetic Playfulness

We Greet You

3 Fabulous Librans

We Greet You

With Three Fabulous Librans (Merve, Vesna, Yani)

Celebrating this Productive Full Moon in Capricorn

With the Charismatic Cancerian Sun (Toks)

We Greet You

Toks celebrating Claudia's Hen Night in Barcelonaclaudia hen night of fun

We Greet You

With the Holy Sacred Grail of Happiness

Celebrating Your Hen Nights (5 July Claudia)

Celebrating Your Birthdays (7 July Toks)

We Greet You

Blooming Flowers

We Greet You

With the Blooming Flowers of Life

Decorating Your Home with Integrity

Infusing You with Spontaneous Radiance

We Greet You

bajari flamenca barcelona

We Greet You

With the Dance of Partnership

Working Together in Rhythmic Appreciation

Structurally Grounding Your Fullness on Earth

We Greet You

bajari flamenca barcelona passionNecmi looking sexy

We Greet You

With the Gift of Vivaciousness

Qualifying You to Step Forward

In the Living Expressing of Your Life

We Greet You

Worriedpure bliss

We Greet You

With the Illumined Full Moon

Shining Away Your Fears & Worries

Lifting Your Mind, Body and Spirit

We Greet You

Kitty Waters and Lola

We Greet You

With the Loving Kindness of Quan Yin

Healing the World with Your Smile

Nurturing & Protecting Solar Lunar Lola

We Greet You

Clare Russell

We Greet You

With the Flower of Kindness

Magnanimously Expressing Gentleness

Cultivating Love in All You Do

We Greet You

Gary Robin Yani Toks Patric

We Greet You

With the Holy Grail Protagonist

The Goddess Lumeria & Isis

The Earthly Crystal Rising from the Water

We Greet You

Merve's lovely hands healing us

We Greet You

With the Light of Resonance

Declaring Your Essence

In the Heart of Your Hands

We Greet You

Barcelona celebrating my birthday

We Greet You

We Greet You

We Greet You

channelled by Toks Beverley Coker   © Toks Coker 2014

Full Moon in Capricorn MandelaEnergy of NowFull Moon

3 Super Moons in a  Row    July 12, August 10, September 9

16% bigger    30% brighter    Super Bloom in the Night  

2014 Moon Dates and Times London  Click on it.

Draining Your Energy

Do you suddenly feel a wave of depression swim over you for no obvious reason? Do you suddenly feel depressed and want to  hibernate?  That is the emotional energy of the Sun in Cancer depressing the Moon in Capricorn mind.

WorriedWho has dumped their problem on you and you feel drained; like your energy has been sucked dry?  What is draining your energy?  Who is draining your energy?  How are they draining your energy?  Who are you allowing to drain your energy? 

Why are you depleted?  Who is lashing out at you? What are you worried about?  What is making you bury your head in the sand?  What troubles your soul?  Whose problem are you solving now? 

What fears lurk around you and you suddenly feel a grip your throat or a tug in your heart?  On Wednesday I was walking on the streets at night coming home from my belly dance class; and was gripped with fear when a woman walking up to me spoke to me; and at the same time a young man was crossing the road asking to speak to me!  I simply and emphatically said “Please do not speak to me.” to the woman who was closer to me; and walked away holding tightly my pink IPhone and big Louis Viton bag. I was amazed at the feeling of shock and fear and quick action in a second.  I just trusted my instincts and acted without question.  I have not finished my mission yet, I thought, and I must be very alert with this Full Moon in Capricorn and Sun in Cancer. 

What is your greatest fear?  Is it being devoured by an energy vampire?  Stolen from?  Demolished?  Abused?  Be extra vigilant in your vulnerabilities around  this powerful full moon. It really is super charged with emotions.  Remember the energy of Jekyll & Hyde Personality I talked about in the New Moon in Cancer blog?  This is a more dangerous vibration.  Be careful.  Be mindful.  Can you put a stop to this?  Yes you can.

Energising Your Energy

Do you know what energises your energy immediately?  Rainbow Barcelonia CathedralNo?  Then try asking yourself these questions and recording your answers in your journal:

  1. What do I need to see to energise my energy?  A baby?  A rainbow?
  2. What do I need to hear to energise my energy?  Classical music?  Sound of water?
  3. What do I need to say to energise my energy? A prayer? Affirmations?
  4. What do I need to feel to energise my energy?  Peace? Happy?
  5. What do I need to think to energise My energy?  Think of beautiful landscape? Think of your loved one?
  6. What do I need do to energise my energy? Smile? Watch a comedy. 

Contradictions With this energy of Capricorn Full Moon it really is a good time to meet your deadlines and achieve them even if you do not feel you want to or you can.  Just acknowledge the energy of not wanting to and the energy of defeat; THEN do what you need to do to complete the task you set yourself to do.  I have found the resistance to complete and achieve my tasks for the week very challenging but have nevertheless gone through the barrier to complete tasks I thought were too daunting. What tasks  have you completed even though you felt resistance with this full on Full Moon in Capricorn Energy of Now?

Ritual of Sexuality  We all know that what we fear most persists. This energy brings up the feelings of your sexual agenda, your sexual orientation and your sexual image privately and publically.  In Barcelona I came across a Barcelona  www.lovestop.catsex shop all lit up like a fashion shop.  It was not seedy nor weird.  It was closing when we went in and the owner allowed us to take pictures for my blog!  www.lovestop.cat 

It was interesting to find golden winged angel wings on a male mannequin.  I had never seen this before and was fascinated by the golden wings on a figure with no head or hands.  It made me think of the gloriousness of sacred sex,Barcelona Gold Angel Wings and the Kundalini energy.  It also made me think of the masks we wear in public and how we may appear to have no head and no hands – where we hide ourselves and were we do not show our hands for what we want.  We diddle-daddle. We dither.  We have secret desires and we hope and pray that the person we love will have the same cravings we have.

Welcome to this super FULL MOON IN CAPRICORN (practical action or inaction) with the SUN IN CANCER (emotional action or dreaming).  Allow yourself the liberation of freeing yourself to be who you truly are; within, of course, the laws of your land; and the parties involved are consenting to the ritual of sexuality. 

Where are you? Are you closed, opening or open?” asks the lady with the golden wings and red shoes.


Some people know they are heterosexual, some find out they are bisexual.  Others want to change their gender as they do not feel ‘normal’ in the body they have been born in.  Some prefer to be lesbians or homosexuals. Whatever your Ritual of Sexuality remember to be true to yourself and liberate yourself in the expression of your living life. 

bajari flamenca barcelona firebajari flamenca barcelona focusbajari flamenca barcelona determinationbajari flamenca barcelona flow

Determination of the Flamenco Dancer  What personal change are you willing to dance yourself through?  Full Moon in Capricorn takes practical powerful determined action with strong passionate emotions (Sun in Cancer).  What emotional action will charge your life and move yourself forward causing a change in at least one area of your life.  Capricorn is slow, determined and methodical plodding on to achieve its goals in a quiet way, not wanting to draw too much attention to self.  However with the energy of this emotional Sun in Cancer we have the steering of passion, feelings, drama; and the drive that will activate action that is dynamic, sudden, fast and dramatic!  Are you ready for this?  Are you ready for the sudden passionate dramatic energy in your life that will steer you? What personal change have you activated with this energy? What did you refuse to let go of and continue to plod through to successful completion like the determined Flamenco dancer?  Close your eyes and call in the drive and determination of a Flamenco dancer and apply that in your lovely full life this full moon.

Rainbow LightAgile Working  means you are working in a way that create value for the whole.  You are working to create values of trust, innovating, accountability, courage and honesty in an environment that practices the principles of collaboration, flexibility, teamwork, business values, simplicity and speed. Agile Working improves efficiency, productivity, performance, quality and delivery.   You can read more about the Secret to Agile Working according to the Guardian Agile Working

Regents Park

Day Time We look at the pictures and see a beautiful rainbow in one picture and green grass with people relaxing in the other. Both pictures invoke a feeling response and reflect an aspect of living on earth.  We live on earth and water surrounds us in the distance.  We are not aware of the power of water until our emotions are stirred.  We ground ourselves on earth lying in the sun and resting our mind, body and spirit.  We are rejuvenating ourselves and celebrating our rejuvenation on earth.  Such is the power of life on earth.

12 21 12Numerology Do you like working with numbers and time?  Do you notice numbers and the time the numbers strike around you?  I love noticing numbers and noting what I am doing around the time of double digit numbers. My favourite are triple digit numbers as you can see by the examples I have here.

What did you do on the 9, 10 and 11 of July?  3 days before this full moon on 12 July. what are you doing today 12 July?  Did you tune into the energy of the time and date of the day?  I did.  I also noticed what I was doing at each time and made a little prayer.  

9 9 910 10 10

11 11 11

12 12 12

Lemuria  Check out the lovely random information I found on the energy of Lemuria

Full Moon in Capricorn Action


womens meeting July 2014

On the 10th July 2014 there was a gathering of women and a dog.  This gathering was called forth by Gina Lazenby, CEO Women Gathering Project, a most dynamic and embracing woman using her feminine power to run her business and teach other women how to do so by living it.  Gina always looks feminine and glorious.  I do not know how she does it so effortlessly.  You can read up about Gina Lazenby, CEO Women Gathering Project on her blogs     feminine leadership blog   AND   woman-at-large blog

Gina explains what women get from joining in these circles:  Birthday Flowers

  1. The realisation that no matter what we are facing, someone has a similar story or a challenge they have overcome and their insights support us in moving forward.
  2. Practically, we women need to create and reinforce our own networks of support. There’s always someone who has either “been there/done that” or who can introduce us to new insights or contacts.
  3. Many of us have spent more time than we care to remember in very masculine business structures that really did not support us and where we might have picked up some habits that no longer serve us. Being with a group of thoughtful and enterprising women recalibrates us and reminds us how powerful we are when we are in our feminine energy.
  4. Plenty of openhearted support and recognition is available together with generosity, honesty and a safe and joyous space.
  5. Sometimes we have to remind ourselves that having our own business or autonomy gives us the opportunity to thrive ….. and we don’t always have to strive !

Now is a great time to be a woman … especially in business and on a mission.

                Nourishment FoodDelicioius potatoesStrawberry Desert

THE FOOD is always nourishing, filling, fresh and scrumptious. Women gather early to connect in the kitchen cooking and preparing the energy of the food for the women to eat before the meeting starts.  There is a homely and welcoming feeling when you come into Gina’s home.  The community in the kitchen is busy helping to prepare the food with laugher and joy.  They then lay the food, plates, cutlery and napkins on the table. You know you are eating soul food food made with love. Thank you women.

Sacred Alter THE SACRED ALTAR   I had the great good fortune of creating a sacred space and initiating a sacred calling before starting the business meeting.  We started first working with the energy of sound, (ether), by each taking turns to rattle our energy with a shamanic rattle.  Then working with the energy of flowing liquid and scent (Aphrodite Aurora Alchemy oil) we each anointed our hands to perfume our body and the air around us.  The Gods know we are here.  It really was nice collecting all the vortex of energy and seeing the volcano of energy erupt with light and fabulous stars of victory and success for everyone present.

cardsI was guided to ask each person to chose from 3 different decks (Angel cards, Life Purpose cards and Goddess cards).  The 3 angel cards represent what we need right now in our business and our lives; and what angelic energy is supporting us. The Life Purpose card broKitty Waters and Lolaught in your strength and purpose in your business.  The Goddess Energy card represented the vibration of your achievement.  Together they told a story to each woman about their life and business. I was also instructed to gift each woman present a crystal tumble stone to help anchor and carry with them the positive energy for this sacred altar.

LOLA, the Do & Kitty Waters  g At this wonderful gathering were business women and a lovely puppy called Lola, a future business dog!  Lola, the female dog, chose her angel card and ate it up – CONTENTMENT.  It really was amazing  to see her choose the card and then eat it up. She summed up the energy we came for CONTENTMENT.  THANK YOU LOLA.  THANK YOU KITTY WATERS for sharing the energy of your lovely friend. She was so well behaved and quiet.

CARE TAKER  I came with ALL the business cards I had been given since the beginning of the Women’s Womens Sacred Altar July 2014Gathering – over 5 years ago.  I have been taking care of the cards, making sure that each card has a crystal on it. I laid out the sacred envelopes with red and pink ribbons.  I asked the women present to give their business card if they want to to be included in the sacred business alter.  I would then put a crystal to each card and  call them to tell them which crystal choose their business.  I would have them ready for the Full Moon tomorrow 12 July ready to send healing prosperity to their business.  A lovely responsibility being the care taker of the women’s business.  Thank you for trusting me with this sacred task. 

THE NETWORK OF WOMEN  Let me start at the beginning.  We arrived early to prepare the food and lay out the table with dinner, desert, fruit punch and drinks.  We started eating at 7.30pm and started our Women’s Meeting at 8pm and finished by 10:10pm on the 10 July.  Great numbers as Gina would say. 

10 10 10Gina opened the meeting by sharing the beginnings and the great progress the network has made. What we have in common is that we are all women, mothers, sisters, grandmothers, who care about making a difference, reaching our potential, as well as, making good financial returns from our invested money, time and energy.  Using a very successful format we create circles of trust which are very nourishing to all who attend the gathering, irrespective of whether they are professionals seeking advancement in their organisations, entrepreneurs growing or scaling a business or women with newly created business endeavours. When we sit together with a group of women in a sharing circle we really get that we are not alone and that our power comes from seeking community and working together. It can feel very lonely sometimes being a woman on purpose trying to make a difference in the world ….. and create financial success!

Clare RussellI had the great honour and privilege; of preparing a sacred alter and space; for the business meeting.  So I continued the process of bringing in  the sacred space (read above).

Nyali MuirGina then asked each woman to introduce themself and talk about their business; and if they want share the message from the cards. Every woman shared something precious and everyone listened attentively.  It really was a lovely moment sharing the energy of the angel cards, purpose cards and goddess cards;  and the meaning it brought out for their lives and business. 

We closed the circle holding hands and each woman saying a prayer for the group.  It really was a wonderful gathering that shifted a lot of stuff and created great business contacts for everyone.  Thank you everyone for making this a wonderful meeting and all your wonderful contribution.

Full Moon in Capricorn BOOK

Stand-Up for YourSelf

and become the hero or shero you were born to be 

Stand-Up for YourSelf - Shelley Bridgman

In the sacred alter we had a symbol of actual success. The one and only Shelley Bridgman had just published  her book and; she gifted me a wonderful signed copy. A true celebration and completion with the Energy of Now – Full Moon in Capricorn and Sun in Cancer.  CONGRATULATIONS SHELLEY BRIDGMAN.

I have read her book and I recommend it as a study of triumph over one’s personal challenges.  It really was amazing when I read it and realised it is so apt with Ritual of Sexuality I talked about above.

Shelley Bridgman & Gina LazenbyIf you are finding it difficult to come to terms with your sexuality read the wonderful true life story of my friend, Shelley Bridgman, in her book Stand-Up for YourSelf.  She writes on page 148: “‘I’ is a very difficult concept to explain to anyone who doesn’t have a conflict between their mind and body. People have asked me why I chose to do what I did.  I can only answer that I didn’t choose itIt chose me.  I didn’t choose it any more than I chose my height or the natural colour of my hair.”  

I have many clients and friends who practice various Rituals of Sexuality and I do not define them by their sexuality.  I define them by their character and behaviour.  I proudly stand beside them declaring them as my friends and/or my clients.  Some are my ‘children’ and I am their ‘Spirit Mother’.  I say to them: “I love you my children. Love Mummy xxxxx”

Stand-Up for Yourself by Shelley Bridgman (Kindle)

Stand-Up for Yourself by Shelley Bridgman (paperback)


  1. three swansFeeding ducksFor a moment think of yourself as an animal totem.  As you think on each animal suggested in this exercise; (You can look at the pictures to help you know what they look like.); really  ask them what value they serve in the world at large and in your personal world.  What message spiderdo they carry for you personally?snail What learning do they vibrate for you? Really carry this exercise out quietly in a sacred space, if you can, and really hear, listen, feel, touch, smell and see the experience.
    1. A Duck. 
    2. A Swam. 
    3. A Snail. 
    4. A Spider
  2. What book is waiting to come out of you? 
  3. What book/s have you liberated and published?
  4. What does truth mean to you?    

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