New Moon in Pisces 9 March 2016

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9 March 2016

lunar eclipsetotal solar eclipseWe have two eclipses in March 2016: 9 March TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE and 23 March PENUMBRAL LUNAR ECLIPSE.  There is a lot that happens in a build up the first Eclipse (New Moon link: Solar Eclipse 9 March), the Eclipse itself and the After Effect of the Eclipse.  There is a lot of power generated in the TIME BETWEEN ECLIPSES, a great portal of great change, shifts, leaps and new ways of being in our life’s.  Then there is the build up to the next Eclipse (Pink Full Moon link: Lunar Eclipse 23 March), that Eclipse itself which is a Full Moon of blossoming many seeds you planted; and the After Effect of that Eclipse as you celebrate who and what you have become.  March is indeed a powerful month.  Are you ready for March?

The Energy of Now:  New Moon in Pisces

  • 9999New Moon & Sun in Pisces
  • Actual Time of New Moon:  01:55 GMT (1:55am) London
  • Element – Water
  • TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE in Asia, Australia. Total in Sumatra, Borneo, Sulawesi, Pacific
  • TIME OF MEDITATION: 7pm on 9 March

This is A Time of Many.  It is A Time to Reflect: A Time to Look at the Mirror of Your Life:  A Time to Take Action:  A Time to Apologise:  A Time to Look at Your Good and Bad Aspects:  A Time to Change:  A Time to Be Awake in the Energy of Now.

Journey into Your ‘Shadow Light’:  Looking at Your Negative Emotions  Reflecting on the past two months (January and February 2016) How have you been behaving to yourself and others? Where have you been angry, wicked, spiteful, mean, selfish, jealous or envious?  Why?  When?  What triggered you? Who did you blame? How did you feel?  Are you overwhelmed by negative expressions and feelings?  Do you feel a need to deceive and lie?  Do you find you want to escape from reality, pretend or lean towards being delusional?

Journey into Your ‘Love Light’: Looking at Your Positive Emotions  Reflecting on the past two months (January and February 2016) How have you been behaving to yourself and others?  Where have you been kind, considerate, compassionate, loving, courageous and helpful? Why?  When?  What triggered you?  Who did you blame? How did you feel? Do you feel ready for a change and a real shaking up?  Are you ready to drive your life to where you truly want to go?

Journey Into ‘Death’  It is so good to enter this lovely New Moon Portal in Pisces.  For me, Pisces is Death.  It is the dark lonely journey one must take to the Underworld alone.  It is the Journey to the Underworld.  It is the Journey to the Underworld of your Soul, your Spirit and Yourself. It is All in One. This Journey into Death leads you to follow the Portal Path of Rising from the Dead and having a Rebirth.  It is Rising from the Dead.  It is Rebirth. 

Now you know why this is such an important workshop to attend.  Are you ready for your Alchemical Death and Rebirth?  Yes you are.  Have the courage to attend this wonderful healing transformative gathering of light, hope, compassion and awaken infinite possibilities for your life.

Venue, etc.

a new month444777888

Pisces is the last sign of the Zodiac. It has gone through all the Zodiac signs and ends here.  It has gone through a lot of learning, doing and being.  It is the end of something which also marks the beginning of something new. Pisces has collected all learning and all knowing and collects them for you here. Pisces is ruled by Jupiter, Planet of Expansion and Joy.

  1. Changes  Pisces has gone through all the changes on a cellular level and asks us to grow and to grow and to grow.  We can no longer rely on the old way of being – we are consumed and sated by the old way.  We burst forth a new way.  We look at our responsibilities and make changes where need be.  
  2. Thinking  Pisces changes the way we think because our feelings force us to change the way we think. We have outgrown our old way of thinking and doing and being.  Perhaps a good time to move to get healthy, to clean, to organise, to rest and pace  yourself. 
  3. Uprooting  The New Moon in Pisces forces our uprooting, our inner change, our internal volcano to burst forth from deep within and reveal the space to plant the NEW SEED to greater happiness.  An uprooting and a planting.  A digging and a seeding.  An uprooting of weeds and a digging into our new centeredness and clarity.
  4. open fish hungry fishBroke and Broken  Feeling emotionally broken?  Feeling financial broken?  Living on the bread line? Feeling broke and broken?  Feeling ashamed standing in line collecting dole money or government assistance or rations to feed yourself and your family?  Is that your current address in your life and mind?  You are broke and broken and you think you have hit rock bottom!  Then you find you have not yet hit rock bottom!  Something happens to bring you down down down to real Rock Bottom. This is the power of this portal.  It forces you to look deeply at issues of: What is your Rock Bottom? What is your Broke and Broken?  What is your Scarcity and Lack?  What is a Hustle and a Bustle?  This is a time to change.  This is a time to listen to a new story of yourself and seed a new story for yourself. 
  5. Determination  How hard are you willing to work for what you want?  Some people put one weeks work into one day’s work.  Are you willing to do what it takes to be successful and shift your life condition and state? How determined are you to shift and move your ‘hot mess’ and your ‘false ego’.  This is the time to say you are tired of being bankrupt in your life, your emotions, your money and your excuses you make for why something has not worked.
  6. Hunting  New Moon in Pisces asks you to go HUNTING for what you want.  Go hunting first in your Deep Reflection and Visualisation.  Get clear on your Intension. Really feel what you want in your life.  Take action to your abundance and your wealth. Sitting and dreaming will not bring it to you.  You have to take action and be prepared to take action.  You cannot start and then stop half way or because the challenge is too much. Pisces as the last zodiac sign shows us that it does not stop moving – it keeps itself busy by the feelings you feel.  These feelings can be overpowering, frustrating and intensive.  How you deal with them is your choice.  Your personal discovery is your personal choice and can be amplified by this wonderful Moon Gathering.

Full Moon in Virgo on 22 February

On the Full Moon, 22 February, five of us decided to do something we had never done. We had never touched a Tiger and we had never touched an Elephant.  Well, I was the only one who had touched an Elephant before.  We had lunch together.  We touched Elephants and Tigers.  We took pictures. We confronted our fear of being eaten by a Tiger.  I confronted my fear of falling off an Elephant or the Elephant falling with me in the chair!  We danced. We laughed. We talked non-stop.

FullMoon Thailand

celebrating our challenge

having fun

By the Full Moon in Virgo, 22 February, I had finished my training with Mantak Chia and I was a Certified Instructor in Six Healing Sounds, MicroCosmic Orbit, Inner Smile and Iron Shirt.  I had spent a New Moon and two Full Moons in Thailand.   I was really happy I had come and achieved what I set out to do.  So it was a good thing to celebrate my certification.  It was good to do new things at Tao Garden.  I had massages I had never had before – Four Hand Massage, Kasia Massage, Thai Massage and Chi Nei Tsang Massage.  Over the six weeks I learnt a lot about the Tao philosophy, Fusion of the Five Elements: Forming the Pakuas and Pearl, Cosmic Fusion: Fusion of the Eight Forces, Fusion of the Eight Psychic Channels: Opening and Sealing Psychics Channels. Iron Shirt Chi Kung 1: Rooting Cosmic Internal Energy, Cosmic Sounds: Sounds that Heal, Cosmic Inner Smile: Smiling Heals the Body, Tan Tien Chi Kung: Empty Force, Perineum Power and the Second Brain, Cosmic Orbit: Connect the Cosmos to Inner Orbit, Lesser Kan and Li: Enlightenment and Birth of the Immortal Fetus, Tao Yin and Healing Love.  I spent 6 days in the Dark Room Retreat and lived in complete darkness for 6 days on a special diet.  I lost weight to 53kg and I felt younger, sexier, happier and freer.

certifiedi passedWe passed

 The night I travelled back the Full Moon in Virgo shone brightly, smiling at me; saying Safe Journey and Congratulations as I left Thailand for London.  I remembered the day before having fun with friends, touching and dancing with the Moon while wearing Thai clothes.  Precious moments with new and old friends.

Full Moon in VirgoConnecting to the Cosmic EnergyThai outfitGrabbing the Moon

Elephant Experience:  I enjoyed riding on the Elephants only after I had done so.  I screamed with fear as I rode on the Elephants, as I was afraid, when I looked down from the height I was at.  I did not the way I felt dizzy and panicked. I was surprised I had this fear.  My Elephant Man kept laughing at me and kept moving the Elephant by the edge of the pathway, which was way down.  I kept pointing when he went too near the edge with the Elephant – like I was indicating – like I was driving a car.  He kept looking back at me and laughing and telling me everything is OK.  I did not believe a word he said. I knew he was having fun at my expense and even though I knew this I could not stop my fear of falling down with the Elephant!  I was definitely not in charge of this situation.  I had to trust him completely as he just kept laughing at me.  So did everyone who saw me gripping the bars.  Relax and let go Toks, I was told.  I responded: No, I cannot. I believe the Elephant was enjoying my fear too.  He sprayed me with water the moment I sat on his chair. I was so happy when the journey was over.  Not to be repeated in a hurry.  I remember the feeling of riding a Camel in Jordan.  It was similar in terms of the height.  I was not afraid and I enjoyed the sensation of being high up and looking over the mountains and view of beautiful Jordan.

Away I Gopretty as redholding on tightholding on for dear life

Tiger Experience:  I found I was very calm with the Tigers.  Even when they turned and looked at me licking their lips I was calm and patient.  I kept telling everyone to breathe in slowly and be calm and not show any fear or make any sudden movements when the Tigers came too near. I was told to take my fluff off in case the Tigers want to play with it and grab at my head. My behaviour with the two animals – Elephant and Tiger – was different.

The Siberian Tiger in the cage, with his head touching the keeper, peed on me!  I was outside the cage and I was ‘attacked’ by the Tiger!  I was so shocked when the Siberian Tiger I was watching turned its back on me and lifted its tail and next second I saw three squirts of wee wee directed at me. My friend moved away knowing what was going to happen.  I was transfixed or hypnotised by the Tiger’s tail going up.  A lovely gentleman said I should make sure I wash off the Tiger’s pee as soon as I can.  I ended up going into a spa and paying the price of a massage to have a shower and join the other’s for dinner.  You can see the Siberian Tiger being nice to it’s keeper looking innocent and sweet! 

Not sure about herShall I eat herHappy TouchingSiberian Tiger

Declaring Boundaries  The build up to the energy of the Full Moon in Virgo and New Moon in Pisces has been about declaring your Boundaries.  Have you been able to do this?  Have you found declaring your Boundaries difficult?  Are you aware that you need to have Boundaries in every situation?  Is it OK to be strict in one situation and not strict in another?  Is it better to have the same Boundaries for every and every thing?  Is is right to have soft Boundaries for handsome people and hard Boundaries for ugly people?  It is important to have Boundaries in ALL Toxic Relationships that do not honour, support or respect you.  Whether or not they are handsome, beautiful or ugly. To turn your back on someone and say NO I am not taking this from you is a message of power to yourself and the other person, whether or not they agree.  What is important is your need to declare what you can and cannot take from a person. You do not need to attack a person you just need to be centred in your own power portal of stillness.  To Declare your Boundary is not an easy thing to do.  It takes courage and will power and clarity. 

Two Noblemen

SteppingkissesMy Lord

Good Influences   When I reflected on why I had been so clear on declaring my boundary I realised that in my stay in Thailand I had been struck by two young gentlemen who both had a unique noble countenance.  I call them My Lord whenever I saw them and bowed to them.  They did the same to me. They called my My Queen, as I was obviously older then them.  Sometimes I got My Lady.  I call them My Lord from Wales, Philip and My Lord from Canada, Peter. I noticed both these young men never changed their basic character of love and respect to me and everyone around them. The Energy oozing from them was True Nobility.  They showed me a high level of respect and reverence. Thank you both for the experience that was a learning and a teaching for me.  Sometimes you do not know the value of meeting people and then something happens and you realise the great value of meeting the people.  Let us be great teachers and students to each other.  Amen.  It was through their behaviour to me I lived being respected and valued so it was easy for me to recognise disrespect directed at me. 

Setting good Boundaries and Limits can be great ways to prevent unnecessary heartache, suffering and pain.  It leads to freedom, peace of mind, and a great sense of purpose and Being.  Pisces is spiritual and we all know that Spiritual Law has ‘rules’ and ‘boundaries’.

     friendsbeauty divinefriends for lifefriends smilingfriends hugging

Solar Eclipse Energy and Quest

Scientific   During a Solar Eclipse the New Moon passes in between the Sun and the Earth. The Moon blocks the Sun’s light from hitting the Earth.  As this New Moon is a Super Moon it means that the Moon will be very close to Earth. Happy Super New Moon.  The Total Solar Eclipse will last for around 4 minutes. 

flower orchidsEclipse Energy   An Eclipse hides and reveals things. It reveals what need to come to the light.  It reveals secrets, hidden feelings, as well as, negative and positive emotions. It forces us to look at what needs to be looked at.  It does not care whether or not we are ready to do so or whether or not we want to.  It pushes us to EVOLVE and it pushes us to our own individual private and confidential INTERNAL HUMAN REVOLUTION, which is not always pretty to see, experience or be in.  It forces everyone to look at what they do not want to look at:  family pain, family karma, relationship pain, relationship karma, all forms of abuse (sexual, emotional, physical, mental, spiritual), etc. The Eclipse Energy is a Transformation Energy. What are you going to Transform this year?  What are you going to Transform today?  Eclipse Energy is an EMOTIONAL time and it is even more emotional as it is in Pisces.  Are you ready for intuition to open up and to begin to work with your intuition?  Are you ready to work with the mysteries of the Universe?  Are you ready for the unpredictable emotions you may suddenly feel with this New Moon in Pisces.  Welcome and save journey on your ship over the Waters of Neptune. 

flower pink roseEclipse Quest    An Eclipse invites in an Inner Quest of your Soul.  It says time to look at some questions about YOU.  Forget others and concentrate on YOURSELF. Time to stop blaming others for your inadequacies, failures, etc.   It asks many questions such as:   What family history needs to be looked at and dealt with? What pattern is holding you back?  What pattern is pushing you forward? What energy is fighting to keep you down?  What energy is fighting to lift you up?  What choices have we made that brought us to where we are right now?  Where the choices limitations, obstacles or delays? The Eclipse reveals what needs to be done to heal all this in the Moon Gathering.  As mentioned earlier, setting good Boundaries and Limitations helps to move and guide your life in the direction that is safe and secure for you. 

Solar Eclipse is a time of beginnings.  They always happen on a New Moon.  They bring in new beginnings.  It is a time to start new things, plant new seeds, start new projects and have new experiences. Call forth the DRAGON’S HEAD SOLAR ECLIPSE and bring in your confidence, worth, power and strength. It empowers you to push through what you want in your life.  It brings in expansion in all areas of your life and this expansion will enable you to let go of things and people that no longer serve you.  It will expand your energy and your potential.  Use this time to expand yourself and go deep within in with others in a sacred space for your internal development and expansion.  It enables you to push through and be strong no matter what.  As it embarks on endings it embarks on openings in some cases simultaneously at the same time. What door is opening for you?  What door is closing for you? Allow freshness into your life. 

flower whiteDeclutter Allow freshness into your life.  Start by Decluttering.  Declutter your mind, your home, your thoughts, your body, your spirit, your space, your room, your cupboard, your kitchen, everywhere.  This is very helpful when you are going through chaos.  The chaos is telling you to declutter. 

Signs Omens Synchronicity Symbols Look for the signs, omens, synchronicity and symbols that are happening around you. They help you to relate to the sudden events that disrupt your daily functioning. They help you to understand the chaos of sudden unexpected events that are happening around you – that come out of nowhere – that disturb your peace of mind – that nag at you day and night – that indicate there is something wrong and you have to change.  That call you to pay attention to something that needs to be looked at properly and not put under the carpet. They help you to identify what is important to your happiness and what you need to look at and to attend to.  It demands your conscious and unconscious attention!   This is indeed a ‘busy’ time on all levels.  Can you handle it?  Yes, of course you can.

Water Water everywhereWater Energy   Pisces is a Water sign, like Cancer and Scorpio.  We look at the concept of FLOW in your life.  In life we all need Flow.  We need to Flow in all areas of our lives.  Where is there flow in your life?  Where is there no flow in your life?  What is drowning you?  What is supporting you?  What is keeping you afloat?   How are you flowing in your interaction with others?  The Water Energy of Pisces pushes us to think of FLOW and FLOW-ING and FLOW-ERING.  Can you think of any more healing and empowering FLOW-…. words?  Let me know what you come up with.  Allow yourself to FLOW to this Moon Gathering with Toks xxx

Relationships are important as always. When you are dying you do not want to know how much money you have in your bank.  You want to know who is by your side when you are going.  The number of friends on Facebook or Twitter will not matter.  You look around in your room on your bed and you look for real faces of love and care.  Your relationships in your life DEFINE and DETERMINE the QUALITY of your life.  Be mindful of your relationships.  Gather great relationships. MIND your Relationships. Heal broken relationships that matter to you.  Be MIND-full of your Relationships you keep. Some people are with your for a lifetime, some for a day or two, some for a moment in time and some for a year or two, some for 15 years and more.  Each encounter activates something unique in your experience with each person. There are many types of Relationships. 

  1. flowers bloomingSome Relationships can last from only one Hour to two Years.  Some encounters will leave a lasting happy joyful experience with you and you may never see them again but they have impacted your life – even though you saw them for only a second or two days.  They remind you that you are special and you are valuable and you are worthy.
  2. Some Relationships are for a Life Time like your children and parents. Your family, your husband, wife, partner.  Some of your friends are with you for life and even some work colleagues.
  3. Some Relationships may be Life Lesson Relationships or Purposeful Relationships.  They teach you a lesson and they serve a purpose then the person goes e.g. you may meet a person and have children with the person and separate.  You may do a business together and then when the purpose of the meeting is over you separate.  You are betrayed, let down, shocked or traumatised by a person and they leave. You learn the lesson and you learn to move on.  You may have great sex together and a great relationship and then it ends and there is nothing there anymore.  You hear people saying:  Why can it not go back to how it used to be?  Once the Purpose of the Relationship has been fulfilled the people go. Simple Fact. There is no longer the bond that brought them together.  What was the Purpose of the Relationship?  Where are you teaching a person?  Where are you learning from another? Some people may be there to help you and then they leave. 

Can you identify the different types of Relationships in your life?

my teachersWorking   Invest in your life. Put money in your life.   See your job or work as investing in your life.  Do not say I have a job or I am working. Say I have an Investor.  You invest in your life.  You see your job and your work as you Investing in your life.  You change your mind set. You shift and flow with a new energy and a new mind set.  Create a legacy for yourself.  Set up your own endowment and legacy for your life and your family. Live a living legacy with this New Moon. Make your growth matter. 


Ego  Your Truth and your perception of yourself is designed by you reminding yourself to Love Yourself.  Get a few people to remind you when you are not being True to yourself.  Beware your Hego and your Shego.  All resistance is normal as you struggle with finding your New Self through your personal pain: emotional, physical, mental and spiritual pain.  You have to face them and live in the reality of your own pain because your own pain and overwhelm is your own pain and overwhelm.  Only you can feel what it feels like.  You can try to explain it to others but many will not necessarily understand it – unless they are trained to hear and listen and ‘hear’ what you are not saying though you are saying a lot.  The deep inner work you need for the shifts to happen are personal real and can be overwhelming. Good processing to you all.

What we will cover at the Moon Gathering? 

Mothers DayWe will cover a lot of the above and much more.  Also karma cleansing, transforming Chi and opening your doorway.  You will feel it and you will know it.  Pisces is a Water sign and is all about your FEELINGS and your FEELINGS and your FEELINGS. So the question I ask you is – Is this your feeling or someone else’s feeling or the worlds feeling?  Come find out and know the difference for yourself.  Come feel and experience for yourself the powerful energy that has gathered specially for you. 

  1. We can feel the Galactic Gatherings. 
  2. We can feel the Planets.  We live on one of the Planets called Earth, Mother Earth, Gaia or Pachamama.  We look up to Father Sky where we see the Sun during the day and the Moon that circulates our Planet and lovely Stars that shine at night. We truly are blessed.  When we look at Mother Earth from other planets we look blue and lovely. When we look at Father Sky from Mother Earth we see a galactic vastness of space, time and wonder.
  3. unicornWe can feel the Immortals (Han Hsein-Ku, Chuan Chung-Li, Tsao Kuo-Chiu, Chang Kuo-Lao, Lan Tsai-Ho, Lu Tung-Pin, Ho Hsien-Ku, Li Tieh-Kuai), the Ascendant Masters (Melchizedek, Kuthumi, El Morya, Saint Germain, Jesus, Confucius, Serapis Bey, Djwal Khul, Lord Maitreya), the Angels (Gabriel, Mathew, Michael, Metatron – Enoch), the Druids (Grandmother Turtle, Shaman-Ca), the Native Americans, the Gods (Krishna, Ganesh, Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva, Thoth, Ra, Horus, Osiris) and Goddesses (Quan Yin, Isis, Hathor, Mary, Tara, Saraswati, Durga, Lakshmi), Animal Totems (Elephant, Wolf, Owl, Crocodile, White Tiger, Black Panther, Unicorn, Horse). 
  4. We celebrated Mothers Day, International Woman’s Day, and more. We celebrated the Hindu holiday of Maha Shivaratri on 7 March – this is the Great Night of Shiva.  Shiva Maha Shivratridances a wild COSMIC DANCE of destruction destroying and releasing what no longer serves us.  We let go of heavy baggage karma and we cut the cords.  Shiva cuts the bad karma with a glance.  He is Destroyer and Creator.  Wear light clothes.  Enjoy the slither of the Moon at this time.  We embrace the Zoroastrians on the 26 March.
  5. We will invoke.  We will ask.  We will pray.  We will meditate.  We will visualise.  We will intend. We will.

We can feel the great gathering on this most auspicious of days: a gathering to heal, to contemplate, to plant seed and to nourish. Come join our gathering for this great quantum leap to your happiness, good fortune and longevity. This is a good time to clear blockages to your energy field and allow those long desired goals to manifest and invite in a new door of opportunities and a new way – the Way.

friends smile

Invocation Blessing for the New Moon in Pisces

Shiva Shakti

We Greet You

With the Super New Moon

Journeying Close to Mother Earth

Reminding You of Your Deaths and Dreams

We Greet You

Three Immortals

We Greet You

With the Invisible Light of Life and Death

Radiating Love to the Rejected Parts of You

Gathering Your Fragmented Parts Home to You

We Greet You


We Greet You

With the Primordial Force

Gathering Power to Build and Launch a New You

In the Radiance of the Invisible New Moon

We Greet You

Thailand Beauty

We Greet You

With the New Doorway Revealed

Bowing Gracefully & Thanking Your Old Doorway

Turning Your Back and Looking to the New Doorway

We Greet You


We Greet You

With the Build Up of Change

Swimming in All Directions

Creating Living in the Light through Chaos

We Greet You


We Greet You

With the Total Solar Eclipse

Revealing in the Dark of the Eclipse

Revealing in the Light of the Eclipse

We Greet You


We Greet You

With the Gathering of Insights and Wisdom

Blessings from the Immortals

Blessings from the Collective Unconscious

We Greet You

Dream Catchers

We Greet You

With the Gift of Alchemy Intuition

Inner Knowing Inner Wisdom

Inner Imagination Inner Dreaming

We Greet You

Connecting to Cosmic Energy

We Greet You

With the Cosmic Galaxy Inside You

Your Shining Sun and Moon

In the Darkness of the Void

We Greet You

Now of Toks

We Greet You

With the Power of Water Pisces

Multi-Dimensional Worlds of Flowing Portals

Talking: Symbols Signs Omens Synchronicity

We Greet You


We Greet You

With Your Dance of Life

Deeply Flowing like Water

Breaking Barriers Removing Obstacles

We Greet You


We Greet You

With the Passage of Primordial Time

(The Beginning of Time with Past Present Future)

And No Time (Void SuperNova Black Hole)

Flowing in Unique Unison

We Greet You

Sacred Altar

We Greet You

With the Light Codes Coming In

Moving Beyond Deeper Change

Clearing a Way Forward

We Greet You


We Greet You

Surrounded by Greatness and Peace

Allowing Your Insights and Wisdom

In the Alignment of Your Soul’s Daily Life

We Greet You


We Greet You

With the Magnificence of You

Magnified by the Solar Eclipse

Aligning Your Purposeful Purpose on Earth

We Greet You

we greet you

We Greet You

We Greet You

We Greet You

Channelled be Toks Beverley Coker for the Super New Moon in Pisces 9 March 2016


"If my life is going to mean anything, I have to live it myself." William Shakespeare

"Do you refuse to speak to me?" Pilate said, "Don’t you realise I have the power to free you or crucify you?" Jesus answered, "You would have no power over me if it were not given to you from above." Gospel of John 19:10-11

"Between what is said and not meant, and what is meant and not said, most love is lost." Khalil Gibran

“Together we create magic.  Together we grow into our own leadership wisdom.  Together we merge in the alchemy deep within.  Together we succeed.” Toks Coker


  1. Every morning say 10 things you are grateful for before you get out of bed.
  2. Every 6 months Measure your Relationship on a scale of 1-10? Your relationship with your family, partner, son, daughter, etc.
  3. Nourish the people who support you and spend quality time with them.
  4. Be a Rainbow in your life. What does being a Rainbow mean? Be a Rainbow in someone else’s life?
  5. Enjoy the Spiralling Rainbow Hoops cleansing and healing your Aura: Giving you hope  How does it make you feel?  Thank you Yanni for sharing this with us on this New Moon.  How very kind of you.  You are a treasure trove of kindness. Love Toks xxxx
  6. Mirror Work: What does Mirror Work mean? Who are you mirroring that reflects the GREATNESS and GENIOUS OF YOU.  Sit at the feet of your elders, your mentors, who have time and wisdom.  Do not count the number of times you have been knocked down.
  7. Love and Honour Yourself. Write the Lies and Truths you tell yourself.  Watch how your energy changes in this exercise. 
    1. What lies do you tell yourself? Write them down over 5 pages or more.  You can going to feel like crap in this exercise.  Write the Lies you tell yourself in BLACK pen e.g.  I will never be sexy.  I will never get married. I am not good to be wife material.  I am ugly.  I am not attractive.
    2. Write the Truth of each Lie in RED pen EVEN if you do not believe it yet.  e.g. I am beautiful.  I am sexy.  I am growing younger everyday.  I am wonderful.  I acknowledge myself.   I am divinely designed in Gods unique beauty.
    3. Read the Lies and the Truths everyday for 7 days. 
    4. On the 8th Day take a BLACK pen and erase all the Lies.  You are just left with the TRUTH.
    5. Read the RED writing. Your NEW TRUTH. It stands out more.  What you tell yourself as you honour and love yourself.
  8. What feelings empower you now. Write yourself a LOVE LETTER. Let your heart expand.   Use the following topics: WHAT I LOVE MOST ABOUT YOU – WHAT I VALUE YOU FOR – WHAT I VALUE ABOUT YOU – WHAT I ADMIRE ABOUT YOU THE MOST – WHAT I HONOUR YOU FOR – THANK YOU FOR BEING.
  9. What is your definition of Greatness? For me the definition of Greatness is Using pain to build greatness.

Sitting with the Immortals

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        I give free Distant Healing / Remote Viewing on the day of the New Moon and Full Moon to those who ask. Put all your HEALING REQUESTS on my Hands of Light Healing Fan Page.  You can leave a comment there anytime you want; and you can post under the healing posts your feelings and thoughts.  All posts should be respectful, and loving to everyone reading the healing page.  Thank you for your kind consideration and for LIKING

        As a qualified teacher and practitioner I teach Indian Head Massage, Crystal Healing, Spiritual Healing and Happiness.  I teach EFT, Positive EFT, and Emotrance.  I will be teaching some aspects of the Tao philosophy, Fusion of the Five Elements: Forming the Pakuas and Pearl, Cosmic Fusion: Fusion of the Eight Forces, Fusion of the Eight Psychic Channels: Opening and Sealing Psychics Channels. Iron Shirt Chi Kung 1: Rooting Cosmic Internal Energy, Cosmic Sounds: Sounds that Heal, Cosmic Inner Smile: Smiling Heals the Body, Tan Tien Chi Kung: Empty Force, Perineum Power and the Second Brain, Cosmic Orbit: Connect the Cosmos to Inner Orbit, Lesser Kan and Li: Enlightenment and Birth of the Immortal Fetus, Tao Yin and Healing Love.

        1:1 Alchemical Sessions

        I offer private and confidential 1:1 sessions that cover a variety of topics and life issues.  I do various types of intuitive spiritual readings and channelling in my work.  I am qualified in various modalities (e.g. Life Coaching, Spiritual Coaching, Time Line Therapy, NLP, Healing Massage and more) so I am capable of serving with integrity and power.  Allow me to help you and support you. 

      • Donate to Charity: RNIB   I am raising funds for the blind. If you can, please donate to RNIB. THANK YOU


        Feel free to pass on my work, and share my posts.  If you use any of my work, or my pictures, please give me the credit due by referencing me and links. Thank you.



      With Celestial Blessings and Love Toks xxxxxxx

      © Toks Coker

      New Year of the Red Fire Monkey 8 Feb 2016

      see hear speak do

      Welcome to the wonderful inspiring 8 February, when we celebrate a New Moon and New Year.




      Energy of Now:  Number 9,  Positive Monkey,  Negative Monkey, Expansion in Monkey Year

      Happy New You

      Playful Friendships  One of the wonderful qualities of Monkeys is their ability to gather with friends and play around and have fun.  Monkeys are playful, intelligent and curious.  I love the playful energy of Jutta and Koko in the above picture. What animals could they be?  Could they be monkeys, dragons, eagles, galactic aliens or what?  What are they saying to you with their lovely smiles? The picture is a very Monkey picture.  It seems the right picture to start this Alchemical Blog with.  I think I captured something special in this shot.  Both are martial artists.  Both are teachers.  Both have lovely Souls and Spirits.  Both are my new friends here in Tao Gardens, Thailand, where Jutta is a Senior Teacher.  I am enjoying learning and growing with my new friends.  Thank you Jutta.  Thank you Koko.

      Welcome Welcome in your energetic life force with this wonderful New Moon and Monkey New Year.  Welcome in your passion, your livelihood and your Self.  Welcome to great energy, great belief, great sensations, great realisations, great breakthroughs and great moments in time.  Welcome to your intelligence, your acute sensitivity and vulnerability.  Welcome to the great passions in you and for you. Welcome to the first New Moon in 2016.

      Cold Weather  Here, in Thailand, we have many red lanterns up in the streets, flower festivals, happy faces and delicious food to share and celebrate the Chinese New Year.  I have personally experienced climate change here.  This year, Thailand reported snow for the first time.  I have been wearing my winter clothes here! This has been a shock to many people studying here.   I see a lot of colds, coughs, fever and illness around me with this weather change.  There is no heating in the apartments as this is not a place for winter.  I wonder how many people died during this cold spell.  I pray for them and the loved ones they left for them. This climate change is the effect of man interfering with Mother Nature; and as we all know; there are always consequences. 

      This we know; the earth does not belong to man; man belongs to the earth. This we know. All things are connected like the blood which unites one family. All things are connected. Chief Seattle. 


      A Darkness There is so much darkness out there consuming our Souls and Spirit fed by lower worldly emotions; such as greed, animality, jealousy, stupidity, hatred, fear and anger.  These emotions create a ripple effect of doubt, fear and guilt.  They create behaviour that is unkind, cruel and wicked.  We see the need to strike someone down just for the fun of it.  We see the stronger killing the weaker.  We see someone taking another persons reputation and spoiling it.  We see a world ruled by pleasure in all advertising.  We see a world inflicting evil actions, words, thoughts and deeds driven by the need to win at all costs.  We see a world where all these emotions cause so much stress, anxiety, worry, frustrations and dis-empowerment.  In the newness of time let us look at the darkness around us and in us. 

      love respect loveA Newness  We enter the New Moon with the energy of Aquarius which loves to take care of Man, share knowledge and expand ones Spirit and Soul through respect for Nature and Life.  We greet you with your awakening, your consciousness and your inner knowing. There is a wash over like a wave or waterfall that cleanses you leaving you vulnerable, tired and needing rest. It is like you are burning inside out and you are.  You are being cleansed inside out.  This is all good. It is all part of the newness revealing itself.  It is saying to you: “Do not worry.  All this will pass.  You will survive. You are protected.  You are safe.”  Allow your Alchemical Resurrection of Your True Self.  Allow you to be you.  Allow you to evolve.  Allow your human revolution.  Allow your challenges to help you through your challenges!  Allow both good and bad.  Allow your optimum quantum transformation this year starting with this New Moon and Year of the Fire Monkey.

      Radio  In my Radio interview with Sara Troy, which aired for a week, I talk about the Energy of Now and various  emotions we go through.  Let’s make an effort to be more that we ever thought possible. You can download the stream: 

      Magnitude of Life2016


      999This year, 2016, (2+0+1+6=9), is a 9 year. 

      Monkey is the 9th Chinese Animal in Chinese Astrology.

      9 is 3×3=9.  It is the all powerful 3×3.  It is triple 3 (333). 

      1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8=36           36=3+6=9

      9 represents many positive things.  It is Completions. Fulfilment.  Ambition.  Beginning.  Ending.  Celestial Number.  Angelic Number.  Compassion.  Deep Awareness.  Giving and Receiving. Exchange of Energy.  Generosity.  Celestial Power.  Angelic Power.  Allowing.  Blending.  Attainment. Supreme Spiritual Power.  Foundation.  Truth. Tolerance. Expansion.  Expanded Awareness.

      9 represents many positive actions to take to achieve what you want.  It is Letting Go in order to Move Forward.  It is Reflecting on your past to make this year the most powerful and successful of your life.  It is the time to observe your life and be mindful of your thoughts, actions and speech.  It is the Number of Communication helping you to express with confidence and courage.  It is a number of expression and action.  It causes and calls for shifts in thinking and action – a time for change that serves and empowers. 9 is a calling from across the distant shore asking you to look at your tears and see your fears and know your fears will pass away. It is a calling from afar that indicates a new beginning and a new journey.  How has your journey begun in 2016?

      doctorinner smileinner smile with treesexy

      Examples of Numerology of Nine (9)

      1. Obama’s full name equals out to 999 (Heart – Vowels 9; Expression – Consonant 9; Personality – Heart & Expression 9).
      2. Hebrew Nine is Pure Intelligence (eight was Perfect Intelligence ). Also represents Truth, since it reproduces itself when multiplied.
      3. Kabbalistic Nine symbolizes Foundation.
      4. Hindu Nine is the number of Agni, Fire. The square of the nine forms the mandala of eighty-one squares and leads to, and encloses the Universe.
      5. Pythagorean Nine The nine is the limit of all numbers, all others existing and coming from the same. i.e.: 0 to 9 is all one needs to make up an 9infinite amount of numbers.
      6. Oya’ Nine, daughter of Yemaya, Great Sea Mother, has 9 children (Egungun and four sets of twins). Her number is 9.  Her other symbols are Fire and Water.  She holds a sword of truth or a machete and a flywhisk.  The Water Buffalo is her animal totem. Oya is an Orisha. She is a Warrior Goddess and is very fiery.  She hates lies and deceit and will strike you down if you lie to her. She is the Oracle of Change. She changes energy wherever she is.  She is a passionate bringer of change and loves ceremony and rituals.  She clears the old way to make room for the new way.  She watches over the newly dead and moves them on to the light.  She is between life and death.  Goddess of Spirit Communication.  Goddess of Clairvoyance.  Goddess of psychic abilities, intuition and rebirth.  She is Great Mother of the Elders of the Night (Witches).  She is wife to Shango, God of Thunder, who had 3 wives Oshun and Oba. A good business woman she is shrewd with money. She forgets nothing. 

      Allow 9  Allow more knowledge into your life.  Let the newness of knowledge fill you with music and hope.  Let the eagerness to learn and to be more than you  fill you with inner contentment and joy.  Allow the concepts you evolve within, take shape; and in the experiencing, is your knowing.  Allow your communicating with words and actions express who you are.  Allow your relating to others to evolve.  Do something amazing. Gift a flower to someone to express your appreciation to them.  Give a hug from your pure heart.  Embrace another with a nose kiss.  Allow your own evolvement and innovation in your communicating.


      happy happy friendsToks with Eva Goldhappy friends


      strong monkey

      MONKEYS, in Chinese mythology, are metal & water creatures.

      METAL is connected to GOLD. Monkey, Chicken and Dog are Metal.

      waterWATER is connected to WISDOM and DANGER. Be careful and do not rush or leap suddenly to make changes in your life.

      The Chinese New Year is a time to start afresh, like the New Moon. It is a time of celebration with family and friends in China.  It is a time to gather and to forgive and to bless one another. 

      Negative Monkey

      Three Monkeys and a Bag   I watched three clever Monkeys quietly approach a lady resting with her bag at the Monkey Forest in Bali.  Two concentrate on her bag. One sits on her shoulder and pulls at her bag.  Another tugs at her bag.  You can see the older Monkey showing the young Monkey what to do quietly.  Monkey energy is naughty, fun and light.  It can also be annoying, controlling and hard, taking what does not belong to it. Then they sit looking innocent.  Monkeys are good at causing trouble and getting themselves out of trouble with an innocent look and easy charm.

      3 monkeysbag plan

      taking baglooking in bagignoring you

      Negative Monkey is restless, rebellious, aggressive, intrusive, controlling, stubborn and tricky. Monkey like taking risks and jumping from one thing to another. They can cause chaos and abandon ship at will! They can be quick and change their minds easily.

      Monkey can be lazy and strategic in waiting to take an opportunity away from you and make it their own. They can be suspicious, manipulative and egotistical.

      Very competitive, Monkey likes to show off and be snobbish. I have felt the Monkey snobbishness personally and it is not nice.  However, because I am aware of this trait in Monkey, I let it ride over my lovely golden feathers. 

      When I watch Monkeys I am always fascinated by their selfishness, arrogance, self-importance and vanity. The fascination always turns to admiration at their intelligence and vast knowledge. However it is important for Monkey not to become too egotistical, arrogant and rude and disrespectful to self and others!

      MONKEYMonkeys are aggressive and confrontational and need to learn to channel their negative traits and habits to positive to stop Monkey’s downward spiral and hatred for life.

      Monkeys need to learn to think before acting so quickly and abruptly. They need to learn a bit of patience. I have never seen a patient Monkey; no that is wrong; I have seen Monkeys wait patiently and grab hats and glasses off people with the speed of light and lightning. Not funny when it happens to you.

      As mentioned earlier, Monkeys can be competitive, making them jealous and envious. He needs to be the leader and the top of the class. He loves to be on top of the Christmas tree.

      He loves to leap from tree to tree, from place to place, taking whatever he fancies without asking. The need to be the best and the centre of an operation can be overbearing and lead to chronic illness. Be careful and mindful of this restlessness in 2016.

      Monkey can be manipulative using their social friendly behaviour to get what they want from you and others. He has very poor opinion of others under his cheerful exterior.  He feels superior to others around him and sometimes does not understand why he has to be around them! He really feels superior. Watch a Monkey move and watch the arrogance, the superior air, the superior arrogance and the superior way Monkey outsmarts everyone with fast movement, sound and mind. MONKEY1Observe the disdain and vanity. Monkey is sly and can be great liars.

      They seek a peace that they never get as they are constantly restless and searching for something new to do and to occupy their minds. This restless in Monkey affects the Mind, Body and Spirit. Monkeys can take risks of all kinds – that affect loyalty in business, finances, relationships, and social interactions.

      They can talk a bit too much and tire people out by talking too much. Monkey will fall easily in love and get tired easily and look for another easily forgetting the one behind. Monkey is not a stable personality. Monkey likes to get the best deal. They can be insecure and depressive. They can be tricksters, erratic and mischievous.

      ENOUGH of the Negative let us look at the Positive.

      Positive Monkey

      bali monkeyPositive Monkey is friendly, inclusive, inquisitive, creative, inventive, intelligent, agile, pro-active and action-taking.

      They are wonderful at inspiring others and making them believe in their dreams and gathering followers and inspiring others to lead their own individual dreams.

      They believe in everything they do and they do what they do because they believe in it. It does not always work and it surprises them as much as those around.

      They lift themselves up and focus on a new project and a new venture. They are never down for long. Monkey is high spirited and social. They are cheerful, charismatic, and happy. This draws people to them and helps to get them out of any rut they may find themselves in.

      They are always ready to stand up and fight for what they believe in. Monkeys are good at taking action with confidence and courage. They have a fearless streak that is contagious and inspires great change and great adventure. They are intelligent, ferocious and optimistic.

      They are great motivators, quick witted and quick with their minds. All the Monkeys I know are sociable – when it suits them. They need quiet private moments.  Watch a Monkey and you will see it sit alone away from others or sit alone with others around it.  It will not interact.  It is thinking, relaxing and resting.  It is feeding itself with silence and nourishing motherChildits mind.

      They have great leadership skills and love to create an EMPIRE around them.  They love to teach and show off. And they do teach beautifully as they are so full of knowledge.

      They love family and want to be seen as inventive and inquisitive and loving as a child.  They love freedom and family at the same time and in the same way. They are fiercely loyal to those they love.  When Monkey loves Monkey loves.  When Monkey does not love Monkey does not love.

      Monkeys are good ACTION takers. They work with the Energy of Now – Energy of Today – the Energy of THIS DAY.  Living and enjoying the present if very important to the alert loving Monkey. 

      Monkey is active and loves movement and moving from one thing to another. Monkeys love social gatherings where they like to shine and be the centre of attention. They are gregarious, happy, jovial, romantic, and optimistic and can be caring. What Monkey loves Monkey loves.

      Monkeys are great communicators and great orators. They make great leaders. They love to nurture and to build and support. In a position of power they will empower those who work with them and for them.

      happy new year of monkeyMonkeys can be great strategists.  Monkeys love reading and improving their knowledge and being up to date on technology, innovations and everything that is going on in the world. They love to be cultured, educated and explore new ways and new things.

      Monkeys are diplomatic and charming. Monkeys are lucky and always find a way back on top. They also know the ‘right’ people to help them get back on top. Their intelligence and quick mind helps them in tricky situations.

      Monkey can laugh at him/herself and this ability helps pull Monkey through tight situations.

      Monkey loves making money, spending money and living the high life – and it suits them. His friendly charm makes him a great strategist and a great risk taker to be with.

      An inquisitive mind always keeps Monkey alert and alive and awake. Monkey loves living life passionately and fully.  They are daring, inquisitive and social.  They are good at multi-tasking and are good with their hands. 

      EXPANSION  in Monkey Year

      welcomeHere are some wonderful positive words to describe the Monkey Year:

      Vitality.    Inventive.     Creative.     Ambitious.     Learn and Learn Well.    Eloquent.    Yang.    Handsome.   Beautiful.    Charming.    Stylish.     Intense.     Wellbeing.     Great Motivation.     Personal Well Being.    Vision Quest.      New Energies.     Focused.     New Better Routines.      Resourceful.    Goal.    Achievements.   Innovative.    Fast Speed!   Exuberance.      Laughter.     Playful.     Seeing on the Horizon.   Crossings.    Active Active Active.    MOVE: do PHYSICAL EXERCISE.

      A Monkey Year is a year of expansion and invention and great survival and great blessings. Monkey like doing new things and learning new things. Where will expansion happen in your life?

      What will you learn and do that is new this year? How will you expand your business? How will you open your heart? How will you express your life this year?   What do you really want in 2016?  What do you really need in 2016? What do you really want to share in 2016?  What do you really want to succeed in, in 2016?  What risks are you ready to take in 2016 to make your ideas happen?  The Year of Monkey is the year you use all you have to create something new and powerful for yourself and for others. How will you make this year different from previous years? THIS is the great question for Monkey Year.


      Mantak and Toks

      Today, I am in Thailand with the Legend and Great Grand Master Mantak Chia, doing his Winter Retreat, a blessing from the Immortals.  I am learning a lot here. I would recommend you coming to share this space and wisdom with him.

      I know two fabulous Monkeys:  Mantak Chia and Roger Hamilton. They are both family men. They have built around them an Empire.  They have a wonderful gathering of people around them.  They are both intelligent, powerful, handsome, charming and empowering.  They give with joy and charm.  They are excellent teachers and motivators.  They love empowering others with their knowledge.  When they love they love. When they do not love they do not love.  I have also experienced them being strict and true to their mission.

      I personally love and admire them.  Both men have brought something wonderful into my life and have helped me tremendously.  I have been to both their beautiful empires and met their family: Roger in Bali and Mantak in Thailand. Both received me with warmth, love and respect.

      Thank you Roger Hamilton.  Thank you Mantak ChiaMore on Mantak Chia 

      Mantak healingJosefine Eva Mantak Mantak as always teaching

      Capturing Happy Moments of Life

      Here are some happy pictures I thought I would share that capture the preciousness of the Immortals and the people gathered here in Thailand.  I hope you enjoy them and they bring you some laughter, smiles, joy and happiness.

      These 4 pictures captures me and Carmen celebrating our passing our evaluation: 6 Healing Sounds and Inner Smile. 

      I passedWe passedjoyfulfriendship

      Here are some more happy moments that touched my life here in Thailand.  Being hugged for being me.  Experiencing my first Jade Egg in me with Jutta and Josefine.  Meeting Dr Angelo Longo.  Being kissed by two gorgeous young men!  Please enjoy my Invocation Blessing to the World.  Love Toks xxxx

      hugsJutta Toks Josefine JADE EGGAngela ToksSam Toks Koko

      Invocation Blessing for the New Moon in Aquarius

      8 February 2016

      strengthgathering of forces

      We Greet You

      With the Cold Winter Season

      Hibernating and Growing at Once

      Gathering Forces of Strength

      We Greet You

      Corrina Tan Toks

      We Greet You

      With a Cup of Tea

      Welcoming You Home to Yourself

      In the Gathering Around You

      We Greet You

      flowering newness

      We Greet You

      With the Flowering Greatness of You

      Announcing Your Arrival at the Portal of Light

      A New Opening and A New Beginning

      We Greet You


      We Greet You

      With the Stand of the Monkey

      Playfully Connecting to You

      Holding You in the Light

      We Greet You

      Happy New You

      We Greet You

      With the Powerful Bounce of Laughter

      Exuberating Radiating

      Joyful Abundance

      We Greet You

      Walter Jutta Josefine Marakot

      We Greet You

      With the Gift of Teaching

      Teaching with Wisdom and Courage

      Anchoring Great Learning

      We Greet You

      perfection of balance male female

      We Greet You

      With Balance and Unity

      Creating Joy Love and Compassion Together

      In the Tree of Life

      We Greet You


      We Greet You

      With the Flow of Mother Nature

      Rooting You with Flow Innovation & Creation

      Stable and Relaxed in Your Movements in Life

      We Greet You

      gracious life

      We Greet You

      With the Graciousness of Life

      Stimulating Your Courage

      Improving Your Experiment in Refinement

      We Greet You

      health wealth longevity

      We Greet You

      With the Golden Buddha

      Liberating Out-Dated Dogma & Beliefs

      Blessing You with Health Wealth Longevity

      We Greet You

      joyful expressions of life

      We Greet You

      With Your Joyful Expressions of Life

      Announcing to Yourself and the World

      Your Success with Gratitude to the Universe

      We Greet You


      We Greet You

      With Cheek Kisses of Gorgeousness

      Making Refined Connections

      Freeing Great Laughter and Joy

      We Greet You

      nose kisses

      We Greet You

      With Nose Kisses of Friendship

      Honouring Each Other

      Revering Breathe Sacredness

      We Greet You

      nose kiss

      We Greet You

      With Nose Kisses of Gratitude

      Gifting Flowers of Love, Support and Protection

      Feeling Great Thankfulness

      We Greet  You

      we greet you

      We Greet You

      We Greet You

      We Greet You

      Channelled by Toks Beverley Coker for the New Moon & the Chinese New Year on 8 February 2016

      flower of love

      New Moon in Capricorn 10 January 2016

      Happy New Moon in Capricorn

      Happy Birthday Capricorn

      Steps to Success

      StarSunday 10 January StarNew Moon & Sun in Capricorn Star01:31 GMT (1.31am) London StarElement – Earth StarDetails HERE: Venue: Violet Hill Studios Star

      9 DAYS  We are 9 days into the New Year.  Our minds have moved from one situation to another.  Our emotions have ranged from extreme emotions to no emotion.  Our feelings have been stretched to WOW feelings.  Our bodies have been fed and nourished to extremes.  Our hearts and souls have been activated to cope with the life in which we each find ourselves. 

      12 MONTHS  There are 12 months in 2016 and each month will bring something wonderful for you. Climb the steps of your life to achieve a great 2016, to ride the waves and storms that come; knowing you are really living and loving, while being protected. 

      New Moon with Toks Coker

      PRACTICAL   Now we enter the New Moon in Capricorn.  A time for looking at practical aspects of life.  A time to look at our money issues and situation. A practical realistic thing to do is to set goals and have goals.  If  you do not like the word – goal – then replace it with any of the following words that resonate with you: vision, intension, desire, wish, hope or mission or whatever word feels right for you. The choice, as always, is yours. 

      BEATEN  New Moon in Capricorn says let us look at where we have been beaten and let us rise up determined and strong to succeed.  We can do this be turning our focus on what we would like to manifest in our practical reality.  Refusing to be defeated or beaten we rise and we rise and we rise. The need to look at all aspects of your life is important.

      RELATIONSHIP  The longing for a loving relationship is also a big steering with this New Moon.  Really look at your relationships: are they caring and supportive of where you want to go? Capricorn calls in your reflection on a deep level. Capricorn wants to be loved in a stable AND secure way.

      POSITIVE  I love Capricorn sense of reason, purpose, culture and tradition.  I love the sense of duty and achievement it brings with it.  The Goat never gives up.  Slowly, easily focused and determined, the Goat climbs up the hill or mountain, and gets to the top.  Like the story of the Tortoise and the Hare, the Goat, like the Tortoise, wins the Hare in the race. You do not expect the slow Tortoise to win the fast Hare, and it happens. This is a story of being slow and stead to achieve your goals.  Making sure your roots are secure and strong and deeply rooted.  It is having a sound foundation for one’s life. Do you have a sound foundation for your life?

      healing the desert of your life and in your lifeDESERTS  How do we know what work we need on ourselves?  Looking at the deserts in your life and the deserts of your life, is so important to understanding where work has to be done on yourself.  I know many methods to help your nourish your life in many ways.  Coming to the Moon Gatherings is one way of nourishing your life. Some deserts can be nurtured and some cannot.  Knowing the difference is crucial to healing yourself or the situation.

      INNER WORK  There is a lot of inner transformation and inner change happening that is not easy to explain or understand with this New Year energy.  There is also a lot of knowing and a not-knowing where we are going.  What I am noticing is a deep knowing that you are going to get there and achieve something wonderful this New Year 2016.  We may not know how we will achieve our greatness but we will.  This is what the New Moon in Capricorn is about – achieving our greatness.

      helloFRUITFUL  For me all these challenges come to make fruitful times and all the challenges are flowing to create fruitful growth, fruitful value, fruitful creativity and fruitful transformation and transition. It is as if the challenges are testing us and forcing us to reflect, re-examine ourselves, look at our reality and look at the way we live and communicate and interact with others.  Looking at the unpleasant aspects of you is not funny or easy.  It is a challenge worthy of undertaking.  In the undertaking of the challenge is the underlining victory and expansion of your True Alchemical Self.

      9_thumb19 NINE   2016 is a Nine Year. (2+0+1+6=9).  I will be holding a 9:9:9 workshop on 9 September from 7pm-10pm at Violet Hill Studios.  Put that in your diary.  2016, a 9 Year, is also the Year of the Monkey, whose number is 9.  I will be posting more on this soon.  Also 2016 is a year of expansion and innovation and seeing a bigger picture and looking at things in a different way.  9 is about cosmic expansion and opening yourself out to a more cosmic expansion and perspective. Are you ready for this?  Let us find new ways to expand our lives. 

      PORTAL ENTRY  In our New Year Opening and Entry Portal we all experienced such joy and exuberance and we were told that the first 3 days would be very important, as would be the next 7 days.  As we are led with grace to the New Moon in Capricorn on 10 January what have you noticed in your life in the past few days before this New Moon?  That has been positive and empowering?  You can read more about the Portal, New Year Invocation, Testimonials, etc. by clicking here: New Year Portal.

      Turn your backLETTING GO   What is it that stops us letting go and turning our back on pain and suffering?  What is it that makes us want to hold on to all this negative pain and suffering?  Considering we are older, and a lot of bad things happened in the past, and when we are young, why is it so difficult, (with all our age, wisdom, knowledge and learning) to release all this pain?  We keep doing the workshop, doing our homework and reading all the right books and still we are in toxic relationships, toxic work experiences and live in a toxic environment.  Whys is this so saying goodbyedifficult for us?  Do we just like to stand and watch ourselves as we live in the suffering and pain?  Do we enjoy this continuous confusion?  Is this what makes live move round and round? Is this negative repetitive treadmill your life?  Without pain would we know the power of happiness?  Sometimes saying Goodbye is the best thing to do.  What are you saying Goodbye to?  What have you said Goodbye to? What do you need to say Goodbye to?

      REFLECT  The New Moon in Capricorn asks us to reflect on our life and look at what we have let go of in the past year and what we are embracing now.  What new things have you experienced this New Year?  What new gifts have you received that you did not expect to receive?  How have your interactions changed this New Year?  What precision have you noticed?  What confidence have you developed this year – in the past 9 days?  Welcome to the Magic of Capricorn and the lovely sliver crescent of the New Moon.  It really IS a good time to make the effort to go out of your comfort zone and do something magical like attend a Sacred Alchemical Moon Gathering. Everything start with one step at a time.  One step in front and then the other step.  How are you going to step boldly living your life?

      blessings of love

      Invocation Blessing for the New Moon in Capricorn

      channelled by Toks Beverley Coker


      We Greet You

      With Your Seeding a New Beginning

      New Moon in Capricorn

      Serious and Steady

      We Greet You

      u cannot c me

      We Greet You

      With Your Responsibilities

      Helping You to Stand Strong

      In the Stages of Your Life

      We Greet  You


      We Greet You

      With the Wonder of You

      Welcoming Your Newness

      In the Defined Preciousness of You

      We Greet You

      New Moon

      We Greet You

      With the Wisdom of Capricorn

      Remembering Rearranging Reflecting

      Reviewing Recharging Renewing

      We Greet You

      Happy New Year January 2016

      We Greet You

      With the Joy of Colour

      Healing Your Past: Releasing Your Burdon

      Liberating Mind Body Spirit on Earth

      We Greet You

      peek a boo

      We Greet You

      With the Gift of Magical Happy Surprises

      Full of Healing Laughter and Joy

      Echoing Sounds of Crystals Bliss

      We Greet You


      We Greet You

      With Your Inner Resolve

      Anointing Your 9 Mind in Your 9 Year

      Opening Great Focus and Determination

      We Greet You

      fossilsed wood

      We Greet You

      With Blessings from Mother Earth

      Your Inner Wealth through Inner Resource

      Your Inner Stability through Inner Research

      We Greet You

      new year present

      We Greet Yu

      With Great Gratitude

      Deep Within Your Being

      For all Your Gifts Received: THANK YOU

      We Greet You


      We Greet You

      With Your Letting Go’s

      Your Talking and Not Talking

      Your Good Byes and Your Forgiveness’s

      We Greet You

      presents of love

      We Greet You

      With Your Specific Gifts

      Allowing Them to Take Seed: Seeding Seeding Seeding

      Nurturing Them with Care and Precision

      We Greet You

      glowing light

      We Greet You

      With the Sacred Power of Love

      Empowering Your Life

      Improving Your Essence

      We Greet You


      We Greet You

      With Your Grounding Energy

      Spinning Down to Ground You

      Anchoring You in Your Power

      We Greet  You

      Eva Young Pictures

      We Greet You

      With the 2016 Moon Portals

      Illuminating Your Potential

      Finding and Living Your Amazing Life

      We Greet You

      healing with Toks

      We Greet You

      With the Empire of Healing Love

      Nourishing Your Soul Goddess/God Power

      Creating Healing Living Hearts of Joy

      We Greet You

      blessings of love

      We Greet You

      With the Blessings of Love

      Cosmic Healing Pouring Down on You

      Divine Magnet of Healing Love

      We Greet You

      We Greet You from Nigeria & Japan

      We Greet You

      We Greet You 

      We Greet You

      Channelled by Toks Beverley Coker for the New Moon in Capricorn 10 Jan 2016

      relax in your busy schedule

      Remember to relax as you journey through your busy schedule. Read a book, book a holiday, listen to music, go to the gym, dance, garden, have a massage, etc. Remember to take time out for yourself to heal your mind, body and spirit.  Remember you are a Divine Being of Light, worthy of respect and worthy of love.   Remember you are loved and you are precious too.  You are the treasure you are looking for.  Everything you want is inside of you.  Just take a look deep inside of you and you will find it.  Better still attend one of Toks Alchemical Moon Gatherings to help you.  Always a benefit and an inspiration. Legion of Light Patric

      AFFIRMATION:  I am a Highly Effective Person

      BOOK: 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Steven Covey

      1. Be Proactive: Take responsibility for your own life.
      2. Begin with the end in mind: Have a Goal.
      3. Put first things first: Prioritise
      4. Think win win or no deal.
      5. Understand: Seek first to understand and then to be understood. Empathy. Communicate.
      6. Synergy: The whole is greater than some of its part. Team work. Creative co-operation.
      7. Self-renewal: Sharpen the saw: self-maintenance.
      8. Distinctive: Find your own distinctive voice and encourage others to find theirs.

      clear quartz

      Radio Show on 26 January

      Listen to my radio interview with Sara Troy on January 26 Click for details: Energy of Now

      Services Toks Coker

      Toks Coker

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      thank you xx

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      Radio Show on 26 January

      Listen to my radio interview with Sara Troy on January 26 Click for details: Energy of Now

      New Year Portal Entry 31 December 2015

      Hello Legions of Light

      HAPPY 2016

      Wishing You a Happy New Year Entry Portal into 2016

      and a Very Very Happy New Year 2016

      Welcome to the

      NEW YEAR ENTRY PORTAL GATHERING 31 Dec at 10pm Lovely Gathering  and Invocation below


      WELCOME to your Future. Are you wanting to enter the New Year surrounded by people who want to do so peacefully and in a sacred way? Well, I am holding a New Year Entry Portal Gathering on 31 December 2015 from 10:00pm to 01:00am on 1 January 2016.  Arrive at 10pm for a 10:30pm start.  Join me in holding a Powerful New Year Entry Portal for 2016.  Full details are below.

      When you journey through the Portal of Light leaving 2015 behind and walking into 2016 you create a wonderful feeling of confidence and joy.

      SMUDGING 2015

      When The New Year Arrives, It Brings New Hopes, New Plans, New Efforts, New Feelings, New Commitments, New Responsibility, New Ideas, New Aims, New Dreams which produce New Achievements, New Inspiration, New Strength, New Abundance, New Creativity, New Wealth, New Wisdom, New Beginnings, New Foundations, New Growth, New Success, New Energy, New Confidence, New Happiness, New Completions, New Insights and New Newness. YOU open Your Life and Heart to receive Everything Waiting for You, for us to Make Your Life Better.

      This is what the New Year Portal Gathering does for You. It opens You to Receive, to Engage, to Love and to Give. Would be great to see you there.

      Wishing you a Great, Blissful, Healthy, Bright, Delightful, Energetic, Prosperous and extremely Happy New Year 2016

      Love LEGION OF LIGHT Toks x

      new year portal 2016



        A Gathering of Empowerment.  A Gathering of Knowing.  A Gathering of Value.  A Gathering of Life. A Gathering to Bring Light into the Darkest Hours of Your Soul.  A Gathering to Heal.  A Gathering to Fly.  A Gathering of Now.  A Gathering of Yourself.  A Gathering of Your Experiences.  A Gathering of Your Lessons.  A Gathering of Ritual and Ceremony.  A Gathering for Ritual and Ceremony. 


        The Ceremony will begin at 10pm on Thursday 31st December 2015 and it will finish at 1am on Friday 1st January 2016.


        Please bring with you a NEW YEAR PRESENT to gift one person. We will then close our eyes and start the New Year with a present from Spirit.  I am asking everyone to bring a New Year gift (worth £5-10) to give away.  We will each Gift a Present. We will each Receive a Present.


        Please bring something to share – offering of food and drinks (food with no pork please). We will bring delicious food to share together, after having offered it to the Sacred Altar.

        WEAR WHITE

        Please wear white – You can change when you get to my flat. White is a spiritual colour of power and light.


      • We will create a Powerful Portal so that we will walk out of 2015 empowered and ready to face the wonderful unknown of 2016.

      • We will choose to celebrate with Sacred Ritual, Prayer and Invocation Blessings. It will be both a collective and individual experience.

      • We will ignite a powerful vortex of healing that will leave you happy and connected, to yourself and to each other.

      • It will be a real joyful experience of presence to treasure for everyone that is present.

      • We will Call in Our Power and Claim It.

      • We will each Gift a Present.

      • We will each Receive a Present.

      • We will have a great time together as we celebrate our individual and collective transitioning into 2016.

      • We will sing, dance, laugh, hug and heal ourselves and each other!

      • We will leave empowered, confident, strong and focused ready for 2016.


      I will be Channelling and bringing down the precise energy for 2016 for each person present….and much more…


      I am doing the New Year Entry Portal Ceremony 31 Dec 2015 at 10pm to raise money for the Royal National Institute of Blind People, (RNIB), because they do such great work helping people.  In order to attend, please make a generous donation to the Royal National Institute of the Blind as I would like to raise money for them through this gathering. THANK YOU in advance for DONATING to RNIB by clicking on this link: DONATE WITH JOY  Pay CASH at the door and I will put the money into RNIB on your behalf.  Thank you. Please feel free to donate even if you cannot physically be there! THANK YOU FOR YOUR GENEROSITY AND KINDNESS.


      Flat 5, 1 Alexandra Place, London NW8 0DY.  Please let me know if you are coming.  Thank you. xxx


      To read one of my Blessings from a previous Year, click here: 2014/2015 MOON PORTAL

      THANKING YOU in advance for DONATING to RNIB by clicking on this link:  DONATE WITH JOY



      On Sunday 10 January we enter the New Year with a New Moon.  I will be holding the New Moon meditation from 7pm.  We will be celebrating the New Year and the Entry Portal that opened up which will be very very potent.  See you there! Book HERE

      FREE Download 2016 Calendar to print and use

       2016 CALENDAR        

      FREE Download 2016 Spiritual Alchemy Moon Dates


      Love Always

      Toks xxxxx



      We had a powerful gathering full of release, power, joy, laughter, sharing and amazing exercises that cleared, protected and empowered. The testimonials below say it all.  Enjoy the Invocation below.


           Turkey Magical BlessingsTurkey New Year Portal 

      I was invited by Merve Tufekci to read my freshly channelled Invocation Blessing before Turkey entered the 2016 New Year.  It was a wonderful honour and privilege to be in the presence of the fabulous beautiful powerful and female gathering with Merve Tufekci.  Thank you Merve for this wonderful opportunity to serve you, your clients, students and friends.  To find out more about Merve please click her link: Merve

           Merve smiling and Toksadding value to lives


      for the New Year Entry Portal 2015-2016

      hello everyone

      We Greet You

      With the New Year 2016

      Portal Opening and Entry

      Celebrating with Ceremonial Ritual

      We Greet You

      new year singing

      We Greet You

      With Your Portal Gathering

      Gathering Momentum

      Awaiting this Auspicious Opening

      We Greet You

      dog fox wolf

      We Greet You

      With the Knock on the Portal Door

      Ready We Are

      To Walk Through to the Portal Tunnel

      We Greet You

      We Greet You

      We Greet You

      With the Portal Opening

      Ready to Receive Us

      Flying Floating Through

      We Greet You


      We Greet You

      At the Midnight Hour

      Channelling Sirius, the New Year Star, High Above Earth

      Ritual Receiving of the New Year

      We Greet You

      be protected

      We Greet You

      With the Portal Entrance of 2016

      Walking in with Confidence

      Knowing We are Protected

      We Greet You

      great men

      We Greet You

      With Orion’s Belt Pointing to Sirius

      Marking the Point of Moving Forward

      Bringing the Force to Us

      We Greet You


      We Greet You

      With Sirius, the Dog Star

      Sacred Star of Isis and New Year Star

      Sirius, meaning Sparkling or Scorching

      We Greet You

      happy happy happy

      We Greet You

      With the Blessings of the New Year 2016

      Anointment from Sirius

      Sparkling Radiance to You

      We Greet You

      hugging talking

      We Greet You

      With the Diamond Radiance of Sirius

      Our Sparkling Celestial Star

      Marking Each of Us: an Earthly Sparkling Diamond

      We Greet You

      deep meditation

      We Greet You

      With Earthly Sparkling Diamond

      Radiating Your Brilliance

      Your Brilliant Presence

      We Greet You

      brothre and sister

      We Greet You

      With Your Powerful Vortex of Celestial Light

      Anchoring in Your Anointment

      Your Gifts and Blessings

      We Greet You

      receiving your gifting

      We Greet You

      With the Sacred Pyramids

      Isis (Sirius) Osiris (Orion) Horus (Sun)

      Tipple Energy Vortex

      We Greet You

      Merve New Year Portal

      We Greet You

      With the Sirius Star of Immortality

      Calling Forth the Golden Perfection of You

      The Golden Ratio Transforming Your Life

      We Greet You

      Turkish New Year Portal

      We Greet You

      With the Eternal Love of Life

      The Perfection of 2016 for You

      Activating Your Wisdom

      We Greet You

      connecting to divine

      We Greet You

      With the Proof of Success

      Manifesting in Your Life

      Holding the Code of Perfection

      We Greet You

      on our golden ship

      We Greet You

      With the Streaming Light Codes of Sirius

      The Streaming Light Codes of the North Star

      The Streaming Light Codes of the Divine

      We Greet You

      happy new year

      We Greet You

      We Greet You

      We Greet You

      Channelled by Toks Coker for the New Year 2016 Portal Opening and Entry Ceremony and Ritual 31 December 2015

      Some Testimonials on the New Year Opening & Entry

      What was the energy like before the New Year Entry – 31 December 2016?

      1. I liked the questionnaire at the start.  The meditation was the best. 
      2. Liberating.  Much healing took place.  It was a diverse experience full of love, strength and strong energy. GUITAR PLAYING
      3. I loved that I was able to enter 2016 in this way.
      4. It was wonderful energy.
      5. Very beautiful and true.
      6. Amazing. Liked the four directions and fire exercise.

      What was it like in the New Year Entry Tunnel – transition tunnel to 2016?

      1. It was interesting, safe and warm.
      2. This was very strong. 
      3. Wonderful.
      4. Realisations.
      5. Very heart warming and heart opening.
      6. I had to think a lot through the meditation and be aware of everything.
      7. Balancing my masculine and feminine energies. 

      What was it like entering into the New Year  – in 2016?  SLEEPING

      1. Love, warm, safe.
      2. I felt like I had just crossed over and went into a lucid state. 
      3. Solidifying my power.  I found it and claimed it.
      4. Refreshing.
      5. Enlightening and enlivening.  Expansive and powerful in a gentle way.  Life Affirming and wholesome.  Grounding in a higher order of truth.
      6. Loved the I SEE YOU exercise.

      What moved you?

      1. Joy, vision of the future – the 3 minutes film – beautiful.
      2. The entire experience was moving.  I experienced a feeling of safety and letting go.
      3. Seeing that my Spirit Guides were waiting for me here and I felt a sense of home and compassionate power.  511
      4. Realising that my addictions do not rule me.
      5. Opening my heart.
      6. Peace. Wisdom.  Knowledge.
      7. You helped me figure some things out.  I was told that if I did a spiritual exercise I would get the answer.  I came here today and I figured things out.  I know the lady who is going to be my wife. I am going to ask her to marry me. This is my Queen.  This is 2016.
      8. The sharing of the food.

      What are you taking away with you?

      1. Love and Confidence.
      2. Peace, giving up the fight.  Allow the unfolding!
      3. Peace. Self-Belief. Companionship.  Pure Hope.  Love.
      4. A recharged soul and a new sense of personal power and healing.
      5. Love and Light.
      6. My power. My dreams fulfilled for 2016m 2018 and beyond.  An open and receiving heart for all that is good.
      7. Peace.  Warm Heart.  Tranquillity.  Goals / Aims.  Hope.
      8. PRESENTS and GIFTING – the exchange of presents was very nice.  Everyone got the right present.  THANK YOU for the presents.  The fun in choosing the presents – moving the presents around – before the person chooses their present.  The fun everyone had in changing the position of the presents before the person choosing their present takes their present with their eyes closed. Receiving the first present with eyes closed.  Receive good energy in the presents.  Energising the presents so they are received with love and light and gratitude. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for the presents. hello
      9. SYMBOLIC GIFTS:  SOUNDS OF HAPPINESS  Enjoying the sound of unwrapping presents and the oohs and laughter and joy at unveiling the presents. Words: Awesome.  Fabulous.  Do you know how good this is for you?  You can drink it, use it on your face, bath, etc.  Gifts of love.  A cleansing gift.  A healing gift.  A very high energy vortex energy.  This is so cool – a dream catcher.  A poem how wonderful.  An MP3 player – fantastic.  My children will make good use of this.  Mash mellow and chocolate – I love it – I am not sharing it.  Now I have permission to drink hot chocolate.  How does one use moisturising lotion? I am going to use the hand wash and moisturising lotion – Mandarin Tea Tree – this year fruit has to play a large part in my life.  An aloe vera plant – on my God that is wonderful – no way that is an aloe vera plant.  You can juice it, put it on your face. I am going to have herbal baths.  I love the incense sticks.  I am excited about the incense sticks – straight up Diwali for me.  Candles for light.  I wanted the Dream Catcher.  Bottle opener and belt in one – very handy.  I use it all the time and it is amazing.  Short breath biscuits – I may share this today.  Lots of layers in the presents.  Thank you for bringing me here.
      10. POEM by Nathan READ ALOUD to Group by Nathaniel:   Hello Big things are happening tonight. Now change back and the magic is not lost. I write this and do not know who you are. But I know what you are.  A BEING. You, just are.  You are an Exploding Vibration of the Atom split.  You are an eternal wave of Eternity. All sound too much?  OK I love you.
      11. hugsThe wonderful happy FIRST of everything in 2016.  The first present I receive in 2016.  The first hug I received in 2016.  The first song I sang in 2016.  The first live musical performance in 2016.  The first picture/s in 2016. The co-operation in taking the group pictures was very nice and happy full of laughter and happiness.  So much laughter in 2016.  Such great sounds of laughter.  First sound of fireworks in 2016. Lots of laughter in 2016.  Lots of sharing in 2016.  Lots of hugs in 2016.  Lots of learning in 2016.  Lots of questions answered in 2016. Loved the fact we took pictures during the sound of the 2016 Fireworks around 1am.  The Fireworks look like DIWALI. It is Diwali. The first time I brought in the New Year is such a lovely way.  The energy in the room is fabulous.  The first crystals bought in 2016.  The first crystals we enter the New Year 2016.  The prayer blessing hug for everyone. Lots of laughter and laughter and laughter.  Lots of smiles and smiling and smiling and smiling.  Holding hands in 2016.  ‘One of those.’
      12. Dancing to a cuddle.

      joy peac loveToks is a beautiful warm Light.  She holds a safe healing space.  The best way to bring in the New Year, with so much love and wonderful people.  The first time I have ever brought in the year so strongly. Thank you.  Stephanie

      Toks structured the Portal Entry really well.  She held the space and guided the session with a sincerity and undiluted connection with Hands of Light.  This was an experience i will never forget.  I’ve done many things on New Years Eve but this was by far the best.  Evan

      The energy in the room is so good and so lovely.  Oh that is fabulous (present).  Happy New Year Everyone.  Next time I will book my taxi later.  I am going to miss the food and drinking, but I will be with you in Spirit. Kath

      Because of this setting, comfort and meditation I am now able to be in a new being.  Thank you Toks this will not be forgotten.  It was so dope.  Tish x

      smilesDelivery is perfect.  Setting is brilliant.  I just want to see you in lights.  Having attended my first event with Toks / Hands of Light I found her to be full of love and light.  I found her to be full of love and light. Her knowledge is vast and she is A MUST for anyone journeying through spiritual. Vishal

      This is the best New Year’s Eve I have ever experienced.  it was so beautiful, healthy and wholesome, heart warming and heart opening.  We were gently propelled into a dream fulfilled 2016 and beyond!  Yanni

      The workshop was amazing.  Enjoyed it all round. If you need answers and solutions to issue in reality the workshop will assist you in your path.  I recommend it without any hesitation. Nish

      Toks, Thanks to you: for your space time offered to us. The exchange has been fruitful.  If naught else, the setting of goals ahead of this year has tremendously confused me – brilliant! I’ve had to really think about this for a while.. for maybe 7 days… "The real question to be asking is what causes peace? We know what causes war: indifference. However, what causes Peace, and Her birth: that is a progressive conversation worth having."   Peace and blessings to both you and Patrick. And a Happy New Year, Regards, Nathaniel COLQUHOUN-BUTLER (email received 7 Jan 2016)

      We meet again at the:

      New Year Portal Door Opening and Entry into 2017 and again in 2018.


      Thank YouTHANK YOU for your donation at the NEW YEAR ENTRY PORTAL 2016. I have put the £80 cash donated into RNIB.  Thank you Vishal Desour​l, Nishan, Tish SP Chhaya​, Nathaniel, Jo Manuel​ , Steph Yiangson and Evan Yiangson.  THANK YOU THANK YOU.  THANK YOU to everyone who donated directly to RNIB.  THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU.   Yanni Konstantinopulos​, Catherine Jackson​, Lillian Ogbogoh​  and a generous anonymous donation from Katkin Drizzle​..  We raised £195  with this New Year Entry Portal.

      WOW Thank you very much for your donation. Your kindness and generosity is greatly appreciated. It really means a lot to me as well as to Royal National Institute of Blind People. Thank you very much. May the year 2016 bring you abundance in many ways as this portal opens great opportunities for you. Amen. With Love Light & Joyful Gratitude Toks Beverley Coker xxxxxxxxxx

      Please feel free to donate if you can. Click this link to donate  RNIB   THANK YOU XXX

      Thank You

      Thank you to Colin, Yanni and Patric for all your supportive work in 2015 xxx

      New Moon Alchemy on 10 January

      See you at the Alchemical Gathering 7pm-10pm.  Click for details: New Moon

      Radio Show on 26 January

      Listen to my radio interview with Sara Troy on January 26 Click for details: Energy of Now

      Full Moon Merry Christmas 25 Dec 2015

      2015 Christmas 2016 New Year

      Friday 25 December

      RainbowMERRY XMAS / Shabbat Shalom

      clip_image001[582] Happy Full Moon

      RainbowFull Moon in Cancer – Sun in Capricorn

      clip_image001[583] Cold Moon – 11:11 GMT London

      clip_image001[584] Element – Water/Earth

      ~ ~ ~

      Be Together

      INVOCATION BLESSING for Full Moon Christmas

      ~ ~ ~

      We Greet You

      With the Full Moon in Cancer

      Shining It’s Powerful Magical Light

      Illuminating Your Inner Pathway

      Anchoring Your Great Confidence

      Celebrating Your Brave Challenges

      We Greet You

      ~ ~ ~

      We Greet You

      With the Birthing of Christ Consciousness

      Activating the Holy Ascension Within You

      Connecting You to Your Divinity

      Your Genius Your Potential

      Your Dignity Your Mastery

      We Greet You

      ~ ~ ~

      We Greet You

      With the Coming New Year

      Bringing 2016 Magical Happenings

      Blessings of Great Expansion

      Balancing the Practical and Emotional

      Activating Great Cosmic Initiation

      We Greet You

      ~ ~ ~

                          Greek Orthodoxsteps to heaven

      Reach out your hands for help and I will help you.

      Let us take steps to heaven and steps to ascension.

      Click this link for exercise: 12 HOLY NIGHTS  

      Wishing you a joyous and fulfilling vortex of healing light


      Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

      love hands of light team

      Love Always

      Legion of Light Toks


      2016 Moon Dates with Toks Coker

      Full Moon ToksNew Moon Toks


      Spiritual Alchemy

      Moon Dates

      There are twenty five (25) different Moons in 2016, made up of:

      Red heart12 Full Moons

      Red heart13 New Moons (2 New Moons in October 1 October, 30 October)

      6 of these are:

      Red heart4 Eclipses (2 Solar Eclipses on 9 March, 1 September) and (2 Lunar Eclipse on 23 March, 16 September)

      Red heart1 Super Moon  (14 November)

      Red heart1 Blue Moon (21 May)

      33% Discount: 6 for the price of 4

      To get your wonderful discount go  scroll down to the On-Line Payments and click 6 Moons Offer £176. You will secure any 6 Spiritual Alchemy Moon Dates of your choice for the price of 4

      2016 Calendar To open click 2016 Calendar

      2016 Moon Dates To open click 2016 Moon Dates 


      New Moon in Sagittarius 11 December 2015


      Keep Smiling

      Happy New Moon

      Happy Birthday Sagittarius

      Happy 11 Day on 11 December at 11am, 11:11am, 11pm, 11:11pm

      StarFriday 11 December StarNew Moon & Sun in Sagittarius Star10:29 GMT LondonStarElement – Fire  StarBook HERE

      Transformation with New Moon in Sagittarius

      11 Day, 11 December 2015.

      an 11 dayHeroes We all want to be Super Heroes like Batman and Robin.  However we have a lot of FIRE burning in our thoughts and our mind; that ignite and combust with anger, rage and venom.  We want to be greats, legends, geniuses and heroes. And we forget we have our own ALCHEMICAL RESSURECTION of our True Self that we have to go through and process.  We have to go through our own individual, internal and personal thoughts that torture or empower us. This New Moon is about clearing left over debris and any debris in our mind, body and spirit, such as our anxieties, fears of war and the chaos in our lives.

      Archer  The Archer, with Bow and Arrow, is the symbol for Sagittarius, standing half man half animal, poised aimed to shoot and kill and hit its target.  With this energy the Archer pulls back the Bow and releases the Arrow, which flies forward quickly and definitely to its target.  Are you shooting in the dark or in the light?

      Energy of Now  With the Energy of Now when the Archer releases the Arrow it goes forward, turns round and shoots directly at the Archer’s Heart, piercing it and ripping it apart.  What needs to be pierced? What bubble needs to be pierced? What truth needs to be realised and accepted?

      lighting your lifeAlchemical Fire  The Arrow of Sagittarius has Fire burning at its tip. This is Alchemical Fire cleaning your Heart, your Soul, you Mind and your Body.  When the Arrow is released by the Bow it spirals and charges off to its target. Then suddenly turns. This sudden turn of the Arrow is unexpected, yet welcomed.

      1. As you walk into the energy of FIRE with the New Moon in Sagittarius it targets any upheaval and chaos within your internal structure.
      2. The Fire builds up passion within you that you need to express which you do suddenly and quickly. 
      3. You question yourself: What are your failures, your negatives, your self disappointments, your failing-to-do and your have-not-done list? What past challenges did you fail at or not complete; or still working on, or exasperated by? What is worrying you, making you feel helpless or a victim of circumstances? 

      Let the FIRE rage in you. Let it purify. Your focus becomes crystal clear.  You know what to do and you act.

      do for yourselfInternal Chaos  In your internal chaos who are you focusing on? Who has triggered your emotions?  The Bow and Arrow of Sagittarius pierces truths and uncovers deep feelings that tug at you, causing you to erupt. This eruption causes discomfort and unease. You feel the FIRE race through you overwhelming you.

      Overwhelm makes you tired, unhappy and alone. It makes you question your ability and your position and your decision. It does not empower you.  It activates your Fear and Doubt.  Fear stands for False Evidence Appearing Real.  It makes you ask where is the Real Evidence Appearing False?  Where are you not seeing your real life? Where are you repeating the treadmill walk? Welcome to the Energy of Now of the 11 Day and the New Moon in Sagittarius.  It pushes you through the veil of illusion to your magic, your truth and your greatness.

      Archer Time  Are you ready for Archer Time?  The Archer comes with Bow and Arrow aiming outwards and when s/he shoots, the Arrow goes backwards or does a boomerang to his/her heart. Why is this so Shocking? Surprising? Frightening? Alarming? Because it is unexpected. And because it is unexpected you have to deal with the feelings it stirs in you. You have to welcome in the MAGIC in your life.  You have to believe in the ALCHEMICAL TRANSFORMATION taking place within you and around you.

      Helena BlavatskyLetting Go  We ride a wave that forces us to let go of what and who no longer serves our Highest Good.  Who do you have to let go of?  Who are you letting go of? What do you need to clear out with this New Moon in Sagittarius?  The Arrow finds what you need to attend to.  You need to let go of old things and people, to make room for new things and people that empower you.

      1. What are you letting go of?  The deception?  The lie?  The hope that is never fulfilled?  The The feeling of feeling let down, not valued, not respected and not honoured? 
      2. Who are you letting go of? The liar? The person who promises too much and never delivers? The person who makes you believe they are a person of their word, but their actions do not match their word?  person who promises you something and they over promise and do not deliver their promise?  The person who says they are helping you but really their behaviour shows they are undermining you, your business or your beliefs?  The person who does not honour their words?  The person who constantly apologises but still does the same thing to upset you? The false lie???

      turn  your backThreshold  Today we are so busy pleasing others, we reach a stage of frustration, where we feel unappreciated and undervalued. We strike out. We say something or simply do nothing. We go into inertia to hurt the other person and to teach them a lesson. Then it backfires. They dump us! They drop us like hot coal. They walk away and never look back. You have crossed the threshold too many times and they have had enough.  They have walked away. Be aware and awake in your own life.  All darkness will be revealed. You need to turn your back on your past and any pain or person that no longer serves you to make room for more greatness to come into your life.  Invite in more greatness into your life. Turn to a path of happiness and leave the path of pain behind.  Question: Are you the Archer or is someone else the Archer in your own life?

      Launch The New Moon Arrow is going to launch you into something new and wonderful. All the drawbacks are preparing you for your launch forward – whether or not you believe it. Remember an Arrow needs to be pulled backwards and then released to propel fast forward. An Arrow can only be shot by pulling it backwards.  When the Arrow pierces your Heart and shoots through your Heart it opens up your Heart. It bleeds your heart: to bring in more into your life. You know deep down this has to happen as it prepares you for MORE in your life: you are ready for more success, more love and more of whatever great GIFTING you did not expect. Allow the Miracle of  your life to happen.

      Seeding New NotesNew Moon Musical Seeding The New Moon in Sagittarius asks you to make up your goals and your desires for next year 2016. What musical notes are you going to create next year?  Why not start creating them this year? This is what the New Moon is saying to us.  Let us co-create new notes to bring joy into our lives.  Let us step forward with a smile in our hearts and a smile on our face and let us move forward with musical notes around our goals and our desires. What do you say about that? What musical notes are you seeding in your life?  Make them magical.

      Arrow of Success Let your Arrow point to 2016 and let is shoot through the void or veil to 2016.  Let is pierce through any illusions and shoot out into the great future with ease and power, focused on delivering to you your desires and your successes.  Welcome to the 11 Day New Moon in Sagittarius. Where is your arrow pointing? Where is it shooting? Where is it hitting?  It is pointing to your Future Victories and Successes.

      FriendsExpansion  Time to expand your consciousness. Time to fly. Time to go beyond your comfort zone. Time to be more than you thought possible before the year ends. Time to be more. Time to trust your intuition and fire the Arrow far into the unknown future with a YES to your life and a YES to your future. New Moon in Sagittarius is about Freedom, Liberation, Expansion and Opening.  It is about allowing more into your life.  Do something amazing with this New Moon. Show yourself love. Let the Arrow shoot love into your heart. Express the love you have for others to yourself. The New Moon Archer points the Arrow at YOU! Time to fly.

      New Beginnings  What are you beginning in your life? Welcome your new life to yourself and to the world.  Empower yourself by doing something new in your life.  Buy something new for yourself.  Do something new.  Do something you have not done for a long time. Wear something new. Open to new possibilities, new friendships, new thought processes, new actions. If you do not reach out for help, reach out for help: see a doctor, a friend, a practitioner or a family member who can help you.  Go on holiday.  Take a break.  Extend your hand out and ask for support and help. Be aware and alert for newness in your life. Activate a new flow in your Energy of Now. May your day and life be blessed with positive energy and delight. Activate your High calling with awesome Responsibility. Enjoy your High Calling.  Enjoy your awesome responsibility.

      patterns of lifePatterns of Imperfections  Patterns of Imperfection play out in you or around you. You are immobilised by these imperfections and justify your immobility with your imperfections – your excuses – your not getting the job done – your stresses of life, work and relationship. All forms of stress feed this imperfection. Understand your Patterns of Imperfections.  In your knowing is your doing or undoing.  The choice, as always, is yours.  This is not a time of less.  It is a time of full on Reflection on your internal and external patterns. What are your patterns like? Are they Symmetrical? Beautiful? Ugly? Untidy? Chaotic? Balanced? Flowing?

      At this point, I want to quote Victoria Walker’s morning message on her Facebook page:

      Some people want certain things in life but will never get them, simply because they don’t have the capacity to handle them. They want a high paid job, but don’t have the capacity to get one because they never went through the necessary process to become a high value employee They want a successful business, but don’t have the capacity to run one, because they failed to invest into the things and people they were required too in order to make it a success. They want a million in their bank, but don’t even have the capacity to save a mere £100 Some want love, but don’t even have the capacity to love themselves You will only receive the things you have the capacity to handle.

      Patterns of Imperfection are everywhere.  Where are your Patterns of Imperfection? Sometimes you just have to change things. You have to open your heart and be vulnerable. You have to speak your truth and allow your vulnerability.  You have an opening of your heart and a release of your pain. All this happens through your vulnerability. Choose to be vulnerable to the truth in you. Choose to dance with the Alchemical Fire of Chaos. 

      What will we do at this New Moon Meditation?

      We will address all the above in the sacred teaching and workshop. The Energy of Now is time to look at where you are, and where you are, and where you are. We go deep within to heal pain that arises to the surface and costumes us.

      1. We will be clearing pain, confusion, and any stagnation at the New Moon Meditation.
      2. We will be anchoring the light and aligning ourselves back to centre.
      3. We will be balancing and calming ourselves.
      4. We will be anointing ourselves with power, focus and clarity.
      5. We will be learning how to love ourselves by inviting love into our lives and being. 
      6. We will look at enhancing and activating self-love, self-acceptance, self-worth and self-forgiveness.
      7. We will be lighting the light in our life and celebrating the light amid the darkness in our life. 

      11 Day12 12 meditation

      December Celebrations

      As we come to the end of the year we see a flourish of activities. We toast 9 WONDERFUL December Celebrations: winter solstice

      1.   6-14   Hanukkah
      2.   8        Feast of the Immaculate Conception
      3.   11      NEW MOON IN SAGITTARIUS
      4.   22      WINTER SOLSTICE – Yule
      5.   23      Mawlid An-Nabi
      6.   24      Christmas Eve
      7.   25      Christmas Day / BANK HOLIDAY / FULL MOON in Cancer Sun in Capricorn COLD MOON
      8.   26      BOXING DAY / St. Stephen’s Day / Kwanzaa Begins
      9.   31      NEW YEARS EVE

      CHRISTMAS DAY   Friday 25 December

      MERRY Christmas RainbowFull Moon in Cancer – Sun in CapricornRainbowCold Moon Rainbow11:11 GMT LondonRainbowElement – Water/Earth

      clip_image001[585] If you want me to send you DISTANT HEALING on Christmas Day please put your healing request on my Hands of Light Fan Page:  I will be doing a LINK IN MEDITATION and sending healing from 10.30am to 11.30am, to catch the actual time of the Full Moon in Cancer, on the 25 December 2015.  See you there.

      Glow Taxi

      Invocation Blessing for the New Moon in Sagittarius

      StarFriday 11 December StarNew Moon & Sun in Sagittarius Star

      flame of change

      We Greet You

      With the Flames of Change

      Surrounding Your Flame

      Igniting Your Sacred Insights

      We Greet You

      stand alone

      We Greet You

      With the Swift Arrow of Motivation

      In Your Stand Stills, Stagnation and Stuck Energy

      Your Frustrations, Your Despair and Your Lack of Motivation

      We Greet You


      We Greet You

      With the Bow of Achievement

      Honouring Your Hard Work and Dedication

      Your Determination and Focus

      We Greet You

      Fire Dance

      We Greet You

      With Your Fire Dance

      Activating Your Prioritisation

      Your Swiftness Your Alertness

      We Greet You

      wise women

      We Greet You

      With Your Goals – Your Hopes and Desires

      Your Long, Medium, and Short Term Goals

      The Benefits of Your Reaching Your Goals

      We Greet You

      Leigh's class

      We Greet You

      With the Gift of Forgiveness

      Forgiving Yourself Forgiving ‘Them’

      Liberating Yourself Liberating ‘Them’

      We Greet You

      Micheal and Leigh

      We Greet You

      With Your Inner Smile

      Smiling at You

      Smiling at Me

      We Greet You

      radiating essence

      We Greet You

      With Your Magic in You

      Stopping Your Excuses

      Living Your Joyfulness

      We Greet You


      We Greet You

      With the Sacred Reverence of Doing Things Differently

      Committing to Your Self Care Ritual

      Your Relationship and Business Miracles

      We Greet You

      Mantak Toks

      We Greet You

      With the Courage of Fire

      Blazing Beautifully: Clearing & Purifying

      Taking You to the Next Level

      We Greet You

      open your hands wide

      We Greet You

      With Your Soul Journey

      Committing Yourself to Your Chosen Path

      Opening Your Arms with Confidence

      We Greet You

      Mantak Chia

      We Greet You

      Connecting to the Cosmic Powers

      Feeling the Radiance of the North Star

      Receiving the Healing of the Violet Light

      We Greet You

      Monk in Greece

      We Greet You

      We Greet You

      We Greet You

      Channelled by Toks Beverley Coker for New Moon in Sagittarius 11 December 2015

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      1. Light up the darkness by placing light around you – in your home, your heart, your windows.
      2. Make a list of all you desires for 2016. 
      3. Make a commitment to yourself to fulfil your desires in 2016.
      4. How can you make a great difference in the world?
      5. FIRE EXERCISE 1: Connecting with the Fire in your Heart
        1. Visualise yourself holding a match and striking the match, igniting it.
        2. Take the lit match and light the wick in your heart.
        3. You will see and sense the match ignite the fire flame in your heart.  You have ignited the fire flame in your heart. 
        4. Now look down to your heart and see the fire flame burning in your heart.  You are not hurt.  You feel safe and clean and fresh.  
        5. Dance with the flame in your heart. Be one with it. 
        6. Let it speak to you.  What is it saying?
        7. Thank the flame. Thank your heart.
        8. Record your findings in your journal.

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