Multi-Cultural Celebrations December 2011

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We are celebrating many multi-cultural winter celebrations in London and around the world.

  1. HAPPY HANUKKAH – Tuesday 20 December 2011 (Jewish festival that lasts for 8 days)
  2. HAPPY WINTER SOLSTICE – Thursday 22 December 2011 (Pagan festival that lasts for 12 days)  happy winter solstice  LINK IN MEDITATION 7pm-8pm  £11.93 The Winter Solstice is a time to go within and reflect deeply. It is the deepest and most reflective time. It is the time of greatest darkness with the longest night and shortest day. It has the shortest light and the longest shadow! For some it is the beginning and the ending of a calendar: an astronomical New Year. We decide what we want (like looking in a book of good fortune) and place our order, then later we plant (Spring Equinox) and harvest (Autumn Equinox).
  3. How about this Two-Hour Live Virtual Event: Conscious Change Movements Uniting to Co-Create a Global Shift on the Winter Solstice, December 22, 2011 • 12pm PST / 3pm EST / 8pm GMT
  4. HAPPY NEWMOON IN CAPRICORN and XMAS EVE – Saturday 24 December 2011
    LINK IN MEDITATION  7pm-8pm £11.93
  5. HAPPY XMAS DAY – Sunday 25 December 2011 (Christian festival that lasts for 12 holy nights)
  6. HAPPY NEW YEAR 2012 – Sunday 1 January 2012

Buddha Consciousness

trafalgar square

CHRISTMAS TREE at Trafalgar Square, London (from Thursday 1.12.11 – Wednesday 5.1.12) of David

HANUKKAH LIGHTS at Trafalgar Square, London (from Tuesday 20.12.11 – Wednesday 28.12.11

HOMEWORK: choose to do one or two of these if you can

  1. Honour the 12 Holy Nights starting on Christmas day 25.12.11.  Read ‘Twelve Holy Nights by Dr Yubraj Sharma’ posted on my blog (above).  Thank you Yubraj.

  2. Honour the 8 Days of Hanukkah by lighting the Monorah starting 22.12.11. The Menorah holds 9 candles – one for each night, plus one in the middle to light the others. One candle is added and lit from right to left, each night of the festival.

  3. Symbolically light a candle – one a day – for 8 days – to say thank you for all your blessings – before the end of 2011.

  4. Symbolically light a candle – one a day – for 12 days – to take you through to 2012.

  5. Go to Trafalgar Square to see the Christmas tree and Hanukkah lights.

  6. Do 12 nurturing acts to 12 different people.

                               Mother of Compassionnurturing healing energy of mother and childPRAYING FOR WORLD CONSCIOUSNESS

Compliments of the Season



The Goddess Venus with Taurus Energy


Taurus is RULED BY Venus – planet of love, romance, sensual energy [touch, senses, feelings, sensuous tastes, pleasures, seeing].  Venus likes to nurture, to be nurtured, to love, to be loved. Ruled by VENUS – sharing, exchange, give and take, partnerships, marriage, relationships, fine things, art, drama, music, courtship, romance, love, sensual, beauty, service, home, passionate, earthy, pleasures, indulging, food, sharing, playful, intimate bodies, happy bodies, united bodies, sex, sexual, sensuous touch / taste/ smell / words / sight.  Lots of feelings with Venus and the Bull! Feelings of worth.  Feelings of value.  Feelings of flowing love through us.  Wanting things to belong to us.  Be part of a ‘family’, ‘community’, ‘environment’ and ‘life’.  What is your passion – your desire, your lust, your urge, your sexual need, your emotional desire this NewMoon in Taurus?  Express it with words, thoughts and deeds.  As the Buddhists say – EARTHLY DESIRES ARE ENLIGHTENMENT.

Happy Birthday Virgos


A special kiss from me to you. HAPPY NEW MOON in Virgo AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY VIRGOS XXXXX.


Penumbral Lunar Eclipse – 7th July 2009


So much has happened:  the Triple conjunction of Jupiter, Chiron and Neptune in the sign of Aquarius, the Summer Solstice [Sunday June 21] and the next day; within 12 hours!!! The NewMoon in Cancer [Monday 22 June}.  NOW tomorrow we have the FULLMOON IN CAPRICORN

The next two future dates in your diary are:  Next NewMoon in Cancer Total Solar Eclipse a BLUE NEWMOON i.e. 2nd NewMoon in Cancer Wednesday 22 July 2009 at 3.35am and Next FullMoon in Aquarius Thursday 6 August 2009 at 1.55am

RESISTANCE with this FullMoon in Capricorn?



Any form of resistance you are feeling at the moment is from the energy of Capricorn, ruled by Saturn.  Do not miss this opportunity to celebrate the energy of this FULLMOON in CAPRICORN.  For within the resistance is the great OPPORTUNITY and the Cancer energy works with the resistance and brings it through easily with flow into opportunity.  Come and celebrate your resistance knowing it is just an opportunity to real practical benefits of Capricorn FullMoon.  

Full moon in Capricorn makes us look fully at the emotional cup and apply practical sensible solutions positively and courageously. 

The FullMoon in Capricorn brings in the quality of practical, conservative, hard working, structured and down to earth issues working with the Cancerian issues of security, nurturing, intuitive, family, mothering, home, emotions and safety.   Capricorn and Cancer are opposites.  Capricorn is EARTH.  Cancer is WATER.  Water gently erodes earth.  Water gently breaks down earth.  How are you going to deal with opposites in your life? Will you resist and become emotionally charged?  Will you take constructive action?  A good time to communicate from the heart and not from emotions!  A good time to move ahead and grow and grow and grow in a practical Capricorn wayCAPRICORN GETS THINGS DONE PRACTICALLY.  CANCER GETS THINGS DONE CREATIVELY

An eclipse is a very powerful time to help you to see what is blocking you, what is revealed to you.  It is a time to ‘eclipse’ negative things.  It is a time to ‘eclipse’ great opportunity and positive things. 

The LUNAR ECLIPSE helps us emotionally, intuitively and deeply.  It is about going inwards in CELEBRATION of your life.  Then coming out in celebration. 

 A TIME….TO REFLECT….Opposing emotions…. feelings…. ideas….A time to release even more fears….insecurity…. problematic relationships…..deep painful relationships……  ……stabbing ties that make us question if this relationship is respectful to me and to them? …..being stuck in negative attachments that make us question ourselves: Do I go home with this relationship feeling empowered or belittled?…….. Fears that hold us back in our lives…..  fears that keep us company when no one else is there to drive them away …….fears that we hold on to because we may be too afraid to see that we are bigger than we think or believe we are. 


1.       Decide on something PRACTICAL and do it….

2.     Theme for FullMoon in Capricorn is GRATITUDE.  Call everyone you know and tell them how much they mean to you.  Meet up and celebrate.  Express and give gratitude.   {Read Blessing channeled by I} {Come celebrate my birthday with me.}

3.     Do not be afraid to see the light in your life and let it shine through.  By lighting a way forward for yourself/another you light the way forward for another/yourself too.  Set yourself up to REAL Capricorn time to succeed and be happy: CELEBRATE and look for areas in your life where you exceed, excel, outdo, outshine, transcend or shine.  Look for areas of prominences, rejuvenation, endorsements of your aims, benediction of your efforts.  This is the positive effect of a LUNAR ECLIPSE.  {Come celebrate my birthday with me on this FullMoon and celebrate YOURSELF TOO.}

4.     Work on addressing your issues both in a practical and honest way.  Express strongly and firmly.   Remember to observe in a practical Capricorn Manner your own feelings of negativity against yourself and erase them if you can.  This is a time to CELEBRATE YOUR GREATNESS.  Be aware of the following eclipse type feelings where you may have RESISTANCE to your self, you life and to others:  decline, diminution, failure, fall, abandon, stuck-ness, loss, a loss of importance, a loss of power, a loss of fame, depression, sadness, confusion, vulnerability, anger, lashing out, violence, shouting, eruptions, feeling suicidal!, etc. etc. etc. etc.  Remember that sometimes you may appear to be moving backwards when you may just be standing still or rooting deeply.  Sometimes you may feel a restriction when it may be one that holds you back.  Ask the FullMoon in Capricorn to help you know the difference.  How is this situation serving me?  How is it not serving me?



Speaking to my friend, Janet McMurty, we both agreed that sometimes we have to just accept that a relationship is over and there is nothing you can do to bring it back!  She stressed the need to bless the lessons, the teachings and the joy and laughter shared before the change or transformation.  Sometimes we may want a love back or a job back or a person back in out lives.  Sometimes we have to ‘eclipse’ our own life and see the blessing and gift in the separation AND the coming together I.E. in our own ‘eclipse’.  What is your ‘eclipse’ at the moment?  Suring we can see the LOVE in this??  Let me know your experience.

Call in the FullMoon in Capricorn to celebrate an aspect of your life.  Take one aspect and celebrate with the lovely round silver blue FullMoon.  Have you seen it today?  It is glorious.  When you look at it, feel its beauty, love and completeness.  Feel its fruitfulness and fullness.  Feel the roundness of the FullMoon as an expression of your fullness, your success, your love, your joy and feel it radiating all these positive qualities back to you.  In so doing feel mother earth earthing your energy grounding you to take practical actions in your life to further your growth and journeying……. 

1.       Are you the dreamer or the dreamed?

2.     Are you the dragonfly or the butterfly?

3.     Are you the flower or the seed?


Please please please do not be afraid to express your truth to yourself first.  Get clear with yourself.  Also do not forget that sometimes expressing your feelings helps to clarify your own thoughts.  It enables you to fee liberated in my own truth and allows others to feel liberated in there’s.  A very empowering feeling…..  Not easy to achieve but very achievable when you face your fears, pains, feelings and express them clearly, slowly, firmly, gently – all Capricorn qualities.  Not emotional tears…… 

Call in the quality of Capricorn to help you to know what to say and what not to say….. and how to say it too!  Practical.  Applicable.  Remember that honesty is not about being unkind….  Think – When I express myself to this person would I like to be addressed in this manner?  Am I being respectful in expressing my truth or am I being abusive?  Am I respecting that person’s Buddhahood? Higher Self?  Would I speak like this to my best friend or someone I truly loved? 


How/What am I receiving?  How/What am I giving? 

FullMoon in Capricorn calls in your celebration of something in your life – no matter how small…….  Let us come together and celebrate something in your life TOMORROW 7 July between 7pm-10pm in my little humble flat full of healing, safety, blessings, light and courage……  Let us take the step forward together with hope brimming in our eyes, our hearts and our minds…………

Remember that in all your actions are your growth…….  your passions…..  your knowing……  your truth……

I remain as always

with love light and joy

What is an Eclipse?

What is an ECLIPSE?


There are two types of Eclipse:

1.        SOLAR ECLIPSEMoon PASSES between sun and earth [occurs in New Moon only] Moon in the middle. Moon blocks sun.  Totality {i.e. total blocking} is no longer than 8 minute.

2.        LUNAR ECLIPSEEarth PASSES between sun and moon [occurs in Full Moon only].  Earth in the middle. Earth blocks sun. Earth bocks the rays of the sun from partially or totally reaching the moon.   Totality {i.e. total blocking} is no longer than 8 minutes. 

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia =

à        A lunar eclipse is an eclipse which occurs whenever the moon passes behind the earth such that the earth blocks the sun’s rays from striking the moon. This can occur only when the Sun, Earth, and Moon are aligned exactly, or very closely so, with the Earth in the middle.  Hence, there is always a full moon the night of a lunar eclipse. The type and length of an eclipse depend upon the Moon’s location relative to its orbital nodes. The next total lunar eclipse occurs on December 21, 2010. The next eclipse of the Moon is a penumbral eclipse on July 7, 2009.  

à        A penumbral lunar eclipse will take place on July 7, 2009, the second of four lunar eclipses in 2009. This eclipse will only enter the southern most tip of the penumbral shadow and thus will be very difficult to observe visually.

In Colin’s English Dictionary I looked up the meaning and started to tune into the words chosen to describe the word ECLIPSE……

1.            any dimming or obstruction of light

2.            a loss of importance

3.            a loss of power

4.            a loss of fame, etc.

5.            to overshadow

6.            overshadowing by another

7.            to cast a shadow upon

8.            shading

9.            obscuration

10.       to obscure

11.       to blot out

12.       to cloud

13.       to darken

14.       darkening

15.       to dim

16.       dimming

17.       extinguish

18.    shroud

19.    veil

20.    to surpass

21.    exceed

22.    excel

23.    outdo

24.    outshine

25.    transcend

26.    extinction

27.    occultation

28.    decline

29.    diminution

30.    failure

31.    fall

32.    loss

33.    a forsaking

34.    to abandon

An eclipse is a very powerful time to help you to see what is blocking you, what is revealed to you.  It is a time to ‘eclipse’ negative things.  It is a time to ‘eclipse’ great opportunity.